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Thread: WWE 205 Live Discussion: May 15th, 2018

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    Re: WWE 205 Live Discussion: May 15th, 2018

    Enjoyed the Fatal 4 way match, although I think with Tyler out for revenge that a singles Bate/TJP match would of been better and then work a shorter Kenny Williams/Kalisto match. Kenny needs some seasoning, but I think he'll be a useful attention to the UK brand.

    Flash Morgan Webster's intro scene was hilariously bad. He came off as such a geek. I was just waiting for commentary to tell me that Flash is here to 'have a good time' and loves to 'entertain the fans'. The 6 man wasn't very interesting, but it Drake and Connors suck so my expectations weren't that high.

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    Re: WWE 205 Live Discussion: May 15th, 2018

    Yeah, that was the Flash Morgan Webster I don’t really care for that was presented on this show. Six man was a standard WWE match. Inoffensive but forgettable. Drake is okay, clearly feels like just a guy but goddammit that fucking goddamn Joseph Connors.

    Okay episode, but I feel like I’m going to have it slip back into my “watch it once in a while” list of shows. Just hasn’t felt very exciting again. Four way was fine. Kenny needs to find a better gimmick and he could be onto something. Bate rules.
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    Re: WWE 205 Live Discussion: May 15th, 2018

    I'm a day or two later, which is better than I usually am, but 205 Live thoughts ahoy!

    - I have absolutely no idea who, like, 80% of the UK Division wrestlers are - I can only name Bate, Dunne, Andrews, Seven, and Wolfgang off my head due to them appearing on NXT sporadically - so I appreciated that brief flashcards detailing who was who, what their style was, informal tidbits, etc. Very helpful, five stars, many thanks.

    - Fun fatal-four way, though I liked the previous Kalisto/Tozawa/TJP/Murphy four-way moreso (admittedly it's a high bar). I liked the TJP triple-submission spot even if it looked more than a bit contrived, the previous double-submission spots were more sleek and refined. First time seeing Kenny Williams, he seems pretty neat. Very flashy, I like it. 'Inspired by Back to the Future' seems like the strangest wrestling motivation yet but I can kinda see it? And Tyler Bate gets redemption for jobbing to Enzo last time the 205 Live division was in the UK, all is right in the world.

    - Dug the Murphy video piece.

    - oh my god what is this Flash Morgan Webster dude's attire. A big olive-green overcoat, a blue & red pinstripe suit, a tablecloth cravat, and a space race helmet. It's ridiculous, I love it. I hope he wrestles with all of it on.

    Solid six-man tag too. It's probably harder for someone to stand out in a six-man tag compared to a fatal-four-way but Joseph Conners (who spells Connors with an e instead of an o? bruh) did absolutely nothing for me. James Drake was a bit better, but neither dude really leapt out as a 'must-see prospect' so to say. Morgan stood out a fair bit more, either due to his cocaine-inspired outfit or the sudden appearance of BLOOD MOUTH, and out of the three UK competitors here he probably came out the best. At least we got boot camp general Drew Gulak barking orders with a team huddle, that was nice.

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