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Thread: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

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    Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    deadline is Friday, March 9th at midnight pacific, 3am on saturday EST, 8am UK

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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    New York City

    Hanz Gruber is seen entering his limo after leaving a doctors office- he was carrying a bag as he left the office. The limo takes him to the airport where a handler gets Hanz's suitcases and follows Hanz. Hanz does what he has to do luggage wise- but carries that one bag with him from his doctor visit. He goes thru security and has to show what is in the bag- its a clear face mask- Hanz explains what it is for- then goes thru and later boards his plane that is bound to Glascow, Scotland.

    Glascow, Scotland(many hours later)

    A limo arrives at a massive 150 year old mansion- Hanz Gruber exits the limo as two people exit the mansion. Those two people grab Hanz's luggage and bring them inside- while Hanz grabs that one bag he got at the doctors office. He walks around for a bit and looks around at the endless greenery- the elaborate gardens, a few small ponds here and there. He soaks in the bright blue sky and the sounds of birds chirping. He then walks towards the front door of mansion and stops at a cauldron with a fire burning inside it. On the side of the cauldron- K. Panzer. Hanz bows his head down, says something in German, then heads inside. This is one of Hanz Gruber's many houses.

    Hanz walks into his kitchen, opens his fridge a grabs a water- then heads off to his home studio. His studio has state of the art equipment, screens all over the place. Hanz grabs a stool and sits in front of one of the screens. He then pulls down one of the many keyboards, logs into the FWA website and waits for the camera to come up. Once it does, he presses the record button on the screen. You can see Hanz is in pain- it shows in his face- his nose appears to be broken- his eyes are both blackened- he has bruises around his neck, his right arm in taped up.

    Hanz Gruber: Willkommen zu meinen haus FWA. Willkommen in meiner welt Ian Starr. Its beautiful isn't it? Ian, this is what you can have if you expand your horizons- branch out. Yes Ian, you are a great wrestler. I've watched you in action every week, I've been in the ring with you quite a few times- but tonight Ian this is our first time meeting up one on one. A straight up match. No weapons, no funny business. I took care of Zako Wrath last week so you don't have to worry about him interfering in the match. I exposed him for what he really is- just a man, not a monster. After his match tonight- I doubt we will be seeing him again.

    Hanz winces in pain as he is talking about Zako- you can see he is uncomfortable..

    Hanz Gruber: But me exposing him came at a price

    Hanz grabs the bag that he had been carrying around- reaches in a takes out its content- a modified clear mask to protect his face.

    Hanz Gruber: My doctor advised me to take a month off to recover- but I refused- so he made me this mask so my nose doesn't get fucked up even more than it is now. He advised me to take all sorts of pain killers since I refused to take that time off- but I refused. I don't put drugs in my body, I don't put alcohol in my body- I don't use that stuff as a crutch- I want to stay focused, I deal with my pain by working thru it. So yeah, our first one on one match- it may appear that you have the upper hand- but you would be wrong to think that Ian. You would be dead wrong. Last week I wasn't at 100% when I took on Zako, I was still broken and bruised up from his attack the week before- but I still beat him. So Ian, learn from Zako, do not under estimate me.

    Hanz winces in pain once again. He looks away from the camera for a bit, then looks back at it. Sweat can now be seen beading up on his forehead.

    Hanz Gruber: Ian, one other thing you may not have figured out by now- we are similar in many ways. We have both won and lost our fair share of matches here in FWA. We have both failed to win a title here. We have both had tag team partners with people here in FWA who complemented our ring styles and made us better wrestlers. And we both have the strong women in our lives. Thats where I hold the advantage over you- the women in our lives. I am not saying my Sasha is better than Izzy. No they are who they are- Izzy is a great wrestler- and an even better human being. As is my Sasha- both a great wrestler and great human being. But I didn't bring Sasha along with me. I didn't want my opponents to use her to get to me. But Izzy- she is in that position. Your opponent could use her, harm her, to get under your skin. You put her in that position. You should have known better. You should have known better Ian.

    Hanz again winces in pain, sweat is running down his face now- due to the pain.

    Hanz Gruber: How could you do that Ian? And don't worry about me using her that way Ian- I don't work that way. I have too much respect for Izzy, I have too much respect for all women. I know one time in the past you told Izzy a lie about how I treat women- that I use them, throw them away- just goes to show that you really don't know me. But that's alright Ian- say what you want to, what you need to if it makes you feel better. It doesn't bother me. Not one bit.

    Hanz grabs a nearby towel and wipes the sweat from his face- but you can see the pain in his eyes.

    Hanz Gruber: So tonight Ian, bring your best. Do what you have to, to win. I'm doing the same. I'll see you in the ring mate.

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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    The scene is set in what looks like a plain looking studio with a black backdrop and in front of the backdrop are two chairs, both of them occupied at this present time. One is occupied by "The Wildcard" and "Mad King" Jason Randall, and the other is Norman. Yeah, that's right, Norman the cat. Norman is propped up in a chair sitting across from Randall in what appears to be an interview setting as they are both wearing microphone pieces, Norman's mic piece is attached to him in a cute manner while Randall's is on the collar of his t-shirt. He stares across at Norman with what appears to be an icy glare but quickly changes to a slight smirk.

    "Are we ready to go? You ready Norman?"

    He asks the cat, who just sits in silence, obviously.

    "Well, I'm ready. You're the only reasonable choice to interview me since Katie Lynn Goldsmith still refuses to talk to me, as does Todd Salum, and Amy Duke just seems nervous whenever I speak to her. Whatever, this will be a good bonding experience for us Norman, because Penny says that we need to bond. I tried telling her that you nor Fred will really listen to me, well Fred will sometimes but you on the other hand don't really say much. I don't mind that usually, but if you're going to be interviewer here Norman, well you're going to have to speak up. Fire away whenever you're ready with your first question for me..."

    Jason leans back and waits patiently for Norman's "question". He nods and begins to speak.

    "Good question, good question, starting off with the basics I like that. What are my thoughts on the previous tag team tournament where Mad Kingdom came up just short of winning? Yeah, that was rough. It was rough on Penny whenever we lost, and it was rough on me because I had to be nice."

    He shudders and shakes his head in disgust.

    "Do you realize how difficult that was, to be nice? That may come natural for some but not for me. It really took a lot out of me to really play nice when I was doing the bits I did with Penny, but as I've said I'm willing to do anything for her even if it's not exactly my cup of tea. Whatever makes her happy, right? She sees the good in everyone, and apparently sees some of that in me. I don't see it personally because I keep it hidden because it's a sign of weakness, at least in my opinion, and I can't have people seeing me as weak. I have a reputation to maintain. People see me as this "Wildcard" or "loose cannon", so I've got to keep that. Penny though, she can see right through it all apparently. She must have some kind of super powers, I don't know."

    He shrugs.

    "That tag team tournament could have gone better, but out of all the tag team partners I've had in my career, Penny is right up there as the best. I'm not just saying that either to blow smoke up her ass or anything, I mean that, sincerely. She brought out something in me that I didn't know I really had in me, and I in turn brought out something in her, a bit of a mean streak. It was difficult for her to be mean but she managed it well enough. Our last match it was rough though because Izzy is her friend and she didn't want to hurt Izzy, but I had to play tough love and tell her that she needed to just take them out, who cares? Izzy and Starr certainly didn't I can tell you that much. They would have done the same thing if they were in that position, so it was a tough pill to swallow for her but she pulled through and now with this tournament behind us it's back singles competition for us..."

    He leans back and listens intently as Norman asks the next question.

    "Keeping it simple, I like it Norman, I like it. You'll be the next big interviewer in no time, Todd Salum move over! Moving on from the tournament you asked me if I'm well prepared at all for my next opponent, Mike Parr? Well, if you'll allow me I'd like to direct my attention to the camera so I can speak one on one with Mike Parr because I want him to hear what I have to say. I know he's waiting with baited breath to hear what I think about him and believe me when I tell you that it's going to be good."

    He turns to the camera as it focuses in directly on him.

    "Mike Parr, wherever you are right now I hope you're watching or I hope that you manage to see this before our match because this will serve as a warning, and once I'm through with you in the ring you can't say that I didn't warn you if you don't watch this. First off Mike, I'm gonna ask you a question, but don't answer just yet. Did you enjoy being the FWA North American Champion? I mean you held the title for so long, what was it? A year or nearly a year, whatever it was that's impressive, I'll admit that. Let me ask you something else, do you miss being the FWA North American Champion? Does it eat away at you at night that you no longer have that in your possession and it's being held by Wolf? Does it pain you to see Wolf holding that title? It pains me and I didn't even hold the title. It pains me because it deserves better than that.

    Just like it pains me to see what has become of my precious X-Division Championship. What that filthy mongrel Tristan James Galloway is doing to that title just boils my blood! It eats away at me and tears me up inside! I still lose sleep over it! If there's one thing I want more right now, it's to have that title back where it belongs, with me. I can't have that...yet. I have to work my way back up to get to that point. I have to prove myself until I'm worthy enough to take back what is mine, and take back my crown and make that division mine again. I warned everyone that when I lost that title that MY division would fall, and look at it now, it's in shambles. It's rotting away because what Tristan James Galloway has allowed it to become, it's a shell of it's former self and I can't bear to see it like that anymore..."

    He pauses and adjusts himself.

    "You're probably asking yourself Mike, where is he going with all of this? Well, where I'm going with this is that you and I have gone through the same hardships. You have to watch what your division, that NA division was yours, you made it your bitch and now look what Wolf is doing to it. He's allowing the likes of Donald Trump to be a part of it, disgusting. If I were you I'd be downright pissed off! I'm pissed off for you Mike! That NA division deserves better just like my kingdom deserves better. We both gotta fight though to get back to where we belong and in order to do that we gotta go through each other Mike. Do you see it now? Do you see what I was going for here? I'm just doing this to rile you up, I want you at your best, I want you pissed off! I'm already pissed off and ready for a fight and I'll do whatever it takes to take back my kingdom even if that means that I have to destroy you in the process, and Mikey boy I'm not afraid to do that.

    You're looking at a man that is determined and willing to do anything. You've seen what I'm capable of I'm sure, and you know it's not pretty. It's not for the weak of heart so you better be ready Mike. You better be willing to do anything yourself to achieve your glory back. I want you to beat the hell out of me Mike because I'll throw it right back at you and beat the snot out of you! I'll knock your damn lights out and then pick you back up and do it again and again! Like I said Mikey boy, I'm not afraid. Especially of some pretty boy punk like yourself! You think you're more than some pretty boy though, right? Prove it to me Mike, prove to me that you're not just another pretty face or else I ruin that pretty little face of yours.

    No more funny business with me Mike. The fun and games are over with me. I'm as serious as I'll ever be when I tell you that I'm a desperate man, and it's disgusting what length a desperate man is willing to go to take back what is rightfully his. I'm not a nice guy Mike. I'm a sick guy Mikey boy, I'm a sick guy!"

    He stares deeply into the camera with an intense stare before turning back to Norman.

    "Thank you for having me Norman, it was nice to get some of that off my chest. It'll be even nicer when I beat Mike Parr's face into a bloody pulp but that'll come in due time. We should probably get going before Penny gets worried"

    He snatches Norman out of the chair and throws his mic piece off as well as Norman's mic piece and leaves the set.

    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    Glasgow, Scotland
    March 07, 2018

    The air is cold…

    The sun is shining…

    The sky is still cloudy…

    The camera opens from black to sort of mystic music. Sitar and low bass hum as this music set to kaleidoscopic shots. This transitions into the image of Starr meditating in a river. He's focused on the task in front of him. Starr takes in the bright warm sun, the river’s pushing current, the stillness of his surroundings. He’s one with all of it. Starr sits in the water and open his arms up and out towards the sky, his head thrown back, opening his whole body to the atmosphere. Starr smiles as the sun beams down onto his face and his body. Starr’s wearing no shirt, a grey beanie, and black swimming shorts as he lays in the river. His head slowly lifts up towards with a smile that says “this is my happy place”. The music gets quieter as to hear Starr speak.

    Starr: Good to see you all again. It's me, the Intergalactic Grappler, the Interstellar Shaman, the Guru of the Galaxy, and ladies and gentlemen welcome to my little slice of Shangri La. I come to this place to focus on me, to focus on Mother Nature, and to slow down Father Time. Where I lay bare all of my troubles and trials and tribulations. I achieve peace here.

    But I don't achieve peace out in the ring. With this whole “World Grand Prix” going on soon, everyone had better be putting on their best efforts to get the best spot. After all, no one knows for sure what's going to happen right now. Right now you all can guarantee that ya boy here is gonna give his all to get in this #WGP1.

    An opportunity at the World Championship at Back in Business 13. That's what's on the line right now. Listen I'm getting tired of repeating myself, but management at FWA must be needing to hear it again. I came here at Trial By Fire last year. I toiled my way through the year, I had my ups and downs, but at no point did I ever stop putting in effort to get ahead. I put in the work to get my opportunities. So by the end of 2017, I had my opportunity at the World Championship inside one of FWA’s most hellish structures. I was fingertips away from becoming immortal. I failed that night. And now I have the opportunity to get to that level again and this is NOT slipping through my fingers.

    So at Fight Night, I'm going one on one with that “German Gigolo” Hanz Gruber. Okay… You're probably wondering…”am I nervous”?

    Starr looks up to the sky and cycles through a few thinking poses. He tries putting his finger to his lip, he scratches his chin and then scratches his temple. His arms slowly raise up over his head and brings his hands back down together in front of his face. He takes a long deep breath. He shrugs, but continues to take the question seriously. Starr smiles and laughs off to the side, but quickly regains focus and returns to look at the camera.

    Starr: “Am I nervous?” A lot of the matches on Fight Night will have World Grand Prix implications and everyone is going to be going out there, taking their spot, and making a statement. Everybody wants to have that spotlight on them. Fight Night, against Hanz, in that ring, I have my statement to make. I am here in FWA to prove that I can go anywhere in any ring and take on the best high flyers, the best grapplers, the best powerhouses, and I can beat anyone. I’m going to prove that I’m going to be one of the very best in the world.

    “Am I nervous?” I imagine this match with Hanz is gonna get fast, it’s gonna get reckless, it’ll be violent, bodies will be flying everywhere, but in all honesty, if you ask the other guy I guarantee you he’ll say he’s more nervous than me. Hanz wants to carve his path with his money and dark mood in an attempt to control his opponents and play mind games. I don't bow to the almighty dollar. No that's a different Starr. The one in front of you is free from that greed. Free from that societal pollution. I see clearly with my third eye through his mind games. When I'm not training my mind, I train myself to be perfect technically, to be as physically prepared as I can be, to prepare for anything. I am prepared for whatever this guy can bring to the table. Why am I so prepared? Because you never know who’s watching.
    -He looks over his shoulder.-At Fight Night, I prove I’m still one of the most athletically gifted aerialists in wrestling today. An athlete who has power, speed, technicality all under his belt. Fight Night, I say with one loud clear voice, “I am here and I want my opportunity”. Fight Night, it’s me vs Hanz Gruber for the first time ever one on one...

    Starr looks into the camera’s eye and speaks in his usual serious, yet playful tone.

    “Am I nervous?” No. But Hanz Gruber absolutely should be…

    2018, will be my year. I’m starting on my road straight to the World Championship here in FWA and you have the unfortunate spot of being the first of many that I’m going to have to beat to get to that perch on top. So Hanz whether we this is the first time we are in the ring together, or it's the last. I want you to bring your broken ass to Glasgow and I hope to God you are ready for a fight. Do whatever you have to do to get yourself in physical shape to get in the ring. I'm gonna be coming at you from every single possible direction. From the air, eye to eye, and out from underneath. It's time I get serious. This time, I will rise up and I’m fixing to go through anyone and everyone! I will never die digging a hole for myself. I’m only getting closer, and there’s nothing that will hold me back this time. I look to reach the throne that a lot of people thought that I’d never even get close to! Hanz, get ready cause I'm going to destroy your face even more when I give you the mother of all superkicks and leave you absolutely… Starrstruck.

    Starr slowly returns back to his enlightened stance in the flowing water. To the stillness, rooted in earth, unplucked like grass in the storm.
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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    It's another day in the life of everyone's favorite "Eccentric Dreamer" Penny, but Penny doesn't seem like her normal chipper self. She seems down in the dumps as she's sitting on the bed of a hotel room in Glasgow, Scotland. She's sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed with her cat Fred by her side while she's browsing through various things on her phone, and she stops what she's doing and receives an alert about Jason's most recent promo being uploaded. She watches the promo and as it finishes up she falls back, takes a pillow and buries her face in it and lets out a scream into it. She removes the pillow and turns to Fred, who is still just sitting there watching her have a mini freak out.

    "I'm sorry Fred, I didn't want you to see that. It's just that what Jason said and has been saying lately about showing a mean streak, I don't know if I can do that. I mean, yeah I have done that before but it never did work out for me and it didn't feel right. I've tried to be the mean, snarky girl but that isn't me Fred. That's everything I've tried to fight against because of all the bullies I dealt with back in school. All of the mean girls that thought they were better than me and prettier than me just because I was different. I can't be like that no matter how hard I try, or how much Jason wants me to be like that."

    She sits back up and gets back to her cross-legged position as she listens to Fred.

    "You don't always have to be mean. Jason just means that you can't show sympathy for someone that you're facing in the ring. Like with Izzy, you felt so bad about hurting her in the match. Do you really think she felt bad what she did to you?"

    "No, but I just can't help it I guess. I don't know Fred, I just want everyone to be nice to one another. No hate in this world, you know? I see good in everyone and I don't really like to hurt people when I'm in the ring..."

    "You do want to win though, right?"

    "Well yeah, duh of course I want to win you silly goose. I want to be happy to and have some wins under my name, but at the same time I can't help but feel bad. I don't like rubbing it in my opponent's face if I defeat them, it just doesn't feel right."

    "I can see what you mean by that, but you can't let your feelings and the feelings of others get in the way of what matters most. Like I have said and Jason did too, do you think they care? More than likely they don't care. They want to win. Of course you can still be friends afterwards but in that ring it's every person for themself, as selfish as that may sound. You gotta look out for yourself and what's best for you. You want to achieve greatness in the FWA, right? Well you gotta stop worrying about others feelings and just focus on what's right for you. You can still be respectful about it and not rub it in their faces if you win. Even if you lose a match, you can't just beat yourself up over it."

    She smiles for the first time since the scene began and nods at Fred.

    "You're right Fred, I've got to start looking out for myself. I don't neccesarily have to be mean about it and still do it respectfully, but it's time I start worrying about just me."

    "That's the spirit!"

    She grabs Fred and hugs him tightly.

    "Oh Fred, you're the best!"

    She holds him in her lap and pulls out her phone. She fumbles around a bit until she's on the camera and hits the record button.

    "Hello FWA Universe, it is I everyone's favorite "Eccentric Dreamer" or I have also been dubbed "Crazy cat lady", well if that means crazy about kitties then that's pretty accurate. I'm not here to talk about nicknames though I'm here with you now in a hotel room in Glasgow for the next Fight Night event where I'll be taking on "AntiHero" Ty Johnson. Speaking of nicknames, what does "AntiHero" mean anyway? Are you against heroes? I never understood the meaning behind that."

    She ponders for a second but shrugs.

    "I digress though. I don't know too much about Ty to be honest but I have seen what he can do in the ring, and I am also aware that he did have a rough upbringing. Well, we do have one thing in common there Ty, because my upbringing wasn't the best either. I touched on it earlier while speaking with Fred but I was always picked on in school for being different than the other kids. I know it's probably not as bad as what you had to go through but it still was no fun."

    She shakes her head.

    "Where am I going with this you ask? I don't know. I tend to do that, kind of just trail off. Anyways, you had a rough upbringing but you're here now Ty and you're not letting that aspect of your life prevent you from living your dream. Good for you, and you have a good life coach in Mr. Dave Sullivan. That's awfully nice of him to take you under his wing and guide you in FWA. Not many people would do that in life."

    She shakes her head again.

    "Being nice doesn't always have to be the case though, and in your case what you did to poor Tommy Thunder wasn't exactly nice. I can see why you did that but did he necessarily deserve to have his face beaten in? Whatever, that's your perogative. It does help me know that I can't take you lightly and worry about your feelings if I may defeat you or what I might do to you in the ring, because from what I have you certainly do not worry about feelings. Whatever happens though Ty, just know that I respect you and that we may hopefully have a nice, clean match where I come out the winner, obviously. If not, well then no hard feelings. Until then, it is a farewell from myself and my little buddy here Fred, we'll catch you on the flipside!"

    She waves the camera with Fred's paw before ending the video.

    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    Camera opens to Izzy standing in front of an FWA banner. There's a small cut above her eyebrow as well as a black eye. Other than that, Izzy's sporting a new hair color. Izzy thinks for a second as she unsteadily shifts from foot to foot.

    Listen I'm gonna make this short and sweet cause I've been through a lot this past week. I'm banged up, I'm bruised, I've got cuts up and down my arm and back. I went through hell this week. So this LOCKE or whatever the hell this cat's name is, be prepared because right now I am pissed off and going to take your head off. I just put myself through glass, tables, hell even legos so I hope you're ready for one extremely painful night with Izzy Van Doren.

    I know what's at stake here. Ashley's got his beady little eyes on all the talent across the board. Chances are if I show promise, I'll be admitted into the World Grand Prix. So LOCKE, Mama is under pressure and that's where I thrive. I've been an underdog in every fight I've walked into. It's hard not to discredit me as one. I'm barely 5 feet tall, I weigh the least on the FWA roster. But the thing about underdogs is that they will always find a way to do something no one expected them to do.

    Take my recent trip to Japan for example. Nobody including myself expected me to make it to the finals. I fought through everything to make it. Hell I beat the promotion's world champ in the second round! And hey here's how I looked after the finals.

    And you should see the other guy! LOCKE, I know I'm beat up this week and extremely sore, but don't think I won't open up my own can of whoop ass and knock the teeth out of your mouth. Consider me your LOCKEsmith. And that's just the way it's gonna be. Laters.

    Izzy peaces out and walks out of frame. Fade to black.


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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    “Oh, god-Oh god-Oh God-Where I’m I? I’m I dead?”

    “I wish….

    “Who said that?! Who are you?!

    “A consequence.”


    “I knew you were weak, but I never thought it'd come to this”

    “Come to what? What are you tal-”


    “Go where?!”

    “Urg. What are you still doing here? You already gave up! Just leave and let me handle this.”

    “Why do I keep hearing you in my head?”


    “You’ a personality?”

    “...And look at that folks! The penny drops!”

    “But-But I don’t understand, How is this possible? I’m I going mad?”

    “Oh, well let's go through the list shall we? Abusive and absent parents? CHECK! Increasingly self-destructive behavior spurs by drugs and alcohol. CHECK! One final amazingly traumatic event shattering your fragile psyche! CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!”

    “...I don’t remember-Wait, I’m not dead?”


    “Y’know, I’m sensing a theme here…..”

    “Who the hell are you?!”

    “Who Moi? Just think of me as a happy little medium, I was just passing by, and I noticed things were a little...heated here.”

    “I don’t want this.”

    “NONE of us do!”

    “Well, There are options.”

    “You really think, you’re in charge?”

    “You know funny enough, I do.”

    “Oh, really? And who exactly are you?”

    “Untapped potential.”

    “Oh really? Why don’t I cut off your-AH!”

    “OH MY GOD!”

    “And that’s enough out of you like I said; I’m in charge.”

    “How are you doing that?”

    “Oh well, technically, I’m not, none of this is actually happening, the imagination is a powerful thing Bell, but I consider this meeting to be the best thing to happen to us.”

    “Why-Why do you say that?”

    “People go their whole lives without reaching their potential, but if we work together? We can be something better. Something worth more than the sum of our parts.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “The people that hurt us betrayed us, abandoned us...What do you wanna do to them?”

    “I want to hurt them.”

    “...and you Bell? Don’t you want to make them pay? Make them suffer for what they’ve done to us.”

    “I don’t want to hurt anyone….”

    “Heh. You can’t hurt what doesn’t exist.”

    “Don’t be stupid; they’re not nothing.”

    “They were the second they put us here.”

    I think I’m starting to like you.”

    “If we work together we can way more than any of us can alone. Whatta say”

    “I’m in…”

    “No, this is wrong!”


    “No! I don’t want to hurt anyone! It’s my body damn it, and I won’t let you use it to hurt people.”

    “This is the only way we can get out of here.”

    “I want you gone!”

    “Bell, don’t be like that…”




    “It doesn’t work like that, not anymore.”


    “I think we need a little talk….”

    Bell was located in a dark room on a chair shrouded in the fog once more. In fact we only know it’s Bell because of her familiar profile Oddly suited up, it seemed like she wasn't ready for battle. Preparing herself for the seat, adjusting back and forth. Before finally, shaking her silhouette head. Though, before she could reveal himself in the slightest,

    Bell Connelly: "Numb is the new deep, done with the old me, but never forget the Beast creeps.”

    The camera still panned over the image of the woman in the chair, with viewers only hearing Bell's voice as she spoke over. There was something different about her, entirely at this point. She didn't sound like...well, herself. When she spoke, her voice didn’t betray any hint of emotion.Her voice felt cold.

    Bell Connelly: It hurts, you know? It hurts me to look at little kids. They have no idea how hard this world is going to be for them. When I was five, I thought I was beautiful. I was friends with whoever said hi to me. Everyone was nice. Clothes didn't matter. I didn't have to worry about it. I'd go to sleep tear free. I never had to try to run away. I was always smiling. I didn't want to kill myself. Little kids don't know what a rollercoaster they are in for. Because for all our boasting, for all our hardships. There's one thing that remains the same. And I don't care if you're Cyrus Truth, Shannon O’’Neal, or even me. But there's one fact that remains the same….The fact, I’m reminded time and time, and time again Life is hard. The world is a horrible, mean, judgmental place. But It's not our fault we're so scared of the world. People forced us to be. Telling us stories, about stuff that happens in the world, makes us scared. I wish I were still that carefree, happy, nice, smiley, funny little kid I used to be. I. I miss playing in the rain. I miss being outside every second of the day. I miss not caring about anything in the entire world. I miss everything I lost..

    There was another moment of silence; Bell seemed to be staring off into space. This was a daydream, ladies, and gentlemen. Which further showcased that this wasn't the Bell Connelly everyone thought it would be. This was something entirely different. She continued with the body of Bell, so it was easy to be deceived.

    Bell Connelly: But at the end of the day, I don't miss the old me. I miss the moments; I miss everything so fleeting. But, the reality of the fact is she’s dead, dead and gone. Murdered long He's buried, just as Cyrus Truth, and Shannon and everyone else would like her to be. But you see, they're not messing with who they think they are, they thought I would be a weak world champ, someone they can rip HER away from so easily, but they’re targeting someone else. They're targeting Bell Connelly; They're targeting the princess. They're targeting the daughter of every Disney movie ever written. But I am the daughter of no one. I am born because I chose to live. I chose to exist; I chose to be this way.And what you see, it's nothing but an illusion., that presence, that person. It's not here anymore. They don't exist, but that's what the person before me fails to see. That's what Cyrus Truth fails to see. And that's because he's not looking at me with his own eyes. Oh, no. He's utilising the eyes of another, of another man, in hopes of finally seeing the weakness that is Bell Connelly. But you want to know a secret? I can tell you the weakness of Bell Connelly. The woman. The Beauty? I can tell you everything you need to know. See, Bell Connelly? She's weak.

    Oh yeah, she went there. Bell Connelly attacked herself. she attacked her older self, someone she didn't care for at all. With a straight face, Bell spoke these words. However, the fans wouldn't be able to see her. The fog had done all too well at concealing the FWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    Bell Connelly: The Beauty cares more about material things. She's a woman who's had a chip on her shoulder for longer than I could remember. She's a girl who's not truly that much of a woman at all. She's still a woman, clinging on to her vain hopes and dreams. She's still a little girl, who would rather hold down something so powerful. To keep buried, something that could showcase the world killing power she possesses. Bell Connelly is weak because she wishes not to utilise me. Bell Connelly is weak because she wishes to hold back. But tonight? Tonight is a different story. You see, bell Connelly no longer exists. This Void, The Beast is all that there is, which is all I am. Tonight, the woman you once knew is far gone. There's nothing here but a beast on a mission. An entity with a plan. And that plan is to do what Bell Connelly strives to do but lacks the power to do. And that's finally put an end to this nonsense. That's finally taking on the biggest sacrifice of all time. Because after tonight, the FWA World Heavyweight Championship? Well, she’ll be well fed.

    We now sense a brief sense of movement as she leans forward, and appears to push something out towards the camera, that something? The FWA World Heavyweight Championship. It was the only thing that could be seen through the fog. Mostly because Bell had pushed it outward, letting all see it. Even the nameplate that read her name. She was ready to feed the championship.

    Bell Connelly: And yes, I'm sure you're all wondering. What makes Cyrus the greatest feast of all time? What makes Cyrus Truth the best soul to feed her?Well, don't worry, little kids. All those watching at home. I'm going to tell you. I'm going to inform you. Because unlike The Beauty, I have no such weakness. I have no cracks in my foundation because I am the foundation cracked!

    Yes, Bell felt as if she were indeed the foundation cracked. She was the new and improved. The Beast. The one which Bell kept dormant for so long. Only allowed to be unleashed in small percentages against her opponents. Except now, this was a different ball game. Now, Bell had given full reign to this persona. To this beast allowing it to become the number one in the driver seat. Which made everything more interesting.

    Bell Connelly: But Cyrus? Oh, he's a different story altogether. One, I'll be more than happy to tell. "

    She was, indeed. More than happy to expand on the story that was Cy. Bell was just bathing in waves of confidence, even her body language presented that fact, with her sitting so cocky in the chair. There was no smile on his face, Simply her, with her eyes open, telling a very calculated and menacing promotional story. Bell locked her hands together, leaning back as she'd continue to speak.

    Bell Connelly: "But before I tell, allow me to say. The offering has never been sweeter. The offering to the lineage of her has never been so sweeter. I can actually feel her heartbeat. Can you? She’s going thump, thump, thump. Over and over, because she knows what I know. And that's, that we're reaching the closest point possible for the feast. We're reaching the moment that will transcend transcendence day, itself!

    Bell said, raising her arms as if trying to give a vivid picture of Transcendence Day. Still, without a smile, Bell continued. Her arms lowered back down, as she continued to speak her truths.

    Bell Connelly: With Cyrus Truth offering himself up, with Cyrus becoming nothing more than everything needed. I said I'd tell you why, and I will. Cyrus Truth, he'll be the perfect offering for more than one reason. First, he's not who you think he is. Oh no. Don't let the man fool you. He throws on a mask, and sure, It’s a good mask, But that's all hiding the fact that this man is damaged. I'm feeling the weakness. I see through the cracks in his foundation. I see the turmoil, the irony. I see not only Cyrus because my powers allow me to see beyond what disguise you may come up with. My perception is ever great. And because of it, I see Cyrus Truth. I see you, Cyrus. Throughout everything, throughout it all, you're still the same person. When you speak people listen, when you fight mountains shake -Your words right?- But at the end of the day, I can see you all of you.

    Bell paused for a moment, her face seemingly confused for the moment. She didn't know what was going on, but he shifted in the Throne. Tilting his head to the side a bit, before speaking up

    Bell Connelly: I see the man who made me tap out at the 11th Anniversary and pinned me three separate times. The man whose self-belief compels him to believe victory is always within reach. The man who believes in the positive. But I have to ask;, what is the positive aspect of this outcome? What is there for you at the end of the tunnel, because I've peered into your future, and I've seen absolutely nothing. I've peered into your mind, and I can't see a thing. So maybe, just maybe it won't be a positive outcome for you tonight. Despite feeding you to this .. entity, I don't even think I will have a positive outcome in this march. You see, that's where I live, I live in the chaos, I live on the edge. I live in the realm of eternity, something your mind could never fathom. But, wait. Wait a minute. Is it that man? No, I can see another now. Who are you? Oh, is it The Cyrus Truth with a penchant for destruction? Is it the Cyrus have a penchant for the carnage? The man that fights with honour? The desperate opportunist?

    . Bell looked straight into the camera, still hidden by the fog. She attempted to lean forward, trying her hardest to see something. For a moment, that confusion face came into play. However, finally moved past it. Finally able to settle on the camera, and then he figured it out.

    Bell Connelly: It doesn’t matter, Thanks to the championship..., thanks to her. I could see you from where I sit. I could see through all your guises. And at the end of the day, it all brings us back around to the one in the driver seat. It all brings us back around to Cyrus Truth, the man. . It brings us back to what I said. Why I believe this man to be the perfect feast. Is it not clear as day for others as it is for me? Well, Let me remind you. This man is no man at all. This man is nothing supernatural at all. This man is a man deranged. He's a man unbalanced, chemically, mentally, even physically. Because of that, I am here. I can feel the pull. This title is telling me things, things that you wouldn't even believe, Cy’ It's telling me you'll be its greatest offering. THAT is how I know. THAT is how I know that I will win. She tells me.

    Yes, in fact, the title spoke to her. The title made her do it. Bell Connelly calling someone else unbalanced might be the height of irony after all wasn’t she more deranged then Cyrus? No, Bell was speaking of something else. She was speaking from the void. The Beast that had taken over.

    Bell Connelly
    : All those people that have been eaten, the title now retains its knowledge. It retains their determination. It retains their will to win, to go on. Every champion before me has perished, yet they live on in my mind. They live on in me, Cyrus. See, I know the game. I know you're going to be focused on something else. You're going to be focused on Bell Connelly You're going to be focused on the woman. The person you’ve beaten five times in a row, But what you fail to perceive, as I haven't. Is that now I am on a whole other level. All this time I've shined through. All this time, I've guided this mortal coil. But all Cyrus knows to look out for, is Bell Connelly’s heart. All anyone ever knew how to do around these parts, no matter how far Bell Connelly goes, she always blows it where it counts. That she can’t beat Cyrus Truth.

    That last one had become tiring, with Bell even feigning a yawn because of it. He was tired of the same ol, same ol from his challengers.

    Bell Connelly Like so many others, Cyrus all you think doesn't matter. Because at the end of the day. You, in yourself, are a much-forgotten cliche.

    A shrug of the shoulders from Bell Connelly, who didn't care about how she was speaking.

    Bell Connelly: No one cares about what you have to say.: No one cares about what you think. Because you're no one. You're unable to see past anything someone else tells you. And because of that, it will be your downfall. Because of that, you will lose to the body of the queen. Guided by the beast you never sought to fight. A beast you didn't even know existed. How is that, anyway? How could you be so blind, when it was right here in front of your very eyes? Well, that's because you don't even know who the hell YOU ARE! While trying to combat something you think you know. You've already lost the war, Cyrus. "

    Bell leaned forward, only a tad bit. He placed both hands on the arm of the "Throne" she was sitting on. She squeezed down, just utilising a bit of strength. Showcasing how much passions she had for this. Showing how much she was trying to hold back while claiming she wasn't even holding back. There were some depths to Bell, something far deeper. And only now was it about to explode.

    Bell Connelly:"You've already lost. And the funny thing is Cy’ despite, everything that happened between us; You are one of the best. Time and time again you went through hell, and you still came out more and better every time. You showed me that it was still possible. -Or rather, you showed Beauty- . That it was still possible to be knocked down and get right back up I mean, for everything, Cyrus.You had that spark. You showcased true chaos. Something that even I could take absolute delight in. Along the way, yes, your career staggered. It became somewhat limbo, and people grew bored of you. As they should, I mean, you were presenting nothing new to the table. You knew it, they knew it. We all did. All there was left, was to find something that could make you matter. And then, you had it. You finally had it

    Bell snapped her fingers, leaning forward, quite involved in this story she was telling. The way she gesticulated her hands around made this clear.

    Bell Connelly, You found the missing piece to the puzzle. A World heavyweight title match, One more chance to get back your prize. The main event at Back in Business. The siren call you couldn’t resist right? That’s always been your weakness; You’d do anything to get your “Glory” Without glory, without titles to chase. You're nothing. You're subjected to this mortal plane. You're subjected to only one universe. And you know that. It’s all the motivation you needed. You managed to climb a ladder that most couldn't see.

    Bell gave her props to Cyrus. She deserved some of the things she had accomplished, this much as true. She would not deny her of that.

    Bell Connelly: All for your never-ending desire to burn this place down to the ground and build it back up in your image. You want people to know you can beat up this person, and the next person. That's what this about for you. That's where it starts, and that's where it finishes. Because all people like you care about is the next victory. I'm on a whole other wavelength. I care about the immortality; I care about the wrestling. I care about this company, the sport, the idea! I'm doing it to feel something. I'm doing it because, without me, this title would die. If I lost this belt, I would die. And I can't take death and get right back up? Then my name isn’t Bell Connelly, so keep them coming, death does nothing strengthen me.The Grim Reaper isn't ready for this fight, and neither are you. I can sense it, can't you?

    There was a nod of Bell's head, who simply knew exactly what she spoke of. However, she didn't agree with it. Her head shortly turning into a shake.

    Bell Connelly. You're still the same person. You're still the same broken facade. You're one personality, You're not special.But you don't believe that, do you? I didn't at first. There was a point where I never thought I could beat you Never thought I could take you out. That is until you were exposed. Not to Bell Connelly no. You would have ploughed over her. You would have beaten her.

    In her past, Bell felt inferior; she felt as if Cyrus Truth would have truly beaten her. However, this was no longer a concern to the champion. He no longer had these feats, truly believing in herself. Believing in her evolution.

    Bell Connelly: But, not me. Not I, not this beast. This void, this nothingness. Everything chaotic. All built up and channeled into this vessel. And its half because I know myself. I know everything about me, I know how to rule me, and that is the very reason why I am Queen. But it isn't the most important part, Cyrus It's because I am A GOD!

    Bell snapped, shouting for a moment, through the silence. She managed to calm herself, capturing that centre she had once found earlier. Reclaiming it, returning to her words given to the other champion.

    Bell Connelly; “A true god, a true deity, not one prayed for. Not one prayed to. Which is why I don't want people to worship me. They don't have to. They know I'm not a God your worship. They know I'm a God you feed. I'm a god you give sacrifices to. I'm a god you can befriend. But it's a little bit too late for that, for you at least. Because you ’ve thrown your life away. You've given your life to glory. Glory or death, Death or Valhalla. .Shannon may be more of a coward than you are because neither of you knows how to complete your mission. She does n’t know what is right. But you, Cyrus You don't know what is wrong. You're a puppet in the land of puppetmasters.Going down the first path that will lead to her.. You, Cyrus are a slave to your ego. And I am the Spartacus Void, the one that would see you freed. I would see the shackles on your mind released. With, or without your approval. I will show you the light, I can promise this. Because it's what you need to see Cyrus...The Truth

    There was a nod of her head, agreeing with her statement.

    Bell Connelly:. I'm sure you're a stubborn one, you don't believe it, not yet. But I do. You and the world expect you to take her I'm going to embarrass you, just like Shannon did, and I’m going to show the world what happens to everyone that wants to take HER away from me.

    Bell sat up straight a bit more, her face still showing no signs of nerves. Her face still absents its happy go lucky exterior. No smile, sinister or otherwise. It was simply all serious business for a Bell Connelly. She was planning on stepping into this ring tonight and taking the gold home. She'd have to prove her mettle at the same time as disproving another. It would be a task, but she was sure she could win. That fog shifted through the room; Bell began a slow turn back toward the camera, her mouth agape with words soon to flow.

    Bell Connelly: "And even after all this, you still are blind to true perception. You're still unable to see why I'm so confident. You fail to see why I believe myself the victor already. And that's where you will fall. See. I can explain this as simple as possible. You see, Cyrus, there's something else going on here. You just haven't realised it yet. You believe me to be weak; because of how many times we’ve done this “We’ve been here before.”

    A sigh escaped Bell's mouth, obviously forced. She'd then shake her head, before laying on her hand. She stared into the camera, already knowing this is what people always said. She didn't even have to know his opponent to know what they would speak on.

    Bell Connelly: Let me take a stab and suggest that you and everyone else feels this way. But let me tell you a secret. This is the beans to spill all the beans. If this were tea, beware, because it's about to be spilt. I'll let you in on it. I'm not what you think I am. I don't need the title. SHE NEEDS ME!: You see, so long ago, I came up with a plan. I had to put myself away. I had to keep myself locked down. Locked within something. But I just didn't know what. You see, I was struggling to come to terms with who it was. There’s something dark in me, Cyrus. There was something far worse than you had ever seen before. I started so many years ago I had felt my foundation crack. I felt my weakness being expunged from my body. Till soon I was none other than something I couldn't recognize.

    . Bell turned away from the camera for a moment, not knowing what she was thinking about. She simply shifted away for a moment, almost blank. Her mind absent, Bell turned back to the camera. It was creepy, for sure.

    Bell Connelly: I was full of apathy. I cared for no one, I would do whatever I wanted. See, you, like everyone else, you know my FWA history. You all do. Fighting Ryan Rondo? Me? This beast? It slipped through, allowing me to taste the power I held back on for so long. At BIB I knew what I was capable of.

    Bell simply drifted off once more in thought It was a passing thought, one which quickly faded as it was created. Bell focused once more on the camera.

    Bell Connelly: I knew what was boiling inside me. And let's be honest, it scared the holy hell out of me. But, I got a grasp on it. I learned to satiate myself, feed myself, one at a time. To keep it at bay. But soon, it wasn't enough, Cyrus. I needed more. I couldn't operate along, something was growing inside me, and once I grabbed my love. I knew I had to let it go, and no one saw to coming! Too caught up in your dramas to see. But, I'm going to pull the wool from over your eyes and SHOW YOU! Over time the prophecy has been fulfilled, it's been broken, this foundation, completely. Finally! "

    What was this? Bell was finally reaching her breaking point in the promo. Finally deciding to show a little bit of emotion. It just all seemed to be aggression. Backed by Bell's confidence, was none more than aggression. In pure Bell fashion, she'd soon continue. But first, she had to make her dramatic showing into the camera. She faces pushed past the fog, past the darkness, to showcase herself. To show the woman behind everything. It was her; it was Bell Connelly. But, now you could see her eyes. There was something different about her. She looked, moved and talked like a girl possessed.. She had proven and shown to the world that there was more than meets the eye. She had to then explain as to why. Bell, still not displaying a smile, would finally open her mouth to speak. Those eyes kept staring into the camera, giving everyone who peered in a hard time.

    Bell Connelly: " All these key things were allowed to bring forth the person you see before you. Scratch that, the beast you see before you. The same beast that won Mile High Massacre, to become the FWA World Heavyweight Champion! Even now, its still about this championship! It’s still all about As this is the SAME BEAST WHO CLAIMED THIS AND MADE IT RELEVANT! WHO TOOK HER AWAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND CYRUS THAT WANTED TO USE HER AS A TOOL, AND INTO THE ARMS OF SOMEONE WHO LOVES HER

    Bell was catching on fire, that aggression angling its ugly head. A confident look appeared on Bell's face, tired of having to tell people all of what she's done. Expecting them to know this, to respect this fact

    Bell Connelly, I am the woman who has at every point, every turn, showed the ability I possess. And I did that at half power. I did that, as Bell Connelly but now I have to once more step forward and do what I need to to keep her safe. Because that's one thing, people seem to forget about me?. Or, maybe it something you WANT to forget..Before FWA, I had no one. I had no one, no friends, no family...NOTHING, because I always knew, she was all I needed, to make myself whole...and you want to take that from me, Cyrus? You think I’m just going to let you break my heart again? For years... I heard it back in the locker room for. People whispering. How. How did Bell Connelly beat me? Her? That weird girl? That crazy girl?” Ohh, yes. I've heard it all. I've heard the whispers of hate, I've heard the whispers of people who would dare condemn me. Rocks, stones, glass houses, and all that. But, I didn't it bother me. Because I knew, that I had no one. I knew, that I had the beast I saw, what you did not. And because of it, Cyrus, Just know I know, that without a shadow of a doubt, I will win this, I will keep her safe.

    Anybody could see the fuming of Bell, which was building to the top. Soon, there would be nothing to contain his outburst.

    Bell Connelly: Because YOU .. are INSIGNIFICANT! YOU'RE AN ANT! SOMETHING I STEP ON AND KEEP MOVING after that! You hide behind a mask, and I can relate because I once used to hide behind a mask. The pain is much easier to contain when it's on the other side of that layer. But, let me explain something to you, Cyrus. I have much more pain deep buried within me than you will ever realize. You are nothing. You are not harder. You’re not battle-worn. You don't know true loss. I HAVE LOST THINGS YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND.I HAVE CRIED TILL THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT! THERE'S NOTHING ELSE YOU CAN TAKE FROM ME, AND THAT'S WHAT YOU AND SHANNON DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND! I CAN SHOOT MYSELF IN THE HEAD RIGHT NOW, AND STILL, YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! STILL YOU DON'T COMPARE! YOU DON'T MEASURE UP! BECAUSE YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN SOMEONE THAT WANTS A TOY BACK. This is it. You're done. Your legacy, your mask, It will all cease to exist. Before your very eyes, as I take it. Take it, merging it with my own. Leaving you, in line with so many others. Waiting for your turn to ask. Why? Why did Bell beat me? How? How did Bell Connelly beat me? That weird girl?? .. And then you'll finally realize. .. Bell isn't a woman at all.. She’s a Queen

    She shouted once more, her eyes widening up to stare into the lenses of the camera.

    Bell Connelly: And then, you'll do just like you should. Just like all those others will, without knowing why. You'll bend the knee, Go on, you know how. You do it every night for a false God...your ego, now it's time for you to realize there's a much new and better improvement. So go on, Cyrus. Bow Bitch.

    Bell would sit back on her chair, seemingly back into that absent gaze. Finally, the fog would engulf her once more. Only this time, it fully covered her entirely, shadowing Bell before the camera faded off to black.
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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    The Destruction Seduction - The Story of Creation

    Viktor Maximus and Phillip A. Jackson are standing backstage just outside Gorilla. Jackson is not wrestling so he is wearing a suit with sunglasses. The Destruction is ready in his ring gear. The pair are just waiting backstage quietly.

    How did I get here? My debut match in FWA. It has come along so quickly. Last week I was whisked away on a plane to London. I knew why but the day came quicker than we thought. The Project arrived. My moment in the sun. A chance Ill never get again. I am stood side by side with a legend. The man who bought me here. I don’t know why he chose me, but I am grateful. My story is long but I am finally at the best part.

    Я - проект (The Project) Part 1 - Mr. Jackson’s Arrival.

    It was November 2017. I remember it well. A car pulls up in a car park outside. Mr Jackson’s car. You can’t mistake his car here. He has a lavish sports car from all his success. Here we all have modest cars, compacts mostly. We get by here. Mr Jackson makes sure of that but he never came by. Something was happening. The guys all pretended not to notice. We all got our heads down and we focused on our job. This was Mr. Jackson’s wrestling academy after all. If he saw us not working he would not be happy.

    We carried on in our routine. Sparring, weights, cardio, wrestling psychology. It was a rigorous training. Our trainers worked us until we puked some days. For me, it was worth it. We had many men dropout because this was an academy for the best. Mr Jackson didn’t settle. That’s why I knew it was worth it. We saw him enter but we had not seen him since we all saw his car outside. It had been about an hour. We are about to pair off. People do not like to pair off with me. I am seven foot 1. I am a big man and many of the men who train here do not like to train with me because of my size but I carry on. Then we hear it…

    …The sound of footsteps heading towards us. There were 2 sets. Everyone else who is in the building is in the gym, The only people not in the gym are the head trainer and Mr Jackson. There was a hushed silence growing as the footsteps came closer and closer, louder and louder. Then, there he was. The man who is helping me achieve my dream to be more than just a strongman. A multiple time world champion who deserves it all. He was only stood in the doorway but it felt like he was in the centre of the room. He was one of the smallest men there but he was a giant, even to me. Me and Gregory, who I was training with, were smart. ‘Let’s keeping working, everyone else will look like an idiot then’

    We got our heads down and we worked on our drills. I managed to get a quick look as we did some grappling drills, some of them just stared at the doorway with their jaws almost to the floor. This was a great honour for us. The silence was deafening and is my most vivid memory of my time at the Academy. The head trainer quickly spoke up.

    ‘And as you can see we have the state of the art gym, where we train our prospects to the highest standards. Some of the men here have been in the business a couple of years but a lot of them are very green. We will have them trained up to standard. If you would like I can introduce you to some of the wrestlers, who are hard at work.’

    Some of the men got the hint and continued. Jackson looked around at everything. He assess every inch of the room yet somehow didn’t manage to make eye contact with the dozens of pairs of eyes that were still staring at him. Jackson smiles and he walks into the room, as he enters into the gym we see him holding folders under his arm. They looked like the folders for our training. He doesn’t introduce himself to the wrestlers but he watches. He watches everyone, he checks equipment and he speaks briefly to some of the trainers away from us. I only know this because I was resting between drills. Through the sweat and the fatigue I thought I was hallucinating because Mr Jackson walked right over to me.

    ‘Stand up for me’

    I managed to will myself up to my feet and I towered over him. He looked me up and down. He whispered something to the head trainer and received an answer he seemed to be content with.

    ‘What is your name?’

    I struggled to answer. I was in shock.


    Jackson laughs out of embarrassment

    ‘You don't need to be nervous around me. This isn’t a test’

    ‘It is Vik, sir’

    ‘Please call me Phillip, Vik.’

    ‘Ok, Phillip.’

    Jackson offered his hand. He wanted to shake my hand. I was shaking. I was nervous, excited, I don’t know but I managed to do it.

    ‘How tall are you? and where are you from?’

    ‘I am Seven Foot One and I am from Grozny, it is in Russia’

    Jackson opens up a file under his arm and runs his finger over a couple of lines in the folder.


    Jackson looks up at Viktor.

    ‘What is your story?’

    ‘Well I used to work for my father on a farm outside Grozny. I lived a simple life until I grew stronger and stronger. I did strongman contests and won them but I wanted to be a wrestler, so I started training. I fought in Russia for 2 years before I came here.’

    ‘So a man from a humble background, interesting.’

    With that Mr. Jackson, I mean Phillip, left hastily. I was unsure what it was about. Phillip went around and spoke to a few other men who were training and apparently did the same thing to them. I didn’t see Phillip again for a few months. At this point in time I didn’t know what was happening. I had assumed that it was just Phillip checking in but when I next saw Phillip, my world changed but that is a tale that is for another day. This tale was for me. This was not about Phillip. This was my part one.

    - Viktor, Я - проект (The Project)

    ‘Are you ready to unleash the project?’


    Jackson smirks.

    ‘Be. The. Destruction and we cannot fail. Let’s show them.’

    The pair fist pump. Jackson playfully pretends that it hurt his hand. Jackson smiles and the pair get ready to enter the arena with Jackson hyping up Viktor.

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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    (The Scene opens up as Deception is shown his standing is darkness a lightning strike hits flashing half his face as he speaks his voice deep his heart heavy as he talks.)

    Deception: Justice I want it.

    Justice that is in the form of the X Championship that should be around my waist that should be mine. Yet here I stand once again having it taken having it stolen from me because of another man. Travis Morgan you stole my chance stole my shot and for that you will pay the ultimate price the pound of flesh that justice calls for. Do you hear lady liberty? She sings a sad somber song as tears run down her face because you did her wrong you stopped her call of duty and you will fall.

    (The scene changes as we see him walking in the snow on a rooftop. The city below him is silent the lights shine from the streets the buildings as the stars shine bright. Deception looks down pondering.)

    Deception: I can go on and on but honestly I want my actions to speak louder then any words I can say. I am going to do to you shouldn't be spoken shouldn't even be witness but it will and with that let it be a warning to any man any woman who thinks that they can take what belongs to liberty and where justice for all will be made by my hands I don't care who you are if your Wolf, Penny, Randall, Gruber, Thunder or even Galloway you are just another face in the crowd another agent of chaos that I will place these hands on and I will take what is mine the X Championship. I will not stop this obession because it is eating me alive and I will take what I want when I want it so let this be the warning and do not let it fall on deaf ears.

    (Deception looks up his mask starting to have water drip down it from the snow. He lifts his head up lets the mask off letting it fall to the floor. We see it hit the snow as his hood covers his face. He leans towards the edge of the building rocking back and forth with no care over the edge.)

    Deception: I am sick of repeating myself. I feel like I come out here week after week time after time giving the best that I have and finding out that no matter how hard I try no matter how far I am willing to go it is within finger tips of my reach just to watch it get taken from my grasp first it was myself getting in my own way becoming obsessed with helping Penny then it was Randall then it was Wrath, Gruber, the list goes on and on.

    (Deception jumps and there is a moment of silence before a loud crash. We look down to see that he landed on the fire escape. The camera pans down below as we see him break into his apartment. He sits on a chair pulls out a cig smoking it as he takes a few breaths.)

    (He gets up pulls out a bottle of jack pours a glass and takes a drink before saying screw it and drinks from the bottle. He takes the glass and tosses it against the wall his temper changing.)

    Deception: Morgan look into these eyes this isn't that same man this is a man with a blackheart a angel with broken wings and he is falling from the skies and he is burning but he isn't going to fall and crash because this is not who I am and this is not what I will be. The truth is things don't always turn out your way and you get knocked down and you brush it off and I am gonna keep fighting and keep going until I take my last breath and in my arms I will clinch the X Championship mark my words so help me.

    (He moves towards the door walking out. He slams the door shut as he goes off.)


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 28

    "Chipping Away"

    *Tink, tink, tink, tink...*

    Our scene opens deep underground, in a long and expansive mine shaft. A tunnel carved from deep, dark red rock illuminated by a series of somewhat dimmed overhead lights. While there's electrical lines and signs that this shaft isn't ancient by any means, you can tell from the accumulation of dust and the somewhat dilapidated state of tools and various other implements that this isn't a well-loved or well-maintained mine.

    Still, it seems to be inhabited by someone due to the sound of metal chipping at rock as the camera pans to see a sole miner meticulously pecking at the wall of stone with a pickaxe. The miner is an androgynous figure wearing thick goggles and having a short-cropped head of blondish/brownish hair, and it's impossible to tell much about this figure's gender, but they have a very focused expression on their face as they seem singularly focused on the task at hand. The miner wipes the sweat from their brow and returns to their work as the camera catches a glimpse of a shadowy figure leaning against the wall just a few yards behind them.

    As the figure comes into focus, we come to see that it's Cyrus Truth, dressed in his normal ring gear with his overcoat. His expression? One of contemplation. After defeating Mike Parr at the finals of the Tag League Tournament and being awarded a World Title match against Bell Connelly. You can tell from the way Cyrus's brow is furrowed and the way his jaw is clenched that he's got a lot on his mind. While this wasn't the match against Shannon O'Neil that he has been wanting for weeks, getting another shot at the World Title is something Cyrus most certainly isn't going to say "no" to, even if it's a bit surprising that FWA would grant him such an opportunity.

    But all of that is undercut by the fact that Cyrus's opponent has, apparently, snapped and lost her damn mind...not unlike what Cyrus had said would happen. And as the sound of that pickaxe keeps echoing throughout the tunnel, Cyrus begins to speak...not boastful, not fiery, but with purpose and authority.

    "The basic principle of the Long and Winding Road is that to attain great rewards, one must undergo a journey. There are many paths, but only one Road. And the Road is full of twists, turns, dangers, and hardships. It is by navigating the Road that we as travelers become something more than sacks of bones and flesh...and we achieve what it is we truly desire. When I speak of The Struggle, I speak of the Long and Winding Road. It's not a philosophy that's hard or difficult to understand, and in pro wrestling you hear from a lot of people about how much they're willing to struggle and grind for the glory we all seek. And for some of them, they take that least for a while.

    "However, I don't call it 'The Struggle' just because it sounds cool. It is a struggle, a harrowing and daunting task to dedicate yourself to not only facing hardships, but actively seek them out to prove your mettle. Humans are such...soft creatures at their core. We as a species naturally try to find the easy solution to whatever problems we come across. But the problem with that sort of 'practicality' is that you never really get to face yourself by simply taking the easy way out. It's by embracing The Struggle that we learn what our limits are...learn how to surpass them and truly become legends. The rewards at Journey's End are great and many...but nobody ever achieves them by taking a shortcut on the Road."

    The miner hasn't paid any heed to Cyrus as he fact, it seems like Cyrus isn't really there at all. The sound of the pickaxe echoes, as does the miner's grunts and groans. But Cyrus's voice? Not even a single reverberation outside of the sound of his own voice. Cyrus leans against the wall, looming like a shadow.

    "People want to talk about how I got the World Title in the first place by cutting in line at Carnal Contendership. And it seems that that hasn't been a solitary incident as this new tournament seems to be trying to correct. Now, I applaud FWA for doing something resembling a good decision with this Grand Prix, there is something I need to point out. While I earned a World Title shot in my first FWA match, I earned that opportunity with all the hardships in all the federations before that I have endured, have met, and have surpassed. I have faced continents' worth of challengers and warriors, have spilled blood in rings across the world, and will continue to do so time and time again to prove my greatness. And since coming to FWA, I have continued to embrace The Struggle, wanting to fight worthy opposition time and time again in worthwhile contests, so that when I claim to be the very best, I can do so without even a moment's hesitation or doubt. It's an aspiration many others claim they want...and for a while, many of them act as such. But the human soul is weak if it's not steeled with principle, and more often than not it can be worn thin."

    We pan back to the miner as they start to show signs of fatigue, sweating more and more as the sounds of the pickaxe start be more spaced out. Exhaustion is evident on this miner's face, but after taking a break to breath and get a drink of water from a hip flask, they continue their work.

    "The experts talk about the physical demands of pro wrestling, but it's the mental strain that really makes people break. To go and fight night after night, against an oncoming tide of challengers, sometimes without seeing any sort of progress towards your aspirations, and to stumble from time to time and feel like your progress is stopped or even get thrown into can wear on you if you let it. The accolades I have earned are as a result of over 10 years of hardships, having bones broken and my spirit tested by setbacks. So too have many of my peers. But they aren't where I am...and not because of any injury. It's because at a certain point, they let those setbacks grind away their hopes and aspirations to the point that they didn't see the point in struggling.

    "Others didn't give up right away. But they started to falter when those who walked a lower road cropped up and started taking the things they sought by stealing, by lying, by cheating. And if the Struggle didn't grind away hope, then watching as less worthy warriors steal what you worked so hard to achieve. Thoughts start to creep in. 'What's the point of trying? Why should I have to work so hard when this asshole can just swoop in and steal it from other me? Why bother?' It doesn't take much for some to decide that they can achieve what they want by the same underhanded way, and become just as scummy as those they despised. But again...not all fall that way...but perhaps in another."

    The miner strikes the rock again, but apparently hits a really hard stone that shakes the pickaxe out of their hands. They loudly curse and kick a rock next to them, stubbing their toe and yelping in pain. They spit angrily as they massage their foot, sitting down and taking a rest as they look positively frustrated.

    "What most of my peers seem to think is that hope is something that can be given to them. That it's something they can find, or buy, or steal. But they're wrong. So very wrong. Hope is something that comes from within. When hope is gone, you can't just be given it. You have to stand and fight your sorrow, and beat back despair. If you're waiting to be given hope when all is lost, then you will be left wanting. The Road gives what you give to it, and nothing more. If you want hope, you'd best be willing to fight and die for it. But even if you're willing to fight for it, sometimes even that's not enough...especially when greed starts to seep in."

    The miner has resumed his work as the sounds of the pickaxe's "tink, tink" resume. Cyrus, as if he knows what's coming next, stands up and walks up behind the miner, staring over his shoulder with a solemn look in his eyes.

    "You know what I'm talking about, don't you Bell? This is the story of a girl you know all too well. A girl who had dreams and aspirations to achieve greatness and be a shiny beacon of hope and joy in a sea of despair that pro wrestling often finds itself in. A girl who got on a roll and became beloved and decorated and was tapped as the next leader to bring FWA to a new era...but failed. And failed and failed again. The girl got on such a roll that when she stumbled, she continued to stumble. And her heart grew dark as hope was lost and despair creeped in. The girl couldn't find hope, and wasn't strong enough to fight for it. She fought, most certainly...but not to restore her own hope. She lashed out in anger, in frustration. Why was this happening to her? Why did she fail? Why her? She fought so hard, and was rolling without much why now must she struggle so much? This shouldn't have happened to her...she didn't DESERVE to have this happen to her. How many times have you said that to yourself over the last year, Bell? How much time have you spent wallowing in despair over having your entire world crash around you? More much did you feel sorry for yourself that you had to walk through the darkness?

    "You know you could've come out of this stronger. Could've come out better. But you weren't able to fight for your hope...or perhaps not willing to. You wanted so badly for somebody to give you your hope back, but were incapable of fighting for it. Instead, you fought and lashed out in anger and fear, forsaking your pride and your principles just to feel something other than that creeping, crawling despair. FWA didn't do you any favors, but they didn't do me any either...and yet I still stand the same as I was. The Road does not forgive those who are unwilling to stand and fight against the obstacles and terrors that stand against them. And The Road doesn't forget those who sacrifice their principles for accolades."

    The miner feverishly picks up their pace as they seem to have found something. Cyrus looks bemused as he watches this worker get more and more excited...almost to the point of madness.

    "But like others before you, Bell? You still managed to find the 'glory' you sought when you achieved the prize you worked SO HARD for. I imagine it was a moment of great personal joy for you, one that had escaped you for the better part of a year. The feeling of euphoria, the culmination of all your suffering...I imagine it felt like everything was right in the world. At least for a moment, anyway..."

    There's a soft "crack" in the rock as the miner's eyes widen as a very precious, very valuable emerald falls out from the wall onto the mine floor. The miner scrambles to pick it up and holds it in their dusty, dirty hands. They marvel at it, lovingly and longingly...but then their expression changes as panic creeps into their eyes as Cyrus whispers into their ear. It's not that he's telling the miner anything or trying to convince them of anything...rather, he's giving voice to what's racing through this miner's mind.

    "You finally have it. You finally have the treasure. It's so pretty, so shiny...but now everybody will want it. But they shouldn't have it! It's not theirs, it's yours! They didn't earn it. They didn't suffer like you did. You can't stay here. You can't focus on anything other than your treasure. You have to run. You have to flee! You have to do whatever it takes to keep this treasure. Because it is yours...YOURS."

    The miner's eyes narrow as their expression darkens. They let the pickaxe drop to the ground as they turn and run out past Cyrus, not paying any attention to The Exile as he disappears into the darkness of the tunnel, gibbering incoherently. Cyrus sighs as he looks as the pickaxe on the ground.

    "Was it worth becoming everything you ever accused me of just to keep that shiny golden bauble, Bell? To sacrifice your self-righteousness out of fear? To become the same sort of backbiter that you once disparaged? I'm not mad at what you've become. I am not even surprised. I'm just utterly disappointed that it was so easy. I thought you would've been made of sterner stuff than this. All that talk about being a role model, a champion worthy of the title...what a load of shit that was. You get knocked around a little bit, have your principles tested, and you crack. You struggle a bit and let that struggle tear you apart instead of using it to make you stronger! And now you have a shiny golden bauble. what? What challenges will you pursue? What glory will you seek next? Based on what you did to Shannon, I think that answer is obvious...NOTHING. You will seek no further challenges. You will pursue no further glory. Because you have the prize, and you think that makes you somebody special. And you're scared as hell to lose it. And you know what's truly sad? You know what is so utterly disappointing? That title you wear is NOTHING compared to the real rewards at Journey's End. Titles are fleeting. Glory is forever, and it is glory that you were SO CLOSE to truly achieving. But you have abandoned the Road, forsaken the Struggle, and have SETTLED for a bauble and calling yourself a champion. And that's all you've done, Bell...settled instead of struggled."

    Cyrus uses his foot to toss the pickaxe up in the air. In one deft movement, he grabs it out of the air with his left hand and swings it into the wall. It shudders and creates a huge crack in the wall that collapses, revealing a cavern. Cyrus shoulders the pickaxe and cracks his neck.

    "Care to see what you were so close to achieving? What you decided to forsake just because you got a new little toy that makes you feel special? Come and follow me...and see the difference between your treasure and the rewards that I strive for."

    Cyrus enters the crack as the camera follows him...and once they emerge from the hole, the camera pans over Cyrus's shoulder and captures the inside of a massive, completely open cavern with a hole in the roof letting sunlight in. The rays of light reflect on various stone stalagmites...and refract in a prismatic spray as it becomes obvious that this cavern has hundreds of uncut gemstones and precious metals. There is far more treasure here than that single emerald was worth...and that miner was so close to claiming it before giving up on their work.

    Cyrus gazes at this bounty with a look of mild satisfaction...but only mild. For The Exile, even this reward seems to be only a small stepping stone towards a greater reward.

    "Bell, you've let fear keep you static. And the only way to get over that fear is to face it head-first. So allow me to make you face that fear. On Fight Night, you're going to lose that title belt. Your meager treasure will be taken away and you will once again be left with nothing. And in that nothingness, you'll have to choose whether to wallow in despair or get on your feet and rage against your sorrow. You and I both know that there's no chance you'll win. You've tried time and again to beat me, and as you are now you're far less than what you were. For sixteen warriors, the Grand Prix is their path to glory and greatness at Back in Business. My path is through you and reclaiming the World Title. Different paths, same Road. And unlike you? I won't settle for being champion again. I will continue to stand and struggle and earn glories that the likes of you would forsake because you're too terrified of the challenge! For two years, the goal I've had in FWA has not faltered! I will stand. I will fight! I will prove my greatness to the world and ensure that my name is remembered not just for today, not just for tomorrow, but for decades and centuries to come! FWA has failed you, as they have so many others...but you have failed yourself, and so? You must be dealt with. For the scum, the forlorn, and the cowards...for you, Bell? This is my message: no longer will I tolerate this weakness in my presence. No longer will those like you besmirch this sport that I have dedicated myself to and sacrifice so much for. I've said before that I don't need the World Title to prove my greatness. But I will take it nonetheless and restore it back to the glory I tried to bring it to nearly a year ago. I hope and pray that you can find your way back onto the Road and work towards redeeming yourself. But if not...well, let's face it. You won't survive long enough to regret it."

    Cyrus takes a moment to bask in the splendor of this gem-encrusted cavern, but there's a look of fire in his eyes. Bell's actions have thoroughly disgusted him, having given up her pride out of paranoia and fear of loss. It's clear what The Exile's goal is for Fight Night: reclaim the belt, bring Bell down, and march ever forward to Back in Business once again as World Heavyweight Champion. And the Master of the Struggle is ready and willing to fight forever for the sake of glory...

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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    This is it.

    The scene opens in a mental hospital with loud echoing screams filling the place. Repeated thuds against the steel doors can be heard. Standing in the middle of a hall way is X Champion Tristan James Galloway, wearing a black vest buttoned up with the heavily weathered fedora. The X Division championship is strapped around his waist. As Galloway stands in the middle of the hallway, various patients stagger around him acting very erratic.

    It’s the beginning of the my descent into madness. I took a risk. I shoved my chips to the center of the table, I gambled with success. I was all in… and I failed.

    Tristan lowers his head in disappointment. The sorrow is written on his face as he closes his eyes, inhaling deeply. Galloway’s raises his head and faces the camera.

    I am a bit dejected.. who wouldn’t be? It was an opportunity of the a life time. The chance to hold two championships simultaneously. Only a select few have done and can successful do it. I know I could be one of those men… but my body gave out on me even if my heart kept going.

    Tristan shuffles through the hallway. He stops in front of the door of a man who is launching himself into the door repeatedly. Galloway looks at the man, who becomes enraged at Galloway’s attention being placed on him.

    The idea is maddening. Perhaps, I will end up like this poor soul here. How could I not? Despite all the punishment I endured, despite the fight I gave to WOLF, and despite hitting the Shattered Symphony and was a second away from three before Agent Orange pulled the referee out of the ring, I could not answer the referee’s ten count on the outside. Everything I worked for, everything I proclaimed I could be dashed in a single second.

    The patient rams his head into the window of the door. After a few more head butts, the man’s skull opens up with blood covering the window. Three large nurses come running down the hallway, they rush in opening the door, giving the man a sedative.

    Because of this setback, I could very well lose my fire, the very passion that inspired me to become a professional wrestler. The drive that allowed me to become the X Champion; gone. I’ll take my eye off of the ball and become absent minded, causing me to lose the very title I hold. I’ll be regulated to the opening match- maybe even a pre-show. Maybe I’ll fall into the dark match before plummeting into the plane of obscurity.


    Tristan finds the entrance to the hospital, opening the double doors when he’s hit with a gust of wind being blowing into the facility. TJG marches through the storm into the court yard of the hospital.

    Left to feel inferior in comparison to WOLF and succumbing to the idea that I believed I could swim in the deep end of the pool. When all actuality, I was struggling to stay afloat and the shallow end is more suitable for a swimmer of ability. I was no match for WOLF. I never was. I couldn’t beat someone like him, Mike Parr, Bell Connelly, or a Cyrus Truth. The Jimmy Kings, Zako Wrath, and Hanz Grubers are the only men I’m capable of hanging with. Silly little Tristan with my wild imagination. I’m nothing more than a child pretending to be superman. It was an impossible task. One I could never complete.

    Eventually, the storm subsides. The clouds begin to part with rays of the sun shining through. Slowly, but surly the clouds part and the sun shines brighter.

    I could wallow in self pity and allow doubt to rule me. I can let the sting of the defeat I felt carry on and hinder me from here on out until it gets to be too much, or I can stand up and do what I have done since I started my career here in FWA. I pick myself up, knock the dust off, and resume my march forward. Because I will back slide. I can not allow this failure to define me. I will not be placed into the box WOLF has made for me. Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, could not make his high school team until his senior year. He didn’t let failure deter him. It made him stronger, it help sharpen his skills and become a better player. He practiced every day just to make the team. His work ethic carried him to six championship in his NBA career even when he took a couple of years off. The North American title still alludes me, but I will still give chase until it’s solely in my clutches.

    Eyesnsane, you may believe this would be your moment to capitalize. Where I failed at the World Tag League Finals, you earned the number one contendership to my X Division championship. You’re resume is impressive. You’re a former North American champion as well as Tag Team champion. The latter being even more impressive considering you did it all by yourself. Taking those accolades into consideration, you are a worthy opponent and more than capable of forcing this title (holds up the X title) away from me. This is the perfect scenario for you, but in the immortal words of Andre Benjamin, “you can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather”

    And much like my bid for the North American title, not all well laid plans go according to plan. This golden opportunity is nothing more than fool’s gold for you, Eyesnsane. Because despite losing to WOLF for the North American championship, the X title still belongs to me. You want to make the X Division championship great again? How can you make it great again when it’s already great?

    I have fought tooth and nail week in and week out to keep this championship and raise the profile of the X Division. For a long time, this was considered to be a lower tier championship for individuals who were not quite up to snuff with the rest of the roster or title designed to excuse the use of weapons at your whim. Now, it’s Tristan James Galloway. It’s my championship. It’s a true fighter’s championship. It’s a title for men who do not let setbacks deter them. It’s a title for men who dare to be great despite what others may think. It’s a title where you when you get knocked down, you get up and keep fighting no matter how bad you’re hurting or wanting to give up. You suck it up and keep pushing forward until the bell sounds and referee is raising your hands in victory. It takes a winner to hold this championship. I have worn this title for five months, and I have worn it proudly. I have carried this championship with dignity and prestige. In my performance against WOLF, even in defeat, I have raised the profile of the X Division championship.

    I reiterate: the X Division championship is Tristan James Galloway.

    It’s mine, and it will continue to be mine.

    You’re a worthy challenger, Eyesnsane. You’ve got all the credentials to prove it, but your mind is elsewhere. You’ve got an orphanage and ring of prostitutes to look after. What a conundrum you find yourself in, Mr. Hughes. You’re helping orphans and you’re helping prostitutes.. You want to look after the children who are without parental figures; metaphorically and literally. A misguided endeavor much like your bid to become the X champion. A setback will not be turned into an avalanche of despair. I will not lose to misguided and confused man like you, James Hughes. I will retain the X championship and I will resume my quest to become the North American champion. Starting by beating you, for all you will hear will be the tune of the shattered symphony.

    Tristan tips his hat as he leaves the court yard.

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    Re: Fight Night - 8 March 2018 Promo Thread

    Haggs Castle Golf CourseGlasgow, Scotland

    Eyesnsane is wearing a traditional kilt and white shirt with a caramel colored leather jacket. Standing next to a golf cart we see him talking to Peyton Manning while Emmitt Smith is at the tee and about to take his swing.

    Peyton: Thanks for the invite it’s pretty nice to get some golf in out here.

    Eyesnsane: No problem Peyton Manning, how has life been since retirement?

    Peyton: Oh well you know, I pretty much take it one day at a time. Still watch football and of course FWA events. I mean I have the time in between making these sandwiches, you know the ones I make with the…

    Eyesnsane: Yes Peyton Manning I know about the sandwiches, they do taste good but not three times a day.

    Peyton: Oh.

    Eyesnsane: Looks like it's your turn now former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

    Peyton gets a club from the golf cart and heads to the tee as Emmett walks over to where Eyesnsne is standing.

    Emmett: So, I’m just going to ask. Why the kilt man?

    Eyesnsane: Because I’m here experiencing a great country and their customs and their game a game they literally created. I think it’s just the proper respect due. I call it being in the here and now. You know in a short amount of time I will be fighting the man who currently holds the FWA X division title.

    Emmett: Really? I just would think you would be preparing for that kind of a fight.

    Eyesnsane: The key is staying ready for a fight at all times. Sure I takes days off and have moments. For example I have been focused these past few weeks on working my way to getting this shot at the X division title. First and foremost while its been in his possession he has let it take a backseat to his wanting to get the North American title. I mean I get it, I can understand wanting to win that title many a great FWA superstars have won that title, myself included.
    Eyesnsane folds his arms in front of himself on this bright and sunny day without a cloud in the sky as his kilt waves a bit as the breeze blows.
    My focus has been on and all about the X division title. You know to that extent I don’t get guy like TJG. He down talks the tag team titles and takes the one he’s holding for granted to chase another one. Maybe he just has not learned to value titles, maybe being a tag team champion once, twice or even four times is no big deal to him. Maybe a man like me who held those tag team titles by himself for more than half a year beating team after team means nothing to him. I won’t reference the Young Lion’s title because that was before his time and he does not strike me as one who learns from the honored tradition and history of this company.

    Some of the all time greats have held with great prestige the X division title. People like Alexx and Devin Golden. Wrestlers like Moira Crawford and Lieutenant Wyoming, Ryan Rondo, and Darnell Porter and all of them were great champions and the kinds of champions that allowed the full representation of the X division. I mean this is an FWA title one of only a few and one that has been only held by a few in this company. Frankly I am on a mission to restore the X division title to its lost glory. It’s what the title, the fans and all those who held it before deserve. The X division title is not just some consolation prize like it has been under the reign of Galloway.

    Peyton comes back to where they are standing listening to Eyesnsane as he is speaking.

    Peyton: I thought you were enjoying retirement. Last we talked over sandwiches you seemed to be pretty happy and you had found fulfillment in your charity work.

    Emmett: Maybe but look in that man’s eyes. I can still see that fire and besides since he’s been back while he may not look as dominant as he was in previous runs he certainly has still been able to hold his own.

    Eyesnsane: Now look here and listen both of you former NFL players turned all time great retirees. I am Eyesnsane and yes I thought it was time to retire and walk away from wrestling forever, but one day after practicing my kung fu.

    Peyton: Now Emmett you had never better interrupt his kung fu.

    Emmett: Oh I know, never interrupt Eyesnsane’s kung fu.

    Eyesnsane: Now wait a minute and listen former NFL players and hall of fame legends. You should also not interrupt Eyesnsane while he is explaining how destiny has decided that he is meant to be the next and new X division champion. You see this is my shot at finally winning this title. Have I defeated people who have had this title, yes. Have I defeated people when they were holding this title in non title matches and once again that answer is yes.

    Now with everything I have seen and heard Triston’s mind has been on trying to beat Wolf and trust me I can really understand trying to beat that old smoke stack. Now aside from all of that the matter at hand is what it is. I have to step into the ring with one of the best of the best of new wrestlers to walk through the doors of FWA. He is good and he is who he is but I am Eyesnsane, I am “The Eye in Team”, I am the Young Lion of the FWA and the man who ended the Drew Stevenson reign. I am no joke and I am back and ready to prove not only that I still have what it takes to compete at the highest levels in this business. Sure I could not stay away and sure I really was not ready to leave it all behind and yes, I've even had an orphan or two question whether I could still wrestle or not.

    Both Emmett and Peyton look at each other with a puzzled look on their faces and then back at Eyesnsane.

    Eyesnsane: It’s not pride. It’s not ego. I still can and Mr. Smith here is right there is still that fire to compete burning just as strong as it ever has and time off did nothing to make it go away. I filled my days with charity work, kung fu of course and refining my cooking skills. Also there was a healthy amount of Jack Daniels. At the end of the day it left me wanting something else, it left me feeling as if something has been missing. Now have I looked as close to the top as I was when I left? Well maybe not but I’ve been slowly but surely getting that groove, that rhythm back and now after having gone through challenges these past few weeks where I have proved I could still achieve greatness I stand on the cusp gentlemen.

    Eyesnsane unfolds his arms and walks to a nearby golf bag and retrieves a ball and a driver before he resumes speaking to his friends.

    Eyesnsane: maybe it’s a bit personal for me. But I can’t deny that winning the X division title has eluded me. I joined FWA in 2009 and since then this makes literally the second time that I have earned the right to fight for a chance to take the title. The first time did not go as I would have liked and I watched an opportunity slip away. Have I had success sure I have and I don’t have some checklist in my mind of things to do.

    The fact remains that I am in the position right now of being a role model to orphans and disadvantaged women. I’m sure you two can relate to being role models. So the larger part of what I am going out there to do in that fight is to prove to them all that if you put your mind to it and you work hard that you can achieve anything and especially if you add positive visualization techniques as well. You have to say it, believe, and see it and if you do, then the next logical thing is for you to be able to do it.

    Eyesnsane walks over to the green as they follow behind him while keeping their distance. Eyesnsane bends at the knees and places the tee into the ground and then places the ball on it before standing back up.

    Eyesnsane: All that aside, Triston is going to be my biggest challenge since returning to the FWA and I am going out there with the intent to prove to you , the orphans and the entire world that I’m back and that I’ve not lost a step and that the ring rust is all gone, while also returning not just the X division title but the division itself back to the single most exciting part of the whole show that keeps all of our great fans on the edge of their seats and waiting to see what’s going to happen next because at the end of the day it’s what we owe them.

    Eyensane looks down the fairway and at the pin, seeing the flag slightly move to the left as he stands in place. He alternates between looking down and looking up as he slowly swings the club back once as if he is going to take a full swing. At full speed he swings the club back once more and then hits the ball and the three of them watch as the ball flies toward the green where it bounces just inside the green as it rolls toward the pin and as the ball slows it just stops on the the edge of the cup..

    The SSE Hydro…..

    A black limos pulls up as there are people on the street waiting to get in the event. The limos sits there for a moment as the nearby fans turn their attention to it. After a moment the back door opens and then Eyesnsane steps out already dressed for action with a bullhorn as he climbs up on the trunks and then steps up on the roof of the vehicle. A chant of Eyesnsane starts as he raises the bullhorn to his mouth.

    Eyesnsane: Tonight is a beginning. The beginning of the X division once again becoming the most talked about, and the most followed division in the FWA. There will be thrills, there will be acts of insanity and I’m sure I find something to jump off of and land on my opponent. When I win the X division title right here tonight in Glasgow, I will return it to the forefront of the FWA as it should be. I am going to put the excitement and the crazy back into the X division so everybody hunting for that title better be ready to fight like they never have before. Now can you dig it?

    Eyesnsane makes an “X” with his arms as the crowd of people start chanting, X… X… X!!

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