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Thread: Royal Rumble 2018 - United States Championship Tournament Final

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    Royal Rumble Royal Rumble 2018 - United States Championship Tournament Final

    Quote Originally Posted by
    After Dolph Ziggler seemingly "voluntarily relinquished" the United States Championship just two days after winning it at WWE Clash of Champions, the title’s future has come into focus. On the Dec. 26 edition of SmackDown LIVE, General Manager Daniel Bryan revealed that the next champion will be determined via an Eight-Superstar tournament featuring some of Team Blue’s biggest names.

    First Round Matches
    Bobby Roode def. Baron Corbin
    Jinder Mahal def. Tye Dillinger
    Xavier Woods def. Aiden English
    Zack Ryder vs. Mojo Rawley

    Bobby Roode vs. Winner of Zack Ryder vs. Mojo Rawley
    Xavier Woods vs. Jinder Mahal

    The tournament finals will take place on Sunday, Jan. 28 during the Royal Rumble event, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network at a special start time of 7 ET/4 PT.

    Who will take hold of the star-spangled championship? Tune into SmackDown LIVE every Tuesday at 8/7 C on USA Network to find out!
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    Re: Royal Rumble 2018 - United States Championship Tournament Final

    I can see Bobby Rhoode and Jinder Mahal in the final, Mahal winning, and then the feud stretching out to WM where Roode wins the title.

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    Re: Royal Rumble 2018 - United States Championship Tournament Final

    Looks like we're gong to get Jinder vs Bobby Roode in the final here. I think Ryder might get a fluke win over Rawley but then Rawley will cost him his match vs Roode.

    I have a feeling Roode will eventually win the title and then we'll get a rekindling of the Roode vs Ziggler feud. *Blergh* For that reason I actually hope that Jinder will be involved in the feud too just to mix it up, since Roode vs Ziggler wasn't great the first time round.

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    Re: Royal Rumble 2018 - United States Championship Tournament Final

    Everyone sees that it will be Roode vs Mahal in the finals. I'm thinking Mahal will win the title with Roode chasing after it, heading into Fast Lane. However, I don't think the feud will go on until Mania. Roode doesn't need a title reign at the moment, and the US Title could help Mahal so he doesn't get lost in the shuffle. During Mahal's WWE Title reign, I thought that Mahal should of won the US Title instead. He worked hard to move up on the card but their were several more deserving of the WWE Title. The US Title is a good fit for Mahal instead of being in the WWE Title picture. He cuts solid promos but can improve on his in ring work, and I think being in the upper mid card on Smackdown as US Champion will help him improve. I'd like to see Mcintyre get called up and challenge Mahal for the US Title at Wretlemania.

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