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Thread: Impact (spoiler) Former Heavyweight Champ Returns

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    Impact Wrestling Impact (spoiler) Former Heavyweight Champ Returns

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    Re: Impact (spoiler) Former Heavyweight Champ Returns

    Wow that's some serious news here. I remember when I heard Aries left WWE the first place I thought he would return is Impact because he has a general good standing with the company over the years, and they made him one of the best X-Division and World Champions they ever had in my opinion. Dude I think is still the longest reigning X-Division Champion if memory serves me right too. I was wondering too what would Impact do with Drake now, and I guess Aries is the next man in line and I'm looking forward to this program for sure.

    Here's also a news dropper too I saw a pic of Brian Cage at one of the Impact tapings as well so Impact is starting to bring in some good talent. The fear I have is are they going to be able to lock down these guys and gals long term.
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