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Thread: Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit: Next Generation of Fighting

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    Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit: Next Generation of Fighting

    Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit: Next Generation of Fighting

    It's the beginning of 1997. ALPHA-1 Mixed Martial Arts is currently sitting atop of the MMA world, with the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts not long behind them, European promotions like Signature Martial Arts and British Cage Fighting are leaving their mark on the world, Fight League Brazil is building a name for themselves, hosting fights with the best South American fighters in the world and Women's MMA is starting to rise in North America, mainly with the Canadian all female promotion Women's Extreme Fighting Federation and a local promotion called Xtreme Cage Combat.

    With MMA gaining popularity all over the world, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to tap into the huge potential of the budding Asian MMA Market, and that's where Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit comes in to play. Completely eschewing the heavier weight divisions, they focus entirely on the fast-paced exciting matched that smaller fighters often bring.

    The promotion was founded by Raymundo Reyes, a Filipino businessman who has a "unsuccessful" reputation at best. Known for repeatedly starting up businesses, only for them to go bankrupt not long after they start, people were hesitant when they heard Reyes was founding his own MMA promotion. They were right to think so, as after three shows, while critically acclaimed, the company was losing money.

    However, while on holiday in Taipei Taiwan, Scottish businessman Shaun Gould attended KDM FC 3, headlined by Mizuki Watanabe vs Chiyo Yanagimoto to determine the first KDM FC Womens Champion. And while their was only about 100-120 people at the event, Shaun fell in love with the atmosphere and wanted to be apart of what, and I quote "Is the future of combat sports." Gould arranged a meeting with Reyes and the two came to an agreement. Gould would buy 65% of KDM's assets, helping fund the shows and pay the fighters, saving KDM FC from bankruptcy.

    Will this move from Gould pay off? Or will Kadena De Mano crumble? Only time will tell, but right now things are looking good, KDM FC have three dominant champions, they recently have just finished up two Classic tournaments and KDM are growing with each event, however, will they grow enough before Gould's money runs out?

    KDM FC Hall of Champions:

    KDM FC Lightweight Champion:

    Sukarno (25-0) (26/04/1997)


    Title Win: Taufik Wijaya (Knockout. Round 4. Muay Thai Knee to the head. 0.57)
    (KDM FC 1) (26/04/1997)

    1: Toson Ono (Knockout. Round 1. Left Head Kick. 0.13)
    (KDM FC 2) (28/06/1997)

    2: Atep of Indonesia (TKO. Round 1. Flying Knee & Ground and Pound. 2.14)
    (KDM FC 4) (31/01/1998)

    3: Taufik Wijaya (Knockout. Round 1. Overhand Right Hand. 1.00)
    (KDM FC 8) (23/05/1998)

    KDM FC Featherweight Champion:

    Li-Kong Ho (20-0) (21/02/1998)


    Title Win: Tomohiro Takeuchi (Submission. Round 4. Toe Hold. 1.12)
    (KDM FC 5) (21/02/1998)

    1: Sophan Sastrowardoya (Submission. Round 1. Arm Triangle. 2.52)
    (KDM FC 10) (18/07/1998)

    KDM FC Women's Openweight Champion:

    Hanako Shimizu (8-0) (28/03/1998)


    Title Win: Mizuki Watanabe (TKO. Round 2. Soccer Kicks to the head and ribs. 0.47)
    (KDM FC 6) (28/03/1998)

    KDM FC Tournament Winners:

    Featherweight Classic:

    1998: Sophan Sastrowardoya (7-1)
    KDM FC 7 (18/04/1998)

    Women's Openweight Classic:

    1998: Seka Mutsu (8-1)
    KDM FC 9 (27/06/1998)

    KDM FC Rules, Attire and Ring:

    Fight Rules

    Non-title fights are 3 three minute rounds
    Main event non-title fights are 5 three minute rounds

    Title fights are 6 three minute rounds
    Fights are judged as an entire contest

    Strikes to a downed opponent are LEGAL
    Knees to the head while an opponent is on the ground is LEGAL
    Elbow Strikes to the head of a standing or grounded opponent are LEGAL
    Soccer Kicks are LEGAL
    Stomps to a downed or standing opponent are ILLEGAL
    Closing guard while on the ground is ILLEGAL
    The referee can seperate fighters if they're inactive


    All fighters are required to wear 7 oz gloves
    All male fighters are prohibited from wearing shirts or anything that covers the upper body
    Female fighters can wear sport tops or shirts
    For the lower body, fighters can wear any of the following items:
    MMA shorts/Board shorts
    Kickboxing/Muey Thai shorts
    Vale Tudo shorts/Biking shorts


    23 x 23 size
    4 Ropes (Orange/Black/Orange/White)
    Champions corner: White
    Challengers corner: Black

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    Kadena De Mano Rankings

    Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit Rankings:

    As of 01/09/1998



    Champion: Sukarno (25-0)
    1: Atep of Indonesia (9-1)
    2: Korekiyo Anzai (8-0)
    3: Datuk Ong Ka Ting (6-0)
    4: Ahmed Mohamed Farag (4-0)
    5: Taufik Wijaya (45-17-1)
    6: Shigemori Sugita (4-0)
    7: Heikichi Shimizu (3-0)
    Hoshi Nagai (5-0)
    9:Teeratep Nutnum (8-5)
    10:Yoshitomo Horigome (2-0)
    11:Bhumibol Ektawatkul (8-3)
    12:Sammi Chan (4-1)
    13:Min-Soo Sik (2-0)
    14:Toson Ono (16-11)
    15:Bunrakuken Abe (9-5)
    16:Chan Kim Huat (3-1)
    17:Sadakuno Katoh (19-14)
    18:Yuji Latu (6-4)
    19:Kazuya Chano (10-8)
    20:Tessai Satou (9-7)
    21:Indriyanto Setyo Nugroho (22-19-5)
    22:Rayver Anzures (11-11)
    23:Hokusai Araki (2-0)
    24:Morihiro Kiski (3-0)



    Champion: Li-Kong Ho (20-0)
    1: Tomohiro Takeuchi (17-3)
    2: Kenji Akita (11-1)
    3:Masahiro Maeno (18-4)
    4:Yoshiro Makamori (10-0)
    5:Greg Chiang (16-4)
    6:Noberto (27-6)
    7:Kanji Togo (13-6)
    8:Sophan Sastrowardoya (7-1)
    9:Davi Carlos Ramos (33-9)
    10:Chan Wan Wah (9-1)
    11:Gu Ueda (18-10)
    12:Kei Maki (4-0)
    13:Takahiro Nakamura (22-7)
    14:Lito Alcala (2-0)
    15:Po-Han Yue (6-2)
    16:Yagi Jokichi (4-0)
    17:Josuke Hino (4-0)
    18:Ikeda Kenkichio (3-0)
    19:Najib Sri Aziz bin Zai (38-11-2)
    20:Tan Su (9-7)
    21:Ryota Sugimoto (3-0)
    22:Cong Dun (28-12)
    23:So Yip (10-5)
    24:Reza Afshar (4-1)



    Champion: Hanako Shimizu (8-0)
    1:Seka Mutsu (8-1)
    2:Karen Curtis (7-0)
    3:Sayoko Ebisawa (5-0)
    4:Yutsuko Sasaki (7-1)
    5:Naora Kikuchi (5-0)
    6:Kochiyo Chikamatsu (4-0)
    7:Echiko Watanabe (5-0)
    8:Veronika Sablikova (6-1)
    9:Stella Massey (4-0)
    10:Trish Biel (3-0)
    11:Mao Fukada (3-0)
    12:Kit Sakamoto (5-1)
    13:Romi Takahashi (4-1)
    14:Yuya Shimizu (6-2)
    15:Hope Lehane (4-1)
    16:Mizuki Watanabe (5-2)
    17:Chiyo Yanagimoto (7-3)
    18:Lynda Epsom (4-1)
    19:Kaoru Nanami (2-1)
    20:Toshie Nishina (2-0)
    21:Kimie Igarashi (3-1)
    22:Junko Yamada (3-1)
    23:Emi Nagano (2-0)
    24:Taniko Uchiyama (4-2)

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    Re: Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit: Next Generation of Fighting

    The World of Mixed Martial Arts: Late August 1998

    ALPHA-1: Japanese Mixed Martial Arts
    World Ranking: #1
    Opened: 04/09/1992
    Bio: ALPHA-1: Japanese Mixed Martial Arts is the most successful MMA promotion the world has ever seen. Having progressed from their early chaotic shows that centred primarily around Kick Boxing, to the slick modern MMA product that they are currently the undisputed masters of. Nowadays they're owned by major video game company, Takada GameStations, so ALPHA-1 has the added benefit of massive financial backing behind them.


    ALPHA-1 Heavyweight Champion:
    Hassan Fezzik (26-0)
    (11/08/1996) (4 Defences)

    ALPHA-1 Light Heavyweight Champion:
    Tadamasa Yamada (22-1)
    (19/02/1995) (6 Defences)

    ALPHA-1 Middleweight Champion:
    Heiji Endo (13-1)
    (02/11/1997) (1 Defence)

    ALPHA-1 Welterweight Champion:
    Ichisake Miyagi (22-3) (2x)
    (16/05/1998) (0 Defences)

    ALPHA-1 Lightweight Champion:
    Eizan Ijichi (8-1-1)
    (28/06/1998) (0 Defences)

    GAMMA: Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts
    World Ranking: #2
    Opened: 15/04/1994
    Bio: GAMMA is the organisation that pioneered Mixed Martial Arts in North America, and has built enough from it's early successes (and learned enough from their occasional failings) to establish itself in the marketplace as the premier MMA promotion outside of Japan. A well managed company with a long-term vision, GAMMA look like they're going to be a dominant force in MMA for a long time to come.


    GAMMA Heavyweight Champion:
    James Foster (33-4-1)
    (09/04/1995) (4 Defences)

    GAMMA Light Heavyweight Champion:
    Spencer Rubenstein (14-4)
    (07/01/1996) (2 Defences)

    GAMMA Middleweight Champion:
    Matthew Dean (31-5)
    (11/08/1996) (2 Defences)

    GAMMA Welterweight Champion:
    Darin Blood (14-4)
    (10/05/1998) (0 Defences)

    GAMMA Lightweight Champion:
    Sean Morrison (28-3)
    (07/05/1995) (6 Defences)

    SIGMA: Signature Martial Arts
    World Ranking: #3
    Opened: 29/10/1996
    Bio: Based in Germany, SIGMA are mainland Europe's first major company. Completely eliminating the showmanship that's so prominent in American and Japanese MMA, SIGMA are the very definition of a "no-thrills" organisation. With Mixed Martial Arts really beginning to take off in Europe, SIGMA have a real chance to make an impact on the sport.


    SIGMA Heavyweight Champion:
    Grzegorz Boniek (33-4)
    (03/08/1997) (0 Defences)

    SIGMA Light Heavyweight Champion:
    Niko Soldo (15-1-1)
    (06/12/1996) (3 Defences)

    SIGMA Middleweight Champion:

    Fjodor Kanchelskis (10-0)
    (05/12/1997) (0 Defences)

    SIGMA Welterweight Champion:
    Noach Van Der Capellen (24-3)
    (10/04/1998) (1 Defence)

    SIGMA Lightweight Champion:
    Fiyero Lermontov (12-0)

    (19/06/1998) (0 Defences)

    SIGMA Featherweight Champion:
    Lars Bohlin (48-6)
    (16/02/1997) (1 Defence)

    BCF: British CageFighting
    World Ranking: #4
    Opened: 08/11/1995
    Bio: A London-based company which first appeared at the tailend if 1995, British CageFighting have survived the always tricky first few years of business and have managed to establish themselves as a good place for fighters to work. Recently they have adopted the standard Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, a move made after experiencing a lot of criticism from the media for originally adopting the Japanese ruling of soccer kicks to the head and knee strikes to downed opponents.


    BCF Heavyweight Champion:
    Stafford Alois (26-8)
    (05/07/1996) (2 Defences)

    BCF Light Heavyweight Champion:
    Curt Kitson (9-0)
    (13/06/1997) (0 Defences)

    BCF Middleweight Champion:
    Davis Spyrou (19-4)
    (06/12/1996) (2 Defences)

    BCF Welterweight Champion:
    Vikram Sithalayan (18-2)
    (06/02/1998) (1 Defence)

    BCF Lightweight Champion:
    Jake Keane (22-4)
    (06/09/1996) (2 Defences)

    FLB: Fight League Brazil
    World Ranking: #5
    Opened: 22/12/1995
    Bio: Fight League Brazil debuted just before Christmas 1995, the first attempt at a proper MMA promotion in the country. By bringing in the best Brazilian fighters, most of them taking badly paid local events by this point, they were able to establish a very good roster and start themselves on the right foot.


    FLB Heavyweight Champion:
    Gladstone Lopes (14-0-1)
    (02/02/1998) (1 Defence)

    FLB Light Heavyweight Champion:
    Affonso Villar (22-2)
    (14/02/1997) (1 Defence)

    FLB Middleweight Champion:
    Braulio Moura (20-2-1NC)
    (07/06/1996) (2 Defences)

    FLB Welterweight Champion:
    Manuel Silva (13-0)
    (09/02/1997) (0 Defences)

    FLB Lightweight Champion:
    Branco (17-5)
    (03/01/1997) (2 Defences)

    WEFF: Women's Extreme Fighting Federation
    World Ranking: #7
    Opened: 23/05/1997
    Bio: The Women's Extreme Fighting Federation is a Canadian company and the first in the world dedicated entirely to female athletes. They were formed out of the ashes of three struggling female oriented organisations (AWFC, C-Girl & LVFF), as they joined forces in order to pool their resources, and the results have been encouraging. They ended up with a pretty strong roster, some popular fighters, stability and room for growth. And after KDM FC raiding some of WEFF's most popular fighters in Karen Curtis, Hope Lehane and Lynda Epsom, the company seems to be just pushing forward.


    WEFF Featherweight Champion:
    Jocelyn Hescott (29/03/1998)

    WEFF Bantamweight Champion:
    Vicki Summers (28/06/1998)

    XCC: Xtreme Cage Combat
    World Ranking: #8
    Opened: 02/03/1997
    Bio: Xtreme Cage Combat, an organisation coming out of California, promote fights based around lower weight classes. This unique angle, along with the many exciting, fast-paced fights, has allowed them to cleverly position themselves in a potentially profitable area of the market without the risk of getting steamrolled by the GAMMA juggernaut.


    XCC Lightweight Champion:
    Ross Smith (4-0)
    (12/04/1998) (0 Defences)

    XCC Featherweight Champion:
    Philip Ziskie (18-1-1)
    (11/04/1997) (2 Defences)

    XCC Women's Champion:
    Sarah Vaughan (10-0)
    (01/02/1998) (1 Defence)

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    Re: Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit: Next Generation of Fighting

    KDM FC 11
    Taichung Taiwan

    KDM FC Lightweight Championship

    Sukarno (C) (25-0) vs Korekiyo Anzai (8-0)
    In April earlier this year, ALPHA-1 young gun Korekiyo Anzai shocked the world as he signed with Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit. After Anzai won his debut fight against former Lightweight title challenger Toson Ono by Unaminous Decision, Anzai called out the Lightweight Champion, claiming he'd fight Sukarno whether it's for a title or not. Winning the Lightweight Championship back at KDM FC 1, Sukarno has dominated everyone he has faced ever since. He knocked out Ono with a Left Head kick in one of the quickest knockouts in KDM history, he decimated Atep of Indonesia with a Flying Knee and some deadly punches and very quickly knocked out Taufik Wijaya within a minute of the first round. Can Korekiyo overcome the tremendous odds and defeat the 25-0 champion?

    Naora Kikuchi (5-0) vs Kochiyo Chikamatsu (4-0)
    Our co-main event is going to be Muay Thai vs Judo, as "The Japanese Buzzsaw" and Chikamatsu have both been on a roll as of late. Both women are rumoured to be close to title contention, and this fight will certainly help jump the winner up in the rankings. Kikuchi is recently coming off a victory over Women's Classic Finalist, Yuya Shimizu back in March, while Kochiyo is coming off a submission victory over Umeka Fujiwara at KDM FC 8 in May. Will the striking ability of Kikuchi earn her a shot at gold? Or is the mat-based Chikamatsu going to get the shot?

    Karen Curtis (7-0) vs Kimie Igarashi (3-1)
    On this historic night we'll also see the debut of who many consider the top Bantamweight women in the world, Karen "The Demon" Curtis. Curtis, a former WEFF Bantamweight Champion, left the company due to financial disagreements and after vacating her Bantamweight Championship that she just recently defended, Karen signed to KDM. Originally this fight was supposed to happen last month at KDM FC 10, but Curtis got a concussion during sparring, so had to pull out and reschedule the fight. Curtis on paper has the advantage, her being a former WEFF Bantamweight Champion and never suffering a loss, but it wouldn't be smart for her to count Kimie Isgarashi out though. The Jiu-Jitsu fighter may be coming off a loss to Echiko Watanabe, but she's still very dangerous if you underestimate her.

    Hoshi Nagai (5-0) vs Sammi Chan (4-1)
    One of the biggest announcements to come out this week was that on April 24th 1999, as part of KDM FC's 2 year anniversary, Kadena De Mano will not only be hosting the first ever KDM FC Lightweight Classic, featuring all the stars from the Lightweight division, but they will also be holding their first event outside of Taiwan, as KDM FC 17 will take place in Shanghai China. While it isn't known who exactly will be in the tournament, it has recently been announced by KDM FC that this fight will determine the very first entrant into the tournament. Hoshi Nagai is a Kick Boxer, looking to extend his win streak to an even 6-0, while Sammi "Wolf Man" Chan is looking to rebound after his first defeat at KDM FC 8 to Ahmed Mohamed Farag. Who will advance to what's bound to be the biggest event in KDM's history?

    Indriyanto Setyo Nugroho (22-19-5) vs Sadahige Yoshida (2-0)
    Speaking of the Lightweight division, at KDM FC 11, we'll see the return of Jiu-Jitsu fighter Indriyanto Setyo Nugroho, who is coming off a TKO loss to Ahmed Muhamed Farag. He'll be taking on the debuting Sadahige Yoshida, a submission fighter from Tokyo Japan, making his KDM FC debut. Sadahige has won his last two fights via submission, both by Kimura. Will the young Japanese star take home another win? Or will the veteran Nugroho manage to earn another victory?

    So Yip (15-10) vs Ang Dong (1-0)
    Finally we have another debut this time for the Featherweight division, as Thai Judoka Ang Dong will be looking to start his KDM FC career off with a bang, taking on one of the most entertaining fighters in KDM FC, So Yip. The Drunken Monkey Boxing pioneer is coming off a Unaminous decision loss to Tan Su back at KDM FC 7 during the opening rounds of the Featherweight Classic, will he regain some momentum by spoiling the new debutant? Or will Dong make a statement in his first Kadena De Mano fight?
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