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Thread: CWA 2018 Upcoming Events Calendar

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    CWA CWA 2018 Upcoming Events Calendar

    2018 Schedule
    February 5 - Adrenaline Rush
    February 23 - Adrenaline Rush
    March 11 - PRIDE Pay-Per-View

    March 30 - Adrenaline Rush
    April 13 - Adrenaline Rush
    April 27 - Adrenaline Rush
    May 11 - Under Siege Pay-Per-View

    May 25 - Adrenaline Rush
    June 8 - Adrenaline Rush
    June 22 - Adrenaline Rush
    July 6 - Envy Pay-Per-View

    July 20 - Adrenaline Rush
    August 3 - Adrenaline Rush
    August 17 - Adrenaline Rush
    August 31 - In Exile Pay-Per-View

    September 14 - Adrenaline Rush
    September 28 - Adrenaline Rush
    October 12 - Adrenaline Rush
    October 26 - WrestleRoyale Pay-Per-View

    November 9 - Adrenaline Rush
    November 23 - Adrenaline Rush
    December 7 - Adrenaline Rush
    December 21 - Five Star Attraction Pay-Per-View

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    Re: CWA 2018 Upcoming Events Calendar

    Schedules are smart, reasonable, and a good goal-setting tactic. Your schedule of a show posted every two weeks also is reasonable.

    As someone who for five years ran an efed (FWA) with a similar bi-weekly and six-PPV-a-year schedule and was part of the staff for a total of eight, take this post solely as advice and something to consider: The schedule never holds completely as you want it to, so don't fret if you have to push everything back a week, then another week, then another week. Some shows, usually like half of them, will be held up for an assortment of reasons.

    Three things will help, though, keep things running on time:

    1.) Have set match writers you can count on each week, and request that they send in the matches by the promo deadline with only the finish left to add (by the mod team).

    2.) Be firm on deadlines. If a segment or match doesn't make it, don't hold up the show for it unless it's the go-home show and it's a cornerstone moment of a $$$ feud/storyline.

    3.) Expand your mod team. I don't care how big the roster is now; two mods handling everything isn't enough for a bi-weekly efed trying to produce six PPVs a year. It'll be way too exhausting for you. I know reading promos and grading/determining winners can be difficult, especially doing it week after week. It's a grind. Add another mod so that if something comes up, or one of you just doesn't have the pop to even contemplate starting to read promos, you still have multiple behind you picking up the slack. It'll also make putting the show together easier.
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