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Thread: WWE NXT Discussion: May 17th, 2018

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    WWE NXT WWE NXT Discussion: May 17th, 2018

    WWE NXT preview, May 16, 2018: Dunne, Burch & Lorcan face Undisputed ERA in Six-Man action
    Bonded by their mutual disdain for Undisputed ERA, WWE U.K. Champion Pete Dunne will join forces with Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch to face NXT North American Champion Adam Cole and NXT Tag Team Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly in a Six-Man Tag Team Match tonight on WWE Network.

    The BruiserWeight’s alliance with Lorcan & Burch is one of practicality. Lorcan & Burch saved the U.K. Champion from Undisputed ERA’s three-on-one attack on May 2, but that was more due to Lorcan & Burch’s own problems with ERA than any sort of loyalty to Dunne, a notorious loner. (In fact, in making the case for forming a team, Lorcan matter-of-factly described Dunne as “a piece of garbage,” and Dunne didn’t object.)

    In contrast, Undisputed ERA are indisputably aligned. Will Cole, Strong & O’Reilly’s cohesiveness give them an edge against the smash-mouth trio? Or can Dunne, Lorcan & Burch use their extreme animosity toward Undisputed ERA to unite and propel themselves to victory? Find out when NXT streams on the award-winning WWE Network tonight at 8/7 C!

    What will Tommaso Ciampa do next?
    Tommaso Ciampa savagely attacked Johnny Gargano several weeks ago, putting his former best friend out of commission with a horrifying display of malice. The Blackheart followed up with more punishment last week when he defeated Kassius Ohno, who was attempting to avenge Gargano. With Ciampa’s sadistic plans seeming to come to fruition, where does the psychotic Blackheart go from here?

    Ricochet and Velveteen Dream battle for the spotlight
    Two of NXT’s best will square off in one-on-one competition for the first time ever when Ricochet takes on The Velveteen Dream on the black-and-yellow brand after their contentious altercation last week.

    Velveteen Dream has established himself as one of NXT’s top competitors over the past year, while Ricochet burst onto the scene as a Superstar to watch since his debut at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. Taking exception to the attention paid to Ricochet, as well as Ricochet’s goal of challenging for the NXT Title (an opportunity that Dream thinks belongs to him), Velveteen Dream interrupted The One and Only last week. But before sparks could fly, Dream sought high ground and avoided fisticuffs with Ricochet.

    That changes tonight. Find out which Superstar claims the spotlight when Ricochet and Velveteen Dream collide on WWE NXT, streaming at 8/7 C on WWE Network.

    NXT’s Finest returns to action
    Kona Reeves made his long-awaited reemergence in WWE NXT two weeks ago, looking mighty “fine” in a victorious effort. Reeves now looks to continue toppling the competition when he returns to in-ring action tonight. How will Reeves follow up the early success of his second first impression?

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    Re: WWE NXT Discussion: May 17th, 2018

    Oney Lorcan seriously might be my favorite wrestler of all time. I really enjoyed that main event. A load of fun. Lorcan is so amazing for a hot tag and I was so delighted by his celebration. It’s like he’s never won before! I love it. Undisputed Era are great douches and I’m so excited Lorcan and Burch are getting built up.

    I enjoyed a lot of this episode. Might be because I hit a bowl and also probably because it was a first episode in a series of tapings because the crowd is so hot and into everything.

    I don’t know about everyone but I’m still real into the Ciampa/Gargano feud. Ciampa isn’t slowing down and the Candice interaction was a long time coming.

    All in on Lars Sullivan too. Don’t mind a no contest for Dream and Ricochet and would easily be into a rematch.

    Even weaker parts of the show I found enjoyment out of. Cross is the character greatly needed to give Baszler/Kai some sort of purpose. Cross rules. Lacey Evans is whatever in the ring (I don’t get her style. She’s a hard hitting classy girl that does moonsaults?) but there’s something about the character, the crowd is into her and giving her heat, and I loved the Sane revenge attack. Kona Reeves looks like a villian in a really bad comedy movie, and sucks really hard. But I really, guess I’m trying to hard here. He sucks pretty bad
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    Re: WWE NXT Discussion: May 17th, 2018

    Just got around to watching this episode and I agree it was a hell of a show. Best NXT in weeks I'd say.

    Candice is still whatever on the mic to me, I don't really get anything from her. Even her breaking down segment a couple weeks ago that some said felt legit and was a great performance didn't move me a bit. However her confronting Ciampa is a nice new piece to the story that was bound to happen. Now I just wonder what Ciampa will do in retaliation and how far NXT will go with his evilness.

    I agree with Nicky, Lacey's character is a bit jumbled but I'm starting to enjoy her and the feud with Sane is shaping up nicely. Can't say the same for Dakota Kai lol. Nikki Cross being tossed in does a little bit to boost things but eh... Not really doing it for me. I can see Nikki forcing Dakota to go nuts on her which brings out her killer instinct out and gives her the courage to challenge Shayna or something like that. I feel that's where we're heading with this.

    Kona Reeves is ass and comparing him to The Rock is doing him no favors when he could never live up to that comparison. His gimmick and the push he seems to be in line for are his biggest downfall I think because I could probably tolerate him otherwise.

    Dream/Ricochet was awesome but it seems wasted on that non-finish. They'll probably get a rematch which will be awesome but they were making some magic until Lars interfered, so hopefully they can duplicate that when they do face again. But I have to say I don't like them getting a handicap match against Lars because to me, that makes them seem weak. Obviously Lars is a behemoth but yeah, it just seems that putting them against him two on one is implying they can't get the job done alone.

    Awesome main event that I've been looking forward to for weeks. Surprised actually to see Burch get the pin, but in a good way no doubt. Assuming they face O'Reilly and Strong for the titles at some point, that'll be a hell of a match. TUE are doing amazing, Dunne is of course amazing. This is an amazing rivalry. It really bums me out to think about how much less awesome they'll be when they're all moved up to the main roster.

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