The Orleans Arena
Las Vegas, Nevada

After the intro video plays and pyrotechnics display ends we hear the voices of Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman as the camera pans over a raucous capacity crowd in The Orleans Arena.

Jim Taylor: Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to Adrenaline Rush. We are 24 hours removed from the Pride pay-per-view where we witnessed a plethora of incredible contest. Something tells me that tonight, we will continue that trend.

Tim Coleman: I think that would be a fair statement, Jim. I mean, just look at our main-event for the night. The Echo have invoked their rematch clause and will be challenging the new champions, Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke, in a Pure Rules Match.

Jim Taylor: That match is going to be intense. I saw Drew and Ethan earlier today and they seemed different than their normal selves. They seemed focused and serious. But speaking of serious, someone will be getting seriously fired as Rolando Fuentes will FINALLY take on Jonathan McGinnis in a loser leaves town match.

Tim Coleman: I'm not looking forward to that match at all. In that match, we're guaranteed to see the career of one of the greatest in CWA ended.

Jim Taylor: Well partner, when one thing comes to an end another thing begins. We're starting things off with a Proving Grounds match between CWA newcomer, Dallas Brixton, and Prince Ali.

The camera pans to the ring where both Dallas and Prince Ali are already in the ring. The referee asks both men if they are ready, to which they nod their heads "yes" before he calls for the bell.

Opening Contest
Proving Grounds
Singles Match
Dallas Brixton VS Prince Ali

Dallas and Ali circle each other before locking up in the middle. Ali gains the advantage locking Dallas in a side headlock. He wrenches the hold, irritating Dallas who manages to push Ali into the ropes. As Ali bounces off the ropes Brixton quickly gets into position and hits a perfectly executed arm drag on him.

Tim Coleman: Some good technical wrestling on display from the newcomer, Dallas Brixton.

Prince Ali gets to his feet and throws a right hand, to which Dallas Brixton expertly ducks under and hits a massive German suplex. Prince Ali uses the momentum from hitting the ground to quickly get to his feet only to be met with a standing dropkick from Dallas. Dallas goes for the pinfall, but Ali manages to kick out before the referee can count to two. Dallas goe to pick Ali up but is met with a head thrust to the stomach, seemingly knocking all the wind out of him. Prince uses this to his advantage and hits a spike DDT on him and goes for the cover.

One...Two...Kick Out!

Jim Taylor: Color me impressed with the skill and perseverance of Dallas Brixton.

Prince Ali quickly gets to his feet and waits for Dallas to get to a knee before bouncing off the ropes and running at him with a shining wizard. Dallas is able to pull back and avoid contact. He musters his strength to get to his feet and introduces Prince Ali to Southern Hospitality (High Impact Right Hook). Ali crashes down to the mat as the fans in attendance all let out a loud "Owww". Dallas picks up the lifeless body of Ali, forms his hand into the shape of a pistol and pretends to fire it at Prince Ali before hitting him with an impactful cradle brainbuster. He goes for the cover.


Lindsay Monohan: Here is your winner, CWA's Touch of Southern Comfort" Dallas Brixton

"With Eyes Wide Open" by In Flames blares through the arena as the fans in attendance cheer for the newest addition to the CWA roster.

Tim Coleman: WOW!!! He calls that the Code Zero! That brainbuster was straight vicious.

Jim Taylor: Great debut for Dallas Brixton over a CWA veteran. It'll be interesting to see where his career goes from this victory.

//Match 2\\
*Loser Leaves Town Match*
Rolando Fuentes VS Jonathan McGinnis

Adrenaline Rush returns from commercial to both Rolando Fuentes and Johnathan McGuiness standing in the ring, dressed in black suits. The fans rain down a chorus of boos as Rolando raises the microphone to speak.

Rolando Fuentes: At the Pride pay-per-view, myself and Johnathan McGuiness decided that you fans didn’t deserve to see us put on another instant classic of a match against one another. We decided that we could not be forced to compete against one another for the sake of our careers.

The fans rain down boos to a shocked Fuentes, who sports a look of disbelief at the fans booing him.

Rolando Fuentes: Seriously...seriously? You all are booing us because we refuse to fight for OUR jobs? Jobs that we earned!! For a company that WE helped build from the ground up? You all are booing us because Dash Carlisle considers us “fat weighing down the company”?

Johnathan McGuiness shakes his head in disbelief and grabs the microphone from Rolando.

Johnathan McGuiness: And you people wonder why we’ve been refusing to wrestle. We refuse to wrestle because you all don’t deserve it and don’t appreciate it. We refuse to wrestle because this company has turned its back on the ones that made it great. So, Dash Carlisle, you may have promised these fans a match but we're here to tell you that this match between Rolando and myself isn’t happening.

Jim Taylor: Can...can they do that? They can’t just refuse to wrestle, they’re under contract.

Tim Coleman: They can do whatever the hell they want. Like they said, they were and still are the foundation of this company. They helped build the company to where it is and Dash Carlise has made it his mission to completely write over our history.

McGuiness and Fuentes begin to walk towards the rope to exit only to be stopped by the sound of Dash Carlisle’s theme music.

Jim Taylor: Things are about to get interesting!

Tim Coleman: Things are about to get unnecessarily complicated. Dash Carlisle is creating a problem where a problem isn’t needed.

Dash Carlisle walks out onto the stage with a look of discontent and disgust on his face. He paces back and forth before finally beginning.

Dash Carlisle: You two think that because you’ve put in the hours, put in the work, scratched, clawed, bled and sweat for this company that you don’t have to put in the work anymore? EVERYONE has to put in the work around here dammit. EVERYONE has to prove that they deserve to be in the best wrestling company this world has to offer with the BEST wrestlers that the world has ever seen.

Johnathan McGuiness: Oh, I didn’t know that we were talking about FWA.

The fans let out an audible “oww” as Dash Carlisle laughs to himself.

Tim Coleman: That was a low blow right there.

Dash Carlisle: That’s wanna throw cheap shots at this company and the roster but you’re not even willing to fight for your spot here. So let me tell you something that ain’t no fantasy; you two will be fighting for your jobs tonight against a man who has been itching to step back between those ropes. And if he manages to beat you two, he will officially be signed to a new CWA contract. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back SWEEET SAMMY RIGGINS!

The crowd pops as Sammy Riggins theme song blares through the arena and the long-haired bro makes his way out onto the stage. He stops next to Dash Carlisle who can be seen saying “give ‘em hell” as Sammy makes a beeline towards the ring.

Jim Taylor: THIS IS HUGE!! Sammy Riggins is here and he’s ready to fight for his spot on the roster. This is...unexpected.

Tim Coleman: This is more than unexpected, this is unprecedented! If Riggins wins he gains a spot on the roster and Fuentes and McGuiness are out of here.

Riggins enters the ring and casts a confident grin at McGuiness and Fuentes. McGuiness swings on Riggins only to miss and be reversed into the overhead German Suplex. Fuentes attempts a punch of his own and is met with the same fate. McGuiness jumps to his feet and charges at Riggins only to be met with a superkick out of nowhere. The fans in attendance cheer as Riggins gets amped up. He yells at Fuentes to get up, signaling the end. Fuentes gets to his feet and is met with a kick to the gut and planted with the Sweet Surrender (Dirty Deeds). Riggins hooks the leg of Fuentes and a referee comes out of nowhere to make the pinfall count.



Lindsay Monohan: Here’s your winner, SWEET SAMMY RIGGINS!

Jim Taylor: Well there you have it, folks, Sweet Sammy Riggins is back here in CWA but unfortunately...that means the end of the CWA careers of Johnathan McGuiness and Rolando Fuentes.

Tim Coleman: This is the end of an era. McGuiness and Fuentes are CWA originals, they’re staples of this company and now they’re gone thanks to our general manager Dash Carlisle. I hope he’s happy.

Jim Taylor: Well I know one person that’s happy...

The camera shifts to show Sammy Riggins celebrating his victory with the fans in attendance as the scene fades to black.

//Match 3\\
Tag-Team Match

Jackson Fenix &
Nate Savage VS Belle & The Beast
*Krash on commentary

The bell rings and it will be Nate Savage and The Beast starting things off. Savage cockily walks up to Beast and shoves him, barely moving him, as he talks trash. Beast looks down at the trash talking Savage and delivers a shove of his own, sending Savage stumbling backward, falling into his and Fenix’s corner. Fenix asks if Savage is okay to which Savage shouts “I’m fine” before getting to his feet. Fenix charges at Beast ducking under a clothesline attempt from the big guy, bouncing off the turnbuckle. He manages to duck under a big boot attempt from Beast and before Beast can turn around, Savage hits him with a chop block to the back of his legs sending the big guy down to one knee. Savage uses this to his advantage and bounces off the ring ropes again, cannonballing the kneeling Beast. The fans in attendance can’t help but cheer for the agility shown by Savage as he goes for the cover. One..Two...Kick OUT!

Beast powers out of the pinfall tossing Savage off of him before getting to his feet. Savage backs himself into a corner, alarmed by the strength of Beast. Beast uses this to his advantage charging at Savage with a running splash in the corner. As Savage goes to fall out of the corner, Beast raises him back up and raises his hand in the air signaling for a chop. On the ring apron, Jackson Fenix and his manager cause a scene attempting to get in the ring to help out Savage. The referee diverts his attention from the match to the two of them allowing for Savage to deliver a low-blow to Beast, sending him down to his knees.

Savage uses this moment to his advantage, delivering a double underhook DDT to Beast. He scales to the second rope and delivers an elbow drop to Beast, driving all the air out of him.. Savage isn’t finished yet though, he uses this opportunity to lock in a crossface on Beast. Beast writhes in pain as Savage continues to work the hold. Savage screams insults at Beast as he continues to apply more pressure. As Beast raises his hand, ready to submit Belle shouts “DON’T”. The camera pans to show her delivering a stern look towards Beast, who uses her stare and shout to power out of the hold. Savage can’t believe the power of the Beast but he’s not able to admire for long as Beast rises to his feet and wraps him in a belly to belly bear hug. Savage screams in pain as Beast continues to squeeze. Beast reduces his squeeze and smiles at Savage before tossing him overhead with a belly to belly suplex. Savage shouts out in pain as Beast turns his attention to Fenix and yells “You’re next!”. The pigment in Fenix’s face is almost nonexistent as Beast point at him.

Fenix shakes his head no as the audience chants “YES” back at him. He turns and yells at the members of the audience until he is tagged by Nate Savage. Fenix reluctantly turns around as the referee demands that he get in the ring. Fenix refuses to get in the ring, arguing with the referee. He jumps off the apron as his girlfriend tries to convince him to get in the ring and compete. He tries to explain why this is not an option until he is pulled by Beast onto the apron by his hair. He tosses him into the ring and follows this with a hard Irish whip into the ropes followed by a spinebuster. As Fenix screams out in pain, Belle reaches out her hand for a tag. Beast happily obliges and tags her in. She yells “get him” at Beast and he reaches down picks up Fenix while Belle climbs to the top turnbuckle. Beast lifts Fenix up and forcefully powerbombs him to the mat. Immediately following the powerbomb, Belle comes crashing down off the top rope with a Coup De Grace and covers Fenix.


Savage and Fenix’s girlfriend drag Fenix out of the ring by his leg. Belle and Beast do not look happy as the three retreat. Savage can be heard saying “we don’t need this, we’ve gotta focus on the real challenge”. The referees outside count finally reaches 10 as the three make their way up the stage and behind the curtain.

Winners via Countout, Belle, and Beast

//Match 4\\
Pure Wrestling Rules
XYZ VS Apollo Griffin

The bell rings as Apollo circles while XYZ slowly moves side to side. Apollo circles back to his corner as XYZ continues doing a slow bob from left to right on his side of the squared circle. Finally, Apollo charges but XYZ lands one swift kick to the side of the head and Apollo stumbles backwards like a car running head on with a freight train. XYZ whips Apollo into the turnbuckle hard and follows with a flying corner clothesline. When Apollo stumbles out, XYZ is ready with a belly-to-belly release suplex. XYZ covers, but Apollo kicks out at a quick two.

Apollo Griffin fights back with forearms to the exposed face and jaw of his foe. He whips XYZ into the ropes and tries a back body drop, but that fails as XYZ leaps over the bent-over Apollo Griffin and lands a standing dropkick to the lower spine. XYZ then whips Apollo into the ropes and tries a hip toss that Apollo counters with a jawbreaker. XYZ stumbles back to the ropes but ducks and pulls the top rope down, sending Apollo over the ropes and flying to the outside.

With Apollo slow to get up, XYZ hits a baseball slide that sends his opponent flying backwards into the fan barricade. XYZ rolls him back into the ring and goes to the top rope, hitting his moonsault finisher and taking the 1-2-3 win.

Winner: XYZ

//Match 5\\
Triple Threat Match
Brayden Bridges VS Thomas West VS Noah Nitro

“The Bottom” by Devour the Day plays to a loud mixed reaction for Brayden Bridges. He walks through the crowd shrouded in darkness without lifting his head and carries his signature guitar with him over his shoulder. Once he’s in the ring a spotlight shines down on him just as he lifts his head up.

Lindsay Monahan: The next match is scheduled for one fall and it is a triple threat match! First, already in the ring, from New Orleans, LA and weighing in at two-hundred & forty-five pounds...he is “The Lost Soul”...BRAYDEN..BRIDGES!

The music for The Dark Watch plays now, replacing the music for Bridges, and the crowd erupts into boos and jeers for Noah Nitro and Thomas West. They walk to the ring methodically while keeping their focus on Bridges inside the ring.

Lindsay Monahan: and representing The Dark Watch, first from The Surface of the Sun and weighing in at two-hundred & twelve pounds...NOAH..NITRO! Next from Los Angeles, CA and weighing in at two-hundred ninety pounds...THOMAS..WEST!

Jim Taylor: Fans, this is a triple threat match but you have got to imagine that the deck will be stacked against Bridges in this match

Tim Coleman: It’s obvious that it is Jim, all the Dark Watch are here to do is to do the dirty work for Lilith by taking out Brayden Bridges so he cannot challenge Lilith again for the championship

Jim Taylor: Bridges came so close to capturing the World Championship at Pride but it was not meant to be

Tim Coleman: Close but no cigar for Bridges. This is his chance to bounce back and probably gain some retribution towards The Dark Watch, but as we stated already, it won’t be a walk in the park


Right away Bridges charges at Nitro and West as he slides underneath the bottom rope, and drills West with a forearm and then gives one to Nitro for good measure knocking him back some. West tries to club Bridges from behind but Bridges sensed it and drives a back elbow straight to the jaw of West before sending him shoulder first into the steel steps!

Jim Taylor: Bridges not wasting any time taking it straight to Nitro and West!

Tim Coleman: Smart strategy by him! He knows that the odds are against him so he’s got to even it out for the time being

With West down Bridges catches an incoming Nitro with a hard knee to the gut before taking him by the head and tossing him in the ring. He follows suit by sliding back in the ring and as Nitro gets up he’s drilled by another forearm shot to the head that rocks him back into the corner. Bridges goes to town on Nitro with several more forearm strikes before dragging him out of the corner and takes him in position...INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER! Nitro crumbles to the mat and Bridges makes the cover...but it’s broken up by West and as Nitro rolls away to recover, West stomps and kicks away at Bridges before Nitro inevitably joins him.

Jim Taylor: Like a pack of wild dogs! We knew this would happen and it didn’t take long at all

Tim Coleman: Yeah, we knew it was coming Jim, so why are you so surprised and upset? Nitro and West are doing Lilith’s bidding, they are only following orders

Jim Taylor: That still does not make it right, Tim. They aren’t in this match to win, they are only in this match to hurt Brayden Bridges

Tim Coleman: Well if you put it that way of course it sounds bad

West picks up Bridges and holds him up for Nitro, barking orders at Nitro to hit him, who then climbs up top and comes crashing down with a diving ax handle! West then does his own damage with triple German suplexes in succession. West barks more orders and Nitro applies Noah’s Arc! Last Chancery is applied with nowhere for Bridges to go!

Jim Taylor: Bridges is fading fast!

Tim Coleman: He may as well just let this happen and pass out because there’s no coming back

Jim Taylor: I don’t think there’s an ounce of quit in the tank of Brayden Bridges, Tim

West is down on the mat in the face of Bridges, taunting him and all this does is fire up Bridges as he manages to escape the hold as he flings Nitro off of him and when it looks like he’s struggling to his feet he’s stomped back down by West to massive heat from the fans. West then takes Bridges up and holds him up again for Nitro, who is setting up for his superkick Nitro Blast...but Bridges ducks it in time and Nitro instead delivers a superkick to West!

Jim Taylor: That backfired on them! Now is Bridges’ chance for a comeback!

West falls to the mat as Nitro looks on in shock not realizing that behind him is and snatches him in his clutches...MERCY KILL! Elevated triangle choke is applied! Bridges swing Nitro around like a rag doll with nowhere to go and he taps out!

Lindsay Monahan: Your winner of the match by submission, Brayden Bridges!

Bridges isn’t down yet...LAST RITES! Last Rites to put down Nitro! He leaves the ring without turning back.

Jim Taylor: Some miscommunication from The Dark Watch allowed Bridges to pick up the win

Tim Coleman: Nitro and West are going to hear it from that witch Lilith when they get to the back!

Jim Taylor: Bridges sent a clear message to Lilith that he’s not done with her just yet. She may have won the battle but the war rages on!

Back in the West is kneeling over Nitro and is yelling at him for kicking him, while Nitro tries to plead his case.

//Main Event\\
*CWA Tag-Team Championship*
Pride Rematch: Pure Rules Match

The Echo
VS The Elite(c)

The sound of “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” hits to a mixed reaction for the former champions, The Echo. They make their way onto the stage, strangely without their usual cocky demeanor. The two look focused and determined to win back the championship that they held for so long.

Jim Taylor: At Pride the unthinkable happened, The Echo were dethroned by The Elite.

Tim Coleman: All good things must come to an end, and that’s exactly what happened at Pride. The Echo had gotten cocky and way too relaxed in their title reign and The Elite took advantage of it. Maybe that was exactly what they needed to reenergize this team.

Jim Taylor: They arenÂ’t their usual selves tonight, they mean business

Tim Coleman: They’re going to have to mean business. Noah Stocke was overheard backstage saying that he and Trevor were going to physically and mentally break The Echo tonight.

“Kick in the Door” by Notorious BIG now plays as heavy boos from the fans for the new champions, Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean.Trevor Marches to the ring with a purpose while Noah follows slowly behind. They ignore the reaching hands of the fans as they enter the ring.

Jim Taylor: The Elite, in such short time, have managed to make an impact on the wrestling world and CWA by taking the tag team titles. The question is though, was it just a fluke or will they walk out with the titles still in their possession?

Tim Coleman: It wasnÂ’t a fluke Jim, they were the better team that night. But tonight is a whole different story. The Echo now know what to expect from The Elite. The Echo now know the strategy of The Elite. The Echo is better prepared to combat and reclaim their championships from The Elite.

Trevor Ocean removes his championship belt and makes a beeline for Ethan Connor holding the championship up in his face exchanging insults. The referee steps in and separates the two as Lindsay Monahan raises the mic to her mouth to begin ring announcements.

Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is a Pure Wrestling Rules Match, scheduled for one fall, and it is your main event of the evening for the CWA Tag Team Championship!

The camera pans around the arena showing the excited faces of the fans in attendance. Almost everyone is on their feet for what is sure to be an explosive main event.

Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first the challengers, from Gainesville, GA by way of your MotherÂ’s bedroom, and weighing in at a combined weight of three-hundred & fifty pounds. They are Vicious & Delicious...The Money Makers...Drew and Ethan Conner...THE ECHO!

A mixed reaction of cheers and some slight booing for the former champs.

Tim Coleman: So much for taking it seriously, “by way of your Mother’s bedroom”, really?!

Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents, fighting out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and weighing in at a combined weight of four-hundred & twenty-two pounds… they are the NEW CWA Tag Team Champions…”Fullmetal” Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke...THE ELITE!

Mostly boos but the same fans that booed The Echo, cheer for The Elite.Trevor holds up his title, taunting Drew and Ethan with it as Noah Stocke slowly removes his mask revealing an emotionless expression. They hand the titles to senior referee Billy Stevens who displays the championships to The Echo before holding the belts up in the center of the ring. The fans cheer as they know they’re about to experience a wrestling classic, and Billy Stevens calls for the bell.


ItÂ’ll be Noah Stocke starting off with Drew Connor. Stocke tries to be honorable offering his hand for a handshake. Drew scoffs at him and flips him the middle finger instead, much to the delight of the crowd.

Tim Coleman: Typical immaturity on display by Drew Conner and the fans eat it up! Noah was just trying to be respectful, nothing wrong with that!

Jim Taylor: Well IÂ’m going to have to agree with you on that there is nothing with be respectful, but when have The Elite ever shown any respect towards The Echo in the first place? If you want respect well then it has to be earned

Tim Coleman: No need to be rude about it though!

Noah laughs at DrewÂ’s crude gesture, who has turned to his brother and laughs. Noah takes this moment to grab Drew by his middle finger and looks to bend it backwards but Drew was ready for that and counters with an enziguiri to his head! Noah stumbles a bit but catches his bearings and charges at Drew but gets taken down with an arm drag followed by a beautifully executed dropkick. Noah immediately rolls to the outside with a scowl looking back at Drew, who points at Noah and does the crotch chop gesture.

Tim Coleman: Haha, eat it up you idiots! It wonÂ’t be so funny when The Elite beat The Echo later!

Jim Taylor: Talk about being a buzzkill

Tim Coleman: IÂ’m just tired of The Echo and their screwball antics! Someone has to put an end to it and make wrestling serious again! Comedy has no place in the ring

Jim Taylor: You sound like someone but I canÂ’t quite put my finger on it, but I know you just need a tennis racket and youÂ’ll be set though

Tim Coleman: I have no idea what youÂ’re talking about!

Noah is about to re-enter the ring but Drew is right there, so Noah orders referee Stevens to back him off until heÂ’s back in the ring. Drew obliges and backs up shrugging his shoulders as Noah gets back in. As heÂ’s sliding in, Drew goes for stomp yet Noah had it scouted and slides back outside to more boos. Noah looks at the fans and points to his head thinking his outsmarted Drew, but little does he know he has not, as he turns around and is met by a suicide dive from Drew! Noah is knocked back into the barricade but not for long as Drew takes him by the head and throws him back in the ring before stepping on the apron, and propels himself off the ropes and takes him down with a springboard clothesline! HeÂ’s not done yet as he bounces off the ropes and goes flying...450 springboard splash to Noah! Drew makes the tag to Ethan who comes in off the tag with a springboard leg drop. Noah rolls out of the way and quickly gets to his feet as Ethan lands on his bottom. Noah penalty kicks Ethan in the chest and drops down to the mat next to Ethan’s face. The camera shows a sadistic smile on the face of Noah, before he screams, “IT’S TIME” at Ethan and getting to his feet.

Noah is up and he drags Ethan to his corner and tags in Ocean. Ocean slowly gets in the ring as him and Noah circle Ethan. Drew attempts to get in the ring but Trevor screams at the referee to “get him outta the ring”. Ethan gets to his feet and looks at the circling Elite as his brother argues with the referee. Trevor Ocean shouts “Hey” at Ethan, bringing his attention to him. Ethan turns to Trevor and right away Noah hits a running high knee which is soon followed up by Ocean with a forearm smash sending him crashing into The Elites corner!

Ocean drives several more boots to the midsection of a cornered Ethan before dragging him out and executes a saito leg-hook suplex followed by a pin attemptÂ…

Ethan manages to place his leg on the bottom rope, breaking up the pinfall.

Jim Taylor: Ethan using great ring awareness, getting that foot under the rope. The only downside to that is that The Echo are now down to only two more rope breaks for the remainder of the match. That has to work against their strategy.

Ocean keeps the high flyer grounded with a side headlock before transitioning to WrathÂ’s Revenge! The bridging arm triangle choke! He has it applied securely and snug as Ethan struggles to stay alive and fights his way to the bottom rope to break the hold, but Ocean keeps it applied for another extra five seconds before the referee admonishes him. Then he stomps away at DrewÂ’s back before bringing him up on his shoulders and sends him back down with a hard crashing firemanÂ’s carry cutter followed by a pinÂ…but Drew gets a shoulder up after two and Ocean tags in NoahÂ…

Jim Taylor: The Elite doing a good job of keeping Drew isolated from Ethan. They’ve also managed to bring The Echos rope breaks down to one. This has got to be worrisome for the champs.

Tim Coleman: ThatÂ’s why theyÂ’re the champs, Jim. They know how to work smart and when to get serious, unlike those jokers in The Echo!

Ocean places Drew in the corner for Noah and stomps away at him before Noah hits him with Bee’s Knees! The running knee strike has Drew dazed and confused now as Noah hoists him and hits him with a double underhook backbreaker! Drew crumbles to the mat and Noah tags in Ocean again and as Drew is slowly recovering he’s caught from behind by Ocean...GLUTINOUS PUNISHMENT! The crossface chickenwing is applied on Drew Conner and he’s already beginning to fade away while Ethan rallies the crowd behind him and begins a “These guys suck” chant, which the crowd gets behind and it gets loud. Noah is on the apron shaking his head and telling the fans to shut up, while Ocean keeps the hold applied and referee Stevens checks on Drew.

The referee raises his arm but it falls. The referee raises his arm again but it falls once more. The camera angle pans and we can see the worry on the face of Drew as his brother seems to be completely out of it. The referee goes to raise Ethans arm once more but before he can reach him Trevor quickly releases the hold telling the referee “back off”.
Jim Taylor: That may be a move that they regret. It’s clear that Drew was out and not going to be able to respond.

Tim Coleman: This is all apart of The Elites strategy, Jim. This is not going to end well for The Echo.

Ethan begins slowly crawling towards his brother’s outstretched hand as Trevor Ocean howls with laughter behind him. He grabs hold of Ethans’s boot, and drags him back to his and Noahs corner much to the dismay of Drew. Noah tags himself in as Trevor plays with the foot of Ethan. Ethan tries to kick at him but Trevor uses a hand to swat the kicks away, laughing sadistaclly. Ethan manages to finally land an upward kick on Trevor, sending him stumbling back into the ropes. Ethan uses this moment to get to his feet, pummeling the stunned Trevor Ocean with rights and lefts. The referee seperates Ethan from Trevor, yelling that he is not the legal man. A confused Ethan looks at the referee before turning standing up and turning around into a running high knee directly to the face from Noah Stocke. Ethan goes down hard holding his face but the ringside camera crew is able to get a close shot of him He’s bleeding profusely from the nose.

Jim Taylor: Oh man...that does not look good.

Tim Coleman: That doesn’t look good at all. Blood is free-flowing from his nose, it could be broken.

The referee rushes over to check in on Ethan, who attempts to brush him off. From the corner of the screen, Noah Stocke charges in and soccer kicks Ethan in the face, causing an audible “oww” from the audience. Noah coldly stares at the downed Ethan as the fans chant obscenities at him. He reaches down and grabs Ethan's head revealing his bruised and bloodied face. He palms his hand over Ethan's face, smearing it on the blood before wiping it onto his own face. He turns his and Ethan's head to look directly at Drew, casting a sick smirk at the concerned brother. Noah raises to his feet, clutching the arm of Ethan as he does so. He drags him over near Drew and drops him, backing away slowly. Ethan slowly climbs and is able to tag in Drew who charges into the ring. Noah Stocke yells "COME ON" as Ethan charges him and ducks under a right and then a left from Noah, responding with a vicious superkick that echoes throughout the entire arena. Stocke is out cold. Ethan turns his attention to Trevor Ocean who has a look of concern on his face as Ethan slowly approaches. Trevor hops off the apron and shakes his head nope, turning around to argue with a fan in attendance. As he's turned around Ethan bounces off the rope and hits a springboard shooting star press over the rope, resulting in a large pop from the fans.

Jim Taylor: Ethan is bringing it to The Elite here tonight. There's that seriousness that we talked about earlier.

Ethan quickly gets in the ring and goes for the corner the cover.


Noah Stocke manages to get his foot under the bottom rope much to the shock of everyone in attendance. If looks could kill, the referee would be dead because Ethan is not happy with things. He gets to his feet and stomps his foot on the mat shouting at Noah to get up. Noah uses the rope and is able to slowly get up on a knee. As he gets to a knee, Ethan hits him with ANOTHER superkick sending him crashing out of the ring. The referee begins his count as Ethan goes to his corner and checks on his brother who is still bleeding heavily and being tended to by a ringside doctor.

Tim Coleman: These men are giving it their all! This just shows what the tag-team championships mean to these four. They are willing to give everything and then some to win.

Jim Taylor: No denying that at all partner. But, if the Elite plan on retaining their championship they will need to get in the ring because the referee's count is already up to 12 and let's not forget the championship can change via disqualification or countout.

Trevor Ocean shouts at Noah Stocke to get up as the referee's count reaches 15. Trevor grabs Noah and tosses him into the ring near their corner. He is able to reach over the rope and tag himself in rushing over at Ethan only to be met with a vicious superkick. Ethan goes for the cover.


Ethan is in shock because he thought he had him beat! He kips up and runs off the ropes looking for a springboard shooting star press...OCEAN GETS HIS KNEES UP! Ethan hits nothing but knees and crashes and burns! This allows Ocean some time to crawl to his corner only for Drew to rush over and pull him away, pummeling him until the referee comes to break things up. This moment allows Ocean to crawl and tag in a disoriented Noah Stocke. Noah rushes over and hits a flying knee on Drew sending him crashing out of the ring. Before Noah can celebrate Ethan turns him around and attempts a spike hurricanrana only for Noah to overpower him and hit a buckle power-bomb into the corner. Noah quickly tags Trevor in and they set Ethan up for the SINS OF THE FATHER (aided double arm DDT).



Lindsay Monahan: Here are your winners and STILL CWA Tag-Team Champions, The Elite!

Tim Coleman: The Elite and The Echo put on one hell of a match here tonight but unfortunately it wasn't enough.

Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke are barely able to stand as they are handed their tag-team championships. They attempt to lift them in the air until they are attacked from behind by Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix. Jackson and Fenix pummel both men with rights and lefts, shouting profanities at them as they do. Jackson Fenix grabs the tag-team championships from off the mat and hands one to Savage. The two pose with the championships and Savage can be heard yelling "you two will get these back when you EARN them". Savage and Fenix exit up the ramp with the tag-team championships as the show comes to a close.