WC Mafia End of Year Awards ‘17

Aight so just a bit of fun for the game that exploded on these forums in late 2016, so much so in fact, that we got our own motherfucking section. Recognition time. I’ll leave the nomination process open until midnight GMT on Sunday February 11th and hopefully have the award polls dished out that night. PM me nominations. Max of 5 noms per category, 5 noms will see you on the ballot proper. In the event that some of the categories don’t have people with 5 noms, the top five nominated players by Sunday will make up the ballot for each specific category. Get to it.

Best Mafia Player – Quite simply, be it town or mafia, winner or loser, in your opinion, who is the best overall player of the game?

Best Game-Maker – We’ve had games from TGO, Shake, Silk and Jiggy … but who is the best game-maker?

Best Game – We’ve had 8 different games this year, which one was the most enthralling, nail-biting, will they/won’t they game we’ve witnessed?

Biggest Scum – Who is the snakiest, most cunning bastard around these parts? Who’s dastardly deeds has no bounds? Who is the ultimate mafia heel?

The “Mr Nice” Award – The opposite of Biggest Scum, The “Mr Nice” Award is given to the most respectable player we’ve seen in the game, the kind that is brutally honest and never tries to con anyone. The quintessential “town” player.

Most Annoying Player – Say no more.

Play Of The Year – We’ve seen fake role claims, we’ve seen sacrifices, we’ve seen silent tactics and big bluffs but what was the play of the year?

Best Talker – Who is the Smacktalker Skywalker of the mafia universe? Who seems doomed but then talks themselves out of a lynch? Which silver-tongued swindler is the best at leading people down the garden path or to glory with their verbal skills?

Worst Mafia Player - Who has made the dodgiest plays, advocated the worst lynches and overall been the most detrimental player be it as town or as scum?

Most Improved Player - New Award ... who has improved the most in 2017?