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Thread: Question Mark Episode 1

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      Country                    United States Question Mark Episode 1

    We asked the FWA roster: "What do you think of ending of the last Fight Night?"

    Starr: Y'know I have thought about Bell and her recent emotional turmoil. On one hand, I understand the attack. Shannon's proved she's not the most trustworthy person recently. She's really shady. It's almost like attacking someone before they get a chance to? But it's Bell we're talking about here. For her to just lay out someone from behind… Man, I don't know.

    ((TBC by whoever wants to be in this episode.))
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    Re: Question Mark Episode 1

    Cyrus Truth: It's all FWA's fault and I was right all along. Second verse, same as the first. Now stop bothering me...I've an execution to prepare for.
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