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Thread: nGw REBORN: Back To Basics

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    Re: nGw REBORN: Back To Basics

    Name: ​Aces of the Agency
    ''The 'Carpe Diem' Guy'' Liam Andrews
    ''Man of Steel'' James London


    Orlando, Florida
    Washington, D.C.

    Face/Heel: Face (more of a tweener in Liam's case)

    Theme Song:
    Tank! by The Seatbelts

    Fighting Style:

    Liam - High Flyer + Brawler (kicks and knee strikes)
    James - Grappler + Brawler (chops, punches and elbow strikes)

    Finishing Move:

    Liam - Curb Stomp (He calls the move 'Shot of Whiskey')
    James - Go To Sleep (He calls it just Go To Sleep, James isn't the type of person to give his moves unique names)
    Tag - Liam does a curb stomp off the second rope while James holds the victim in a Full Nelson (Liam calls the move 'Deadline')

    Base Pic:
    Liam - Joey Janela
    James - David Starr

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    Re: nGw REBORN: Back To Basics

    Name: "The Destroyer" Curt Adkins
    Age: 27
    Hometown: Provost, Alberta, Canada
    Face/Heel: Heel
    Theme Song: Braun Strowman's WWE theme
    Fighting Style: Brawler, Power, Technical
    Finishing Move: Destruction (F5)
    Base Pic: Brock Lesnar

    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : I have a good friend that lives near Seattle. He says I should come visit sometime but that is like the exact opposite side of the country from me.
    [07:31 PM] Jon Snow
    : theyve got planes for that
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : And those cost lots of money
    [07:32 PM] Jim
    : send yourself in a box without any holes with the USPS. Best case scenario, you get cheap traveling, worst case, you're gone forever
    [10:00 PM] Kairi HoHo
    : Jerk it in my honor Dak bye.
    [06:18 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Guys, I am going to see President Trump tomorrow.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : He's holding a rally in the town I live in. Gonna skip outta work and go.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Not the town I live in, the town I work in.
    [06:19 PM]RecyCocks
    : You should bring TGR with you
    [06:20 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : If I was taking a long walk off a short pier I would gladly bring TGR with me.
    [11:40 PM]
    Kairi HoHo
    : Pretty sure I said I would go gay for Ryan Gosling just saying lol.

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    I'll be fine Daddy.
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