I gotta be honest here I've never seen Moose so vicious even with his feud with Eddie Edwards, than what I saw him do vs Trey to open up Impact this week. The Powerbomb on the Apron made me wince, as did the Swing on the Steel Steps as Moose was trying to kill Trey! One down and two to go now for Moose, truly Moose has been one of those Most Improved talents nominees I've seen in Wrestling lately.

Edwards/Drake vs KM/Bahh. Two teams with some momentum and Drake and Edwards keep rolling as a team. Eddie gives the Kendo Stick to Drake which is like his baby, and THEY GET THE WIN~ All they need now is them dressing as a Team, but the fans are starting to realize theirs something special going on with these two together more and more.

Austin Ace vs Damian Hyde. I guess Impact learned you never let the no name come in and look as good as your new talent. Hyde took a beating of course, but Ace showed more his Cards that he has in his skillset. We really don't enough what he could be till he faces a top tier talent though and it could be happening sooner rather than later for him I imagine.

I really liked how Tessa is sticking it to Gail, either she apologizes next week or she's fired! Even the fighting with Lucha Bros and LAX was good just to set up officially that these feuds are getting hotter and are, but the most importance to them as well.

Later we got Impact on why he did what he did to Cage, and it came off bland to me at times. Smark marks angle has been used to death for heels I feel think of something else to say. I did find it funny Impact saying I defended this Title more than any Champion as of late, that's a lie and a half. Do you forget you left Impact for like it felt like a half a year and came back suddenly at a major PPV and thus was thrusted into a role you didn't really deserve at the time? I feel Impact Wrestling put Impact and Taya pushes up there due to people knocking on their doors wanting their services and they panic and needed to keep them in anyway possible.

Swann vs Callihan. A good Main Event that delivered enough and the post Match stuff was good. I don't know who Madman Fulton is, but he makes Swann have to go through further hoops to keep his X-Division going forward. Next week..