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    Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush: LIVE

    Adrenaline Rush opens with a bang, as numerous fireworks and pryo explodes as CWA's flagship show opens to a shrieking crowd, eager for the show to begin. The camera pans over the sea of racous fans, from the loyal-to-a-fault Krash fans, to the always vocal Nate Savage fans, anyone and everyone is pumped up for the show to begin, before the camera settles on the commentary team at ringside.

    Jim Taylor: Welcome to Adrenaline Rush ladies and gentleman, we are live here from Newark fresh off the heels of an eventful Thundershock pay-per-view where we saw CWA General Manager Afa Senoa removed from his duties via a vote of no confidence led by the legendary Clint Shephard.
    Tim Coleman: I don't usually see eye to eye with Clint or hell even the board of directors on every issue but I will agree with them on their decision to remove Afa from his position. CWA had never experienced the chaos that Lilith and the Dark Watch brought to the company under his reign.

    Jim Taylor
    : I've been informed that we are mere moments from Clint Shephard to give us an update on the new leadership that has been put in place by the board of directors.

    Clint Shephard's entrance theme plays and is followed by a nice pop from the audience. Clint walks down the ramp with a purpose towards the ring, acknowledging the fans as he makes his approach. He enters the ring and raises his hand in an attempt to quiet the fans down, but to no avail. They continue to shower the CWA legend with cheers of support and adoration.

    Jim Taylor: These fans are showing a true CWA legend how much they truly care about what he does for this company. Clint has taken up a large role in helping develop the CWA talent and making sure things run smoothly. It was no surprise that he was the one to lead the vote of no confidence against Afa at Thundershock.

    The audience begins to quiet down as Clint raises the mic to his mouth and begins.
    Clint Shephard: Thank you, I really appreciate all the cheers but I think it's time we got to why I'm out here. Now, at Thundershock the CWA roster and board of directors agreed that it was finally time to relieve Afa of his duties as General Manager. Under Afa's leadership, things haven't been running that smoothly in CWA. Afa let Lilith and the Dark Watch run unfettered and take CWA's most prized possession the CWA Champion with her to the Dark Watch and now we're under siege. When you're under attack you don't just give up and roll over, you get back and form a game plan. And that's what myself and the rest of the CWA roster did. We partnered with the Board of Directors and came up with the decision that we needed a new leader to take the reigns of CWA and lead us through the Dark Times with Lilith. We've searched high and low to find someone to march into the battlefield and fight for CWA. CWA is in major disarray and we need someone who can straighten it out and do it now. Our search brought us to past general managers. Our search brought us to current wrestlers in CWA who we felt could lead the company. Hell, our search even brought us to other wrestling companies. But in the end, we were able to find someone that has experience running a company. We were able to find someone that has experience dealing with difficult individuals. We were able to find someone that has a proven track record of making the tough decisions to ensure success. We found someone who we felt could truly help to bring CWA back to its true glory.

    Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce the new CWA General Manager...DASH CARLISLE!!

    A man in his late forties to early fifties walks down the ramp in a tailored all black suit, with a white undershirt, accessorized with a Rolex watch on his wrist. His presence elicits a mixture of cheers and confusion from the fans in attendance.

    Tim Coleman: Dash Carlisle? What the hell is this?

    Jim Taylor: Apparently he's our new boss...this just seems like a really strange direction for the board to go in. Bringing him in to lead us in these "Dark Times".

    He casually smiles and slaps the hands of the fans reaching out for him before entering the ring. He shakes the hand of Clint Shephard before receiving a microphone.

    Dash Carlisle: There are some of you that know me, but for those of you who don't, I'm Dash Carlisle and I am the NEW General Manager of CWA. I can see from the response I got walking down here and the confused looks on the faces of some of you in the audience that some of you are not sure why I was chosen for this role. It's completely okay, I get it. ---- You is SO HARD to be humble...when you're the kind of man that I am! It's SO HARD to be humble when you're the kind of wrestler that I am, CWA LET'S TALK ABOUT WHAT'S CAUSIN' ALL THIS! For YEARS, you have coasted on by, managing to turn the turd that you've been presenting to this great nation into gold...but boys and girls let's call it how we see can polish a piece of crap all that you like and make it shine real bright, MAKE IT SOUND REAL IMPORTANT! But it's still a piece of crap and CWA? That's EXACTLY what you've been...until today that is! You see today somethin' real special happened. Today, I flew on down to the local airport in my private jet, I drove on down to CWA headquarters in my private limousine, dressed head to toe in this fine hundred thousand dollar suit and thousand dollar Rolex on my wrist, I strut on in to the offices of CWA and ladies, you all know what I'm like, I TELL IT HOW IT IS BROTHER!

    Dash Carlisle runs his hands through his long blonde hair, adjusting the sunglasses on his face with an overconfident smirk

    Dash Carlisle: I remind CWA that their former boss, is a nobody! A nothing, a fluke in the system that somehow managed to grab a hold of one of the biggest companies in the land I remind them that Afa Seanoa currently at the top of the heap...and boys and girls when Afa Seanoa is at the top of the heap? There's only so long that your business model is gonna' last! He's a poor man's version of a man that isn't even a wrestler and yet...and yet because of the lack of talent on this roster, because of the lack of a REAL BIG STAR! SOMEONE WHO COMMANDS RESPECT! Because of the lack of a MAN to show the roster for who he really is to this great nation and to all the people that are too stupid to turn their televisions off when he turns up...CWA has found itself in the state that's it in right now.

    Dash tightens his hands into a fist looking down to the floor, motioning to the lows that CWA has stooped too, right down to the filthy floor which lucky to have it's presence graced with his crocodile skin shoes.
    Dash Carlisle: Do you know what CWA needs right now? Because ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you EXACTLY what CWA needs! I’ll tell you exactly what I told the board of directors; it needs a man with style, it needs a man with finesse, it needs a man with talent that surpasses each and every other man, not just in the CWA locker room but in EVERY OTHER LOCKER every other company. What CWA needs...right none other than me! Is the FIFTEEN-TIME WORLD CHAMPION. THE GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME American Gigolo, Baby, The NEW MAN IN CHARGE OF CWA PLAYBOY...DASH CARLISLE.
    Tim Coleman: Who is this guy? He's coming in here acting like the roster and everyone here is just supposed to bow down to him or something.

    Dash Carlisle: How do you expect a man anyone else to represent your company? Someone that has no real wrestling background, that has no real wrestling talent? Take a look right here at the man staring you right into the eyes on your screen right now and lemme' tell you EXACTLY what you're gonna' get when Dash Carlisle as the boss!! You'll get the best dressed man, the best looking man, limousines as far as the eye can see, private jets, custom made clothes and a line of women that stretches from here all the way to the other side of the states baby!! You are getting the greatest wrestler that world has ever seen and with that I bring class, I bring style, I bring prestige...and I bring legitimacy! See I didn't need this gig...Dash Carlisle was happy living his life, LOVING HIS WOMEN...making his money! CWA CALLED ME! That's right...THEY called ME 'cus fact of the matter is they KNOW they need a man like me calling the shots ...and they've brought me in to keep everything in order. It took a lot of convincing and ladies and gentlemen I ain't gonna lie to you, it took a lotta money as well, but they did it, they managed to get the job done and as of today, Dash Carlisle’s name is officially on the dotted line of the contract the CWA has drawn up for him! Now I for one can understand the concerns that CWA accountants might have for dishing out the amount of dough that they did for me...but lemme' tell ya' when someone starts to try and cause mayhem You will see that all that money they threw at me? It'll act as a long term investment baby, that money's gonna' come back to them in wheelbarrows...and in turn that means it's gonna' come to me,The fact of the matter is, no matter who you have in that ring right now, no matter who you used to have and no matter who you're gonna have in the future...NONE of them and I do mean this sincerely when I say it, NONE of them can hold a candle to me...because I'm just THAT DAMN GOOD!

    Dash points at himself, with a large tooth grin, flashing his expensive Rolex at the camera in the process, his hair a little frazzled from all the energy he had been putting into his speech.

    Dash Carlisle: So anyone who crosses the boss,Keep your eyes peeled, WATCH out, cus you’ll be fired so fast you\re gonna' feel like ya' missed it! Because Dash Carlisle in the whether you love it...or you hate it, you will tune in to see I suggest YOU LEARN TO LOVE IT!

    Tim Coleman: I don't know Dash, but I'm going to be the first to say that the board of directors has made a terrible mistake. This guy is just here to make the show about himself and it's about the WRESTLERS.

    Dash Carlisle: This company, and industry has been plagued with general managers that want to be the star of the show and that's not what I'm here to do. The stars, the people that put all of your buts in those seats are the professional wrestlers who put their bodies on the line to entertain all of you.

    The fans give a nice warm cheer at Dash's words.

    Dash Carlisle: That's what I want to make CWA about. I want to make CWA about the wrestlers! And that brings me to my first order of business as General Manager here. I want to address this Dark Watch situation. I want to make it clear that there's only one person in charge here in CWA, and that's me. These gang attacks and Lilith's attempts to hijack this show, that will not be happening with me at the helm. We're here to give you the best show we can and we can't do that while we let unhinged nutjobs run around without any consequences.

    The fans in attendance start to cheer at the first decree from CWA's new general manager.

    Dash Carlisle: Let's make it perfectly clear I'm not here to coddle Lilith or her handlers, but Afa really screwed up when he made her enter the Thundercage. She wasn't contracted to be in the match and therefore I can't just give Brayden Bridges a title match tonight, but what I can do is give him an opportunity to earn his shot. If he wins tonight, he'll be on the track to getting an opportunity to face Lilith at the upcoming pay-per-view, PRIDE.
    Jim Taylor: Well...this is certainly an out of nowhere pick from the CWA Board of Directors.

    Dash Carlisle: With it being a new day and a new CWA there will be no interference in the Brayden Bridges - Noah Nitro match. The Dark Watch will be banned from ringside. If Lilith or ANY of her associates cause interference or even show up at ringside during this match, I will strip her of the CWA World Championship.
    Jim Taylor: Wow! That's some huge news from our new General Manager. He's already showing that he will not be bullied or pushed around by Lilith and her cohorts.

    Dash Carlisle: And speaking of championships, later tonight we will hear from the FINAL CWA High Voltage Champion Krash who will debut the new championship that will be taking the place of the High Voltage Championship.

    Tim Coleman: Yea, I don't know what to make of them choosing him as our new General Manager. And as you can hear, these fans seem to feel the same way.
    Dash Carlisle: CWA is under a new leadership and I can assure you that this is just the beginning. We've got one hell of a show planned for you tonight so have a good night and expect to hear from me live on after the show. Have a good night!
    Jim Taylor: Well there you have it, folks, our new General Manager Dash Carlisle is here and he's ready to make an impact here in CWA. We're going to commercial but when we return you all are in store for some great CWA action live here on Adrenaline Rush.


    versus BEAST w/ belle

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first...

    "Smile by Vince Staples hits and Jonathan McGinnis slowly creeps out from behind the curtain on stage, and the fans give him a mixed reaction as he nonchalantly walks to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Montreal, Canada by way of Los Angeles, CA and weighing in tonight at two-hundred & seven pounds, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis!

    Jim Taylor: Jonathan McGinnis unusually calm tonight

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, I don't understand that at all considering the man he's about to face, if I were him the last thing I would be is calm

    McGinnis casually enters the ring and strolls over to a corner where he waits for his opponent...

    He doesn't have to wait long as "Devour" by Shinedown hits and Beast steps out on stage with Belle right behind him with a devilish smile.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent making his way to the ring being accompanied by "The Quinn of CWA" Belle, from Dallas, TX by way of Houston, TX and weighing in tonight at three-hundred & eighty pounds, Beast!

    Tim Coleman: Belle? Is that the nutjob from the FWA? Did she actually jump ship?

    Jim Taylor: No, I'm afraid you're mistaken Tim, that is not Bell Connelly the names are spelled differently

    Tim Coleman: Well, this Belle certainly has one mean looking customer alongside her

    Jim Taylor: You're right about that Tim, and that can't bode well for Jonathan McGinnis, yet he still seems unfazed so it'll be interesting to see how this one turns out

    Beast hoists Belle up on his shoulder and then sits her down gently on a chair at ringside. Then Beast enters the ring by lifting his legs over the top rope and stares daggers across the ring towards McGinnis, who looks the least bit concerned.

    McGinnis nonchalantly goes to the center of the ring and taunts the massive framed man. Beast doesn't take this lightly at all and stomps towards McGinnis, towering over him in the center of the ring. McGinnis looks up at Beast and laughs, then he shrugs and drives a fist straight
    in to Beast's chest but it has no affect on the big man who then shoves McGinnis down to the mat. This takes McGinnis by surprise a little, but he remains undeterred and stands back up and runs the ropes and comes back at Beast with a running forearm but Beast catches him by the throat, throttling him and goes to hoist him up for a chokeslam but McGinnis manages to escape Beast's clutches and lands behind him. McGinnis takes a brief moment to catch his breath and them drives his boot to the back of Beast's leg and then tries to hoist him up for a backdrop, but to no avail as Beast powers out of it with vicious back elbow shots that drill McGinnis knocking him back some. Beast turns towards McGinnis and shouts, "YOU DONE FUCKED UP!" and delivers a mighty big boot that takes McGinnis right off his feet!

    Tim Coleman: I don't think he can actually say that on TV

    Jim Taylor: Are you going to tell him that?

    Tim Coleman: Uh, no I think I'll pass because I don't want to end up like Jonathan McGinnis right now

    Jim Taylor: I don't blame you Tim, I don't think anyone wants to be in McGinnis' boots right now, which he just nearly got knocked out of!

    Beast brings McGinnis up and sends him flying to the corner with a hard irish whip, and then he follows up bulldozing McGinnis in the corner with a huge running splash! Beast drags McGinnis by the hair and brings him up in a bearhug! Beast is trying to squeeze the life out of McGinnis, yet the Indy God is trying everything in his power to fight back but it's to no avail. Beast releases the hold and drops McGinnis' nearly limp body, he's still standing but barely and he swings wildly with a forearm but Beast catches him and then throttles him by the throat not wasting another second...CHOKESLAM! Belle looks extremely pleased as she watches from ringside. Beast isn't through yet though as he brings a now limp Jonathan McGinnis back up and hoists him up on his shoulders in position...OUT FOR BLOOD! The F5 connects and that's all she wrote...




    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, BEAST!

    The referee goes to raise Beast's hand in victory but Beast glares at the man, scaring off the official who goes to tend to McGinnis. Belle enters the ring and hugs Beast, then the two exit the ring where Beast hoists her up on his shoulder and carries her to the back.

    Jim Taylor: That's a former two-time CWA World Champion that Beast just manhandled in there

    Tim Coleman: I'm telling you Jimbo, there's something off with McGinnis he just doesn't seem like himself

    Johnny Yamaguchi and another official Karl Rooney help McGinnis up to his feet. They are about to help to the back but he brushes them off and gingerly exits the ring, walking to the back on his power but obviously upset as he limps up the ramp towards backstage.

    - In Ring Segment -

    After a brief minute of commercials, including an advertisement to the latest cheap sitcom drama that won’t last another season and an annoyingly catchy jingle about life insurance and how we can all die at any moment so be prepared, we cut back to Adrenaline Rush, live from Newark, New Jersey. We get a brief view of the ring, where two display stands stood, both with a professional briefcase – black on the left, white on the right – sitting atop them, both closed, before we zoom in on our loyal commentators, one of whom seems to be idly swiping a finger across his phone. Our play-by-play commentator Jim Taylor quickly elbows Tim Coleman, getting the color commentator off Tinder and back on the job in mere seconds.

    Jim Taylor:
    Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, and if you’re just joining us now, you’ve missed a hell of a show. But coming up next, we have a special announcement from the High Voltage Champion, Krash, about the future of the championship. Tim?

    Tim Coleman:
    The Last High Voltage Champion, put that on a resume. The High Voltage Title sang its last song at Thundershock, where Krash defended it successfully against XYZ, Nate Savage, and Jonathan McGinnis, although he certainly employed some ‘unsavory tactics’ to do so. Let’s hear what he has to say.

    The lights dim, and those familiar footsteps echo over the speakers. The audience knows what’s coming, and begins to cheer for the arrival of CWA’s Heartbeat, although there are slightly fewer cheers than usual, come to think of it.

    And as the tune of 30 Seconds To Mars’s The Kill begins playing out of the speakers, a spotlight illuminates the center of the stage, where Krash stands, back to the audience, High Voltage Championship glittering over his shoulder. And now, the fans roar. As sparkling purple pyro dances about the stage, Krash spins around and begins walking down the aisle, arms spread as if welcoming them all to the ceremony. He’s dressed in his usual flair, brown trousers and a white t-shirt beneath a rich purple waistcoat. And yet, the typical friendly, charming smile that adorns Krash’s features is a little less friendly, a little less charming than usual. Something is weighing heavily on the mind of the Last High Voltage Champion, it would seem.

    Jim Taylor: His reign is, or was, not without controversy. Many detractors, among them Krash himself, expressed frustration over the High Voltage title rarely, if ever, being defended, which you would have to believe is one of the reasons Afa Seanoa is no longer here.

    Tim Coleman: Man, if you gave me a title and I went months without defending it, do you know what I’d do? Nothing! Easy paycheque, man. Why complain when things are good?

    Krash rolls into the ring, quickly absconding to the second turnbuckle and raising the High Voltage title into the air, where it glitters and shines, before bringing it back down to his shoulder. He strolls towards the center of the ring, pausing between the two display stands, and brings out a microphone, twirling it within his hand as his music dies down. The crowd chanting continued for a few seconds, before it dies down as Krash raises the microphone to his lips.

    Krash: Ladies and gentlemen… The High Voltage Championship.

    He raises the High Voltage Championship in the air, letting it glitter and shine in the spotlight as the audience applauds, before lowing it back to his shoulder.

    Krash: Ever since the X-Fly Championship rolled over, and the High Voltage Championship rose from its ashes, the High Voltage Championship has loyally served CWA. And within those years, a veritable who’s who of undisputed CWA talent through the ages. From the longest-reigning champion in its history, Dan Maskell-

    A brief cheer rises up for the legendary Dan Maskell, the only man aside from Krash to become a Triple-Crown Champion in CWA. For a brief second, a relaxed smile escapes onto Krash’s features – perhaps he’s recalling the oft-discussed tag team between him & Maskell, where they held the tag titles together longer than anyone else. When it comes to length, Dan Maskell is unmatched.

    Krash: … To the likes of Elijah Edwards & Timmy Sin, the only men to have held the High Voltage Championship twice.

    A more mixed reaction, half the crowd seems to be booing Elijah Edwards heavily, while the other half is giving props to Timmy Sin. Krash lets the reaction play out, before continuing.

    Krash: Nate Savage… Lightbringer… Craig Owens... Jeremiah Johnson… Mr. Enigma… Humanity… Thomas Jones… Shawn Summers… Jack Gekko… Leon Wellesley… Dexter Darwin Douglas...

    With every name Krash pauses, and the crowd responds to former High Voltage Champions named in their own suitable way. Cheers, boos, mixed, every name gets a response, showing that while many of the former champions are gone, none are forgotten, nor will they be anytime soon.

    Krash: Clint Shepard… Eddie Von Gunner… Grande… Kyle Crosby… Steve Ryan… Steve Osborn… Logan V… Doctor Jack Adams… Joey Nicholas, three times…

    Blasts from the pasts! Although the name of the physical belt may have gone through some changes as time passed, most notably as the X-Fly title for a significant amount of time as well as the Pure Style title for a brief period, it’s iconic holders are all worthy of a mention, all of whom get a very solid response from the crowd. Nostalgia having it’s way, perhaps.

    Krash: All of these men should be proud. Between all of their combined efforts, they put the CWA High Voltage Title on the map, and made it THE title for rising stars. Even when it was known as the X-Fly you guys raised the bar for what was the ‘workhorse’ championship. And I count myself to be honored to stand amongst such names, to be counted as the Last High Voltage Champion.

    A small but noticeable portion of the audience boos and jeers here, causing Krash to pause and take note, gazing in the direction of the jeering. He doesn’t seem surprised by this, only disappointed. His actions at Thundershock certainly hasn’t been glossed over.

    Krash: Listen, I fought tooth and nail at Thundershock, worked harder than anyone else, did things that go against who I am as a person, just to be the Last High Voltage Champion. That’s how much being the Last High Voltage Champion meant to me, okay? Because, let’s be honest here – the High Voltage title wasn’t treated the way it was supposed to be treated during my reign. After I won the High Voltage title from Elijah Edwards at Five-Star Attraction, I told myself I was going to defend it time and time again against the next generation of CWA’s talent, help them raise the bar just as those before me had. And every time I asked Afa Seanoa about it, about when my next defense was going to be and against who, he told me ‘I have more important things to worry about’, that ‘I need to plan this tournament, the High Voltage belt can wait,’ that ‘I’ll get back to you.’ Get back to me? It took seven months before he decided to give the High Voltage title some thought! I didn’t want to have a title reign that felt like a ‘thank you’ prize to an aging veteran, no, I wanted to have a title reign where I fought with every inch of my soul, at every conceivable opportunity, against the best we have!

    Pacing around the ring, Krash paused and ran a hand through his neatly pressed hair, letting out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding during his outburst, before shaking his head.

    Krash: … But sometimes in life, we don’t always get what we want, do we?

    Opening up the black briefcase, Krash picked up the High Voltage title off his shoulder, gazing adoringly into its faceplate, before placing it gently inside the briefcase. A morose expression clouds his features, torn between pride at being the Last High Voltage Champion, and sadness at being the one to close the chapter on it.

    Krash: Farewell, old friend. You’ve served us well.

    With that, Krash slowly closed the black briefcase, and the High Voltage Championship disappeared from view.

    Krash: But, as the old saying goes, as one door closes, another opens…

    And he turns his attention to the white briefcase, placing a hand next to it.

    Krash: I’m going to rectify the wrongdoings that the High Voltage title suffered from. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

    The white briefcase swung open, revealing a pristine, gold-plated Championship Belt, with silver highlights and sideplates. Various studded jewels line every corner screw of the belt, glittering blue, silver, and gold, while two grappling black silhouettes grace the face of this championship. Finally, a white outline displays one word, and one word only - PURE. A buzz spreads across the audience, whispers and murmurs amid the applause. Krash carefully grasps the Championship in his hands, gently brushing the faceplate with an absent finger.

    Krash: The latest addition to CWA's rich legacy. The savior to the misdoings that befell the High Voltage Championship. This, my friends, is the CWA Pure Championship.

    Jim Taylor: The Pure Championship, ladies, and gentlemen. It certainly has a grand taste to it, don't you agree Tim?

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, it sounds good, but what makes it any different from the High Voltage Championship, aside from the paint job?

    As if reading Tim Coleman's mind, Krash placed the Pure Championship back on its display stand and gestured with a hand.

    Krash: Now, I know what you're thinking: Krash, you astoundingly handsome mustachioed hunk of a man. Aside from the astounding cost - which I helped fund, by the way - what makes this 'Pure' Championship any different from its predecessor? How can it be the answer to the misuse of the High Voltage Championship? What makes it Pure? Pay attention, darlings, and you just might learn something.

    Krash nodded none-too-subtly at the entranceway, perhaps a warning for his fellow competitors that this Pure Championship will not be like any other Championship Title in our history. Failure to realize it's rules could result in it being forever out of grasp.

    Krash: Perhaps the most notable and important detail to the Pure Championship, is that it will not be defended under your typical rules. No. Instead, it will be defended under, you guessed it, Pure Rules.

    Mumblings echo across the CWA audience. Pure Rules? Those sound familiar, and yet, new at the same time.

    Krash: For those unfamiliar with the Pure Ruleset, the most important detail is that, unfortunately, there is a limited amount of rope breaks one can utilize whilst competing for the Pure Championship. What does this mean? It means that if you're trapped in a brutal submission, you need to quickly ask yourself - is dragging my twisted, tortured body to the ropes to force a rope break worth it, when I only have a limited amount to take advantage of? Or should I try and battle our of the submission, break the hold with my own agility and technique, and save the rope breaks for when I truly need them? See, a Pure Championship battle is as much of a mental battle as it is physical. You only have three rope breaks available. Use them wisely, and know your limits to what you can survive.

    Jim Taylor: That's one heck of an add-on! Suddenly submission wrestling just became a mind game! One would have to assume this counts for pinfalls too. That's a game-changer, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: I'll say. Only use the ropes if you desperately have to, or they might not save you when you need them most.

    After a brief pause to let these words sink in, Krash continued, pacing next to the ropes.

    Krash: That's not all. This is going to infuriate those of you with the lowest of moral fibers, but the Pure Championship cannot be retained by Disqualification or Count-Out. So, if you think of turning around and trying to leave mid-match, then, by all means, be my guest. But the second the referee reaches that ten counts, then the match and the championship will be awarded to the competitor who stayed. Same with disqualifications - you try and end the match with the help of, say, a steel chair, then you might as well kiss the Pure Championship goodbye while you're at it.

    Jim Taylor: That's got to be sending our more nefarious wrestlers back to the drawing board. So help them, they might have to fight with honor.

    Krash: But that's not the only way a Pure Rules match may end. If a wrestler is knocked to the floor, they have until the referee's count of twenty to respond and recover. Failure to recover in time may result in a loss via referee's decision. Keep your head on your shoulders and you'll be fine. And finally, perhaps my favorite addition to the Pure Championship...

    Pause, for dramatic effect. Krash pantomimes drum rolls, before...

    Krash: To combat perhaps the major driving point behind the High Voltage Title's mistreatment, no matter what, the Pure Championship WILL be defended on every CWA Pay-Per-View!

    A smattering of applause for the announcement and Krash nods his head in agreement.

    Krash: That's right. No longer will a championship title be treated as a mere accessory. Never again, will there be a seven-month reign with zero defenses. No arguments - rain, hail, shine, or if you've had the luck or misfortune you find yourself already booked for a different match on PPV. If you want to be Pure Champion, you're doing to defend it like a real Champion.

    This gets a very positive reactive indeed! Looks like the people are just as frustrated with the High Voltage title's mistreatment as Krash was. Krash grasps the Pure Championship, and places it lovingly onto his shoulder, brushing at the faceplate.

    Krash: Ladies and gentlemen, your Last High Voltage Champion... And your First Pure Champion. Thank you.

    Nodding, Krash placed the microphone on the display case, before picking up the black briefcase containing the now-retired High Voltage Championship in his free hand. With a quick bow to the applauding audience, Krash ducked beneath the ropes and began the walk up the aisle, raising the CWA Pure Championship behind him.

    versus PRINCE ALI

    Prince Ali and Apollo Griffin meet up right in the middle of the ring, and they are both respectful to each other. They give each other their hands and shake. As soon as they shake the bell rings. The match starts off with much respect as they collar and elbow tie-up, and each tries to get an advantage.

    Jim Taylor: I like seeing this! Finally, we have two wrestlers respectful of the art that we call pro wrestling!

    Prince Ali backs up Apollo to the turnbuckle, and the referee quickly comes in and tells them to break up it up. Ali puts his hands up and backs up. ItÂ’s a clean break and Apollo and Ali meet in the center of the ring again, and again they give each other a handshake.
    They collar and elbow tie up again, but this time Apollo backs up Ali, and they break again. This time Apollo just backs up with his hands up, and another clean break. They go to the center of the ring again, and the referee tells them to go. They lock up, but this time Ali whips Apollo to the ring ropes, Apollo comes back, and Ali does a leapfrog over Apollo. On the return, this time Apollo comes back, and Ali doesn’t turn around to see where Apollo is at, and he blindly leapfrogs Apollo. Apollo is running the ropes with a lot of speed, and Ali has to react quickly. This time Ali does a drop down, and heÂ’s on the mat, but Apollo stops in his tracks and goes for an elbow drop, that Ali rolls out of the way. Apollo and Ali nip up at the same time and go into a fighting pose. The crowd pops for the athleticism.

    Jim Taylor: Holy cow!! These two are so fast I’m having a hard time keeping up! This is the future of the CWA!

    Jeff Poter is on the floor cheering on Apollo! He is hitting the mat, and you can tell the fans are not a big fan of Apollo's manager. Apollo and Ali meet up in the center of the ring again, and they go enter the collar elbow tie up, but this time Ali uses his slight height advantage to take control, and he puts Apollo in a headlock. But Apollo doesnÂ’t stay there long and quickly whips Apollo to the ring ropes, and on the return delivers a beautiful dropkick that lands flush on Apollo's face. This sends Apollo to the mat, and it makes Jeff Poter quickly come to the apron to complain to the referee of a hair pull. The referee goes to Ali to ask him if he pulled Apollo’s
    hair, and Ali signals to the crowd who lets out a huge no. For some reason Poter decides to take his client outside of the ring, and he hugs his client, and tries to hand Apollo something, but Apollo throws it to the ground, and shakes his head no. Apollo slides in, and right when Ali turns around, Apollo decides to throw his own drop kick to the head of Ali. Ali is too close to the ropes so he doesnÂ’t go down, but the ropes keep Ali up. As Ali is a little stunned by the drop kick Apollo quickly starts kicking Ali. Ali is able to block some of the kicks, but then you see one land hard in the ribs, and Ali doubles down in pain! Poter is on the apron again cheering on his client, and yelling at him to get him!

    Tim Coleman: That kick may have cracked Prince AliÂ’s ribs! He went down like a brick!

    Apollo takes Ali to the middle of the ring, whips Apollo to the ring ropes, and then delivers a great Belly to Belly
    suplex. As Ali lands on his back, you can tell something is really wrong, because he clutches at his ribs, and is in agony. Apollo takes the opportunity and goes for the pin, One, tw-------, and Ali kicks out. Apollo takes the opportunity, and kicks right at the ribs. Again Ali just rises in pain, and Apollo kicks it again. Porter is outside telling him to kick more, but you can tell Ali has some reservations about this. He delivers one more kick to the ribs, and this time Ali goes to his side, and takes ApolloÂ’s left leg, and trips him to the ground. Ali then rolls to the outside of the ring, and he drops hard to the mats. He scoots to the barricades, and just tries to catch his breath. Porter is telling Apollo to go outside, and bring him into the ring. Ali really canÂ’t fight him off, and Apollo goes outside, and grabs Ali and puts him back into the ring. Ali quickly pushes himself to the turnbuckle so he can prop himself up. Apollo though sees a great opportunity as he goes to the opposite side of the ring, and Apollo runs, and delivers a seated drop kick while Ali is using the turnbuckle to prop himself up. But Ali quickly moves, and Apollo kicks the bottom turnbuckle pad, and lands hard on the mat.

    Jim Taylor: Prince Ali just using his instincts to get out of the way! Apollo Griffin is looking magnificent! He just made a rookie mistake. ThatÂ’s the only thing that holds him back are those rookie mistakes.

    standsup, but is in pain, and he is covering up his left side. Ali doesnÂ’t try to pick Apollo up, Ali allows Apollo to get up on his one, and as soon as Apollo is up, Ali grabs ApolloÂ’s arm, and whips him into the turnbuckle, and as fast as Ali can get their he starts striking Apollo as fast as he can. Apollo finally pushes Ali away, but Ali is quick, and goes up to Apollo and Ali does a Belly to Belly suplex that sends Apollo to the mat. Ali is gets up carefully protecting his ribs, and as Apollo gets up, he runs towards Apollo, and delivers a nice shining wizard, that sends Apollo back to the ground. Ali goes for the pin! One, two,Â… the referee stops the count as Porter gets on the ring apron yelling at the referee to stop the count, and the referee mistakenly stops! Ali gets up, and is not happy that the count was just interrupted! Ali goes to Porter, and just tells him to get off the apron. Apollo gets up, and is not happy how Ali is talking to Porter. Apollo turns Ali around, and goes for a huge punch, but he Ali ducks, and Apollo punches Porter straight in the face, that sends Porter to the ground. Apollo is distraught that he just knocked out his manager! Ali takes advantage of the situation. He turns around a stunned Apollo and picks him up in the Broken Dreams! Ali lands his knee on ApolloÂ’s face, and goes for the pin! ONE, TWOOOOOOOO, THHHHHHRRREEEEEEE!!!

    Porter is holding his face, as he slides back into the ring, and goes to his client who was just knocked out by the Broken Dreams. Porter is visibly upset, and AliÂ’s music plays, and he is still clutching his ribs, but also trying to celebrate!

    Jim Taylor:
    Jeff Porter has cost his client another match! Apollo Griffin is a great wrestler and a great talent! Jeff Porter is his albatross!

    Tim Coleman:
    Jeff Porter is the greatest thing in wrestling today!

    Lindsay Monahan:
    The winner of the match in 6 minutes and 25 seconds! PRINCE ALLLLIIIIIIIII!!!!!!

    THE ECHO (Drew conner & Ethan Conner)


    The match begins with Ethan Connor and the exuberant XYZ standing across from one another before meeting in the middle with a lockup. Ethan manages to get the advantage and transitions into an arm wrench on XYZ. XYZ writhes in pain as Ethan wrenches his arm before rolling out of the hold and pushes Ethan into the ring ropes. XYZ bounces into the ring ropes almost at the same time as Ethan and the two collide in the middle with simultaneous dropkicks. The two immediately get to their feet and hit simultaneous dropkicks again. They both get to their feet and bounce
    of the ropes before hitting simultaneous dropkicks on one another again. They get to their feet in a fighting stance as the audience pops for the third dropkick attempt. XYZ charges at Ethan who manages to duck under a clothesline attempt from him. As XYZ turns around, Ethan catches him with a deep Pelé Kick right to the head. Ethan rushes to the closest turnbuckle and scales it, waiting for XYZ to get to his feet. As XYZ hops up he is met with a jumping hurricanrana from Ethan as the fans in attendance cheer with excitement. The camera shifts to show Rolando Fuentez on the apron, visibly frustrated with his hand extended for a tag from XYZ.

    Gimmie More
    Ethan quickly gets to his feet and looks over at his brother Drew who desperately wants in on this match. Ethan obliges and tags him in. Drew hops over the top rope and delivers a stiff shining wizard to XYZ, followed by a standing
    moonsault. Drew rushes over to Rolando Fuentez and taunts the visibly upset former World-Champion, as XYZ slowly uses the ring ropes to get to his feet. Drew continues to taunt Rolando until he is turned around by XYZ who hits him with a combo of slaps, kicks, and a back fist. Drew falls to the ground as XYZ rushes the ropes for an attempted moonsault. He fakes the moonsault and flips back onto his feet followed by a jumping elbow onto Drew, followed by a kip up and a flamboyant bow which elicits a rousing ovation from the crowd.

    Tag Me In
    XYZ soaks in the cheers from the crowd before climbing the turnbuckle and beginning to tight-rope walk on the ropes. He begins to gain bounce and momentum on the rope until he is forcefully pushed off by Ethan, much to the dismay of the audience and Rolando. Ethan Connor and Rolando both reach their hands out to their partners to tag them in. XYZ slowly inches closer and closer to Rolando. He's much closer than Drew. He gets close enough to Rolando and dramatically leaps for the tag. Rolando pulls his hand back and jumps off the ring apron, staring coldly at the confused XYZ.

    Wrestling=Serious Business
    XYZ can be heard screaming at Rolando Fuentes who simply stands outside the ring with both his arms crossed staring back at him. On the other side of the ring, Drew tags in Ethan and the two size up XYZ. Rolando points behind XYZ, causing him to turn around. As he turns around he is met with Stereo Super Kicks from The Echo. They go for the cover. One...Two...Three...DING*DING*DING*

    WINNER: The Echo

    versus NOAH NITRO

    Noah grins as he looks across the ring as Brayden as he bounces back and forth on each foot pumped and ready for this match to begin. The bell sounds and both men begin to circle the ring.

    Tim Coleman:
    There is the bell.

    Jim Taylor: You can cut the tension in this arena with a knife!

    Both men meet in the center of the ring, both men lock eyes and Brayden shakes his head at Noah who just grins before slapping the taste out of Brayden Bridges' mouth. Brayden Bridges staggers for a moment before springing forward locking up with Noah. The two men locked up in the middle of the ring Bridges quickly goes on the offensive first locking in a standing side headlock. Bridges locks the hold tighter and tighter before Noah lifts him up and drops him in a belly to back suplex with a bridge for a pin.

    Ref: 1


    Tim Coleman: NO, Kick out by Brayden Bridges!

    Jim Taylor: Bridges rolls to his side and looks at Noah who quickly sprang back up to his feet. Noah once again has that cocky grin on his face as Brayden gets back up shaking his head.

    Once again Noah and Bridges come to the center of the ring and lock up but this time as they do Noah catches Brayden with a knee to the midsection before once again slapping the taste out of his mouth. Bridges now looks at Noah furiously and shoves Noah who looks at Brayden just grinning once again. Bridges quickly rushes at Noah locking up with him again but this time whipping Noah across the ring into the ropes. As Noah comes off the ropes Bridges is bent over looking to go for a back body drop but as Noah sees this he runs to his right and bounces off the adjacent rope catching Bridges with a spinning neckbreaker.

    Tim Coleman: Bridges didn’t even see that coming!

    Jim Taylor: Nitro once again looking at Bridges with that cocky grin on his face as Bridges gets back up to his feet holding his neck.

    Tim Coleman: Bridges can’t get frustrated here; this is all about Noah playing mind games with him.

    Jim Taylor: But it’s something easier said than done, when you’re in the ring with a guy like Noah Nitro

    Bridges cracks his neck as he circles the ring as Noah does the same. Bridges both men come charging in locking up once again and this time Bridges ducks under and gets behind Noah in a waist lock. Bridges looks to be going for a gutwrench but Noah is able to break the waist lock while in air and as he falls to his feet he spins taking Bridges down in a drop toe hold and quickly pounces on Bridges’s back and starts slapping him on the back of the head before dismounting him. Bridges pushes himself up and goes to the closest corner and looks up at Noah who once again gives him that cocky grin. Bridges then begin to kick and slap the ropes.

    Tim Coleman: Jim, I think Bridges is officially frustrated here.

    Jim Taylor: Well, as long as Noah is smiling this is all a game to him and this game is starting to get to Brayden Bridges.

    In a fit of anger both men meet in the center of the ring again but as soon as they get to the center of the ring Noah gives Brayden a vicious slap to the face once again. Brayden turns around stomps his foot and charges at Noah again who side steps, spins Brayden around, and slaps him again. Brayden turns around one more time and goes to charge at Noah but this time stops short and kicks Noah in the midsection and follows it up with a spinning neckbreaker of his own.

    Tim Coleman: What a turn around by Bridges, I think he’s had enough and now he’s trying to play games with Noah Nitro!

    Now Bridges is on his feet looking at Noah who is on one knee rolling his neck with a grin on his face as he looks at Bridges who is now also grinning. Noah smiles wide laughing making a mocking hand motion and both men go to meet in the center of the ring again, but as then meet the smile quickly fades to a serious look on Noah Nitro’s Face who as soon as he gets close enough to Bridges quickly catches Bridges with a dumping double leg take down and unloads with right hands before getting back to his feet and standing off to the side of Bridges. As Bridges looks up at Nitro who is looking down at him and with his hand almost right in Bridges’s face he motions Bridges to bring it.

    Jim Taylor: OK, I think this has officially turned into a match Timmy!

    Tim Coleman: The games are over and I think we are about to get down to some real wrestling.

    Bridges gets back up to his feet and quickly Noah is on him with an arm drag take down, as he carries Bridges over with the arm drag he holds onto it locking in a quick standing arm bar that quickly turns into a kick to the middle of the back. Bridges’s back arches as he pushes himself up off the mat and stumbles into the corner. Nitro follows him into the corner and barely gives Bridges a moment to breathe as he follows up with rights and lefts to the midsection of Bridges. The ref is getting in between them breaking them up. As they do Bridges quickly gets onto the middle rope and catches Noah with a flying European Uppercut of Swiss Death over the Ref’s back as he’s forcing Noah away from Bridges.

    Jim Taylor: Big move by Brayden Bridges! Taking advantage of the Referee breaking up the action!

    Noah holds his face as he and the Ref crash to the ground. The ref flops back up to his feet as he wasn’t bumped that badly, he gets in the face of Brayden reprimanding him for the action. Brayden apologizes as he now goes on the attack on Noah. He kicks Noah in the small of the back as he’s getting up causing him to arch his back. Brayden then begins to unload with left and right kicks as Noah is on his knees trying to get up. He comes across with a right kick that Noah catches and twists from a kneeling position with a modified leg whip.

    Tim Coleman: What a reversal from Noah Nitro! Brayden Bridges is holding that knee now as Noah begins to go to work on it!

    Noah back on his feet grabs Brayden by the right leg and lifts it up in the air and drives a boot to the back and side of it sending Brayden rolling on the mat clutching at it. Now while Brayden is on his stomach Noah grabs the ankle lifts Brayden up by it and drives the right knee into the mat, sending Brayden rolling to the outside of the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Brayden Bridges trying to buy some time here, that was a smart move he’s trying to shake some feeling back into that leg and walk it off.

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, but Noah is waiting as we are up to a five count now, Brayden doesn’t want to get himself counted out.

    Brayden rolls back in at the count of eight and Noah sits and waits. Brayden pushes himself back up and Noah quickly comes in for a chop block but Brayden spins and sprawls out of the way as Noah slides through popping back up to his feet. Brayden gets back up as well but staggering a bit on his right leg. Both men circle the ring again and Brayden goes for a side headlock again but quickly spins into a rear waist lock before dropping down and pulling Noahs legs out from under him. Brayden floats over and locks in a front face lock as Noah fights out of it, he pushes forward with his feet to a position that he’s almost standing at an angle, before spinning in toward Bridges and rolls him up in a modified small package.



    Jim Taylor: No kick out by Brayden, Noah Nitro showing that even in his time away from the ring he still has it, as he’s been pulling off some great reversals thus far.

    Tim Coleman: He’s been around the business a while Jim, so this isn’t a surprise.

    Both men get back on their feet, Brayden comes in going for a right kick but Noah catches it stepping over and rolling through locking Brayden in a leg bar. The ref is checking on Brayden, who crawls and pulls himself and Noah toward the ropes. Noah wrenches on the leg and Bridges is in pain as he reaches the ropes, but Noah doesn’t release the hold getting up to a four count from the ref before letting it go.

    Jim Taylor: Noah taking every second he can to inflict as much damage as possible.

    Tim Coleman: Every little bit counts Jim.

    Brayden pulls himself up on the ropes and limps on that leg for a moment as Noah is back on his feet as well, who throws a vicious leg kick to the right knee of Bridges who’s leg buckles but he keeps himself up by hopping on his good leg. Noah goes for a leg kick again to the leg but as Bridges is setting up to block it Noah feints it and goes for a right hand to the midsection doubling Brayden over. From here Noah looks to be setting Brayden up for a powerbomb.

    Jim Taylor: Noah has Brayden up in the air for a powerbomb; he turns around with his back to the ropes and drops him down.

    Tim Coleman: He’s not done yet Jim, he keeps his hands locked as he lifts Brayden up again and drops him one more time!

    Jim Taylor: NO, He’s trying again for a third!

    Tim Coleman: But Brayden rolls through and quickly locks in the Mercy Kill choke!

    Jim Taylor: I don’t know Johnny he’s got it locked in with his traps a little High on Noah’s body. Noah has his legs spread to keep him in a standing base.

    Brayden still has it locked in tight around Noah’s neck who even with keeping himself on his feet begins to fade. The ref is checking and he lifts Noah’s arm and it falls limp.

    Ref: 1!

    Tim Coleman: He’s checking it again!

    Ref: 2!

    Jim Taylor: I don’t believe it this may be all over here!

    The ref checks it one last time but Noah pulls his arm from the Ref’s grip and gets his feet back under him and lifts Brayden Bridges up off the ground and catches him with a modified Samoan drop that resembles an Olympic slam, but Noah isn’t done, he bridges and rolls into another, and then a third, but the third being more of a release over the head belly to belly suplex.


    Jim Taylor: A rolling Samoan suplex, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before!

    Tim Coleman: Me either Jim, but both of these men are down.

    Noah is on his back after fighting his way out of one of the signature submissions of Brayden Bridges with an intense set of suplexes. Brayden is down and holding his back being on the receiving end of them. The Ref begins a ten count.

    Ref: 1




    Brayden starts to stir first as he’s up on his side.




    Brayden is on one knee but still staggering; at the count of eight Noah kips up and is back on his feet. Noah once again gets a cocky grin creeping across his face as he sits in wait, waiting for Brayden to get back to his feet. As Brayden gets back to his feet Noah hits a standing Nitro Blast side kick.

    Jim Taylor: What's that?

    Tim Coleman: Did Noah Nitro just hit Brayden Bridges with a Face the Music?

    Jim Taylor: If that isn’t a slap to the face of Brayden Bridges I don’t know what is!

    Noah looks to the camera and points to his head like you don’t know what I can do. He walks over to Brayden Bridges and grabs him by the hair and starts to pull him up to his feet but Brayden Bridges quickly rolls up Noah in a small package.

    Ref: 1


    Tim Coleman: Kick out by Noah, grins at his mistake before going back on the attack.

    Noah got back to his feet first and quickly mounts Brayden Bridges in a full mount position and starts raining right and left hands down on Brayden’s head. Brayden is covering up trying to weather the storm. Brayden tries to get his hand in Noah’s face to try and shove him off but Noah grabs the hand swings his leg over and locks Brayden in his own triangle choke.

    Jim Taylor: Noah has Brayden Bridges locked in his own hold!

    Tim Coleman: Yes Jim, that is a variation on the Mercy Kill but it’s a ground triangle choke, which Noah has in his arsenal of Mixed Martial Arts submissions.

    Jim Taylor: I understand that Johnny, but to use it at this time on a man who uses this as a finishing maneuver when he just used another man’s finisher moments ago!

    Tim Coleman: Jim, you are looking into it too much, he used a superkick, and it’s not a spectacular move! Many people use it!

    While Johnny and Jim bicker over finishing holds Brayden Bridges is somehow able to work his free hand over to the arm locked in the legs of Noah Nitro and he is able to roll Noah to his back and break the hold. Brayden shakes his arm getting trying to shake the pain out as him and Noah both make it to their feet. Brayden tries to catch Noah off guard throwing a quick roundhouse kick but Noah ducks and Brayden spins around, as Brayden faces Noah again, Noah catches him with a kick to the midsection and he hooks Brayden Bridges' Arms.

    Jim Taylor: Noah looks to be going for a tiger driver!

    Tim Coleman: No back body drop from Brayden but Noah rolls through and springs back up to his feet. Brayden turns around again and gets caught with another kick to the midsection!

    Jim Taylor: Noah sets up Brayden for an inverted suplex! He might be going for Noah's Arch!

    Tim Coleman: But Brayden flips through and lands behind Noah.

    From here, Brayden runs to the rope and as Noah turns around Brayden catches him with a bicycle kick. Noah goes down as Brayden gets back to his feet. Brayden climbs the top rope and he leaps off the top rope going for a diving headbutt. As Brayden flies through the air, Noah spins on his back and gets his legs up and as Brayden falls Noah locks Brayden into an arm triangle, but as he has the arm triangle locked in he also locks the arm trapped in the hold under his arm as he wraps his hand behind the elbow locking the arm in a modified armbar as well.

    Jim Taylor: What a painful hold! But Brayden Bridges is trying to fight out of it still!

    Tim Coleman: Brayden Bridges is showing great heart in this match.

    Jim Taylor: He always does!

    Brayden is fighting trying to get his arm free but he refuses to tap out. He lifts up Noah before dropping him down to the mat in a modified powerbomb type hold, but Noah still has the hold locked in. Brayden repeats this three times and Noah finally let’s go of the pitbull like grip. Brayden holds his arm and is in pain and can’t quite capitalize on Noah being down.

    Tim Coleman: Great way for Brayden to get out of that hold!

    Jim Taylor: But how much damage was done; I can only imagine with each slam it only put more and more pressure on the trapped arm!

    Tim Coleman: Brayden crawls over and puts his arm over Noah's Chest!

    Ref: 1


    Jim Taylor: No! Noah rolls through and locks the triangle choke in again!

    Tim Coleman: This time on the other arm of Brayden Bridges! But Brayden knows he’s in trouble and quickly rolls forward getting out of the hold!

    Jim Taylor: I think if he has both arms damaged he would have been done!

    Both men back up to their feet and Noah goes for a Power-up Punch but Brayden ducks and bounces off the ropes and as Noah turns around he catches Noah with a running big boot. Noah goes down holding his head as Brayden goes for the quick cover again.

    Ref: 1


    Tim Coleman: No, Noah kicks out!

    Brayden gets back to his feet holding his arm as Noah holds his chin as he sits up and pulls himself up on the ropes. Brayden goes for a right hand but Noah ducks under and spins Brayden around and with a kick to the midsection Noah connects with a TKO, quickly rolling Brayden over to his back and hooking the leg.

    Ref: 1


    Jim Taylor: NO! Brayden Bridges isn’t done yet either as he gets the shoulder up!

    Noah begins to unload with right hands to Brayden’s forehead as he slowly gets himself back up to his feet. He pulls Brayden Bridges back up to his feet and Brayden goes for another small package but this time Noah is prepared for it and drops to his knee catching Brayden’s bad arm under it. Brayden lets out a painful scream as Noah pops back up to his feet pulling Brayden back up to his with his arm under Brayden’s good arm. Noah hoists Brayden up in the air, but Brayden is able to nail Noah with Last Rites out of nowhere. After he connects with it, Brayden mocks The Dark Watch over Nitro’s fallen body before hooking the leg going for the cover.

    Ref: 1



    Tim Coleman: Brayden Bridges picks up the win to get one step closer to Lilith!

    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, Brayden Bridges!!!!

    As Brayden celebrates in the corner Noah begins to get to his feet. Noah grabs the ropes to steady himself as Brayden reaches down to grab his guitar to leave and turns around to a Fireball out Noah's mouth! But Brayden gets his guitar in the way just in the nick of time and his guitar painted red! After a few seconds of shock Noah gets an acoustic equalizer across the dome! Brayden bids Noah and pleasant farewell and exits the ring. The lights go out!

    Tim Coleman: OH MAN! WE KNOW WHAT THIS IS!

    When the lights come back on Thomas West is standing in the ring lording over his fallen comrade holding a steel chair. As Noah attempts to come to West swings the chair at Noah's noggin wild busting him open. West reaches down admiring his work with palm looking at Noah's blood on it and smears it across his chest. West sets the chair up on the mat and yells at Noah to get up. West lifts Noah's lifeless body up onto his shoulders and drives his mug down on the seat of the chair with a thunderous Cyclone. West points to Brayden Bridges on the ramp as if that was warning of what to expect in the coming weeks.

    Jim Taylor: A message has been sent and you have to wonder how Brayden will fair in his quest to challenge the CWA World Champion Lillith.


    THE BLACKLIST (connor cross & luna cross)
    versus THE DFB (bobby “smooth” and codymundz)

    "The Bell Hasn't Even Rang Yet"
    Nate Savage, Jackson Fenix, Luna and Connor Cross all stand in the ring, awaiting the arrival of the other two teams. The camera pans to the top of the stage as "Red Right Hand" by Nick Crave and The Bad Seeds blares through the arena. Cody Mundz stumbles onto the stage as "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds slowly begins to fade out. He falls face first onto the stage but the camera is able to get a glimpse of him before he falls. His face is crimson red, drenched in blood. A hush comes over the arena as Mundz lays motionless on the ground. The hush is replaced with boos as Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke drag a defenseless Bobby Smooth out onto the stage and drapes his body on top of his fallen partner.

    The camera shifts to the ring where Connor and Luna Cross can be seen speaking with the referee, seemingly asking him "what the hell is going on". The referee shrugs as Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix stand in their corner whispering to one another, seemingly replanning their strategy.

    Ocean and Stocke stand over the bodies of Mundz and Smooth yelling down at the referee to "RING THE BELL". The referee yells at the two, "GET IN THE RING" but the two stand on the entrance ramp refusing to move.

    The referee calls for the bell and Nate Savage immediately charges at Connor Cross, hitting him from behind with a double ax handle. He stomps on the downed Connor Cross, pushing him out of the ring. The fired-up Savage pushes the ropes and points towards the stage at Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke, yelling at them to "GET IN THE RING".

    "A Savage Beating"
    Savage exits the ring and delivers a stiff running knee strike to the midsection of Connor Cross, who was attempting to use the ring apron to get to his feet. Savage grabs Cross, slowly bringing him to his feet before shoulder thrusting him into the midsection. The force of the shoulder thrust sends Cross into the ring barricade. Savage grabs and whips Cross into the ring apron before charging at him with a running splash, sending him back first into the ring apron.

    Savage tosses Cross into the ring and go for a pinfall. One...Twooo...Connor Cross manages to get his shoulder up much to the dismay of Savage. A fired up and excited Jackson Fenix bounces on the ring apron with his hand out, begging to be tagged in. Savage snarls in disgust at Fenix before nonchalantly saying "no" to Fenix. Nate Savage reaches down to grab Connor Cross who is attempting to make it to his corner but is met with a mule kick to the face. Savage stumbles backward and Connor uses this brief moment to get to his feet, grapple Savage and hit him with a strong belly to belly suplex. Cross quickly tags in Luna who rushes into the ring and delivers a leg drop to the downed Savage. She quickly gets to her feet and hits another running leg drop to Savage.

    "She Was Asking For It"
    She stomps on the legs of Savage before rolling him on his back and locking in a tight single leg Boston crab. Savage squirms in pain as Luna wrenches the hold. The camera shifts and we see Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke slowly making their way down to the ring.

    Savage begins to regain his composure as Luna wrenches his leg. He reaches up and grabs Luna by her hair and begins to forcefully pull it. She screams in agony with every yank before breaking the hold and attempting to get Savage to let go of her hair. Savage forcefully yanks Luna down to the ground and slowly gets back to his feet. Luna clutches her head and hair as Savage get to an upright position and yanks her to her feet by her hair. He ragdoll tosses her across the ring into the corner.

    On the outside of the ring, Trevor Ocean hops on the ring apron and watches closely as Savage backs into his respective corner. He charges and hits a corner cannonball senton on Luna in the corner. He pops up to his feet and jaw jacks Trevor Ocean as Jackson Fenix can be seen anxiously reaching out for a tag. Savage reluctantly tags in his partner, not breaking eye-contact with Ocean as he exits to the outside. Trevor Ocean smiles as Fenix enters the ring and goes for a cover on Luna Cross.

    "It's Tough Being 'The Elite'"
    Luna manages to kick out somehow before the referee's hand can come down for the three count. Fenix points at his knee and slaps his knee pad before scaling the top rope. As he scales the top rope he points at the downed Luna as the crowd hypes him up. He makes it to the very top and is prepared to hop off until Noah Stocke tags himself in off of Fenix and throws him off the top to the ground outside.

    Stocke gets in the ring and begins to bounce around as he circles Luna Cross who groggily gets to her feet. He unleashes a barrage of rights and lefts to the body of Luna finishing things off with a vicious headbutt that causes the audience to let out a loud "oww" as she falls to the ground.

    Stocke charges over to Connor Cross on the ring apron and hits him with a running front kick sending him down to the ground. He points at Trevor Ocean who simply nods his head as Stocke grabs Luna and locks her in a double underhook guillotine choke. She squirms and screams in pain as she attempts to get out of the hold but Stocke has the hold in too tight. Savage rushes into the ring attempting to break the hold but Trevor Ocean is quick to meet him in the middle with a stiff discuss elbow. The two trade rights and lefts as Stocke continue to wrench the Canadian Execution hold on Luna. On the outside of the ring, Jackson Fenix slowly attempts to get back into the ring but it's too late. Luna verbally submits and the referee calls for the bell.

    Winners: The Elite (Noah Stocke & Trevor Ocean)

    Noah and Trevor stand victorious in the ring, putting their hands to their ears in mocking gesture. Noah looks at Trevor and can be heard saying "Do you hear that Trevor? I believe it's an Echo in the distance" The two motion around their waste, signaling that they are coming for the tag-team titles as the show comes to a close.

    *END SHOW*

    Match Writers
    Jimmy King, Harry Morgan, Comeback Kid, Smarkslayer

    Krash, Smarkslayer, An Original Name, Comeback Kid

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: LIVE

    Sweet, AR's up.

    The new GM seems pretty different. Nothing like any GM we've previously had, I don't think so. Certainly not a sleaze like Richman, nor a lowkey sociopath like Hanson, or a no-nonsense by-the-books Seanoa, unless things develop. Not a fan of how his first words are to put over himself and declare how shit CWA's been, but at least it instantly changes the tone of CWA so yeah.

    The librarian in me says this could probably use a proofread before posting. Between the 'West beatdown on Nitro' post-match segment being posted twice, and...

    Nate Savage, Jackson Fenix, Luna and Connor Corss all stand in the ring, awaiting the arrival of the other two teams. The camera pans to the top of the stage as "Red Right Hand" by Nick Crave and The Bad Seeds blares through the arena. Cody Mundz stumbles onto the stage as "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds slowly begins to fade out. He falls face first onto the stage but the camera is able to get a glimpse of him before he falls. His face is crimson red, drenched in blood. A hush comes over the arena as Mundz lays motionless on the ground. The hush is replaced with boos as Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke drag a defenseless Bobby Smooth out onto the stage and rapes his body on top of his fallen partner.
    Yeah. I mean it's one hell of a way to get some heel heat but crikey. This is just the picky English teacher in me so don't look too far into it, but a quick proofread would help things a bit.

    So, nitpicks aside:
    - I like the direction of Bridges-Lilith potentially. New blood getting a shot in the main event scene, nice, I dig it.
    - The matches themselves flowed pretty well, aside from a few aformentioned spelling/grammartical errors. Could do with using entrances and announcer introductions more regularly, the first match had that but none of the others so it was a bit jarring. Just *click* okay here's the next match. Gonna chalk that up to different writing styles by different writers.
    - A XYZ/Fuentes feud sounds pretty boss. Count me as intrigued.
    - Been a while since we've had a 'monster hoss' guy like Beast. Neato.
    - Good to see an update. Nice work, mates.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: LIVE

    edit nvm
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