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Thread: Humanity (The Return)

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    Humanity (The Return)

    Brian Zewbowski / Humanity

    Nickname: The Effigy of Death
    King of Five Star Attraction
    King of The Cross (十字架の王 [Jūjika no ō])

    Date of Birth: June 6, 1986
    Age: 31

    Place of Birth: Princeton, Minnesota
    Residence: St. Paul, Minnesota

    Height: 6' 6 1/2"
    Weight: 255 lbs.


    Humanity began as a sadistic and twisted hardcore technician, with intentions to spread pain and misery over the land, but slowly and eventually transmorphed into a solid, beloved, technician with tendencies to revert into his hardcore state. He gave up his body for the fans and for himself and grew to gain the love of every fanbase he ever came across (with exception to the FWA crowd and company itself, whom he had a rivalry with during the "Movement Era".

    After over a year of absence from wrestling, Brian Zewbowski has returned with something of a split personality. First we have Brian, the main man of the hour. He is our reluctant hero, cursed with having to overcome his evil side. A great technical wrestler and a genuine nice guy, he would do anything to help someone out, which only serves to severely contrast the other half: Humanity.

    Humanity is a sadistic and apathetic bastard. He is a manipulator of lesser souls, and if his word is to be believed, he is the embodiment of death. Ditching the technical side that Brian is a savant of, Humanity prefers to get down and dirty with his fists, feet, and teeth. He cheats, he lies, he does whatever it takes to inflict pain and fear into his opponents. His mind games are unmatched throughout the land of wrestling, and his bloodlust is without compare. He is a dangerous psychopath with the intelligence and ring smarts of a man such as Brian.

    Wrestling Style: Technical Puro / Brawling Bloodbath

    Wrestling Abilities: Charisma

    Entrance Theme:
    "Terror Time Again" by Skycycle (Brian Zewbowski)

    "Man With A Harmonica" by Ennio Morricone (Humanity)
    1:05 for Non-PPV Matches


    Brian Zewbowski grew up watching Professional Wrestling in his small apartment, always clinging to the TV screen on Mondays. His father was a booker for a promotion called MVW (Minnesota Valley Wrestling). Brian would get to go to some of these shows, where he would wonder upon his favorite superstars. One of whom was "Marvelous" Mark Olsworth, the promotion's top heel at the time. His father and Olsworth were good friends, and would let Brian run about backstage.

    This happiness did not come without consequence. In school, he was picked on because of his father. He rarely had friends, so in a way, his Gimmick is an extension of how he deeply feels. In his teenage years, his bulk got him into many fights, and several Suspensions to follow.

    One day, he was invited to a party by long-time friend, Tommy Weiso, on the prospect of seeing his crush, Wendy Caprice. However, at the party, he got into a fight with local bully, Randall. He protected Tommy, but ended up in the bottom of a pool, drowning and bleeding heavily from the back of his skull...

    There, in a "dream-like" state he met a figure who claimed was worshiped as both God and Death, and sometimes both. The figure claimed that Brian had entered Hell, and it was willing to help him out, as part of a deal. The price was his soul; A proverbial deal with the devil.

    His life was turned around by Mark Olsworth (revealed later to be a follower of Death), who offered to teach Brian the finer points of amateur wrestling if he was willing to try and be more calm. Wrestled in High School since Freshman Year, was a two-time High School All-American. He also went on to win the national championships in his Junior Year. There he retained it his senior year with a record of 16-2.

    Debuted into Pro Wrestling back in 2004 in the Extreme Wrestling Alliance as The Unholy Zewbowski. Suffered a Shattered Jaw after being accidentally pushed off a cage and onto a steel barrier face first; he didn't wrestle for 6 months. Dislocated his kneecap in an Unsanctioned Streetfight. Was in Rehab for 3 months. Has a total of 127 Stitches from the pure brutality of all his matches. He became the Poster boy of the company when he won his third King of The Hardcore Match tournament in December 2008.

    He would have been booked to defeat the EWA World Champion, Ronnie Hollifield at the November Pay-Per-View of 2009, but the Dislocated Kneecap kept him away from the company until January of 2010. At the Biggest Pay-Per-View in EWA history, Brian Zewbowski defeated then EWA World Champion Paul "The Eater of Worlds" Rocko, to win his only EWA World Championship. Zewbowski would become so popular, that he would go on to hold the belt until September 28, 2012.

    News of Zewbowski's leaving had been leaked in July of 2012. In one of the most heartfelt matches, Zewbowski would lose the EWA World Heavyweight Championship to the man he defeated to gain it, Paul Rocko. After this, Zewbowski left to fanfare and to the crowd pleading for him not to leave.

    Eventually, he debuted in CWA in November 2012. He made an impressive CWA Pay-Per-View debut, defeating his opponent, at Five Star Attraction no less, rather quickly. He tagged with Black Skull for a short time also, failing to grasp the tag-team championships. A short time afterwards, He and Mark Olsworth were to once again be united as a team of Manager and Superstar. Olsworth's presence around Humanity is rather strong, as the two were so tightly knit together. Humanity's parents also seemed to follow him to his Wrestling matches. In June, he and Timmy Sin had been in a rather small rivalry.

    However, on the First edition of the August Adrenaline Rush of 2013, Humanity voiced his concerns in a shoot, that would ultimately lead to the debut of Zacky Sullivan. At Global Collision 2013, Humanity fought ten other men in a battle royale, one of them being Zacky Sullivan. On the first Adrenaline Rush of September 2013, was given a chance to face then Pure Style Champion Jack Gekko with the stipulation of if he won, Humanity would get a chance at Gekko for the Championship at WrestleRoyale. However, after interference from Zacky Sullivan, the two would not meet.

    At WrestleRoyale 2013, Humanity and Zacky Sullivan would face each other in a Steel Cage Match. Humanity would take advantage of a previous injury to secure victory. The next Adrenaline Rush, Humanity and Peter Jacobs would team up for the first time to defeat Zacky Sullivan and Nero James. Later in the month, after a No-Show by Nero James in a scheduled match, Humanity called for the biggest challenge that Zacky Sullivan has to face; at the 2013 Five Star Attraction, Humanity and Zacky Sullivan would fight in a Hardcore Deathmatch. It became arguably the match that stole the show, as Humanity won the match after his River Styx Powerbomb smashed Zacky Sullivan onto a Barbed Wire Crucifix.

    A few weeks before Five Star Attraction, Humanity came to grow weary of Olsworth's presence. Two weeks before the destined show, Humanity struck, and ended his relationship with his former friend. With the arrival of Stacy Kobain, Humanity began a tremendous change from Heel, to Face for the first time in 3 years. Before he could truly begin to strut his stuff, Humanity suffered an unfortunate Broken Wrist at Retribution 2014. This led to him receiving an honor that no other CWA Alumni has ever earned: A segment of his own, The Boiler Room.

    However, after a month of inactivity, Humanity returned to the ring, and came back more dominant than ever. Defeating then recently crowned High Voltage Champion Thomas Jones (Who would go on to retire two months later, only to return in 2015), Humanity teamed up with Nightmare, who revealed himself as the second member of The Movement, and in their first tag match together, defeated the Tag Team Champions on the Adrenaline Rush before King's Reign Supreme. Finally, on the night of the Pay-Per-View, Humanity fought perilously with Derek Vendra, to finally claim his first taste of CWA gold, in the High Voltage Championship. However. the reign was short lived, as he would lose the title at Global Collision, in the wake of his mother's passing.

    Earlier that month, Humanity was revealed to be a new prospect of FWA, a joint wrestling company of CWA. Here, the fans soon became hostile towards Humanity, whom spat on their carelessness towards the wrestlers of the company.

    In October of 2014, Humanity became engaged in an extremely personal rivalry with Mr. Enigma. Enigma attacked him in several of Humanity's matches... and in one dire situation, attacked Humanity's manager, Stacy Kobain. For the second year in a row, Humanity's rivalry would come to a very violent resolution at WrestleRoyale 2014, in a Steel Cage match. The match ended when Humanity was locked in a submission, but passed out from the blood-loss. The match may be over, but there is still room for their issues to come back up again.

    Humanity and Nightmare teamed up once again as the Movement, and in the following weeks were dominant in the Tag-Team tournament. Finally, at Five Star Attraction on December 31, 2014, The Movement won the gold by defeating both First Class and The Able Family convincingly, also extending Humanity's Five Star Attraction record to 3-0.

    In November 2014, however, there was recent speculation as to who the third man of the Movement was, and how the Movement had been moving to FWA. It was revealed that Synplicity was the third man, and the team of him and Humanity became one in FWA, quickly sparking a feud with Syn's longtime rival, Randy Ramon, and Ayla El. In the meantime, Humanity began to grow closer to the likes of Lucian Ace, who both had one thing in common: they were both outcasts in their youths.

    On the re-debut episode of Crossfire, Humanity and Syn created chaos backstage, assaulting several backstage members and even Adam Bonnie. Throughout February, Humanity and the Movement had been tearing through the competition and causing some employees to even quit Crossfire. There simply was no stopping The Movement it seemed. In the Crossfire before Winter Wasteland, Humanity would eat a pin by Rondo, however, it was The Movement that had the last laugh that night, when they ganged up and destroyed Rondo, as his partner, Phillip A. Jackson, left him behind, much to the shock of the crowd. Later, Phillip A. Jackson officially joined the Movement at Carnal Contendership.

    Throughout February, The Movement had been dominant in CWA, beating not only Azazel and Mr. Enigma, but the CWA World Champion Cyrus Truth and the #1 Contender Prince Pain! It seemed that there was no one who could stop them, however, it appeared that FTK, Zacky Sullivan and Nero James had plans once again to take on Humanity, similar to the feud they had in 2013. Ironically, FTK managed to win the tag titles from the Movement at Retribution.

    This wasn't the end for The Movement however, as they soon defeated RevELution, considered by many as the greatest Tag-Team in the history of FWA, for the FWA Tag team championships. Afterwards, this led to a rivalry against Executive Excellence, Danny Toner and Christian Quinn. They were set to originally fight RevELution and EE at Back in Business X, but Randy Ramon and Ayla El had a falling out. This lead to a rebooking of the match into a regular tag match. In the developmental brand of FWA, nGw, The Movement won the tag titles there, becoming the only team to win tag-titles across three brands/companies.

    Meanwhile, he was given an apprentice by FWA staff to watch over, an 18 year old amateur, named Sarah DuBois. Humanity and Sarah had a connection of sorts, but his training methods were best noted as unorthodox, and soon, Saddle Sally, a wily veteran amd 3 time FWA Women's Champion, got in the way, trying to turn Sarah against him.

    At Back in Business X, Humanity brought back Olsworth, even in a losing attempt to retain the FWA Tag-Team Championship to Executive Excellence. However, in the wake, a change began in Humanity inside FWA. He began to show disinterest in The Movement, even during an intense feud with Team FWA. At Line in the Sand 2015, The Movement would fight for the Ultimate prize, Crossfire itself. Though the fight ended in a loss that night, Humanity and Nightmare were still awarded a rematch for the Tag-Titles at the super show, Game Over, against the newly crowned Ghost Dog. They however, lost both at Game Over, in the tables match on Crossfire, AND the ladder match at Red White & Bruised. Humanity then suffered greatly, losing week after week as his contract in FWA began to expire.

    After Feuding for months, The Movement finally gets their revenge on FTK/ The Sons of Destiny and won back the CWA Tag-Team Championship. They would have another dominant month in both federations, beating the recently returned First Class, but finding a new threat to their championship reign, The Echo. For weeks, the Echo mocked and attacked The Movement after their matches, and it all came down to a championship match at Global Collision. Unfortunately, all attempts at recapturing the titles proved futile.

    Sadly, Humanity's career would take an abrupt detour, when medical reports revealed that Brian was suffering from years of abuse that culminated into spinal stenosis. At the time of his imminent departure, Humanity managed to beat Michael & Malik Garcia and Alana Allure at the CWA/FWA Supershow, and in his final match, remained undefeated at CWA Five Star Attraction in a brutal no-contest with long-time partner, Nightmare. He would retire from wrestling altogether after that to tend to his health. Humanity currently has stated that if his health peaks and he stays safe, he could very well wrestle again.

    After retiring, Brian took an excursion to Japan, where he was hired to train new wrestlers at the Ken-Ou (King of Fists) Dojo, where his rough and tough amateur style was reminiscent of the Strong Style popular in the nation. His training was very popular among rookies, but also harsh to endure, much akin to his style. It was his time spent here, that he earned the nickname (which in Japan is spoken of in legend by any wrestler born after 1992), Jujika-Ou, or King of Crucifix.

    In August of 2016, Humanity tweeted an anonymous post, hinting at a possible return to the ring in CWA. It was revealed during Adrenaline Rush that he would officially return to the ring in a Five Man High Voltage championship match, which he unfortunately lost. He faded out into a quiet retirement again to work backstage in CWA yet again.

    Injury History:

    Shattered Jaw (May 12, 2006)
    135 Stitches to the body (Throughout career)
    Dislocated Kneecap (October 30, 2009)
    Strained Elbow (August 1, 2013)
    Broken Wrist (March 4, 2014)
    Spinal Stenosis (September 30, 2015)


    1 Time CWA High Voltage Champion (July 4, 2014 - August 30, 2014 )
    2 Time CWA Tag-Team Champion
    Final Three in 2014 WrestleRoyale Match
    3-0-0-1 At Five Star Attraction
    1 Time FWA Tag-Team Champion (March 23, 2015 - May 2, 2015)
    1 Time nGw Tag Team Champion (April 2015 - July 2015)
    #22 Greatest CWA Wrestler of All-Time (2015)

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    Re: Humanity (The Return)

    Glad to see Humanity back :D

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    Re: Humanity (The Return)

    Oh man! I'm going to be very interested in how Humanity does in CWA with new faces and match types. Welcome back!

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    Re: Humanity (The Return)

    I very much look forward to working with Humanity. I also love the Raven picture base and Humanity sounds like a great character. If you want to pitch ideas or brainstorm, send me a message.

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