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Thread: Football Manager 2018. The English Revival.

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    Football Manager 2018. The English Revival.

    July 1st, 2017

    Gareth Southgate has stepped down from the English Managerial Role, as of permanently due to personal reasons. England have thrown a curveball, though, signing a 23 year old Australian manager, by the name of Declan Dimi. In a press conference, Dimi said the following. "Yes, I am a young and inexperienced manager, but I will show that I am made for this job, and hopefully my results here will show that". He also stated that he will not be managing a club, as of yet, but it is in his plans for the future.

    What will be in this BTB!
    - Match recaps.
    - Player and Match statistics.
    - Interviews.
    - News.

    Hope you guys do enjoy!
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