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Thread: El Perdedor

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    El Perdedor

    Name: El Perdedor

    (El Generico)

    From: Tijuana, Mexico
    Height: 5'10
    Weight:180 pounds
    Wrestling Style: Lucha Libre
    Alignment: Face
    Age:??? (18-21)
    Signature Moves:
    Te Tengo Amigo (Failed Pele Kick Where The Opponent Comes Near And Gets Trick Into Small Package)
    Mira Encima Vaya! (Tells Opponent To Turn Around And Goes For A Superkick To Back Of Head)
    El Circulo Tu Ir (Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors but, he gets dizzy after)

    Ava Maria Patada (Helluva Kick usually in shock after he hits it)

    Bio: Not much is known he just showed up wanted to wrestle speaks broken English and Spanish

    Entrance Theme: Loser By Beck

    Entrance: He runs down to the ring falling midway but, he gets up and goes to ring ropes before falling over them too)

    Etc: I am going to take character serious as a comedy one doing something different He also has zero idea who el generico is.

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    Re: El Perdedor

    I'm sure nobody else in the CWA/FWA universe know who El Generico is either since he doesn't exist.
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