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    A pyrotechnic
    display and a shot of the fans in the sold-out T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada before going over to the announce desk where Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman are standing by.

    Jim Taylor: Hello fans and welcome to PRIDE live from the T-Mobile Arena in Nashville, Tennessee,
    and boy what a show we have in store for you fans tonight!

    Tim Coleman: I know Jimbo this show is
    jam-packed full of non-stop action!

    Jim Taylor: We'll top it all off with
    the main event that surprised us all, Lilith VS Brayden Bridges

    Tim Coleman: Bridges scored the upset of the century by pinning Lilith at the Thundershock pay-per-view but you've got to wonder, will lightning strike twice for him?

    Jim Taylor: We'll also see the tag team titles defended but first we're going to kick off the show with the first ever title match for the Pure Wrestling Championship. Krash will defend his championship against the ever so crafty Jackson Fenix

    Tim Coleman: Yea, and the matchup is going to be contested under PURE wrestling rules. Let's see how the champion and challenger fare under these conditions.

    "The Kill" by 30 Seconds to Mars hits and the crowd roars with approval.

    Krash makes his way to the ring with a superb amount of fanfare behind him. The reigning Pure Championship holder takes his spot in the ring, with his music fading out.

    "Sweatpants" by Childish Gambino is next and the crowd looks and watches Jackson Fenix come to the ring.

    He doesn't have the same support as Krash and instead takes his time walking around the ring. He finally steps up to the apron and into the ring after a good 30 seconds of delay.

    Krash and Fenix circle the ring once as they prepare their opening offensive sets. Krash strikes first with a kick that nearly connects to the throat, but Fenix leans back to dodge it. Krash continues closing in until Fenix slides out of the corner, only to meet a roundhouse kick from Krash. But he moves out enough that it only barely hits him. Fenix lunges for a grapple but Krash sidesteps and locks in a rear waist hold. Fenix tries prying the hands apart, but it's no use. Krash pulls Fenix back for a belly-to-back takedown and holds the rear waist lock in on the mat.

    Fenix rises up and reaches for the ropes but Krash yanks him into the middle of the ring. Fenix is able there to land a few back elbows to the jaw. But Krash releases and again sidesteps a grapple, this time rolling Fenix up for a school-boy pin attempt!


    They spring to life, only for Krash to try a snap power slam
    that Fenix slides out from and hits a German suplex, his first offense of the match! Fenix uses some of his signature striking moves to remain in control. He whips Krash to the ropes and lands a spinning heel kick. Then a reverse DDT. His pinfall attempt nets a two count only, though.

    Fenix tries a fireman's carry
    neck-breaker, but Krash counters with a side headlock. Fenix shoves Krash into the nearby ropes, but the defending champion hits a bounce and a big shoulder block. Then a run off the adjacent ropes and a kick to the throat while running! Fenix goes down and Krash continues. Next is his "Holy Frick" rope-assisted armlock into a scissors kick. Fenix is worse for wear now, but Krash misses with his running lariat attempt. Fenix lands a much-needed front release suplex. His pinfall try follows!


    Fenix whips Krash toward the turnbuckle but misses on a corner attack. Krash then hits one of his corner dropkicks and Fenix stumbles out. Krash tries a snap DDT but Fenix counters and hits the fireman's carry
    neck-breaker! Then he applies the bridging reverse chin lock as the fans begin to worry if this is the night Krash loses the belt! Fenix holds the submission in for a good minute while Krash reaches for the ropes. When he realizes Krash won't submit, he lets go.

    Fenix brings an exhausted Krash to his feet and prepares for the "Sin City Hangover!" But Krash knees him in the gut to stay alive! Then he hits the snap power slam! Krash leans against the turnbuckle while Fenix stays inside the ring. He looks to the crowd and realizes the "Daybreaker" finisher is moments away. But right before he jumps to the rope for the springboard elbow drop, Nate Savage appears running down the rampway!

    Krash jumps up to the rope and instead of going toward Fenix, he flies off and takes down an unsuspecting Nate Savage! The crowd is LOVING this, and Krash quickly rises to his feet. He slides into the ring, but Fenix is now up and puts him down with a running knee as Krash is still kneeling.

    Fenix looks down and sees Nate Savage struggling on the outside. This momentary distraction doesn't last, as Fenix lifts Krash up to his feet. He's setting up for the superkick finisher but Krash ducks under the boot and runs up the turnbuckle in athletic fashion before leaping
    . Fenix runs to the turnbuckle to avoid whatever Krash had planned, and the champ lands on his feet in the middle of the ring.

    Savage is now up, but he's still a little loopy. Fenix charges at Krash, who rolls under and toward the turnbuckle. Savage pops up on the apron but Krash turns and sees Fenix from behind and ducks. Fenix's superkick try hits Savage right in the jaw, and the intruder crumbles off the apron and falls to the floor!

    Fenix turns and Krash blindsides him with a "Krash Kourse" series of kicks, finished by a superkick to the jaw of a kneeling Jackson Fenix. Then it's the springboard elbow drop, and the crowd chants the ref's pin count!


    Winner and STILL CWA Pure Champion: Krash

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman I've just been given word that the matchup between Rolando Fuentes and Jonathan McGuiness has been postponed until Adrenaline Rush.

    Tim Coleman:
    Are you kidding me?!?!

    Jim Taylor: I kid you not! According to one of my sources, both men have refused to compete tonight and Dash Carlisle made this revision at the lst second. I have been assured that this match WILL happen on Adrenaline Rush and someone WILL be fired from CWA.

    //Match 2\\
    Tag-Team Match
    DFB VS The Blacklist

    Jim Taylor: The action rolls on tonight because up next we'll see some tag team action with The DFB taking on The Blacklist, and Tim you've got to think that both of these teams are in desperate need of a win here tonight

    Tim Coleman:
    Of course they're in desperate need for a win! Both of them came in with a lot of hype and neither have really lived up to it so now is the time to prove their worth or get lost!

    Jim Taylor:
    You were never one to be shy away from mincing your words

    Tim Coleman:
    Hey, I'm just being honest and if anyone has a problem with that, well then too bad!

    "Red Right Hand" hits to a massive amount of booing for The DFB. The duo comes out on stage and in response to the booing, Cody spits at the fans while Bobby flips everyone off on the way to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    Making their way to the ring from Reno, NV and weighing in at a combined weight of two-hundred & thirty pounds, they are the team of Bobby "Smooth" and Cody Mundz...THE D..F..B!

    Jim Taylor:
    The DFB keeping it classy

    Tim Coleman:
    These two bums have zero class, what are you talking about Jim?

    Jim Taylor:
    It was sarcasm, partner

    "Blacklist" by Dangerkids hits to more booing but not as loud as The DFB response. The brother-sister tandem of Connor and Luna Cross step out on stage, Connor claps his right wrist with Luna's left wrist before walking down to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    Their opponents making their way to the ring from San Jose, CA and weighing in at a combined weight of three-hundred & thirty-five pounds, Connor & Luna Cross...THE BLACKLIST!

    Jim Taylor:
    The Blacklist still looking to make a mark since their arrival, could tonight be the night?


    Luna will start off with Bobby and he tries to live up to his nickname of "Smooth" by sweet talking Luna, but she looks at him with revolt and slaps him across the cheek. He holds his cheek and looks back at her with a sick smirk and laughs before swinging wildly at her, but Luna catches his wrist and blocks him, then hits him with a kick to the midsection that doubles him over and has him reeling. She fires off several
    rapid fire forearm strikes to the head that have Bobby stunned on his feet and she looks to put him away early with her Danger Kick pele kick, but Bobby managed to shake his cobwebs loose enough and narrowly avoids the kick. Luna does land back on her feet but stumbles a bit allowing Bobby to drill her on the chin with a sharp European uppercut! Luna is now stunned and Bobby knocks her down with a standing dropkick! Bobby then takes Luna and sends her off the ropes and catches her off the rebound with a spinning spinebuster! He trash talks her and flips her the bird before making the tag to Cody.

    Jim Taylor:
    Like him or not that was a well executed spinning spinebuster

    Cody comes in off the tag and stomps and kicks away at Luna while bad mouthing her, and taunting her brother who is on the apron seething with anger. Cody picks up Luna and has her set up for a short-arm clothesline, but Luna avoids it ducking underneath and goes for a kick to the gut but Cody is one step ahead and catches her by the boot and brings her down with a dragon-screw leg-whip! Cody points to his head thinking he outsmarted her and taunts Connor some more. Cody then goes to pick her up but Luna was playing possum and catches him with an inside cradle roll-up!

    One...Tw-NO! Kick out by Cody and he looks stunned that he was nearly caught. He stands up and turns around right in time to be drilled by a back kick from Luna that has him stunned on his feet. She then takes him in position and takes him down with an exploder suplex! She makes the tag to Connor and he comes in and lands a jumping knee drop on Cody's head! He picks Cody back up and hooks him in position...snap double underhook suplex! Cody being taken to town with suplexes by the brother and sister duo, he tries to get back to his feet but stumbles a bit and Connor lands a front missile dropkick that sends Cody stumbling backward to the corner. Connor approaches Cody and lands a few corner elbow smashes that has Cody on dream street, or so Connor thinks anyways as he takes his time bringing Cody out of the corner and has him in position for a belly-to-belly suplex but Cody fights back with several headbutts that breaks him free from Connor's grip and he counters back with a jawbreaker for good measure that leaves Connor stunned. Cody takes Connor in and lands a short-arm clothesline that takes Connor out to the mat and giving Cody ample time to recover before tagging in Bobby.

    Jim Taylor:
    The tide turns again this time in favor of The DFB

    Tim Coleman:
    I'm surprised that they haven't resorted to fighting dirty, although saying that I probably spoke too soon

    Of course Tim spoke too soon because as he says that Bobby pulls a pair of brass knuckles from his pants and places them on his right hand, but before he can do any harm to Connor he's caught red-handed by referee Karl Rooney, who orders him to give it up. Bobby reluctantly obliges but as the ref's back is turned he's tossed another pair by Cody from the apron, and Luna is screaming at the referee but it's too late as Bobby cleans Connor's clock with Reaper's Right Hand! Bobby makes the cover...

    One...two...THR-NO! It's broken up by Luna and this match has broken down as Cody re-enters the fray while Luna is kicking away at Bobby, but Cody clobbers her from behind with a hard forearm smash to the back of the head before setting her up and planting her down to the mat with a flowing DDT! Bobby is up and they bring up Connor, who is beginning to come to and tries to fend them off as he has Bobby in position for his lifting DDT, The Unbeliever, but the numbers game is too much as Cody stops him with a clubbing blow to the back. Cody sends Connor off the ropes and then hoists him up off the rebound right into the waiting knees of Bobby...DIRTY BIT! Bobby makes the cover while Cody keeps Luna down with more stomps and kicks...


    Lindsay Monahan:
    The winners of the match, Cody Mundz and Bobby "Smooth"...THE D..F..B!

    Jim Taylor:
    Whether you like them or not, that was an impressive win for Bobby and Cody...wait a minute! Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix have just entered the ring and this can't be good!

    Cody turns around and eats a superkick from Jackson Fenix! Bobby notices this and goes after Jackson but he's blindsided from behind by Savage, who then sends him off the ropes and off the rebound he's sent crashing back down to the mat with an aptly named Nasty Bomb! The Blacklist
    are starting to come to as Connor is trying to get to his feet, so Savage helps him up by setting him up...SAVAGED! The package piledriver puts Connor right back down to the mat and before Luna can make the save...SUPERKICK! She runs right into another superkick courtesy of Jackson Fenix. He bends down and blows her a kiss while Nate admires their handy work before they take their leave and walk back up the ramp.

    Jim Taylor:
    Well, I guess Savage and Fenix wanted to put the rest of the tag team division on notice

    Tim Coleman:
    The message was clearly sent and it couldn't have happened to two nicer guys like The DFB

    Jim Taylor:
    I don't think there was any reason to attack The Blacklist

    Tim Coleman:
    Wrong place at the wrong time Jimbo, simple as that

    //Match 4\\
    Singles Match
    Nate Savage VS The Beast

    After a brief advert for the newest CWA Merchandise - which you can buy exclusively at, now 20% off selected items with the promo code 'PRIDE' - we rejoin Tim Coleman and Jim Taylor back at the commentary desk, interrupting Tim as he tries to scrounge some popcorn off a nearby ringside fan. Wondrous timing, as usual.

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, and once again, enter the promo code 'PRIDE' on for 20% off specific merchandise. Now, Tim, would you mind telling us what's next on this very good Pay-Per-View, without spitting popcorn everywhere?

    Tim Coleman: No promises, Jim. Up next, we have the Behemoth of CWA, Beast, taking on 'Nasty' Nate Savage, in a match requested on Twitter by Beast's associate, Belle, after Nate helped ensure Beast lost to his ally, Jackson Fenix, last week. And our General Manager, Dash Carlisle, was more than happy to oblige, granting this match with a chuckle. Can Nate Savage repeat what his ally did last week, and topple the beast somehow? Or can Beast get some measure of revenge over the man instrumental in his loss?

    The opening tunes of Shinedown's Devour
    begins, and the CWA fans stomp their feet in tune to the march, as Beast lumbers out from behind the curtain, carrying Belle on his shoulders like a trophy proudly. He pauses atop the stage, and lets out a roar, echoing across the arena as the crowd, torn between roaring in tune with him, and booing this destructive giant, give him a very solid response.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following matchup is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Belle, from Houston, Texas, weighing in at three-hundred and eighty pounds, BEAST!

    Jim Taylor: And as this six foot
    eight inch monster approaches the ring, it has to be asked - what exactly does he have in store for his opponent, Nate Savage? A normal Beast is a terrifying thing to be up against, but an angry Beast, furious over being screwed out of a win, is something I would avoid with haste.

    Tim Coleman: I gotta agree with you there, Jim. Nate may have inadvertently signed his death warrant the second he helped Jackson last week.

    Beast puts Belle down
    into the floor, before he climbs into the ring, walking over to the ropes and roaring with his arms raised. Belle looks on, applauding, nodding her approval, as their music dies down, to be replaced by Shinedown's Cut the Cord.

    Hey, same band. Small world. Without even a pause, Nate Savage walks out from behind the
    curtian, eyes locked on Beast, ignoring the dual crowd chants, split between booing him mercilessly, or giving him some respectful cheers.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two-hundred and sixty-six pounds, 'Nasty' Nate Savage!

    Jim Taylor: Tim, I don't see Jackson Fenix trailing behind Nate. Is the former High Voltage Champion really going to face Beast alone?

    Tim Coleman: It looks like it, Jim. I'm not sure how smart of a move that is, but Nate isn't showing any trepidation at
    yhis massive task before him. Perhaps he knows more than we do, Jim.

    Nate Savage climbs onto the apron, stopping only to quietly exhale, before climbing into the ring. He paces around one corner, watching Beast intently, as Beast does the same. With both competitors in the ring, the referee signals for the bell to be rung, and the match to begin.


    Nate Savage explodes out of the front gates, instantly going to town on Beast with rights and lefts! Fists and forearms! No wasted motion, he's aware of the threat Beast possesses
    , and is attempting to gain the early advantage as soon as possible! His smash-mouth striking ability manages to back Beast into a corner, and he continues the assault, until Beast forces some separation by physically lifting Savage and throwing him into the center of the ring. This doesn't deter Savage, who immediately sprints back to the corner to continue wailing on Beast!

    Tim Coleman: Nate Savage with no wasted time, aiming to knock Beast off his game as soon as possible! A very good idea, I have to say.

    Beast pushes Nate Savage away again, this time more forcefully, and when Savage approaches to continue the brawl Beast sprints himself out of the corner and damn near decapitates Nate Savage with a disgusting lariat! Nate crumbles to the floor, momentarily stunned over the sheer power of Beast, and Beast immediately takes advantage by grasping Nate around the waist, deadlifting him off the mat, and nailing him with a
    gutwrench suplex! Nate rolls out of the ring, taking a brief second to recuperate from the flash of power.

    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage has a very good strategy right off the bat with his smash-mouth brawling style, but Beast's return strategy of pure power overcomes this in our opening moments.

    Nate Savage runs a hand over his jaw, pacing about outside the ring as Beast stares him down. From ringside, Belle taunts Savage, asking wether this is going how he planned. This doesn't get much of a reaction from Savage, who climbs onto the apron and re-enters the ring... before re-exiting the ring and climbing back down to the floor, strolling about at ringside.

    Tim Coleman: Picking his battles, forcing the momentum to rest after losing it. Crafty, very crafty move.

    Belle shakes her head, shouting that this is a waste of time, and directs Beast to demolish this loser before her. Obeying, Beast climbs out of the ring,
    juuust as Nate Savage slides back into the ring. Beast climbs onto the apron, but now Nate strikes, intercepting him with a running elbow to the jaw, and a forearm, and an uppercut, before grasping Beasts head and dropping to the mat, guillotining Beast's throat across the top rope! Nate doesn't stop, he sprints to the opposite side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes to nail a thunderous spinning forearm to Beast's dome, knocking him to the floor! Nate climbs onto the apron, and leaps off for a double-axe-handle to Beast! But Beast manages to catch him on his shoulder, and throws him onto the announce table!

    Jim Taylor: They're fighting right in front of us, Tim!

    Tim Coleman: Don't knock over my soda!

    Beast pummels Nate Savage with harsh blows to the sternum, in the process knocking over Tim Coleman's soda.

    Tim Coleman: DAMNIT.

    Barely allowing Nate Savage a second to recover, Beast grasps Nate by the collar, dragging him off the announce table, and lifts him in a military press, throwing him between the second and third ropes, back into the ring!

    Jim Taylor: Beast just threw around a two-hundred and
    sixty-six pound man like he weighed nothing!

    Tim Coleman: Know what else he threw around? My soda! I was drinking that!

    Beast climbs into the ring as Nate Savage rises to his feet, and charges with a big boot - but Nate ducks under it with a drop toe hold, dropping Beast to the mat. He quickly follows with a standing senton drop, scrambling for a cover.


    It barely qualifies as
    a one count before Beast throws Nate Savage off of him!

    Jim Taylor: Barely
    a one count! It's not going to be over this quickly!

    Nate doesn't allow himself a moment to let this sink in, he immediately locks in a devastating headlock! My god, man, have mercy! And yet, Beast starts getting to his feet despite Nate's best efforts with that headlock. Beast gets to his feet and throws the headlock off, whipping Nate Savage at the ropes, and catches him with a rough Samoan drop! He covers!



    Nate Savage manages to thrust a shoulder past Beast's girth to break the count, but Beast isn't perturbed, stepping up and grasping Nate by his collar. He drags him to his feet and throw him into a corner, before delivering a massive slap across Nate's chest that leaves the Nasty One gasping! Beast retreats, only to charge forward - but Nate has the presence of mind to avoid it, and Beast clatters into the corner. At full sprint, Nate dashes to the opposite corner, before running back to Beast and nails a running splash! He retreats, before nailing it a second time! He kicks the legs out from under Beast, leaving him to a seated position against the turnbuckle, and after a third running start, nails a cannonball senton! He pushes Beast away from the corner, quickly absconding onto the second rope, before leaping off with a wonderful elbow drop!

    Jim Taylor: It's not often we see Nate Savage pull off some high-flying feats, but my word, what a well-executed elbow drop. With the increased difficulty of Nate lifting Beast for any of his usual
    manoeuvres, he may need to rely on such tactics if he wants to win.

    Tim Coleman: It's not his forte, but like anything Nate does, he does it greatly.

    Nate Savage hooks the leg!



    Nate lets only a second pass as he glares at the referee, who confirms it was a two, before he lifts Beast to his feet, and shoves his head between his legs- wait, is he really going to-

    Tim Coleman: We may have spoken too soon, Jim! Nate seems to be going for the Savaged package piledriver!

    Jim Taylor: But does he have the strength for it?!?

    Nate Savage breaths, before lifting with all his might! Beast slowly, barely, leaves his feet! Nate doesn't have to lift too far to get Beast in position for Savaged, but the bigger man's weight is making it difficult! Suddenly, Beast's feet plant against the ground, and he rises, straightens, with Nate Savage holding on for dear life. Grasping at Nat's legs, Beast nails an absolutely devastating
    sitout Alabama Slam!

    Tim Coleman: Perhaps if it was another day, Nate would've been able to nail Savaged, but today, Beast countered it into one of the most sickest Alabama Slams I've ever seen.

    Beast plants a hand across Nate Savage's chest
    in a lackadaisical cover!




    Tim Coleman: He kicked out! How on earth did Nate Savage kick out of that?!?

    Nate Savages throws up a shoulder! Beast promptly grabs said arm, and gets to his feet, dragging Nate up too. He hooks his arms behind Nate's head, locking in a Masterlock! He swings Nate around like a ragdoll, but Nate perseveres, refusing to tap, when suddenly, on the stage-

    Jim Taylor: Hold on, what's he doing here?!?

    JACKSON FENIX! It's Jackson Fenix,
    what what?!? Running down the ramp, he leaps onto the apron and makes a fuss, arguing that Beast is 'acting outside the ethical boundaries of professional wrestling!' Beast tosses Nate away, and approaches Jackson, raising a fist. Jackson protests, so instead, Beast nails a crunching headbutt to Jackson Fenix, who stumbles off the apron! But while this is happening...

    Jim Taylor: Jackson can't say he didn't ask for that, after blatantly interfering in this contest!

    Tim Coleman: He didn't even lay a hand on Beast, Tim! It was completely unprovoked! But nevermind that, look at Nate Savage!

    Nate Savage has retreated to a corner and hastily undone the top turnbuckle cover, exposing the solid steel plate!

    Jim Taylor: This is exactly what Jackson Fenix did to beat Beast last week! Used a distraction to uncover that steel, and crack beast's skull against it! Is Nate going to repeat his ally's actions?

    Beast turns his attention back to Nate Savage, leaning against the corner, seemingly devoid of energy, and Beast charges-

    But Belle leaps onto the apron, halting him! The referee now admonishes Belle, who points out the discarded turnbuckle cover and Nate's removal of it! Beast, furious over trying to be beaten the same way twice, marches over to Nate, grabs him by the neck, and hurls him away from the corner into the center of the ring! "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID?!?" Roars Beast, lifting Nate Savage up by the collar as he forces him into the opposite corner. "YOU DONE F*CKED UP NOW!" And Beast unloads on Nate Savage, with ferocious blows and fists to Nate's face and body!

    Jim Taylor: Nate tried to defeat Beast the same way his partner did, but this time, Belle saw it coming
    , and warned her behemoth bodyguard in time. And now, Nate is paying for it dearly.

    Beast climbs onto the second ropes, pushing Nate Savage's head back with one hand and raising a fist in the other. And he rains down sickening punches right to the dome of Nate Savage! One, two, three, four, five! He goes for a sixth, but Nate manages to catch his fist in midair, blocking himself from the blow, and catches Beast with a poke to the eye!

    Tim Coleman: It's neither pretty, nor particularly
    honourable, but Nate Savage is refusing to curl up and die without a fight!

    Nate Savage throws his arms around Beast's legs, and heaves with all his strength - NASTY BOMB! NASTY BOMB FROM THE SECOND ROPE! Nate Savage collapses onto Beast's upper body for the pin cover!

    Jim Taylor: The cover! Could this be it?!?



    Beast gets a foot on the bottom rope - but Jackson Fenix pushes it off before the referee can notice!



    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, Nate Savage!

    Nate Savage, though tired and hurting, quickly rolls out of the ring into Jackson Fenix's grasp, who raises his partner's fist in victory. Beast sits up, the stun from the Nasty Bomb wearing off as he begins to comprehend how he lost, and his glare falls on the referee.

    Jim Taylor: Oh, I do not envy that poor referee right now.

    Tim Coleman: Nate Savage, with a well-earned victory over Beast, by hook or by crook! Gotta respect his tenacity.

    As a victorious Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix retreat up the ramp, the aforementioned referee is getting quite the earful from Belle, and the eyeful from Beast. Can't blame them, really.

    //Match 5\\
    *CWA Pure Championship No. 1 Contender's Match*

    XYZ VS Apollo Griffin VS Prince Ali

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, to CWA Pride where we are about to start the next matchup that has some serious title implications. The winner of this triple threat match between Prince Ali, XYZ, and Apollo Griffin will become the number one contender for the CWA Pure Wrestling Championship.

    Tim Coleman: This is a big opportunity for these three men as none of them have had a one on one shot for the championship since starting here in CWA. With the winner of this contest, we are guaranteed a matchup that we've never seen before.

    Long Live the Chief by Jidenna blares through the arena and the fans let out a
    faint amount of cheers for the arrival of Prince Ali. Ali walks from behind the curtain and raises his arms, attempting to the fans to get excited and make some noise.

    Lindsay Monohan: The following contest is a number one contender's
    triple threat match scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first, from
    Monrovia, Liberia Africa weighing in tonight 215 pounds...PRINCE ALI!!

    Jim Taylor:
    Prince Ali attempting to garner a little support here from the fans, but it doesn't seem like they are willing to give it.

    Tim Coleman: Can you blame them? Ali has not been doing too hot in the ring lately. A win tonight could turn all of that negative momentum around.

    The fans get a little louder as Ali enters the ring, pacing back and forth as he awaits his opponents.

    You Can’t Stop Me” By Alan Gold and the fans erupt with cheers, louder than they did for Prince Ali, as Appollo Griffin struts out onto the stage followed closely by his manager "Uncanny" Jeff Porter. The two make their way to the ring, Griffin slapping the hands of the fans as Porter directs him to stop.

    Lindsay Monohan: And introducing his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Jeff Porter, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in tonight at 200 pounds. The Fresh Prince of Brooklyn Apollo Griffin!!

    They enter the ring and Appollo and Ali exchange a brief glance at one another. The two frenemies give one another an affirming head nod before Appollo ascends the atop turnbuckle and panders to the crowd once again.

    Jim Taylor: A sign of respect between the two opponents.

    Tim Coleman: It's good to have respect ut respect won't win you championships. They they HAVE to know that.

    The roof on the arena almost explodes as the fans show their excitement for the arrival of CWA's resident flashy sensation XYZ. He struts out to center stage and graces the audience with a fabulous pose before making b-line for the ring.

    Lindsay Monohan: And their opponent, Sitka Alaska, weighing in tonight at 204 pounds.....X.Y...Z!!!

    Tim Coleman: I cannot believe that this idiot could actually be challenging for the title. He's a disgrace, a joke.

    Once in the ring, he makes his way to the center, preparing to make his final pose of the entrance only to be interrupted by the referee, calling for the bell.

    Before the three can begin the match, XYZ shouts at Apollo and Ali to wait. He makes his way to the center of the ring, much to the confusion of his opponents, and takes a deep breath.

    Tim Coleman: What the hell is he doing?

    Behind him the cagey Apollo Griffin delivers a vicious jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick to Prince Ali at the direction of Jeff Porter.

    Jim Taylor: Apollo Griffin throwing friendship out the window!! That was a vicious kick!

    XYZ, paying absolutely zero attention to what just happened behind him, hits his signature pose in the middle of the ring and shouts "the dream...NEVER...dies" before being rolled up with a schoolboy pin by Griffin.


    *Ding, Ding, Ding*

    Lindsay Monohan: Here is your winner and the number one contender for the Pure Wrestling Championship, Apollo Griffin!!!

    The fans aren't sure whether to cheer or boo as "You Can't Stop Me" by Alan Gold blares through the arena. Jeff Porter enters the ring and gives Griffin a huge bear hug in celebration. XYZ can't believe what just happened and Prince Ali is still out from the attack.

    Jim Taylor: Apollo Griffin seizing the moment and picking up the victory tonight.
    Tim Coleman: He kept his head in the game, didn't let anything distract him or worry about doing any stupid poses and he reaps the benefits.

    We go to a quick replay of the action before returning to the arena where Griffin and Porter celebrate their victory walking up the ramp as the screen fades to black.


    "Kick in the Door" plays, an unfamiliar theme to the CWA audience but soon they let out a collective groan as they realize it belongs to The Elite, Noah Stocke &
    Trevor Ocean. There's nothing flashy about their entrance as they make their way down to the ring, Noah keeping his eyes straight ahead while Trevor mouths off with some fans nearby that chose to heckle him.

    Jim Taylor:
    These two have been an impressive duo since coming on the scene in CWA and could get lucky tonight by pulling off the upset if they defeat The Echo

    Tim Coleman:
    Lucky? Jimbo these guys don't need luck! They have all the tools to get the job done tonight and if I were a betting man I'd put my money on The Elite!

    Soon they both enter the ring and stand side by side in their respective corner while they await the arrival of their opponents...

    "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" hits to a mixed reception, but more cheers than boos for the CWA tag team champions. The brothers make their way out and pose on stage, and then walk down to the ring showing off for the fans and taunting The Elite in the ring.

    Jim Taylor:
    In a short time, The Echo have established themselves as THE team to beat in CWA, they've beaten everyone that has got in their way and they look to continue that tradition tonight

    Tim Coleman:
    All good things must come to an end at some point, and unfortunately for The Echo I smell an upset tonight.The Echo hit the ring and are still taunting Noah and Trevor with crotch chops, or mimicking their taunts as their music fades out and Lindsay stands in the center of the ring for the announcements.
    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    Crowd: ONE FALL!Tim Coleman: I hate thatMore boos ring out for the challengers.Lindsay Monahan: Next, their opponents weighing in at a combined weight of three-hundred & fifty pounds, and hailing from Gainesville, GA...they are the self-proclaimed "Leaders of the Tag Team Revolution" and the reigning and defending CWA Tag Team Champions...Drew & Ethan Conner...THE ECHO!

    Loud mix of cheers and some boos for the champs as they hand over their titles to referee Billy Stevens. The titles are shown to The Elite before being raised up to the fans and then are handed off to ringside before Stevens calls for the bell.


    It'll be Trevor starting off with Ethan and Ethan offers his hand out to Trevor, catching him off guard. Ethan assures him it's okay, he means no harm and reluctantly Trevor obliges but instead Ethan turns around and shakes Drew's hand instead. Then Ethan turns around and offers a crotch chop in Ocean's general direction, but all this does is infuriate Ocean as he charges at Ethan in a rage but Ethan manages to avoid him causing Ocean to hit the corner, and Ethan follows up with a
    pele kick for good measure to keep Ocean in the corner. He turns around and crotch chops at Stocke, enraging him on the apron, and then turns back to Ocean who is being held by Drew while the referee's back is turned trying to keep Stocke at bay. Ethan claps his hands to fool the referee that a tag was made and Drew comes in so they could both double team stomp away at Ocean in the corner. Drew claps again right before Stevens turns back around to see that Ethan is still technically the legal man. Jim Taylor: The Echo always have a trick or two up their sleeve

    Ethan drags Ocean up out of the corner and this time makes the technical legal tag to Drew, and Drew climbs up top as Ethan holds Ocean at a vertical base and Drew leaps off for the vertical suplex/cross-body combination! Drew yells out "This is too easy!" and then plops back down on top of Ocean for the cover...

    One...KICK OUT! Ocean kicks out before two and Drew smirks at the referee. He picks up Ocean but before he can do anything he's blocked by Ocean, and Ocean unloads on Drew with several strikes followed by a stiff forearm smash that leave Drew stunned on his feet allowing Ocean to hook him up and drop him to the mat with a leg hook-
    saito suplex! Ocean drags Drew to his corner and sets him up as he tags in Stocke, and backs up before running in and hitting a running high knee on Drew followed up by a forearm smash from Ocean! Drew is on spaghetti legs now as Stocke drags him away from the corner and drops him down with a snap suplex into a pin attempt!

    One...TW-NO! KICK OUT!

    The cameras cut backstage to show Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix sitting down in the locker room watching the match like normal people, not standing sideways watching it, who does that? They seem to be discussing the match as they watch intently.

    Jim Taylor: Savage and Fenix keeping an eye on this match

    Tim Coleman: After the
    message they sent out earlier you've got to think that they'll want to challenge whoever wins this match

    Drew is still in the match but he has a bit of a glazed over look in his eye as a tag is made to Ocean, and Ocean quickly applies a side headlock to keep Drew grounded. The fans begin to rally behind Drew while Ethan tries to start a "These guys suck" chant, and some of the crowd go along with it. Ocean shakes his in disgust at this while keeping the headlock applied but Drew is using the help of the fans to fight his way out and brings himself back up with the hold applied, and drives several back elbows to the midsection of Ocean until he relinquishes the hold. Ocean,
    however, goes for a clothesline but misses as Drew ducks underneath and runs off the ropes and comes back with a leg lariat! Both men are down as Drew crawls to his corner and makes the tag to Ethan! Ethan comes in as Ocean is coming to and Ethan runs at him and takes him down with a hurricanrana that sends Ocean flying through the ropes to the outside! Ocean staggers to his feet on the outside with assistance by Stocke but they have their backs turned and as they turn around it's too late and they both get taken out by Ethan with a suicide dive!

    Jim Taylor: Ethan throwing caution to the wind with that suicide dive!

    Tim Coleman: He's lucky he didn't take himself out!

    Ethan drags Ocean up and back into the ring and jumps on the apron before hitting a downed Ocean with a springboard leg drop and follows up with a pin!

    One...TW-NO! He's dragged out of the ring by Stocke and Stocke
    irish whips Ethan right in to the steel steps shoulder first! Drew tries to come his brother's aide but he's held back by the official much to the dismay of the fans.

    Tim Coleman: Stocke is showing Ethan and Drew that he can play dirty too!

    Jim Taylor: It doesn't make it right though, Tim

    Tim Coleman: Whatever gets the job done, Jimbo!

    Stocke drags Ethan up and tosses him back in the ring where Ocean is coming to and he makes the tag to Stocke. As Stocke enters the ring Ocean sets up Ethan in the corner on the top turnbuckle, while Stocke goes up top on the other turnbuckle and Ocean brings Ethan crashing down with a superplex and Stocke immediately follows up with a frog splash and stays on top for the cover!

    One...two...THR-NO! Somehow Ethan stays alive and Stocke smacks him on the head telling him to just stay down next time. Stocke brings him up with a wristlock and looks to put him away with The Curse of Ham, but Ethan ducks underneath and slips out of Noah's grip and just as Noah turns around he's met by a
    pele kick! He's stunned now and Ethan follows up with a desperation superkick but he didn't get all of it! Noah falls to the mat in a heap though as Ethan drops down in exhaustion. The crowd is on their feet trying to bring Ethan back in this to make the tag and he begins to stir by slowly crawling to Drew outstretched hand while Noah is also crawling to Ocean and at the same time tags are made! Drew runs in after Trevor and takes him down with a clothesline and then he follows up with a dropkick! Noah is still in the ring and rises up only to eat a dropkick from Drew as well as the crowd is really coming alive.

    Drew turns to Ethan, who is on his feet now and motions to him as Noah and Trevor are slowly getting up. Drew runs off the ropes and back to Ethan, who catches him and throws him overhead right into Trevor and Noah nailing a double dropkick! "Too easy!" proclaims Drew as he then takes Trevor in position for his flipping piledriver, but Noah sneaks up behind and clips him in the leg bringing him back down to a knee and dropping Trevor. Noah then ducks underneath a clothesline from Drew and hits a kick to the midsection, he follows up grabbing Ethan by the wrist...THE CURSE OF HAM! Ethan is out like a light and is kicked to the outside leaving Drew all alone, but he doesn't let that stop him and goes a superkick on Noah but Noah was ready and spins him around for Trevor to hit him with a boot to the face and then they set him up...SINS OF THE FATHER! The aided double-arm DDT plants Drew face first the mat and Trevor
    makes the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: Here are your winners and NEW CWA World Tag Team Champions, Trevor Ocean & Noah Stocke...THE...ELITE!

    Jim Taylor: Well, the unthinkable has happened folks! The Echo
    have been dethroned tonight by a very game Elite!

    Tim Coleman: Remember when I said if I was a betting man I'd bet on them? Well, I wish I had bet on them because I'd be a rich man right now!

    The Elite are handed the titles and hold them up high while being shown some respect by the fans for their effort, but mostly boos ring out because of the epic reign of The Echo has come to an end. The Elite hug and clink their titles together before taking their leave, walking up the ramp and looking back at the ring where Ethan is in the ring checking on Drew while looking defeated.

    We return to the T-Mobile arena fresh off the heels of a pre-match video package showcasing Brayden Bridges journey to his match tonight in the main event, competing for the World Championship. The camera pans around the arena showing the thousands of fans on their feet, ecstatic for the start of the main event. The Bottom by Devour The Day begins to play throughout the arena and the fans explode with cheers as the lights in the arena begin to dim.

    Jim Taylor: Brayden Bridges is about to make, probably, the most IMPORTANT walk of his career thus far. One can't help but wonder what is going through the head of "The Lost Soul" right now.

    Tim Coleman: What's not going through the head of Bridges? Is he ready to be in the main event, fighting for the world championship? What can he expect stepping into the ring against one of the most dominant CWA World Champions in recent history? Does he know what he truly is about to get involved in?

    Bridges walks out onto the stage, carrying his guitar over his shoulder, staring down at the floor. He refuses to look out into the sea of fans cheering him, choosing instead to soak in the moment. He begins the long walk down the ramp towards the ring, still refusing to look up from the ground.

    Tim Coleman: That is the look of a man who is trying but failing to not let his nerves get to him. He's so nervous, he can't even lift his head to see all of these fans cheering for his demise.

    Jim Taylor: Where you see nervousness, I see focus. Brayden's entire body language screams that he is focused and refusing to allow anything to get in the way of him coming out here and accomplishing what he needs to accomplish. And that is, taking out the dark dominant force that is the World Champion, Lilith.

    Brayden begins his slow march up the ring steps, taking a moment before finally crossing between the ring ropes and entering the ring. The lights in the arena all go black, except for a single spotlight shining down on Brayden. As the spotlight hits him, Brayden finally looks up from the ground, raising his guitar in the air as the fans pop with excitement for the challenger to Lilith's crown.

    The lights in the arena illuminate to full brightness as Bridges paces slowly in the ring as The Lost Soul awaits the champion. Virgin Queen by Mediaeval Baebes seeps through the sound system of the arena and the lights dim down, flickering like fire. The fans in the arena rain down 'boos' for the arrival of the CWA World Champion.

    Tim Coleman: Hey Jimmy, it just me or has it gotten a little cold in here?

    Jim Taylor: It's definitely gotten colder in here but that's just because we're witnessing the arrival of the darkest figure to compete in CWA. We're witnessing the arrival of The Herald of Darkness. The CWA World Champion, Lilith.

    The boos intensify as the world champion, Lilith makes her way out onto the stage. Her face, void of any emotion, is as pale as ever as she stares down at her opponent waiting for her in the ring. She slowly begins her walk down the ramp as the fans berate her with insults and jeers. Through all of this, she never shows any ounce of emotion keeping her attention on her opponent.

    Jim Taylor: You'll notice that the members of The Dark Watch are not here with Lilith tonight and that is because of our new General Manager, Dash Carlisle. On the PRIDE pre-show, he announced that The Dark Watch were banned from the arena tonight. Any appearance of from the members of The Dark Watch would be seen as a forfeiture of the championship by Lilith and Brayden Bridges would be awarded the title.

    Flames continuously spurt from the ring posts as Lilith makes her way up the ring steps and into the ring. She enters the ring and walks past Bridges, making her way to the ring corner where she kneels with her World Championship clutched against her chest as the lights return to normal and the music stops. Lindsay Monohan makes her way to the center of the ring as the fans in attendance roar with excitement for this.

    Lindsay Monohan: The following contest is a Pure Wrestling Rules match scheduled for one-fall. And it is for the C.W.A. World Championship!!! In this contest, both competitors will be allowed three rope breaks for the duration of the match. Once all of their rope breaks are used, they will no longer be able to use the ropes to break a pinfall or submission. Outside ring counts are increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds and the championship can change hands via disqualification.

    The camera shifts from Monohan and focuses on Brayden Bridges, who has his eyes locked on the CWA World title.

    Lindsay Monohan: Introducing first, the challenger, from New Orleans Louisianna, weighing in at 245 pounds and standing at 6 foot 3'. The Lost Soul......BRAYDEN BRIDGES!!!!

    The fans in the arenaerupt with cheers as Bridges bounces back and forth in his corner.

    Lindsay Monohan:
    And his opponent, from Salem, Massachusetts, she stands at 5 foot 9' and weighing in tonight at 170lbs. She is the reigning, defending, CWA World Champion. The Herald of Darkness.....LILITH!!!

    Lilith and Brayden meet in the center of the ring as the referee pats them both down. He requests the championship from Lilith who takes her time removing the title hoisting it in the air, sending Braydens gaze up at it, before handing it to the referee.

    Tim Coleman: My god, will you look at that size difference between the two? Bridges weighs almost twice as much as Lilith and just...towers over her. The champ is going to have an extremely tough hill to climb.

    *Ding, Ding, Ding*

    Before the final ding of the bell can even be heard, Brayden charges full speed at Lilith in her corner. She attempts to maneuver out of the way but is a split second too late and Brayden is able to shoulder tackle her into the corner. He delivers stiff right and left hands to Lilith sending her falling down into the corner, using her hands to cover up from the shots.

    Tim Coleman: Brayden Bridges coming out fast and dominant in the opening seconds of this match-up. He completely flatlined Lilith in that corner.

    Jim Taylor: Bridges needs to gain his composure before he gets disqualified. Those are some stiff closed fist shots.

    The referee rushes over and pulls Brayden away, warning him that he will be disqualified if he doesn't back off. Brayden backs off before charging again with a running knee strike to the downed Lilith, who lets out an audible groan. He grabs her by her hair and tosses her into the center of the ring and going for the cover.


    Lilith manages to get her shoulder up, much to the dismay of her challenger.

    Jim Taylor: That was an extremely close call for the champion. It was almost all over for her.

    He slowly gets to his feet picking up Lilith with him tossing her into the ropes. lilith bounces off the ropes and ducks under a bicycle kick attempt from Bridges and hits him with a flying forearm smash. Bridges stumbles, but doesn't leave his feet causing Lilith to follow it with a standing dropkick sending him stumbling into the ring ropes. She charges at Bridges before dropping to her knees sliding across the mat and chop blocking his shins before sliding out of the ring. Bridges falls to his clutching his shin bone as Lilith slowly crawls back up to the ring apron.

    She reaches into the ring and yanks Bridges towards the ropes, wraps her legs around him and locks in a reverse guillotine choke. The referee quickly gets into position and demands Lilith let Bridges go before beginning his count. One...Two...Three..Four...FI.. Lilith immediatley releases her hold on Bridges before the referees count can get to five. Bridges falls to the mat clutching his throat as the referee reminds him that he now only has two rope breaks remaining.

    Jim Taylor: Lilith is utilizing the pure wrestling rules to her advantage here. Forcing a rope break on Bridges even though he never reached for the ropes.

    Tim Coleman: Smart strategy from the champion here.

    Lilith stands on the ring apron waiting for Bridges to get to his feet before hoping onto the top rope and hitting him with a springboard clothesline to the back of his head. She quickly gets to her feet and legdrops onto Braydens legs before grabing him and locking him up into a cloverleaf. Brayden roars in pain as Lilith wrenches the cloverleaf hold, applying more and more pressure to the hold. Brayden takes deep breaths before gathering enough strength to flip off of him. She is sent flying into the ring corner, stopping herself before hitting the the turnbuckle.

    Jim Taylor: Lilith doing everything in her power to take down Brayden Bridges but that huge size difference in size between the two is just too much.

    Bridges slowly gets up on one knee as Lilith begins to climb to the top rope. Bridges looks up as Lilith jumps off the top rope hoping to hit a diving Tornado DDT but Bridges has other plans for her. He grabs her mid air with one arm, lifting the squirming world champ up as he gets to his feet. He adjusts Lilith and hits the Last Rites (End of Days) on her much to the surprise of everyone in the arena.


    The referee stops his hand from hitting the mat as he notices Liliths hand reach out and grab the ring rope. He alerts Bridges to this, and Bridges quickly grabs her arm, tucks it in and goes for the cover again.


    Lilith manages to get her leg underneath the ring rope and Brayden can't believe it. He reaches down and sets the world champion between his legs before lifting her up and delivering a stunning throwing power bomb on the champ sending her back first onto the outside of the ring. The referee begins his count as the champion lays motionless outside of the ring.

    Tim Coleman: Lilith used both of her rope breaks attempting to survive and THEN was power bombed outside. Her championship reign is in serious danger right now.

    Brayden rolls out of the ring and approaches Lilith, staring down at her in disgust. He slowly reaches down and picks her up, rolling her back into the ring before taking a moment to catch his breath before getting back into the ring. He goes to cover Lilith only for her to spit green mist into his eyes. Bridges screams in agony and punches the air blindly, hoping to hit the champion who gets to her feet and quickly leg sweeps Bridges and locks in a calf crusher.

    Jim Taylor: Lilith thinking very strategically, breaking down that size of Bridges. If he can't stand or walk, he doesn't stand a fighting chance against the champion.

    Bridges shouts in pain as Lilith pulls back, wrenching and applying more pressure on the hold. A blinded Bridges crawls attempting to reach a rope, any rope as Lilith continues applying pressure inflicting more and more pain on the challenger. Bridges finally reaches a rope and Lilith quickly releases the hold. Bridges releases his grip on the rope and holds his leg in pain only for Lilith to kick his arms away and re-lock in the calf crusher on Bridges who almost instantly reaches and grabs the ring rope.

    Tim Coleman: Although her emotions don't show it, it's almost obvious that Lilith is satisfied with what just happened. Bridges no longer has any rope breaks and she's able to do whatever she needs to do in the ring to win.

    Lilith gets to her feet and stares down at Bridges who blindly pushes his hands around the ring attempting reach for something, anything. He throws a punch and it grazes Lilith, sending her stumbling backwards. Lilith rushes at Bridges, going for a discus big boot only for bridges to grab her, dropping her in position for the Last Rites again. Before he can hit the Last Rites, Lilith quickly maneuvers herself out of Bridges clutch and locks him in the Darkness Falls (Crossface chicken wing).

    Bridges reaches for and grabs the ring rope with is free hand but the referee doesn't break the hold due to Bridges using all three of his rope breaks. Lilith grapevines herself around Bridges, bringing the big man down in the center of the ring.

    Bridges squirms and shouts in agony as Lilith slowly applies more and more pressure, prolonging his agony. Bridges can't take anymore and he is forced to tap out.

    *Ding, Ding, Ding*

    The referee calls for the bell but Lilith keeps the hold locked in. He attempts to get her to break the hold but to no avail. He begins to count, one...two...three...four...Fiv..Lilith breaks the hold and quickly backs away from Bridges as the fans reign down boos upon her.

    Lindsay Monohan: Here is your winner and STILL your CWA World Champion...LILITH!

    Lilith is handed her world championship, which she clutches close to her chest as Virgin Queen by The Mediaeval Baebes blares through the arena.

    Jim Taylor: Would you believe me if I told you that this was Lilith's first title defense as World Champion?

    Tim Coleman: And what a hell of a defense it was. I don't think we'll be seeing anyone dethroning the Dark Queen anytime soon.

    Jim Taylor: We are officially deep into the dark days with this victory and the continuation of the Lilith's title reign.

    The lights in the arena begin to flicker as Lilith sits coldly in the ring with her world championship staring into the camera. The flickers get quicker and quicker until the screen goes completely black and we are met with the CWA logo to end the show.

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    Finally got the chance to read this through, and despite some spacing errors this was a well written show. Stories progressed and some new begin. It'll be interesting to see the fall out from this on the next Adrenaline Rush.

    Keep up the good work fellas.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    I love how the first half of the show essentially revolved around Jackson Fenix & Nate Savage trying to ruin shit with varying degrees of success, although if I knew Savage/Beast was going to take place right after Savage & Fenix beat down the tag teams then I would've cut out Savage's entrance and just had it all flow from there, make the night flow more smoothly. But that would've probably caused undue issues between matches so it's a moot point anyway.

    XYZ/Griffin/Ali has the be the quickest match in CWA history. Wasn't expecting that, nice surprise.

    Gonna be hyped for McGinnis/Fuentes next show.

    I genuinely can't recall the last time The Echo were without tag titles. New champions, holy shit!

    And despite losing Brayden Bridges put forth a terrific effort against Lilith, and I think there is where the 'Pure Style' rules shined, with Lilith forcing Bridges to use up all his rope breaks early, leaving him with little choice but to tap later on. That's fantastic writing there, well done.

    Very solid show overall, a few minor errors here and there with coding, but nothing gamebreaking, so it's all good. Good job lads.


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