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    Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush: LIVE


    After the intro video plays and pyrotechnics display ends we hear the voices of Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman as the camera pans over the sold-out crowd in the Tsongas Center.

    Jim Taylor: Good evening fans and welcome to final Adrenaline Rush before the PRIDE pay-per-view. We come to you live from the Tsongas Center in Lowell, Massachusetts! Joining me as always is Tim Coleman, and Tim what a show we have in store for tonight, right?

    Tim Coleman: I think that you may be a little modest about the show tonight, Jim. This is the very first show under the leadership of Dash Carlisle and I'm skeptical about some of the decisions that he's made. I mean, we've got Brayden Bridges in the main event fighting for a shot at the upcoming pay-per-view. The Elite and The Echo joining us on commentary during their respective matches. A sloppily put together match between Fenix and Beast. And let's not forget, the introduction to the Pure Wrestling Division with XYZ taking on Pure Wrestling Champion Krash. I'm just not a fan of the booking.

    Jim Taylor: I honestly feel as though this is one of the strongest Adrenaline Rushes that we've had in a long time. We've got a new leadership and I'm willing to give him a chance. But enough about our personal opinions about the show lets get down to our opening contest.

    "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" by Primus hits to an audible positive reaction from the fans. The CWA Tag-Team Champions rush out on the stage, hyping the fans up with their energy. The Echo make their way to the ring, psyching out fans attempting to touch them.

    Opening Contest
    Non-Title Tag-Team Match
    Apollo Griffin & Prince Ali VS The Echo (Drew and Ethan Connor)

    Lindsay Monohan: The following contest is your Adrenaline Rush opening contest. Introducing first, from Gainesville, Georgia, weighing in at a combined weight of 350 pounds. They are the CWA Undisputed Tag-Team Champions, THE ECHO!!
    Jim Taylor: Well, we were supposed to be joined out here by the number one contenders for the tag-team championship, The Elite, but we've been informed that they have refused.

    Tim Coleman: Can you blame them? The Elite are WRESTLERS. They make that very clear in all of the interviews that they give. Wrestlers don't have time to do commentary, they've gotta prepare themselves for their match. Let the wrestlers wrestle and the commentators commentate.

    The Echo pace slowly back and forth in their corner as they await the arrival of Apollo Griffin & Prince Ali.

    You Can’t Stop Me” By Alan Gold
    plays and the fans anxiously await the arrival of "The Fresh Prince of Brooklyn". The theme continues to play until the scene cuts to the backstage area.

    Medical personnel and security rush to the downed bodies of Apollo Griffin and Prince Ali near the gorilla position.

    Jim Taylor: It looks like Griffin and Ali have been ambushed or attacked on their way to the ring.

    Tim Coleman: I thought these attacks would have stopped with our new management? Looks like we're just getting more of the same.

    As the medical personnel and security attempt to aide Griffin and Ali, Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean inspect the scene as they walk past, shaking their heads at the carnage left.

    Jim Taylor: I'll give you one guess as to who I believe attacked Griffin and Ali?

    Tim Coleman: Ugh...could it have been...THE ECHO?!?! Since when do the CHAMPIONS enter first? IT sounds like a setup to me.

    Stocke and Ocean make their way out onto the stage shaking their heads as the fans in attendance rain down boos upon them. Stocke reaches into the pocket of his pants and slowly pulls out a microphone. He taps it a couple of times before beginning.

    Noah Stocke: We attacked Griffin and Ali. We're not going to even attempt to deny it. We did it. We needed a warm up. We knew none of these fans wanted to see the spot-fest that you tow call wrestling. We're not sorry. You all are welcome.

    Drew and Ethan roll their eyes at Noah's words and audibly begin an "ass-holes" chant that gains heavy momentum and echos throughout the entire arena.

    Jim Taylor: The Echo leading a cult-like chant at their challengers.

    Tim Coleman:
    What're we, in the fourth grade?

    Noah and Trevor look at one another and raise their fingers in the air, mimicking a conductor conducting music as the "ass holes" chants continue. Trevor grabs the mic from Noah and begins.

    Trevor Ocean: Yeah, go ahead. Keep up the chant because everyone knows that swearing is just the coolest, right?
    You two can continue to lead your profanity-ridden chants directed at us but while you do that, make sure to pay close attention to our match later tonight. You'll see what real WRESTLING looks like. Enjoy your
    night off "Echo" because this is the last gift that we're going to give you.

    Trevor drops the mic and him and Noah walk to the back as The Echo stand tall in the ring mouthing off at them as the scene slowly fades out to commercial.

    Backstage Segment

    Backstage we find Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix walking the halls shortly after their match which resulted in The Elite picking up the victory, so to say that Savage and Fenix are upset would be an understatement.

    Jackson Fenix: Can you believe that out there man? Seriously, if it wasn't for The Blacklist stinking up the joint out there we would have had that match in the bag!

    Nate stops and looks at Jackson.

    Nate Savage: You think so, huh?

    Jackson Fenix: I know so! If it would have been just you and I facing The Elite, there's no doubt in my mind that we would have wiped the floor with them!

    Nate Savage: Where was that confidence out in the ring then, huh?

    Jackson Fenix: Yeah...wait, what is that supposed to mean?

    Nate Savage: You seem so confident that we would have won had it been just us and The Elite, yet it wasn't and when we were out there I don't seem to recall this much confidence oozing out of you

    Jackson looks a bit taken aback by this.

    Jackson Fenix: Whoa man, hold the phone now! I was very confident heading into this match, remember our
    pre match interview with that blonde broad Michelle? I had total confidence! If we're questioning one another I've got a question for you, why weren't you so eager to tag me in to the match? Why is that Nate? You don't think I can hang?

    Nate Savage: Maybe I did, so what? Maybe I just wanted to get the job done for the team!

    Jackson Fenix: There's no "I" in team Nate! That's what we are Nate, we are a team!

    Nate Savage: Well maybe I just wanted to get something done out there instead of showboating the whole match like someone else on our team does

    Jackson Fenix: Well excuse me for "oozing confidence" as you put it!

    Nate Savage: Well maybe if you spent a little more time preparing for matches rather than coming up with
    stupid nickname or silly little catchphrases, maybe we would have won!

    Jackson looks upset now but calms himself down and looks at Nate.

    Jackson Fenix: Man, what are we doing?

    Nate Savage: What do you mean?

    Jackson Fenix: This, man, the fighting. It's what they want, they want us at each other throats.

    Nate Savage: Who
    is they?

    Jackson turns to face the camera slowly with a sly smirk.

    Jackson Fenix: The dorks at home watching this right now thinking there's still a rift between us!

    Nate smiles too and the two share a hug, laughing.

    Nate Savage: We totally had them there!

    Jackson Fenix: Oh yeah man!

    He turns back to the camera.

    Jackson Fenix: There's no drama between us! None, zilch, nada! We just worked you basement dwelling geeks at home! Though one thing that wasn't a work was the fact that The Blacklist was the weak link in this match, and really
    if wasn't for them we would have totally annihilated The Elite!

    Nate Savage: Right you are my friend, The Elite got lucky but if it was just us and them then they would not have stood a chance!

    Jackson Fenix: Technically, we didn't even really lose if that dumb broad Luna Cross is the one that ate the pin! So The Elite can brag all they want, but they technically didn't beat us. The two best things going in this business today, my man "Nasty" Nate and me, The Bee's Knees and The Cat's Pajamas...the True Elite of CWA!

    Just then Michelle Kelly walks up to them.

    Michelle Kelly: Jackson, Nate, excuse me for interrupting but I just thought you would like to know that I received word from Dash Carlisle's office that next week it'll be you Jackson facing The Beast

    Jackson's face goes a bit pale at this news.

    Jackson Fenix: That isn't fair, that isn't right! He can't be just throwing me in a match like that with that monster!

    Nate pats Jackson on the shoulder, calming him down and turns to Michelle.

    Nate Savage: Way to ruin our good moment Michelle! Come on Jackie boy, you got this man, you got this!

    off leaving Michelle alone, who rolls her eyes and shrugs.

    Match 2
    Singles Match
    Jackson Fenix w/Nate Savage VS
    Beast w/Belle

    Fresh from commercials, we re-join Tim Coleman and Jim Taylor at the announce desk, ready to continue the show, even if Jim has to quickly elbow Tim to get him off Tinder. The esteemed color commentator mutters an incomprehensible excuse, before rejoining the show.

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Last week, we witnessed the debut of one of the most destructive men we’ve seen in CWA for a long time, as the man known only as ‘Beast’, accompanied by his manager, Belle, arrived, and immediately made everyone take notice.

    Tim Coleman: How did he do that? I’ll tell you how by defeating former CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jonathan McGinnis in his very first match. It’s one thing to score a victory over another debuting athlete in your debut, but a dominant win against a man of McGinnis’s caliber, in your very first match with the company? I see a strong, strong future ahead of Belle & her Beast.

    Jim Taylor: Indeed, and tonight, he looks to continue his dominant streak, as he faces off against Jackson Fenix. Last week Jackson Fenix, along with his longtime ally Nate Savage, narrowly missed out on becoming number-one contenders to the CWA Tag Team Championships, after Trevor Ocean & Noah Stocke manipulated the chaos to ensure they were the lone winners of
    that contender's match. Can the slimy, smug Jackson Fenix find a way to unseat the Beast? Or will we see a repeat of last week’s dominance by the Beast?

    As the opening chords of Shinedown’s Devour begin to play, the monstrous Beast emerges from behind the curtain, accompanied by his manager, the Quinn of CWA, Belle. Beast lets out a roar atop the stage, before Belle begins leading him down the aisle to the ring, as the surrounding fans give him a mixed response.
    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, the following matchup is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Belle, from Houston, Texas, weighing in at three-hundred and eighty pounds, BEAST!

    Jim Taylor: Tim, look at the absolute size of this man! How on earth are you supposed to combat that?
    Tim Coleman: My answer? Don’t try. Just walk away, settle fora count-out loss, and live to fight another day, if he’ll let you. And I doubt he will.

    As the two reach ringside, Beast scoops Belle up onto his shoulders, taking her on a tour around the ring, before
    gently setting her on a comfy-looking leather chair at ringside. From there, Belle directs Beast into the ring, and the Beast climbs over the ropes into the ring, roaring as he halts in the middle of the ring.

    And now, Childish Gambino’s Sweatpants begin to play, and the fans
    erupt into boos and jeers at the arrival of Jackson Fenix. The self-proclaimed ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ enters through the curtain, and Jackson Fenix jeers right back at the fans, as Nate Savage follows behind him. The two begin to approach the ring, Nate Savage giving Jackson Fenix a brief pep talk as they approach before Jackson is swiftly distracted by Belle.

    Jim Taylor: This can’t be a good sign. A match with a behemoth a headof him, and Jackson’s already found himself distracted by Belle.

    Tim Coleman: It could be a psychological attack, Jim. Get inside the Beast’s head by chatting up Belle.

    In either case, Belle
    quicklymake it quite obvious Jackson’s advances are most unwelcome, but Jackson is nothing if not persistent, bending down to whisper something into Belle's ear. We’re not sure what it is, but judging by Belle’s expression rapidly turning into one of disgust, it can’t be good. While Nate Savage tries to direct Jackson’s attention back to his upcoming match, Jackson makes a very… lewd motion with his hips, which is immediately enough for Belle to command Beast to demolish this crude man before her. Jackson, still attempting to flirt with Belle, somehow doesn’t notice the large beefy man suddenly appearing behind him, at least not until his ‘call me’ gesture is intercepted by a massive, muscle-bound hand grasping his and striking with a clubbing blow to the chest!

    Jim Taylor: Jackson swiftly pays for getting distracted, and the bell hasn’t even rung yet!

    Tim Coleman: Look, let’s be honest – can you blame him?

    Jim Taylor: Yes, yes you can, Tim.

    Jackson Fenix stumbles away, and can be heard asking Nate Savage ‘Why didn’t you warn me?!?’ whilst Nate protests that he did,
    in fact, warn him, but alas. Meanwhile, Beast mumbles beneath his breath that Jackson Fenix ‘done f*cked up now!’ Beast begins to chase Jackson Fenix, who attempts to slide into the ring, but Beast catches his foot and drags him back out, before whipping him spine-first into the crowd barrier! He raises a massive hand, and strikes Jackson with an open-palm slap, the shrill ‘SMACK’ echoing throughout the arena!

    Tim Coleman: Jackson’s going to have a bright red handprint on his chest for at least a week now! Ouch!

    Beast drags Jackson Fenix by the hair and rolls him into the ring, and climbs onto the apron to follow him in. Nate Savage takes a step forward, only to immediately be met with a
    glare by Beast, warning him not to take another step. But it’s enough for Jackson Fenix, who quickly rises to his feet to swing a trio of forearms at Beast, before grabbing him by the head and dropping down, decapitating Beast by the throat across the top rope!

    Jim Taylor: Fenix taking advantage of the brief distraction, even though Nate didn’t physically do anything, his presence alone is enough for Beast to take his eye off the game.

    Before Beast can recover, Jackson Fenix scrambles to his feet, bounces off the opposite ropes, and nails a sliding dropkick to Beast’s leg, knocking the big man off balance. Beast steps back down to the floor, momentarily stunned but
    not down, and Jackson climbs through the ropes onto the apron, slapping at his knee, before diving at Beast with a high knee! But Beast catches him with ease, and instead throws him into Nate Savage!

    Tim Coleman: The sheer power of Beast! Catching Jackson Fenix out of the air like he didn’t weigh a thing!

    As Belle applauds her approval, Beast grasps Jackson Fenix by the hair and rolls him into the ring, climbing onto the apron and following him in. Now that the two competitors are finally in the ring together, the referee signals for the bell to be rung.


    Really, it’s a bit late for the official to signal that now the match well and truly starts, but points for trying. Jackson Fenix stumbles into a corner, trying to gain his bearings, only to be crushed with a running corner splash by the big man! Before Jackson can even catch a breath, Beast grasps him by the hair and just hurls him across the ring! What power!

    Jim Taylor: For those keeping record, Beast outweighs his unfortunate opponent by one-hundred and seventy pounds. Jackson Fenix is fighting a battle he isn’t used to fighting – a battle where he may very well be the underdog.

    Jackson Fenix staggers to his feet, and Beast scoops him up on his shoulders, in prime position for Out For Blood! Is he thinking of ending it this early? But Jackson has the wherewithal to rake at Beast’s eyes, causing Beast to forego the attempt and stagger, temporarily blinded. Ah, there’s the slimy tenacity Jackson’s well-known for.

    Tim Coleman: Underdog or not, Jackson Fenix still has more tricks up his sleeve than a children’s magician. And he’s more than willing to employ each and every trick in his arsenal to topple this giant.

    Jackson Fenix seizes the chance
    before him, and begins unloading on Beast, with hard lefts and striking rights at the big man’s chest, backing him into a corner. Jackson mounts the ropes, raining down fists onto Beast’s forehead, one after the other, again and again, and again! He grabs Beast in a headlock, before leaping off the ropes back to the mat, stunning Beast with a jawbreaker from the second rope! This manages to make Beast fall to a knee, the farthest Jackson Fenix has gotten to knocking him to the mat so far. Jackson’s well-aware of this, immediately shouting to Belle that she should ‘watch this’ before calling for a superkick! He thrusts a foot out-

    -And Beast catches it between his bare hands.

    Tim Coleman: Oh, no…

    Jim Taylor: Jackson took his eyes off the game for a split second, and that was more than enough for Beast to recover and intercept the patented superkick. This could end badly for the self-proclaimed ‘Bee’s Knees.’

    Jackson Fenix’s face rapidly shifts from ‘confident victor on the eve of battle’ to ‘convicted man being led to death row’, as he attempts to shake his leg free from Beast’s grasp. Beast’s expression is slightly less readable, though judging from the roar he makes as he swiftly plants Jackson Fenix with a ring-shaking
    spinebuster, he’s not exactly pleased. Jackson writes on the mat, groaning, and Beast drops a crushing leg drop across Jackson’s chest. He makes a lackadaisical cover, not even hooking the leg.



    kick out!

    Still showing signs of life, Jackson Fenix kicks out. Beast doesn’t
    seem surprised, and is quick to continue the offense, dragging Jackson to his feet and lifting him into a bear hug. He begins squeezing the life out of Jackson Fenix, who struggles feebly, before gasping in pain as Beast tightens his grip. Trashing, Jackson lands a trio of elbows to the dome of Beast, who throws him into the turnbuckle, releasing the bear hug. Beast charges with another corner splash, but this time Jackson Fenix is ready and catches him with a boot to the jaw! Beast backs up, stunned, and Jackson absconds to the second ropes, leaping off with a diving high knee, catching Beast right between the eyes!
    Jim Taylor: Jackson Fenix building momentum, but still Beast stands, refusing to fall to the mat. What is Jackson going to have to do just to get the big man down?

    Jackson Fenix climbs onto Beast’s back, locking in a rear naked chokehold, in an attempt to down Beast the old-fashioned way. Beast falters for a few moments, dropping to a knee, before sizing up and throwing Jackson off like he didn’t weigh a thing. Ooof. Jackson scrambles to his feet, not wanting this momentum to vanish, and strikes at Beast with a trio of forearms. Beast thrusts a hand out and grasps Jackson by the throat, immediately halting this attack! With one hand, Beast lifts Jackson into the air as he rises to his feet!
    Tim Coleman: The sheer power of Beast! One handed, from a kneeling position, and he lifts Jackson Fenix up like he’s a ragdoll!

    Jackson throws some desperate kicks, catching Beast in the chest before Beast throws him into the corner turnbuckle! Suddenly, a commotion – Nate Savage has jumped onto the apron, causing a stir with the referee! Beast knocks Nate Savage’s block off with a hard clothesline, sending Nate back down to the floor.
    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage’s brief distracted has allowed Jackson Fenix to catch his breath, but is it enough for Jackson to mount a comeback?

    Tim Coleman: Oh, I think he’s done more than catch his breath, Jim…

    Unbeknownst to the referee or Beast, Jackson Fenix used the brief distraction to remove the top turnbuckle padding! Re-focused on Jackson, Beast charges with a corner splash, but Jackson manages to duck and trip Beast, causing the monster’s head to smack against the pure steel turnbuckle gearing! But that’s not enough, Jackson immediately nails a superkick, sandwiching Beast’s head between his foot and the exposed steel! Beast slumps, dazed, and Jackson manages to scoop him
    into a roll-up!


    Jackson Fenix’s free hand hooks onto the second ropes!


    Nate Savage’s hands come down onto Jackson Fenix’s hand, helping hold it and the roll-up attempt down as Beast regains his bearings and starts to struggle! Belle leaps out of her seat, rushing to break this assisted pin attempt!



    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, Jackson Fenix!

    Belle’s attempt comes too late, as Jackson Fenix immediately bails out of the ring, exuberant about his win but also very eager to leave before Beast gains his footing back as Childish
    Gambinos' Sweatpants begin playing across the arena.

    Jim Taylor: By hook or by crook, Jackson Fenix manages to win one over CWA’s latest monster! He spent the entire match trying to cut Beast down, and it eventually paid off with a little bit of help from Nate Savage and an uncovered turnbuckle.
    Tim Coleman: What can I say? Jackson Fenix finds a way to win, no matter the odds! Props to Beast, it took damn near Jackson’s entire playbook just to get him off his feet, and I doubt this is anything other than a speedbump in Beast & Belle’s rampage across CWA.

    Jackson Fenix retreats up the ramp, delightedly repeating to Nate that he just pinned a Beast, while Nate Savage continues to usher him back up the ramp. Back in the ring, Beast has regained his footing, and glares up the ramp at the retreating duo, as beside him, Belle echoes his sentiments, frowning.

    Match 3
    Non-Title Pure Wrestling Match
    XYZ VS

    We return from a commercial break hyping the upcoming PRIDE Pay-Per-View as the fans are restless in anticipation of the next match-up.

    One Headlight by the Wallflowers begins to blare through the arena and the fans rise to their feet as they await the arrival of the unorthodox enigma XYZ. He stops at the top of the age to spread his cape-wings and the crowd, by nature of his eccentricity and his opponent, can’t help but cheer for the dreamer.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is Pure Wrestling Rules match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Sitka, Alaska standing six foot one and weighing in tonight at 204 pounds. The Dreamer X..Y..Z!!

    Jim Taylor:
    It's time to start a matchup that I have been personally looking forward to. XYZ VS Krash.

    Tim Coleman: I would agree with you and say that I've been looking forward to this match but that thought went right out of the window when it was announced that this match would be the first contest contested under Pure Wrestling Rules.

    Jim Taylor: What's your problem with the Pure Wrestling Rules, Tim?

    Tim Coleman: It's ridiculous. Twenty counts on the outside, the champion can lose their title via disqualification or count out. You only get three rope breaks the entire match. It's ridiculous. Why not keep it simple?

    Jim Taylor: Well, as you know wrestling is just as much physical as it is mental. These rules add another layer to the mental aspect of the competition and I think it's going to make a lot of wrestlers have to readjust their strategies when coming into certain match-ups.

    XYZ heads to the ring after lengthy hand slapping at ringside and eventually finds his way to his corner after doing some clap-worthy rope-walking.

    The Beating Heart of the CWA, the White Wolf, steps through the curtains with a somber look on his face CWA faithful reign down cheers on the Pure Wrestling Champion.

    Lindsay Monahan: And introducing his opponent, from Melbourne, Australia standing at five foot eleven and weighing in tonight at 205 pounds. He is the Pure Wrestling Champion, "The White Wolf", KRASH!!!

    Jim Taylor: Last week Krash introduced the Pure Wrestling Championship and vowed to bring honor and relevance to the Pure Wrestling division.

    Tim Coleman:
    It's the least that he can do after going months without defending the High-Voltage championship, practically abandoning it for tournaments and the World title.

    Krash climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner handing over his Pure Wrestling title to the referee.

    *Ding, Ding, Ding*

    The two men both raise one hand in the air calling for a test of strength to start this contest. As they inch closer to one another XYZ delivers a stiff front push kick to the chest of Krash, sending him falling to the mat. Krash quickly backs away from him, clutching his chest, as XYZ strikes a seductive pose in the ring to the delight of the fans in attendance.

    Jim Taylor: XYZ striking first in this contest. He's going to want to make sure that he doesn't give Krash anytime to catch his breath or he will soon figure out why he's one of the top wrestlers in CWA history.

    He signals for Krash to "bring it on" and Krash obliges, charging at the unorthodox wrestler. XYZ jumps over the charging Krash and is met with a Pele kick from the champion. Krash bounces off the ropes and quickly delivers a running leg drop to the downed XYZ. He gets to his feet and delivers a stiff ax kick to the downed XYZ before going for the pinfall.


    As the referee's hand comes
    downfor the two count XYZ manages to get his foot on the rope. The referee acknowledges the foot and signals to XYZ that he now only has two rope breaks remaining.

    Jim Taylor: XYZ using his first rope break in the contest tonight. He now only has two more
    ropebreaks that can be utilized.

    Tim Coleman: That's ridiculous.

    Jim Taylor: No, that's the rules of the pure wrestling division.

    Krash lifts him up before quickly switching to being behind XYZ and throws him overhead with a release German Suplex. XYZ manages to land on his feet and hits a standing head-scissors takedown to the champ as he turns around. Krash instinctively rolls into the corner but XYZ is not going to give him any room to breathe. He charges at Krash and delivers two stiff knees to the chest of the champ. He pulls Krash out from the corner and goes for the cover.


    Krash manages to get his arm up at two-and-a-half. XYZ quickly stands to his feet and drops back down on Krash over and over again with elbow drops. After the final elbow drop, he pops to his feet charges the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault onto the downed champ and goes for the cover.


    Krash manages to pop his shoulder up at two, much to the dismay of XYZ. The generally charismatic and optimistic wrestler shoots an annoyed look at the referee before grabbing Krash by the back of his head, lifting him to his feet and whipping him into the corner turnbuckle. XYZ saunters over to Krash and delivers vicious kicks to his chest and abdomen. Krash howls out in pain with each strike. The assault is finally over and XYZ lifts the defenseless Krash to the top turnbuckle before exiting the ring onto the apron.
    Tim Coleman: XYZ has got a look in his eye. A look that says that he's got some bad intentions involving Krash and the outside area of the ring.

    He punches the dazed Krash before scaling the turnbuckle. He looks out into the crowd, admiring and soaking up the cheers for him before shouting "The dream never dies!" XYZ grabs Krash and hits a stunning Frankensteiner to the outside spiking Krash's head on the ringside padding.
    Jim Taylor: OH MAN!!! Someone needs to get over and check on Krash. That
    Frankensteiner was vicious and I think it may have messed up his neckLet'sts see an instant replay of that.

    Tim Coleman: Even in the replay that thing looks NASTY. IF XYZ was smart he'd leave Krash outside and get the "w' by count out or role Krash into the ring. Either way, Krash ain't making it outta this one.

    XYZ slides in the ring as the referee begins his count. The audience sits in silence as Krash remains motionless on the outside of the ring.

    Thereferees count reaches eight and Krash slowly begins to stir inching his way to the ring apron. XYZ drops to one knee and prepares a pose as the referee's count hits nine.

    The referee counts ten and XYZ strike his pose in the ring, celebrating his victory until he notices the referees count reaching 11. He looks up at the referee with confusion before confronting him. The referee reminds him that in Pure Wrestling Matches you have a 20 count outside the ring.

    Tim Coleman: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! This match should be over!

    XYZ charges outside the ring and picks up Krash, tossing him back into the ring. Krash slowly attempts to crawl the ring ropes to regain a verticle base but XYZ charges at him with a soccer kick to the gut. Krash bellows over in pain.

    Jim Taylor: XYZ is not letting up on the champ. He's going to do everything in his power to keep Krash down so he can score a much-needed victory.

    XYZ grabs Krash, slowly lifting him to his feet until he is met with a low kick to the gut, followed by a roundhouse kick to the chest, then a superkick to the chin sending XYZ falling to the ground.

    Jim Taylor: Krash showing that fighting spirit that he's become known for with a Krash Kourse on the confident XYZ.

    XYZ slowly gets to one knee but Krash is fired up and running on all cylinders. He bounces off the rope and hits a running spike DDT on XYZ sending him to ground. Krash gets to his feet and makes his way over
    toclosest turnbuckle, scaling it before looking out into the audience. He raises his arm in the air and rips off his elbowpad before hitting the 'Daybreaker' elbow drop on XYZ.



    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, "The White Wolf", KRASH!!!

    Winner: Krash (10:56)

    Match 4
    Tag-Team Match
    The Elite (Noah Stocke & Trevor Ocean)VS The DFB (Bobby "Smooth" & Cody Mundz)

    "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" plays over the sound system for the second time of the night, but this time it'll be The Echo joining the commentary team. They arrogantly strut their way to the ring clinging on to their CWA Tag Team Championships over their respective shoulders. They mock and insult some fans along the way before reaching the commentary desk.

    Jim Taylor: Well this time it seems as though we're being joined by the tag team champions, The Echo

    Tim Coleman: Champs, pleasure to have you!

    Tim eagerly shakes their hands and as they go to shake Jim's hand they swipe their hand away before he can touch it, smirking at him.

    Drew Conner: Too slow old man

    Ethan Conner: That's like the oldest trick in the book!

    Tim Coleman: They showed you Jim!

    Jim Taylor: I can tell that this is going to go swimmingly

    Jim says with a sigh and a hint of sarcasm as "Red Right Hand" plays to more boos as Bobby "Smooth" and Cody Mundz make their way out, not wasting any time at all.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making their way to the ring from Reno, NV and weighing in at a combined weight of two-hundred & thirty pounds, they are the team of Bobby "Smooth" and Cody Mundz...THE D..F..B!

    Ethan Conner: Who let these two homeless guys come out to the ring?

    Drew Conner: When was the last time either one of them bathed?! Ugh, I can smell them from here!

    Bobby and Cody glare down at The Echo at ringside, Cody talking his trash while Bobby motions a title around his waist.

    Drew Conner: Yeah, keep dreaming!

    "Black Hole Sun" hits and Noah Stocke steps out on stage as he waits for his partner, and soon his music is replaced by "Devil's Dance" as Trevor Ocean walks out. The duo fist bump and walk to down to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making their way to the ring, first from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and now residing in Vancouver, BC and weighing in at two-hundred pounds, Noah Stocke! Next up his tag team partner, from Seattle, WA and now residing in Vancouver, BC, weighing in at two-hundred & twenty-two pounds, "Fullmetal" Trevor Ocean! Together they are...THE..ELITE!

    Ethan Conner: Isn't that cute how they came out together!

    Jim Taylor: You two come out together to the ring all the time though

    Drew Conner: Nobody asked you Jim!

    Ethan Conner: They can call themselves Elite all they want but it won't be true unless they ever get to hold these babies, but that isn't happening as long as we're around!

    Drew Conner: Come on guys, you can say something! Amateur hour over...

    Jim Taylor: Well how would you feel if you had to face either The DFB or The Elite?

    Drew Conner: We've already faced The DFB before and we wiped the floor with them so I don't doubt that we'd do it again...

    Ethan Conner: As for The Elite, well we'd show them exactly why we are the best tag team in this business today, and why we are the golden gods!

    Drew Conner: Does that answer your question for you Jim? Any more brain teasers? Sheesh, how do you put up this guy Tim?

    Tim Coleman: It's not easy I can tell you that

    Jim Taylor: The feeling is mutual partner, and thankfully it looks like this match is ready to get under way!


    Stocke starting the match off with Mundz, who is running his mouth and pays for it with a sucker punch to the jaw by Stocke, and Stocke lights up Mundz with more forearm strikes that have him stunned allowing Stocke to hit him with a snap suplex! Mundz however sits right up but pays for it again this time with a stiff kick to the lower back by Stocke. Noah is not letting up on Mundz as he delivers another stiff kick to the back as Cody is trying to crawl back to his feet, and once he's on his knees Stocke goes for a roundhouse kick but Mundz manages to duck underneath it in time and catches Stocke as he's in motion from the roundhouse kick and quickly rolls him up!

    One..KICK OUT!

    Ethan Conner: Rookie mistake by Noah letting that bum catch him off guard like that!

    Drew Conner: You wouldn't see us make that kind of mistake!

    Jim Taylor: Noah Stocke is far from a rookie having wrestled in various organizations around the world as well as being on the amateur wrestling team for the University of Ohio

    Drew Conner: We didn't ask for his life story you dork!

    Back in the ring Stocke has kicked out and quickly gets back to his feet stunning Mundz with another forearm smash to the jaw! He follows up by irish whipping Mundz to the corner and stomps away at him until he's downed and then sizes him up...THE BEE'S KNEES! Running knee strike flush on the jaw to Mundz and that jaw has got to sore now as Stocke tags in Ocean. Now Ocean comes in off the tag and continues where Stocke left off and stomps away at Mundz some more, who desperately needs to make a tag to Smooth. Ocean brings Mundz to his feet and sends him to the ropes and Mundz manages to duck underneath a clothesline off the rebound, and spins Ocean around yet Ocean was ready and goes for a kick, but Mundz has answer for that and counters it with a dragon-screw leg whip! Ocean is back to his feet but this time Mundz is ready again and connects with a front dropkick that sends Ocean reeling towards the ropes and off the rebound Mundz catches Ocean with a spine-buster! He follows up by hooking the leg!

    One...TW-KICK OUT!

    Ocean kicks out before as Mundz rolls over to his corner where he finally makes the tag to Bobby "Smooth", and Bobby comes in like a house on fire and hits Ocean with a running dropkick! For good measure he knocks Stocke off the apron and turns his attention back to Ocean, who has gotten back to his feet and he's drilled by Bobby with a sharp european uppercut that rattles him a little. He then sends Ocean off the ropes but he's too close to the opposite ropes and as Ocean hangs on to opposite ropes, Bobby is tripped up by Stocke and this distracts Bobby as he turns around shouts profanities at Stocke and threatening him, giving Ocean enough time to recover and he nails Bobby from behind with a clubbing blow!

    Jim Taylor: The distraction paid off giving control of the match back to Ocean and Stocke!

    Drew Conner: Only because Bobby "Not so smooth" was stupid enough to fall for that!

    Ocean takes Bobby, hooks the leg and brings him down hard with a saito suplex! He follows that up with a bridging arm triangle choke he calls Wrath's Revenge! He has it locked in with nowhere for Bobby to the go, who is fading away fast and Mundz realizes this and breaks it up immediately! Mundz is admonished by referee Nate Byrne and Mundz flips him off in response as he gets back on the apron.

    Ethan Conner: Classless, rude behavior from a bum like Mundz!

    Jim Taylor: Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black then I don't know what is

    Drew Conner: Nobody asked for your irrelevant opinion Jim!

    Ocean is back to his feet however and crawls to his corner where he makes the tag to Stocke just as Bobby makes the tag to Mundz! Stocke and Mundz trade lefts and rights with Mundz gaining the upper hand and levels Stocke with a short-arm clothesline! He goes for the pin...

    One...two...KICK OUT!

    Mundz thought he had it there and pounds his fist to the mat in obvious frustration. He goes for a headlock but Stocke slips out of it before Mundz can fully apply it, and as he slips out he gets to a vertical base as does Mundz as they circle each other with Stocke in a boxing stance and varying his movements. Mundz goes for several punches that countered by Stocke until Mundz is tired out, and Stocke unleashes a barrage of lefts and rights and then finishes Mundz off with a stiff headbutt!

    Jim Taylor: He calls that New God Flow and it seems to have been affective!

    Tim Coleman: More like New God Blow, am I right champs?

    Drew Conner: We're good christian boys and we don't like you taking the almighty's name in vain!

    Ethan Conner: Yeah man, there's a line and you crossed it!

    Jim Taylor: Can we try to focus on the match going on, please?

    Mundz is staggered after New God Flow and Stocke has him where he wants him now as he hoists him up and sends him crashing back down with a death valley driver! Just then instead of continuing his assault on Mundz he turns to Bobby on the apron and levels him with a forearm strike out of nowhere, knocking Bobby off to the floor and then motions for Ocean to join him and they brings Mundz up in position...SINS OF THE FATHER! The aided double-arm DDT does the job as Stocke makes the cover while Ocean makes sure Bobby can't re-enter the ring...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winners of the match, Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean...THE..ELITE!

    "Blackhole Sun" plays as Stocke and Ocean celebrate and point at The Echo at the commentary table while Bobby "Smooth" has rolled his partner Cody Mundz outside to check on him.

    Drew Conner: You chumps got lucky tonight but when you meet us it won't be so easy and you won't be so lucky!

    Ethan Conner: Yeah, you can count on that!

    They throw off their headsets and leave the announce table while trash talking back and forth with The Elite.

    Main Event
    Singles Match
    Brayden Bridges VS Thomas West

    Devour The Day's "The Bottom" hits to a mixed reaction for Brayden Bridges but he pays no mind as the arena is shrouded in darkness except for the spotlight on him. He walks through the crowd with his guitar over his shoulder and head hanging low, and once he reaches the ring he lifts his head up as the lights come back on.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first from New Orleans, LA and weighing in at two-hundred & forty-five pounds, he is "The Lost Soul"...BRAYDEN

    "Virgin Queen" plays and Thomas West slowly emerges from the back.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent making his way to the ring representing The Dark Watch, from Los Angeles, CA and weighing in at two-hundred & ninety pounds...THOMAS...WEST!


    Right out of the gate West barrels over and drills Bridges with a big boot to the midsection and backs him in the corner. West then pummels away at Bridges with some hard rights that have Bridges in a daze early on, and he's dragged out of the corner by West and he's met by a short-arm clothesline that nearly takes Bridges out of his boots and West makes the cover...

    One...KICK OUT!

    kicks out before two and West brings him right back up and sends him to the ropes, and as Bridges comes back off the rebound he nails a bent over West with a kick right in the mush! West is staggered a bit now and this is Brayden's opportunity for a comeback as he runs the ropes and comes back with a bicyle kick and West is down but not out as he quickly stumbles back to his feet, but this time he's met by a slingblade! Bridges hits the slingblade with all his might and keeps
    on top of West for the pin attempt!


    Jim Taylor: Thomas West stays alive!

    West got the shoulder up just before the two count and Bridges traps West in a side headlock, keeping the large man grounded but it's not enough as West powers back with several back elbows to the midsection of Bridges, doubling him over as they are both on their feet now and this allows West to hit Bridges with a
    ring rattling
    belly to belly suplex! Keeping Bridges grounded now, West applies a surfboard stretch with his knee digging deep in Bridges lower back for extra added salt to the wound as Bridges grits his teeth, trying to fight through this...

    Tim Coleman: Wherever Lilith is lurking she's got to be watching this and is pleased so far with West's handy work

    Jim Taylor: This has been somewhat of an even affair, but right now it's all Thomas West with full control of the match

    The fans begin to get behind Bridges and try to rally him to
    life, and this somehow does work out in his favor as he manages to power out of the hold with back headbutts that knock West senseless, forcing him to relinquish the hold and Bridges gets his bearings back momentarily, and West notices has shaken himself out of his slight daze from the headbutts and takes charge at
    Bridges but Bridges sensed danger and ducks underneath West's attack...CALL THE CORONER! He counters back with a vicious rolling elbow that rocks West and knocks straight to the mat in a heap and Bridges falls on top of him for the cover...

    One...two...THR-NO! West's foot is on the rope!

    pleads with the referee that it was three and as he argues West is given ample time to recover and blasts Bridges from behind, stunning him before irish
    whipping him off the ropes...THE BLINDSIDE!


    Jim Taylor Brayden Bridges is still in this!

    Tim Coleman: I thought for sure West had this one in the bag after the Blindside!

    West brings Bridges back up and has him in position for the Cyclone, but Bridges slips out...CALL THE CORONER! Another rolling elbow and West drops down but Bridges brings him back up to his knees...FACE THE MUSIC! He then sends West off the ropes with an
    whip...LAST RITES! He hits all of it!


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match...BRAYDEN

    As Brayden celebrates his victory in the ring the lights in the arena go out. The fans roar in
    excitement as they know who this is the work of.

    Virgin Queen by The Mediaeval Baebes begins to seeth through the sound system in the arena. The lights begin to strobe to the song as CWA World Champion Lilith saunters out onto the stage with a blank look on her face. She looks down at her opponent at PRIDE, Brayden Bridges. The camera shifts to show Brayden Bridges in the ring motioning around his waist, signaling that he will be taking that world championship from Lilith. The camera shifts back to Lilith who slowly lifts her championship in the air. She takes her gaze away from Brayden and looks up at her championship, before turning her back to Brayden and making her way to the back as the show fades to black.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: LIVE

    Solid show all around guys, keep up the good work.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: LIVE

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King View Post
    Solid show all around guys, keep up the good work.
    Thanks Jimmy, really appreciate it.

    A couple of things that I'd like to call out from this card as well as my thoughts on things:

    - You may have noticed that we had a new "official theme song" for Adrenaline Rush. I had looked through previous Adrenaline Rush episodes and saw that we had used the TNA Wrestling "Adrenaline Rush" theme song for the show. We had mentioned on the last Adrenaline Rush that this was a new season of sorts for the show so I decided to give Adrenaline Rush a new theme song. I think it fits the show and is bad-ass for a wrestling show but I'm genuinely interested in everyone else's thoughts on it.

    - I had the pleasure of writing the Pure Rules Wrestling match and it was one of my favorite matches to write. I really wanted to show that the wrestlers themselves have to get used to the new rules of the Pure wrestling division just like we do. It was a fun match to write and I feel like down the line there will be some matches that will work extremely well for the Pure Wrestling Division and there will be some matches that just won't work for the division. I also think this helps to differentiate our wrestling division/program from FWA.

    - I'm actually really pumped for the Brayden Bridges/Lilith match up. Bridges having to go through the entire Dark Watch in order to get to the champ, Lilith, really helped get me interested in this feud. Both are going to need to bring their "A" game for that championship match.

    Thanks to everyone who sent in RPs and everyone that helped write the matches!

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