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Thread: Scott Steiner Teleconference

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    Scott Steiner Teleconference

    Had this on for background noise earlier tonight. Worth a listen for a little bit if you're a Scott mark.

    TNA's marketing/social media has been great recently, credit where credit is due. Putting Steiner on your PPV in 2018 is pretty eh as far as a booking decision goes, but stuff like tweeting out his maths promo that was apparently their 2nd most shared tweet ever and giving him his own teleconference today is just throwing a bone to people who like his crazy antics, and if that gets people to hear about a show on Sunday that he's on, then it's worth it.

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    Re: Scott Steiner Teleconference

    Yeah Impact usually do these Teleconferences every week or so and I thought I was the only one here who listened to them I guess I was wrong here. Yeah no matter how you feel about Steiner, you gotta applaud and give praise for how Impact have been promoting their product lately.

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