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Thread: What do you think makes good booking?

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    What do you think makes good booking?

    What in your mind do you like to see in good booking? What makes good creative decisions in wrestling? Do you like storyline? Do you prefer wrestling? What makes good booking in your opinion?

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    Re: What do you think makes good booking?

    I like wrestling as a soap opera with personal issues and characters motivations driving the stories. I think wrestlers should be given freedom without scripts and to shape their personas though. I also like matches to be treated more as a sport. My favorite style is the British wrestling under Admiral-Lord Mountevans rules, but just simply good psychology and legitimacy of the rules of wrestling are good. Also I think the titles should be treated with respect like any championship in a sport. Stories should be logical so you can understand where things came from, so long term booking I think is very important. Surprises should happen in ways that make sense if you think in retrospect or surprise finishes to matches.

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