I gotta say tomorrow's nights Impact show was one of the best I've seen in quite awhile. Lashley vs Callihan was a good blend of brawling, and technical skill throughout. I thought from what oVe did to him last week it was going to be a squash, but it's been proved from Sami in Lucha Underground that man can go, especially with big guys in Wrestling. I didn't mind the interference early or late it made sense, and now we have Eddie Edwards apart of the feud going on so the Matches will continue to be great.

Hania vs Rosemary wasn't that bad, you have to give it Rosemary for the Match being watchable because Hania is ever so green, but she got what she needed, in needing a Tendinitis Shot and getting away from Rosemary before she dropped her on her head. The storyline continues with these two ladies, so when Taya coming back again? She was suppose to return in January and it's depressing to see these Knockouts be used so foolish at times. I thought Allie beating the crap outta Van Ness and tossing her back into the Box was comical, but it makes Van Ness look so stupid. I thought Allie really did have a secret admirer, possibly for a new Knockout to return or debut, but it was kinda wasted in my opinion.

I would say before all of that we got Moose and Patron beating each other up. Thank goodness no more Patron and Impact, a new feud is a what these two needed in the company.

EC3/Tyrus vs Impact/Sydal. I'm pretty surprised that Tyrus returned to the company, because I saw a video he did being pissed at hell with the creative with Impact and he was said to be gone. Now he returns, and now EC3 is leaving so what really do they have for Tyrus going forward? Anyways the Match was quality between these two teams and the heels win in only they can hehe. I thought the Jacobs/Kong destroying Park's Office was so dumb. I think Jacobs is being wasted on being the mouthpiece for Kong, let's get him Wrestling instead please.

Cage vs Cruz. Squash Match of course, but new watchers of Cage don't get confused the man can go in that ring. In Lucha Underground he had Matches with Impact, probably one of the best fit Wrestlers in the game and kept up with him the whole Match and held his own. Yes he can kick you outta your Tights like he almost did Cruz, but he is a good worker and we'll see that once they find a true feud for him going forward.

Ishimori/Fantasma. This was a good back and forth with two good Wrestlers in the ring. This is how you showcase the X-Division, please more of that..PLEASE! Aries vs Drake was a damn good Main Event especially the second half. Can we can Aries now Austin Four Belts Aries because damn I didn't know he had that many belts around his waist these days. In a losing effort Drake looked great, while showing how great a Champion Aries can be for the company.

Next week
* Lashley & Edie Edwards vs. oVe
* EC3 vs. Johnny Impact
* Moose vs. Alberto El Patron
* Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams
* LAX vs. The Cult of lee