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    Travis Morgan

    Character name: Travis Morgan


    Weight: 215lbs

    Age: 23


    Current feuds:

    Non-FWA accomplishments:

    FWA accomplishments:

    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one:

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.): All around, good at high flying but tends to rely on brawling/being technical.

    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match (feel free to separate your moveset into categories ie basic strikes, signatures etc.):
    SIGNATURE: Cold Comfort- Pepsi Twist
    Kiss the Sky- Moonlight Driver
    Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker
    Running Knee Strike(usually chains the previous move)
    Inverted DDT(various ways)

    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:
    Under Your Spell- Leaping Reverse STO/Paydirt
    New Dawn Fades- Swanton Bomb

    Base pic for your character (please include the name of the base pic):

    Theme music:

    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:

    *Static emits from the blacked out titantron, and silence falls on the arena. It stands for a couple of moments, until some inaudible mumbling breaks the tension. Things go quiet once more, but the second audio queue plays. It’s just a voice, unfamiliar to most.*

    It’s about damn time.

    *A scene starts to fade in on the titantron, revealing a close up of a man sitting at a table.*

    I’m no stranger to introductions, in fact this is my second one within two months. I’m fairly aware that the FWA audience my not recognize me, so allow me to introduce myself.

    *The man smirks*

    I’m Travis Morgan. And the last time I made myself known, I put the company on notice. I told them about my extensive training, and what it took to get there. It was my first promotion, but I let them know that I was coming into my own. And I did. My last match there was for their tag team titles, with a couple of acquaintances I gained along my travels. Everything was looking great, I was going to taste my first championship victory. But right before that moment? The owner put out a statement that he was stepping down, and the decade long federation was most likely going to implode.

    They took away everything that I worked so hard to gain! But I wasn’t going to let that be the end of such a short career. Nah, instead I came in contact with FAW the moment that announcement was made. I left, but vowed that everything that I did would not be in vain!

    So here I am, FWA. A new start for me, but the mission is the same. And not a damn thing is going to stand in my way from what I so rightfully deserve.

    We’ll meet again soon.

    *The scene fades*
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