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Thread: Dallas Brixton - CWA's "Touch" Of Southern Comfort

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    Dallas Brixton - CWA's "Touch" Of Southern Comfort

    Name:Dallas Brixton
    Nickname: “The Arcane Assassin”, “CWA's Resident Hellraiser”, “TheSouthern Smashmouth Specialist”, "The Kentucky Doctor"
    Date of Birth: 20thAugust 1990
    Place of Birth: Bowling Green, KY
    Currently Residing: Bowling Green, KY
    Height: 6 ft 2 in
    Weight: 223 lbs
    Gimmick: Hard-nosed Southern technician who looks out for himself, and himself first.
    Disposition: Tweener
    Wrestling Style: Combination of technical skills as well as some street brawling as well.
    Wrestling Abilities:
    - Charisma – 1
    - Technical – 2
    - Brawling –3
    - Speed – 4
    - Power – 5

    Signature Taunts/Poses:
    - Pulls out his hand in the shape of a pistol before “firing it” at an opponent. Typically done before he applies his submission signature or finisher.

    -“You can try and win this fight, but I'll win the war.”

    Entrance Theme:
    - “With Eyes Wide Open” by In Flames
    <font size="3"><span style="font-weight: normal">
    Basic Moves:
    - Suplex variations (German, Belly-To-Belly, Snap, Belly-To-Back, Fisherman's, T-Bone, Northern Lights)
    -Dropkick (Both regular and into corner)
    - Russian leg sweep
    -Running bulldog
    - Clothesline
    - Baseball slide (To opponent on the outside)
    - Somersault plancha (Either off the top turnbuckle or opponent on the outside)

    Signature Strike Moves:
    - Southern Hospitality (High impact right hook)
    - War Nerve (Shining wizard into corner)
    - Goddamn Electric (Knee to opponent's chin – done to running opponent as a counter)

    Signature Submission Move:
    - Cemetery Gates (Inverted figure-four leg lock)

    Regular Finishing Move: (One only)
    - Code Zero (Cradled brainbuster)
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    Previous Experience (If any): Wrestled for seven years on the independent circuit throughout the US, UK and Mexico before signing with CWA.

    InjuryHistory (If any): Broken wrist (Back in 2013, sustained in an independent match in the UK for Hammerlock Pro Wrestling).

    Nameof character representative: Corey Graves



    “You see son...there are two types of people in this day and age. Warriors...and cowards. Cowards hide. Cowards don't fight.Cowards sit back and let themselves settle into the dust of a bleak empty existence where they fight for glory hope but they get...jack...SHIT. Warriors fight. Warriors push through the dust to get to the other side. Warriors will rise up. I am a warrior. I fight. I brawl. I ain't afraid to get my hands dirty...and that is living proof that I belong in this business. This industry. The wrestling ring...she's the devil's playground...but she is MY playground. And no matter how much you wanna brawl, scrap and prove you got the balls to hang with might wanna win the fight son but I WILL win the war.”

    Manager: No

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    Re: Dallas Brixton - CWA's "Touch" Of Southern Comfort

    Welcome to CWA! You'll be booked on the upcoming Adrenaline Rush. Looking forward to this character and what you bring to the fed.

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    Re: Dallas Brixton - CWA's "Touch" Of Southern Comfort

    Welcome back to CWA, Cade.

    I like the look of this character and dig the Graves picbase, can’t wait to see what you do with him.
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