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Thread: Michigan State University To Pay $500 Million to Abuse Victims of Larry Nassar

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    Michigan State University To Pay $500 Million to Abuse Victims of Larry Nassar

    Michigan State will pay $500 million to victims of Larry Nassar's sexual abuse in what is believed to be the largest settlement ever in a sexual misconduct case involving a university.

    Attorneys representing 332 claimants reached an agreement with representatives from Michigan State during a mediation meeting Tuesday afternoon. The university's board of trustees agreed to the deal in principle. The settlement did not include provisions about policy or acknowledge the claims made against Michigan State.

    Michigan State's agreement stipulates that $425 million will be distributed to claimants who are currently part of the lawsuits. An allocator will determine how much each person will receive. The remaining $75 million will be held in reserve for two years in the event that others come forward and make claims about Nassar's abuse.The settlement did not require any of the claimants to sign non-disclosure agreements.

    "I'm very happy that we're done with litigation," said former gymnast Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to publicly accuse Nassar of s
    xual abuse more than 18 months ago. "I'm very grateful for the historic number that acknowledges some of the hardships that these women have suffered. I'm also very disappointed in a missed opportunity to create meaningful policy changes."

    As part of a plea deal, Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in state prison for criminal sexual conduct. More than 200 people provided victim impact statements at his sentencing hearings in January. He is currently serving a 60-year federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to child pornography charges.

    $500 million is a helluva lotta money to be given to the abused victims. Like the sick crimes Jerry Sandusky have done for the three decades at Penn State, Nassar will never see the light of day for committing these heinous crimes against the victims that will be haunted for the rest of their lives. I hope this brings like to those who are being abused, to confess and take action and bring these sick fucks down once and for all.
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