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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Last Respects - LIVE

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    Adrenaline Rush: Last Respects - LIVE

    STAPLES Center
    Los Angeles

    //Opening Contest\\
    Four Corners
    Elimination Match
    Dallas Brixton VS
    Apollo Griffin VS Prince Ali VS XYZ

    Lindsay Monahan: The opening contest is fatal four way scheduled for one fall...

    “With Eyes Wide Open” by In Flames hits and making his way out on stage is Dallas Brixton, receiving a mixed response as he makes his way to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first, from Bowling Green, KY and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty three pounds, he is “The Arcane Assassin”...DALLAS..BRIXTON!

    Jim Taylor: This young man coming off a big win in his last outing will no doubt have his hands full tonight with three other young and hungry competitors!

    Alan Gold’s “You Can’t Stop Me” now hits to some cheers from the sold out LA crowd as Apollo Griffin sprints out with his manager, Jeff Potter trying to keep up behind him.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent, being accompanied to the ring by “Uncanny” Jeff Potter! He is from Brooklyn, NY and weighing in at two-hundred pounds, he calls himself “The Fresh Prince of Brooklyn”...APOLLO..GRIFFIN!

    Jim Taylor: Griffin looking to bounce back tonight and win right here will put him right back in the hunt for some gold

    Tim Coleman: Maybe if he ditched that bumbling buffoon then he could actually win!

    “Long Live The Chief” plays out now to some more cheers for Prince Ali, who wastes no time walking to the ring and doesn’t play up to the fans despite his positive reaction.

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponent, from Monrovia, Liberia, Africa and now residing right here in Los Angeles, CA! He weighs in at two-hundred & fifteen pounds, he is “The Standard”...PRINCE..ALI!

    Jim Taylor: Ali did not grow up here but he lives here so the hometown advantage may be in his favor if he’s lucky

    Now “One Headlight” plays to more cheers for the eccentric fan favorite, XYZ! He walks out and acknowledges the fans as he makes his way to the ring…

    Lindsay Monahan: Finally, their opponent, from Sitka, AK and weighing in at two-hundred & four pounds, he is X...Y...Z!

    Jim Taylor: XYZ looking to make waves here tonight and he sure has the fan support on his side

    Tim Coleman: I don’t get why the fans love this guy so much! If you ask me he belongs in a loony bin, not a wrestling ring!


    It’ll be XYZ kicking off this four corners elimination match with Prince Ali, and the two lock up with Ali quickly pushing XYZ back to the corner. XYZ throws his hands up in defense but then strokes Ali’s cheek as if to get in his head, but all it does is tick off the prince who then delivers a sharp right jab to XYZ’s chin before kept back by the official. XYZ holds his chin and smiles at Ali, who comes running at XYZ but XYZ was ready for it and rolls underneath and comes back up with a pele kick that knocks Ali back to the corner where then a tag is made by Dallas Brixton to take over with XYZ. Brixton means business as he runs in and goes for a clothesline yet it’s ducked by XYZ, but Brixton is faster on the exchange and comes back off the ropes with a clothesline to the back of XYZ’s head bringing him down to one knee. Dallas follows up with multiple snap suplexes before changing it up and transitioning into a bridging fisherman’s suplex! XYZ with a shoulder up at one and a half but Dallas remains on the offense by applying a headlock to keep the fast paced XYZ grounded to slow the pace. XYZ struggles to break free and eventually manages to slip away from Dallas and rolls over to a nearby corner and Apollo Griffin allows himself in the match.

    Griffin comes in hot and catches Dallas off guard with a clothesline, followed up by another clothesline and then a beautiful standing dropkick! The crowd is feeling it as Griffin hypes them up much to the dismay of his manager on the outside. Apollo hops over the rope and is looking for a springboard clothesline but Dallas is one step ahead of him and rolls out of harm’s way, yet Apollo manages to keep his footing despite missing the attempt but as he turns around he’s met by a nasty high impact right hook that Dallas refers to as Southern Hospitality! This leaves Apollo stunned allowing Dallas to hook him in position...CODE ZERO! He makes the cover…


    Lindsay Monahan: Apollo Griffin is eliminated!

    Jim Taylor: It’s down to three now with Brixton, XYZ, and Ali

    Tim Coleman: Apollo played up to the crowd a bit too much and it came back to bite him!

    Ali re-enters the match as Dallas is willing him in. Dallas attempts another high impact right hook but Ali has it well scouted and narrowly avoids it and manages to snag Dallas by the arm and takes him down with an armbar submission! Dallas winces in pain but tries to fight through it and manages to wiggle his way free. He shakes and loosens up his targeted arm but as he turns around he’s met by a standing dropkick from Ali that knocks him back and now XYZ is in the match. He climbs up top and leaps off hitting Ali square in the chest with flying double knees! Ali manages to get back up but he’s taken right back off his feet with a leg sweep and XYZ follows up with a quick leaping elbow drop to the chest! XYZ then climbs to the top rope before doing a tightrope walk along with ropes before connecting with a front flip springboard leg drop and the pin on Ali…


    Lindsay Monahan: Prince Ali is eliminated!

    No time for celebrating just yet as Dallas re-enters the fray and before XYZ can react he’s caught by Dallas with a somersault plancha from the top rope! Dallas then wastes no time and applies Cemetery Gates! An inverted figure four leg lock and XYZ desperately tries to fight out of it but the pain is too much to bear and ultimately taps out!

    Lindsay Monahan: XYZ is eliminated, therefore your winner of the match is Dallas Brixton!

    //Match 2\\
    *Mexican Death Match*
    An Opponent of Lilith's Choosing VS
    Brayden Bridges

    The scene opens back to the Staple Center, the camera pans over the capacity crowd excited for the upcoming match. A graphic appears on the stage display showing the next contest being Brayden Bridges VS an opponent of Lilith’s choice in a Mexican Death Match.

    Jim Taylor: Up next Brayden Bridges will continue his quest to getting a rematch for the CWA World Championship as he faces off against an opponent of Lilith’s choice in a Mexican Death Match.

    Tim Coleman: Talk about walking into the unknown, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: It just shows how determined Brayden is to get another shot at the title.

    The Bottom by Devour the Day starts in the arena and the fans rise to their feet and begin to cheer as Brayden Bridges makes his arrival into the arena. The camera pans around the arena looking for Brayden until it finally spots him at the top of the staircase of a section in the audience. The fans clamor to touch and grab at him as he walks down the stairs, his guitar resting on his shoulder.

    Lindsay Monahan: It is now time for the Mexican Death Match. Introducing first, from New Orleans, Louisiana, standing at six foot three and weighing in tonight at 245 pounds…The Lost Soul, Bray-den Brid-ges!

    The spotlight continues to shine down on him as he makes his way out of the audience and to the ringside area. He slowly scales the ring steps before getting in the ring and lifting his head, staring coldly into the camera as the lights in the arena begin to come on.

    Tim Coleman: This must be the most nerve-racking moment for Brayden. He’s having to wait here for the unknown. Who knows who Lilith will have challenge Brayden.

    The familiar opening of Cola by Lana Del Rey slowly begins to play throughout the arena and the fans let out a noticeable mixed reaction for the return of Shawn Summers.

    Jim Taylor: Are you serious?!?!

    Tim Coleman: As serious as a heart attack! It’s the God King, Shawn Summers!

    Shawn makes his way out onto the stage with a satisfied look on his face as he mouths the words to Cola.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, standing at six foot three and weighing in at 225 pounds…The God King…Sh-awn SUM-mers!

    Upon his approach to the ring, he slowly makes his way up the ring steps pausing and staring at Brayden, before entering the ring. Once in the ring he makes his way to his corner and closes his eyes, takes a deep breath in and exhales with an almost primal like roar as he opens his eyes and paces back and forth in the ring waiting for the beginning of the match.

    The referee calls for the bell and the two lock up. Bridges locks in a side headlock on Summers, who tries to counter but Brayden locks in a hammerlock. With his free arm, Summers is able to deliver a stiff back elbow that can be heard throughout the entire arena. The fans in attendance let out an audible “oh” as Brayden stumbles backward holding his jaw. Shawn charges at Brayden with a running knee strike to the stomach transitioned into a roll up but Brayden is able to kick out at two. Summers quickly gets to his feet and waits for Brayden to get to a knee, bouncing off the ropes with a shining wizard. As Summers is about to connect with the shining wizard, Brayden hits a stiff elbow shot to Summers' knee sending him falling to the ground, gripping his knee in agony.

    The referee goes to check on Summers, who genuinely seems to be hurt. Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman talk up the fact that Summers could have suffered a knee injury from that elbow strike as a replay is shown. While the attention is on Summers in the ring, Brayden leaves the ring, grabs a trashcan from under it and tosses it in. The referee tries to stop Brayden from coming near Shawn, who is still clutching his knee and wincing in agony. Brayden can be heard telling the referee to call the match if Shawn can’t compete. Shawn yells at the referee not to and uses the ring ropes to gingerly get to his feet.

    Brayden charges at Shawn, attempting a bicycle Kick only for him to duck under and send Brayden over the top rope. Shawn smirks as Brayden holds himself outside the ring. He gingerly follows Bridges outside the ring and continues to play up the fact that he’s in pain. As Brayden gets to his feet Summers hits him with the Lights Out (roundhouse kick to opponent’s head). Shawn pats his knee and smiles as the fans slowly begin to turn on him.

    The action returns to the ring where Shawn has brought in a baseball bat. He practices his bat swing a little before delivering a home run worthy swing to the ribs of Brayden. Brayden instantly falls to the ground clutching his side as Shawn hits him in the ribs again with the bat. Shawn goes for the cover but breaks the count at two, much to the dismay of the fans.

    The camera pans in on the left side of Brayden's body and it is apparent that a bruise is clearly starting to form. Shawn toys with Brayden, playfully kicking at his head before dragging him to the corner. Shawn grabs the trash can and places it over Brayden's face before backing up into the opposite corner. He pulls down his knee pads and charges at him looking to connect with The Bees Knees (running knee strike to the chest of a cornered opponent). At the last second, Brayden is able to move out of the way forcing Shawn to connect solely with the trashcan and turnbuckle behind it. Shawn holds his knees in agony, for real this time.

    Brayden takes advantage of the situation and goes to the outside of the ring, grabbing his guitar. In the ring Shawn attempts to get to his feet using the ropes, wincing in agony as he does so. When he turns around he comes face to face with Brayden and his guitar. Shawn closes his eyes as he knows what’s coming next. Brayden swings and smashes the guitar over his head. Shawn falls forward into the arms of Brayden who hits him with the Last Rites on the dented trash can before going for the cover and getting the three count.

    Winner via Pinfall: Brayden Bridges

    //Match 3\\

    Falls Count Anywhere Match

    Jackson Fenix w/Nate Savage
    VS Belle w/ The Beast
    *Sammy Riggins on commentary

    *Shinedown – Devour*

    As the sounds of Shinedown’s Devour hits the speakers, the fans react with a mixture of boos and apprehension. Though not one person associated with this upcoming match was thought to be a crowd-person, the match alone was intriguing enough to get them hyped. Riding atop her loyal bodyguard’s shoulders like a walking, talking, destroyer of a throne, The Quinn of CWA makes her arrival, being escorted down the ramp by her Beast.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following matchup is a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Beast, she is the Quinn of CWA, Belle!

    Tim Coleman: And there she is, Jim! The Quinn of CWA, Belle. Wowzers.

    Jim Taylor: I’d be careful what you say around her, Tim. Any perceived disrespect and she could sic Beast on you. She’s making her singles in-ring debut tonight, and while she did have some hand in the action during the tag match last week, she didn’t get the chance to show what she could do before her opponents bailed. Tonight, we’ll be seeing exactly what she is capable of.

    The duo approach ringside, and Beast bows to allow Belle to climb onto the ring apron, and into the ring. She quickly poses by the ropes to a chorus of boos and whistles, before retreating to a corner and awaiting her opponent.

    *Childish Gambino – Sweatpants*

    And as the sound of Childish Gambino’s Sweatpants fill the arena, the fans switch to a chorus of boos, heralding the arrival of none other than Jackson Fenix. The cockiest man to walk the earth bursts out from behind the curtain, smirking amid the chorus of booing. Behind him, Nate Savage trails, slapping him on the back once as they head towards the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: And her opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Nate Savage, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds, he is the ‘Bee’s Knees’ and the ‘Cat’s Pajamas’, Jackson Fenix!

    Tim Coleman: It’s Jackson Fenix, bay-bay! … I don’t know what came over me, but that felt natural.

    Jim Taylor: About as natural as wrestling feels to this cocky young upstart, I’d wager. Wrestling comeseasy to Jackson, and unfortunately for us he damn well knows it.

    Jackson Fenix rolls into the ring, pointing his index finger at himself to indicate that, yes, this is the one and only Jackson Fenix, feel free to bask in his glow. He backs up to a corner, grinning cockily, mouthing words I’d rather not repeat to Belle.


    Belle erupts from her corner, eager to begin fighting, while Jackson… merely saunters out of his corner, casual and carefree. He holds up a finger, halting Belle, before leaning in and tapping a finger against his cheek, signaling for a kiss. And Belle sure response with a big whopper of a smooch – with her fist that is, right into the jaw of Jackson! Jackson Fenix stumbles back, having let his guard down and not expecting that amount of power, and massages his jaw, before he locks eyes with Belle… and smirks.

    Jim Taylor: Jackson Fenix with a very interesting strategy in the early opening is this match, although he doesn’t seem too unimpressed that his idea of offering a kiss to Belle backfired.

    Tim Coleman: Hey, can’t blame a guy for trying, right? I’m sure she’ll come around.

    The smirk abruptly vanishes, as Jackson Fenix throws a sudden haymaker! Belle ducks, avoiding the blow, and bounces off the ropes with a harsh forearm! This staggers her larger opponent, but doesn’t make him fall, so Belle attempts it again, only this time Jackson catches her with an open-palm slap, the loud ‘smack echoing throughout the arena! Now it’s Belle’s turn to pause, stunned, a hand over her jaw in shock, as Jackson loudly declares that they’re now ‘even Stevens!’ Amid his declaration, he doesn’t notice the fire in Belle’s eyes, and when he returns to the fight he’s caught with a knee to the chin hard enough to rattle teeth!

    Jim Taylor: I don’t think Belle has any interest in being, quote, ‘even Stevens.’ Jackson underestimating Belle may cost him in the long run if he’s not careful.

    Belle begins to unload with high kicks to the chest of Jackson, one, two, three, four, five! But the sixth is interrupted by Jackson catching the kick, pausing for a brief moment to shake his head, before he nails a T-bone suplex, sending Belle rolling across the ring! She gets to her knees, somewhat dazed, beforeJackson nails a spinning heel kick to the jaw, sending her tumbling out of the ring. Jackson Fenix begins bouncing on the spot and signalling wildly, sprinting at the opposite ropes, rebounding, and… Stops, laughs off at the crowd, and exits the ring normally like any sane person would instead of diving out headfirst like an absolute loon.

    Tim Coleman: Jackson, as per usual, has this crowd in the palm of his hands. Can’t help but imagine most of them, even if they didn’t know it, would’ve really liked to see how well Jackson flies.

    Jim Taylor: Regardless, both of these athletes know that being outside the ring impacts nothing – pinfalls and submissions are entirely legal outside the ring. Whether it be in the ring or in the eighteenth stand, this match will end one way or another.

    Jackson Fenix goes to grab Belle by the hair, but she’s gone?!? What what?!? A puzzled Jackson glances at the frontrow, as if expecting her to be hiding in the front row, before Nate Savage points out that she went underneath the ring apron. As Jackson kneels down to search behind the apron, on the other side of the ring Belle pops up, having quickly crawled underneath the ring to the other side, and rolls into the ring. As a frustrated Jackson gives up on searching and rises to his feet again, Belle sprints and nails a terrific sliding dropkick from inside the ring, nailing Jackson right in the face!

    Tim Coleman: Damn, that’s a good strategy – Belle showcasing her wits within her right there. That might be what serves her a victory tonight.

    Belle doesn’t wait for Jackson to recover, and launches herself over the ropes in a cross body, knocking Jackson to the floor! She makes a quick cover!


    Tw- Kickout!

    Jim Taylor: Barely a two as the Falls Count Anywhere aspect of this match is realized!

    Belle grasps Jackson by the hair, dragging him to his feet – but Jackson strikes, nailing a surprise uppercut before shoving Belle against the ringside barricade! ‘You wanna play games, huh?’ he shouts, frustrated. ‘Let’s play games then!’ With that, he cracks Belle with a wicked lariat, sending her over the barricade onto the stone concrete with the crowd.

    Tim Coleman: These fans are about to get a little bit more than they paid for. Be careful swinging Jackson, we don’t want a lawsuit on our hands.

    ‘Nate!’ Jackson shouts out to his partner. ‘Make sure Big McLargeHuge doesn’t get involved!’ He demands, waving a hand at Beast.

    Nate Savage glances incredulously between his friend, and the large, hulking man-beast eyeing him down, and damn near has a stroke.

    Anyway, Jackson Fenix climbs over the barrier to follow Belle into the crowd, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to her feet. ‘Should’ve backed off when you had the chance!’ Jackson shouts into her face, before grasping her in a suplex position and nailing a devastating vertical suplex, hard on the concrete floor!

    Jim Taylor: Good lord! An awful suplex on the outside, on the exposed concrete floor! How sick!

    Jackson makes a cover on the lifeless Belle, and the referee, tailing nearby, makes the count!



    Th-NO! Kickout! Belle kicks out! Jackson sits up, taking a moment to massage his back, having not had a soft landing himself, as Belle begins to crawl away. ‘Three?!?’ He mouths, holding up the fingers. The referee corrects him with two, and Jackson shakes his head. He climbs to his feet, following Belle as she approaches an exit. Is she thinking of exiting the arena? Not quite, as Belle suddenly rips a fire extinguisher off the wall and sprays Jackson withit’s hydrating foam! Jackson stumbles trying to wave the foam away, and Belle throws the extinguisher right at his chest! Ooof!

    Tim Coleman: A fire extinguisher? Is that legal?

    Jim Taylor: As a general rule Tim, most Falls Count Anywhere matches are no disqualification by default, up to the referee’s discretion. So, yes, despite probably violatinga OH&S code or two, that is entirely legal at the moment.

    Belle follows this with a pair of knees to the chin of Jackson Fenix, and makes a cover of her own!




    Jackson Fenix kicks out, spluttering and coughing, still wiping away the foam from the extinguisher. Belle drags him by his hair back towards the barricade, towards the ring, and props him up against it. As Jackson rises to his feet, Belle sprintsand jumps, nailing an impressive hurricurana over the barricade! Jackson is sent sprawling near the ring apron, as Belle climbs onto the barricade, posing.

    Tim Coleman: Belle’s certainly holding her own here, but she mustn’t get distracted, we all know Jackson always has some sort of plan in mind.

    As Belle hops down, Jackson suddenly strikes, swinging a Singapore Cane he grabbed from underneath the ring! The cane barely misses Belle, thumping against the barricade, and Belle ducks, avoiding another swing. Another cane suddenly bounces onto the floor beside Belle, Beast having thrown the weapon to his boss, and Belle hurries to scoop it up.

    Jim Taylor: We’ve got an even standoff here now! Both athletes, armed with Singapore canes, who will come out on top?

    Jackson Fenix and Belle circle each other, heading up the ramp. ‘You’re in trouble, Belle!’ Jackson shouts. ‘You really want this, huh?’

    ‘Belle always gets what she wants.’ Belle stubbornly replies, and swings her cane! Jackson swingshis too, and the two canes meet, clashing against each other with a loud THWACK! The two swing again, and the canes meet again! A third time, and the canes stick each other again, but this time both athletes continue pushing, refusing to budge, canes crossed like that one scene in that one film you know! Y’know, that film, with that scene, it’s cool, and there’s swords – or sabres? Or something. Anyway, it’s a cool film. You should see it. It’s cool.

    Jackson Fenix wins thepushing battle, quickly kicking Belle in the knee. With Belle distracted, Jackson nails an awful strike with the cane against Belle’s thigh! Belle retreats, winded, and Jackson strikes again with another cane strike, sending Belle sprawling! He swings a third time, but this time Belle ducks, and manages to nail a superkick to Jackson’s wrist, causing him to drop the cane! Now Belle swings her cane, but Jackson avoids it. Belle swings again, but this time Jackson catches her with a superkick!

    Tim Coleman: Superkick! Superkick to the chin of Belle! Jackson Fenix has it!

    Jackson Fenix makes the cover, right on the center of the stage! One!


    Thr-NO, KICKOUT!

    Belle kicked out!

    Jackson Fenix drags Belle to her feet, and throws her through the entrance curtain, with Jackson following close by. He grabs her by the hair, leading her down the backstage hallways, before throwing her at a table covered in expensive-looking equipment next to a stack of crates. The various laptops and gadgets are sent to the floor as Belle sprawls on the table, lifeless, and Jackson climbs onto the table, shouting at the gathering crowd of backstage officials and curious onlookers. ‘See this?!?’ He shouts. ‘This is what happens when you step up to Jackson Fenix!’ And he signals for the Sin City Hangover, going to pick up Belle – BAM! Uppercut to the junk! Jackson’s eyes pop out of his head as he slowly stumbles, limply back onto the floor, kneeling.Belle, clearly exhausted too, is slow to get to her feet on the table, and signals for the Belle Tower Coup De Grace!-

    Only for Nate Savage to drag Jackson Fenix out ofharms way before she can dive! He pulls Jackson aside, yelling for a timeout, and begins to lead him away!

    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage saving Jackson Fenix from harm! Jackson was in no condition to avoid Belle’s Coup De Grace, but Nate’s saved him!

    Nate’s action is suddenly halted by a large blur of a man roaring across the screen as Beast sprints to take Nate’s head off with a massive big boot!

    Tim Coleman: And Beast evens it up!

    As Beast chases away Nate Savage, Belle goes for a superkick on Jackson Fenix! But Jackson ducks, and goes for a superkick of his own! Belle ducks, throwing one of the laptops in Jackson’s path instead, and the laptop shatters from Jackson’s strike, the frame bending around his foot! Jackson stumbles, trying to kick the device off, when Belle nails her own superkick, knocking Jackson to the floor!

    Jim Taylor: We needed those laptops! But, alas. Superkick!

    Belle climbs back onto the table ,signalling once more for the Coup De Grace, and leaps off, absolutely crushing Jackson’s ribs with the double-foot stomp on the floor! She makes the cover!





    *Shinedown - Devour*

    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, Belle!

    Tim Coleman: It was a very hard-fought match, but tonight, Belle finally scored a meaningful win over her rival. I don’t think this one will be forgotten soon at all.

    //Backstage Segment\\

    Tonight, within the CWA Arena.

    With the CWA Pure Championship slung over his shoulder, Krash gazed at himself in a mirror. His reflection, forever tired, forever banged-up, but forever fighting, stared back at him, and Krash’s gaze fell to the title on his shoulder. The simple faceplate was created with a different style in mind before Krash interpreted the title in his own way, but the visage of two muscular athletes grappling for supremacy still served as a useful indicator of how he suspected many of his defenses would go.

    ???: “Do you spend a lot of time staring at yourself in the mirror?” A voice behind him asked, curious, playful.

    Krash: “Uh, yes? Gotta make sure every hair is in place, Michelle.” Krash replied, turning to face the approaching interviewer. “Especially the ‘stache.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Oh, I imagine.”

    Michelle replied dryly, before a switch within her was flipped and she transformed into interviewer mode, bringing up a microphone from behind her back.

    Michelle Kelly: “Surprise, it’s an interview! Krash, what are your thoughts to the recent news that you’ll be defending your Pure Championship against none other than Nate Savage tonight in the main event?”

    Krash: “Michelle, it’s not a surprise interview if I can see it coming in the mirror.You stood there for like five minutes trying to decide what was the best way to approach.”

    Michelle Kelly frowned, throwing up a hand in irritation.

    Michelle Kelly: Why didn’t you say something?”

    Krash shrugged, grinning. A

    Krash: Again, gotta make sure every hair is in place. Especially the-”

    Michelle Kelly: “Ah, right, especially the mustache, right. So? Nate Savage?”

    Michelle repeated, getting the question back on track.

    Krash paused, searching for words, as he ran a hand over his objectively amazing moustache.

    Krash: Nate Savage is a… complex man. He does awful, hideous things in the ring, all so he can afford better things for his family. On one hand, he’s an awful human being, capable and willing of sinking to the lowest of lows, just for a victory in the ring. And on the other hand, he does it all for his family. His wife, his children. And it’s very admirable, y’know, his family being his motivation, and I can’t help but commend that. In this day and age, a father who would go to the ends of the world for his children is something rare. And yet, that doesn’t erase all his vile actions, doesn’t make his awful dirtiness instantly clean. And Michelle, I have no idea if he feels the same way, but I tend to see Nate Savage as my mirror, for lack of a better term.”

    Michelle arched an eyebrow.

    Michelle Kelly: “Your mirror? How so?”

    Krash turned to face the mirror once more, placing a hand on its glass surface and frowning.

    Krash: “See, Michelle, I don’t have a wife, or children. I don’t think I ever will. Nate does awful, wicked things, so that his family can live a better life, and nuts to whoever stands in his way. Whereas I do honourable, heroic things, for both my own, and the fan's benefit, nuts to whoever says otherwise.” Krash turned to face Michelle once more, pointing. “We both fight, one dirty, one clean, but both for honourable reasons. We’re very different human beings, but in that one regard? Very similar.”

    Michelle Kelly: “So how does this effect your match later tonight?”

    Krash wagged a finger.

    Krash: “Now, this is where I would say Nate can’t beat me and become the Pure Champion, because his soul isn’t Pure enough, and that’s what this story is all about. But I can’t outright say that, because as much as his soul and spirit is tarred with grease and grime, he still has a silver outline with his family motivations. Unlike Jackson Fenix, somewhere within that dark soul beats the heart of a man with noble intentions, and I can’t look past that. Maybe one day, that silver outline will expand, the darkness within his soul will shrink, and Nate Savage can one day be a pure, honorable man, in spirit, and in soul.”

    Krash paused as if imaging the scene, before shaking his head.

    Krash: “But until that day comes, Nate Savage cannot become Pure Champion. It’s an impossibility. If he wants that day to come, if he truly wants to break my face into a dozen pieces and take this title from me, then he needs to look into a mirror, look into his eyes, look into the windows of his soul, and ask whether this is truly the best man Nate Savage can be. And until he can answer that question honestly, he’ll never beat me when it matters. He’ll never become Pure Champion. As long as that silver outline remains a silver outline and nothing more, his darkness within will continues to be his downfall. Time, and time, again.”

    Michelle Kelly: “You’ve put a lot of weight into this ‘Pure of Soul’ thing you’ve got going on.” She remarked.

    Krash: “Michelle, look at CWA today.”

    Krash retorted, pointing a finger over his shoulder.

    Krash: “Look at how many wrestlers don’t care anymore for the honor, the integrity, the purity. Nate Savage, despite his noble motivations, isn’t helping that case, and so he must be defeated. And, count on this, he will be defeated. CWA is falling into Darkness, and if no-one else will stand up and be the Light, then I will. I’ll be the bastion of morality and goodwill, the pillar of hope and honor. The Light in the Darkness of CWA, for as long as I need to be.”

    Michelle Kelly: I see.”

    Michelle replied, in the tone that said that she didn’t see, at least not the big picture, but she understood, all the same.

    Michelle Kelly: “Thank you, Krash. You’ve given myself, and our viewers, a lot to think about. Best of luck tonight.”

    Krash: “I don’t need luck, Michelle. But, all the same, thanks.”

    As he watched Michelle leave in the reflection, Krash’s gaze sunk back, and he stared into his mirror’s eyes once more. He wasn’t adjusting his hair, or soothing out his moustache. He was gazing into his eyes, into his soul, searching for something he was too afraid to describe. His hand idly hugged the CWA Pure Championship closer to his being, and he let out a breath he was unaware he was holding.

    Krash: I need to win. Not for me. For CWA.”
    //Match 4\\
    Singles Match
    Sweet Sammy Riggins VS The Beast

    Jim Taylor:
    Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Adrenaline Rush, we've had a show packed with excitement, ups, and downs but this rollercoaster of a show is far from over. Up next it will be Beast taking on the recently returned Sammy Riggins.

    Tim Coleman: I still can't believe that Riggins was the guy that ended the careers of Rolando Fuentes and Jonathan McGuiness.

    Lindsay Monohan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Houston, Texas standing at six foot eight and weighing in tonight at 380 pounds...BEAST!

    [I]"Devour" by Shinedown begins to play and the fans let out a mixed reaction for the arrival of Beast. Beast makes his way out onto the stage without Belle. He waists no time getting to the ring, pacing back and forth as he waits for the arrival of his opponent.

    [I]"Livin On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi begins to play and the fans in attendance cheer as Sweet Sammy Riggins makes his way out onto the stage. The fans in attendance begin to sing the charismatic superstar's theme song in unison as he makes his way to the ring.

    Lindsay Monohan: And introducing his opponent, from San Diego, California standing at six foot one and weighing in tonight at 205 pounds...SWEET SAMMY RIGGINS!

    Tim Coleman: Wow, I just realized...Beast has over 175 pounds on Sammy Riggins. That is literally insane.

    He hops in the ring, stares at Beast with a casual smirk before making his way to his corner.

    Riggins has a look of confidence on his face as he looks across the ring at the towering figure that is Beast. The bell rings and Riggins charges at Beast, hitting him with numerous leg kicks attempting to break the vertical stature of the behemoth. Riggins looks up at Beast and realizes the kicks are doing little to nothing to impact him. He delivers an open palm strike to the face of Beast before backing away.

    Jim Taylor: No pun intended but Beast is a whole different beast than Riggins is used to facing off against. He’s almost seven feet of straight muscle. It’ll take more than a couple of strikes to keep this man down.

    Riggins confidence begins to wain as Beast charges at him full force. He is able to roll out of the way and delivers another stiff kick to the leg of Beast. Beast signals for Riggins to do another, to which he happily obliges. The kick doesn’t even phase him as he calls for Riggins to hit him in the face. Riggins looks confused asBeast shouts ‘hit me’ at him. Riggins clinches his fist and delivers a stunning Superman punch to the face of Beast sending the big man stumbling back into the corner. Riggins follows this up with a running knee strike to his jaw, followed by bulldog pulling him down to the mat. He goes for the cover. One…two…Beast launches him off him. Beast gets to a knee as Sammy gains his composure and seems to contemplate how to take him down.

    Tim Coleman: No matter what Sammy throws at him, Beast just won’t go down. There’s a reason why a beauty like Belle aligned herself with him. He’s an unstoppable asset!

    Sammy Riggins charges atBeast for what seems like an attempt at a spike hurricanrana. Beast holds onto Riggins as he attempts to spike him and lifts him high in the air before dropping him down with a powerbomb. Beast isn’t done yet though, he places his massive hand around the back of Riggins' neck and lifts him to his feet. Riggins is hard Irish whipped outside of the ring, hitting the mats below with force. Beast slowly makes his way out of the ring and grabs the legs of Riggins.

    Jim Taylor: Oh man, I gotta bad feeling about this…

    Beast looks out into the sea of fans cheering his name as he swings Riggins left and then swings him right and with almost his full force, swings Riggins entire body into the ringside barricade. Riggins yelps out in pain as the fans reach their hands out to touch him. Beast pushes the fans hands away, grabs Riggins by his shorts and hoists him back into the ring. He goes for the cover. One…two…thr….Sammy Riggins kicks out. Beast Glares at the referee who immediately backs up.

    Jim Taylor: Beast cant blame the referee, he’s just doing his job.

    Tim Coleman: He needs to do it better then because that was clearly a three count.

    Beast grabs Riggins to pick him up but Riggins pushes him back and delivers a tooth-shattering superkick to Beast. Beast stumbles backward, visibly upset. Riggins charges at him but is almost decapitated by a clothesline from Beast that flips him over on his face.

    Jim Taylor: OH MY GOD!

    Tim Coleman: SOMEONE CHECK ON HIM!

    No one dares to get in there and check on him as Beast hoist him up on his shoulders and hits him with the Out for Blood (F-5) and goes for the cover.


    [B]*Ding, Ding, Ding*

    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner…BEAST!!

    The medical staff comes into the ring to check on Sammy Riggins as Beast lets out an almost primal yell before exiting the ring and making his way up the ramp. Back in the ring Sammy Riggins pushes the medical staff away and glares up at Beast as he walks backstage while the scene fades to commercial.

    //Match 5\\
    Tag Team Turmoil Match

    The show returns from commercial with The Blacklist in the ring along with The DFB…

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first, already in the ring, the team of Connor and Luna Cross...THE BLACKLIST! Also in the ring their opponents the team of Cody Mundz and Bobby “Smooth”...DFB!

    “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” hits to a heavy mixed reaction from the fans for The Echo, who make their way out, egging on the crowd with their antics.

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents, from Gainesville, GA, and weighing in at a combined weight of three-hundred & fifty pounds, “Vicious & Delicious” Drew & Ethan Conner...THE ECHO!

    Now the sound of the music for The Dark Watch plays as West and Nitro make their way out to silence from the crowd, who are in awe at their presence.

    Lindsay Monahan: and their opponents, representing The Dark Watch...the team of Thomas West and Noah Nitro!

    Jim Taylor: Last week we saw some possible dissention between West and Nitro, could that factor into tonight?

    Tim Coleman: Beats me Jim, but they’re gonna have to get along if they wanna win!


    It’s West starting off with Connor Cross of The Blacklist, and right away Cross runs at West with a clothesline that has little to no effect on the large man from The Dark Watch. Cross goes for a forearm but it’s blocked by West, who then shoves Cross away. This doesn’t deter Cross however but he pays for it as West clobbers him with a running high impact lariat! He follows up with a jumping big boot! Luna enters the match to aide her brother but pays for it as she eats a jumping big boot of her own from West. He turns his attention back to Connor and brings him up in position...CYCLONE! He makes the pin…


    Lindsay Monahan: The Blacklist has been eliminated!

    Tim Coleman: The Blacklist just got blacklisted!

    Jim Taylor: I don’t understand what that even means but I do understand that Thomas West just single handedly took care of both members of The Blacklist

    Mundz and “Smooth” argue about will enter first, and eventually Bobby enters the match albeit a bit hesitant after seeing the destruction caused by West. Bobby moves around a little while Cody Mundz sneaks around and from behind pummels West. The duo have him cornered now and begin to pummel away on him in the corner but not for long as West pushes them both away! He begins to stalk Bobby but from behind is Cody again who catches him with a drop toe hold allowing Bobby to hit him with a running elbow drop! Bobby makes the pin but it’s barely even a one count as West powers out of it! Bobby is in shock by this and tags in Cody as the legal man. Cody reluctantly enters the ring and goes to kick and stomp away at West but West grabs him by the boot as he slowly gets up and levels Cody with a lariat! He drags Cody over and makes the tag to Noah Nitro. He comes in off the tag and stomps away at Cody. He then picks him up and drops him back down with a samoan drop! Nitro is looking to end it already as he’s tuning it up for the Nitro Blast and as he goes for it Cody ducks it and Nitro nearly hits West off the apron but stops himself in time, yet this gives Cody the opportunity to sneak behind with the roll up!

    One...NO! Kick out before two and Nitro rolls away in shock at what just occurred when Ethan Conner blind tags himself in. He tells Noah, “That’s not a super kick, allow me to demonstrate!” then he waits as Cody brings himself up just to be met by a super kick from Ethan. Then Ethan turns back to Noah and says, “That’s how you do it” Ethan then makes the pin but it’s quickly broken up by Noah Nitro! Nitro obviously upset and takes out his frustrations on Ethan before being ordered back to his corner. Ethan is slow to his feet, as is Bobby, but Ethan makes it up first and goes for yet another super kick but this time Cody had it well scouted and catches Ethan by the boot before bringing him in and levels him with a short arm clothesline! Ethan springs back up but pays for that with a spinebuster from Cody! Cody then makes the tag to Bobby and right away Bobby digs in his pants for his signature brass knuckles to end it for The Echo with Reaper’s Right Hand, and as he swings for the fences Ethan rolls underneath and makes the tag to Drew! Bobby goes for the right hand again but Drew ducks it and as Bobby turns around...SUPERKICK! Bobby falls to the mat in a heap and Drew falls on top of him for the cover, and just as Cody runs in for the save Ethan returns the favor with another superkick!


    Lindsay Monahan: The DFB have been eliminated!

    Jim Taylor: And then there were two, just like that The DFB is gone!

    Tim Coleman: It couldn’t have happened to two nicer guys!

    Thomas West is back in now for his team and charges at Drew with a clothesline, but Drew ducks underneath and attempts a superkick yet West catches him by the boot and spins him around before hitting Drew with a German suplex! He follows up with two more german suplexes with the third one being a bridge!


    Drew kicks out and West makes the tag to Nitro, and Nitro comes in running the ropes before connecting with a running senton! Nitro makes another tag to West and holds Drew for him West, who proceeds to delivers large clubbing blows to the chest! West then backs up looking to hit Drew with a Blindside but just as West is about to collide with Drew, he moves out of the way just in time giving West no time to stop as he plows through Nitro! West can’t believe it and while that is happening Drew makes the tag to Ethan, and West turns around...SUPERKICK! He’s not off his feet yet though and Drew hits him with a superkick! Still on his feet...STEREO SUPERKICK! Then together the brothers pull of their finisher...THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA! Ethan makes the pin…

    Lindsay Monohan: Here are your winners, Ethan and Drew, THE ECHO!!!

    //Segment 6\\
    Being The Elite Tag Team Championship Celebratory Extravaganza
    Featuring The Elite

    The Echo continues to celebrate picking up a victory after suffering back to back losses to The Elite. As they embrace one another in the ring with a hug, their music is quickly muted and replaced with “Kick in The Door” By The Notorious BIG.

    Jim Taylor: Consider what was supposed to be a great moment for The Echo officially ruined. These two are 100% not here to offer congratulations. They're here to celebrate themselves.

    Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke make their way onto the stage. Noah Stocke wears a hoodie with the hood up over his head and a red Oni Mask covering his face. Trevor Ocean sits cross-legged in front of Noah and pulls a microphone from out of his pocket, waiting for the fans to quiet down. The camera shifts to The Echo who are standing in the ring. Ethan Connor glares at the two men who attempted to disfigure and end his career last week.

    Jim Taylor: These two have been involved in not one, but TWO wars within the last week and both teams have the scars and memories to remind them of what they did for the tag-team championships.

    Tim Coleman: Yeah….but when the dust settled, The Elite were the ones who came out of the war as the victors but they didn’t get to enjoy the spoils of war because Savage and Fenix have claimed the championships for themselves.

    Trevor Ocean: They wanted us to come out here and celebrate...they wanted us to come out and actually celebrate being the CWA World Tag-Team Champions. They wanted us to celebrate beating you two, not once, but TWICE. They wanted us to celebrate the fact that we did the absolute bare minimum of what was expected of us.

    The fans boo as the camera catches Trevor giving annoyed confused face. Noah places his hand on Trevor's shoulder resulting in a simple nod of knowing from him before continuing.

    Trevor Ocean:
    Unlike you two, it isn't a surprise to us when we win championship gold and then
    defend it because...that's just what we do. We didn't just wake up one day and say "let's call ourselves the Elite". That name was GIVEN to us. We were given that name because when it comes to tag-team wrestling, we are the ELITE of the industry. We're on a whole other level, but why am I explaining that to you learned that the hard way last week. Didn't you, Drew?

    The Echo signal for Ocean and Stocke to come to the ring for round three of their war but Trevor simply nonchalantly waves his hand at them.

    Trevor Ocean: Truly, you two don't want to step into a ring, a street, a corridor, or anything with us so why don't you settle down while I shower compliments and congratulations to the two men that deserve it
    ....Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage.

    Tim Coleman: The real tag-team champions!

    Jim Taylor: Seriously?

    Trevor Ocean: I've got to hand it to them, Fenix and Savage really caught us by surprise. We never thought we'd run into a tag-team that would be as bold as them here in CWA. I mean, the leaders of the Tag-Team division for so long were a bunch of motley youth that was all talk and no action, right Ethan?

    Ethan and Drew exit the ring and start making their way to the edge of the ramp yelling for Noah and Trevor to come down to them.

    Trevor Ocean: They managed to one-up us in the ring, and for that, they deserve to be celebrated. Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage managed to open our eyes and remind us that as the champs, we always have a target on our backs. They helped remind us that it’s easier to win the championships than it is to keep them. They helped to remind us… that we’re at our most dangerous… when we’re no longer the predator. We’re at the most dangerous…when we’re the prey.
    And you all must be wondering, ‘how the hell are you more dangerous when you’re the prey”? Well, allow for me to explain. When you’re the prey, you must adapt in order to survive. You must be willing to risk it all and then some to survive, and if you can’t do that, then you fall. You fall...just like the Echo fell to us!

    Drew and Ethan have heard enough from Ocean and exit the ring starting to make their way up the ramp.

    Trevor Ocean: That wasn’t meant to be a dig at you two, but I guess…the truth hurts. But before you two rush up here to get your ass kicked by us for the third time. You two should probably be concerned with these guys…

    Heaven is A Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle plays throughout the arena

    Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli step out onto the stage and are greeted with a standing ovation from the fans in attendance. Ricardo and Santino stare at Trevor Ocean and the masked Noah Stocke before walking to the center stage. Drew and Ethan stare up at the returning Diamond Dogs.

    The two teams start to approach one another and the fans roar with anticipation as the four men come to blows. Fist are flying left and right as the two teams fight down the ramp back to the ringside area. Security and in-ring officials rush to the ring to break up the brawl but The Echo and Diamond Dogs can’t be stopped.

    Eventually, the two teams are able to be separated by security as CWA General Manager Dash Carlisle makes his way to the scene to assess the situation. He yells at security to get The Diamond Dogs out of here as the scene slowly fades to black.

    • //Main Event\\
      *CWA Pure Championship*
      Pure Rules Match

      Nate Savage w/ Jackson Fenix VS Krash(c)

      *Shinedown – Cut the Cord*

      As the sounds of Shinedown’s Cut the Cord echo throughout the arena, the CWA audience responds with a very mixed reaction. Cheering and booing resonate within, as Nate Savage, his face stone, unreadable, ever-focused, steps out from behind the curtain, nary giving the audience a spare glance as he begins making his way to the ring. Beside him, Jackson Fenix and Brittany Adams accompany Nate. Fenix is somewhat more energetic if a bit beat up from his own match earlier.

      Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following matchup is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the CWA Pure Championship! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Jackson Fenix, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two-hundred and sixty-six pounds, ‘Nasty’ Nate Savage!

      Jackson pats Nate's shoulders and begins to hype him up, giving him an inaudible pep talk. Nate seems even more fired up and focused now as he enters the ring with Fenix in tow.

      Tim Coleman: We’re looking at a new champion here tonight, Jim. I can feel it in the air, and so can Nate – look at his face. He knows it, you and I know it, and these fans certainly know it. Tonight is his night.

      Jim Taylor: Nate Savage is without a doubt a very dangerous individual, even more so when he’s single-mindedly focused on obtaining a goal like this. While he and the champion have clashed in the past, this might be their biggest encounter yet.

      Nate Savage rolls into the ring, pacing around as Jackson Fenix follows him, shouting various encouragement phrases into his ear, none of which Nate actually seems to be hearing. Nate awaits in a corner, staring up the aisle, where his future awaits.

      *The Kill – 30 Seconds To Mars*

      And now, the fans cheer uproariously, as CWA’s Pure Champion Krash enters through the curtain, the ever-popular hero warmly embracing the reaction. He holds his treasured championship title on a shoulder as he approaches the ring, matching Nate Savage’s stare with a stare of his own.

      Tim Coleman: A man walking to his own demise. Is he aware of the pain that awaits him in the ring?

      Jim Taylor: I’m sure he’s all-too-aware, Tim. Krash has never taken a foe lightly and having fought Nate before, he’s perhaps keenly aware more than anyone else, about exactly what it is Nate Savage can do.

      Krash rolls into the ring, pausing at the opposite corner to continue locking eyes with Nate Savage, before breaking contact as he climbs the turnbuckle, admiring the cheering fans before him. He taps the CWA Pure Championship on his shoulder twice, nodding, before climbing back down and pacing to and fro. As the referee approaches to take the Pure title away, Krash pushes him aside and grabs the microphone from Lindsay Monahan.

      Krash: Nate Savage.

      Nate Savage rises from his seated position by the turnbuckle, and approaches, cracking his knuckles. The two stare into each other’s eyes, unrelenting, confident, words going unspoken between them, before Krash raises the CWA Pure Championship in his free hand.

      Krash: Do you see this, Nate? This Pure Championship gold in my hand?

      Nate Savage’s eyes narrow, flickering from the championship raised above him to the man standing before him.

      Krash: It’ll never be yours, Nate.

      An ’ooooh’ echoes throughout the arena, and somehow, Nate looks more eager to kick Krash’s ass into dust than ever before. Fenix is heard saying to Savage, "Don't listen to this chump, he's full of crap!"

      Krash: Want to know why? You can ask Jackson Fenix because he has the same answer.

      Fenix's answer to that is a middle finger directed at Krash, yet the champ pays no mind to Fenix's crude gesture and continues on.

      Krash: Because I’ve been around this block for longer than anyone else because I’ve seen every trick in the book. Because I helped build this company, piece by piece, brick by brick, into this worldwide success it is today. I’ve worked with more dime-a-dozen dirtbags than you can count. You think you and Jackson can pull a fast one on me, slip past my guard? No, no, Nate. You may have more wrestling talent in your little finger than you could ever possibly know – and that’s not hyperbole, that’s the genuine, honest truth – but you can’t slip one past me. I’ve been here too long to fall for such tricks. There's a growing filth in CWA, and you two are just the tip of the iceberg.

      Krash paused, lowering the Pure Championship to his shoulder and taking a step back, taking his eyes off of Nate Savage. However, Savage's eyes never leave Krash or the championship as he follows him and championship with his eyes.

      Krash: With so much of my life invested in the wellbeing of this company, I can’t just stand back and keep my mouth shut when I see it’s foundations start to crumble. I helped build this company, brought it to its highest, and now I take a step back, and I see it’s been infested. Infested with scumbags, dirtbags, liars, thieves, and whatever vile voodoo wasteland which holds our CWA World Heavyweight Championship hostage.

      A gasp runs through the arena – for all his years’ experience, Krash should know it’s not wise to even try to provoke such a wrath of a wraith. And yet, he continues.

      Krash: And I’ve accepted that there’ll always be a bit of dirt in life, okay, I’m an optimist, not a fool. But the sheer amount of it nowadays in CWA is a growing concern. I look around, I see all this filth, stepping over one another to seep into the bricks of CWA and break down what I built. I look around, and no-one’s trying to stop it, trying to defend what I gave seven years of my life building. This darkness is spreading further and further, and people stand and shake our heads at the disgrace of it all but no-one’s doing a damn thing to stop it!

      Krash damn near throws the Pure Championship onto the mat, frustrated. He takes a second to gather himself, before continuing, sounding tired, but more than willing to fight the good fight.

      Krash: So, you know what? Fine. I’ll be your hero. I’ll be your good guy. I’ll be your Light in the Darkness. It started with Jackson Fenix at Pride, it continues tonight with Nate Savage, - fight all you want about it, Nate, you'll fall just the same - and it will continue, onward and upward, until CWA can once more look into its soul and be proud of what it sees.

      His piece done, Krash handed the microphone back to Lindsay Monahan, and his title to the referee. He retreated back to a corner, pacing, ready to begin. However, Savage snatches the microphone away from Lindsay Monahan much to her dismay but causing Jackson Fenix to snicker about it in her face.

      Savage: You know Krash, what just spewed of your mouth is a load of crap. I know it, Jackson knows it, these people know it, and most of all deep down inside you know it too yet you're too self-absorbed to admit it. You're so full of yourself it's not even funny. You can call me a dime-a-dozen dirtbag all you want but the truth is I know that's what I am. As a matter of fact, I embrace it. You on the other are just yet another self-centered asshole I've had to deal with my entire life. You're so delusional though that you don't even see it. That's why I'm telling you straight to your face so maybe, just maybe I can get it through that thick head of yours.

      Krash has stopped pacing in his corner and is listening intently, no emotion shown even with being insulted and accused of something by Savage.

      Savage: You stand there right now showing no emotion because you know I'm right. You know that you're nothing that you claim yourself to be. You think of yourself as this hero to these fans and for this company but in reality, you don't give a damn about these people or this company. You act as if you care about the CWA, yet you went seven months without defending the High Voltage Championship, what kind of a self-proclaimed hero does that?

      A round of 'ooooh' echoes from the fans and from Jackson Fenix and Krash visibly attempts to hide a scowl, not with much success. Still a sore point for our Pure Champion, I see.

      Savage: I've never wanted to be a hero to these people or this company, and I'm not about to start now but I am willing to expose you for the fraud that you are. You're living a lie yet you're too self-centered to see it so I'll open your eyes as well as the rest of the world. I'll let them see the real Krash and in the process, I'll take that title off of you. Then Jackson and I will take the tag team titles off of The Elite. Then finally, I'll do what no one else has been able to do and defeat Lilith and take her title too. I've done the unthinkable before when I pinned Jon Snowmantashi, thus ending his reign as champion, something you were never able to do Krash. I can do the unthinkable again when I take that title away from Lilith, but one thing at a time. Tonight begins a new era in the CWA, the Savage Era, and it starts with me taking your championship.

      He hands off the microphone back to Lindsay Monahan and returns to his corner with Jackson Fenix patting him on the back and hyping him up. Krash, frowning, makes a motion to take the microphone again, halts when the lights start to flicker and flash. A brief look of concern passes by Krash's features before suddenly, the lights went out. There was a slight buzz in the air and a sky of flashbulbs glistened, penetrating the gloom. But there was no smoke and there was no music and Krash, Savage, and Jackson looked around for any physical presence of the world champion. Instead, her voice rang cold and crisp through the night.

      Lilith: Your attempts to goad a reaction have not gone unnoticed - You both crave my attention and you have it. Soon the darkness will be unleashed upon you. I will look you in the eye and I will know the content of your souls. And when I do... you will know no peace. You will know... no salvation. You have seen fit to challenge a force mortal men cannot fathom, and as such I will leave to the ravens. There will be no escaping that fate which awaits every single mortal man who has come to my kingdom make no mistake about it: Neither of you will not display this empty replication of my power. I reclaim it all for the darkness, just as...... I will reclaim… both of you.

      As Lilith's words echo throughout the arena, the lights flicker back on. The three wrestlers in the ring glance at each other, all wearing different expressions - concern for Krash, apathy for Savage, bewilderment for Jackson. None seem sure how to take Lilith's brief interruption, and as Krash glances back up the rampway as if expecting the CWA World Heavyweight Champion herself to arrive, Nate Savage suddenly strikes with a wicked forearm to the back of Krash's head, knocking the CWA Pure Champion to the mat!

      Jim Taylor: Hey, hold on, what did we just hear? Lilith just threatened both of these men, and yet-

      Tim Coleman: Lilith will have to wait, there's still a main event title match between these two coming up next - which Nate Savage remembered before Krash did!

      Nate rains down hard blows, forearms and elbows on the champion, before releasing him and backing up, raising his hands in surrender. As Krash drags himself to a corner, Nate smugly asks for the bell to be rung.


      Krash and Savage raise their hands for a test of strength but as Savage reaches his hand up he attempts to kick Krash in the gut. Krash was prepared though, catching Savages boot and trips his free foot sending Savage crashing down to the mat. Krash quickly performs a standing mooonsault onto Savage and goes for the pin. One…kick out. Savage isn’t going to go down the easiest. Krash quickly moves out of the way as Savage gets to a knee. Krash bounces off the ropes and hits a spike DDT onto the mat and goes for the cover once again. One...Two...Kick out.

      Tim Coleman: Krash is showing a lot of offense early in this match but that’s not going to be enough to take down Savage.

      Krash stomps the downed Nate Savage before bringing him to a standing position. Krash bounces off the ropes, charging at Savage with a running lariat. Savage manages to duck under the Lariat and delivers a swift discuss elbow smash that echoes throughout the entire arena.


      Tim Coleman: This is it, this is Nate Savages chance to win the belt.

      Nate Savage laughs to himself as Jackson Fenix and Brittany Adams jump up on the ring apron in excitement, yelling at Savage to make the cover. Savage covers Krash and a hush comes over the arena as the referee's hand comes down for one and Krash doesn't move. The referee's hand comes down for two and still, there’s no movement from Krash. The referee's hand comes an inch away from the canvas but he quickly notices that Krash has gotten a foot under the rope. The fans in the arena erupt into cheers as Savage yells at the referee.

      Jim Taylor: Krash got EXTREMELY lucky right there.

      Jackson Fenix rushes over to where Krash’s foot was under the rope and pushes it back into the ring and shouts for Savage to cover him again. Savage does so but Krash manages to kick out at two again. Savage is justifiably upset. He grabs Krash by the head and screams in his face before nailing him with multiple headbutts. Savage goes for the pinfall once again but the ever-resilient Krash manages to kick out again. Savage quickly gets off of him and lifts his head up and shouts “STAY DOWN”! Krash spits Green Mist into the eyes of Fenix before shouting “NEVER”.

      Tim Coleman: The referee needs to call for the bell! That must be completely illegal!

      Jim Taylor: Surprisingly, it’s not. It’s 100% legal and Krash is finally back in this contest.

      Nate Savage attempts to remove the mist from his eyes and this is all the opportunity Krash needs to take advantage. Krash grabs the blinded Savage and whips him into the corner before charging at him with a running dropkick. Krash doesn’t waste any time though as he is quickly back up to his feet and ready to continue his assault on Savage. He scales the turnbuckle behind Savage, wraps his legs around his neck and locks in a Figur-4 neck lock. Savage flails his arms out as Krash continues to apply more and more pressure. The referee yells at Krash to let go of the hold because Savage is in the ropes but Krash refuses. The referee begins his count. One...Two...Three... LET HIM OUT KRASH, FOUR…FIV… Krash releases his legs and can be heard shouting I’ve got until five. The referee checks on Savage who pulls the referee close to him shouting, “my neck”. As the referees attention is turned Jackson Fenix takes this moment to deliver a tooth-shattering superkick to the dangling head of Krash. Krash’s body falls to the ground as Fenix escapes the scene.

      Jim Taylor: The number games have finally started to catch up to The White Wolf!

      The referee notices Krash on the outside of the ring and quickly begins to count. As he begins his count, Jackson Fenix, and Brittany Adams signal for Nate Savage to come over to them. Brittany Adams hands Jackson a water bottle and they use the water to clean the mist from Savage's eyes. On the other side of the ring, the referee's count has risen to “8” as Krash slowly begins to stir, using whatever he can to help him regain his balance. Nate Savage yells at the referee to speed up the count, something that the referee completely ignores. Krash manages to slide in as the referee's count reaches fifteen, much to the excitement of the fans. Savage charges over to Krash and leans down to pick him up, only for Krash to thrust the top of his head into Savage's gut. Krash uses his momentum to get to his feet, grab Savage and hit him with the Overdose (Killswitch hold into Reverse Roll-out Dropkick).

      Jim Taylor: The Overdose! Krash has got this in the bag! Go for the pin Krash! Go. For.The.Pin!

      Krash doesn’t go for the pin. He chooses instead to scale the top turnbuckle, taking a moment to soak in all the cheers and encouragement from the fans before hopping off with the ‘Daybreaker’ (Diving Elbow Drop). As Krash comes falling from the air, Jackson Fenix and Brittany Adams pull Savage out of the ring! Krash howls in pain as he holds his elbow. The referee yells at Fenix and Adams who back off Savage and insist they did nothing wrong. Savage slowly gets to his feet and rolls back into the ring, circling Krash like a shark in the water. Savage grabs Krash and puts his head between his legs. The fans boos at Savage turns into gasps as the sound of skull meeting metal echoes throughout. The camera switches and shows Jackson Fenix laid out on the floor as Trevor Ocean stands over him with a steel chair in hand. A masked Noah Stocke stands next to him with his a fist full of Brittany Adams hair. She attempts to squirm away from him but he yanks her back as they stare up at Savage.

      Tim Coleman: What the hell!?!?! Those cowards!

      Jim Taylor: Savage and Fenix had to know that The Elite would eventually come after them for taking their titles. But…who would have thought that they’d come after them like this?

      Trevor Ocean bashes the steel chair on the back of Fenix again as Brittany Adams screams for him to stop. Savage looks on in horror as his partner is brutalized by another shot with the steel cheer from Trevor Ocean. Ocean drops the chair, reaching down to grab Fenix by the hair and making him look up at Savage standing in the ring with Krash between his legs.

      Jim Taylor: Savage looks conflicted, Tim. Does he finish the match and attempt to win the championship, or does he go to help his partner?

      Tim Coleman: The decision is simple, finish the match!

      Savage contemplates what to do and this is just the moment that Krash needed to hook the leg of Savage and roll him up by surprise.


      Nate Savage manages to kick out, launching Krash off of him at the literal last second. Krash manages to land on his feet and looks at the ropes behind him before looking back at Savage who is now getting to his feet. Krash bounces off the ropes and jumps legs first toward Savage in an attempt at a hurricanrana. Savage manages to swiftly reverse the hurricanrana attempt into the Nasty Bomb (Pop-Up Powerbomb) and goes for the cover. Trevor Ocean shakes his head and can be seen giving some sort of signal to Noah Stocke.

      ONE...TWO....(Ringside: Noah Stocke hits Brittany Adams with "The Curse of Ham" (Wristlock transitioned into a short arm high knee)...THREE!!!



      Jim Taylor: I can't believe it...Nate Savage is your new CWA Pure Wrestling Champion. Krash has been dethroned.

      Lindsay Monohan: Here is your winner and the NEW CWA Pure Wrestling Champion...NATE SAVAGE.

      A conflicted Nate Savage is handed the Pure Wrestling Championship as Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke leave the bodies of Jackson Fenix and Brittany Adams, and the CWA Tag-Team Championships at ringside as Adrenaline Rush comes to a close.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Last Respects - LIVE


    Congrats, Jimmy! More than well-earned! It's only fitting that Krash would lose that title the second he started believing too much in the whole 'soul purity' thing. Hubris and all. Good man, hold that title proudly mate.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Last Respects - LIVE

    Fenix/Belle has been added in!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Last Respects - LIVE

    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Jazz Wolf View Post

    Congrats, Jimmy! More than well-earned! It's only fitting that Krash would lose that title the second he started believing too much in the whole 'soul purity' thing. Hubris and all. Good man, hold that title proudly mate.
    Thank you again, much appreciated. I will hold it with pride!

    Solid show all around, good work to everyone involved.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Last Respects - LIVE

    will brayden match show up?


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Last Respects - LIVE

    Quote Originally Posted by OMB View Post
    will brayden match show up?
    I'm getting it ready to be uploaded now.

    I'm sorry for the wait.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Last Respects - LIVE

    Ok cool


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Last Respects - LIVE

    The Brayden Bridges versus an opponent of Liliths Choosing match has been added.

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