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I did

The Sydal match wasn't bad..Little guy using his speed and agility to beat the big guy.

Lashley vs KM was alright, but I Didn't care about it because I already know that Lashley is on his way out

Van Ness vs Hogan....Upset win worked here and furthers the program between Allie and Van Ness

OVE/LAX Segment...Strongest segment of the show....Respect angle between OVE & LAX, which transitioned into another program for LAX

All-Star Tag Team Match....EC3 is leaving...didn't care
How do you feel about the Cult of Lee now getting their shot at the titles? I personally I am bored with the three guys in the group, but when your Tag Team Division is thin what else where they going to do. If Lashley wasn't leaving, Moose and Lashley could of been a good team together because they are not needed in the heavyweight situation right now oh well.