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Thread: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    So I am now figuring that going back to Rumble would make much less sense now that Raw is out! Quick thoughts on it: The graphics are CLEAN. Really enjoyed the Rumble match itself and think Bret lasting from #1 adds an insane amount of credibility already. Even being built up it helps no matter what. Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan is a HUGE Mania match and not the direction I was expecting.

    I was surprised to see your steel cage match open the show, but an end to a feud like that is quite a hook to open up Raw. Michaels winning back the championship was the right choice. I'm not too sure why you had him drop out anyways, but I want to chalk that up to establishing credibility to Tatanka. Luger's attack brings us to a match at Mania which I think can be a nice way to establish a nice star-powered match.

    I will echo what Zoom-E said real quick with DiBiase going broke. Feels like a WWF salary wasn't what made him The Million Dollar Man. But it was an entertaining segment to break up the show for sure.

    Steiners needed a win for momentum, nothing wrong with it.

    Can get behind Flair looking past Hogan with the solid reasoning there. Plus, the reasoning for Raw is just a solid 101 to get some good heat on him besides that. Simple and effective.

    I always like those stories where a competitor is on the commentary team. You have opportunities to build matches with Savage on commentary throughout your whole show, and that's a huge benefit to this. Razor winning expected and an important part to this.

    I really look forward to what you do with Jake Roberts in any of your posts. The focus on family seems to be the more direct choice and a fine way building into Mania. Gives something for Jake to do besides talk about Bret for those weeks in between. Establishing that Jake has no family and The Freaks are just... Freaks... is a nice touch and probably something I would have questioned if you didn't bring it up. Really liked the short descriptions of Cactus Jack rocking back and forth, Doink swinging around.

    Don't have much to say about that Sid squash was a fine way to end the show. Of course, the real talk is an upcoming battle with Undertaker at Mania. I think there is some money in there for sure and I always like when big guys fight it out.

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    The WWF has been running wild over the past month, bringing you the best action around every Monday on the flagship show- Monday Night RAW!
    The action, entertainment and excitement are at all-time levels as we inch closer and closer to Wrestlemania 9! With one more RAW left before the big dance, WWF superstars will look to cement their place on “The Showcase of Immortals” and compete at the highest level. A lot has happened in the past month.

    Since that night, tensions have only grown at a more frantic pace with Wrestlemania 9 just over the horizon. Dreams have been realized, hopes have been crushed, and everything else in between has been sheer chaos. The last time we were here- on February 22, 1993-to be exact, was a night to be remembered:

    -SHAWN MICHAELS ended up once again with the Intercontinental title around his waist. In a grueling Steel Cage Match against Tatanka, it was Michaels who was worse for wear throughout the entire matchup. Michaels had lady luck on his side when “The Narcissist” Lex Luger came out just as Tatanka was about to walk out and win the match, and slammed the door shut on Tatanka’s head, resulting in a concussion that has put Tatanka on the shelf for the past few weeks.

    found out his fate on the Road to Wrestlemania in the form of The Undertaker coming out as the show came to a close, seemingly issuing a challenge to the man now most famous for “The Chairshot Heard ‘Round The World.”

    -WWF CHAMPION JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS threatened his challenger at the Royal Rumble- Bret “The Hitman” Hart, saying he would start picking off his family members one by one.

    -“THE NATURE BOY” RIC FLAIR” -with his WWF career on the line at Wrestlemania 9 against Hulk Hogan, conducted a video interview, showing no signs of fear or worry over his match, bringing up the fact that Hulk Hogan is on the longest losing streak of his career.

    Since then, The Road to Wrestlemania 9 has only gotten hotter as we inch closer to the big show. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for Monday Night RAW on March 22, 1993- the LAST RAW before “The Showcase of Immortals” Wrestlemania 9:

    -BRET HART will be in action as he continues to gear up for the biggest night of his life at Wrestlemania 9. Over the past month Bret has gone at great lengths to protect his family from Jake Roberts, bringing around the entire family to be by his side at all times. Thus far, Bret has been successful, but that hasn’t stopped Roberts from continuing to make threats on The Hart Family. As Bret is in action, Owen Hart and British Bulldog will be patrolling the ring, making sure Jake Roberts & The Freak Show can’t get their hands on any member of The Hart Family.

    -HULK HOGAN’s sit down interview with Vince McMahon will be shown. Hulk Hogan had a lot to talk about, ranging from his tumultuous year of 1992 to thanking his fan base for sticking by him during his rough year. Ric Flair isn’t scheduled for RAW, as he has already flown out to Las Vegas to start the party early.

    -CRUSH punched his ticket to Wrestlemania 9 to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship against Shawn Michaels when he won a 20-Man Battle Royal on the March 1 edition of RAW.
    Crush has been as hot as they come over the past few months, and will look to continue his ascent up the WWF at a very quick pace with a win at Wrestlemania 9. Crush will be in action on RAW as he looks to fine tune his craft for Wrestlemania 9.

    -“HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN continued to protect the American flag and has now found himself in the crosshairs of Yokozuna. The two have scuffled a bit since the Royal Rumble, and it was announced that Duggan would square off against the 500 pound Sumo legend at Wrestlemania 9. Yokozuna will be in action on Monday Night RAW and we can bet that Duggan will be there to make sure Yokozuna doesn’t disrespect the American flag.

    All of this, plus much more on Monday Night RAW!



    Six-Man Tag Match
    The Steiner Brothers & Tatanka vs. Perfectly Ravishing & “The Narcissist” Lex Luger

    1993 Royal Rumble Winner Bret “The Hitman” Hart in action!

    Crush in action!

    Yokozuna in action!

    PLUS: Hulk Hogan sits down for an exclusive interview with Vince McMahon!

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    Finally caught up with everything here, and wow am I upset at waiting to read the rumble. I'll get you a full review on your next Raw but just wanted to touch on a few things I really enjoyed and one or two nitpicks.

    The Rumble was so well written from the storylines that got furthered, the presentation with different fonts and colors as well as the graphics takes this to another level. The lead up to the Rumble throughout the night was all well done as well, with HBK getting his number repoed and the pre-rumble promos.

    I loved Bret and Shawn as #1/2, and at first I thought you might go the Brock Lesnar route having them throw out every single member for a bit lol. I felt like you did a phenomenal job with the eliminations. Some guys may have lasted a little longer than you'd expect or not long enough - but that's the randomness of the rumble baby!

    I really felt like Shawn should have gone the distance with Bret, but after reading some other people's responses I feel like you made the right decision (I still would have liked Bret vs Shawn as final 2) but this makes Bret stand out much more, giving him that real star power. Huge huge huge win for him.

    And Bret vs Jake is INSANELY interesting, as the one promo you had on Raw was so simple yet so eerily creepy. The thought of Jake and his freaks HUNTING Bret Hart's family immediately catapults this to a too tier feud.

    While I'm super high on Shawn Michaels, I'm a little upset he won the IC title back so fast (and I didn't even want him to lose it!) I felt like Tatanka vs Luger would have been a killer IC title match at Mania. Michaels/Crush is fine, but I didn't think they needed the title.

    Flair/Hogan and Sid/Taker will be fun.

    I want to second what Wolf said. As I've told you in PM, I hope you can continue with more Raw's as you really hit it out of the park. It's crazy how good you are at writing Pay Per Views AND weekly shows. Maybe I'm asking for too much as I don't want you to burn out and I'm sure you'll get the job done with two Raw's and the road to wrestlemania recap, I just thoroughly enjoyed both Raw's a bunch. Especially love the commercials. Lol and again congrats on BTB of the month!

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    Hmm. Definitely an interesting direction to take to skip through a bunch of shows and give us a rough recap, before giving us the final edition of Raw before the big show. I'm honestly not entirely sure how I feel about it as to whether it will feel like we are missing anything. The verdict is still out at this point for me.

    With that being said, a majority of the stuff that's happened and the preview all seems solid enough. Probably most looking forward to Hogan's promo.

    If there is one issue I potentially have with this, it's that if Flair doesn't appear, we never got the epic Flair/Hogan promo. It just feels like a lost opportunity for me, so hopefully there's a swerve there.

    Outside of that, all looks pretty good, even Crush getting an IC Title shot. As much as I hate his gimmick, it makes sense considering how strong he's looked the last few months.

    Looking forward to another awesome weekly show from you.

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    I'm a little behind so I'll kick off with Raw. I really liked the cage match opening the show, from memory Raw would put on a huge opener and then finish with a dud quite a lot back in the day (not that you will end with a dud, I don't even know what the main event is yet!) so this feels authentic. I give you massive props for putting the belt on Tatanka and giving focus to someone who most people would probably ignore, but I'm glad the belt is back on Michaels now. I'd love to see him get a proper run with the belt now and establish himself as THE guy in the midcard as you move the places together for his eventual main event run.

    Lol! That "just say no to drugs" pic is superb, and the kind of attention to detail I love about your Raws. Especially love the fact that Taker looks like he's on crack with the whole zombie look, so "say no to drugs" sounds like advice he's giving from experience

    Taker vs Bam Bam being built because the Empire have been banned from a country club? Awesome. That's the kind of stupidity I want from a early WWF thread (and I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course!)

    Good squash for the Steiners. I'd say it was just incredible, but you stole that joke before I could...

    You know already that I've been uncertain of having Hogan lose so much, but I appreciate at least you're making that a part of the story. And trying in the Vegas theme with Flair going all in on his victory is the kind of small touch you always do so well. Good stuff.

    Man those adverts are incredible. Love it.

    I give you credit for the restraint you showed with Savage and Ramon. I expected Savage to come out of commentary and brawl or whatever, but that would have been overkill imo. You got the angle over without it resulting in a crazy wild brawl, which again feels authentic to the era. Your attention to detail on nailing the cadence of 1993 WWF is always super impressive.

    I was wondering what path you'd go down with Jake, given all his feuds seem to have a "theme", and family is a really great one. You'll get bonus points for me if you tap in to Jake's family history too, given how tragic it is. And, hey, if all of this ends up being the catalyst for Owen turning heel one day then that's gonna be a thing of beauty. As is always the case with Jake, this was great stuff.

    Yes! The main event really was a dud! That's amazing attention to detail. And simple enough set up for Mania, didn't need to be anything more than that.

    Overall, I just love the way you book Raws. I personally couldn't book shows with so little going on because I'm too much of an ADHD booker, but I love that you can. It all feels so authentic, even down to kicking off the show with the main event and putting a squash in the main. And then we get another Raw before Mania? As much as I want to get to Mania, I'm just happy we're getting more Raws tbh. Great stuff dude.

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    Monday Night RAW

    March 22, 1993
    Manhattan Center

    “Never Trust A Snake!”

    9:00PM Eastern Time hits as it is NOW TIME FOR SOME MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!

    Instead of our usual start to the show with a cool opening video package, we are treated to something different…

    We start off Monday Night RAW outside in the cool, early-spring night. Sounds of cars, trains, buses, subways racket off in the distance. Honking horns, busy traffic lights, its New York City at night in a nutshell…

    A camera follows a man walking down the sidewalk from the bottom down, dressed in black jeans with black cowboy boots. A man with leopard skin boots walks to the right of him, while a man with black boots and white trunks is to the left…

    The camera pans up and it is none other than WWF CHAMPION JAKE ROBERTS AND THE FREAK SHOW!!

    Roberts has on a black leather coat over a green and white sweater. He holds the WWF Championship around his shoulder. A cigarette hangs from his mouth as he exhales into the night sky. Doink the Clown and Cactus Jack walk beside their messiah, as the most feared trio in the history of WWF walks through downtown Manhattan. They continue walking straight ahead as Roberts begins to talk.

    “Here we are! The Big Apple! It isn’t the same as being home in the trailer. No, back at home things are a lot simpler. Peace and quiet. Time to think. Time to plan. Time to enjoy the little things in life…”

    The trio continues to walk down the sidewalk as Roberts takes another long puff from his cigarette. The lights to the outside of a building begin to reflect off of The Freak Show…

    “Bret Hart. I told you I was coming for your family. And so far, you’ve done a hell of a job keeping everybody safe. But why did you bring them along with you tonight? Did you honestly think I was going to go all the way up to Calgary to take them out? You played this one way too safe, and now you’re going to pay the price…”

    Roberts & The Freak Show continue to walk, and we can now make out that they are right outside The Manhattan Center! The last of a long line of fans begins to file inside as the trio walk right past them.

    “I was told I wasn’t needed for tonight’s show. That’s fine by me. I’m not here under the WWF’s orders, I’m here on my own accord. You see, Bret, while you were busy getting all your little ducks in a row, protecting the Hart family name, there’s something you didn’t know. I was ordered to keep my distance from you and your family. I was ordered to “tow the company line” for the past few weeks. The head-honchos need their Main Event for Wrestlemania 9 to stay in-tact. That wouldn’t happen with me behind bars. The WWF put their trust into me that I’d be on my best behavior. But you know there’s that old saying…”

    Roberts takes one more puff from his cigarette before tossing it to the sidewalk. He and The Freak Show then push their way past security as Roberts holds up his WWF title- the only credentials he needs to get into the building. Roberts and The Freak Show enter the main doors of The Manhattan Center as Roberts looks back at the camera one last time.


    Roberts lets out a maniacal laugh as he and The Freak Show begin to walk up the stairs, heading right into the building and right into our living rooms for ANOTHER JAM-PACKED EPISODE OF MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!

    The Monday Night RAW opening video package plays, as the classic tune kicks us off. Clips of our favorite WWF superstars such as Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Tatanka and Crush play as the catchy tune bumps up a notch with a saxophone ending…

    Sirens blast as we pan inside The Manhattan Center where the sold out raucous crowd is on their feet, anxiously awaiting some MONDAY NIGHT RAW action! Here we are, the last Monday Night RAW before “The Showcase of Immortals” WRESTLEMANIA 9! The tension and stakes are at an all-time high here on Monday Night RAW as Wrestlemania 9 is just a mere 13 days away!

    We are greeted at ringside by our dynamic duo announce team of Vince McMahon and “Macho Man” Randy Savage! Both men have concerned looks on their faces after watching WWF Champion Jake Roberts and The Freak Show waltz right into the building. McMahon does his best to mask the fear…

    “Welcome everybody…TO MONDAY NIGHT RAWWWW!!” Vince shouts with excitement. Macho Man slaps a few lucky fans hands behind him as he is jacked up to be here tonight.

    “What a way to kick things off, McMahon. Jake Roberts and The Freak Show just found their way into the building without any problems. And with Bret Hart in action here tonight, you know that lunatic is just licking his chops!” Savage, predicting a bad outcome for tonight.

    “Well, no doubt about it, there is an eerie feeling about tonight’s show. Bret Hart has gone to great lengths to protect his family over the past month, but they are all in attendance tonight, and Jake Roberts is here. Someone has to make sure the security is tight!” McMahon hopes for the best.

    After we are greeted by the announce team, we head down to the ring for some MONDAY NIGHT RAW ACTION!!

    Match 1:
    Crush vs. Scott Taylor

    CRUSH’S music begins to blast as the fans get to their feet for the fan favorite Crush! At Wrestlemania 9, Crush will look to finally get his hands on some gold when he squares off against the Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels! Crush soaks in the warm response from the crowd as he slaps the fans hands…

    Inside the ring, waiting for his opponent is none other than Scott Taylor, a local wrestler who looks like he’d rather be anywhere else than waiting for Crush to hop into the ring! Crush scales over the ropes, showing his tremendous athleticism as he holds up the “shaka bra” hand gesture to the delight of the crowd…

    “I’ve gotten word that a special guest will be calling in during this match.”
    McMahon lets us know.

    “I wonder who it will be. Possibly one of Crush’s fans? Maybe the President is calling in!” Savage, hoping for the President to call in to Monday Night RAW…

    “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Randy. But this caller is none other than the Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Michaels!” McMahon shouts. Cutting edge technology about to unfold on us all….

    The opening bell rings and we are under way! Taylor goes to lock up with Crush but ends up getting tossed across the ring! Taylor gets back to his feet and charges at Crush who meets him in the center of the ring with a HUGE CLOTHESLINE! Crush lifts Taylor to his feet and drills him with an uppercut. Crush follows it up with a knee to the gut of Taylor, before he hip tosses him OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR!! Thecrowd eats up the move from Crush who plays into them…

    While Crush plays into the crowd, McMahon picks up the “phone” while a graphic on the bottom appears “Calling In- Shawn Michaels!”

    “Shawn, can you hear us?” McMahon asks.

    “Of course I can hear you, McMahon. It’s not 1958 anymore. Phones work all across America these days. Now what could you possibly want from me right now?” Michaels replies.

    Crush leaps out of the ring and grabs a hold of Taylor, sliding him back into the ring. Crush then slingshots himself over the ropes and connects with SLINGSHOT LEG DROP! Taylor smartly rolls towards the ropes to bide some time, but we all know this one is close to being over.

    “Well, for starters, your opponent Crush is in the ring right now, dismantling the opposition. Any worries he will do the same to you at Wrestlemania 9?” McMahon follows up.

    “Listen, I don’t care what everyone is saying about Crush. See, right now I’m in Las Vegas, I’m calling you from my presidential suite in the newly opened MGM Grand Casino. Not everybody gets to go here, only certain celebrities and famous champions like myself.” A cocky Michaels responds.

    While Michaels continues to talk about how he is already in Las Vegas, Crush grabs Taylor by his hair and lifts him up in the air, connecting with his signature move- THE TOUR OF THE ISLANDS TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!! Crush then puts his hands together, as the crowd tags along in unison, all doing the “Crushing” hand gesture. Crush then wraps his massive hands around Taylor’s head…


    McMahon abruptly cuts off Michaels. “Would you look at this? HA-HA! The Cranium Crunch! Shawn Michaels, I hope you’re tuning in to Monday Night RAW on your hotel television right now, because this could be your fate at Wrestlemania 9!” McMahon shouts.

    “Of course I’m watching, and I’ll tell you this- I’m not impressed one bit. Who did Crush beat to get this title opportunity? He didn’t win the first ever Steel Cage Match on Monday Night RAW, did he? Save it, McMahon. I’m going to hit the tables. The Heartbreak Kid has bigger things to worry about right now.” Michaels hangs up…

    The referee calls for the bell, as Taylor screams in pain, holding his head!

    Winner at 3:50- Crush

    Crush gets his hand raised as he climbs to the top turnbuckle, soaking in the massive response from the crowd!

    “Poor Scotty…he didn’t look too hotty tonight, McMahon!” Savage, clever with his words.

    “Indeed, but Crush certainly looked the part tonight, and looks to be in a prime spot in challenging Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 9 for the Intercontinental Championship!” McMahon hypes up the match one more time before we send it to a commercial break.

    (The Album! Hits include the famous song that you'll never get out of your head-Whoa...whoa...WRESTLEMANIA!)

    Back from commercial break, we are treated to another rendition of what The Million Dollar Empire has been up to lately…

    The camera cuts to a green and gold background as the words

    “So…What Has The Million Dollar Empire Been Up To Lately?...”

    The scene cuts inside a train station. The camera zooms in to see that we are inside Grand Central Station. Thousands of people rush by, all sprinting to their destinations. A monotone voice speaks over the PA system, telling everybody just what track their train is on…

    Off in the distance, we see a line of vendors wrapping around one of the corners of the station. Magazine stores, coffee shops, the hot dog man, all lined up and serving the massive flow of people…

    However, there is something wrong with this scene. In the middle of the overcrowded hot dog man and magazine vendors shows an unoccupied table. Every other vendor has a long line, but this vendor doesn’t have a soul around it. We zoom in closer as we can hear a man shouting…

    “Come and meet a future first ballot Hall of Famer! $10 Per picture, $20 for an autograph AND picture! Don’t miss out on this deal of a lifetime folks! We won’t be here much longer!” The man shouts out…

    We get closer and closer to reveal that there are two men at the vendor…none other than BROTHER LOVE and VIRGIL!! Brother Love looks worse for wear, as he is now sporting a five o’clock shadow and a thick neck beard. His one pristine white suit is all ripped up, dirt everywhere. Ketchup and mustard stains fill the front of his suit. Brother Love has a coffee cup in his hand, taking a sip after every sentence, running completely on caffeine at the moment…

    Virgil sits behind the vendor table, wearing a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He stoically sits, arms folded, as he looks off in the distance, potentially day-dreaming about better days alongside Ted Dibiase…

    “C’mon people! Don’t miss out on history! We won’t be here too much longer. You’re gonna see us on every billboard in this town come April!”

    Brother Love continues his sell-job, but to no avail. Nobody wants Virgil’s autograph, nor a picture with him. Brother Love continues to enjoy his cup of coffee as he holds it out, waving for people to come over towards them. One main in a suit approaches the table.

    “Yes! You! My brother! Thank you! Now, what do you want? The picture and autograph is the deal of a lifetime, trust me!”

    The man reaches into his pocket as Brother Love’s eyes light up…until he pulls out a chunk of change and drops it right into Brother Love’s coffee cup!! Brother Love shouts and berates the man as he continues about his day, walking away from the table.

    Virgil looks on, expressionless, as Brother Love tosses his cup of coffee, now littered with pennies and nickels, into the trash. He looks over at Virgil as he puts his hands over his face.

    “We’re almost there. We’re almost there! AHHHH!”

    Brother Love does his best to keep it together, knowing that The Million Dollar Empire will once again be re-united very soon as the camera fades out…

    We head back down to ringside, where McMahon and Savage have a chuckle over Brother Love and Virgil’s present misfortunes…

    “I’ll tell ya what McMahon, I’ve never been so happy to see Brother Love in all my life! Him and Virgil seem to be doing prettyyyy wellll for themselvesss!” Savage laughs again over the segment.

    “It certainly makes for entertaining television, does it not? I’ll tell you something that is no laughing matter, and it’s the man we’re about to see come down to the ring- YOKOZUNA!” McMahon segways into our next matchup…

    Match 2:
    Yokozuna vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

    Back inside the ring, The Brooklyn Brawler waves to the crowd as Howard Finkel gives him a brief introduction…

    Yokozuna’s theme song hits as the raucous crowd showers him with boos. Mr. Fuji, now with a buzzcut and full white and black kimono on, walks out first waving an oversized Japanese flag. Behind him walks the massive, 500 pound Sumo legend, Yokozuna!

    Inside the ring, two geisha girls are awaiting Yokozuna’s arrival. Yokozuna climbs into the ring and stands in the corner. The two girls hand Yokozuna two big bouquets of flowers before they bow down and exit the ring. Yokozuna takes the flowers and tosses them to the floor. Mr. Fuji stands tall in front of Yokozuna, waving the Japanese flag high in the air. He then turns towards Yokozuna and bows down, before exiting the ring. Yokozuna takes off his kimono and hands it to Mr. Fuji. He then takes a handful of salt and throws it into the air, before bowing to the corner of the ring.

    “I’ve never seen an entrance like this in all of my life!” Savage shouts.

    “This is a customary sumo entrance, Randy. He is paying respect to the great men before him.” McMahon enlightens us on Yokozuna’s entrance.

    “Well he should start paying more respect to the American flag!” A patriotic Savage responds.

    With the pre-match antics now out of the way, the referee calls for the official bell. Brawler charges at Yokozuna who meets him half way and clotheslines him hard to the mat! Brawler bounces up and his met with a huge elbow right to the head!

    “At Wrestlemania 9, Yokozuna will go one-on-one with Hacksaw Jim Duggan! I am sure that Duggan is watching this match in the back, studying up on his 500 pound opponent!” McMahon hypes up the Wrestlemania 9 matchup between Yokozuna and Duggan.

    Brawler gets back up to his feet and throws punches at Yokozuna, but all this does is anger the big man. Yokozuna sends Brawler off the ropes. Brawler bounces back and is met with a URINAGE!! The move shakes the ring, and flattens Brawler! Yokozuna lifts Brawler up to his feet and sends him hard into the corner. Yokozuna shouts as he gains a full head of steam and STEAMROLLS his way into the corner onto Brawler with a big splash!

    “What a maneuver!” McMahon with his classic one-liner.

    Yokozuna then throws Brawler to the mat as he begins is ascent to the middle turnbuckle. The camera switches over to an angle right in Yokozuna’s face. He looks angrily into the camera before shouting “BANZAIII!”

    Yokozuna leaps off the middle rope and connects with a BANZAI DROP!!!

    Yokozuna sits on Brawler’s neck and throat region as the referee counts.


    Winner at 4:35- Yokozuna

    The Brooklyn Brawler flails his legs as Yokozuna refuses to get up. He finally decides he’s inflicted enough punishment and stands up. Mr. Fuji enters the ring to congratulate his monster, as he flies the Japanese flag high above the air as the crowd boos louder and louder with each swing of the flag! As Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna exit up the aisle way, we send it to a commercial break.

    (Kids, get your parents' permission before calling!)

    Back from commercial break, it’s time for a HUGE SIX MAN TAG MATCH!

    Match 3- Six Man Tag Match:
    The Steiner Brothers & Tatanka vs. Perfectly Ravishing & “The Narcissist” Lex Luger

    Mr. Perfect’s music begins to play as the crowd instantaneously boos. Bobby Heenan pops through the curtain first, followed by Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, and Lex Luger! The “New” Heenan Family soak in the boos from the crowd as they strut down the aisle and into the ring. All three men pose as the crowd parades them with boos. Heenan stands in the middle of the trio, clapping his hands…

    The Michigan Fight Song hits as the crowd roars with excitement for The Steiner Brothers! Rick and Scott, decked out in their Michigan lettermen jackets slap the fans hands as they slide into the ring while Heenan and co. retreat out of the ring.

    “War Cry” hits as the crowd continues to stand for The Steiner Brothers’ tag team partner here tonight- TATANKA! Tatanka sprints down the aisle way and slides into the ring. He dances around in a circle before saluting the heavens. He then hops to the top turnbuckle as he does his signature “Tomahawk Chop” as the crowd chops along with him.

    “Would you listen to this ovation for The Steiner Brothers and Tatanka! This crowd loves them!” McMahon shouts.

    “These three men are the backbone of the WWF, and I think at Wrestlemania 9 they’ll be standing tall, while The New Heenan Family get sent running with their tails tucked in between their legsss!” Savage responds.

    After stalling on the outside, reluctant to hop up onto the apron, Perfectly Ravishing and Lex Luger finally give in and climb up. Tatanka stands in the ring, calling out his Wrestlemania 9 opponent, and the man who cost him his Intercontinental title- Lex Luger. Instead, Mr. Perfect enters the ring. The two lock up and fight their way into the corner, where Tatanka overpowers Perfect. Tatanka quickly delivers a knife-edge chop that echoes throughout The Manhattan Center!

    Perfect smartly finds his way out of the corner and ducks a Tatanka punch. Perfect fires back with one of his own, knocking Tatanka back. Tatanka then sets his feet and lunges forward, connecting with a CLOTHESLINE! Perfect hits the mat as Tatanka tags in Scott Steiner!

    Scott, looks to get his hands on Mr. Perfect- as The Steiner Brothers will challenge Perfectly Ravishing for the Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania 9- But Mr. Perfect quickly tags in Lex Luger…

    “I see what’s going on here, McMahon. These three chumps don’t want to get into the ring with the guys they are fighting at Wrestlemania 9! Classic cowardness if I’ve ever seen it!” Savage shouts.

    Luger enters the ring and is immediately met with a hard forearm to the head. Scott then sends Luger off the ropes and connects with a picture perfect DROPKICK! Scott waits for Luger to get to his feet and clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor! Luger hits the ringside floor with a thud as Heenan quickly rushes over to him.

    Heenan calls Mr. Perfect and Rick Rude as they hop off the apron and help Luger to his feet, all while Scott waits inside the ring. Heenan huddles his team up and says something, as they all nod in approval…

    Scott is tired of waiting and begins to direct traffic, pointing at his brother, Rick, and Tatanka. Scott then climbs to the top turnbuckle…



    Rick and Tatanka join in on the fun…


    The referee has lost complete control of the match!! All six men duke it out at ringside and in the aisle way!!!

    “What a chaotic moment! All six men are brawling all over The Manhattan Center!” McMahon shouts.

    On one end of the outside, Scott sends Rick Rude into the barricade…

    On the other end, Mr. Perfect has picked up his tag team title belt and SMASHES RICK STEINER OVER THE HEAD WITH IT!!!

    In the aisle way, Tatanka and Lex Luger duke it out, throwing haymakers at each other!!

    The referee has no choice but to call off the match, officially confirming it as a DOUBLE COUNTOUT!!

    Winner at 7:50- DOUBLE COUNTOUT

    The ringing bell does nothing to stop these six men from mayhem, as they continue to brawl. The New York City crowd eats it up as they cheer! Eventually, Bobby Heenan is able to corral his troops as they retreat up the aisle way and to the back.

    Along the ringside floor, The Steiner Brothers and Tatanka re-group as they look to chase after Heenan’s crew but it’s a lost cause as they are all already through the curtain. Rick and Scott look down on the floor, as the Tag Team title belt that Mr. Perfect used on Rick is lying there. Rick and Scott pick it up, and give a long stare at it…

    “Could this be a sign of things to come at Wrestlemania 9? Will The Steiner Brothers beat Perfectly Ravishing for the Tag Team titles?” McMahon wonders…

    “I know one thing. Tensions have never been higher than with Wrestlemania 9 right around the corner!” Savage shouts as we head to a commercial break.

    A still of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is shown…


    Clips from past Wrestlemania’s are show…


    Numerous superstars such as Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Crush and Macho Man are shown…


    More clips of superstars such as Jake Roberts, Sid Justice, Tatanka and Razor Ramon are shown…


    A last still of the Wrestlemania banner is shown…


    Following the hype video for Wrestlemania 9, we head back down to the commentary desk where McMahon and Savage are sitting.

    “Yes sir, Wrestlemania 9! The Showcase of Immortals! Live on April 4, it is certainly shaping up to be a big one, isn’t it Randy?” McMahon hypes up Wrestlemania 9.

    “It’s going to be a night for the ages. Every match will be filled with non-stop action, especially minee against that punk Razor Ramon! OHH YEAHH!” Savage hypes his match with Razor Ramon.

    “Not only is your encounter with Razor Ramon going to be thrilling, but what about when “The Phenom” The Undertaker goes toe-to-toe with Sid Justice in a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH!” McMahon continues the hype train.

    “That one will have me on the edge of my seat, but what about the DREAM MATCH between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair? People have been waiting to see that match for over a decade!” Savage adds.

    “Well, speaking of Hulk Hogan, it’s now time to show you a few clips from the exclusive interview I conducted with “The Hulkster” just the other day. And let’s just say, things didn’t go according to plan…” McMahon tells us...

    We cut to Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan sitting down in a studio setting. Hogan has on a black and white ICOPRO shirt, black bandana and black boots. One sole picture of Hulk Hogan hangs in the background.

    “Hulk Hogan, welcome to this exclusive interview. I wanted you to tell me a little more about just what you’ve been up to since last year’s Summerslam.” Vince starts off the interview.

    “Well, Vince, thank you for having me on here. To say the past year has carried a tremendous burden on me would be an understatement. Looking back on it now, I took a lot of things for granted as my time at the top of the WWF.” A somber Hogan replies.

    “There is no doubt you had a tumultuous 1992, but what made you decide to come back? And why now?” McMahon asks.

    “I was sitting at home, watching every weekend, and it really dawned on me that there is a lot of wrong in the WWF right now, and it all starts with Ric Flair. He took this company by storm, and in one short year turned it upside down, and brought all those bad habits with him that we’re now seeing today…” Hogan replies.

    “Ric Flair is obviously a very controversial man. But what made you decide the time was right to come back and face him at Wrestlemania 9?” McMahon follows up.

    “Wrestlemania is a celebration of the biggest names in the WWF going at it. It doesn’t get any bigger than Wrestlemania 9. I have my shot at redemption. You know, I haven’t won a singles match in over a year. When you’re Hulk Hogan, that just isn’t possible, brother. 1992 took a lot out of me, and now it’s time to start fresh, and Ric Flair….”

    Hogan is abruptly cut off by RIC FLAIR…who strolls onto the interview set. Flair is decked out in an all gray suit, sunglasses, and Rolex watch. He has a beautiful women on each arm.

    “Ric Flair, what are you doing here? This is…” An unsuspecting McMahon shouts.

    “Save it McMahon. You know why I’m here. And YOU-
    *points towards Hogan* know why I’m here. Do you think I was gonna let you sit in your little chair, with your little ICOPRO shirt on, and belittle me? The Nature Boy! WOOO! Ric Flair! That’s not happening big man! It’s MY TURN to tell everyone watching just what’s gonna happen at Wrestlemania 9!”

    Hogan, clearly frustration, holds his hands back as if he wants to wind up and punch Ric Flair. Flair makes McMahon get up from his seat and replaces him in it. Flair takes off his sunglasses as he stares at Hulk Hogan.

    “Listen up, Hulkster. You can say all the right things. You can have the crowd at your back. But have you looked in the mirror lately? Because if you did, you’d see nothing but an old, broken down LOSER! That’s all you are, Hogan. You took Piper’s offer because you didn’t have a spot at Wrestlemania! You didn’t have a choice, did ya? You’re not the man around this place anymore! Look around you! It’s ME the people are paying to see! It’s ME who’s on all the magazine covers. It’s ME who has all the pretty little ladies by his side!”

    Hogan gets even more frustrated as Flair continues, beginning to get more energetic with each passing word as he points his finger right at Hulk Hogan.

    “I’m gonna beat YOU at Wrestlemania 9, Hogan! I’m gonna end YOUR career for good! Let’s face it, you’re career ended the minute you let Jake Roberts into your head! I’m sick and tired of staying on the sidelines! I’m hungrier than you! I want it more! And I’m gonna make it happen! Because I’m the Nature Boy! Remember that at Wrestlemania 9 you broken down piece of….”

    Before Ric Flair can get out that last word, Hogan grabs a hold of Ric Flair’s finger and knocks Flair to the ground. Flair quickly gets up, dusts his suit off, and stands back, away from Hogan. McMahon does his best to break up the little scuffle, getting in between Hogan and Flair.

    “Listen here Flair. I’m not gonna do this right now. Talk all you want, because after Wrestlemania 9, you’ll be the one looking for a job!”


    Flair gets right up into Hogan’s face…


    Hogan points his finger at Flair…


    Flair continues to taunt Hogan…


    Hogan is beat-red with anger as McMahon continues to hold the two apart.


    Flair pushes McMahon off of him as he grabs a hold of the two women he showed up with, and struts off. McMahon pats Hogan on the shoulder.

    “The entire WWF is counting on you to send him packing.”

    Hogan looks at McMahon, takes a deep breath and nods as the scene fades to black…

    Back down at ringside McMahon and Savage look into the camera.

    “I felt that tension all the way through my bones, McMahon! Ric Flair has some nerve!” Savage says.

    “It certainly wasn’t a good spot to be put in, but I believe I echo everyone else around here when I say that Ric Flair’s days as a WWF superstar are numbered.” McMahon replies.

    Enough of the talking, it’s time for our MAIN EVENT of the evening!

    The camera pans over to the front row where Bret Hart’s mother Helen, father Stu, and brother Bruce all sit…

    Match 4:
    Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Skinner

    Skinner is already in the ring, pacing back and forth, chewing his tobacco, egging the crowd on as they show their hatred for the rugged alligator wrestler from The Everglades…

    Bret Hart’s music hits as the PLACE ERUPTS! Hart makes his way through the curtain alongside family members Owen Hart & The British Bulldog! All three men slap the fans hands. They head over towards their family, where Bret shakes his brother’s hand, gives his father a hug, and then takes off his signature sunglasses, putting them on his mother before giving her a kiss. Owen and Bulldog then embrace with The Hart Family as Bret climbs into the ring!

    “The winner of the 1993 Royal Rumble, and the man who looks to take down the WWF Champion-Jake Roberts at Wrestlemania 9! Keeping his family as close as possible right now!” McMahon points out.

    “We all better keep an eye on them, because Jake Roberts and The Freak Show are here! And you never know when that mad man is gonna strike! I’m keeping an eye out for them!” Savage responds.

    The bell rings and we are under way! Bret and Skinner circle each other before Bret shoots for Skinner’s leg, taking him down to the mat. Bret slides around on Skinner and puts him in a head lock. Skinner gets to his feet but Bret is one step ahead and delivers a snap mere, and continues to keep the head lock on Skinner.

    “Bret Hart is zoned in tonight. He’s laser focused right now!” McMahon touts Bret Hart…

    Skinner tosses Bret off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Bret ducks. Bret bounces back off the ropes and kicks Skinner in the gut. He then grabs a hold of him and connects with a SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Bret then lifts Skinner to his feet and delivers a SNAP SUPLEX!

    Owen and Bulldog clap from the ringside area as they stand in front of their family, guarding them…

    Bret stands Skinner up and sends him right into the corner! Skinner hits the turnbuckles with a loud thud before crashing down on the mat. Bret picks him up and hits a BACKBREAKER! Bret then climbs to the middle turnbuckle and launches off, connecting with a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE!!

    “I got an uneasy feeling, McMahon!” Savage shouts as he continues to stay on the lookout for Jake Roberts and The Freak Show…

    Bret hits a scoop slam followed by an elbow drop on the helpless Skinner. There is no denying Bret Hart is locked in right now. Bret lifts Skinner up and drops him over the ropes, where Skinner lands throat first, spitting tobacco juice all over the floor! Bret then hits a double leg take down, and the rest is history for Skinner…


    Skinner immediatley submits as Bret Hart has The Sharpshooter locked on perfectly in the center of the ring!

    Winner at 6:51- Bret “The Hitman” Hart

    “Bret Hart, as sharp as ever here tonight! Are we looking at the next WWF Champion come Wrestlemania 9?” McMahon hypes up Bret Hart..

    Bret lets go of the hold as his music plays. The crowd is on their feet for one of the most popular men in the WWF today! Bret poses on the top turnbuckle as Owen and Bulldog clap from the outside, not wanting to leave their post in protecting their family members…


    The camera cuts into the crowd where JAKE ROBERTS is walking down from the bleacher area. Roberts is alone as he guides his way through the crowd. Roberts hops over the guard rail with a sick, sadistic smile on his face. He stands in the aisle way, looking up into the ring at Bret Hart…

    The camera cuts to Owen and Bulldog…


    Doink and Cactus came seemingly out of nowhere, and tackled Owen and Bulldog to the mat! Bret continues to stare out at Roberts, who begins walking closer and closer towards Bret’s family…

    Doink tosses Owen over the steel ring steps, and Owen bangs into it knee first! Doink the pounces on Owen…

    Cactus Jack whips Bulldog right into the ring post, where Bulldog’s head bounces off like a tennis ball! Cactus then lifts Bulldog and slams him in the aisle way, at the feet of Jake Roberts…

    Inside the ring, Bret begins to panic as he hops out, standing in front of his family…

    Doink grabs a hold of a chair and...


    Doink then tosses the chair to Cactus…


    With both Owen Hart and British Bulldog down and out, Doink and Cactus shift their focus as they turn their heads in an unnerving manner towards Bret Hart. Roberts steps over the fallen Bulldog as he continues to grin from ear to ear at Bret…


    Bret begins throwing hard punches at Doink and Cactus, fending them off. Bret will protect his family AT ALL COSTS! After watching Bret take down Doink and Cactus Jack, Roberts has seen enough and picks up the chair off the ground…


    Bret Hart hits the ringside mat like a ton of bricks. Roberts tosses the chair to the ground as he goes into his black leather coat pocket, PULLING OUT A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS!! Doink and Cactus stomp on Owen and Bulldog for good measure, but the two men are incapacitated…

    “Someone’s gotta do something! We need help out here!”
    Savage shouts…

    Savage gets up from the commentary table, looking to help Bret, when he is stonewalled by Doink and Cactus. Savage thinks twice about getting into a scrap with these sick, unsavory individuals and backs down…

    Roberts grabs the motionless Bret Hart as his family looks on, scared to death. Roberts lifts Bret to his feet and SMASHES HIS HEAD OFF THE RING APRON!! Roberts then handcuffs Bret’s hand and wraps the other side of the handcuffs around the middle turnbuckle.


    Doink and Cactus continue to stand in the aisle way, and begin moving the steel barricades together, creating a trap! Nobody can come in, and nobody can go out as the steel barricades combine in the center of the aisle way…

    Roberts shifts his attention to Bret’s father, Stu Hart. Roberts looks down at Stu and...


    “YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” The helpless Bret Hart shouts out…

    Roberts then lifts up the blue padding to expose the concrete floor. He kicks Bret Hart, who is mere inches away from the carnage, but is handcuffed to the turnbuckle and can’t get himself free…

    Stu, one tough old man, won’t back down as he stands right up and fires a punch towards Roberts. Roberts grabs the punch and tries pulling Stu over the barricade…

    Bret Hart’s brother, Bruce, intervenes and drills Roberts in the face. Roberts shakes off the punch and grabs Bruce, tossing him over the barricade. Roberts kicks Bruce in the ribs before unloading on him with rights and lefts…

    In the aisle way, Cactus and Doink continue to hold back the host of WWF officials with their steel barricade blockade…

    Roberts lifts Bruce Hart to his feet and kicks him in the gut. Roberts looks over at Bret and smiles…


    “NO! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! You’re a sick man, Jake Roberts!” McMahon shouts!


    Bret Hart shouts out “NO!” as he kicks and claws, trying to free himself from the handcuffs…

    Doink and Cactus can no longer hold back the WWF officials as they barge their way through the steel barricade blockade…

    Jake Roberts & The Freak Show quickly exit through the crowd as fans toss their cups of soda, and whatever else they can get their hands on to throw at them as they sprint up the aisle way and head for the nearest exit…

    Back at ringside, a team of medics check on Owen and Bulldog while WWF official Rene Goulet has a pair of bolt-cutters that sets Bret Hart free from his handcuffs. Bret immediately hops down to check on his brother, Bruce, who lies motionless on the cold concrete floor…

    “I don’t know what to say about what we’ve just witnessed! Jake Roberts has just crossed the line! I wish I coulda done something, McMahon!” Savage shouts.

    “Jake Roberts is a sick individual, but these mind games will end at Wrestlemania 9 when he is forced to go head to head with Bret Hart for the WWF Championship! That’s all the time we have for you tonight! Thanks for tuning it! We’ll see you all at WRESTLEMANIA 9!!!” McMahon shouts.

    McMahon signs us off as the last image we see is Bret Hart cradling his brother while looking back up into the crowd, looking for Jake Roberts & The Freak Show…

    Jake Roberts’ mind games are in full effect…

    He’s now firmly planted himself inside the head of Bret Hart…

    But has he unleashed a side of Bret Hart we’ve never seen before??......

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    This was a really good show right from the start. That Jake Roberts promo in the start word for word sound just like he would I could picture it so clear it was like I could hear him. The start of the show with Crush vs. Taylor too and I give you credit for mutitasking the match and HBK phone call. The match between the two should be good. I got to say I love the $ dollar man story going on and him bascially trying to gain money to live as a common man the more this goes on the more I think a face turn is coming could be way off there but its good story telling. Flair/Hogan at Mania shaping up nice but that ending for The Freak Show gives reason why Jake is the champ and Hogan is not.
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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    I’ve already thrown in your Jake Roberts as a potential best booked individual for 2020 in my awards log. I know that’s crazy considering how early it is, but you deliver every time. I LOVE the idea of these oddballs walking through downtown Manhattan, and this promo was more goodness from Jake. Bret keeping his family close actually leading to the potential problem is a nice avenue to take, and this promo, which was written terrifically, gives us a hook for the rest of the night. Good start to the show.

    Excuse my ignorance here, not sure if I’m missing something to do with the time period or whatever. Why is this the last Raw if Mania is still 13 days away? Or is that a typo?

    The selling of Roberts’ promo from the commentators and then Vince trying to mask it is brilliant. Small yet brilliant details.

    Scotty Too Hotty… Awesome lol. Obviously Crush was winning here to continue his momentum, and Michaels’ phone conversation (these were awful back in the day) was solid enough. He’s clearly not taking Crush very serious, I wonder if that will cost him? Good enough stuff here either way.

    Brother Love struggling to get people to want Virgil’s autograph was hilarious. Loved the description of his dirty clothes and what not as well. Really good stuff here. I definitely think I enjoyed this more than the look into DiBiase and Bam Bam. That was still good, but this was much better for me.

    Yokozuna squash? Cool.

    When I saw this six man tag, I actually got a little concerned. Considering the names involved, it almost feels like too big of a match for an episode of Raw in this time period. The only thing that made me forego criticism here was the finish. Very smart to have a non-finish considering all these men will be facing off at Mania. Again though, in this time period, not sure how willing Vince would be to put two of his Mania matches in the same ring together on Raw. The faces left to regroup as the heels retreat is booking 101 in terms of hyping the PPV though.

    I appreciate the fact that you delivered a face to face Hogan/Flair segment here, even if it was a little unconventional. Would have been a major missed opportunity if you didn’t do this. Hogan being a little downbeat and talking about the bad times made sense to start off with, but obviously things picked up once Flair got involved. Standard Flair with the attitude and having the girls by his side, and way more angry than the previous Flair promo which is exactly what I was looking for. I must admit I wasn’t the biggest man of Hogan pushing Flair to the floor, physical contact didn’t feel necessary here, and one man being bitched out doesn’t do a lot. Considering the names involved, probably not necessary. I’ve also noted Vince’s last line of “the whole WWF is counting on you” to Hogan. If he loses, what then for the character of The Hulkster? Either way, this was all pretty solid.

    Bret Hart was obviously always winning the main event here, but that’s not what we’re here for. I know there isn’t a lot of room in the show but after the way the show started, I think we should have seen some concern from Bret at some point in the show. Instead Roberts cut his promo at the start of the night and then everything has just been forgotten about. I don’t think that’s the way it should have went down.

    Now let me move away from the build and get onto the actual aftermath itself. This for me was brilliant. From Roberts coming down the bleachers, to Owen and Bulldog being taken out. The added details of Savage backing down, only for The Freak Show to block security was all awesome. Roberts hand cuffing Bret and slapping his dad, before decimating Bruce was brutal as fuck. LOVED this. A sensational close to the show…

    A pretty good edition of Raw here, mate. I maybe had a couple of nit-picks to mention which I don’t normally do, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the show. Looking forward to the granddaddy of them all.

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    Fan-bloody-tastic opening bit. This Jake character is the type that excels in different environments outside the usual interview spots, and having him on the outside, walking through Manhattan was just an amazing visual. Came across as a much more sinister message this way too, and sets up a hook for the rest of the show to see what awfulness Roberts gets up to.

    I love the authenticity of the time by having Shawn Michaels call in to the show during Crush’s match. Bit soon for him to be setting up camp in Vegas if it’s still 13 days until Mania though, right? Lol. This play on words with ‘jobbers that will be stars in the future’ is a fun thing for me to look out for with these shows. You’ve started now with Justin Credible and now Scotty Too Hotty, so I expect this to be a running joke now in the thread!

    You’ll struggle to top the ‘Say No To Drugs’ Taker advert, but I love seeing you dig these old adverts up for these shows. A low key highlight each week!

    Thought this skit with Brother Love and Virgil was great. Just the description of Brother Loves decrepit suit alone was awesome, and an easy way to show your audience that the guy is suffering some hard times, along with the awful sounding facial hair he was growing. Got a laugh at NO ONE wanting a picture with Virgil, and the passer-by thinking they were homeless bums. Great stuff.

    I’m not even sure that Yoko match would’ve been two and a half minutes, never mind 4 and a half. Cool to see you going into added detail for the entrance, and Savage putting it over as being something he’s never seen before, along with the explanation from Vince. Nice touch. There’s no way Hacksaw even gets out of the blocks at Mania against this guy. He’ll be the next monster push imo.

    Good story with the Heenan Family not wanting to engage with their WrestleMania opponents and making the quick tags to avoid them. Pretty nifty way of building intrigue and making people WANT to see the respective matches happen. No issues with the Count Out result; it’s still early days on Raw, so just getting Star vs Star matches should be enough, and with Mania on the horizon, no one needs to be losing as that just normally telegraphs the Mania outcome. Nice visual at the end too, with the Steiners holding one of the belts after the Heenan Bunch ran away.

    Thought it was a brilliant move to have Ric Flair crash the interview. You definitely needed another confrontation between Flair and Hogan to put this match over the top, as a standard sit down interview with Hogan probably would’ve felt quite dry, considering the over the top character Hogan has. Flair taking Vinces seat and sitting inches apart from Hogan, getting Hulk worked up made for a great visual too. Even though it’s Flairs career on the line, there’s a lot being put on how this is a must-win match for Hogan too, which is a good idea. Gives the match a feeling of being one that both guys have to win, rather than just Flair.

    Nice touch with Bret giving Helen the glasses before the match. The five moves of doom from Bret!! Love it. Again, I feel like the match was never even close to seven minutes, and read like a standard squash – which is what it should’ve been. Anyway, this was all about the post match angle. Stojy definitely made a solid point on how this should’ve been played up throughout the show, rather than just bookending the show, but that aside, you nailed this; total home run.

    Everything was on point here; Doink and Cactus taking out Owen and Bulldog, preventing Savage from intervening, cutting off officials; you covered everything and made sure every box was ticked from anything that could’ve been questioned. Just a slap on Stu was more than enough, and anything more than that would’ve been a little unbelievable, so kudos for the restraint on that. I’m sure if Jake had hit the DDT on Stu it would’ve been cool, but it would’ve been completely outside the realms of believability, it would’ve killed the whole thing. Plugging in Bruce was perfect, and ramped up the heat for the WrestleMania main event!! Brilliant stuff.

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    Awesome cold open to the show mate. You can just tell how much fun you have writing for Jake.

    The Hart family are in attendance?! Well, that's just a terrible idea! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW JAKE'S GOING TO COME RIGHT FOR YOU! GET OUT OF THERE!

    Love the idea of having Michaels call in while Crush is squashing Scotty, such an authentic touch and really adds something to a squash match without the cliched guest commentator. Loved the stuff about the MGM too. Great job here.

    Ha! Another hit from the Million Dollar vignettes.

    Not much to say about Yokozuna really. I appreciated the effort with the entrance, and glad to had another squash on the show to keep it authentic, but Yoko is kind of blurring in to the background for me a little. Don't get me wrong, I prefer that to him being WWF Champion, but at this point I don't think much about him I'm afraid, Excited to see him actually get in a programme soon enough, even if it's just fodder for Taker.

    Surprised you had Luger come out to Perfect's music. I get that Perfect is a former champ in this, but Luger has quite quickly fallen in to the midcard. Not sure if that's intentional, but it's how it's come across. Aside from that, perfectly solid booking tbh. Nothing all that exciting about it, but you're building to your biggest show, so nor should there be. Did it's job perfectly fine.

    Firstly, lol at the Icopro tshirt on Hogan. That's awesome. Secondly, you know already that I'm on the fence about the Hogan stuff, just because I can't see a way in which Hogan would ever go on such a bad run of form. It's just not in him to take that many jobs. I like that you're making that a part of the story, though. Thought it really ramped up when Flair arrived, and it became a really fun segment with the two of them sitting in front of each other and it starting to get heated. If this is the end of the Ric Flair story and you're keeping Hogan around, I hope you find a way to keep him as the star. I know Hogan's value is waning, but he's Hulk Hogan, you know?!

    Firstly for the main, kudos for finishing on a squash. Again, just amazing authenticity. Secondly, pretty sure that wasn't a seven minute match! I don't think Skinner got in any offence all match! And nor should he! The money is in the post match, though. Obviously the Freak Show were always coming for the Harts, but it doesn't make it any less awesome that they did. You got the level of violence perfect, too - you did the right things to the right people. Bruce is great to be completely mauled, because he can take it but isn't important enough for it to hurt him. I'm glad you didn't have Stu or Helen get taken out either. The way you did it, with the minor beatdowns of Owen and Davey, the slap of Stu and proper injury to Bruce, all with Bret forced to watch... perfect, really. Not much more to say than that.

    Overall, there wasn't a huge amount of comment on on a segment by segment basis, because you kept it well reigned in but delivered in every segment. A great build to Mania, and I'm super pleased we got to actually experience that Jake segment rather than just have it be mentioned in passing in a bigger post. Great stuff as always mate.

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    Re: January BTBOTM - WWF - 1991 and Beyond

    Decent enough teaser of what's to come with Roberts and Bret. I'm curious to see what you do with the feud because with it being Mania, I'm looking for something a little extra. I'm actually souring on Roberts the longer I think about it, because I think these feuds lack any subtlety and are too on the nose with, "this is the theme everybody!" It's working for you, but I think it can better.

    Fun use of the time period to hype the IC Title feud. It's no picture in picture promo, but I'll take it :P no seriously I really loved it and it was well done. I was digging this.

    The Brother Love/Virgil vignette was fantastic. Unlike DiBiase, I can buy into these guys having financial problems without the WWF and DiBiase's money. I think it's also amazing because of the real life Virgil and his ridiculousness with signings and stuff now. I'm curious if that played a part in this segment haha. This was wonderful.

    Ain't no way this Yoko match was almost 5 minutes :P I do like the focus on the entrance, although my initial thoughts on the flowers were, "wow way to just toss the flowers right away, ya dick" :P

    The 6 man tag match was a completely acceptable way to get build on the two matches heading into Mania, and then having the non finish really made me happier just to go along with the lack of anyone getting the real advantage on the night. Still wish you would put the entrances before the match headline. Also really liked the heels actively trying to avoid their WM opponents. It's simple heel work, but I love it.

    That Hotline graphic looked really cool, but I sadly couldn't read it

    I like how you did the ending of Hogan/Flair because I think it makes got great classic WWF B roll video stuff. Nothing else here really hit for me. I think it's perfectly okay, but it's not next level for me. The characterizations of Hogan and Flair both are okay, but again aren't at that next level of what they could be. My big thing is how vague Hogan was and Flair's story not making sense. How is the WWF in a bad place? What are these bad habits? That's modern WWE story telling, not something I expect from you and one of the best BTBs here :P Flair also saying how he has replaced Hogan essentially makes no sense because well, Flair hasn't even been in the company for the last 6 months! Just everything about this build so far is flopping for me. This is one of my favorite rivalries of all time, so I have high expectations, in fairness.

    Bret main event was always just a tool for the finish, which I love. I think for the now part this is a great segment. You pretty much had to do something like this with how on the nose you were with the "theme" of the feud, but I think you hit it out of the park with a lot of the small details. Freak Show coming out from different places, the lackeys holding security at bay, Stu trying and failing to get involved, Bret being hand cuffed to the ring so he can helplessly watch, and the brutal spot on the Hart brother who isn't a WWF wrestler. Really the only part I didn't like was Savage. You cannot have The Macho Man say something like that, stands up to do something, but stops because he's afraid of a beating. You've just made one of your biggest babyfaces look like an absolute coward. Either have him try and fail, or say nothing. Hell, just have the Freak Show take him out just because! But you CAN'T do what you did and expect me to have any respect for Savage after that.

    That one Savage part aside, the closing segment was excellent, and helped to cover up the rest of the show. I think there's a lot of really good small simple things done well here, and I don't know if I captured that well enough. I think this came off as overly harsh/constructive, but it's definitely because I view you in the regard of one of the top guys so I'm more free to critique and push to make it the best possible. While Hart/Roberts now has Mania main event heat to it, the other 2 marquee matches - Hogan/Flair and Savage/Razor - are not good right now. The Hogan/Flair just isn't making sense to me in the story you're telling, and you've pretty much killed Savage for me after this. The good thing is, I do have absolute faith in you to turn a lot of this around and still make it work.

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