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Thread: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

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    19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    Post promos here. The deadline is midnight PST on Friday the 19th of January. This is 3am EST and 8am GMT on Saturday the 20th of January. No extensions unless you fancy spending your Saturday writing a promo. In which case, sure, feel free to ask for one.


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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    As the static fades to a black screen, words fade in on a black screen:

    "The time has come.
    Everything will change.
    It is inevitable."

    As the words fade away, we hear a voice. Cold and emotionless in tone, each and every word chilling to the core.

    "The oldest and the strongest emotion of mankind is fear.
    And the oldest and the strongest kind of fear...
    Is the fear of the unknown..."

    A sinister chuckle echoes.

    "I am the unknown."

    Then we see flashes on the screen of a select few of the FWAs current champions, and their crowning moments. We then cut to a shot of a man, leaning up against a brick wall in a dimly lit street amidst the dead of night. The man, dressed head to toe in black, black field jacket, black shirt, black jeans, black boots, black hair obscures most of his face, except for an ominous smirk.

    "All of them will fear me, or, they will learn to fear me. Either way, the time has come. I have finally been given the name of the first who will fall. My first victim as it were. Maury Largo. You were first name to be named. You will be my example. You will be my message. You will be the first to fall by my own hand, and I promise you, Maury, as much as I promise the world, that when you fall at my feet, you will not get back up. Because I have a mission here in the FWA, a goal, one that I will accomplish no matter who or what or how many are in my way. That mission, that goal, it's all very simple really..."

    With that, LOCKE, devious grin and all, swiftly moves forward, past the view of the camera. The camera spins to find that LOCKE is nowhere to be seen. What is to be seen however, is the front of the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, where every single FWA logo and promotional image has been vandalized. Each and every image and logo has been covered with a single word, a name, in black spray paint. LOCKE. We then hear that very same sinister chuckle from earlier. The camera spins, and there we see LOCKE, face right in the camera, close enough that his breath fogs the lens as he speaks all while staring a hole through the viewer.

    "It will all be mine. The time has come."

    And on that, LOCKE laughs once more and leaves to the right. The camera then turns to follow LOCKE but all we see is an empty street, dimly lit with a single street light flickering in the distance as we fade into an advertisement for the upcoming FWA show as the video ends.


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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    Here we are, sir.

    The words are barely heard, as the sound of wind is just hampering most of the audio being let through. The black image is slowly fading, the pre-recorded vignette starting to play. A crew member is seen sliding open a helicopter door, waiting for Travis Morgan to get in. Cameras finally get a shot of Travis, the wind from the propellers is taking a toll on him. He’s in a white suit, with a burgundy undershirt. His hair is tied up
    in a bun, to prevent from obstructing his view during this time. Feeling the Orlando vibes. Morgan finally enters, and the helicopter begins to take off.

    Pilot: Welcome to the best sort of tourism, Mr. Morgan. I can’t wait to show you all of Orlando’s best spots, they’re sure to—

    Quit. Talking. Just fly, I’ll handle the rest.

    Pilot: Okay okay, I’ll spare you the stories.

    Travis focuses on one of the sets of cameras.

    This is only right, I’ve never even been on the east coast before signing with this company. What better way to see what Orlando has to offer than by flying right over them? Coincidentally, I’ve been doing the same thing with the FWA. I’ve been looking at what— and who, they have to offer. And who did they throw at me first? Dale Potball. I suppose it’s only right, though. New company, new start. I get that, and it’s fine. But I know all I need to know about Dale. However, I’m almost certain he doesn’t know a damn thing about me. Neither will most of the people who’re going to watch this, and that is not okay. So I’d figure that I would take this time for you to get more familiar with myself.


    Pilot: And here we have Universal Studi—


    Pilot: Alright sir, I apologize.

    Firstly, I started training seven months ago. I was trained by a Hall of Famer in another promotion, and it was hell. But looking back on those times, as much of a jerk I think he was personally, he was a valuable asset to learn from. I learned how to adapt to my situations, how to seize an opportunity, and how to prosper from others mistakes. But more importantly, he taught me how to build a brand. That talent is only half of the equation, the other is the type of impression you leave on the people around you. Positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as they remember you, and want to watch your next move. Which is exactly what I did. And—

    Pilot: There’s Sea World!

    I DON’T CARE!!

    Uh, like I was saying. And that led me to the next part of my journey here. Because in four months after my last training session, I was noticed enough to be picked up by another promotion. Established, but not as big as the FWA. I knew that I had to make a name for myself immediately after signing there, so I established a previous connection with a couple of competitors already within that company. And my first night? We made ourselves known, and that we were NOT to be taken lightly. However that’s exactly what our first opposition did, but afterwards? Well we embarrassed them so much that they left the company, never to be seen again! It was going great, we were firing on all cylinders. It was very shortly after that we were given an opportunity for their tag team champions. And right before we were going to head out there and win, it was announced that that company would shut down. I would’ve been devestated, I would’ve given up. But that’s not me. Instead that happening opened up another door, a bigger one. It led me to—

    Pilot: And that’s—

    The Amway Center. Yes, yes it is. Bring us down.

    The pilot lands on the heliport, and takes off when Travis and the camera crew exits.

    It’s right here that I’m going to make myself known yet again, to the FWA. I’m going to embarrass Dale tonight, and whether you’re going to love it or hate it, you won’t be able to look away. So go ahead, watch me.
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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    *We see footage shown of Zako manhandling Izzy Van Doren, Jason Randall, and Tristan James Galloway at Mile High Massacre. Suplex after Suplex rolls over the screen as he throws the 3 of them all over the ring and outside of it without mercy. The footage continues as The Walking Disaster is shown effortlessly walking through ridiculous amounts of punishment from more than one person at once, seemingly shrugging off shot after shot from chairs and kendo sticks with almost superhuman resilience. The camera slowly pans out some as Miss De La Muerta is revealed to be watching the carnage from Zako's last X-Division Title match, and now we see Zako ruthlessly massacring Jason Randall and Izzy with truly hardcore and frightening extreme violence as the Suplexes continue once more into the cage wall, tables, and chairs as well. Suddenly, Zako is pinned by Galloway after quite the stroke of opportunistic luck with the spear that knocks him through the table, into the lead pipe still laying from before.*

    *Miss De La Muerta shakes her head sternly at this with obvious cold disapproval. The footage now transitions into a small montage of recent events between Zako And Galloway's separate paths since that barbaric night: Zako fighting with Hanz Gruber back and forth viciously as the two take turns strangling the life out of each other, TJG And Ty Johnson being defeated by Wolf and Tommy Thunder in tag team action, then Zako is shown claiming victory over both Aaron Kendrick and Tommy Thunder decisively from last week, as the Reaper's Touch levels Thunder. Hanz Gruber is shown attacking Zako with a chain after the match as Zako somehow manages to freakishly fight off and shove Gruber away after several repeated shots from a steel chain, before Gruber leaves after getting the upper hand. Galloway is shown calling out WOLF, who comes out and insults him over and over before Galloway suddenly lays him out. Now the last thing shown is Galloway holding both titles as Zako suddenly bursts in and lifts the television over his head in a vicious rage as he slams it down before his boots as it hits the floor and is destroyed.*

    Miss De La Muerta: These are the events which have transpired since Mile High Massacre, and first and foremost, Hanz Gruber has shown that he is in fact not afraid of Zako Wrath, and I will commend you on your mental fortitude and courage. In all of the many years I've been by the side of the bloodthirsty red eyed monster known as Zako, I can humbly and truthfully say I've never seen another man or woman walk right up to him and just hit him with a chain like you did. I've seen Zako handle hellacious fights like they were literally no pain at all to him, and I've seen him snap so many people in half, but you stepped up to his face with a steel chain and you fought him until he had trouble standing. You're truly everything I've said you are before, you're an extremely brilliant businessman, an expert fighter and a fearless warrior, but you will eventually fall to Zako as his red eyes gaze upon you right before he drops you flat on your head with The Reaper's Touch. You've met your match, if it's a war and a battle you want you've got it. The biggest difference between you and Zako is you're floundering while he's climbing the ladder slowly but surely, win after win, while you lose over and over again. Zako has beaten men you've lost to in the past and you want to bring a weapon and attack him?

    This is a Destruction Machine I'm talking about here, and you'll be looking up at the lights when all is said and done.

    *Miss De La Muerta looks into the fire burning behind Zako's red eyes as the camera now makes a 360 motion around the two of them as we now see her haunting and macabre skull face paint, and she now extends a hand to his face with a look of almost sadistic admiration as she says to him gravely, in a quiet and ominous tone: "Zako...I chose you FOR A REASON."*

    *Zako now appears to suddenly turn even more ghastly and fiendish, truly going into an even darker mood as he silently looks into the face of Miss De La Muerta, as if her words have struck a chord deep within him in a truly mystifyingly and inspiring way. He now places a hand on her small neck as dozens of skull tattoos are shown on his arm, and she briefly clutches his wrist before turning away into the camera.*

    Miss De La Muerta: I've recently taken Zako into some very dark places as of late, and it was for his own good. I was beginning to become concerned that the monster inside of him was weakening and he was slowly losing his killer instinct after I saw him lose. I met Zako Wrath as an outcast and nomadic wanderer who was cast aside by society from an early age because he was different and frightening. Well, many people would tell you I'm the same way. Do you want to know why, the gigantic psychopath listens to every single word and command that the five foot tall woman in face paint says, ALWAYS? He respects me because I was KIND to him when we met 15 years ago to this day. I looked in his eyes and I saw someone who was misunderstood and mistreated from the moment he took his first breath and I took pity upon him and for the first time ever, I showed him COMPASSION. I showed him that such a thing as human decency actually exists and I opened a door to a world he had been lead to believe through his tormented existence wasn't even possible.

    *Miss De La Muerta turns over her shoulder to briefly glance back at Zako and she notices he is now almost transfixed upon her every word, with his head cocked to one side, and it's clearly evident within his raging eyes that he is remembering what she says as if it all happened yesterday.*

    Miss De La Muerta: We formed a deep, dark and twisted bond built upon evil intent and I took him in and I gave him a purpose. We agreed that with my sinister intellect and his chilling nightmarish physical capabilities, that together we would make victims out of EACH AND EVERYONE we choose. He wants to tear the world apart, and I want to watch it burn. You could even say, we're a match Hell. I admit that I thought he was slipping a bit, but those doubts are erased-after I showed this vagabond a glimpse of his past, I watched with delighted satisfaction as I watched him maim wild animals and I knew right then and there, that the nastiest son of a bitch I ever knew was just getting started.

    *Miss De La Muerta now goes over and jumps into Zako's arm as he catches her and she wraps her legs around him, as she coldy wraps both hands around his neck and he forcefully grabs her hair and she speaks inaudible Spanish briefly in a sadistic and truly evil incarnate tone. She now jumps from his grasp and once more faces the camera.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Last week he ran over two men who merely proved to be stepping stones as Zako now has a rematch with a man who is one of only two men to ever actually keep him down for three seconds! Understand exactly what an accomplishment that is and Tristan, you SHOULD BE extremely proud of yourself and full of pride, because its been something strange for me to watch this man lose twice and you've found a way to make it happen once yourself. You came in with a head of steam and unafraid one bit, and sent him flying through a table and made him drip blood from his head when he bumped a lead pipe that was laying nearby and you won the match and STILL FOUND A WAY to retain your title. That's what a true Champion does every time and that genuinely is the mark of a legitimate wrestler, because it's easier to win a title than to keep it, and you actually overcame insurmountable odds of technically three opponents, in an extremely dangerous environment.

    Miss De La Muerta: You've ended Jason Randall's reign of pure dominance over the X-Division, you've defeated Zako Wrath, you've even laid out a fellow behemoth in The North American Champion and FWA Legend, WOLF-he really didn't give you enough credit.
    You earned your way to where you are and you've blown critics and fans alike away, but THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS. There's not gonna be any attacking from the side and somehow someway leaving X-Division Champion after literally getting your ass kicked by Zako Wrath the entire time. He will overpower you, he will outfight you, outwrestle you, and he will hurt you, and he will win.

    *Zako is extremely fired up as the rage is rising from the bottom of his hate fueled soul, as he actually walks forward and slaps the camera, causing it to shake as Miss De La Muerta watches him pace in front of her like a ravinous caged predator.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Galloway, Wolf was right about something though-no one really cares about you. Who are you? "Never give up tough guy from a troubled past"? No one wants to see Galloway VS WOLF- now...Zako V WOLF...with both belts on the line...the baddest man ever to step foot in FWA whose literally done it all, and is just ACHING for another good battle, face to face, toe to toe, with the newest out of control FREAK OF NATURE who's quickly mowing down the competition, one by one, and only one will walk away with two titles...

    Now that's something EVERYONE will be watching. Galloway, Get out of the way, this just isn't about you bitch. It's time for your title reign to come to an end.

    One more thing-since everyone thinks he's "Stupid, unable to speak, and isn't allowed...."-

    *Zako now growls in an extremely deep, rough and, raspy gravelly voice, as he actually legitimately speaks for the first time on an FWA camera, not to mention for the first time to someone other than Miss De La Muerta in decades: " Galloway, you're finished.", as Miss De La smirks sadistically as the lights fall down low and Zako grabs the camera, smashing it over his knee and the picture suddenly turns black*

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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    Team Meeting

    A few days have passed since Mad Kingdom suffered their first loss in the World's Strongest Tag Team Tournament against the tag team champions, Sin City Vultures. It was a tough loss but what happened after the match had people talking when Penny had a sudden outburst towards Jason Randall, which was unusual for the normally happy go lucky "Eccentric Dreamer" Penny. Maybe it was the frustration of losing the match? It's possible but who knows. It even left Jason himself dumbfounded and speechless.

    Now they meet in an undisclosed location for a team meeting, sitting at a round table with Fred and Norman between them. Fred is with Penny and Norman, the new cat is with Jason who has chosen to accept Norman as he sits in his lap. There's a silence lingering in the air until it's finally broken by Penny.

    I..I..said I was sorry...

    She says in a bit of a hushed tone, still embarrassed by her actions. Jason looks at her with a confused look.


    I said that I was sorry...for what I did...

    Jason still looks confused but then remembers and his expression changes to that of stolid look.

    Oh yeah, that. I understand that you were probably just upset over the loss but it was still unexpected...

    I was frustrated about the loss and then you wanted to just leave, and I know you were trying to help but I didn't want to just leave Fred and Norman there...

    I mean, it's not like that we were going to forget them, I just wanted to help you and make sure you were okay because you did take a pretty gnarly bump

    I get that and I'm sorry...

    More silence falls over the room for several seconds. Finally Jason speaks up again

    Maybe from now on you just leave the yelling to me, okay? I'm supposed to be the angry one here, get your own gimmick!

    Penny looks up at him and giggles.

    Sounds like a plan! So we suffered our first loss, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet! There's no time for moping about!

    Jason stands up at the table placing Norman off his lap and on the table. He runs his hands through his hair, making a mess of it and lets out a primal roar.


    Penny smiles and giggles some more.

    You tell'em!


    Jason has worked up a sweat and rips off his t-shirt, revealing his scarred chest. He's breathing heavily now as sweat pours from his head. Penny is still smiling and giggling all the while, enjoying Jason's madness. She pulls out some gum from pocket and then begins to blow a bubble before it pops. Jason turns to her, confused now.


    Yeah, I've been in the mood for some as of late, weird...

    Jason shrugs and for some reason he pulls out some bullets from his jeans pocket and puts them on the table next to Norman. Now it's Penny turn to look confused as she watches him place the bullets down.

    Um, Jason dear, why are you carrying around bullets?

    Well, I don't normally do it but for some reason the word "bullet" has been stuck with me so I picked up some bullets.

    That's strange because I had the same issue but with the word "bubblegum"

    They both sit in silence, pondering what it could all mean.

    What do you think it means Fred?

    She asks her cat Fred.

    What about you Norman?

    Jason asks Norman the other cat.

    They sit in silence still waiting for answer, and then both at the same time it clicks.

    Bullets and Bubblegum! That's the team of Bell and Shannon, who we must be facing next!

    Penny exclaims this excitedly.

    You're right, I mean what else could explain it?!

    Jason exclaims.

    Do we really want to hurt them though? I mean Bell was so nice at her Christmas party and she's always been super kind to me as well as Fred

    What kind of question is that? Of course we want to hurt them! They stand in our way of that trophy! They want it just as much as we do and they're the only team left in our block that hasn't lost yet! It doesn't matter if Bell was nice at the Christmas party, we can't let personal feelings get in the way of our ultimate glory because if we did then all I want to beat Shannon for is ripping ass at the party, thus killing it because after she did that nothing happened!

    She did what?!

    We can't let them win! We won't let them win! Do you think Bell cares about you?

    I mean I would hope she does...


    She stands up from her seat and gets serious.

    You know what? You're right! She probably doesn't care about my feelings so why I care about hers?! I mean yes she is a nice person out of the ring but inside she's out for herself and she just wants to win and I can't let that happen! I can't let this team down like I did in our last match! It's time for us to get back on track and it's time to win!

    Jason grabs Norman from the table and gently places him on his chair before flipping over the table sending the bullets on the ground.


    Penny nods in agreement.

    That's right! You two may have the power of friendship on your side but that will only get you so far until it blows up in your face. We on the other hand have the power of madness as well as the power of kitties!

    She holds up Fred while Jason holds Norman.

    Combined that is a lethal combination that will overcome and overpower the power of friendship, so be ready...


    Penny hugs Fred close while Jason stares intensely into the camera as the scene fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    We see James practicing his martial arts in a gym. It's quiet as he progresses through his movements. His black pants bordered by a red belt and his well toned chest is showing due to the fact he is not wearing a shirt. You can see a look of intense concentration on his face until the silence of the room is broken by the sound of a phone ringing. He does not stop though and after a few moments the phone begins to ring once again. A look of frustration comes over his face as he stops what he is doing and picks up the phone.

    Eyesnsane: Say what now? Is that so? Ok, fine by me. So when is the camera crew coming over here? You know what that just figures. Next time you could give Eyesnsane some time to prepare himself to be seen by all his fans. You know Eyesnsane fans have a certain level of expectation whenever they see him. Yeah yeah I suppose but this is not like last week and that man is nowhere near what’s his name.

    There is a knock at the door just off to his left.

    Eyesnsane: Well I suppose that’s them now. So let go and get to work.

    Eyesnsane walks over to the door and opens it to find an FWA camera crew has come to meet him and with his free hand on his hip, he gives them a look as they walk in just before he lets the door swing closed. He speaks with a tone of sarcasm.

    Eyesnsane: I’m so glad you all were able to find me while I was practicing my kung fu.

    The cameraman looks back at Eyesnsane as he gets the camera ready, placing it up on his shoulder.

    Eyesnsane: Well let’s not pretend like I don’t know what this is all about. I get it. Last week everybody saw me come out and steam roll some guy who was trying to get himself some attention. Now I figure that I really helped him out, he got some attention and I’m sure I heard those commentators talking about him as well.

    Now, it’s been a long time since I was in the FWA. You know it got to a point where I needed the time away. I had to step back a bit and that time allowed me to really put things in perspective. I got involved in charity work. I went back home and helped some disadvantaged children while at the same time helping some disorganized women put their lives back together and I learned in all that time that helping people has its own reward.

    Eyesnsane folds his arms in front of himself.

    I also could not shake the feeling that something was missing. After some soul searching I came to the conclusion that wrestling is what was missing. Or perhaps I was missing it. Stepping out from behind that curtain and performing in front of all of the great FWA fans. Just because I’ve been gone does not mean I’ve not been watching. I’ve seen some other folks come back, and I’ve gotten a pretty good look at the new wave of wrestlers coming into the company as well.

    Eyesnsane unfolds his arms and walks over to a nearby chair and sits down.

    Take a couple of weeks ago. I was watching the North American champion running off at the mouth and it hit me. As good as he is and with as much as he has done in his career he sounds like a broken record and looks like a video that has been edited into a loop. See what I mean is listening to him and watching him twirl that cigarette around, I saw a man stuck in a damn time warp. I saw a man trying to move on as if the FWA had gone back in time to when he was in his prime. I get it. Bunch of accomplishments and achievements and he gets off playing the big bad wolf. No pun intended there. All I could think was how I don't want to be that guy. No friends, his family to include his kid hates him. I mean I’m glad he does not have COPD or emphysema.

    Now I know what’s coming. I certainly have not beaten Mike Parr, nor Wolf for that matter. Then again I don’t need to tell you all my shortcomings in the FWA, Wolf will do a great job of highlighting them while laying out why he doesn't like me or my name or whatever he feels like tearing down at the moment. Sooner or later the man is going to need to wake of to the fact that times and people change. That in this business as in life you have to both be able and willing to adapt. I’m sure he takes great comfort in trying to bend everything to his will. Looking at the FWA as if it was his own little plaything like his name is on people's paychecks. Don’t get me wrong I understand a bit of arrogance that should maybe come with all he has done but it’s not his world he’s just another piece of the board and the only thing that makes him different for the moment is that title.

    Eyesnsane gets up and grabs a nearby towel off of a shelf and a bottle of water that was next to it. He places the towel around his neck taking the right side end of the towel and wiping off his face before sitting back down in the chair as the camera follows his movement.

    Eyesnsane: Look at the end of the day, Wolf is going to be who he is. Some people are just set in their ways. Who knows maybe if I went as far back as he does, was as old as he is then maybe I would be also. So on to the good news. For all of the fans that will be in attendance and all those who tune in. You are about to see a good old fashioned knock down drag out Wolf fight. This man does not want to lose and more especially lose to me. Not say it’s personal but I’m pretty sure he don’t like me. You know a bit more than he don’t like anybody else. You all are also going to see that Eyesnsane has not lost a step in his time away. You are going to see Eyesnsane in the best shape of his life and you are going to see Eyesnsane do some major ass kicking in that ring. Because I want this win over Wolf. I want to use Wolf as a reminder that of just what I can do to all those who remember. While also making all the young bucks of the new wave of talent take some notice. I’m no punk, no push over and I’m as real as they come when it comes to fighting in that ring and when that bell rings I am going to be all systems go. At the end of the match this cameraman, Wolf, you and the entire world is going to know that Eyesnsane is back in the FWA and that things have changed. I intend to have the fans at home watching standing on their feet just like those in attendance will be on the edge of their seats. This is a dream match, this is a pay per view match. Ashley is putting two men into a fight that are head strong and fully believe in tearing their opponents apart.

    Eyesnsane takes a drink from the bottle of water.

    Wolf, let’s not pretend. You and I we go back, we have just enough history for me to be able to say with comfort. You’ve never respected me as a damn competitor in the ring. So let me make it crystal for you, right here and right now. This fight ain't about that belt you drag around. It’s not about me getting a shot at your title. This is all about me and you one on one and me teaching you that I was never, not then and not now some punk you can just walk over. I never have and never will be your lessor, say what you will. Not only am I just as good as you but in Orlando I’m going to show you I’m better. So have a few drinks, suck down a carton of smokes don’t forget to brood and sulk because I’m coming to prove that point. You do what you have to do to make sure you are at your best because I’ll accept nothing less than that. Me and you for the entire world to see, no excuses.

    The camera zooms in on Eyesnsane….
    And then fades out to black.

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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    Deception sits in an empty old apartment. The city lights shine as the night fills with snow on the ground. The sound of voices fill the streets but Deception stares out his window. He mutters something under his breath as he lights his cig. He looks on grabbing what looks like a lockbox and sits at a table. The lockbox filled with dust as Deception wipes it off. The letters RTE and EWNCW are shown on it written on the lockbox. He opens it and grabs a DVD. He puts it into his laptop and clicks a few files before it starts. The screen shows Tommy Thunder career from the start of it to the up and downs he has had. The footage goes to a off camera segment with Tommy talking to a young naïve Deception when he was Kid Justice. Tommy leaves as Kid Justice has a huge smile on his face.

    I always respected you Tommy.

    You were what I wanted to be you were what was right in wrestling.

    You were the one every person inspired to be.

    You were the man.

    You were the myth.

    You were the legend.

    You were all these things Tommy you were the alpha and the omega . I looked at you and thought that is where I need to be that is my goal end up like "The Must See MVP" Tommy Thunder.

    The thing is you used to be all these things. What are you now Tommy?

    Deception pauses the video and we see Tommy holding the world title high. Deception talks again as if talking to him.

    Deception: Tommy Thunder finally at last you and I we get to step into the ring in another place at another time this would of been a great honor a great man one who always walked down that line and never claimed by the darkness of ones heart but that was then this is now and I look at you and it doesn't just disgust me it offends me. Tommy I looked at you once as part of some of the greatest of all time the goats when they talked about the best of the best the Hogan's, the Michael's, the Austin's, the Cena's and Undertaker's right next to that would be your name but that was then this is now and now my eyes are open now my eyes are focused my eyes are set and its true maybe most my days don't go my way anymore maybe I started to question myself but the reality is I am still here I am still scratching and clawing and you well you are now just another name in the books as a man whose true name isn't GOAT.

    Deception slams his laptop and just stares at a broke mirror looking back at himself. He settles down before talking again.

    No the true name is fraud.
    The true name is loser.
    That is all you are Tommy and that will be all you be.
    I have been waiting for this moment my whole wrestling career Tommy.

    You may have brought me into this business Thunder but I will take you out to the pasture and place the bullet and reveal all your secrets that you hid from the world and show them you are just like the rest.

    Deception pulls out another cig. He lights it up and just leans back in his chair.

    Deception: Tommy Thunder you were a champion everywhere you went you were the main event the star shining so bright. I have watched you here as you piss and moan because you aren't the best in the world you aren't the must see MVP you are simply just another guy living onto the glory days as time passes you by. So you changed. You changed because deep down inside you guts you knew you didn't have what it takes anymore. You lost a step or two maybe three even more but the point is that you aren't the Tommy Thunder I looked up to that one that naïve kid glowed because you told him I think you got it kid. No you are just another step in my way to the top and I am going to cut you down drive you to the brink where the question isn't Tommy Thunder the man the myth the legend but instead Tommy Thunder the man, the myth, the legend wrestling at Bingo Halls or sitting at these convections trying to sell his autograph for a price no one wants to pay because simply nobody cares. I vowed to show the world the true faces here in FWA and you are just like the rest of these people but why is it that you are just under my skin why is it?

    Deception starts to pace a little before stopping.

    I find myself asking questioning myself lately but maybe just maybe the answer has been staring me in the face the whole time. I see that maybe my shortcoming since I been here isn't my fault. Maybe my shortcomings here are because you are still here this reminder of my past life. I need to cleanse myself and cleanse this world of filth like you Tommy. I look at this Tommy and I am going to go into this as the biggest match of my career because I am standing at the edge and I am looking down and down into this big black hole where many a man have fallen and many more where fall and I ask myself is this where I belong?

    Deception walks outside into the night as the streets are now empty you hear sirens in the distance but we see Deception just walking along with his hood up carrying his mask but face not shown. He walks as he talks.

    The truth is for a very long time it ate away at my gut it made me feel as though I was and look I am not stupid. I hear the chatter I can see the writing on the wall I know what they say about me . He just doesn't have what it takes he just doesn't have it . He will never get to that point. This shit pisses me off because it makes me feel as though everything I have ever done in my life in this ring means nothing. I look at this and come to the understanding that they think that I am just another guy . I am just another name to be added to that list of fallen men into that deep dark black abyss. I know I am not but for me to get the respect that I deserve the respect I have earned it means that you must fall Tommy it is simply not your story Tommy it is mine and I am going to get that happy ever after where the true face of the once glorified hero falls into disgrace and the unlikely man steps up to the plate and knocks the villain off the throne.

    We stop now looking up at the arena. He goes in. He walks down the ramp and down into the ring. The arena is empty it is quiet. He talks again sitting on the apron. His mask is back on covering his face.

    There is going to be nowhere to run Tommy there is going to be nowhere to hide I am going to bring everything Tommy and I want you at your very best or whatever you got left because I will defeat you and I will move on in this place and in life and you will be just another forgotten name no one remembers. This is my time and no one is going to stop me anymore.

    We end with camera peeling away at Deception who sits looking around arena.


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    Wolf vs. James Hughes

    Welcome Back to the Dog Fight

    The camera opens on Wolf on the edge of a folding chair in a hallway deep in the bowels of the arena. There is a milk crate flipped over next to him, creating a makeshift table, his phone and an ashtray sit on top. Wolf pulls from a burning cigarette, glaring deep into the lens as he exhales. He's thinking, choosing his words, silently seething. Considering the way of the FWA winds, one would probably say this was "vintage Wolf". But he didn't look vintage. He looked truly rejuvenated - stronger, younger. This isn't a man in his twilight, this is a monster returned to his prime. This is the steel-faced juggernaut that stood toe to toe with legends and myths.

    Wolf: Isn't this fun? I'm having a great time with Tristan, seriously. I'm having a f*cking blast. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've rattled cages so f*cking hard. And to know me is to know, if there is one thing I love more than hurting people? It's rattling cages. I like it when my prey is confident, that means it's going to fight back. What the f*ck is the point of hunting something that's just going to roll over and show it's belly at the first sign of trouble? What fun is there in torturing someone that wants to be tortured? And I don't mean that kind of pretend torture, kinky, S&M shit. That's all well and good, a lot off fun if I'm being honest, but it's far from what I'm thinking of. No, what I'm thinking of takes more patience, more cunning, more temerity than gimp masks and fuzzy handcuffs.

    Wolf pauses as he takes a drag off his cigarette. Smoke billows from his mouth and nostrils as he continues.

    Wolf: To forcibly insert yourself into the mind of your opponent could be considered an art by some. But honestly, it's real f*cking simple. People are people, regardless of their gimmick. Make no mistake, I can see it all over their faces. They're thinking about me. Wondering if they're right. Hoping they're right. No shame in it, it's how people work. One need only understand people to really understand a person. The hive is the canary in a coalmine. How the group treats the individual is almost more telling than how the individual treats the group. The group, especially one comprised of those that are unknown to the individual, judges. It fabricates. It creates narrative. This is very helpful when stalking one's prey. Stalking, oooooh, that's a scary word. Well, I assure you, every man listening to this with intent is guilty of it. It's not just lurking in bushes, it's also shaking the cage and seeing the reaction.

    He shrugs.

    Wolf: This promo, this match, everything... It hinges on belief. Believing in yoursel, believing that you're the next evolution. To what end, James? To what end do we place our belief? Victory? Redemption? Vindication? Gold? I've had victory, I've been redeemed, I've been vindicated, I've had all the gold in the f*cking world worth a moment of anyone's time. What is left for the man that's seen it all, that's done it all? Do it again? Ok. I did. Now what? I had a very strange upbringing, what few fans I have left - according to some - would know that all too well. My father, my real father, he wasn't what you'd call normal. He'd sold off his soul part and parcel, until he had two choices on how to spend eternity. Reign, or serve. Spoiler alert, he chose reign.

    Wolf exhales as he pokes the butt out in his ashtray.

    Wolf: Well, long story short. So did I. And then we have got you James. After I have left you believed you could be me. You believed you are what comes next. That you are more me, than me. That my fans... Are now your fans. You truly believed this. You couldn't prove it, but I couldn't disprove it. Do you know why? Because you are right. You are what comes after Wolf. The man who wore "Beast" as a moniker. The man that lost a step, the man that - by his admission - helped to create the contender known as James Hughes that we see today. That man is gone, James. You may have been a feasible replacement. But you're not my evolution, I am. I am the thing that has always been inside, the thing that man tried to temper, the thing that he tried to deny he even had, the thing that pushed him to reign and ruin in this company. The thing that he despised as much as he loved, the only thing his father ever really gave him. The rage, the beast, the monster, the dragon... The Beast. It's not a moniker anymore, it's who I am. It's who I've always been, but was always afraid to admit. Because when you're in as deep as Eyesnane, you have a role to play. You have reputation to maintain. You have a brand to sell. You have a company to represent. Pick a reason. I know, I was there, for YEARS I was there. I truly believed that I was just another cog in the wrestling machine. That it was all just smoke and mirrors, my father was a conman. He was a criminal. I was right, he lied about everything, except one thing. Me. And I don't give one flying f*cking shit if you believe it or not.

    Wolf fist clenches as he cracks the knuckles of one hand. From the still-clenched fist, he pulls a single cigarette. Wolf places it between his lips and snaps at it's tip. He takes a long drag, exhaling as he says:

    Wolf: I've come to do what I do best, hurt people from the inside out. And whether anyone realizes it or not? I'm doing pretty f*cking well. But what you may not know Eyesnane I always evolve. I am not the guy I used to be. I am unpredictable and sometimes I just like to throw it down freestyle.

    Wolf takes out a hat.

    Wolf: It’s title time, so I think I’ll bust a rhyme, just a few more days and you are mine.

    Eyesane you’re whack, I could exploit all the skills that you lack

    It’s a fact jack that I would f*ck you up like cognac, served over ice,

    like the ice pack you pack in your back pack to apply to your back

    after I smash your ass flat on the mat,

    You rest cause you’re slack

    I arrest like cardiac, a heart attack, your career’s a dead end like a cul de sac

    Like a mortgage from Michaud Mac, or a eunuch’s nut sack you’re whack,

    So grab your stupid ass and take a step back from this match, I’m the mack

    The W is what I’ll snatch and add to my pile of triumphs and ledge

    Your job is to beat the fat off the fat asses of that classless mess called Over the Edge.

    James, you’ve never beaten me

    comprised of greatness the world will soon see me

    despised by the fans every week with boos greet me

    chastised it’s a shame how the fools treat me

    idolized because they all want to be me

    pulverized all those who try to defeat me

    maximized my potential so you can’t reach me

    exercised 8 days and like the Beatles that weekly

    you Jimmy can’t try to come at me meekly

    I’m Zeus welcome to Greek week

    It’s not a week for the weak but a time for the strong

    So if your name isn’t Tristan then just run along

    I’m a ruthless ruler like Mao Zedong

    Say good bye, this is your swan song

    Wolf laughs and he takes another drag. He exhales but his cloud of smoke doesn't dissipate. It just hangs in frame, next to his head.

    Wolf: I like the streets. I like it dirty. So that's fine by me. There isn't any place I'd rather be. There isn't another match they could possibly put me in that I would enjoy half as much as this one. This is the big one, this is what I live for. These matches are what made me famous. Big match, odds against me, motherf*cker... This is what I do. I have to beat you one, two, three... But to beat you... I get to beat you. And that, kids, is what makes this trip away from home not just easier, but welcome. I don't mind leaving, not this time. I could be headed to f*cking Florida and I wouldn't care. If the end result is me wrapping my hands around the throat of James Hughes? Then it's fine by me. I don't care where I have to go, James.. Through the gates of Hell itself... I don't care. I'd still show the f*ck up. Why? Because I get to beat you. I get to beat you within an inch of your life before I beat you... One... two... three.

    Wolf tosses the remainder of his cigarette into the cloud, it bursts into flames. Burning quickly until it was only smoke itself. With the rest of the cloud, it dissipates. Wolf continues, paying it no mind.

    Wolf: Don't believe me? You will. You will leave beaten, broken and bleeding. I have come for blood and I will get every drop of it. Believe that. To get Tristan within arms reach, I have to beat you James. So sayeth Ashley O' Ryan... So let it be written, so let it be done. He wants to see you bleed and I'm inclined to oblige that request. Because he's not the only one that wants to see your crimson life-force pour onto that mat. Not even close. Aside from me, there is going to be a rabid mob of bloodthirsty maniacs that call themselves my fans cheering it on. They love it when I bleed you assholes like stuck pigs and this time it will be no different... So get ready, James. Because you're not going to walk out of that ring anywhere near as perfect as when you entered it. First I'm going to beat you, then I'm going to beat you.

    Wolf winks to the camera as he chuckles. The camera slowly pulls away from him, he sits back in his chair, putting his feet up on thin air as the scene fades... To black.
    "You only need to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards you need to hang."

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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there's a stain on your shirt already - old spaghetti. Not really, but you're sitting at your computer chair, staring at the clock. It's Thursday. It's almost 11:00 in the morning and the newest episode of Hot Ones is about to drop, featuring none other than FWA World Heavyweight Champion Miss Bell Connelly, Being one of the more outgoing faces of the company, It’ll be safe to assume that the public relations department were happier then Bell when she won the belt, after all when the list of recent champions include miserable sadists, egomaniacs and just plain assholes, you can see why the great FWA media machine would be pushing the ever so cuddly Bell Connelly on any platform they can find . Once the clock struck 11, you refreshed YouTube and you were met with a glorious picture. The thumbnail showed Bell, flashing her all-too great smile, sitting behind a table of increasingly spicy sauce. You click the video and are forced to watch the fifteen-second ad because your dumbass forgot to install adblocker on your browser. Get better, son.

    Anyway, after the ad plays, you see a red-tinted background and Bell would react to one of the spicy sauces.

    “This is the closest I’ve ever come to swearing.”

    The video cuts to the opening of the video with the theme music, as our bald melon host, Sean Evans, would welcome us to the video the same way he always did. After all, he is the best host in the game today. Take it away, Sean!

    Sean Evans:
    “Hey everyone, for First We Feast, I'm Sean Evans, and this is Hot Ones: the show with hot questions and even hotter wings, and I'm joined today by FWA Superstar and FWA World Heavyweight Champion, the lovely Bell Connelly! You can catch her every week on fight night Bell welcome to the show!”

    The camera cuts to Bell Connelly with a big ole' smile on his face; a smile that you could get lost in.

    Bell Connelly“Thanks for having me. I’ve been mentally preparing for this for the last week. Time to get my Shaolin monk state on-”

    Sean Evan: Like a Jedi master?

    Bell Connelly
    : “I am a Jedi master.”

    Bell idly waved her hand in front of the camera

    Bell Connelly: You will buy all my t-shirts

    Sean Evans: “You think that worked?”

    Bell Connelly
    : It’s a little something I’ve been working on, a secret move for the ring, I’ll get there one day.

    Sean Evans “You know how the show works. It's ten questions and ten wings, each spicier than the last. Are you ready?”

    Bell Connelly: “No.”

    Bell answers simply merely blinking, totally deadpanning before her face breaks out in a smirk

    Bell Connelly: Wouldn’t that be great, if I came all this way, said no and left, and that’s the video?


    Due to the greatness of video editing, the first sauce appeared on your screen. Valentina. The sauce was very mild and relatively easy (unless you're DJ Khaled). Let's get it started, ladies and gentlemen!

    We cut back to the two as both take a big bite of the wing. After a few moments, Bell was able to thoroughly clean the wing (the way you're supposed to). She discarded the wing to the trash can to the side and awaited the first question.

    Sean Evans
    .” So let me ask the hard-hitting questions first.”

    Bell Connelly: The answer is the letter Q

    Sean Evans “So I gotta' ask...

    Bell Connelly: I just woke like this...

    Sean Evans: Where does the name Beauty X Beast come from?

    Bell Connelly: Great question, Sean-- it's why you're the best in the game.

    Bell nodded her head in approval to the great question.

    Bell Connelly: Well, If I’m honest I didn’t come up with it myself, during my first few weeks in the company, I emailed them with a whole list of nicknames I wanted to call myself “Buba-Bugga boo “ Bell Connelly “Snuggle Bunny” Bell Connelly “Big Momma Cuddle Connelly” but for some reason they never went for any of those, so I just went on getting on, until in the summer, that name cropped up out of nowhere. Naturally, the name fits because for those who don’t watch wrestling -In which case hey mainstream audience, wrestling is still a thing. Crazy right? Try it out

    Bell takes a moment to wave cheerily at the camera

    Bell Connelly: Anyway, a significant influence for me is Disney so obviously the beauty and the beast works, but I think it goes deeper than that I think there’s a beauty and a beast in everyone. Light and darkness. Ying and yang And a beast isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it gets a bad rap. I've been doing this for a while now, and I know that there's one 'thing that no one is expecting', and that's that unexpected. That's what that Beauty X Beast is, Sean-- it's that unexpected. You can't prepare it, and even if 'ya do, it's not something' you've seen before. For me, Bell Connelly, The Beauty is is almost as tough as Bell Connelly-Beast because that beast will always be apart of the man, but the' man is not always apart of the beast. Does that make any sense or I’m I just rambling, I tend just to open my mouth and hope something profound comes out

    Evans shares a laugh

    Sean Evans:
    “Yeah that makes sense, and very philosophical of you, Bell-- I'm impressed!”

    The camera cuts to the next sauce, which was Crystal Louisiana Hot Sauce (again, no big deal). We cut back to Sean and Bell dining on the spicy wing. Again, Bell cleaned the wing as if it were not a big deal and tossed the wing to the trashcan to his side. Se patted his lips with a napkin and took a drink of milk to help wash it down.

    Bell Connelly: You know, for a world champion wrestler, I have the world’s worst diet, I make up for it by running around a lot in the ring.”

    The music kicks in as Sean, now finished with his wing, would ask the next question. Whatever could it be?

    Sean Evans: Bell

    Bell Connelly “That’s me.”

    Sean Evans“You've to wrestle..”

    Bell Connelly
    “I have been known from time to time.”

    Sean Evans:“All over the world.”

    Bell Connelly: “THREE FOR THREE, GO SEAN!”

    Sean Evans“... but I gotta' ask... what's been the highlight of your career so far? Was it the formation of your team with Shannon

    Bell would smirk and take another swig of a drink, this time a cold glass of water that sat next to the glass of milk, aka the heat relief. We're not there yet, right Bell?

    Bell Connelly“You've done your homework; I'm impressed! I don’t need to even think about it; I'd definitely say that' day I won world heavyweight title. I remember the days leading up to that match vividly. I was a nervous wreck, and I'm normally not nervous, but I was this time., this was like my twentieth chance at the title, and I had a lot of doubters from a lot of people But I maintained my focus, and I was able 'to do what no one thought I’d be able to do - and I can't describe that feeling…. It’s literally beyond me. Imagine the happiest day of your life, but multiply that times one hundred. That's what that night felt like, and to be crowned one of that very few to hold that title? Worth every hit I had I'll tell 'ya that….Are things perfect now?”

    Bell considers this for a moment before shaking her head

    Bell Connelly: Not yet, almost. Just need a little bit more of a push. This song isn’t finished yet, but when it is. It’ll be beautiful and real…

    Bell trails off after that, as the scene now falls into a rather awkward silence; That was an odd moment, as Sean doesn’t seem to know how to react to that...

    ….So thank God there’s Another cut-- it's time for the next sauce. What's behind door number one? Oh hey, it's Aardvark Habenero Hot Sauce! Delicious stuff, by the way. Once we cut from the image of the hot sauce, we're back to Sean and Bell as they clean the wings again. This time, however, the sauce was starting to get to Bell as she physically reacted to the sauce. “Now we're having fun”, she said as she took a drink of water. The camera panned out to show both Sean and Bell as Sean would ask the next question.

    Sean Evans: “You've wrestled a lot of people all around the world, but what's one person you'd love to wrestle?”

    Ah, the ole' "dream match" question, eh Sean? Bell would take another drink of water and swish it around his mouth before swallowing it.

    Bell Connelly
    Ya'know, it's funny that you say that,.... 'cause Shannon and I got a match this week against this team calling themselves, the mad kingdom against them, and if 'ya don't know about Jason Randall and Penny you're missing out. They’re tough, they’re mean, they’re unstable, and they’re angry. Probably because Jason doesn’t have a shirt that isn’t sleeveless and Penny’s probably mad because she doesn’t have the last name

    Bell shrugged before moving on

    Bell Connelly: Penny, in particular, she’s kind of wacky, I mean a seemingly sweet girl; with erratic behaviour, violent mood swings bordering on mental illness….That’s kind of out there right?

    Bell says this all with a straight face not appreciating the clear irony of her

    Bell Connelly: Anywho, I and my partner and best friend Shannon are in thing tag team wrestling league, and -Of course- We’ve won every single match. We’ve hyped up the vibe, we’ve cleaned up DFB. and now all we gotta do is beat; The Mad Kingdom and then we're one step closer to getting to the finals…..and then, maybe a dream match with someone I got unfinished business with and….well, Someone I think could make any match astonishing

    Bell winks at the camera, after her not so subtle hint, before the camera would cut to the next sauce, and this sauce, ladies and gentlemen, was the best-named sauce there ever was. We cut back to Sean and Bell, Sean would speak with a slight comedic tone. “This next sauce is Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce, probably the best named hot sauce out there today,” he said as Bell shook her head and biting her lip before she took a bite of the sauce, this one was a lot hotter than the last, and he immediately reacted. “Oh! Wow, This IS dirty. This needs a bath. Too much dirt,” She said with a smile. She took a drink of milk and swallowed the wing, throwing the bones into the trash as Sean asked the next question.

    Sean Evans: “Going back to The Mad Kingdom is there a certain way you prepare for an opponent, or does it change week by week?”

    Good question, Sean! Bell would take another drink of milk before pondering the question for a bit.

    Bell Connelly: Welp, my preparation is always the' same. I go to bed as early as I can, -Always brings my lucky unicorn plushy- I I wake up every morning before six, and I do yoga, exercise, dance around to Cyndi a little,....“But training for the' unexpected is different. I’ve never wrestled Jason or Penny before- as I said-- so I have no idea what they’re like. I know Jason is a big boy, fast fists who is strong, agile, and deceptively fast in the' ring. And Penny is like a Speedy Gonzales with a bloodlust I'm not that the biggest gal, Sean, but I've always said size is all in your head. I can do anything that I set my mind to. And that's what I tell everyone that supports me and Shannon, buys the t-shirts, hats, beanies, whatever-- I tell them they can do anything. And I'll tell you this, Sean... right here on your show-- great show, by the way-- that we're going to beat The Mad Kingdom

    Really humbling and emotional words from Bell Connelly. Sean looked at Bell as she smirked and began to cough, probably from the heat of the wing. After that cough, there was a jump to the next sauce, and this sauce, ladies and gentlemen, was incredibly hot. Da' Bomb was precisely what it says-- the bomb. It was like a nuclear explosion in your mouth and by far the hottest sauce of the day (so far). We cut back to Sean and Bell for a moment.

    Sean Evans::“Alright Bell, this is Da' Bomb, over 130,000 Scoville. It used to be our second hottest sauce; now it's our third. You ready?” Sean said with a devious grin.

    Bell nodded and playfully grimaced and took a big bite of the wing, cleaning the wing in the process.

    Bell Connelly: “Huh you know this is mild I think I- OH NO THERE IT IS.

    Bell immediately reacted from the sauce, reaching for milk almost as soon as it was eaten. “

    Bell Connelly
    This is the closest I’ve ever come to swearing,

    ...said Bell, paying homage to how the video started. Sean and Bell shared a laugh as we jump to the next question. Bell was having a hard time concentrating due to the pain from the wing, but she's a professional wrestler-- this shouldn't be that bad!

    Sean Evans“Now, I knew you have a match this week, and it'll be just in time for your match. So, on top of doing my research on you, I also did my research on the kingdom. I may just be a dude who interviews celebrities and eats spicy wings, but I also ask the real questions.How well are you prepared for the mad kingdom? They’re no joke.

    Another solid question from Sean. Bell would take another drink of her milk and begin to breathe in and out of her mouth, trying to soothe the burn.

    Bell Connelly: “They aren't, and I'm pretty happy about that. You want the god honest truth, Jason is a violent, violent guy, He’s one of that kind of wrestlers that are just in this to hit someone, for the thrill of hitting someone, titles and wins are just bonuses. Chairs, blood and being hardcore. That’s his jam, and he’s recruited Penny into that, She has violent tendencies, and Jason is exploiting that, Penny’s a nice gal, just conflicted and wrapped around Jason’s little finger, so it’s less of a tag team and more like a weird relationship, so he uses Penny more like a weapon more an actual partner. Me and Shannon? Equal in every sense. I’m not using Shannon; she’s not using me. But Penny is being used. And while he THINKS that gives him the advantage...but the mad kingdom isn’t the real team here, we are I know The Mad Kingdom belongs here. I know it. But they’re not beating us. We got too much to lose to be stopped now. They’re s gonna' give us hell, beat us up, but they won't break us. I’m SO close to everything I’ve ever wanted, and we’re not stopping now.

    Her composure was beyond anything I've ever seen. Despite having a mouth full of boiling pepper sauce, she was able to say all of that. Remarkable, isn't it? Anyway, another cut, and another sauce. We're cooking with fire now, ladies and gentlemen-- it's time; Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage, aka "Satan's Semen". Maybe, I don't know. This stuff was hot, and Sean knows all about it. We cut back to Sean and Bell who are holding their next wing by their mouths.

    Sean Evans: “This is Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage. Blair is a crazy dude who lives in Utah I think, and he makes incredibly hot sauces. This is 550,000 Scoville. It used to be our hottest sauce; now it's our second hottest,”

    ...he said as took a bite of the wing. Bell hesitated for a moment breathing deeply and began to speak under her breath

    Bell Connelly
    : I am a stark of Winterfell, our sigil is the dire wolf and dire wolves don’t cry

    And with that, she followed suit and cleaned the wing like the champion he was. She tossed the wing to the side and stared at Sean Evans, who didn't seem to flinch. Bell after a moment began to winch visually and reached for the milk to ease the burn. Bell was almost at a loss for words, but luckily our melon-headed host was there to help.

    Sean Evans: “So with everything being said, I gotta ask, Bell... who is showing up to fight The Mad Kingdom,? Will it be Beauty or Beast?

    Bell would ponder the question for a moment, taking a sip of her milk to soothe the flames in his mouth. Ironic that the heat of hot sauce was taking down a woman who calls herself Beauty X Beast right? She would grin before speaking again.

    Bell Connelly “Well, that's the thing about me, Sean...”

    She would take another sip of milk.

    Bell Connelly:“Expect the unexpected. Whether it be the beauty or beast, the fact remains that the Mad Kingdom is gonna' be standing in that ring with something they’ve never seen they never seen before. This is something we need to do I am honored you have asked me to be apart of your show, Sean... even though these wings could very well be the' death of me. But as I sit here, dying' on the Mega Death sauce, I have 'to say it has put a lot of things into perspective Sean, thank you very much.”

    Sean would nod his head and respond.

    Sean Evans “You're very welcome,”

    Bell Connelly: “'To get back to your question: I don't know what Bell is gonna' step into that ring But I do know this... whichever Bell it is? She and Shannon are gonna' win. She’s gonna' show Jason Randel and Penny what it's like 'to be in the' ring with a team that is hell-bent on winning 'Cause at the end of the' day, Sean... it's all about who wins and who loses, and for me? And these days, I got to think about winning

    With that, we go to the last sauce, and fans of Hot Ones would know what sauce it was-- The Last Dab. Hot Ones' own personal hot sauce, made with Pepper X-- the hottest pepper in the world (that we know of).

    We cut back to Sean and Bell, as Sean was seen shaking the bottle of the incredibly hot sauce

    Sean Evans. “So, you're probably wondering why I'm shaking this up. It's tradition around here to put an extra dab on the last wing. This is our sauce, the last dab because it's the last dab of hot sauce you'll ever need. Are you ready?”

    Sean said as he put one drop of the extra hot sauce. Bell reached over and did the same before looking over at Sean for confirmation.

    Bell Connelly:“That good?”

    She said as Sean nodded Bell would make a sign of the cross in a playful way before Both would take a big bite of their wings, and Bell almost immediately began to react.

    Bell Connelly: “Oh, wow...”

    She said under her breath. She immediately reached for the dairy relief as Sean swallowed his food and asked the last question.

    Sean Evans “Well Bell, you ran the gambit all the way to the Last Dab. You've done it all with grace, style, and without hesitation. The floor is yours-- tell the people what you got goin' on in your life!”

    Bell took one last sip of her drink before looking into the hard camera for her plug that she worked so hard for.

    Bell Connelly: Be nice to each other. Have fun. Watch wrestling; it’s a good thing; Bullet’s N Bubblegum topples the Mad Kingdom this week on Fight Night.

    And that was that. Once Bell plugged his match with, the video would cut the credits and eventually end after nearly twenty-five minutes of epic entertainment. As the video ends, you click away from YouTube and go back to work as you should have been doing. Ya bum
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    You have one new voice mail.”


    “Heyyyyyy Ashley! How's it going bud Drew here, Ethan’s beside me”

    “Hows it going buddy?”

    “Anyway, I guess you have your phone off at the moment seeing as you never got in touch after all our phone calls-”

    “-And text messages….”

    “So we just wanted to drop a quick line; what’s up? How’s it going? You doing all right? You keeping warm?”

    “ you need to keep warm this time of year. Flu Season and all that man”

    “Oh yeah totally, We should go out for drinks sometime soon too..”

    “Actually….there was one small thing we wanted to talk to you about.”

    “Oh right. That. Yeah he’ll get a laugh out of this…”

    “This is hysterical.”

    “So, I don’t know if you say tonight’s show apparently you HAVEN’T DQ’ed The PAJ project

    “Crazy right? Because we all know they cheated us hard

    “No GM would ever treat their talent that way, No one would EVER do something like that to their BEST tag team without at least consulting them first….

    “God forbid that happens.”

    “Oh, follow up question; Why do you hate us?”

    “What the hell have we done to you?! Is this funny to you? Is This a damn joke to you?! They were laughing at us! No body upstages our crowning moment!”

    “THEY SCREWED US OVER,YOUR most valuable assets you have in this company single handedly saving your company”

    “Oh, yeah I hope you loved what happened out there. I hope you laughed your freaking cheap shades off your eyes, because now you better lawyer up! and lawyer up fast! Were going to sue this entire company! Every one who works here! YOUR PARENTS! YOUR PARENTS PARENTS! EVERYONE!”

    “...And when the board is ripping out your heart through your ass crack then we’ll see whose laughing

    “D**k head…”

    The FWA cameras rarely miss anything of importance that occurs behind-the-scenes,. So none of the fans in the area , not to mention the rest of the FWA fans watching at home, can be surprised to see the big screen cut to a backstage shot of The Echo r preparing for their match tonight. normally it wouldn’t be a surprise to seem them out in the ring ready to brag to the crowd But apparently, they are not part of their plans for tonight. Instead, they looks one-hundred percent focused on the task that lies ahead of him, Drew is shown finishing off the last of some cardio exercises, dressed in a black "#Partieshere" hoodie over his usual Echo branded wrestling attire. while Ethan paces back and forward momentarily putting his fingers to his neck, checking his pulse rate after his finishing his work-out just before we started feeling he started before he turns his attention to the nearby camera.

    Ethan Connor: “FWA. The party here’s..."

    The crowd immediately comes alive at that introduction, with boos coming from all corners of the arena

    Ethan Connor: Last week, was meant to be the crowning moments of our entire lives, the week we finally do what we always dreamed of doing since we were boys; Standing in the middle of that ring and screaming at the top of our collective world, that two kids from the trailer park has the wrestling world by the short hairs after years of toiling in the underground

    Ethan nods for a moment his hands claps on his hips smiling dimly into the distance while Drew pacing back and forward grimly as Ethan’s eyes begin to darken

    Ethan Connor:...and they ruined, everything!

    Ethan’s lip curled in disgust frowning as he know no doubt remembers what happened last week, he begins to seethe as he wipes his hair out of his hair shaking his head trying his best to restrain himself for a moment clearly not wanting to lose his temper too fast but thankfully Drew at that moment chooses that moment to shove his way to the forefront of the screen jabbing his finger at the camera

    Drew Connor: We have a lot of ground to cover and a LOT of things we want to get off our chests but first things first. Even if you think were full of crap. Even if you think we’re just a pair of bullshit artists and you don’t believe anything that comes out of our mouth believe us now; The PAJ screwed us over. That match should not have ended like that they do not deserve the point., They have not earned the right. They have not earned the damn privilege to say they beat us! Hell, if there was any justice in the world they would be in jail after what they pulled last week

    No smiles or smugness from The Echo tonight, both brother’s look damn right pissed clearly taking offense from what happened last week

    Ethan Connor: “You couldn’t let us have our moment could you?! You couldn’t stand the idea of someone other than yourselves in the spotlight. You couldn’t just let sleeping dogs lie and accept the fact that we’ve the better team

    Drew Connor: You’re lucky we’re not pressing charges! You’re lucky we’re not getting our lawyers to throw you both in federal pound me in the ass prison. That was assault!

    Drew takes a moment to gesture wildly to his brother’s face with his finger while Ethan shakes his head in disgust

    Drew Connor: Because that’s how these teams operates! When everyone look at us they see everything they want to be in their wildest dreams but can never be. They WISH they can be The Echo. They WISH they had one EIGHT of our talent. They wish they look as good as we do, and when they see our pretty faces and their blood boils so they try and deprive women wrestling fans across the planet of our handsome faces

    Well it didn’t take long for The Echo’s ego to poke through as they nod reassuringly

    Drew Connor: “Like we said, we could easily press charges…

    Ethan Connor: “...But we won’t....Because tonight we get to do something in that ring tonight that no lawyer could ever get us:Proof that we're BETTER than the rest, That we can come back and win the whole damn thing and that starts with Genocide. See, any other team? They’d be freaking out about facing Genocide i they’d be scared. they’ed be intimidated but us? That trophy are all were thinking about. Those trophy are the only things on our minds. And it's the reason why we're slumming it back here alone in some dank and desolate arena corridor with our eyes on the prize, instead of hanging out in a plush VIP room and were not going to trawl through the cemeteries or go ghost-hunting at the local haunted houses for any sign of Genocide, in the hopes of getting in their heads and playing mind games. Because we don't need to. Genocide are probably sitting down in some place dark and spooky rattling their chains and going “Ohhhhhhh! Ohhh! and I hope they do. I hope they wax poetic about how they’re going to destroy us or take our soul and I hope they do. I hope they get that allllll out of their system because everyone in this arena knows that our actions speak louder then Genocide’s bull any day of the weak.

    Drew Connor: "I won't lie. Genocide looks like the team to beat. No one is more brutal. No one is more savage then Genocide. So it looks like it’s curtains for The Echo tonight but things aren't always what they appear to be."

    He begins to smirk knowingly

    Ethan Connor: Just like always everyone else, you’re too busy believing your own hype totally tunnel visioning. To you this match is just a foregone conclusion, in your mind you’re icing the champagne and measuring yourself for the final..but AGAIN you’re underestimating us tools! To you were just two loud month punks in need of a beating. But NOTHING. Nothing is more dangerous then a Connor with his back against the wall.

    Drew Connor: You think we can’t play this game? You think we can’t get hardcore? This mean everything to us. These belts are our life work and no one is taking them from us! No one! You’ve never met a team more hungry driven then us, and we’ll do anything to win

    As they speak they do so with a deadly serious expression on his face, clearly they’re not taking anything for granted tonight

    Drew Connor: That question Ethan mentioned earlier, about which man is going to walk out of with the win I'll give you all a hint... it won't be Genocide. They've both had their time to shine over the past few weeks, but now that time's running out. Genocides hopes are in their dying days...This was the desperate last throw the dice. by a team at the end of their rope So I think it's important to take this time to make sure they're both prepared to deal with the feelings of loss they're about to experience.

    Ethan Connor: ….Better to start the process now, before it really hits them after the match... when our hand is raised in victory, and all of their hopes and dreams of winning this league dashed before their eyes. I hear that a little anxiety is normal in these situations,


    Drew Connor:"First up, they'll be dealing with denial. Whether that's through overwhelming shock about what's going to happen to them, or a sheer stubborn refusal to believe it's even possible, they're going to deny the reality of their situation. Obviously, this is just a coping mechanism, a way to avoid dealing with the inevitable pain and heartache that's going to come. But it won't last."

    Drew shrugs at the camera

    Drew Connor: "We've all seen this before, from most of the guys that I've been in the ring with in the past. They all like to talk a good game, saying they're going to shut us up, beat us up, and be the one who finally shows-up The Echo. But time and again, they just prove that they're living in denial. They all refuse to accept the simple fact that were just too damn good at what I do, as they con themselves into thinking they can actually compete against everything we're bringing when I step into the ring. And it’s the same with Genocide. They can deny, deny, deny... but eventually, the cold hard facts is staring them in the face, Were standing here with the belts and they aren’t.

    He keeps his eyes glued onto the camera, making sure that his words hit home with every single person watching. The Connors has never had a shortage of self-belief in the past, and that definitely sounds like it's the case tonight. Especially since, according to Drew, his two opponents are in denial if they think they stand a chance of beating them with the Tag Team Championships on the line.

    Ethan Connor: "Denial is something they’re already used to. Let's take a look at Genocide for a second, shall we? They’ve been in denial for weeks now, refusing to admit that their time is up. Refusing to accept that they don’'t quite have it anymore, and the victories aren't coming quite as frequently as they used to. Or, you know, at all. But that doesn't stop Genocide from carrying on, convincing themselves that there's still a formidable force on the FWA landscape, even if nobody else is fooled by the act anymore. Oh sure, they’re still able to put on a good show. They can pull all of his tricks,

    Ethan rolls his eyes at that thought as Drew tuts disapprovingly before locking his gaze back onto the camera to finish what he was saying

    Ethan Connor: "Now when it comes to getting physical? Genocide still manages to look like a legitimate threat... at least, when they’re jumping someone from behind. Over the past month or so, ever since we came into this company exactly how many times have they tried to ambush people? How many times have they attacked people when our backs were turned? Three, four? Whatever the number, it's a hell of a lot higher than the times he's come at others straight-up, face to face, no tricks.

    In the back ground Drew begins to rub his chin almost thoughtful

    Ethan Connor: Genocide can keep pretending that they are still as dangerous as they always been, they can fool themselves into thinking anybody cares if they break out the barb wire or if they’re going to make the light flicker. That's great, I'm sure all the kids that watch this show are lapping it up, But it doesn't change the fact that when we actually wrestle each other, Them against us, Genocide versus The Echo? It’s going to be OUR hand raised in victory at the end. And since then, through the blackouts. Through their bullcrap. Though their sneak attacks. It doesn't change that Genocide... Sinn...Graves ... CAN’T keep us down! No matter what they throw at us, and I don't think anybody would deny that can take the best that Genocide can give, and we’ll come back for more. Genocide can pretend they are still the team to beat... but we’ve proved to everybody, week after week of taking their best shots, that NOBODY'S got what we’ve got! And Genocide can deny it all they wants... but after tonight, they’ll have no choice then to see the truth.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    It’s a quiet morning in Los Angeles. Romeo Rollings is sitting behind the desk in his office pecking away at the keyboard of his MacBook Pro. The television is on behind him as background noise. The tv is on the FWA Network with a show highlighting the upcoming event. While he’s working, a bored and tired Tristan James Galloway is sitting slouched in a chair in front of the desk. Tristan’s gaze is firmly on Romeo waiting to be acknowledged, so he clears his throat. Romeo doesn’t flinch. Tristan clears this throat again, this time louder. Still nothing. Galloway releases an exasperated sigh.

    Tristan James Galloway: Well, this is riveting.

    Romeo is still typing away at the keyboard staring at the screen.

    Romeo Rollings: (mumbles) Much like your promos.

    Tristan James Galloway: What did you say?

    Romeo spins around in his chair.

    Romeo Rollings: Your hearing is fine. I don’t think you need me to repeat it… much less want me to.

    Tristan James Galloway: Why am I here?

    Romeo Rollings: Exactly.

    Tristan James Galloway: What?

    Romeo Rollings: Why are you here?

    Tristan’s eyes scan the room with a confused gaze. Rollings stands up stretching out his stiff back before folding his arms waiting for a response.

    Tristan James Galloway: You told me to be here.

    Romeo Rollings: Why are you a wrestler?

    Tristan James Galloway: I wanted to do this.

    Romeo Rollings: Okay, but do you want to be a star?

    Tristan James Galloway: It never crossed my mind.

    Romeo Rollings twirls the chair around before sauntering around his desk. He sits down on it right in front of Galloway, loosening his tie around his neck and unbutton his vest.

    Romeo Rollings: Why not? When you’re a star, you get more money.

    Tristan James Galloway: I’ve told you money doesn’t concern me.

    Romeo Rollings: Well, I want to be an agent to a star. Not some wrestler. Anybody can be a wrestler and just being a wrestler is boring. Paint drying is more entertaining.

    Tristan chuckles, visibly upset by the remarks of his agent as he shoots him an annoyed look.

    Romeo Rollings: At least that’s what people say about you. The dark brooding this works, I guess. Your shirts sell pretty well in hot topic. Some people think you’re an ass kicker. But the thing I hear to most about you is that you’re boring. They would rather anybody BUT you be the X champion.

    Tristan James Galloway: And?

    Romeo Rollings: Doesn’t that bother you?

    Tristan James Galloway: Does it bother you? I’m winning. Every match I win I get the lion’s share of the purse. As a champion, my pay is increased.

    Romeo Rollings: Yeah, but just imagine how much more money you would make if you were marketable. I set up interviews for you, and you give vague and brief answers. Your childhood is relatively unknown to most people. You allude to tragedy and I guess some bright spots. Is that all there is to you? Isn’t there more?

    Tristan doesn’t say a word. He simply stares up at Romeo waiting for an answer. Romeo leans in closer examining the expressionless Galloway.

    Romeo Rollings: Seriously, do you have any feelings? This poker face gets old after a while. What can I give the people?

    Romeo gets up and heads over to the window and opening the blinds. The sun floods the room, making it even brighter than it already is. Galloway removes the large tattered fedora from his head and taps it against his legs. His fingers fiddle around as he seems jittery.

    Romeo Rollings: You saved a girl from a broken home. Good for you. That’s good press, but that fades when the next story comes. You’re the voice of the down trodden. Okay, I guess that works. Everyone loves a common man. But you need to do more, man. If Buffy was still on the air you would be fantastic for it.

    Romeo strokes his chin as he ponders a thought.

    Romeo Rollings: Maybe we could get you on Supernatural. I mean, the writing isn’t great, but you’ve got the look for it. I dunno. Is there some vampire show on the air?

    Tristan gives an unsure shrug.

    Romeo Rollings: Do you even own a tv? Or do you just read Edgar Allen Poe poems all night? Maybe James O’Barr is your favorite comic book writer.

    Tristan James Galloway: Okay. As fun as this maybe for you, I can be off getting ready for this match against Zako Wrath.

    Romeo Rollings: I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about building you image, man. Winning is great, but we need more. We need the people to want to see you. Look at Conor McGregor he’s a character. He’s expressive. Dark and brooding which works.. but people are finding you Clark Kent bland, man.

    Galloway gets up and walks over to Romeo.

    Tristan James Galloway: I don’t give a damn! I don’t care what people think. What WOLF thinks or what YOU think. You want me to get out there? Set something up! You’re my agent! Isn’t that your job?! All I care about right now is beating Zako Wrath. All I care about it getting to WOLF for a champion vs champion match. I want the North American title. I want a legacy. Something to call my own. I don’t need people prying into my personal life! I don’t need to relive my past. I’ve been there and done that! No one needs to know that. No one deserves to know that. Not even you…

    Romeo back pedals a bit, hoping to defuse the situation. Romeo tries putting his hands on Tristan’s shoulders, but he’s too short. He stands on his tippy toes in order to do so. The silver tongued agent puts on an uncomfortable smile with a light chuckle, hoping to ease the tension.

    Romeo Rollings: Okay, okay. I’m sorry. Perhaps, I should have went about this in a different way. Some more tact. All I’m trying to say is the company wants you on tv more and you’re not giving them that. We need to build your image. They want a star. You can be a star. You’re talented. We all know that. But they need a reason to care. Something to think about. Alright. But for now… focus on the match. It’s important. Like you said. A win against Zako is a plus. Getting to face the North American champion and winning will help raise your status.

    Romeo Rollings puts his arm around Tristan James Galloway as he leads him towards the door. As he opens it, he leads Galloway out.

    Romeo Rollings: Just something to think about. Okay?

    Darkness. We can only hear the sound of crying and screaming along accompanied by the sound of destruction. To be more specific, the sound of weapons being used such as a kendo stick across someone’s back or a shot bouncing off of someone’s skull. The sounds of people’s pleas can be heard and then…. silence. A deep voice is now heard.

    Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

    The darkness is removed. We are now inside a boiler room filled with weapons such as kendo sticks, chairs, brass knuckles, trash can lids all dangling from the ceiling. Tristan James Galloway stands among the sea of weaponry wearing a long black coat with a bowler hat. The X Championship is strapped around his waist with his fingers caressing the gold. The sly smirk is on his face as he appears to be in deep contemplation.

    Throughout my life, I have always heard that expression, yet never really understood what it meant until now. Getting to the position I’m in now was grueling. I suffered countless losses that I knew I shouldn’t have incurred due to outside wrestling distractions. I was just floating around the undercard wasting away. I refocused and began raking up wins. I overcame the veteran Mac Michaud, who thought I didn’t deserve to be on the FWA roster. I beat him again, but this time in a Fatal Four Way match along with Deception and Penny to earn the right to face Jason Randall. The last time I faced a champion, I must admit, I became overwhelmed by the challenge. I doubted myself against Mike Parr and it cost me dearly. I would not fall prey to this emotion again. I would not be denied what I wanted and I was not. I dethroned one of the longest reigning X champions. After I defeated Jason Randall to become the X-Division champion, I have faced a barrage of challengers in a X Division Gauntlet. Just the week after beating Randall, I faced Hanz Gruber in a chairs match. The feeling of steel against flesh is an unpleasant feeling. It can cause serious harm despite what people may believe, but I would not be denied. I would prove that I deserved to wear this prestigious prize. I defeated him, yet my journey did not end there. One week after that, I faced Jason Randall, Zako Wrath, and Izzy Van Doran in a Clockwork Orange match. My body cried out in pain from the damage inflicted in the barbaric matches before this night. It yearned for rest to recoup and be back to normal. One defense under my belt, I was not about to lose in my second one. I needed to get through one more challenge. It was rough, but I persevered. Just like every great champion before me.

    Tristan pushes the kendo stick, forcing it to swing from side to side. The confident smile has turned into a sadistic gaze as he moves through the myriad of weapons dangling above him. As he walks through the room, Galloway removes both his coat and the championship from around his waist. He begins to examine the various cuts, bruises, and scars that adorn his body. A collection of battle scars received in order to keep his X championship. Souvenirs that may never leave his body.

    While I was allowed a break from title defenses, I still had my eyes on all the potential challengers. I knew this championship defense sabbatical would not last long, nor did I want it to. I have something to prove. Not just to myself, but to everyone in FWA. I have something to prove to my peers in the company to the fans watching at home.

    The lights in the boiler room slowly dim. A beam of light from a projector hits the wall flashing the words “Boring”, “A Real Life Clark Kent” Vanilla” on the wall. Tristan looks back seething, desperately trying to suppress the rage bubbling inside him. The calm and collected steely eyed X Champion has come to know and love tries to stay in control as he turns back to the camera to speak.

    I hear the criticisms directed towards me. People think of me as a bland Mr. Goodie two shoes who’s troubled, yet going to give you one hell of a fight. My agent, Romeo Rollings, considers me “unmarketable” because I play things close to the vest and keep my emotions guarded. I guess the latter is partially true. I don’t let people in too often. I never saw it valuable to because sooner or later the people I trust have left. This is not a woe is me or sadness. It’s just how things were in my life. I accepted it. However, I choose to change that. I have changed that. I’ve placed my trust into the likes of a Romeo Rollings to guide my career and to confide in as a friend. The part of the criticism is just “a guy who puts up a good fight”. I have left a trail of destruction in my wake. Every man who proclaimed to be larger than life and would outmatch me, I have beaten them. I left men battered and bloody. I am not a goodie good. I have blood on my hands. I’m not proud of it, but I know how to inflict punishment on people. I have tortured my opponents in order to keep what’s mine. I am vengeance personified. I am the reckoning the wicked men who plague this organization deserve. I give them what they deserve and what they seek to do to other especially me. I hold this championship because I have to. It’s my life’s blood. I have beaten veterans like Mac Michaud and Jason Randall. Any time a man questioned my worth as a wrestler, I have shown them why I am in the position I am in. I consistently have won more than I lost. To me, that’s all that should be important, but I understand everyone has a voice and will use it. Some say I still have more to prove, and I will continue to win and succeed like I have since winning the X title. My actions speak louder than any words I may speak.

    Which brings me to WOLF, and why I challenged him. For he is another man who questions my character and fight. He holds a championship I once fought for and has alluded me. WOLF considers me to be an unproven rookie who can not hang with the likes of him. I threw the gauntlet down and issued my challenge. I will get the fight I want… I just have to defeat Zako Wrath in my third X title defense.

    Zako, ever since Mile High you have been on a wave of momentum. You’ve defeated all the opposition in your path. You’ve earned your right to challenge me for my precious prize.

    The camera pulls in tightly on the X Division champion. The camera pulls back as Tristan picks the championship up off of the ground, lightly caressing it with reverence and respect. Tristan turns back to the camera with a gaze with focus.

    Miss De La Muerta has built you up to a be monster. You believe yourself to be a monster, yet I have slain you before. Know this, Zako. It wasn’t the weapons or the numbers that defeated you. It was me. I brutalized you with my fist just as much as I did with weapons. This time, you won’t have to worry about three other opponents, you just have to concern yourself with me. My focus won’t be on hurting others. It will be on hurting you. You’re a man- nothing more. You bleed just like everyone else. You feel pain just like everyone else. My every intention will be to brutalize you, to victimize you. Just as you have done to other men who dared to face you. You see, I have to do it in just a decisively. In such an emphatic way that maybe people will stop questioning my character in the squared circle. Will it be easy? No. I know this, nor do I except it to be. You’re going to hit me with everything you’ve got because you want this.

    Tristan holds up the X championship for a few moments.

    You want what I’ve got. And I can’t let that happen. I will not relinquish this title to you under any circumstances. If I don’t have this, I don’t get WOLF in the match I want. So I have to sink my teeth into you and tear the flesh from you body. I have to make you cower in fear. Every move you take should make you reconsider whether or not you want to be in this business. I don’t care if you’ve lived in the wilderness eating defenseless animals in order to survive. I’ve had to fight child abusers or other horrible people in order to preserve my life! So I could see the next day and get here! I know what it takes to survive. I know what it takes to win. I know what I have to do in order to win. I understand the pleasure someone like you gets out of hurting people. The thrill of the hunt is sweeter than the kill itself. I will make your punishment feel endless. Because your reputation doesn’t scare me. I’ve proven that once before. This time, you won’t have the excuse of multiple opponents.

    In his anger fueled tirade, Tristan throws the championship down to the floor before yanking his hat from his head. The champion paces around like a caged animal starving for a meal. His chest is rising rapidly as he breathes. Tristan’s fist and clinched as tightly as they possibly can be clinched.

    I am more than a man. A monster is not a title the suits me. I have to be greater. I am greater. I am the X Division. I am not a child amongst men. I am not a trout swimming among the sharks. A prey ready to be eaten. I am the predator. I am the king of the pride. Every obstacle you put in front of me I will overcome them. Every time you doubt me, I will prove you wrong just as I have so many times before. You want to know who Tristan James Galloway is? Tristan Galloway is greatness. He’s everything a champion should be. When young men and women look for someone to aspire to be they will use my career as the blueprint. I am a man who tired of being told I can’t be what I’m destined to be. I’m tired of being told that I haven’t proven myself to be a contender or champion when I have on multiple occasions. Like it or not, Tristan James Galloway is one of the premier stars in this company. You may not like it, but you will accept it. Because I’m here to stay.

    You, Zako, will be the personification of all my detractors. My fight will express all the rage I will bestow upon WOLF once we meet. You will see what a true monster is, Zako Wrath. I will lay waste to you once again. You will not take this from me. You can’t. I can’t be outfought, can’t be outmatched, can’t be out done. I’m a machine designed for destruction. And I will beat you like I have done before. I’ll reiterate this point once more. It wasn’t the numbers against you that beat you; I beat you. It wasn’t the fact that weapons were used that beat you: it was the man wielding them that beat you. Hell, I won’t even use a weapon to get the job done. I can hurt you just with my fist and my wrestling prowess. So that excuse is off the table. Your manager supplies a litany of excuses for you. She claims you were within seconds of beating Jason Randall, but close doesn’t cut it in this business. Close doesn’t get you the championship, winning does. And when you step into the ring with me at World’s Strongest Tag Team Day Four, it won’t be close. Not even by a mile. You won’t have room to breathe. I’ll be over you like a heavy dark cloud in the middle of a typhoon. The destruction will be unfathomable because I will not leave room for doubt. I am the X Champion. I will get the respect I deserve one way or another. My light will shine even brighter on this night. I will dispel of one monster to face another parody of one. I will get my respect.. one way or another.

    With these words, Tristan picks up the championship and exits the room, leaving us with the visual of the weapons hanging from the ceiling.

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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    1 // Open Mic
    / Off camera /
    January 10th

    “Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it.”
    - Stevie Wonder -

    The setting is a small coffee shop in the Windy City, Chicago. Murmurs of people judging the music being played and sipping their drinks. Not many positive things happen in back alleys in Chicago, which fills Izzy’s heart with uneasiness. She already has to play something unplugged. To say she’s out of her element is a massive understatement. Overall, the mood in the room is very laid back and friendly. The shop stays lively between sets and after the show as musicians and the wannabes carry on drinking and flirting. Everyone’s sipping on something hot due to the weather outside being incredibly cold. Starr as well as her sister Rebecca are alongside her holding hand to calm her down. Izzy’s dressed in stuff she’s hardly ever worn, a dress WITH FLOWERS ON IT. Starr crosses his crutches and gives Izzy one last hug.

    Bex: You got this Iz. Why are you so worried?

    Izzy: Because I’ve never done an acoustic set, Bex. I’ve never played by myself in front of this many people! Hell I’ve never been out in front of people not in a wrestling ring. AND LOOK AT ME! I asked for a dress and you give me this?

    Bex: It was the only thing I had left that was still in your size, sis. Ain’t my fault I got pregnant and went up 3 sizes.

    Starr: Dude, you’ve played for me before. I know you’re going to do awesome.

    Bex: If you need someone to focus on, you’ve got me! Sisters help sisters. You’ve got Ian too. He’s been looking forward to this forever.

    Starr: Don’t worry, Izzy, you’ve got this... I know you can do it.

    Bex: Just imagine everyone in their underwear.

    Izzy: I may want to have sex with some of them.

    Bex: What?

    Izzy: Nothing…

    Starr pulls Izzy’s face close to his and looks into her worried eyes. Izzy slowly takes deeper and deeper breaths. Slowly but surely she calms down.

    Starr: Izzy, just play from the heart. You’ve got this...

    Finally it comes the time, the MC of the night calls Izzy’s name and she receives a less than mediocre applause. Izzy approaches the small stage with her acoustic guitar in both hands.

    Izzy: Uh…H-hey thanks for having me…

    Izzy’s stage fright has never been this bad. She’s usually like an uncaged animal on stage which lets her get her nerves out. Here she has to be reserved and handle herself in the small venue without breaking down. The stage and the audience seem so foreign to the usually thrashing attitude Izzy carries with her. She’s trying to remember what her guitar teacher tells her before she starts. “The most important thing is keeping a cool head.” She takes a deep breath. She looks down at her feet, but still keeps her mouth to the mic.

    Izzy: My name is Izzy. To be honest, this is my first time playing an acoustic in front of people. I was bugged into it after my friend told me I was good enough to be onstage. To be honest, this isn’t really my style... I mean you could probably guess that by looking at me.

    A few laughs from the audience cause Izzy to lighten up. She looks up at the people closest to the stage.

    Izzy: T-this song, it’s gonna be a cover, has been on my mind a lot lately...

    Starr looks on with his fingers pressed to his lips. Bex watches with worry for her younger sister.

    Izzy: This is to the people that helped me back up…

    Izzy takes a few pants. Her mind races thinking about leaving the stage and breaking down in the bathroom, but before she could move her hands start playing the first chords of her song. She started the song and she didn’t even realize it. Izzy takes deep breaths in between strums. A few audience members give her big cheers to continue. Izzy approaches the mic. She begins to play Fall Back Down by Rancid only at a much more mellow, sombre pace. Izzy’s usually loud, bombastic voice is rendered small and quiet from her nerves. She puts her lips to the mic.

    “Don't worry about me, I'm gonna make it alright
    Got my enemies cross-haired and in my sight
    I take a bad situation gonna make it right
    In the shadows of darkness I stand in the light”

    Izzy looks out and notices some people are swaying to the music and getting into it.

    “You see it's our style to keep it true
    I've had a bad year, a lot to go through
    I've been knocked out, beat down, black and blue
    She's not the one coming back for you
    She's not the one coming back for you...”

    Izzy’s voice shakes, she pauses the song to cover her mouth. The MC gets up to comfort Izzy, but she waves him off.

    “If I fall back down
    You’re gonna help me back up again,
    If I fall back down,
    You’re gonna be my friend…”

    She gets choked up a few times during the song as it’s that meaningful to her. Izzy continues singing it the best she can without breaking down. The audience claps along keeping time, which cheers Izzy up a little bit. She hits the final chorus and both Starr and Bex are on the verge of tears of joy. Izzy looks up and makes eye contact with Starr...

    “If I fall back down… You’re... gonna be my... friend…..”

    The audience applauds the young woman’s song and the honest nature behind it. Izzy smiles and wipes away some tears that formed in her eye. She smiles as she looks at Bex and Starr standing, as best as Starr can still in his soft cast, and clapping.

    Izzy: Thanks you guys… uh… I guess I’ll keep going right?

    The audience gives her a bigger chuckle than her last joke. Izzy continues to play 2 more songs. One from The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring, which Izzy somehow got the people in the cafe to do the call and response parts featured prominently in the song. The other she chose was Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana that got the crowd riled up. She plays the last few strums of her songs and smiles. Izzy bows and thanks the audience for their support. Izzy walks around to the back with Bex and the semi crippled Starr.

    Bex: God… that was great Iz. Good job.

    Starr: Yeah, that was awesome, man!!

    Izzy: You think people really liked it?

    Starr: Without a doubt, Iz! You got them at the end… -Starr pulls Izzy into a tight hug. He whispers into her ear.- I knew you had it in you…

    Izzy smiles and gives Starr a small peck on the cheek. She looks out the large window of the cafe. Ready for the world to take her in... and maybe a drink or two...

    2 // Past sins
    / Flashback / Off Camera /
    Later that night...


    One morning during the hot Summer, Izzy stubbornly showed up to work at her old wrestling company. Today is the day she will figure out the new look and attire of her in ring persona, followed by a photo shoot to show off said new look. Barely awake and starving to death, she decides to head to the cafe in the building for some breakfast. She sits with her back towards the door of the cafeteria. She puts some earbuds in and slowly jams out to her Spotify. Some thirty minutes later, Izzy’s eating in the middle of eating her breakfast when the most horrifying, but really exciting thing happens. She’s tapped on the shoulder, Izzy looks up to see who would bother her this early, but turns to find Ryleigh Ruin, another female on the roster, standing over her. Completely shocked herself Izzy takes off her headphones. She takes everything in, Ryleigh's long blonde hair, her deep blue eyes, her killer bod. Izzy's stunned silent.

    Ryleigh: -Ryleigh clears her throat- H-hey...What’s up? Whatcha listening to?

    Izzy: -Slightly shaken up by the small blonde’s beauty- Y-you're Ryleigh Ruin! Oh my god It's so good to finally meet you!! I was just eating some breakfast before I go do some photo stuff. I don't really know what I need to do. Mr. Stevens just said to be here. I take it you're here for the same reason? -She turns off the music to talk to Ryleigh some more.- I was listening to this band State Champs, you ever heard of them? They're like my new kick right now.

    Ryleigh: Do you mind if I pop a squat?

    Izzy: -She struggles a bit to spit out some words.- No! Not at all! No one’s sitting there and I’ve been absolutely DYING of boredom in here. Please sit!

    Ryleigh: Thanks. -She sits across from Izzy. There is an awkward silence as Ry eats some of her food.- So what’s with all the tweeting back and forth?

    Izzy: I wanted to get to know you some more, you seem like a super chill chick from all the posts and videos you make. I just get the feeling we’d be like… really good friends.

    Ryleigh: -Ryleigh kinda chokes on her food.- *cough* I know the feeling. The way I pursue championships is no different than the way pursue my friends. When I see something I want I go get it. And it doesn’t hurt that you super cute!

    Izzy: Well thank you!! You’re super cute yourself in your little lazy morning outfit.

    Ryleigh: I can’t look like a supermodel everyday. -Ryleigh giggles-

    Izzy: Boss said I needed to be here super early for photos. I went to bed at like 4… something I don’t know. System of A Down just makes me wanna… get shitfaced and party.

    Ryleigh: Super early? It’s 9:30! -Ryleigh say that really sarcastically.- I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a party that my parents weren’t throwing, those are always snooze fests.

    Izzy: You totally need to party with me then! It’s always lit as FUCK! -She says that way louder than she meant to. Some random guy looks up from his Cheerios.-

    Ryleigh: -Ryleigh spits of the bite of the food and belly laughs hard.- Well I guess I’m done with that now! Listen, whenever you want, I’d like to grab a drink after our match. If you’d like, I’m going home for a couple days. I could show you some great places to eat. As far as partying though, that isn’t something I really do. Especially when I’m needing to keep weight for so long...But I could learn. I love a good glass of wine!

    Izzy: I’d love to go on a tour of Seattle with you. I’ll show you and your nerd family how to party! We’ll play some music and I promise I’ll play something you’ll like! I’ve got a lot of records and I know I’m bound to have something! Never really felt fancy enough for a wine party, but I’m down for it!

    She laughs at her joke as Ryleigh puts a hand on her’s. A bright flash... loud ear piercing ringing noises invade what she's looking at... Ryleigh's suddenly gone...

    Izzy jolts up out of her bed…

    We’re back in present day… Izzy’s in her apartment in Chicago... It was a dream... a shattered memory… of what feels like a lifetime ago. Her face is covered in sweat and her hands are shaking. The disturbed woman looks around the room and starts to breathe more and more frantically and shallow. She looks over to the empty spot next to her bed, usually where Starr would be. She walks around her apartment feeling every bit of loneliness she can. She looks out the window She curls up in a ball on her bed and slowly starts to cry to herself. The sound of an ambulance wailing is heard outside. She looks over to the small dresser next to her bed. She pulls open one of the drawers and reaches in.

    She pulls out a small ring box… The ring is still there, faded, the luster is gone, and all that’s left is a memory of what Izzy almost had before coming to FWA. Her past mistakes caused one person she loved to go away. She looks at it with the aid of the street lights peering into her room. She puts it back in the box and away again... She curls up and cries herself to sleep.

    3 // Change of Attitude?
    / Chicago, IL /
    January 17th

    Starr and Izzy are on their way to the shooting location of their promo. Izzy keeps nodding off and stumbling over herself trying to stay upright. Starr stops to help her up after she slips on some ice, he dusts her off and looks at her in the face. Something’s not on…

    Starr: Izzy, you okay? You look like you haven’t slept in a month?

    Izzy: I haven’t…

    Starr: Yo, we don’t have to shoot a promo today if you’re not okay…

    Izzy lightly shoves Starr off.

    Izzy: I’m okay… I’m just really tired… I can shake this off… I just gotta wake up first. Besides I’m more worried about you and your bum ankle…

    Starr: It’s feeling a lot better this week…

    Starr begrudgingly takes her word for it that she’s okay, however he keeps her close.

    Izzy: Y’know I just feel like sometimes pro wrestling and life is all about money and blowjobs…

    Starr bursts into laughter…

    Starr: What?!

    Izzy: I dunno man, just think about it… Let’s make it to the gym before we shoot dude...

    Starr: Sure, sure…

    The two do arrive at their destination. An empty wrestling venue. It being in Chicago, Izzy knows where all the cool spots are at and has the hookups to get certain things done. The two change into something more distinct. Starr’s in his all black suit and Izzy’s opted for a mostly leather look.


    Black and white shot of the building we’re in. A spotlight shines on the floor. Izzy and Starr stand into the light. Starr was usually the one that could best capture the serious promo feel when he wasn’t trying to be light and funny.

    Starr: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s Chicago’s Favorite Gal, Izzy Van Doren. And myself the Interstellar Shaman, Starr. We are Rockstarrz I&I and we’re back to bring you a message... Firstly, as you can see, we’ve been in the ring and my ankle is back to 100% and I’m ready to get back into the ring. Sorry Piers, I won’t be able to provide my brilliant commentary with you again…

    Izzy: Secondly, we’re still in the WS3T… And that means it's time for us to step back in between the ropes. This week we have the distinct opportunity of taking down one of the fastest rising tag teams in recent memory here in FWA. A team you know a little somethin about? Right Starr?

    Starr: Let’s just say The Phillip A Jackson Project and I… well we have some history. Ya see it wasn’t too long ago when I stepped foot into my first pay per view main event at Mile High. I crashed into the main event scene, kicked the door down, made all eyes focus on me, and came oh so very close to capturing that FWA World Championship. I wasn’t a main eventer when I walked in, but I became one after that match. And two of those participants in that match were Philly J and Garcia...

    Footage from the Mile High Massacre overlays as Starr continues talking.

    Starr: ...I gave my all in that match. I put more heart, more determination, more effort into that fight than I ever have. Garcia, I gave my all to and he still wanted to fight. He took every knee, every kick and kept getting up. The man is stubborn and strong. He dished it out just as good too! But the real treat for me is to do it against the person I look up to in Phillip A Jackson. That meant the world to me. Ya see, -The footage comes back to Starr and Izzy standing in the spotlight.- everyone has suddenly taken notice of how alike me and Jackson are. Similar career highlights, similar styles, similar looks, but the only difference is Phillip has been here a lot longer than I have to receive those golden opportunities. I’m here to prove I deserve those opportunities too. I’ve put in the work, I’ve put in the time, and I’m going to put in the miles.

    Izzy: Jackson, a seasoned veteran of FWA. 2 times he’s been the World Champion and the man to beat. 2 times he’s been the North American Champion. Jackson has a pedigree and track record that’s rivaled by only a few. Jackson CAN get it done in the ring, but after last week… what shape is he going to be in? I was there. I saw it first hand what The Echo did to Jackson. Driving his head into the steel steps with their heels. Everyone’s mind has been racing about the condition PAJ could be in. We worry about him too, y’know? I don’t want to be responsible for permanently injuring one of FWA’s top talents. Starr doesn’t either. That man is his mentor!

    Starr: ...But in the mindset we’re in, we want to rip into any team we can to score at least some points in this tourney. If he steps into the ring, Jackson’s going to be in for the fight of his life. Trust me, I know what it’s like to wrestle with concussion symptoms. Sup WOLF. It pushes you to your limits to even want to stand back up again. I stood up again and again against the now North American Champion. Your vision is hazy, your coordination is off. Phillip, I respect the hell out of you. I don’t want to have to put the nail in your coffin...

    The air is tense. Starr stares as blankly as he can. Empty, less forgiving, he’s hungry for that one big win and this is his opportunity to send the message and hit the heart.

    Izzy: Then there’s Garcia. A man who has the power and freakish speed to match, but when it comes to winning a championship, well The Monster is a bit of a… well to use a Piers Gallagher term... *ahem* choke artist… How many big matches has Garcia screwed himself over in? How many championships slipped through his big meaty fingers.

    Starr: Folks, The Project is the story of two unlikely friends coming together and forming a cohesive unit. Garcia, the muscle, and Jackson, the speed. On paper, they’re a fit. But how many times have we seen the two of them arguing over something so little as a team name? Now that seems to be turning around as of now. They want this team to be their “redemption”...

    Izzy: But that isn't happening this time! Because at Fight Night, it’s OUR redemption. We need to prove we aren’t this flash in the pan. We came to FWA with our own goals and dreams. Our losses can’t define who we are and they absolutely will not...

    Starr takes off his round sunglasses. He looks into the camera with his deep brown eyes and smiles.

    Starr: We will prove the exact thing we always have: Never count us out. We break down the boundaries and we will defy all the odds. We are RockStarrz I&I and it’s the time that we take our spot...

    Starr and Izzy fade away into the darkness... a graphic fades into the lower right hand corner.

    Not through with ya yet, WS3T! NOT BY A LONG SHOT!

    Fade to black...
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    Re: 19 January 2018 - WS3T Day 4 Promo Thread

    Shannon O'Neal paces the hallways of the arena just minutes after the most recent Fight Night ended. Bell Connelly, her tag team partner, is nowhere to be found. The way the pair works is quite odd, at least interesting. They don't interact much right before the match and they don't talk much right after. Aside from a few chats and interactions, mostly awkward ones where Bell doesn't quite trust Shannon and Shannon harbors a bit of jealousy toward Bell, they don't really talk at all.

    But things are going smooth as ever. First it was Hyper-Vibe. Tonight, on this night, it was the Dirty Fuckin' Bastards. And it wasn't even close.

    Next, it's Mad Kingdom. And then ...

    "It's a slow ... slow ... build. A slow climb up the ladder. Each step more meaningful than the last."

    Shannon's words pierce through the darkness of this vacant hallway, with her silhouette the only thing residing between the corridor walls.

    "That's the way the world is right now for Bullets N' Bubblegum. Each step ... bigger. Each showing ... more dominant. Hyper-Vibe was a sleeper pick in Block A. They were toasted. ... The DFB were the upstart team that beat the tag champs. They were demolished tonight. Now it's Mad Kingdom, in an elimination match, against two of the most dominant and best female wrestlers in FWA history.

    And then, at the end of the Block A road, it will be the Sin City Vultures, waiting in the final week with advancement on the line."

    Shannon is sweating, just minutes removed from defeating the DFB in the Fight Night main event. Now she's eerily focused on the next match, still weeks away.

    "I can't sleep thinkin' ... of how far we've come, and how far we have left. Bullets N' Bubblegum, people thought it couldn't work. They thought Bell and Shannon weren't on the same fit, mentally or emotionally. They saw Mile High as a roadblock, a hindrance. What they failed to think is that Mile High could be turned into a positive, a team-building moment.

    The moment Bell won the match is the moment she and I became the World Champion together. Jason Randall and Penny share ... what? What do they have binding them together? What moment in their careers can they look back on and say, 'THAT ... right there ... is when we became ONE.'"

    Shannon continues pacing the hallway, taking more deep breaths in a calming exercise.

    "There's a fire, a rage, deep within me. It burns every time I go to the ring and keeps burnin' for hours after I stop. It burns now. It's a violent obsession with destroying, and proving my superiority. Bell ... doesn't have that. She's too ... good, too wholesome. She understand her role as a figurehead, maybe better than I ever did. But that's perfect. A perfect balance. I can be the maniacal twin to her front-and-center affable personality. That's why we work so so so well, and why this has been a train ... rollin' ... over people.

    I enjoy it. I think people forgot after Mile High just how great I am. I think they forgot after her main event losses how great Bell is. I think people forget when they look at us and see two girls, no bigger than 5 feet, 10 inches and blond hair, and think we're weak and puny and can't handle ourselves. Oh, we can do that just fine. We're the next incarnation of the great female wrestlers of the FWA. We're the next female Hall of Famers. We're the next ... female legends.

    Gabrielle Montgomery rolled over men, women, inter-gender tag teams, everyone on the roster. SO ... will we. And I say that with noticeable force in my tone because I know ... Bell is too nice to say it."

    Shannon lets off a smile, her white teeth visible in the darkness as her skin comes more into focus with the camera closing in.

    "You think Mad Kingdom will stop us? You think Mad Kingdom can do what DFB could not? What Hyper-Vibe could not? What Cyrus Truth ... could not?

    Jason Randall and Penny are maniacal in their own fashion, but they are not bringin' the brute force match in and match out like Bell and I do. They are NOT ... the FWA World Champion. They are NOT ... the dominant force in the FWA. Bell won't say these words. She won't go to this place like I will. Because she is Bell. I am Shannon. We are not the same person. We never will be. She and I ... different World Champions. Yet together ... the greatest.

    And this path we're on leads to one thing, one team, one moment."

    Shannon pauses and looks up for a second, right into the camera lens.

    "You think it's lost on me? You think I don't recognize a historic moment when it approaches? ... When it's just steps away?

    I know what's waiting in Block B. And I know what's waiting after Mad Kingdom. I know the FWA Tag Team Champions are there, knowing their loss to the DFB means nothing if they win. And I know Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo are going to be there in the finals.

    Mad Kingdom ... is a moment on the way to a moment. A fleeting opportunity to save themselves. But the sheer force, unified power, will be too much. Bell won't say it; I will. Bullets N' Bubblegum cannot be stopped by Jason Randall and Penny. They are fine. They are adequate. They were good enough to barely outlast the DFB.

    When we faced the DFB? We manhandled them. We annihilated two men, thought to be the favorites, in a main event that looked closer to a three-minute warm-up. Maybe Cody Mundz and Bobby Smooth 'didn't show up,' the narrative some chose. What then, about Hyper-Vibe? What then, about the one-on-one match I won against one half of the Sin City Vultures before Mile High?

    Maybe ... it's just that I am a former sole FWA World Champion ... and a current FWA World Champion alongside Bell. Maybe ... it's just that we are truly that good. No one will give us credit. No one will admit what they're witnessing. They don't want to because it's boring. Because it's the FWA World Champion leaving Block A in shreds. The FWA World Champion cannot be stopped by a former X Champion and some girl who has never once come close to sniffing the status of either Bell or myself. That is the truth, not an intended insult."

    Shannon puts her hands on the walls of this hallway and takes three deep breaths. She finally seems to be settling down from the match, and the intensity on her face is wearing off.

    "People ... seem to be waiting ... for Bullets N' Bubblegum to explode. They will wait forever and ever. This odd pairing, if you so choose to see it that way, will continue. Why? Because it's actually a beautiful pairing. Bell Connelly and Shannon O'Neal was meant to be. It's too good to miss. And it's too great to lose. The Mad Kingdom will fall, and the train will roll on. There will be carnage. There will be domination. Because we are the best.

    Because ... we ... can."

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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