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Thread: The Awesome Albums of 2018 Thread

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    Re: The Awesome Albums of 2018 Thread

    “Post Traumatic” by Mike Shinoda is pretty great. There’s a nice tribute to Chester Bennington on there that hit me right in the feels.

    I’m excited for next week because of the new Panic! At the Disco album being released.

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    Re: The Awesome Albums of 2018 Thread

    Finally listened to the new Parquet Courts album.

    Holy shit, it’s their best album yet and a giant step up from their last album. Super diverse, and fun to listen to. I’ve had to listen to it a good three times today.
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    Re: The Awesome Albums of 2018 Thread

    Tomorrow the World "Awakening" - Tonight Alive/Paramore kind of band
    Bad Wolves album
    From Ashes to New album
    Pop Evil album
    Breaking Benjamin album
    Five Finger Death Punch album
    Sevendust album

    to name a few good albums this year

    Harley Quinn and Stirling for the win

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