Team Name: The Elite
Members: Trevor Ocean & Noah Stocke
Fighting Out Of: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Combined Weight*: 422(In lbs)
Disposition*: Tweener (Depends on opponents)

Wrestling Style*: Technical-Brawlers
Wrestling Abilities: 1.Technical, 2.Brawling, 3.Charisma, 4.Power, 5.Speed

Entrance theme:

Kick in the Door - By Notorious BIG

Basic Moves*:

-Superplex (Ocean) followed by a Frog Splash (Stocke)
-German Suplex (Ocean) European Uppercut (Stocke) Combination
-Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker (Ocean) Diving Knee Drop (Stocke) Combination

Signature Strike Moves*:

- Running High Knee (Stocke) Forearm Smash (Ocean) Tag-In Combination to Cornered Opponent
- Tandem Superman Punch

Regular Finishing Move*: (One only)
Sins of the Father (Aided Double Arm DDT)

Previous Experience (If any):
3x Honor Wrestling Alliance Tag-Team Champions