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Thread: WC Royal Rumble 9: Day 5

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    WC Royal Rumble 9: Day 5

    Postman Dave
    : Well this is quite the battle so far, ain't it partner?

    SJ Wolf: Definitely, although the DJ has apparently got it a bit wrong this year

    Postman Dave: Well I guess he can't win them all. I hope that criticism hasn't gotten to him too much, he's a sensitive soul that guy

    SJ Wolf: To be fair, I think you paid the pizza boy more than him tonight

    Postman Dave: I, errrrr OH LOOK TIME FOR ANOTHER ENTRANT. Wonder if the DJ gets it right this time?

    SJ Wolf: Here goes.....

    SJ Wolf: .....Huh

    Postman Dave: I'll get my wallet, be right back.

    The Postman sneaks down the aisle to avoid an enraged King Dong DOOM, clearly the music not creating a sense of tranquillity here. He decides to use this annoyance productively and takes down CGS with a couple of clotheslines before adding a third that sends his opponent out of the match. CGS has logged some strong rumble times in the past, but clearly he's no match for a motivated and pissed off Doom.

    Hey, let's get this ball rolling a bit. Double elimination round.
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