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    Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush: LIVE

    Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
    Sacramento, California

    //Match 1\\
    Singles Match
    Trevor Ocean VS Nate Savage

    Before the start of the match, Nate Savage made sure to show off his newly won pure wrestling championship and stolen tag team championship to Trevor Ocean. Ocean didn’t look to impressed by the display of championship gold and waved Savage off. They start the match with a traditional lock up with Trevor Ocean gaining the upper hand and shooting for a double leg takedown on Savage. With the takedown, Trevor is able to get into a mounted position on top of Savage. He pulls his fist back and comes inches away from Savages face with a punch, only to stop at the last second causing Savage to flinch ferociously. Ocean laughs and lightly pats Savages face before dismounting and allowing him to get to his feet. Ocean invites Savage for another lock up in the ring, to which Savage obliges but instead of allowing Ocean to go for another double leg takedown, Savage kicks at his midsection. Trevor manages to catch his leg and hits a devastating leg hook Saito suplex. Savage quickly rolls out of the ring, wincing in pain as the referee refuses to allow Ocean to follow him.

    The announce team hype up Trevor’s collegiate wrestling background and how it’s on full display in this matchup. Tim Coleman hypes up the fact that Savage is a two-division champion and can handle whatever Ocean throws at him as the action in the ring continues. Savage has finally returned to the ring and has gained control of the match after a botched suicide dive attempt by Ocean to the outside. Savage is living up to his “nasty” moniker, pilling on strikes and holds that prohibit Trevor a second to catch his breath or gain his composure. Savage begins to mock the collegiate wrestling skills of Ocean, hitting him with numerous Suplex variations (Sleeper, Bridging Fisherman, Bridging German). Savage goes for a pin after each variation, but Trevor is able to show strong resiliency, kicking out of each attempt at two.

    Savage takes time mock Trevor and argues with fans in attendance, something that Jim Taylor insists could come back to haunt him. Tim Coleman, again, reminds Jim Taylor that Savage is a two-division champion and can taunt and yell all he wants. Savage signals the end of the match, picking up Ocean and throwing him towards the ropes. He lifts him up for the Nasty Bomb (Pop Up Powerbomb) only for Ocean to hop over his head, landing behind him. Trevor turns Savage around and lifts him up for the Equivalent Exchange (Rolling Release Suplex). Upon the release, Savage manages to get to land on his feet grabs Ocean and hits him with the Savaged (Package Piledriver) followed by a pinfall. One.Two.Three.

    Winner: 10:07
    Nate Savage


    We interrupt Adrenaline Rush for a message brought to you by... who knows? Everyone in the arena's attention was brought to the titantron as the sound of static would appear randomly. Just then, we see a body appear on the screen and a face we haven't seen in a while-- it's Remo Richerson The fans didn't know what to expect. Remo Richardson was standing outside of what appears to be an alleyway. The wind was whipping at his coat, and he had a big piece of chewing tobacco resting inside his lower lip and against his teeth. He spits the tobacco to the ground before speaking.

    “Surprise, surprise! The one face you thought you' see on Adrenaline Rush?”
    The raspy voice of Remo echoed off the walls of this exclusive video. His face looked just as absurdly mean as we last saw him.

    “And yeah, I'm here, and I'm very pissed off!”

    He would cock his neck to the right to allow the bones to crack. He spits on the ground as the
    darkcolour of his chewing tobacco escaped his mouth and made a splat sound on the cold concrete below his feet.

    “All over the world, They told me-- no-- they FIRED ME! They said Remo, you're too violent'... 'Remo, you can't keep doing this'... 'Remo, you almost got us in trouble'... all because they can’t handle me! So, what did all these companies do? They panicked. They were AFRAID of what I could do! They were AFRAID that Remo Richardson was going to KILL somebody IN THAT RING! Had that crossed my mind? Yeah, it did-- I wanted to kill people-- but I stopped myself because I was a company man. Despite that, they all dropped me like a bad habit. They dumped me on my ass and told me I wasn't worth the trouble. So, what did I do?”

    He grinned.

    “I took matters into my own hands.
    Itravelled the world and continued to make a NAME for myself! EVERYONE knew just who in the hell Remo Richardson was! THEY KNEW what I was capable of! And in the process of REBUILDING MY NAME, I hurt a lot of people.” He would spit his chewing tobacco to the ground again.

    “Hospitals around the world loved when Remo Richardson came to town because they knew they were gonna' make a lot of money putting the shattered pieces back together of some sick son of a bitch!”

    He was growing increasingly impatient.

    “And hey, guess what? CWA? You just hit the jackpot. You have the golden ticket now.”

    He grinned and showed his jacked up teeth from the years of abuse from wrestling and his chewing habit.

    “I saw my phone light up with that familiar area code, and I almost-- ALMOST-- didn't answer. But, I did. It was Dash. He said he saw big money in Remo Richardson and wanted to bring me in I almost told him to shove it up his ass! But, I know a bargaining chip when I see one.”

    He grinned.

    “He called ME! I have all the power, so I told the boss I'd come in on one condition...” He chuckled. “I wouldn't come alone.”

    Remo Richardson zoomed the camera out to reveal two men who stepped up next to him. Both men wore creepy masks that covered their face. Who could they be? Remo would then bring the camera back so that it showed all three. One man on each side of Remo's shoulders. Remo grinned from ear to ear as he began to speak again.

    “This is the changing of the guard. This is how the pendulum swings in OUR direction! We now have all of the power, and that begs this question: who can stop us?”

    The man to Remo’s right snatched the camera from his grasp. He slowly took off his mask to reveal the face of Hudson Drake one half of the infamous tag team known as Montreal Death Cult - MDC He grinned and chuckled softly under his breath for a moment before speaking.

    Hudson Drake:“There's a reason they gave in to our demands-- they know it would be easier to go with the grain than against it. We were told we were going to change the world, and what better way to do that than in CWA. This is primetime, right? Well, allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Hudson Drake and this?” He points the camera toward the other man in the mask. He took his mask off to reveal himself. With dirty blonde hair and a crazy smile, he looked into the camera with wild eyes. “This is Morgan Malone. We've been doing this 'tag team wrestling' thing for a whole lot of years. We've been busting our asses, putting
    onfive star matches, and hurting people for a very long time, and it has all paid off because now?” He chuckled. “Now we get to do it to a larger audience. Long gone are the days of people asking us who we are. Oh no. They'll know who we are. They'll know our names, and they will BEG for mercy at our hands. But, we're not ones to give anyone mercy-- that just isn't our cup of tea. Hell, I don't even know what the word mercy means. Do you, Morgan?”

    He panned the camera over to his brother.

    Morgan Malone:“Nope.”

    Hudson Drake: “This entire company will be on its knees at our hand. We don't care who we hurt, what we destroy, and who we piss off-- we're just here to make a statement. We're here to show the entire WORLD that us three?”

    He would move his finger around to point at all three members of this dastardly triad.

    “We're everything you fear. We're that voice inside your head that you try to ignore, but the more you ignore it..., the louder it gets. No matter where you are-- or who you are-- we'll be there. There isn't a living, breathing soul ON THIS GOD DAMN PLANET that will not be safe. Because Montreal isn't
    ahavan... Oh no. Montreal is a DEATH CULT.”

    He, along with his partners in the Montreal death cult, would flash the "MDC" hand gesture for a moment before the camera panned back to Rimo Richardson who's eyes were piercing through the camera lens.

    Rimo Richardson “It's
    US against the world-- just the way we like it! There's a giant target on our backs, but we are used to it; we've grown accustomed to being the victims... but, now it's our turn to be the predators. This company and everyone in it? They're our prey. We don't care WHO you are. You get in our way? We'll make sure you never make that mistake again. When it comes to CWA, it’s us against the world.

    The camera ended abruptly. Static.

    //Match 2\\
    Singles Match
    Krash VS Dallas Brixton

    The White Wolf showed off an unusually aggressive side of himself in this matchup against Dallas Brixton. Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman talk up the results of last weeks title match between Krash and Savage, making sure to bring up Krash’s declaration earlier in the night to rid the company of the darkness. Jim Taylor wonders if Lilith’s words before the match impacted Karsh’s performance. But, with no distractions here in this match we see Krash running on all cylinders. Krash continues the aggression that he had at the beginning of the match on Dallas Brixton, hitting him with stiff kicks to the gut, followed by a roundhouse kick to the chest sending Dallas stumbling backward. Krash tries to finish things up with a superkick to Dallas’ chin but CWA’s Resident Hellraiser manages to duck under it and hits Krash with some Southern Hospitality (High Impact Right Hook). The sound of Dallas’ fist connects with Krash’s jaw echoes throughout the arena and Krash’s legs buckle under him as he crumbles to the ground.

    The referee checks on Krash who isn’t moving and looks to be out cold. Jim Taylor calls for a replay of the Dallas hitting Krash with Southern Hospitality, while in the ring Dallas slowly approaches him and goes for the cover. At the absolute last millisecond, Krash is able to place his foot on the bottom rope and the referee informs Dallas of this. Dallas can’t believe it and the crowd is equally as stunned. Dallas gets to his feet and starts to ferociously stomps on Krash’s leg before dragging him to the center of the ring. He stomps the legs of Krash again before locking in the Cemetery Gates (Inverted figure-four leg lock).

    Krash squirms and yells in agony as Dallas applies more and more pressure to the hold. The referee asks Krash if he wants to give up and Krash yells “NO”. Dallas continues applying pressure to Krash’s legs and Krash looks like he can’t take it anymore. He raises his hand and signals he’s ready to tap but stops just as his hand is about to hit the ground. Krash makes a fist with his hand and punches Dallas. Dallas attempts to move away from the punches of Krash but he’s unable to and releases the hold. Once the hold is released, Krash dives on top of Dallas and lands strike after strike until the referee yanks him off. Krash has an enraged look in his eyes as he climbs the top turnbuckle and hits the “Daybreaker” on him. Krash covers (One…Two…Three)

    Winner 8:42

    After the match, Krash offers his hand to Dallas who reluctantly accepts. Krash apologizes for getting out of hand in the match and compliments Dallas’ in-ring ability as the fans clap for the two.

    //Match 3\\
    Singles Match
    Lilith VS Beast w/Belle

    This is the first contest that Lilith has been involved in on Adrenaline Rush since winning the World Championship. Lilith remained emotionless and stoic as Belle and Beast attempt to intimidate her with their entrance and taunts. Beast attempts to tower over the Dark Queen of CWA, in an act of intimidation but Lilith simply stares forward…almost like she was look through him.

    The bell rings and Lilith use her small size and speed to avoid the attempts from Beast to grab and punch her, countering his attempts with strikes. Lilith manages to gain the advantage over Beast focusing on locking in submission holds and various DDT attempts (Hangman, Diving Tornado, and Spike), but Beast refuses to stay down for the count. Beast finally manages to stop the fast movement and speed of Lilith and has her in a pinning predicament only for the lights in the arena to go out. When the lights return, Lilith is standing at the end of the entrance ramp staring at Beast in the ring.

    The announce team talks about how confused they are about how Lilith got up there, but their attention is quickly turned to the top of the ramp as The Dark Watch make their way down to stand with their leader. Lilith gives them a look and they surround the ring. The camera pans to show a freaked out Belle telling Beast to “get them”. Beast obliges and charges at Noah Nitro, who is now standing on the ring apron. Before Beast can get to him, he drops down. This continue with Thomas Jones and Anna Malikova hoping on the apron and hoping down before Beast can attack them. The referee attempts to calm down the angry Beast but Beast shove him away and the referee is seemingly out cold. During this confusion we see a figure run through the audience, over the barricade and into the ring. The figure is revealed to be Sammy Riggins!

    Sammy attacks Beast with stiff punches and elbow strikes before finishing the big guy off with a superkick that sends Beast tumbling down. The lights in the arena turn out and turn back on with Lilith sat atop the body of Beast and the referee miraculously recovered. The referee counts the pinfall and calls for the bell as Belle looks around, screaming with fury for Sammy Riggins.

    As Lilith stands fictorious in the ring a murmur begins to come over the audience in attendance as Liliths music isn't played. A spotlight shines down upon her as the lights in the arena slowly dim. The entrance video screen flickers on.

    The scene opens up with a shot of a bar it is not a nice bar in matter of fact its got broken beer bottles everywhere the sign which says Crossroads is broke. There is music playing inside the bar where on a little stage sits Brayden Bridges. He is playing to a crowd of maybe a handful of people who are not even listening . Brayden rough raspy voices echoes as he sings

    She isn't the devil
    No doubt its not true
    She broke my body
    She left me to stew
    Wrath is wicked
    She will know soon
    Her place
    The evil she sentenced
    Will burn her at the stake
    There is nowhere to hide
    There is no place you can go
    I will follow you
    Like Alice down the rabbit hole

    Brayden looks up as he hears the clapping of hands but from across the room he sees that everyone has gone but standing is Thomas West & Noah Nitro. They grab pool sticks and Brayden grasp his guitar in his eyes. He holds steady as they climb on either side of the stage. The light flicker and when the turn on again they are in front of him swinging connecting with his ribs they laugh as they strike him again and again the sticks break and West picks up Bridges holding the stick to his throat. Bridges knows he's in deep trouble as Nitro grabs a whiskey bottle. He attempts to crack it over Bridges head but he ducks, and it hits West who falls to the ground. Bridges is pissed his eyes full of remorse are filled with red rage.

    He charges at Nitro punching him in the face he hits him again and again as it seems like he is losing control you hear a faint voice laughing it is female. Lilith voice echoes in Bridges head as he turns to look at the bloody pulp that is Nitro. He looks at his hands red full of blood as he yells I am not that man anymore.

    We see him turn around and see Lilith who is sitting at the bar. Lilith smiles at him with that cold sinister eyes glued on him. Lilith states that Brayden can never change saying a zebra always have it stripes and that no matter where you run and hide you are still never going to bring her back.

    We then shift to live in CWA Arena where it is after the Lilith and Beast match. Lilith looks on holding her title high.

    No Matter Where You Go
    I will find you
    Pumping through my veins
    I cant stop
    Try to find it at the end of a bottle
    Pills, Drinks, Drugs
    I am bothered

    Brayden Bridges appears staring down Lilith from the crowd. He holds his head up with his guitar on his shoulder.

    Brayden Bridges:
    I am not a good man, I have done some wicked things in my life and I live my life everyday trying to repent my faults. The truth of the matter is this while I may never get redemption for the mistakes of my past I refuse to let you gain from my downfall.

    You are holding this place under siege under your spell because no one is brave enough to stand against you. Why is that? Is it because The Dark Watch follows you where ever you go doing your bidding? Is it because in your hands you hold the championship like a trophy case from your victims? Maybe it is because you can get inside people's heads? I look at you and I see you for what you really are just another drug just another vice that melts away the inside of the heads and like the worm you are just bury into their skull wiggling drilling away as you find the deepest darkest worse fears of ourselves and you bring it to light.

    I have been at the worse my deepest my darkest fears have been brought to light everything I ever loved everything I ever had was taken from me. Yet you are still in my head this magic you hold and I see what you are trying to do and I see what you want. You want it you got it.

    You want the dark passenger to rise from the ashes to be brought into the fold all you have to do is ask all you got to do is face me one more time. I have beaten you once . I can do it again I can leave you in that ring broken beaten battered with your blood on my hands. You see I know you don't give a damn about anything except one thing .


    You see without control you are nothing. You see control is in the form of the CWA Championship and I am going to take it from you not because I want it. Sure as hell not because I need it. This is because if I take that from you it means I have destroyed the lesser of two evils and if that means damning my soul to damnation. Well that is a price I am willing to pay.

    The camera pans down to Lilith ringside as she is thinking. The lights in the arena shut off before coming back on with the fans and the announce team shocked at who is standing in the ring behind Lilith...BRAYDEN BRIDGES. Bridges raises his Guitar and crushes it over the head of Lilith, much to the shock and awe of EVERYONE in attendance. Unfortunately, the shot isn't enough as Lilith rises to a seated position...turning her head to face Brayden Brayden exits the ring as the lights in the arena flicker on and off. Brayden exits through the crowd as Lilith continues to stare blankly at him. The scene slowly fades to commercial.

    /Segment \\
    Confrontation Face-Off
    The Diamond Dogs and The Echo

    The lights in the arena dim down for a brief moment - the commentary team appear confused for a brief second as a lanky figure, dressed in a suit, comes out onto the stage. He appears to be telling the crowd to keep back... which only raises more questions. He stops halfway down the ramp and stands with his arms crossed as the stage lights up in a burst of neon pink and blue whilst Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven' suddenly blares out over the PA system. The crowd break into a cheer as the instantly recognisable figures of Santino Dongarelli and Ricardo Vance come out onto the stage. Of course, their personal bodyguard, Jonald 'Big Mac' McDonald is standing at the ramp and is ready to protect them from any imminent threat. Dressed in their wrestling gear, the Diamond Dogs make their way down to the ring and attempt to hand out free VIP Passes, for the Malibu Vice strip club, to anyone who will take one. Of course, most of the people in the crowd are Californian and have no need for a VIP Pass at a strip club based in Miami. The duo eventually make it to the ring and step inside. Ricardo demands a mic - even flipping his eyepatch up in order to give the ring hands a dirty look with BOTH eyes. Santino proceeds to stand on the ropes and flex his muscles whilst Big Mac stands on the apron and keeps a vigilant eye out.

    Ricardo Vance: It's been too long, CWA... too long since we've stepped foot in this ring and shown what we're all about. Too long since we've graced your TV screens with our beautiful faces... and Big Mac's too. But, more importantly, it's been too long since we have had the chance to make our mark in the tag team division. You see, my friend Santino and I... we won a prestigious tournament using the power of our friendship... and then we were embarrassed. Attacked and brutalised. Besmirched like the girls that work our club... and we failed to avenge ourselves. Time and time again, we let ourselves down. We slipped into the shadows... stepped away from the ring because we thought we had been embarrassed enough. Little did we know... all we had to do was recharge and find our mojo again.

    Dongarelli comes down from posing on the turnbuckle and grabs the mic from Rick for a second.


    Rick hushes him for a moment.

    Ricardo Vance: That's ok, Santino, I can talk. You do what you came here to do.

    Instead of going back up onto the turnbuckle, Santino sits on the middle rope and begins posing again - chewing gum with his mouth open and winking at an elderly female in the audience. Ricardo continues to speak.

    Ricardo Vance:
    See... we realised that we had our minds focused on the wrong place. We had the idea, that we wanted to use the CWA to help our business ventures, absorbed into our heads... we wanted to the run the best damn strip joint this side of the pacific ocean. But... we realise now that we should be focusing on running THIS place instead. And we have come to the decision that we need to start by finally taking out the Echo. You know the guys I'm talking about - walk around like they've got a dick as big as I, swinging it about the place with no consequence. Let me tell you something from experience: When you are that well endowed, shit's gonna hit the wall if you're not careful.

    Dongarelli seems to take offence to this and jumps out from the middle rope.

    Santino Dongarelli: It ain't about the size, Rick. It's about how you USE it!

    Vance calms his irate friend down and Big Mac has to step in and get Dongarelli away.

    Ricardo Vance: You're right, Santino... and well, I don't think the Echo know how to use it. They think they can just ruin anything they want. Well, no longer. That's why we're back. We're here to get rid of these shmucks for good. We have a new mindset. We're ready to do this. And that's why we have decided that we want to call them out and put them in their place RIGHT NOW!

    Santino Dongarelli: Let's do it, Rick! Let's show these guys that we're the REAL DEAL!

    Ricardo Vance: Get up there and show them what they're messing with, Santino!

    Dongarelli gets back up onto the turnbuckle before tying his bandana tighter and flexing his muscles once more. Ricardo turns around to the stage and awaits the Echo...

    and it doesn't take long for a response! "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" hits and the crowd break into a massive chorus of boos! Vance tenses up in the ring and prepares for a confrontation... but is taken aback when the titantron lights up to show The Echo standing, back towards the camera, and clearly not coming out to the ring. They speak without turning around.

    Drew Conner: Hey Ethan, check these dorks out... they want to play wrestler again...

    A laugh is heard.

    Ethan Conner: You think this is worth our time? You think we can be assed beating these chucklefucks again?

    Drew Conner: Hmmmmmmmmmmm........

    Ethan Conner: What else do we have to do here? We're already the greatest tag team to grace this piece of shit company.

    The crowd don't take kindly to the words and loudly boo. Vance is clearly hacked off in the ring and shouts something inaudible. The Echo put their hands to their ears...

    Drew Conner: You hear that? Sounds like a bitch whining.

    Ethan Conner:
    You wanna shut her up?

    Drew Conner: Let's do it.

    Ethan Conner: Diamond Dongs... if that is your real name... you don't have a clue what you've just started. You better get ready because the Party IS here!

    The screen blacks out and suddenly the focus is turned to the ring as the Echo come from under the ring - clearly having duped everyone in the arena - and jump into it. They push Dongarelli off of the turnbuckle and to the outside before Vance tries to take the pair of them with rights and lefts! It's a losing battle and he is soon overpowered - the Echo break him down and get set to hit him with stereo superkicks but Big Mac pushes his boss out of the ring and takes the superkicks instead! The Echo then force him out of the ring and stand tall as boos ring out. Vance tries to get to Big Mac but Dongarelli stops him and ushers him up the apron. The Echo stand at the ropes and taunt the Diamond Dogs by mocking Big Mac eating superkicks and claiming he just went night-night. Vance lifts up his eyepatch so he can give them the double evil eye like before whilst Santino shouts "you guys have tiny dicks!" at them. The Echo feign being offended and let the Diamond Dogs know exactly what they think by telling them to 'suck it' as the screen fades out.

    //Main Event\\
    Singles Match

    Noah Stocke VS Jackson Fenix w/Brittany Adams

    Although it was previously announced that Brittany Adams would be accompanying her boyfriend Jackson Fenix, the announce team informed us that she was still recovering from The Curse of Ham (Wristlock transitioned into a short arm high knee) that Noah Stocke gave her last week. The usual jokester, sarcastic nature of Jackson Fenix is absent as he makes his entrance and DEMANDS that Stocke get down here. Noah Stocke makes his way to the ring and looks amused as his entrance video plays on the jumbotron of the stage. Stockes normal entrance video is replaced with a looping video of Stockes attack on Brittany Adams from last week.

    Jackson Fenix is furious as he rushes out of the ring and tackles Noah Stocke, who laughs at the anger of his opponent. Fenix pounds on the face of Noah Stocke who continues to laugh and demand Fenix to hit him harder in between the punches. Fenix’s punches get stiffer and stiffer with every punch to Stockes laughing face. Stockes laughter soon stops as Fenix’s hand begins to turn a crimson red with the blood of Stocke. The camera shifts to the backstage area where we see Nate Savage powerbombing Trevor Ocean through a catering table. Savage picks up his Pure Championship and “his half” of the Tag-Team championships and makes his way towards the gorilla position and out onto the stage. He grabs Jackson Fenix off of Noah Stocke and they scream in each others face. Savage instructs Fenix to grab "his half" of the tag-titles and the two pose over the beat-up body of Noah Stocke. The show comes to a close with Nate Savage shouting into the camera "CWA IS OUUUUUUURRRRRSSS!!
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: LIVE

    Final segment has been added in!

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