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Thread: Impact Wrestling General Discussion Thread

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    Re: Impact Wrestling General Discussion Thread

    I mean if you guys need a place to see the Show that night or the night after I have what you need. I could pm this to the both of you?

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    Re: Impact Wrestling General Discussion Thread

    Awesome thanks!

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    Impact Wrestling Re: Impact Wrestling General Discussion Thread

    Hey. Haven't been on these boards in a long while.

    Just wanted to add a few thoughts about Impact at the moment.

    The new owners are doing an EXCELLENT job at the moment, imo. I'm talking about both the actual show quality/storylines and also in terms of shaping up the business and steering it towards profitability.

    Once again, I'm actually excited to see how storylines progress. Impact hasn't done that for me for a long time. When the big changes happened and the big talent exodus took place I was very worried for the company: it felt like the roster suddenly was full of jobbers. But they've developed several members of that roster and have continued to bring in some others stars and things are looking good.

    The whole talent share and teaming up with other promotions is excellent and a genius idea... I would love for there to eventually be a wrestling union between several of the bigger companies where they work together to create a subscription service (or develop the GWN into that) and have worldwide shows all in one place, or even work to find a television deal together and thus provide a rival to the WWE grip/monopoly on wrestling.

    The new belts are excellent, aside from the women's... still not sure how I feel about that one. It's weird.

    Things that Impact still needs to work on:

    The biggest thing that annoys me about Impact these days is that some wrestlers literally do the same small set of moves in almost the same order in every match they do. The biggest culprit of this is Moose. Every one of his matches is the same and I hate his whole "hulking up" thing. Impact matches should be dynamic. Wrestlers need to bust out different, varying moves in every match. Surprise us. Go one or two matches without using your typical signature/finishing move. Finish with some other kind of power move or top rope move. Make it feel like the wrestlers are improvising at every moment and responding to the opponent!

    Another thing that bugs me at the moment is the X Division. The matches are becoming ridiculous. I usually defend cruiser style wrestling against those people who hate acrobatics but lately it's getting over the top and feels like ballet or dance class. The best cruiserweight wrestlers mix in a bit of strong style and actual wrestling moves (think of early Eddie Guerrero). Endless countering & prancing around is ruining the division at the moment. Also, the X division matches are too overcrowded. There aren't enough one on one matches. The matches have ended up feeling like a bunch of guys assisting each other to jump all over the place, like a circus.

    I would love for Impact to get out on the road more for Impact tapings. I'm SOOOO tired of Universal Studios. It's a terrible space. I know it would be hard to go out on the road. At least maybe find a new home where you can generate a loyal, noisy crowd. With that said, has anyone noticed how much the Impact Zone crowd has improved? It does actual seem more loyal and invested now.

    I really think they need to rearrange the Impact Zone if they're gonna stay there... They need to user a smaller, more central space in the room. Bring the crowd in closer and let them be all around the ring in equal measure rather than on one side for the TV cameras and cameramen always trying to avoid certain views of the other side. Here's how I envision it:
    *Put somewhat steeply tiered stands around the ring equally with a bit of floor seating in front of each stand, and then put non-permanent, relatively tall walls around that to kinda shut it in and make it feel packed. This will allow more freedom for the camera work to go all around the ring and provide more dynamic views from around the ring. It will also allow us to see different crowd members instead of looking at the same people all the time.
    *Also, I would like to get rid of the titantron/stage entrance with catwalk. I've never liked that style. I prefer the old WCW Nitro curtain entrance on the same level as ring. I think it looks much cooler and feels better when wrestlers come out amongst the crowd. Even now, I think it looks better how LAX come out of their own entranceway. You could still have some screens up on either side of the entrance.
    *But all in all, maybe Impact needs to move to a smaller room for now? The Impact Zone is too big and kinda makes it look dumb with a bunch of people on one side of the ring and barely anyone else on any other side of the ring.

    Impact needs to also get rid of silly gimmicks/over the top developments in storylines. Sometimes you can get invested in two wrestlers who same hate each other or are rivals and have a feud. We don't really need to see Eddie Edwards going into hospital to defend his wife or Su Yung with zombies around her doing some kind of weird funeral. It's over the top, unrealistic and dumb at times.

    All in all, things are going well and it feels like Impact is actually an indie/underdog again who are starting to punch above their weight. Let's see where this goes!
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    Re: Impact Wrestling General Discussion Thread

    So Kingston took out Konnan right?

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