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Thread: Death of the New World Order

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    WCW Death of the New World Order

    Did a bit of cleaning, spoiler contains War World 3 '98 results which is the start point for this thread. No need to display them anymore as it makes things look cluttered but I'll keep them here for easy access for new readers.


    World War 3
    November 22, 1998

    Wrath defeated Glacier at 08:22.

    Stevie Ray (with Vincent) defeated Konnan by disqualification at 06:55.

    Ernest Miller and Sonny Onoo defeated Perry Saturn and Kaz Hayashi at 08:04.

    Billy Kidman defeated Juventud Guerrera (c) for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship at 15:27.

    Rick Steiner vs. Scott Steiner (with Buff Bagwell) ended in a no contest.

    Chris Jericho (c) (with Ralphus) defeated Bobby Duncum Jr. for the WCW World Television Championship 13:19.

    Kevin Nash won by last eliminating Lex Luger in the 60-Man World War 3 Match for a WCW World Heavyweight Championship match at Starrcade at 22:33.

    Diamond Dallas Page (c) defeated Bret Hart for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship at 18:31.

    ~ THE ROSTER ~

    Bam Bam Bigelow - Injured
    Billy Kidman
    'Earl' Bobby Eaton
    Booker T
    Bret Hart
    Buff Bagwell
    Chavo Guerrero jr.
    Chris Jericho
    Curt Hennig
    'Lord' Dave Taylor
    Diamond Dallas Page
    Dean Malenko
    Disco Inferno
    Eddie Guerrero
    Hollywood Hogan
    Hugh Morrus
    Kenny Kaos
    Kevin Nash
    La Parka
    Lex Luger
    Norman Smiley
    'The Artist Formerly Known As' Prince Iaukea
    Randy Savage
    Rey Mysterio jr.
    Ric Flair
    Rick Steiner
    Roddy Piper
    Scott Hall
    Scott Steiner
    Shane Douglas
    Stevie Ray
    Stevie Richards
    The Giant


    nWo: Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, Scott Steiner, Randy Savage & Kevin Nash
    Blue Bloods: Dave Taylor & Bobby Eaton
    Harlem Shake: Stevie Ray & Disco Inferno
    Heenan Family: Bobby Heenan, Wrath & Bam Bam Bigelow
    Eddie & Chavo Guerrero Jr.
    TAFKA Prince Iaukea & Meng
    Raven & Stevie Richards
    Hugh Morris & Norman Smiley
    Shane Douglas & Francine


    WCW President: Kevin Nash
    WCW Commissioner: Arn Anderson
    Play-by-play Announcer: Tony Schiavone
    Colour Commentator: Eric Bischoff
    Backstage Interviewer: Gene Okerlund
    Backstage Interviewer: Larry Zbyszko
    Ring Announcer: David Penzer
    Ring Announcer (PPV Only): Michael Buffer
    Manager: Bobby Heenan
    Manager: Francine


    Spring Stampede - April 11, 1999
    Slamboree - May 9, 1999
    The Great American Bash - June 13, 1999






    WCW World Heavyweight Championship:

    (1) Goldberg (July 6th, 1998 - December 27th, 1998) (174 Days)
    Defeated Hollywood Hogan (Monday Nitro: Atlanta, GA)
    Lost to Kevin Nash in an Elimination Triple Threat, also involving Bam Bam Bigelow (Starrcade: Washington, D.C.)

    (1) Kevin Nash (December 27th, 1998 - Present)
    Defeated Goldberg in an Elimination Triple Threat, also involving Bam Bam Bigelow (Starrcade: Washington, D.C.)


    WCW United States Heavyweight Championship:

    (2) Diamond Dallas Page (October 26th, 1998 - December 27th, 1998) (63 Days)
    Defeated Bret Hart (Monday Nitro: Phoenix, AZ)
    Lost to Scott Hall (Starrcade: Washington, D.C.)

    (1) Scott Hall (December 27th, 1998 - February 21st, 1999) (57 Days)
    Defeated Diamond Dallas Page (Starrcade: Washington, D.C.)
    Lost to Chris Jericho (Super Brawl IX: Oakland, CA)

    (1) Chris Jericho (February 21st, 1999 - Present)
    Defeated nWo (Scott Hall, Hollywood Hogan & Scott Steiner) (Super Brawl IX: Oakland, CA)


    WCW Cruiserweight Championship:

    (2) Billy Kidman (November 22nd, 1998 - January 25th, 1999) (65 Days)
    Defeated Juventud Guerrera (Monday Nitro: Wichita, KS)
    Surrendered due to injury (Monday Nitro: Dallas, TX)

    (*) Vacant (January 25th, 1999 - February 21st, 1999) (28 Days)
    Due to injury of Billy Kidman (Monday Nitro: Dallas, TX)
    Won by Dean Malenko in the WCW Cruiserweight Tournament Final (Super Brawl IX: Oakland, CA)

    (5) Dean Malenko (February 21st, 1999 - Present)
    Defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. in the WCW Cruiserweight Tournament Final (Super Brawl IX: Oakland, CA)


    WCW World Television Championship:

    (1) Chris Jericho (August 10th, 1998 - January 4th, 1999) (148 Days)
    Defeated Stevie Ray (Monday Nitro: Rapid City, SD)
    Lost to Wrath (Monday Nitro: Atlanta, GA)

    (1) Wrath (January 4th, 1999 - Present)
    Defeated Chris Jericho (Monday Nitro: Atlanta, GA)


    WCW World Tag Team Championships:

    (1) Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos (October 25th, 1998 - December 27th, 1998) (64 Days)
    Defeated Scott Hall & The Giant (Halloween Havoc: Las Vegas, NV)
    Lost to Kanyon & Raven (Starrcade: Washington, D.C.)

    (1) Kanyon & Raven (December 27th, 1998 - March 14th, 1999) (78 Days)
    Defeated Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos (Starrcade: Washington, D.C.)
    Lost to the Blue Bloods (Uncensored: Louisville, KY)

    (1) Blue Bloods (Dave Taylor & Bobby Eaton) (March 14th, 1999 - Present)
    Defeated Kanyon & Raven (Uncensored: Louisville, KY)


    Did one a few years back that was just too much work with two shows in a single week. It's why I can never get a WWE thread going. Ah, here we go anyway. Recap from the end of World War 3 to Starrcade coming up in the second post. Starrcade is completed and will be posted this upcoming Sunday.

    The show is in full for a big start to the thread, really looking forward to getting in this now that my little world has been built. As I said, Starrcade is finished and I have two episodes of Nitro and Thunder written up. Hope people enjoy what I've got coming down the pipe.
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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    World War 3 – Starrcade
    November 22, 1998 - December 27, 1998

    World Championship Wrestling was coming off a very successful pay-per-view and the road to Starrcade was about to kick into gear. The biggest news story coming out of World War 3 was, as you’d expect, the assumed ironclad main event for WCW’s night of nights. It was said live on air, Goldberg would defend the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against ‘Big Sexy’, the leader of nWo Wolfpac, Kevin Nash. The popularity of both men made this match the easy pick for potential outcomes going into the pay-per-view and now it looked like the fans were destined to see the clash of the two most popular wrestlers in WCW. However, that was not to be the case. Well, both men would be involved in the World Title contest at Starrcade, they just wouldn’t be alone. In the weeks before World War 3, Bam Bam Bigelow was a constant trouble maker throughout Nitro and Thunder. He had attacked competitors, disrupted live broadcasts and had several matches ruled no contests due to his antics.

    That trend continued live on pay-per-view when Bigelow stormed ringside during the sixty-man battle royal, attacking anyone who dared to have a heartbeat. It took nearly ten men to restrain Bam Bam Bigelow, the fans booing loudly as he cursed them all while being dragged away. Anyone thought they had seen the last of Bigelow were sorely mistaken as he appeared on Nitro once again, charging into the ring and laying out both Kevin Nash and the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Goldberg, during their contract signing for Starrcade’s main event. In a shocking and controversial move, which received a loud chorus of boos and rubbish thrown into the ring, Bigelow signed his name on the same contract that both Nash and Goldberg had done so just moments earlier. Never one to hide from a fight, the very next week on Nitro, Goldberg confronted WCW President Eric Bischoff and demanded the match be made into a triple threat so he could finish this “crap” once and for all. Upon receiving Kevin Nash’s agreement, who had the right of refusal due to the stipulation of World War 3 naming him as the sole contender at Starrcade for the title, Bischoff confirmed that Starrcade would feature a three-man, elimination style, main event. Starrcade ’98 would be headlined by Goldberg defending the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Kevin Nash and Bam Bam Bigelow.

    The main event of Starrcade was not the only controversy to surround World Championship Wrestling during the months of November and December. Following a short hiatus due to injury, Hollywood Hogan made his return to Nitro on the final edition for November. The return of Hogan saw a massive shift in the landscape of not just WCW but in the New World Order. The once unified faction had split into two groups for months and turmoil had erupted between both groups, weakening each. Upon his return, Hogan called out both the nWo Black and White along with nWo Red and Black. With every member of each group inside the ring, along with Scott Hall at the top of the entrance ramp who had been kicked out of the Black and White at World War 3, Hogan led a takeover and removed all but a select few to form a now unified nWo. The likes of Stevie Ray, Brian Adams, Disco Inferno, Curt Henning and Sting (who wasn't present due to injury) and Lex Luger, were all beaten down and had their nWo contracts ripped to pieces by the unified nWo. Hogan said that the nWo had become a shell of what it once was and that the only way to revive it was for the best of the best to come back together, stronger than ever and rule the wrestling world. Those words were heard loud and clear as even Scott Hall sided with Hogan along with The Giant, Scott Steiner and Konnan. In this new era for the nWo, they maintained the colour dynamic of red and black as opposed to the original black and white which had seen so many people wear it.

    Perhaps it was to signify a fresh start for the group, but many believed it was a tactic to entice Kevin Nash back into the fold. In the build to Starrcade, Nash had refused to show any allegiance to the new nWo, wishing to focus on his match with Goldberg than to deal with the politics of it all. For weeks, the nWo would assist Nash in his matches without his knowledge and this culminated at the final Nitro before Starrcade where Hollywood Hogan stood inside the ring with Nash, and extended his hand for ‘two sweet.’ Before Nash could respond, he was speared by Goldberg. The ire of WCW was in full effect following the return of perhaps the strongest form of the nWo since the year before, the fat had been cut, it was the biggest names left, and it would take WCW’s biggest names to fight back. Responding to his dismissal, Lex Luger stepped up and challenged Hogan to his first match back since Halloween Havoc; the match was accepted but both we need to find partners. Hogan would turn to Scott Steiner while Luger would receive the aid of Booker T, his brother having sustained serious rib injuries from the nWo’s assault when they reformed. However, Luger would fail to be cleared by WCW and forced out of the match, his spot was taken by Bret Hart who held a personal grudge against nWo member Scott Hall following his involvement in Hart failing to capture the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship.

    The management of World Championship Wrestling came into the forefront once more as the company prepared for Starrcade. The heated rivalry between WCW President, Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair was well documented. It was on the very first December edition of Nitro where Ric Flair couldn’t take it any longer and he snapped, grabbing Bischoff backstage and dragging him out to the ring. It looked like Bischoff was about to get what he deserved until Arn Anderson, a long-time friend of Ric Flair, ran into the ring and stood between them. It was revealed that Anderson had been hired by the WCW Board of Directors to oversee Nitro until Starrcade had taken place. This caught both men off guard, Bischoff was unaware of such a request and Arn revealed that was likely the case as his appointment was to do directly with Bischoff… and Ric Flair. Bischoff had gone into business for himself on far too many occasions and his association with the nWo had caused far more problems for the company than anything else. Therefore, the Board of Directors realised that they had to act before this got any worse. The feud between Bischoff and Flair was becoming a hazard, with a fan the week before getting struck by a wild punch through by Bischoff as he and Flair nearly came to blows. Arn Anderson stated; “One of you must go. They don’t care if it’s you, Ric. And they certainly don’t care if it’s you, Eric! The Board of Directors wants this whole mess to go away and it’s my job to see that you two don’t have any physical contact until Starrcade.” Bischoff nearly fainted at the news; he would be forced to fight Ric Flair at Starrcade but not just in a regular match. No, this feud was personal and the only way to settle it once and for all, to remove it from WCW, was to put Flair and Bischoff inside a fifteen-foot-high steel cage! It was all or nothing, loser is fired – Flair vs. Bischoff inside a steel cage at Starrcade.

    With the nWo now reformed as one-unit, various members branched out in search of championship gold at the behest of Hollywood Hogan. They had become weak, coming together as one would serve somewhat but it would take bringing titles to the nWo for the entire world to understand that they were back! In the weeks leading up to Starrcade, The Giant and Scott Hall both secured title matches for the biggest event of the year. Following a successful title defence against La Parka, it was WCW World Television Champion Chris Jericho who drew the sight of the biggest athlete in professional wrestling. The fans for the longest time had hated Jericho but in recent weeks his skill inside the wrestling ring had begun to turn them around. Jericho often received more cheers than boos leading into Starrcade and that only grew as he squared off against The Giant. One week he was tossed around ringside, beaten against the ring posts and throw directly into the crowd with ease. The next week, Jericho was barely able to avoid being chokeslammed through the stage by The Giant. When all hope looked lost, on the final edition of Nitro before Starrcade, Jericho did the unthinkable – he knocked The Giant off his feet and the roof came off the building. It became rather clear that if Chris Jericho was going to walk out of Starrcade with the WCW TV Title, he’d have to pull off a miracle and that’s exactly why the fans started to love him.

    Meanwhile, nWo member, Scott Hall was seeking his own glory after winning a battle royal on Nitro the same night as Diamond Dallas Page defended his WCW United States Heavyweight Championship. Page was successful in defeating Bret Hart in a 2/3 falls match which consisted of several attempts to cheat by the challenger. The first fall occurred following a low blow, Hart was able to roll DDP up and go 1-0. After seven minutes, DDP hit the Diamond Cutter on the outside, he made it back into the ring before the 10 count however Hart did not, thereby locking the scores at 1-1. The finish involved Scott Hall making his way to ringside, he taunted both men and was heavily booed by the crowd. In the end, Hart was thrown off by Hall's appearance - arguing with the nWo member and turning right into a Diamond Cutter for the three count, ending the match and feud at 2-1 for DDP. Hall and Page began trading shorts throughout the weeks leading into Starrcade, Hall scored a pinfall over the champion in a tag match two weeks before Starrcade; Page, while not scoring a victory, got the last word before the pay-per-view when he hit the Diamond Cutter on Hall and stood tall.

    The cruiserweight division received a shakeup following the release of a large portion of talent and a branching storyline involving the faction formerly known as the Latino World Order. As part of Hogan’s return he and the other members of the nWo made a visit to the LWO, and Eddie Guerrero was more than willing to relinquish the name. Guerrero’s aspirations of the title belt were put on hold as his feud with Rey Mysterio jr. heated up and resulted in several five on one beatdowns with Mysterio on the receiving end. Fans were readily behind Mysterio and would get the chance to see Mysterio and Guerrero collide at Starrcade. For both this match was huge; a win for Guerrero would see Mysterio forced to remove his mask while a win for Mysterio would see those who remained loyal to Guerrero (and subsequently had attacked him for weeks) fired from World Championship Wrestling. The champion of the division, Billy Kidman provided many highly entertaining matches throughout the build to Starrcade. One of his best was a twenty-minute classic on the final edition of three-hour Nitro, the weekly show shifting back to two hours at the start of December. That match would be between Kidman and Malenko, the two trading near falls before Prince Iaukea got involved at the end. The sour ending causing fans to detest Iaukea and furthered his transformation into the divine like character – calling himself ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea’ along with his muscle; the untamed warrior they call Meng! For this action, Iaukea was banned from the title bout at Starrcade while three other cruiserweights would challenge for the gold including; Malenko, Psicosis and Juventud.

    The weakest division in World Championship Wrestling was by far the tag team division. The current champions, Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos were hardly setting the world on fire with their matches. The challengers for them would be Raven and Kanyon, the duo barely communicating but somehow managing to win matches on Nitro. After scoring a victory against the champions, a rematch was ordered for Starrcade but not before Raven attempted to DDT Kenny Kaos through a flaming table. Luckily for Kenny, Raven did not succeed. While WCW did take part in a purge of talent, cutting the roster from eighty to around forty wrestlers, they did sign two former members of the roster to help booster the tag division. Dave Taylor and Bobby Eaton would return to WCW on Thunder. They reformed their tag team known as the Blue Bloods and stated their intentions of challenging for the titles following Starrcade. They were interrupted by Norman Smiley and Hugh Morrus, the Blue Bloods defeated them the following week on Nitro.

    During the massive purge of talent two noticeable names on the list were Mongo McMichael and Chris Benoit. The termination of Benoit’s contract ceased all continuation of the Four Horsemen storyline and was quickly wrapped up on Nitro following World War 3 with the remaining members going their separate ways.

    Current Card for Starrcade ~ December 27th, 1998
    WCW World Heavyweight Title: Goldberg © vs. Kevin Nash vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
    Steel Cage - Loser Leaves Town - Eric Bischoff vs. Ric Flair
    The Return – nWo (Hollywood Hogan & Scott Steiner (w/ Konnan)) vs. Bret Hart & Booker T (w/ Lex Luger)
    WCW United States Heavyweight Title: Diamond Dallas Page © vs. Scott Hall
    WCW World Television Title: Chris Jericho © vs. The Giant
    WCW Cruiserweight Title – Ladder Match: Billy Kidman © vs. Psicosis vs. Dean Malenko vs. Juventud
    WCW World Tag Team Titles: Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos © vs. Kanyon and Raven
    Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chavo Guerrero jr.) vs. Rey Mysterio jr.

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Some interesting storylines especially with Bigelow, Jericho and Mysterio. The nWo stuff makes me think ‘who will help Bischoff/Hogan win their matches?’

    Kevin Nash is an interesting story for sure and part of me thinks he could definitely be nWo again, unless you go the crazy route of Bigelow joining the faction.

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    World Championship Wrestling
    MCI Center in Washington, D.C.
    December 27, 1998




    The broadcast opens with an image of a steel cage; the camera slowly circling from the floor to get shots of all four sides.

    Flashing back to an event fans around the world will remember, we see Ric Flair’s iconic entrance at the very first Starrcade where he defeated Harley Race for the World Championship inside a steel cage.

    Perhaps the greatest wrestler to ever step foot inside the squared circle is the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. It was fifteen years ago that he first competed at Starrcade and he’ll do it again, in the same match type, for what could be the final match of his historic career!

    Then we see Eric Bischoff, arrogant as ever, riding his motorcycle to the ring on various occasions with the nWo by his side.

    It changes to the fist fights between Flair and Bischoff, many of which resulted in security forcing them to separate.

    (Voiceover from Nitro)

    We see Hulk Hogan clashing with The Butcher at Starrcade 1994 and the cheers received by Hogan fade into boos as the screen ignites like a match, replacing the original scene with Hollywood Hogan’s battle against Roddy Piper two years later.

    (Voiceover from Nitro)

    Bret Hart and Booker T are shown charging into the ring and trading punches with various members of the nWo. We see a clip from Nitro where Hart applies the Sharpshooter on Scott Steiner and Booker T nails Hogan with the Book End!

    (Voiceover from Nitro)
    United the nWo might be but World Championship Wrestling is just as willing to stand side by side. We have them hurt, finish them off! This war has lasted long enough – we have to kill the nWo at Starrcade!

    A huge roar from the crowd is heard and then we see the reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Goldberg, burst out of his locker-room with a police escort and make his way to the ring.

    Clips are shown of Goldberg defending the title and how vicious his spear can truly be.

    (Voiceover from Nitro)
    173-0, the only undefeated World Champion in the history of professional wrestling. The greatest streak this business has ever seen but Goldberg has never faced a challenge as big as the one that awaits him at Starrcade!

    Goldberg is shown standing proudly with the World Title until he is attacked by Bam Bam Bigelow from behind. The attack is brutal with Bigelow slamming Goldberg into the ring post on the outside of the ring.

    Then, Bigelow is seen posing with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to a chorus of boos.

    (Voiceover from Nitro)

    (Voiceover from Nitro)
    I’ve never seen Bam Bam Bigelow so focused in all my life, Tony. He is more motivated than ever before. He wants to become the World Champion and he wants to go through the undefeated man to do so.

    The final man involved in the main event is shown; Kevin Nash.

    We see highlights of his World War 3 victory, his refusal to commit to the newly united nWo and his fist fights with both Goldberg and Bigelow.

    (Voiceover from Nitro)
    These fans are split down the middle. Half are chanting for Goldberg while the other half are going crazy for ‘Big Sexy’ and I can barely hear myself think!

    In quick succession, we see all three men involved in the main event.

    Bam Bam Bigelow.

    Kevin Nash.


    (Voiceover from Nitro)

    We see more highlights of Bam Bam Bigelow since his return to WCW and multiple acts of interference during major matches.

    I’m here for one reason and that’s the do what no man has been able to do. I want Goldberg and I will be the man who breaks not only the streak but at Starrcade, I’ll break the man!

    Highlights of Kevin Nash including a thunderous Jackknife on the World Champion during Nitro.

    The final image of this section is Nash walking up the ramp and being greeted by the nWo, they offer the ‘too sweet’ gesture but Nash just keeps on walking.

    I said it on day one, I didn’t come here to play. 173 may have tried and failed but I haven’t. I don’t fail. I left New York to change the wrestling business and damn well did. I don’t need the nWo to win, I was a World Champion long before that and tonight I’ll show the world just how damn good I am!

    Finally, with a wall of smoke appearing before us, we see Goldberg storm down to the ring and spear multiple opponents in half. Hard spear after hard spear, Goldberg looks like an unstoppable force.

    Then we go black… and Goldberg appears on screen. The sole figure, his eyes burning into the camera with the World Title around his waist.


    The video speeds up now with shots of nearly everyone on the card including; Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Raven, Bret Hart, Scott Steiner, Diamond Dallas Page and Rey Mysterio jr.

    It slowly comes to a halt…

    Our main eventers the final three men shown, the screen split in three while Schiavone gives us one last go at it.







    Tony Schiavone:
    Welcome to all the fans watching around the world, live on pay-per-view, for what promises to be an exciting night in professional wrestling. You are watching World Championship Wrestling where the best athletes compete for the most prestigious titles in all of wrestling. With over sixteen thousand fans packed into the MCI Center, they are all ready for the very best in the business. I am Tony Schiavone, joined by my two broadcast partners, ‘the Professor’ Mike Tenay and Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan. Gentlemen, we don’t often get to feel this type of atmosphere even with larger audiences than the sold-out event we have tonight. There is just something special about Starrcade that gets the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.

    Mikey Tenay: I know what you mean, Tony. This event has fourteen years’ worth of history, so many memorable moments and this is the opportunity for all the young men in the locker-room to seize their moment, to stamp their name down into the history books. You just know that somewhere backstage, a guy like Booker T or Billy Kidman are seeking to have their trademark Starrcade moment. We’ve got so many young guys on the roster, incredible talents across the board, who can use Starrcade, get inspired by the atmosphere, and emerge as the stars of tomorrow! Just look around at the top of the card this year, Goldberg is the undefeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion and he’s in the main event. That would’ve been unthinkable last year but here we are, Starrcade is the biggest platform in our industry and it’s time for the superstars to take control of it!

    Bobby Heenan: You mentioned the young guys but don’t discount the veterans who have been on this grand stage before. Experience matters in this business, Tenay. I’ve seen young guys who had all the gifts in the world crumble when they got put into that squared circle against a veteran who knew a thing or two about bending the rules. Just look towards the main event if you want an example of it. I’m calling it now, write this down Schiavone, I predict that Bam Bam Bigelow will win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship here at Starrcade 1998. Don’t start copying me now, either of you! I predicted it first. The veteran will do it. I’ve seen a different kind of aggression and drive from Bigelow over the last few months and I don’t care how long Goldberg has been undefeated for, it won’t save him tonight. I personally saw the greatest giant of them all, fifteen years undefeated he was, and yet he still fell! Tonight, Goldberg’s streak ends!

    Tony Schiavone: That is a major point of discussion which we will get into later tonight as we approach the main event of the evening. Let me just remind everyone of the stakes for our main event – it’s a triple threat elimination match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Yes, it’s elimination rules. It will not be one fall to a finish. If your prediction is to come true than Goldberg will have to be pinned or forced to submit. We will not see a situation where Goldberg loses the title but is not defeated himself. However, that’s a little later in the show.

    Mike Tenay: We would be amiss if we didn’t mention the return of Hollywood Hogan to in-ring competition as he teams with nWo member, Scott Steiner.

    Bobby Heenan: Ah, Hollywood is back and the New World Order is supposed to be stronger than ever. I, as you both know, spent many years pleading with people to see what I saw. To open their eyes, to stop being blind mice, and see the devil standing before them. Hollywood Hogan is perhaps the best wrestler I’ve ever seen but don’t mistake that for some kind of appreciation. I hate that man! I was right all along and now people have come around to seeing things my way, the right way! Hogan has waltzed back into World Championship Wrestling like some kind of king. He reunited the two warring factions of the nWo and has spent the better part of the last month trying to recruit Kevin Nash back to the group.

    Mike Tenay: It’s a worrying sign for us at World Championship Wrestling if the nWo is back to the height of their powers. I think for the most part, we’ve fallen asleep at the wheel during the war between the previous nWo Hollywood and nWo Wolfpac. We at WCW had a chance to end this group once and for all. They were fractured, if we could’ve come together instead of getting involved in either side, trying to destroy half the problem rather than remove it entirely, than we could’ve avoided the situation we now find ourselves in. Depending on how this night goes, we could be in for a major power shift and a war that WCW is not equipped to fight.

    Tony Schiavone: We’ve also got Ric Flair versus Eric Bischoff inside a steel cage with the loser being forced to leave World Championship Wrestling. I don’t want to think about a world where ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair is anywhere else. He as important to World Championship Wrestling as anyone who has ever stepped through the door. You can look back to the very first Starrcade, ‘A Flair for the Gold’ was the tagline and Ric Flair forever etched his name in the foundation of this great event. I know I’m rooting for Ric Flair tonight and I expect that sixteen thousand strong here in the MCI Center will be doing the same.

    Bobby Heenan: I just don’t see how it was wise for Flair to get so involved in this personal feud against the WCW President. Bischoff has had ties with the nWo for well over a year now and their influence has only grown with Bischoff in their back pocket. Do you two really think that Hogan is going to allow an associate like Eric Bischoff get fired?

    Mike Tenay: He may not have a choice. That’s the purpose of the steel cage. Sure, it’s poetic in the sense that fifteen years ago at this very same event, Ric Flair was in the main event, won the title and did so inside a steel cage. I get that but the reason is bigger than that. The real reason the WCW Board of Directors, through WCW Commissioner Arn Anderson, demanded this match be contested inside a steel cage is to ensure that we don’t have outside interference. The cage is there to stop any threat from outsiders like the New World Order.

    Tony Schiavone: That is just a small sample of the exciting matches we have coming up for you, ladies and gentlemen. We will now turn our attention to the opening contest of Starrcade. You have all be waiting for it, the time is now.

    **La Raza**

    All eyes are on him, that’s the way he likes it, and it’s shown by the smirk on his face as Eddie Guerrero casually makes his way from the entrance chute. His hair flowing behind him, while Chavo Guerrero jr. scurries after his uncle, amidst a showering of boos from the live audience.

    Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the opening bout of Starrcade 1998! Introducing first, coming to the ring with his nephew, Chavo Guerrero jr, from El Paso, Texas… Eddie Guerrero!

    Mike Tenay: You can hear the negative response that Eddie Guerrero is receiving from the crowd in Washington D.C. For those of you wondering where the other individuals involved in this contest are, those who have their careers in WCW on the line should Guerrero lose, well they were all banned from ringside due to potential interference concerns. Obviously, Chavo Guerrero has been granted the chance to be at ringside however I’ve been informed that the referee will be on the lookout for any funny business from Chavo Guerrero and has full authority to remove him from ringside.

    Bobby Heenan: This entire situation with the members of the former Latino World Order all comes down to Mysterio refusing to be a team player. The guy wants the spotlight for himself. Eddie Guerrero united all those luchadores who weren’t getting the respect from the fans that they deserved. People who fail to understand the fine art of professional wrestling. Guerrero was a great leader and Mysterio could’ve helped his fellow luchadores but instead he actively worked to destroy the group and now is trying to get them fired. It’s sickening, Schiavone!

    Tony Schiavone: Your take might be a little cold, Brain. Let me just remind you that it was the Latino World Order who continuously attacked Rey Mysterio jr. while he was competing in matches. He had moved on. Rey Mysterio jr. wanted nothing to do with Guerrero or anyone else associated with him but Eddie couldn’t leave well enough alone. Look, I don’t see Guerrero’s name on the docket for possible termination tonight. It’s everyone else that is having their future decided by this match. Those men should be ashamed of how they treated Mysterio jr. and if they get fired tonight, it’s too bad but they could’ve stopped this. They could’ve refused to attack a man when it’s five or six versus one.

    Once inside the ring, Guerrero rips off his shirt, spits in it before hurling it at a fan in the front row. The boos get louder, Guerrero appears unfazed as he goes from corner to corner yelling that he cannot hear them.

    **Mysterio Jr. Jam**

    To a solid pop from the crowd, Mysterio jr. comes charging out of chute and sprints towards the ring. He slides underneath the bottom rope, rolls forward onto his feet and swings at Guerrero but the elder escapes to the outside before any contact is made. A Guerrero huddle takes place on the outside as Mysterio takes the centre of the ring, his mask purple tonight with gold swirls on the side, and raises his hand in the air to the applause of the crowd.

    Michael Buffer: And now, introducing from San Diego, California… Rey Mysterio jr!

    Bobby Heenan: I’ve got the list of names that Rey Mysterio jr. seeks to banish to the unemployment line here at Starrcade. Allow me to have a moment of your time to read this out; El Dandy, Silver King, Villano IV and Villano V. All set to be terminated if Eddie Guerrero is unable to defeat Rey Mysterio jr. in this match. All Mysterio has at risk is his mask. Talk about light stakes for him.

    Tony Schiavone: That mask means the world to Rey Mysterio jr. and if you think so little of it, than you clearly don't know the deep meaning it holds. Once again, those four men were heavily involved in assaults committed against Rey Mysterio jr. for week after week. He never wanted it to come to this but we just saw the fire inside the heart of young Mysterio jr. He is ready, he wants to end this and remove Eddie Guerrero from his life forever. While Guerrero cannot be fired as a result of this match, I think Mysterio jr. believes that if he wins tonight than Eddie will have no choice but to finally let this lingering anger go.

    Mike Tenay: That’s the difference between the two competitors, Tony. Eddie Guerrero is obsessed with Rey Mysterio jr. and I don’t think this has as much to do with the Latino World Order as Eddie would have us believe. No, this is about Rey refusing Eddie all those months ago. Eddie felt slighted. It wasn’t that Rey didn’t want to join the Latino World Order, it was that Rey didn’t want to join Eddie Guerrero. That has festered inside Guerrero to the point where we are at right now, Starrcade. I think Guerrero is jealous that Mysterio jr. gets so much love from these fans and that Rey still has a mask. Remember, Eddie Guerrero wrestled with a mask on but lost a match which forced him to remove it; the ultimate shame for the luchador culture. I think that both those factors are the real driving forces behind Eddie’s hate for Rey.

    The referee calls for both men to take their starting positions in opposite corners so that this contest can begin. Mysterio nods, backing up into the top right-hand corner of the ring and yells for Eddie to hurry up. It’s understandable since Guerrero is still on the outside of the ring, slowly walking up the steps onto the apron before finally entering. He takes as much time as possible, wiping his boots on the canvas closest to Mysterio’s starting point before moving back to where he will begin from. Both men are set, the referee signals for the bell and this match is underway.

    Match One
    Eddie Guerrero (w/Chavo Guerrero) vs. Rey Mysterio jr.

    The fans begin to settle while the competitors circle each other inside the ring, Chavo on the outside pacing around the Guerrero side of the area. The referee throws a quick glance to the man on the outside then turns his attention towards Guerrero and Mysterio as they begin trading wild punches. Mysterio is the clear aggressor in this situation, his fire lit, while Guerrero is quickly becoming overwhelmed by the assault. Sensing that he has the advantage right now, Mysterio quickens the pace by running towards the ropes and rebounding with a dropkick to the knee of Latino Heat. A sharp pain stings Guerrero’s knee, he tries to shake it off but Mysterio will not give him a moment to rest.

    Punches and kicks, Rey is unloading like a man possessed, this is his chance to be rid of all the pain that Guerrero has caused him. On the outside, Chavo Guerrero is yelling for his uncle to defend himself, the crowd doing the exact opposite. Thousands in the arena are cheering Mysterio on as he slings Guerrero into the turnbuckle before following it up with a leaping elbow to the jaw, dropping Guerrero down to the lower half of the corner. Rey backs up, adjusts his mask slightly, and then charges at full speed to connect with the Bronco Buster! Pulling Guerrero from the corner, Rey goes for the first cover of the match and the referee dives to the canvas to count the pinfall attempt. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    With an early near fall, Mysterio is back on his feet and takes a moment to acknowledge Chavo Guerrero on the outside. The two exchange a few words, Chavo shaking his fist with fury, until Rey returns to the matter at hand and his desire to win this contest. Mysterio steps towards Eddie Guerrero, grabs him by the hair and attempts to send him into the ropes, Eddie counters with a sharp chop to the chest. Stumbling back goes Mysterio which allows Guerrero to advance, he chops once again before kicking Mysterio in the stomach and executing a snap DDT.

    Guerrero doesn’t go for a cover, he rolls onto his knees and runs his hand through his hair, a smirk appears on his face as the audience begins to boo loudly. The opening exchange hasn’t gone the way of Guerrero, that’s for sure, but he still oozes confidence as he circles Mysterio. Slapping his own chest while stalking Mysterio, a look of confidence etched on his face, Guerrero grabs his opponent and hits a hard German suplex right in the middle. The arms remained locked and they roll, Guerrero pulls Rey over to the side a little and performs another German suplex, this time on the harder outer edge of the squared circle. They roll once more, Eddie keeps his hands locked and executes the third and final German suplex, this time with a bridge for a near fall of TWO!

    Of course, Eddie has to argue with the referee about the count instead of focusing in on his opponent. Slapping at the mat with his left hand, Guerrero is furious and demands that it was three. While arguing, Rey scurries up from behind and rolls Guerrero up in a small package. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! A mix of confusion and anger, Guerrero explodes with a lariat which nearly takes the head off Rey Mysterio jr. Furthermore, Guerrero pounces on Mysterio, grabbing at his mask and hammering away with violent punches to the head of the smaller man. This crowd is responding with a chorus of boos, Guerrero has control now and is showboating between each individual punch, and each kick after he stands up and delivers a few quick stomps onto the left leg of Mysterio.

    We watch on as Guerrero lifts Mysterio up onto his feet and applies an abdominal stretch near the same side as the one where his nephew stands. The referee begins to ask Mysterio if he wants to quit, the masked man refuses, shaking his head and yelling no! A loud ‘Mysterio’ chant erupts from the live crowd, millions around the world are behind him, this ultimate underdog refusing to quit as Guerrero stretches him. In classic Guerrero fashion, Eddie reaches out with one of his hands, Chavo takes hold and begins pulling for extra leverage, causing Mysterio jr. to scream out in pain. It looks like the match is about to be called, the referee takes a step towards the ropes when suddenly, in a last gasp of desperation, Mysterio smacks Guerrero with a few elbows and spins out of the hold with an arm drag.

    Guerrero pops right back up to his feet, he spins back around and hurries towards Mysterio. This is clearly a mistake, Rey is able to duck underneath his attempted punch and nails a dropkick to the back. Introduced to the corner once again, Guerrero hits his head on the hard turnbuckle, he stumbles backwards and gets hit with a bulldog, sending Guerrero face first into the canvas. Quickly back to a vertical base, Rey rubs his left leg before stepping onto the outside ring apron, the opposite to where Chavo currently stands. Inside the ring, Guerrero is shaking the cobwebs off, his hair falling across the front of his face, as he stands up and turns around. Flying from the apron, Rey springboards into the ring, grabs Guerrero by the head and nails a DDT. It’s a hard-echoing thud that stuns the crowd, Guerrero looks to be knocked out cold and Mysterio rolls his opponent over, looking for the end to this match. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! If we could see his face it is very likely that Rey Mysterio jr. would have a look of disbelief on his face, that should’ve been it.

    The move was executed perfectly but still, somehow here at Starrcade, Eddie Guerrero got his shoulder off the mat. With the crowd once again chanting his name, Rey climbs onto the top rope, perched ready for a high risk move while Guerrero slowly begins to stir. We watch as Guerrero pushes himself off the mat, reaching a vertical base and when he turns around, Mysterio leaps from the top rope for a crossbody! At the last second, Guerrero ducks out of the way, he runs towards the ropes, slings himself over the top and onto the apron of the ring, it’s an incredible act of athletic ability as Guerrero now fires himself back into the ring with a senton right onto Rey!

    ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Just barely, Guerrero showed just how good he is inside the wrestling ring. He had the perfect counter to Rey’s high risk move and quickly struck with a powerful move of his own. Listening to his nephew on the outside, Eddie pulls himself to a vertical base by using the ring ropes. He parades around the ring, slapping his chest yet again, before grabbing Mysterio’s left leg and twist it around. Guerrero works the leg like a master, twisting and applying pressure to key areas where he knows that will ultimately affect the outcome of this contest. With the leg stretched out, Guerrero leaps into the air and drives both his knees across the joint with a sickening thud.

    Mysterio tries to scurry away but he cannot, Guerrero just pulls him back and applies a single leg Boston Crab, centre of the ring, much to the dismay of the live crowd. Many in the crowd believe that this could be the end of this contest and it’s easy to see why. Guerrero struck the leg earlier and now has begun focusing in on it, he has smelled a wound and now wishes to turn it into a career threatening injury. The referee is in position, he is asking Rey if this is it, we zoom in as Mysterio raises his hand and brings it down to the mat… only to stop an inch short. No, Rey will not tap out! Using his arms, Rey pushes himself up, creating enough space to tuck under and get onto his back. Guerrero is sent through the ropes and to the outside of the ring where he crashes into Chavo Guerrero!

    Inside the ring, Rey Mysterio jr. grabs at his leg, he tries to stand up but the leg gives out underneath his weight. Rey Mysterio jr. may not be able to stand up, his arsenal requiring a large amount of speed and athletic ability has been taken away. The fans watch on in disbelief as Rey uses the ropes to stand up, he takes a step forward and his left leg begins to shake, it can handle some weight but it’s on a knife edge right now. The time for testing it has come, Rey focuses on Eddie and Chavo on the outside, he makes his way gingerly across the ring and sucks in gulp of air.

    Suddenly, Mysterio runs, as best he can, and flies through the ropes with a suicide dive onto not just Eddie but also Chavo! All three men are down, the crowd are loving this contest, and the referee starts his count of ten. It’s a mess on the outside, Eddie rolls away, closest to the steel steps while Rey has to use the barricade to help himself off the ground. Chavo is out of sight and out of mind, while Rey approaches his uncle. With looks towards the ring, it is obvious Rey wants to get this match back into the ring and over with as quickly as possible. Instead, Guerrero takes control by grabbing Rey around the waist, pulling him forward into the steel steps. Bouncing off the steeps, Rey is stunned and Eddie follows up by executing a chop-block! The left leg again is the target, Eddie slips into the ring to restart the count, before grabbing the limb of Mysterio jr. and lifting him up into the air, dropping the knee down onto the steel step.

    Feeling himself now, Guerrero climbs the steel steps and shouts towards the crowd that he is the best! Loud boos are what he gets in return for his claim and this only seems to amuse Guerrero. Meanwhile, Rey is in a world of trouble, his leg appears to be seriously injured and now it is the biggest target zone that Rey has ever competed with in his career. Guerrero grabs him, slinging Rey into the ring and hurries onto the apron. Stepping through into the ring, Guerrero knows that he is in total control of this match. Guerrero grabs Rey, hits a European Uppercut which knocks the smaller man back into the corner. Following up, Eddie marches forward and begins smashing Rey in the back of the head with punches, then he pulls him close, lifting him up high before nailing a folding powerbomb! Eddie waves the referee over, his cover is weak but he feels that is all he needs, while Chavo looks on with pride from the outside. ONE! TWO! THR- SHOULDER UP!

    What the hell? The pop from the crowd is really loud and the look on the face of Eddie Guerrero is priceless. He is absolutely stunned, the powerbomb didn’t work, this match is not over and Rey Mysterio jr. somehow got his damn shoulder off the mat. Eddie is furious, he grabs the referee and begins stabbing him with his index finger, right in the chest, while yelling only inches away from his face. The referee holds his ground, Eddie is not having any of this and turns back towards Mysterio, grabbing him by the leg and applying a figure four leg lock!

    This could be it, the crowd are standing as Mysterio is scrambling with his hands, reaching out for the ropes to break the hold but they are just out of reach. Guerrero is demanding that Rey give up, both men have given everything they have to win this highly important contest. The pain must be tearing away at Mysterio jr. and the crowd now it, offering him the support he needs to dig down deep once final time as he attempts to roll over onto his stomach to reverse the pain. Eddie cannot believe what he is seeing, this crowd has given Rey life and now the hold is countered, Guerrero is the one screaming in pain and he is forced to release the hold or risk his own submission.

    Both men get back to their feet at around the same time. Of course, it’s easier for Guerrero who does so from the middle of the ring while Mysterio is forced to use the ring ropes. They collide once more, Guerrero grabbing Mysterio and goes for another powerbomb! Up goes Mysterio but he counters from that position and executes a Hurricanrana into a pinfall combination. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Rey thought he had it, his hands pressed against his face while Guerrero is still shaken from the counter. This match continues to have twist and turns, Rey is now in the power position but that left leg puts him at a disadvantage within a moment’s notice. With Guerrero still down on the mat, Rey begins to climb the nearby corner, it takes him a considerable amount of time, longer than usual, due to the targeted left leg at the hands of Guerrero.

    The crowd is standing, the world is watching here at Starrcade, as Rey Mysterio jr. prepares himself to take flight. Across the ring, Guerrero is pushing himself off the mat, and he grabs the referee, using him to reach a vertical base. With the referee focused on Eddie, his nephew rushes up from the floor outside of the ring and shoves Rey Mysterio jr. off the top rope and to the canvas! Immediately, Eddie shoves the referee out of the way and he hooks the leg for a cover. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Guerrero, who has waisted precious time repeatedly during this match, does not do that this time, he has learnt from his mistakes, and instead stumbles towards the corner, ascends it and comes flying off the top rope with the Frog Splash! Eddie Guerrero nails the Frog Splash, he hooks the leg and the referee proceeds with the count. ONE! TWO! THR-SHOULDER UP!

    Beyond belief, Guerrero is freaking livid right now with the referee. His face is red, Chavo is going ballistic on the outside, and Eddie is stomping around the ring cursing. It cannot be true, Mysterio jr. didn’t just kick out of the Frog Splash. It is! Live on pay-per-view, the fifteenth annual Starrcade, in the opening contest, Rey Mysterio jr. has kicked out of Eddie Guerrero’s most powerful move and one that has won him titles around the world. The anger inside him rises, Guerrero stomps on Mysterio’s bad leg and then drags him by the mask over to the corner. A few chops to the chest follow before Eddie lifts Mysterio up onto the turnbuckle, he slaps Rey across the face hard before spitting in his face, just for extra measure.

    Guerrero ascends from the inside, it’s unclear what he is going for at first until given his position and the way he is preparing himself, Mike Tenay shouts “Guerrero is going for the Frankensteiner – Rey’s own finishing move!” Yes, Eddie is trying to finish this match with one of Rey’s own moves, the ultimate sign of disrespect and a true example of the kind of person that Guerrero is these days. The crowd watch on as Eddie hammers away with a few punches, making sure he can pull this move off, but suddenly Rey begins to headbutt. Eddie cannot protect himself, Rey is throwing caution to the wind, Eddie was taking way too much time. In one of the most amazing moments, Rey pushes himself up, leaps back into the ring with his legs wrapped around the head of Guerrero and brings him down hard to the canvas – REVERSE FRANKENSTEINER! The crowd cheer like mad as Rey gets his arm over Eddie as the referee makes the count. ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Rey Mysterio jr. defeats Eddie Guerrero at 16:32.

    The fans are extremely impressed by the performance they have seen in the opening match at Starrcade. Both men gave it everything they had but in the end, it was Rey Mysterio jr. who came out on top. The victor is helped to his feet by the referee, the fans give him a loud resounding applause for his efforts before Mysterio exits the ring and is helped to the back by several officials. Meanwhile, Eddie Guerrero is still shaken by the finish to the match and is begin helped to his feet by Chavo.

    Mike Tenay: What a fantastic way to open Starrcade! A back and forth match, both men had their chances and it was ultimately the showmanship of Eddie Guerrero that cost him. Had he focused on moves that he is regularly skilled in, moves that he uses each week, then maybe he would’ve won this match. Guerrero was so consumed with embarrassing Rey Mysterio jr. that he went away with what got him to this point.

    Bobby Heenan:
    Do you know what this means? El Dandy, Silver King, Villano IV and Villano V are all terminated from World Championship Wrestling! The four men who were loyal to Eddie Guerrero are gone, it’s just nephew and uncle now. I hope Mysterio understands what he has done tonight. I hope he is proud of putting four men out of work.

    Tony Schiavone: That’s your perspective, Brain. I think Mysterio jr. will absolutely be proud of what he has done tonight and I think he deserves to be proud. I hope that from now on, Mysterio can compete without the threat of Guerrero obsessing over him at every turn. It’s time for this to end. Let Mysterio live his life, Guerrero doesn’t have any goons to do his dirty work anymore and I think that’s what was needed. Mysterio jr. has defeated Eddie Guerrero at Starrcade, hopefully this means a fresh start for Rey.

    Leaving the ring, Eddie Guerrero is hammered with boos and laughs from the audience following his defeat. The anger that has taken over Guerrero only grows further, the crowd raising the ire of Latino Heat as he exits ringside.

    We cut to the parking lot which is highlighted down in the bottom left hand corner as being from earlier today. The sun is still out which reinforces that this is replayed footage, it’s the arrival of the New World Order to the arena. Two limousines roll up into the parking lot and from within appears all five members of the newly reunited nWo. Appearing first is The Giant, his long hair brushed to one side, and in his hand, is a bottle of champagne. Next is to appear is Konnan, followed closely by Scott Hall, both men exchange the too sweet gesture before meeting up with The Giant and embracing. The final member to appear from the first limousine is Scott Steiner, in a dark suit with sunglasses on, he notices the camera and immediately shouts at them to back up from him. Our attention turns to the other limousine, the one which contains only a single man, he made all this possible, it’s the limousine of Hollywood Hogan. Appearing by himself, with seemingly nobody else in the limousine, Hogan emerges, dressed head to toe in custom attire, his suit designed with gold trim around the edges. With a curt nod, Hogan signals for everyone to enter the building as he follows from behind.

    Hollywood Hogan: Hey, kid! That camera you’ve got, is it on?

    The camera man nods to confirm that he is filming. Hogan smirks, this is what he lives for, the moment where he got to be the centre of attention had arrived, this was Starrcade and he wasn’t going to let it slip through his fingers.

    Hollywood Hogan: You see this place, kid. This is the house I built. They’ll tell you that it was Ric Flair and Sting going an hour for the strap but brother, that’s a load of crap! Where was World Championship Wrestling before I walked through the door? It was a second rate company, with second rate talent, doing second rate business, while I was headlining Madison Square Garden in New York. I dragged this company and all the idiots in the locker-room to the top of the mountain, brother! I made ‘em millionaires and I got myself a boatload of cash to add to my extensive fortune, brother! Now, here we are and these fans, the people in production studio and Ted Turner himself want to take credit for what I did. I changed the business, not them!

    The other members of the nWo take a few steps back, joining Hogan, and listen as their perceived leader is firing away like only he can do.

    Hollywood Hogan: Tonight, is the biggest event of the year, brother. Starrcade, the world is waiting and all I’ve heard is the talk surrounding the main event. It’s big, no doubt, but the story of tonight is the return of Hulk Hogan and the takeover by the nWo! Make no mistake about it, don’t convince yourself of a pack of lies, tonight is all about the nWo. I promise, damn it I swear by all that is holy, that by the end of Starrcade, the thing that you and all the millions of fans around the world will be talking about is the New World Order!

    Stepping up next to Hogan is his partner for later tonight, Scott Steiner. Somewhat unexpected, Scott Hall steps up and places an arm around the shoulders of Hogan, a toothpick loosely placed between his teeth.

    Scott Hall: Hey yo! Starrcade is hereby under the control of the nWo!

    Hall throws up the too sweet sign again, Konnan returns the favour and Hall chuckles as he plays with the toothpick in his mouth.

    Scott Hall: We are back and we’re stronger than ever. You thought we were dead? Shame on you. We’re not dead. You can’t kill what is immortal, brother. This right here is the heart and soul of the nWo. Us five, the top five, from all forms of the nWo. We’re not carrying deadweight anymore. No, we’re better than you and all your favourite puppets who sit in that dusty old locker-room while we enjoy our own private area. Tonight, we’re putting our foot down and taking back everything we want. That starts with The Giant squashed little Chris Jericho and his private security. Then, I’ll carve the diamond cutter himself up when I rip the United States Heavyweight Championship from his hands.

    Scott Steiner: Now listen up, I’ve got somethin’ to say, right now!

    Oh boy. Steiner keeps his shades on as he approaches the camera, pointing directly at it as he shouts.

    Scott Steiner: Last year WCW celebrated like it went and did something. I say, you haven’t done shit! WCW, the best you got is Lex Luger, a guy we beat up? Lex Luger couldn’t cut the mustard in the nWo. He cried like a little baby, a prissy little girl who misses her daddy, when Hollywood dropped the leg across his punk ass throat. I saw the tears in his eyes! I saw them swell up, I saw him cry in the ring on Nitro and it makes me freaking sick. Bret Hart, you’re dumb too! You let that chaps wearing sissy put you in your own hold and then got yourself screwed like a prostitute. That’s what’s going to happen t’night! The nWo, Hollywood and I, are going to beat you two punks down, cause we damn well can! This is our night, punks!

    With that said, the nWo make their way out of the parking lot and into the building for what promises to be a big night for the group, either way. They are confident, two of them involved in titles matches while Hogan and Steiner compete in a major tag team contest. Before leaving completely, Hall turns back to the camera man and flicks his toothpick at him, only then does he jog back to the group.

    Tony Schiavone: That was footage from earlier today, the arrival of the nWo here at Starrcade 1998. We’ve been wondering for weeks what the future of WCW would be if the nWo is able to take control over multiple championships as they aim to do so this evening. We would be remiss if we did not point out that Eric Bischoff did not make his arrival alongside the New World Order. He arrived about an hour earlier than any member of the nWo. That relationship has been the discussion of the WCW fans in the lead up to Starrcade, especially with Bischoff having his career on the line tonight.

    Mike Tenay: Did you notice that there were two limousines for five people, Tony? What is that about?

    Bobby Heenan: I picked up on that too, Tenay. I suspected it was purely Hogan’s selfish nature but what if…

    Tony Schiavone: What if there were more than five? Yes, I came to that same conclusion too. Something did not feel right about the arrival of the nWo. Two limousines for five people, four in one while Hogan travelled alone from the group? This is the guy who has spent a month preaching about loyalty and unity for the New World Order, he was the driving force behind Hollywood and Wolfpac, the factions of the nWo, coming back together to form this supergroup we see today. Yet, he arrives isolated from the entire group?

    Mikey Tenay: I’m with you, Tony. Something just doesn’t feel right.

    N-n-new New
    New New


    After a few moments of the instrumental, The Giant emerges from the entrance shoot and receives a well-deserved round of boos. The crowd, who were once split 50/50 as to whether or not they liked the nWo, have completely sided with World Championship Wrestling, especially after the dismissal of fan favourites such as Lex Luger and Sting. No, this is an atmosphere not felt for the nWo since 1996 when they first formed and were actively targeting fans of the promotion. The Giant has no issue with being the bad guy, his attacks on the smaller Jericho in recent weeks have proven that. Wearing the trademark nWo shirt, The Giant lumbers down to the ring, alone, and ready to claim a title for the bad guys.

    Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following bout is the first championship contest to take place here in Washington D.C. live at the sold-out Starrcade event! Introducing the challenger, making his way to the ring, representing the New World Order, from Tampa, Florida… The Giant!

    Bobby Heenan: The biggest athlete in the world! When the nWo were making cuts to the organization I bet you every dollar I’ve got that The Giant’s name was never mentioned as someone they’d turn their backs on. Oh no, just look at this man. He has the chance to become the greatest big man in professional wrestling history. He’s so dominant, we’ve seen him chokeslam Chris Jericho through the ring and through our announce desk. Jericho is the walking wounded tonight and The Giant is going to become the next WCW World Television Champion.

    Mike Tenay: It has been a rough time for Chris Jericho against The Giant leading into this match. You just look at the size of this man and I cannot comprehend a way for Jericho to escape defeat tonight. This is what the nWo has been building to for over a month. Starrcade, the biggest event of the year, where they can make a statement by walking away with championship gold. If The Giant doesn’t win the title than that’s a major setback for the nWo.

    Tony Schiavone: Many are coming into this match believing it’s a one-sided affair. The Giant is the bigger man, he outweighs Chris Jericho two times over and will have a distinct advantage in the power game. However, all the pressure is on The Giant in this contest. You mentioned it, Tenay. Should The Giant lose, that would be an unexpected setback for the New World Order. Hollywood Hogan expects championships to return to the nWo sooner rather than later, and if he is to cement the fact that the nWo is stronger than ever, well now is the time for that to be proven.

    Standing inside the ring, The Giant controls the middle of the ring and raises his hand up in the air, receiving a chorus of boos in return.

    **One Crazed Anarchist**

    He is a lone wolf (or lion) at Starrcade due to the absence of his personal security, Ralphus resting at home. Chris Jericho appears on the stage, the WCW World Television Championship firmly around his waist, the crowd offering their support as he makes the long walk down to the ring.

    Michael Buffer: Making his way down the aisle, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada… he is the reigning WCW World Television Champion, Chris Jericho!

    Tony Schiavone: That does not look like a man who is afraid. I think that the recent shift in fan support for Chris Jericho has lifted his confidence going into this match. You hear about it all the time, big sporting events where the players feed off the energy from the crowd to overcome the most impossible odds. Why do you think teams put so much value on home field advantage? Chris Jericho might be the underdog in this match but do not count him out just yet. He is the reigning title holder, he has proven his ability inside that ring and The Giant is going to have to take Jericho out if he wants to become the new champion.

    Bobby Heenan: Yeah well, we’ll see how useful these fans are once The Giant punches Chris Jericho right in the jaw. I don’t care how loud they cheer, a punch in the mouth still hurts.

    Mike Tenay: Don’t think that Jericho hasn’t heard all this talk. When the betting lines were released for this match, Jericho was the biggest underdog of the entire card. Do I think Chris Jericho is going to walk out as WCW World Television Champion? No, I don’t. The Giant is just so much bigger and I know, in this sport it doesn’t always mean everything but in this case, I think the size difference is going to be a determining factor in the outcome.

    Once our announcers are finish talking, we focus in on the two competitors for our next match. Still on the outside of the ring, Jericho removes his ‘Starrcade is Jericho’ shirt, throwing it into the crowd, before unclipping the title belt from around his waist. It’s clear that Jericho isn’t rushing into the ring for the start of this match, he slowly walks up the steel steps, his eyes locked on his title belt, and after about a minute of stalling, finally enters the ring with The Giant. The crowd marvels at the size difference when the two men meet in the middle of the ring. The Giant towering over Jericho, laughing at the smaller man and pointing to the title belt saying that it will below to him in just a few minutes. The time has come, The Giant versus Chris Jericho… the referee signals for the bell and we are underway!

    Match Two
    Chris Jericho (c) vs. The Giant
    WCW World Television Championship

    The crowd are already into this match, the competitors haven’t touched yet but loud chants of ‘Jericho’ flood the arena. The atmosphere is electric, Jericho waits in the corner, soaking in the sounds from the Starrcade crowd. In the opposite corner, The Giant lurks, the much larger man peering over at the champion. Here they go, Jericho explodes out of the corner and starts swinging for the fences, hammering away at his opponent. Duck and weave, that’s the strategy for Jericho as he unloads with rabid punches to the body of The Giant. This doesn’t seem to be the plan that The Giant was expecting, he looks surprised but that’s it.

    These punches don’t seem to be doing that much significant damage for the biggest member of the nWo. Then, to the dismay of the crowd, Jericho gets a hand wrapped around his throat and is thrown backwards, ass over head. “Get the hell up,” shouts The Giant, stomping forward and slapping Jericho across the back of the head, the impact like a hammer coming down onto a nail. Another hard shot is delivered, a loud slap to the spine before The Giant grabs the champion by his long blonde hair, pulls him towards the ropes and begins choking him against the second rope. The referee gets into the position and begins counting, The Giant holds until four and breaks before the count of five to avoid a disqualification. We get a break in the action, The Giant backs away and turns to the crowd, throwing up his hand and roaring loudly.

    Across the ring, Jericho coughs after being choked and then pulls himself back to a vertical base using the ropes. He turns around and receives a big boot for his troubles from The Giant, knocking Jericho right back to the floor. Thereafter, The Giant lines up his shot and jumps into the air, delivering an elbow drop right onto Chris Jericho. He remains on top for a cover, the first of this match. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! The mass of the challenger, let alone the punishment he delivers, was nearly enough for him to score the victory in the early sequence of this match.

    It appears to be a rough night for Jericho and that only continues as The Giant easily lifts Jericho up off the canvas, grabs him by the throat and pushes him into the corner. Several back elbows are thrown by The Giant with the champion unable to escape his prison in the corner, the fans sitting in a hushed silence as The Giant dominates. With full control, The Giant keeps his hand against the chest of Chris Jericho and looks to the crowd for their response. Boos begin to flow; The Giant laughs and then strikes Jericho with a hard knee to the stomach. Jericho’s breathing is being slowed down as The Giant rests his body against Jericho’s for intervals, using his weight to weaken the energy supply of the champion. After a combination of knees, The Giant lifts Jericho up onto the top turnbuckle, sitting him there like a child.

    Suddenly, Jericho fires off a couple of kicks right to the face of The Giant. He gets in a hard boot to the face, cracking off the nose and busting it open! Chris Jericho has drawn blood from The Giant! The crowd comes alive, Jericho uses both feet, his hands firmly on the top rope and boots The Giant in the face for about the sixth time. The Giant is sent stumbling backwards, separation has been created and Jericho looks to take advantage. He stands up on the top rope, diving forward for a crossbody, only for The Giant to catch him in mid-air! It’s like the air in the building was suddenly sucked out all at once, Jericho had a chance but The Giant now holds him in a bad situation.

    There he goes, The Giant parades around the ring with Jericho in his grasp before holding him high in the air, a military press, and dropping him down to the canvas. Looking over his shoulder, The Giant runs towards the ropes, rebounds and hits a splash onto Chris Jericho – a cover is made. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! The champion refuses to quit! The Giant looks down at his opponent, a flicker of annoyance appears on his face. This wasn’t supposed to last even this long. Standing back on his feet, The Giant circles Jericho, he grabs a handful of hair and drags Jericho violently over to the side of the ring.

    The Giant steps through the ring ropes and jumps down to the floor below, his hand still with a clump of Jericho’s golden hair. In a sharp motion, Jericho is pulled halfway out of the ring with his back against the edge of the ring apron, his head over the edge. Methodically, The Giant climbs the steel steps and approaches the apron of the ring, he looks down at Jericho and then leaps into the air for a leg drop. At the last second, Jericho rolls to the side, The Giant misses, crashing to the floor below while Jericho returns to the safety of the ring. The crowd jumps to their feet as Jericho pushes him off the canvas, his hair a mess, but his life in this match still intact.

    Jericho rises, he looks to the outside, then back to the crowd and sprints from one side of the ring to the other – diving to the outside with a front flip onto The Giant! Both men go down! Jericho has taken The Giant off his feet, he has knocked down the challenger and now has a real chance to shock the world. Jericho is the first to gain his senses, he leaps onto The Giant and hammers away with punches to the head. Like earlier, they seem to do very little as The Giant begins to rise! That’s the cue for Jericho, he slides off, quickly scurries the apron of the ring and uses the weapon that has worked previously; his feet! A stiff kick is thrown and the shot cracks off the side of the head of The Giant, stunning him and sending the big man to his knees.

    Jericho slips back inside the ring and a few moments later he is joined by the challenger who comes in through the bottom rope. Before The Giant can get to his feet, Jericho rushes forward and delivers several knees to the big man. He is trying to keep The Giant on his own knees, Jericho backs up and charges again, this time connecting with an enzuigiri! The Giant falls to the canvas and onto his back, Jericho moves in for the cover. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Could that have been Jericho’s only chance in this match? He was beaten from pillar to post in the first half of this match and has somehow found an opening. Jericho retreats to his corner, he watches as The Giant begins to rise, the crowd egging the champion on, before he goes on the attack. With a feeling of desperation, Jericho goes high risk since that is what has worked throughout this contest for him.

    Ascending the turnbuckle, Jericho gets to the top just as The Giant rises to his feet. Luckily for Jericho, he is behind The Giant and thus is able to execute a diving bulldog to knock his opponent back down. No cover is made, Jericho knows that isn’t enough and he rushes back to the top rope. Diving off the top rope, Jericho is feeling it and has the support of the crowd, connecting with an elbow drop to the heart of the champion! Still, no cover as Jericho hurries across the ring and jumps into the air, rebounds off the second rope – LIONSAULT! Now he tries to hook the leg for a cover. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    Sixteen thousand people at Starrcade thought that was going to be the end of it. Jericho hit his homerun shot but The Giant found a way to kick out. It’s like the game has been reset, Jericho retreats once more to the corner as The Giant begins to stir. He must keep him down on the ground, the high flying moves have worked and he must continue. Jericho steps forward, kicking at The Giant who continues to rise. The clock is ticking, Jericho dashes to the ring apron, he slaps his elbow before executing a springboard forearm into the ring and nailing The Giant in the back of the head! This knocks The Giant down to all fours and Jericho follows up with several kicks to the exposed ribs of his opponent. Now, Jericho seems to have control of this match, he grabs The Giant by his hair, payback for what The Giant did to Jericho. However, this doesn’t go well as The Giant awakens! His large hand grips Jericho around the throat, it closes in around the airway and Jericho’s eyes bulge out of his head.

    The crowd cannot believe it. The Giant rises, anger outlined on his face as he holds the champion with one hand. Chopping, kicking and scratching as best he can, Jericho tries everything to escape but The Giant is not letting go. With one motion, The Giant pulls Jericho forward and lifts him up into the air – POWERSLAM! Thereafter, The Giant roars loudly before dropping a ‘Hogan-like’ leg drop across the throat of the champion. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Barely, just barely was Chris Jericho able to get his shoulder off the mat. The Giant is having none of it, no rest for the champion, pulling Jericho to his feet and slinging him into the ropes. On the rebound, Jericho ducks a clothesline and slips to the outside ring apron.

    Quickly, he ascends the top rope and dives forward with a flying knee which cracks off the skull of The Giant. The big man is stunned, Jericho gets up and tries to sling him into the ropes… but gets sent flying in return! This time, Jericho cannot counter and gets nailed with a shoulder block! The Giant steps backwards, gains some speed from the ropes and returns with a splash, however Jericho rolls out of the way. Both men executing fantastic counters, Jericho backs into the corner and charges forward with hard forearms to the face of The Giant. It works, mainly because The Giant is only to his knees at this point, as Jericho unloads like a machine gun with ten straight stiff forearms to the already busted nose of The Giant.

    Blood really begins to flow from that wound, The Giant has to be tasting his own blood and Jericho might pay the price for that before this match is over. We watch as Jericho hits the tenth forearm, then he grabs the head and brings it down with a DDT! Jericho has to use all the energy he has in his body to roll The Giant over, he makes it and goes for the cover. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! What will it take for Chris Jericho to put down The Giant? Not even Jericho knows, he rolls across the ring and is horrified to see The Giant rising to his feet.

    Jericho can only shake his head, disbelief filling his mind, The Giant is standing! Blood covering his face from the nose, his eyes red with fury and Chris Jericho is the target of that fury. Jericho puts both his hands up, he mumbles something under his breath and then sprints directly at the challenger with a mighty roar! The crowd explode as Jericho unloads with kicks, punches and forearms. The title is on the line and Jericho will not give it up without a fight, The Giant is backing up, Jericho has him retreating! The crowd gets louder as Jericho jumps into the air and headbutts The Giant, that one rocks both of them but The Giant falls against the turnbuckle.

    Here comes Jericho again, he leaps into the air, both feet on the second rope and hammers away with strikes to the head of The Giant. One gets blocked, a second is blocked and now The Giant has Chris Jericho in his grasp. The Giant shoves Jericho away, he lands on his feet and runs back but The Giant strikes hard with a big boot to the face of Chris Jericho! The taste of his own blood, that metallic taste, engulfing The Giant as he stalks Jericho. He grabs Jericho, twisting his arm before slinging him into the corner of the ring. The Giant jogs forward and connects with a clothesline with Jericho trapped between him and the corner. Jericho stumbles forward, The Giant grabs him by the throat and pushes him over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. With the action spilling to the outside, the referee demands that the action return to the ring. The Giant pushes him to the side, stepping over the top rope and approaching Jericho. Lifting Jericho up off the ground, The Giant pushes him against the barricade and chops at his chest. The sound echoing over the arena. The chants of ‘Jericho’ arise from the crowd once more, The Giant looks to silence them by slinging Jericho into the steel steps at ringside. Afterwards, The Giant rolls in and out of the ring to restart the count of then.

    The action continues as The Giant picks Jericho up, putting him upon his shoulder and tosses Jericho back into the ring. Moments later, The Giant enters the ring and looks to put an end to this match. He raises his hand in the air, roaring, and signals for his trademark chokeslam. Jericho begins to rise, his sense blurred, he has no clue what is coming as The Giant spins him around and grabs him by the throat. The crowd scream ‘No’ as The Giant lifts Jericho into the air but Jericho counters, going for the eyes! He has to do everything it takes, he kicks and headbutts! A punch is thrown and it lands square on the busted nose, The Giant stutters! Jericho breaks free and lands on his feet, runs forward towards the ropes and rebounds, ducking a wild clothesline from The Giant and then nails a step-up enzuigiri! A resounding blow that sends The Giant backwards into the ropes, his eyes blinded by the blood gushing from his nose. Jericho forces the issue, uses his speed advantage to get in close and connect with a step-up knee to the face, knocking The Giant down to the canvas! The crowd rises, they can see the opportunity as Jericho throws his arms into the air, begging them to offer their support right now!

    With the challenger down on the canvas, Jericho runs towards the ropes and rebounds backwards through the air – LIONSAULT! No cover, Jericho shakes his head, the champion doesn’t think that would be enough. Immediately, Jericho rushes the opposite way and leaps through the air, just as he before, and strikes with a second! LIONSAULT! The third of the match, Jericho dives into the cover, his hand raised in the air. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! The dream has become a nightmare for Chris Jericho, two Lionsaults could not put the challenger away and to make matters worse – The Giant is moving! With a sense of urgency, Jericho pounds at the head of The Giant, only to get chopped hard in the ribs with a forearm.

    The Giant stands up, infuriated that this title match has gone this long and he rips Jericho from the canvas towards the turnbuckle. With great force, Jericho is lifted up high and placed on the very top of the corner as The Giant begins to climb, making it to the second rope before placing his hand around the throat of the champion. He’s looking the a SUPER CHOKESLAM! The crowd are standing, Jericho is about to be tossed down to the canvas – The Giant has a wild look on his face as blood trickles into his mouth. The Giant goes to throw Jericho down but Jericho holds on tight to the corner, he fires off a headbutt… followed by another… The Giant is rocked! Jericho’s blonde hair turning red as he strikes the wound he created early in the match.

    The Giant is wobbling, his grip begins to loosen as Jericho explodes with everything the little man has got to give. His title is in the balance, the nWo is a chokeslam away from having gold back in their group but Jericho is not giving it up. To the roar of the crowd, children and adults alike jumping to their feet, The Giant falls! He is knocked from the second rope down to the canvas, his head bouncing hard as Jericho remains on his perch. Then, the champion dives from the top rope – elbow to the heart of the challenger. That’s not it, Jericho scrambles to his feet, pushing his hair out of his face – LIONSAULT! The fourth of the contest… hook of the leg for Jericho! ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Chris Jericho defeats The Giant at 17:53 to RETAIN the WCW World Television Championship.

    The fans are cheering very loudly, the announcers are stunned (to be fair, everyone else is stunned) and Chris Jericho is on cloud nine. The referee’s hand smacks the canvas for three and Jericho is on the verge of tears, his title handed back to him and he delivers a warm huge to it, kissing the belt like a newborn child. The crowd are chanting his name as Jericho rolls out of the ring, noticing that The Giant is already beginning to recover, and he wants no part of what promises to be a big ole problem walking around following this defeat.

    Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentlemen, do not adjust your television sets at home! Yes, you did in fact just witness what many of us believed to be impossible. Chris Jericho, the man who came into Starrcade as the WCW Television Champion, has defeated the biggest favourite on this card. The Giant has been slayed by Chris Jericho at Starrcade after four, count ‘em, four lionsaults to the challenger. What a performance by Chris Jericho, the man was discredited by everyone. Nobody, except himself, thought he stood a chance tonight but listen to this ovation he is receiving now.

    Bobby Heenan: I cannot believe it, Tony! The Giant had the size advantage, we knew that. He had the strength advantage, that was clear as day. He had the backing of the New World Order! Everything was going The Giant’s way but the one thing you cannot prepare for is what happens when somebody punches you right in the face. The Giant got cut, his nose very well might be broken and that can either fire a competitor up or it can kill their fire. The wound was exploited by Jericho at the end, when they were battling on the top rope, we saw Jericho strike directly at the wound.

    Mike Tenay: Exactly, Jericho went for the big weak spot on The Giant. No matter how big you are, an open wound like that is going to bring you down. Jericho was so smart during the end and he didn’t rush it. He hit the elbow, knew that wouldn’t be enough and went back to the lionsault to finish the job. It just goes to show you that you can never count someone out here in World Championship Wrestling. I do have to wonder, what is going to happen to The Giant when he gets to the back with the rest of the nWo?

    Chris Jericho exchanges a few high-fives with some of the fans at ringside before heading up the entrance ramp, his attention turning back to the ring once he reaches the top and a smile comes over his face. Looking down to the ring, Jericho sees The Giant rise, his face splattered with blood, leaning against the top rope and spitting down to the ground. The Giant’s anger rises when he notices Jericho watching, the bigger man curses at him and in response, Jericho lifts his title belt high in the air and blows The Giant a kiss goodnight.

    Once more we shift backstage where Gene Okerlund is standing by, dressed in a nice suit, a microphone in his hand. The man next to him, dressed a white singlet and jean shorts, and carrying the WCW Cruiserweight Championship upon his shoulder, a smile from ear to ear, is known other than Billy Kidman.

    Gene Okerlund: What a night we have had already here at Starrcade and it only promises to get even better. One of the many reasons is because of the man to my right, he is one of the finest young champions we have in World Championship Wrestling, I speak of course about the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman. Billy, tonight you’ve got a momentous task before you, you’re set to defend that championship belt against not one, not two but three other men. How do you prepare for multiple competitors as you have tonight?

    The champion looks into the camera, adjusting the title belt on his shoulder, and then turns back to Gene.

    Billy Kidman: This isn’t my first time going around this wild ride, Gene. I’ve had all these guys chasing me for a while now, they just keep on coming and I stand with my feet ground, my fists raised and I tell ‘em to bring everything they’ve got. This is Starrcade! Millions of fans are watching around the world and here I am, the best cruiserweight in the entire world – that’s not arrogance, Gene. That’s a fact because I have the belt, I have the title which everyone else is seeking and until someone takes it from me, they all need to prepare for me.

    Gene Okerlund: But three men are looking to take the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, not looking that but they don’t even need to defeat you. For now, that title remains on your shoulder however later on here at Starrcade, that title will be suspended high above the ring and you’ll defend it in a ladder match. How does that change your usual game plan?

    A short pause is taken by Kidman as he thinks his answer over, his hand brushing the title belt on his shoulder.

    Billy Kidman: It’s going to be pure mayhem, Gene! This is what we live for, at least I do. I hope the fans around the world are ready because tonight I’m going to give these people a show that they’ll remember forever. It’s what I do every single time I step into the ring. I wear this title not as a sign of my own achievement but as a reminder that the fans can bet on an exciting performance anytime they see me on television. It’s a promise, that no matter how sick I am, hurt and no matter the odds, I will give everything I got before I let the fans down. That’s my strategy when I walk down to the ring and it hasn’t changed.

    Once more, Kidman adjusts the title belt. This time he clips it around his waist and pats Okerlund on the shoulder.

    Billy Kidman: Starrcade, it’s the perfect place for me to steal the show. Let this be a message for the three men who want to take this title from around my waist. I want you three to listen up and realise that tonight you’re dealing with the most determined champion on this roster. Some people when they get to the top of the mountain, they become complacent with their spot. I’m standing here and I’m telling you all… I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!

    Kidman is fired up, his passion for being the best cruiserweight in the world is showing through.

    Billy Kidman: I worked from the ground up to achieve my dream. To just get to WCW and now that I’m here, holding this title, it’s going to take all three of you at once if you want a chance of possibly stealing this from me. Bring everything you’ve got because you’re going to need it.

    The camera zooms in on Kidman’s face, showing his intensity and drive to retain his title tonight. After a few moments, Kidman shakes hands with Okerlund and walks down the hallway, grabbing a bottle of water before disappearing around the corner.

    **Who Better Than Kanyon?**

    A mild reception for the bad guys in this tag team contest. Kanyon appears out of the entrance chute first and does so alone, he turns around and notices a distinct lack of partner. Stomping back through the entrance chute, Kanyon disappears and returns a few moments later shoving Raven from behind and telling him to walk to the ring. The crowd boos, Kanyon and Raven make their way to the ring, the latter with his head down and leather jacket on with his arms crossed.

    Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall and is for the WCW World Tag Team Championships. Making their way to the ring at this time, they are the challengers… Kanyon and Raven!

    Tony Schiavone: This is a match I’m very interested in seeing mainly because of the unusual dynamics we have with these teams. We’ve grown accustom to the teams in this spot being well oiled machines, people who enjoy working together and have been around for a long time. The challengers for instance, barely communicate. We’ve seen it for months now, Raven suffering from his state of depression and Kanyon getting more frustrated with each passing day.

    Bobby Heenan: Raven is a weird guy, Tony. You never know what is going on inside the mind of that lunatic. This is a guy who was bullied his entire life, that freak in the back of the classroom eating worms and here he is as part of World Championship Wrestling. I think we need a better vetting process!

    Mike Tenay: I don’t even know if you can call this a team. Kanyon has been on the verge of snapping against Raven multiple times and six days ago it looked like Kanyon was going to walk out of their tag match when Raven refused to enter the match himself. I have no clue how they are going to work together tonight, let alone function well enough to win the WCW Tag Team Titles.

    Inside the ring, Raven sinks down into a corner and hangs his head low. The crowd boos as Kanyon ascends a turnbuckle and claims to be number one, he shouts back at some of the jeers before turning his attention to the arriving champions.

    **Dog Pound**

    Here come the champions, they might be lacking experience together but they come out as a unit and exchange a fist-bump. Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos make their way down to the ring, the WCW World Tag Team Championships around their waist and they receive a smattering of cheers from the crowd. It’s not much but the champs appreciate it nonetheless.

    Michael Buffer: And now, introducing their opponents, they are the reigning WCW World Tag Team Champions… Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos!

    Bobby Heenan: They are an unlikely pair to be the champions of the tag division but somehow, they continue to keep those things, no matter the opponents. Weird duos can be found throughout the history of professional wrestling and these two men, well they were put together by Steiner due to him being forced to pick another partner due to injury. That never results in a successful team but now these two find themselves as the best team in the world, at the biggest event of the year, with the spotlight on them!

    Mike Tenay: An unlikely pair they might be however, as you said, they are the champions and that makes them the best team in the world right now. They are also the exact opposite of the challengers. Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos have proven to be able to function together, they do rather well as a team. Kanyon and Raven don’t even talk to each other!

    Tony Schiavone: It’s going to be an interesting match to see who walks away as the WCW World Tag Team Champions. The champions have welcomed all comers for tonight and now we will see if Kanyon and Raven can overcome their issues to win the belts, at least one of them, so desperately craves.

    With both teams inside the ring, it is now time to decide who will start the match. Kanyon turns to have a discussion with his partner and finds nobody, Raven has already moved to the outside of the ring and is sitting with his back against the barricade. Kanyon looks like he is about to explode, while the champions do a quick ‘paper, scissors, rock’ to decide and it determines that Kenny Kaos will be the first man in.

    Match Three
    Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos (c) vs. Kanyon and Raven
    WCW World Tag Team Championships

    The starters begin to circle each other, then they lock up in the middle of the ring. Kanyon begins to feel the strength of Kaos pushing him down, a grimace appears on his face as the weight of the champion is pushed down up his hands. Battling for position, Kanyon stomps on the foot of Kaos, causing a slight opportunity to present itself and then countering with a hard knee to the stomach. A rush of jeers resonates from the crowd as Kanyon drives his elbow into the back of the head of Kaos before slinging him into the ropes and connecting with a back body drop. It’s all Kanyon right now as he grabs Kaos by the arm, kicking him in the ribs hard, and then jumps into the air for a knee drop across the temple.

    Kanyon grabs a leg and makes a quick cover, perhaps more to force Kaos to use some energy rather than secure a victory. ONE! SHOULDER UP! Nobody thought the match was going to end off that move, Kanyon has already switched into an attacking position as he applies a headlock on Kaos. This is the start the challengers wanted as Kanyon begins to stand, Kaos trying to wiggle free but gets driven back down to the canvas when Kanyon switches to a front face lock – dropping Kaos with a single arm DDT! On the apron of the ring, Steiner is yelling support to his partner while Kanyon’s teammate remains silent and facing away from the ring.

    The support from the apron might be causing the blood to start flowing for Kaos. The champion is sent into the corner by Kanyon, it looks like a splash is coming however Kaos ducks out of the way. Flying through the air goes Kanyon, his head smacking the top turnbuckle, he stumbles backwards and into the arms of Kaos! The crowd pops, they do enjoy seeing a man as arrogant as Kanyon getting a good beating, and Kaos returns the favour by grabbing Kanyon around the waist and smashing him with a belly to back suplex!

    Kaos jumps right back to his feet, his arms wide and energy high as he grabs Kanyon again – whips him into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam; a cover is made. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! This must be a rush of adrenaline, Kaos is going full force right now against Kanyon and the fans are cheering him on. Kaos lifts Kanyon up, slugging it out for a moment with Kanyon in the middle of the ring, the champion gains control and executes a fireman’s carry slam. From the apron, Rick Steiner yells out and Kaos backs up, making the tag. With the change of legal man, the referee orders Kaos out of the ring while Steiner begins to hunt the challenger.

    Steiner grabs an arm, pulling Kanyon over to a corner and chops at his chest. They are stiff shots that leave red marks across the chest, a sickening sound to go along with it as the forearm busts the skin of Kanyon. Across the ring, Raven is showing no emotion at what he is seeing, his head remains down and his leather jacket is still on. Meanwhile, Steiner whips Kanyon across the ring into the corner of the ring, he sprints after him and nails a clothesline. This is followed up by a show of strength from Rick Steiner as he lifts Kanyon up and nails an overhead suplex.

    Quickly, Steiner slides towards Kanyon and hooks the leg for the cover. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Back to his feet and ready for more, Steiner applies a headlock to bring Kanyon up to a vertical base. The champion offers a quick glance towards Raven, a smart move to keep an eye on the man, before turning Kanyon upside down with a scoop powerslam. With a spring in his step, Steiner runs towards the ropes and rebounds back, an elbow drop… it misses! Kanyon rolls out of the way, his arm now stretched out towards his team’s corner and his partner waiting on the apron. The only problem is that Raven isn’t on the apron, he has his back to the ring and is sitting on the floor below.

    Kanyon crawls over to the corner, he begins cursing at Raven to get up there and make a tag, it’s pointless, Raven isn’t moving. Kanyon stomps his feet in frustration, the crowd are laughing at his spoilt child act, and is forced to come to the realisation that he’ll have to go alone if he wants to win the titles. Turning his attention back to the match, Kanyon is surprised to see Kenny Kaos rushing towards him and the two begin to trade punches across the squared circle. The champions made a tag while Kanyon was focused on Raven, Kaos is fresh and is unloading with hard strikes before sending Kanyon up and back down with an inverted atomic drop!

    Kanyon staggers away, Kaos follows him and nails a lariat which takes the challenger down. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! We are not done yet, Kaos throws a look towards his partner and the two begin communicating. We’re about to see the very best team in the world work together, Kaos slings Kanyon into the corner and tags in Steiner. The two begin to tag in and out, switching every few seconds after him a variety of moves including a vertical suplex and leg drop combination. The momentum in this match has shifted and is now completely in the hands of the champions.

    After several minutes of tag team moves, being capped off with Steiner hitting a double underhook powerbomb and Kaos flying off the top rope with a sunset flip! The cover is made by Kaos, he hooks the leg and the champions are about to celebrate. ONE! TWO! RAVEN STRIKES! Stunning the entire arena, Raven rushes into the ring and is battering anyone who has a heartbeat. Steiner rushes into the ring to protect his teammate from the illegal man but Raven strikes him first, nailing a spike DDT! Steiner is sent to the outside of the ring while the referee is going ballistic at Raven.

    The enigma that is Raven grabs Kaos, the man who he originally attacked and connects with another spike DDT! Raven sits up on his knees, his hair falling down his face, his eyes looking down and then he rolls right out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Raven is walking out of this match… at least he is until he pauses halfway up the ramp. Then, Raven looks over his shoulder and heads straight for Rick Steiner on the outside. Neither man inside the ring, the legal men, are moving, while Raven hammers away on Steiner. He picks Rick up and slams the champion face first into the ring post, Steiner is knocked out cold! Rick Steiner is out of it due to Raven’s savage assault, he hasn’t even been legal in this entire match.

    With Rick Steiner taken out, the dangerous mind of Raven know turns back to the ring. He slowly walks back around to the corner, Kanyon begins to stir and Raven extends his hand. Inch by inch, Kanyon approaches the corner and gets the tag to Raven. He steps through the ropes, taking the time to remove his leather jacket and stalks Kenny Kaos. The champion has no partner to tag, Raven has struck like lightening after sitting on the sideline for the majority of this contest until now. He is the creature in the shadows and the crowd are shocked, Raven extends his arms wide as he waits for Kaos to rise.

    No emotion is shown on Raven’s face, you wouldn’t be able to tell this was a title match at the biggest show of the year judging by the facial expression of Raven. It’s like he is lifeless, dead inside but Raven is very much the lifeblood of this match. He is in control, the challengers have it and Raven looks to secure the win as he grabs Kaos by the head and goes for the spike DDT! However, Kaos blocks it, lifting Raven up into the air and dropping him with a flapjack. The crowd comes alive, Kaos looks up from the canvas seeking his partner, he will find no one! Steiner is out cold on the outside; Kaos is alone. The champion digs deep, getting back to his feet, he rushes towards the ropes and slips to the outside.

    While standing on the ring apron, Kaos fends off a cheap shot from Kanyon and knocks him down with a right hand. The crowd stands as Kaos springboards back into the ring, looking for his finisher – SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! Through the air, Kaos flies and is on target to nail Raven… HE CAUGHT HIM IN MID-AIR! SPIKE DDT! Holy shit, Raven caught Kaos flying through the air and nailed that devastating spike DDT on the champion. Immediately, Raven turns Kaos over and places a hand on his chest for the cover. ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Kanyon and Raven defeat Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos at 09:57 to become the NEW WCW World Tag Team Champions.

    We have crowned our first new champion of the night and we got there in a rather weird way, certainly not the normal format of a tag team match. It looked like Raven was going to stay out of the match entirely until his partner needed him most, only then did Raven rise from his own self-pity and act. Upon making the three count, the referee gathers the two title belts and hands one to Raven and one to Kanyon. The former refuses to take the belt and drops it on the canvas, stepping right onto it as he walks out of the ring and up the ramp. Kanyon staggers into the ring, collects the belt and wears both of them proudly while exiting ringside.

    Tony Schiavone: We had questions about how’d they would function and it turns out those questions were right on point. Kanyon and Raven didn’t communicate, they didn’t work well together and yet somehow, they are walking out of Starrcade as the new WCW World Tag Team Champions. This certainly means we’re going to have to hear Kanyon gloat about this victory for months. Look at the way he is parading around with those titles.

    Mike Tenay: It’s worth mentioning the post-match actions of Raven when he was handed one of the titles. Instead of accepting it and putting it on like most people do, it’s supposed to be a time of celebration but instead Raven threw the title on the ground and stepped on it. Raven treated the title like it was a piece of trash, he doesn’t give a damn about it.

    Bobby Heenan: He’s a complete wacko! You can’t figure out what is going through the mind of Raven. People like him need to be locked up in a nut house, not working for the finest professional wrestling organization in the world. We can only hope that Kanyon is able to sort his partner out. I believe in Kanyon, the guy is a fantastic athlete and the future of WCW. He deserves to carry both those titles, he did all the work. All Raven did was come in at the end and pick the leftovers from Kanyon’s hard work.

    Back inside the ring, the now former champions are huddled together. They look highly disappointed in their defeat tonight. The crowd gives them a slight applause as they exit the ring, Steiner being helped by Kaos up the ramp.

    Footage from earlier in the night plays showing the arrival of the three competitors in the main event for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. The screen has been split into three sections, Kevin Nash on the left, Bam Bam Bigelow on the right and in the middle, is Goldberg. Nash arrives alone, a noticeable fact, and carries a large bag through the parking lot. His hair tied up behind his head, dressed in a large Detroit Lions football jersey. Ever the performer, Nash spots the camera and winks, motioning that he wants the title belt before he enters the arena. Bam Bam is less excited about being filmed and immediately tells the cameraman to scram once he realizes that filming is taking place. The final man, Goldberg, is unbreakable. It’s fitting for the undefeated man, he is in the zone, his head down, a hoodie flip up and the World Title around his waist. Goldberg just walks from his car straight to the door of the arena, opens it and never says a word or reacts to the cameraman.

    Tony Schiavone: That was earlier tonight, gentlemen. Did you see anything in different reactions from all three competitors that interested you?

    Mike Tenay: We keep mentioning it but it’s an important point to make, Tony. Kevin Nash’s arrival tonight at Starrcade. He arrived alone, no members of the New World Order were present when Nash pulled up in his car. You could see the confidence oozing out of Kevin Nash. Totally playful with the cameraman, unlike any World Title challenger I’ve seen throughout my years in professional wrestling. Most guys are closer to Bigelow, they hate to be bothered by the showmanship of it all and they simply want to prepare for the challenge ahead. It’s very interesting.

    Bobby Heenan: Well, you’re wrong once again. Listen, did you see how shaken Goldberg looked? I think he is afraid because he can sense it. Just smell the air around here! It’s in the atmosphere. Goldberg knows that Bam Bam Bigelow is going to end the streak tonight. I loved what I saw from Bam Bam. That cameraman was lucky his head wasn’t ripped clean off! That’s the intensity that a World Champion needs and only Bam Bam Bigelow showed that.

    Backstage, the makeshift team of Booker T and Bret Hart are engaged in a heated debate in the locker-room. Some of the other wrestlers are changing in the background or preparing for matches later in the evening; at least that’s what they are pretending to be doing when in reality all the eyes are on this argument. Booker T is dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and has a gold chain around his neck. His partner, Hart, is in jean shorts and a thick leather jacket with black sunglasses, his hair mysteriously wet!

    Booker T: No, you listen to me! I want you to understand that I don’t trust you. Walkin’ round here thinkin’ that you and I are good? We’re not good by a long shot, sucka! The way I see it, we got to work together otherwise the nWo is goin’ ta’ be runnin’ this place like some damn prison! We won’t have a choice, no power, no freedom and I’m not playin’ that game, ya dig? I fought for everythin’ I got. I never had a famous daddy to hand me everythin’ on a silver spoon. I’ll keep my eyes on Hogan and Steina’ but don’t think of playin’ me t’night!

    Bret Hart: I see the New World Order as problem that needs to be dealt with, Booker. You said it yourself, tonight we are on the same team. You have nothing to worry about. Recently my efforts to win the United States Heavyweight Championship may have caused you some concern but so long as our alliance benefits me more than any other option, you have my word that I shall lay not a finger on your tiny little head.

    Booker T: Take off those glasses when ya’ talkin’ ta’ me!

    With a smug look on his face, Hart slowly removes his sunglasses and places them on the chair next to him.

    Bret Hart: How’s that? Look, it’s obvious neither of us want to be here. In fact, I should be wrestling Diamond Dallas Page for the United States Heavyweight Championship. That belt belongs to me. However, circumstances beyond my control have forced the two of us together. You’d rather be teaming with Luger and I’m sure he’d give some rousing speech about for the good of WCW that you two defeat Hogan and Steiner. That’s a pipe dream and so would be any idea of the two of you winning. Luger can’t wrestle right now. He’s hurt. You think that you’re stuck with me when in reality, you’re blessed. You actually have a chance of winning tonight because even as poor of a wrestler as you are, I’m the best there ever was.

    Booker T: We’ll see t’night when we get into ‘dat ring. Let’s see if, unlike on Nitro, when it’s two on one, if you can manage to muster up the balls to make the save.

    Bret Hart: As I said, I’m the best there ever was. If I were you, I’d shut my mouth and be glad that you have a partner capable of making a save, let alone win the damn match. Count your lucky stars that I’m going to drag you out of the gutter and to success, tonight. Starrcade, a win against Hollywood Hogan. That’s the biggest of your career, Booker. You can thank me later but for now, it’d be best if you knew your place and followed my lead.

    With that said, Booker T walks towards the door of the locker-room and exits. Unmoved by the tension between the two men, unlikely allies in this time of war, Bret picks up his sunglasses and puts them back on. Hart takes a seat at his locker and begins searching through his bag for the necessary equipment for tonight.

    **Get Beck**

    The high-flying division of World Championship Wrestling is on show as four of the top stars in the Cruiserweight division will collide, unbound by the limits of gravity. Ladders are all over the arena floor; big ones, small ones, some are standing up while others are on the ground. The first man to enter the madness is Psicosis, his long black hair covering his face along with his mask.

    Michael Buffer: Wrestling fans around the world it is now time to decide which supreme athlete has the ability to conquer ladders and the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. Introducing first, from Mexico City, Mexico – Psicosis!

    Tony Schiavone: We are set for some exciting action in WCW’s cruiserweight division. Fans around the world you are in for a treat with these four superstars. Not only will you see the high-flying action that has become such a staple of World Championship Wrestling but this match will involve ladders which you can see surrounding the ring.

    Mike Tenay: Dozens of ladders scattered throughout ringside. Psicosis is someone who can thrive in this environment, he has had success as a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion. One of four men in this match, we’ve seen him shine in the weeks leading up to this match with a rivalry between Juventud really picking up the pace in recent weeks.

    The crowd gives a mild reception for Psicosis, he flicks his hair and raises a hand in the air, pointing towards the title hanging above the ring before breaking into a sprint on his way to the ring.

    **Summer Nights In Spain**

    A louder reaction greets the second man to make his way from the entrance chute. It’s louder for sure, though it’s negative and that can be attributed to Juventud Guerrera’s association with the Latino World Order. Guerrera and Psicosis both held positions in the faction however it was Psicosis who started showing signs of displeasure with the actions under of the group, leaving and making a save for Rey Mysterio jr. on Nitro one evening. Juventud merely left the group when it began to sink rather than out of his own moral fibre.

    Michael Buffer: Making his way down the aisle, competing out of Mexico City, Mexico – Juventud Guerrera!

    Bobby Heenan: A top contender in the division for a long time now, Juventud has always been in the hunt for the gold. His high-flying ability is one of the very best that WCW has to offer.

    Tony Schiavone: You can see the tension between Juventud and Psicosis, they cannot even share the same ring without getting into a fight. It’s a smart move for Juventud to wait on the outside.

    Making his way down to the ring, Juventud shakes a few of the ladders around ringside, climbing on the opposite side to the entrance ramp and waiting for the others to arrive.

    **Black Knight**

    Perhaps the best technical wrestler not only in this match but in the entire world. Dean Malenko, a former Horsemen, steps out onto the stage holding his wrist with an expressionless look on his face. Since the Four Horsemen disbanded, Malenko has displayed a greater heelish tone, attacking the right knee of various opponents, including the reigning champion who is yet to make his own entrance. Malenko for the most part has been working local jobbers throughout the build to Starrcade, getting the gimmick of injuring his opponents with a kneebar over and didn’t touch a major name until a week before Starrcade when he applied the kneebar on Kidman and had to be forcibly removed by security.

    Michael Buffer: Introducing the final challenger, from Tampa, Florida – Dean Malenko!

    Bobby Heenan: This is my pick to win this tonight! His kneebar has been destroying people in recent weeks. Nobody has ever escaped on their own. We’ve even seen the champion tap to the kneebar. Malenko has been on a mean streak ever since the Four Horsemen disbanded. Finally, Malenko has grabbed the attention that he deserves.

    Mike Tenay: He is one of the best wrestlers in the division with an expert knowledge of wrestling holds. His submission and suplex ability is unmatched by any other cruiserweight. The addition of the kneebar has been a new weapon in his arsenal and one that could very well lead to Dean Malenko winning the title. Submissions may not get the job done tonight but it could cause his opponents to be unable to climb the ladder.

    Standing inside the ring, Malenko eyes Psicosis and peers out of the corner of his eye at Juventud standing on the ladder. He seems unamused at the two competitors in front of him, almost like they are simply a waste of his time.


    Finally, the crowd have a major name to support in this four-way ladder match. As Kidman emerges from the entrance chute, the obvious thing is that he is without the WCW Cruiserweight Title. Kidman’s eyes immediately look up towards his belt, hanging high in the rafters waiting for somebody to climb a ladder and retrieve it. While the fans chant his name, it is important to point out that Kidman is slightly limping and has his right knee heavily wrapped with bandages. That being a direct result of Malenko’s devastating kneebar. We get a shot of Malenko smirking at the sight of Kidman’s struggle to display his usual explosiveness.

    Michael Buffer: And now, the final competitor, from Allentown, Pennsylvania, he is the reigning WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman!

    Tony Schiavone: The man who rules the roost of the cruiserweight division, Billy Kidman. He has fought bravely against all challenges who have wanted a title shot against him. Kidman was the victim of targeted attacks by the former LWO, yet here he stands as the WCW Cruiserweight Champion at Starrcade.

    Bobby Heenan: Even a broken clock is right twice a day, Tony! That man is the walking wounded right now. Dean Malenko has torn Kidman’s knee to bits, I doubt he can even climb a ladder. He doesn’t stand a chance against the technical skill of Malenko!

    A huge applause erupts from the crowd moments later when Kidman strikes Malenko across the face and clotheslines him to the outside of the ring, the bell sounds and the match begins!

    Match Four
    Billy Kidman (c) vs. Psicosis vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Dean Malenko
    WCW Cruiserweight Championship

    To start the contest Malenko is knocked to the outside of the ring, Kidman throws a glance towards the two competitors brawling across the ring before diving to the outside of the ring onto Malenko! Kidman and Malenko begin to brawl on the outside of the ring, Malenko getting whacked around with hard chops – Kidman the aggressor as he grabs Malenko by the arm and slings him into the barricade. Meanwhile, Psicosis and Juventud are battling it out inside the ring, the former with his back against the corner while Juventud drives his boot into the stomach. Receiving boos from the crowd, Juventud pays them no attention as he continues to assault Psicosis, lifting him up and connecting with a sitout facebuster in the middle of the ring.

    Juventud stands up, the sole man inside the ring and slowly raises his head, looking towards the gold that hangs high in the air. For a moment he is lost in awe of the prize on the line – Psicosis recovers, delivering a dropkick to the back of Juventud which sends the man stumbling into a corner. Juventud charges forward – Psicosis grabs hold of the top rope and bounces over the top and onto the ring apron. Thinking quickly while running forward Juventud jumps, landing on the second turnbuckle and jumps from inside the ring over the top rope, on the way down he grabs Psicosis and nails a neckbreaker onto the floor!

    Our attention now turns to the action occurring away from the wreckage we’ve just seen created. Kidman and Malenko are going full force against each other, Kidman caught in the grasp of Malenko as he slams the champion into the steel post head first. With multiple referees at ringside, mainly for the safety of the competitors, Malenko shouts at them to get the hell out of the way as he approaches one of the ladders. His vision is not to bring it into the ring at the moment – instead it is to inflict punishment against the reigning champion. With a ladder lifted off the ground and held out in front, Malenko charges towards Kidman at full speed!

    Ducking underneath, sliding on his bad knee, Kidman escapes punishment – he gets back up, turning around and Malenko spins his body, the ladder going along with it and cracks Kidman on his blindside! Malenko adjusts the ladder in his hands and drops it down onto Kidman with a hard thud. Now, Malenko’s attention turns to the gold hanging above the ring, the goal of every single man in this match and many more in the locker-room. Another ladder is scooped up by Dean, he slides it underneath the bottom rope and follows after it. As Malenko attempts to pick up the ladder, Juventud comes flying into the ring with a springboard leg drop – crushing Malenko’s head against the steel of the ladder. It is the masked luchador who seizes the moment, picking up the ladder and setting it up inside the ring, he begins to climb reaching halfway before Psicosis strikes him from behind. From the ladder, Juventud kicks at Psicosis, striking his face but Psicosis will not give up, pulling Juventud off the ladder and hitting a spinning heel kick to the face.

    Juventud is knocked down to the canvas and rolls onto the apron. A quick attempt at victory is made as Psicosis scurries up the ladder, his eyes on the prize but his attempt is cut short by Dean Malenko making his way up the other side of the ladder. Both men could touch the title belt if they reached, Malenko reaching for Psicosis face with a hard-closed fist instead. They jab back and forth, Psicosis coming off second best before going high risk, stepping up a few more rungs on the ladder, grabbing Malenko and diving over his opponent – SUNSET FLIP INTO A POWERBOMB OFF THE LADDER! The sound of Malenko’s back hitting the canvas echoes, it’s absolutely sickening, so of course that means we see five different versions played on the big screen. Malenko is motionless inside the ring, pain piercing his entire body whilst Psicosis shakes off his portion of the impact and goes back to climbing the ladder. Nobody is in sight as Psicosis ascends to the top, his hand touches the title – suddenly, Kidman comes flying from the outside off a ladder he set up on the outside and he connects with a dropkick!

    Kidman rubs his knee, the existing injury could play a major role in this contest – he must push on though and Kidman isn't one to complain as he shoves the main ladder being used to the canvas. It closes in on itself, Kidman grabs Psicosis, scoops him up and delivers a hard slam onto the ladder. Kidman wants to stack ‘em up, the champion grabs Malenko and with little resistance executes a powerbomb onto the ladder, right next to Psicosis. The crowd is cheering loudly as Kidman points towards the turnbuckle, he wants to secure his position as the champion – Kidman heads to the corner and climbs, it is here when Juventud enters the fray once again grabbing the bad leg of Kidman. Juventud wraps his arms around the leg, jumps and twists while falling to the ground! Kidman screams in pain, he clutches at it, still perched on the top rope.

    Juventud picks up a ladder from the outside, slides it into the ring and follows afterwards. With Malenko and Psicosis laying next to each other on a ladder, Juventud approaches with a ladder of his own and sandwiches them between the two ladders. As the sole man standing in this match right now, Juventud could make an easy climb but his focus is on the opponents – he steps over the ladder and approaches the corner, delivering a couple of forearms to Kidman’s head. The champion is prone, Juventud can sense it as he climbs the turnbuckle from the inside and hooks Kidman – SUPERPLEX! Juventud delivered a superplex to Kidman onto the ladder stacked on top of Psicosis and Dean Malenko, who were also on a ladder!

    You’d think that Juventud would be able to claim victory right now, right? That would be the case if his head had not nicked the edge of the ladder, knocking even Juventud silly. All four men are down, this move has taken as much from Juventud as it did from the three men he aimed to delivered punishment too. It’s a standstill for a few moments, the crowd being to stir as they want to what else this contest can deliver. Much to their amusement, Juventud begins to move, rolling over the wreckage and spreading his arms for a ladder. None are up, his head is spinning but here he goes – Juventud grabs the ladder that was once on top of Psicosis and Malenko, placing it to the side of the title belt and leans against the rungs. Before climbing, Juventud sees that Psicosis is beginning to roll a bit – he picks Psicosis up off the canvas and nails a wheelbarrow facebuster.

    Finally, Juventud climbs having taken out Psicosis. Those two have been specifically going after each over all match and now, Juventud is a few steps away. The crowd boos, the masked luchador is going to claim the gold – Malenko staggers up from the wreckage and climbs the ladder on the same side as Juventud. Elbowing as hard as he can, Juventud tries to break free – Malenko refuses and falls backwards with his hands wrapped around the waist of Juventud – GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE LADDER! Juventud lands right on his head, rolling to the outside of the ring and falling to the floor. If the boos were loud before, they are even louder as Malenko begins to ascend in his chase for the title belt. Malenko can taste the title, his hand reaches up – A LADDER IS THROWN AT MALENKO! It’s a smaller ladder to be sure, a ladder is tossed by Billy Kidman directly at Malenko and smashes him off the ladder.

    Kidman charges in and Malenko counters with a drop-toe-hold, he rolls over and applies a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. This cannot win him the match but Malenko is working the bad knee, transition to a single leg Boston Crab – tightening his grip on the injury he created on Nitro. The champion is in agony, the injury could be a huge factor in the result of this contest. We watch on as Malenko sinks even deeper, while doing so Psicosis pulls himself up from the outside of the ring and he begins to climb the ladder. Malenko doesn’t know, he is facing away from the ladder – PSICOSIS IS GOING TO WIN! The crowd’s reaction finally alerts Malenko to turn around, his eyes pop out of his head, the best technical wrestler in the world scurries up the free side of the ring and grabs Psicosis by the head, banging it into the top rung of the ladder. On wobbly legs, Psicosis drops down several rungs and Malenko goes for the title belt – exposing himself as Juventud springboards from the ring apron kicking at the ladder and knocking both men to the floor!

    All four men are inside the ring, Malenko and Psicosis are down having tumbled from the ladder moments ago. Kidman is in the corner recovering from the submission hold from Malenko and the story of the moment, the man in control is Juventud who stands up and slaps his chest. The luchador points upwards, he signals that the title belongs to him. Juventud grabs the ladder he just kicked over but it’s busted, the frame that holds it in place is snapped following the floor. In frustration, Juventud tosses it to the outside and grabs the other on the canvas, he kicks Malenko while moving into position; the crowd are booing as Juventud begins to climb the ladder. The chant of “Kidman” rises, the champion begins to feed on the emotion of the crowd… KIDMAN STANDS ON THE BAD KNEE! Kidman battles through the pain, walking towards the ladder, Juventud begins to panic, trying to unclip the belt but Kidman strikes before he can free it. Kidman tips the ladder, it begins to fall and Juventud jumps off to safety, Kidman strikes with a kick to the skull! Juventud goes to his knees as Kidman lifts on his shoulders, the knee holding up – FIREMAN’S CARRY NECKBREAKER ONTO THE LADDER!

    Kidman doesn’t get up right away, he looks around the ring at the various men who are also down. The champion gets to his feet, and is tackled to the ground by Dean Malenko. A double leg takedown by Malenko as he fights for position, grabbing at the knee and hammering away with punches. Kidman flees to the outside of the ring, that isn’t going to give him much breathing room as Malenko rolls right after him and stomps after the champion. They brawl for a moment, Kidman doing his best to keep moving while Malenko takes wild swings and kicks at the right knee. Malenko explodes forward, Kidman spins out of it and looks for the fireman’s carry neckbreaker again! Slipping free, Malenko lands behind Kidman – German suplex! No! SUICIDE DIVE BY PSICOSIS! Crashing onto both men, Psicosis leaps at full speed from the inside of the ring onto the floor below. It catches Malenko and Kidman off guard, both men are rocked – Psicosis gets back to his feet and looks towards several of the ladders around ring.

    Psicosis grabs one of the ladders, making a bridge between the barricade and the ring as he places it across the two points. Inside the ring, Juventud is moving, pulling himself up with the ropes – he battles forward and leaps over the top rope – FAKE! Psicosis doesn’t fall for it – grabbing Juventud by the ankles and sweeping his legs out from underneath. Psicosis climbs up onto the apron, he delivers a combination of hard strikes and hooks Juventud from behind – looking for a German suplex through the bridged ladder. Juventud has to fight it, he cannot allow himself to be put from the ladder like that. Meanwhile, Malenko slings the champion into the barricade – LARIAT! Kidman is knocked over the barricade into the crowd, Malenko surveys the scene and sees the other two men battling on the apron of the ring. He hurries, grabbing a ladder and putting it inside the ring. Malenko begins to climb, he is beginning to make some ground – Juventud battles out of his situation and knocks Psicosis onto the ladder he set up.

    Juventud goes back into the ring, Malenko reaches and grabs the title – IT WON’T UNHOOK! Juventud scurries up… headbutt to Malenko! Juventud glances at the title, then back down to Psicosis… he climbs down off the ladder and grabs the rungs of the free side. The ladder begins to shake, Malenko holds on and ends up tumbling off onto the canvas. It’s not that bad a fall, Malenko gets to his feet – Juventud grabs him and slings the technician into the ropes, on the rebound he jumps into the air and nails a tornado DDT! Juventud looks around, a ladder to his side… nobody is in a position to stop him so Juventud sets it up and climbs on the side closest to Psicosis. He gets about halfway up when the crowd comes alive… in the corner of the screen Billy Kidman is crawling from the barricade. Juventud has to hurry, but he has taken punishment as has everyone, they are climbing like men who have clashed with ladders and come off second best.

    Kidman gets to the ring apron, he looks up at Juventud and realizes his title is in the balance… Kidman gets onto the apron – SPRINGBOARD INTO THE RING! Crack! Kidman swings a steel chair in mid-air off the springboard. While he was at the apron of the ring, Kidman reached underneath and pulled a chair out. Amazingly, Juventud hasn’t fallen – he is OUT COLD leaning over the top of the ladder. Kidman shakes off the cobwebs, his knee aching and causing him tremendous pain. The chair has fallen to the canvas, Kidman doesn’t need it right now as he approaches the ladder and begins to tip it towards the ladder bridge between barricade and apron. The crowd rises, Juventud isn’t getting out of this – PSICOSIS MOVES BUT JUVENTUD CRASHES THROUGH THE LADDER!

    It’s split in half, breaking right down the freaking middle and Juventud is out. He is finished, cross his name out of this contest. Psicosis has recovered, he looks on at the damage and even he takes a moment to pause at the carnage. He cannot take too long as Kidman sets the ladder back up, he climbs… Psicosis comes hurrying into the ring – Crack! Malenko nails him in the head with the chair introduced by Kidman. In the same manner, Malenko swings at Kidman – he blocks for a head strike but Malenko STRIKES THE KNEE! Brilliant work by Malenko, he opens the chair up and places it around the bad leg of Kidman. While setting this up, Psicosis staggers towards Malenko – FIREMAN’S CARRY GUTBUSTER WITH THE KNEES! Malenko rolls over, grabs Psicosis around the waist and pulls him up – GERMAN SUPLEX! The hands remain locked, Malenko pulls Psicosis back up, he switches to a full nelson – DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX! Malenko is a freaking machine, he keeps the arms locked, rolling – spins Psicosis around, kick to the stomach – POWERBOMB into the corner! Psicosis stumbles forward, Malenko grabs his legs and catapults him from the inside of the ring all the way to the fall out of it!

    We are down to two men inside the ring and perhaps in contention for victory of this match. The two men who have the biggest issue with each other, the champion and the biggest threat to the title in the world. Kidman is still down, his leg between the steel chair as Malenko climbs to the top rope – FLYING STOMP! Kidman frees his leg, Malenko stomps nothing but steel chair – Kidman lifts him up for a fireman’s carry neckbreaker – Malenko wriggles free and backs up. Here comes Malenko charging forward for a lariat, Kidman ducks and nails a dropkick to send Malenko to the floor. He gets up quickly, Kidman sees this and pushes through the pain, knocking the ladder over and picking it up in his hands – KIDMAN EXECUTES A PLANCHA OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH THE LADDER!

    The champion may have a busted knee but he is fighting with everything he has left. We have no ladders in the ring, the medical staff are placing Juventud on a stretcher and removing him from ringside. Psicosis hasn’t moved since Malenko went full terminator on him with variations of the suplex. Kidman and Malenko stay down for nearly a full minute – the crowd allowed to rest and soak in all the craziness they have witnessed in this contest. One out of the four men has already been removed, this is at this point a triple threat. He will not be back. Kidman gets up, his knee barely holding together and he steps towards the ladder which has fallen next to Malenko – KNEEBAR!

    Out of nowhere, Malenko hooked his legs around the knee of Kidman and applies the kneebar which has taken out everyone it has been applied to – NOBODY HAS EVER COUNTERED THE KNEEBAR! The crowd can sense this is the end of the reign for Kidman, he is crawling but nothing will save him. Malenko is twisting and turning, this dangerous move has torn ligaments of wrestlers for well over a month now. Kidman refuses to tape, it means nothing to the match but Dean Malenko would gain great satisfaction in knowing he made Kidman tap out on the biggest stage in professional wrestling.

    The kneebar remains on, Malenko pulling tightly and yet Kidman still pulls towards the apron of the ring. He is crawling… Kidman reaches underneath the ring and pulls out another chair. A swing fuelled by agony and desperation… connects to the head of Malenko! The hold is broken by the chair, Kidman rolls away from Malenko – the damage is done though. Surely, he’d be unable to walk at this point. The title is there for the taking as soon as Malenko gathers his thoughts after being rocked by the chair shot.

    While the attention of the cameras and the fans are on these two men, elsewhere Psicosis begins to lurk. He stands up, the camera switches to him and his eyes are fixated on the WCW Cruiserweight Championship hanging above the ring. Psicosis enters the ring… no ladder is there! A huge mistake but you can understand it, the punishment and the back and forth of this match must make it hard to think. Psicosis rolls back to the outside and grabs a ladder. Back into the ring, Psicosis sets the ladder up - destiny is waiting for him! Psicosis is ascending… halfway there! His hand is on the gold – KIDMAN REACHES THE LADDER!

    It’s a fight between Kidman and Psicosis, both men slugging it out on top of the ladder. Kidman’s bad leg barely allowing him to put pressure on it. Psicosis reaches for the belt but Kidman slaps it wildly, spinning the title back and forth making it impossible to grab right now. Frustration appears on the face of Psicosis, he swings hard from the top of the ladder – Kidman blocks the wild strike and shoves Psicosis off the ladder and to the canvas! Kidman reaches up for the belt… Psicosis is shakes the ladder from the floor. Kidman looks down in disbelief, Psicosis will not give up his dream either. Tucking his head as he falls, Kidman lands relatively safely and happens to be right next to the steel chair he originally introduced.

    Psicosis doesn’t see this and moves forward – KIDMAN LAUNCHES THE CHAIR AT PSICOSIS! It lands right in the head, Psicosis is stunned – Kidman grabs him and connects with the BK BOMB! The Sitout spinebuster near the edge of the ring, as they sit there… Malenko strikes from the outside and uses a ladder like a spear to smash Kidman in the side of the head. Heavy boos rain down from the audience as Malenko tosses the ladder to the side, re-entering the ring and tossing Psicosis to the outside. Malenko stands over Kidman, yelling at him as he places his foot down on the champion’s knee. “You will tap out! Tap out!” Malenko’s obsession takes over as he goes for the knee, the title is there for the taking but Malenko is more focused on forcing Kidman to tap out to his kneebar.

    Kidman fights it off, kicking Malenko with an up-kick! Malenko stumbles backwards and ends up leaning against the ladder. His eyes dart to the title belt and now Malenko realizes what he should’ve done the entire time – CLIMB THE LADDER! Kidman goes for the other side, both men now climbing and the crowd are on their feet. Kidman is a few rungs below Malenko, the challenger reaching for the title when he gets punched in the stomach. They are slugging the future of the title out, high in the air, nobody blocking a damn thing as Kidman and Malenko trade shot for shot. Malenko rakes the eyes of Kidman – the champion stumbles down – MALENKO REACHES FOR THE BELT! Kidman fires off another shot, Malenko leans over then Kidman leaps off the side – HURRICANRANA OFF THE LADDER! Both men crash down to the canvas… Malenko is thrown to the outside while Kidman lands close to the ladder.

    While Kidman is the down, the crowd and the champion understand that he is the only man inside the ring. Kidman looks up at his belt and begins to crawl, the crowd stand up and cheer, this war is surely over… Kidman is halfway. One rung to go, his fingertips are on the title belt – KIDMAN UNHOOKS IT!


    Billy Kidman defeats Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera and Dean Malenko at 20:15 to RETAIN the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

    The crowd offers a loud applause and cheering for Kidman; the champion is absolutely exhausted. Unable to move a muscle, Kidman leans over the ladder with the title belt in his hand and looks around at the carnage around the ring. Juventud long ago carted to the back, Psicosis down on the outside of the ring as is Dean Malenko, the latter is looking up at the sole survivor of this mayhem with a look of disgust while holding his neck. The fans chant ‘Kidman’ – the champion begins to climb down the ladder, barely able to put any weight on his knee, the title on his shoulder. Upon landing on the canvas, Kidman steps into the middle of the ring and proudly holds up the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, the crowd cheering loudly.

    Tony Schiavone: That was one of the craziest matches I have seen in all my time in professional wrestling. This was an absolute war here at Starrcade between four of the best wrestlers in the cruiserweight division. Let me remind you, this is exclusive to World Championship Wrestling. You cannot see this kind of fast paced action on any other program. You can see how much prestigious the championships are in WCW, Kidman putting his body through hell to retain. We’re seeing some of the memorable moments on the big screen, we will be remembering them for many years to come.

    Bobby Heenan: I don’t know how on earth Kidman is standing. Dean Malenko put that kneebar on him outside the ring just like he did on Nitro, I thought we were set to crown a new champion after that. Somehow, Billy Kidman pushed through tremendous pain and stole the title from Dean Malenko. I cannot comprehend how he did it but Billy Kidman is walking out on a busted knee as champion while Dean Malenko watches on from the outside!

    Mike Tenay: Ladders and bodies are scattered throughout ringside, a true reminder of the carnage that a ladder match can result in. I have to wonder what the state of Juventud is at the moment after crashing through the ladder. Hopefully we will have an update on his condition later on in the night. The future of the division looks to be in great hands with a champion like Billy Kidman.

    Bobby Heenan: But for how long can Billy Kidman stay WCW Cruiserweight Champion with the wolves circling him? That knee surely won't survive very long with the high-flying style that we have come to expect in the cruiserweight division.



    A still image of a red and yellow Hulk Hogan shirt on a child’s bedroom table, it’s bright colours illuminating innocence.

    “This right here is the New World Order of wrestling, brother!”

    The shirt begins to decay, turning into dust as a breeze takes whole and leaves nothing in its place.

    “I am the greatest wrestler of all time, Mean Gene.”

    Shots of Hollywood Hogan using underhanded tactics to win various matches, including choking Roddy Piper with his thick leather belt.

    “Without me this company would be in the ground.”

    Clips of the New World Order, Hogan standing in front leading the pack, walking down to the ring and taunting fans.

    “All these fans should get on their knees and worship me, brother! I am God!”

    Scott Hall heads to the ring with great confidence; Hall hits the Razor’s Edge in the middle of the ring.

    “You thought the nWo was dead?”

    Flashes of Scott Steiner, Konan and The Giant dominating the competition, wearing the colours of the New World Order.

    “Dead? You can’t kill what is IMMORTAL!”

    Shots of Hulk Hogan, the red and yellow… it slowly is overtaken by a black and white effect which covers the screen; a flash of light occurs and suddenly he is fully in Hollywood Hogan form.

    “Hulkamania lives forever? No, the nWo lives forever!”

    Each of the previously mentioned nWo members are shown laughing into the camera.

    “Well… let me… tell you… something… brother.”

    A final shot of Hollywood Hogan is shown, a close up of his face as he has a big grin on his face.

    “Hulkamania is dead.”

    January 17, 1999 - Charleston, West Virginia
    World Championship Wrestling Presents


    New New


    The man who oozes confidence more than any other in the entire professional wrestling business struts out onto the stage – Scott Hall, decked out in nWo gear, appears out of the entrance chute and is unmercifully booed. A smug grin appears on Hall’s face, he flicks his wet hair and signals that he is going to win the title tonight before walking down to the ring. One fan displays the ‘too sweet’ hand gesture, Hall approaches him and flicks his toothpick right in his face, laughing as he walks away.

    Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall and will be for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, representing the New World Order, from Miami Florida… Scott Hall!

    Bobby Heenan: Did you see that fan trying to suck up to Scott Hall and the nWo? I’m far from a fan of the New World Order, that has been well documented. However, I understand that dweebs like that guy can’t join the New World Order under this new vow the group has undertaken. The days of appealing to the audience is dead. The New World Order care only about winning titles and taking over professional wrestling as they did at the height of their powers.

    Mike Tenay: I think that’s why you hear such a negative response along with their actions, ganging up on several competitors instead of entering a fair fight. Many fans have been fans of the nWo for years but now they’ve been told to throw their merchandise in the garbage, burn it and never try to associate with the nWo ever again. They have completely turned against not only those who they deem lesser than elite, but all fans have been deemed as worthless pieces of trash.

    Tony Schiavone: That’s the way Hollywood Hogan has reformed the nWo as one entity. These people who support our product, pay hard earned money to come to the shows are simply not worth the time of the New World Order. We’ve had people from all over the world sending in videos of themselves burning their nWo merchandise and I couldn’t be prouder! This man, Scott Hall was attacked by the nWo Black and White at World War 3 but here he is now, back in the fold and returning to someone of the same men who wanted his head on a platter! Hall has bought into the idea of the nWo being reduced to its core, being stronger than ever after cutting the fat… we’ll find out tonight if Scott Hall has made the right decision.

    Standing inside the ring, Hall climbs the right turnbuckle closest to the hard camera and taunts some of the fans at ringside.

    **Self High-Five**

    A huge cheer erupts as Diamond Dallas Page charges onto the entrance stage. One of the older performers on the show yet still one of the more popular in the whole of World Championship Wrestling. Page rips off the title belt, throwing it high above his head and yelling at the crowd for them to get louder. From the stage, Page points down towards the ring and shakes his head at Hall. The two men begin to banter as DDP makes his way down to the ring, the crowd standing as both men shout insults at each other.

    Michael Buffer: And now, introducing the reigning WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, from the Jersey Shore – Diamond Dallas Page!

    Tony Schiavone: Listen to the ovation at Starrcade for the United States Heavyweight Champion! Diamond Dallas Page, fighting for WCW against the nWo’s attempt to regain championship gold. They failed earlier tonight when Chris Jericho upset The Giant and now, the fate of this company turns to DDP. For the past few months Page has been involved in a classic rivalry with Bret Hart which was put to end on Nitro following World War 3. Ever since then, Hall has been doing whatever he can to get under the skin of DDP.

    Mike Tenay: These two men cannot wait for this match to get underway. They are still arguing, we might need some more security out here in case this thing spills to the outside. Page carries that championship with a great deal of pride and the idea of Scott Hall taking it from him really gets to him. DDP has made it clear he doesn’t see Hall as someone who deserves to carry the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship.

    Bobby Heenan: Can you imagine what would happen if the nWo failed to win this match? They’d be down 0-2 at Starrcade and unable to walk away with any championship gold tonight. That’s why they reformed under one banner, that was the entire goal of Hogan and he could very well see that goal fail tonight!

    The announcers continue to discuss what a loss for Scott Hall would mean to the future of the nWo, coupled with the earlier defeat of The Giant. Meanwhile, the referee has retrieved the title belt from DDP and holds it up in the air. Hall and Page square off in opposite corners, they are still talking to each other – Hall spits right in Page’s face and the fight begins!

    Match 5
    Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs. Scott Hall
    WCW United States Heavyweight Championship

    Wild punches are thrown, Page and Hall have been waiting for this chance for weeks and they simply cannot wait to get at each other. They brawl all over the ring with Hall gaining control first as he backs Page into the corner, a quick combination of punches to the stomach connect. Pushing and pulling from both men, both wanting to be the aggressor and now Page has Hall backed up against the corner where he was once trapped. The referee steps in a force a break – DDP backs up but not before firing off a quick slap to the face for his opponent. The taste might’ve been knocked clean out for Scott Hall, he allows a sly smirk to appear on his face and looks directly at the champion – telling him that it’s game on now. They lock up in the middle of the ring struggling for position over the other. The fans are completely behind DDP, the champion who is battle tested on big stages like tonight.

    Page begins to overpower Hall, pushing him down onto a knee, until Hall transitions quickly into a hammerlock behind DDP. With confidence to spare, Hall cranks the arm in the hammerlock and pushes Page around the ring, planning his next move to perfection. Suddenly, Hall wraps the free arm of DDP around his head, lifts the champion up into the air and nails a back suplex. A cover is made by Hall as he places one of his forearms against the face of Page. ONE! SHOULDER UP! Immediately, Hall applies a side headlock in the middle of the ring and begins to talk trash into the ear of Diamond Dallas Page. Hall is in his element, his timing so great, an amazing knowledge of holds to weaken any opponent and the belief that he is the best in the world. The crowd boo heavily as Hall cranks the headlock, keeping this match where he wants it and at the pace he likes – the fans begin stomping their feet and this fires up DDP.

    A single fist is raised, it begins to shake to the sound of the people’s boots, and Hall shakes his head furiously, cranking on the headlock even tighter. It’s no use, both men are standing now and Page drives his elbow into the mid-section of Scott Hall – forcing a release from the hold! Hall stumbles into the ropes clutching his stomach, Page pushes his hair out of his eyes and charges forward with a clothesline, knocking Hall over the top rope and to the floor outside of the ring. It’s a hard landing for the challenger as Hall hits the mat with a thud, he is soon joined by Page, who grabs Hall and whips him into the edge of the ring apron. That edge of the apron has no given so Hall feels a sudden spike go right down his spine. Page doesn’t stop there, grabbing Hall by the hair and hammering away with punches to the head. He is unloading with great power, Hall tries to scramble away but Page pulls him back and hits a sidewalk slam on the outside!

    Hall reaches out into the air whilst yelling in pain – nobody is going to save him tonight. After rolling into the ring to break the referee’s count of ten, Page is back on the outside and begins looking around. While Hall rolls to the side, Page leans down and the crowd erupts with cheers of anticipation – PAGE RIPS THE PROTECTIVE MATS OFF THE FLOOR! The referee dives to the outside, pleading with DDP not to go to far but the champion tells him to get out of the way. Again, the referee steps in front of Page and pleads with him to reconsider, this time Page pushes the referee to the side and continues on his path to Scott Hall.

    While the referee is looking the other way, Hall sticks a finger in the eye of DDP – Hall grabs him and drives DDP head first into the steel post - creating a small cut at the top of his forehead. The referee turns back around and only sees Hall pulling DDP up off the mat and pulling him over to the edge of the exposed ring floor. All attempts to stop Hall are ignored, he scoops Page up and slams him down, dropping an elbow afterwards for good measure.

    Thereafter, Hall gets Page back into the ring and hooks the leg for a pinfall attempt. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Hall proceeds to mount Page and fire off some forearms to the face, the crowd getting infuriated with each shot and Hall looking more confident the longer this match goes. Standing up now, Hall grabs Page by the arm, lifting him up before slinging him into a corner. An incoming Hall is countered with a boot to the face by Page, rocking the nWo member and Page takes the opportunity to hit a clothesline. Hall bounces back to his feet seconds later – Page hits another clothesline, Hall responds in kind by bouncing right back up to his feet – inverted atomic drop by Paige! Hall staggers but doesn’t go down, Page slings him into the ropes and on the rebound, connects with a crossbody! This time DDP is the one to make a cover, hooking one leg. ONE! TWO! KICK OUT!

    DDP applies a hammerlock to Hall, not to win the match but to allow himself a moment to rest. It’s not been going exactly the way Page would have liked with Hall being the driving force for most of the contest. The competitors begin to stir, Page stands up with the hammerlock still applied to Hall and pushes him into a corner. Page connects with a few punches, lifting Hall up onto the top turnbuckle – he follows up with three stiff chops to the chest of Hall before climbing up after him. Page hooks the arm, grabs the tights of Scott Hall and lifts – SUPERPLEX! The crowd pops huge for that stunning move from DDP, both men are down on the canvas however Page is crawling towards the challenger – he gets an arm over. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    Page sits up, pushing him back into the corner, using the ropes to get up, and waits for Hall to rise. Slowly, the challenger stands on wobbly legs, clutching at his back and is slung into the ropes once again. This time Hall grabs hold of the top rope, refusing to make a return trip, forcing Page to run towards him and allowing Hall to duck underneath a clothesline and hit a neckbreaker. The action continues without much of a break, Hall grabs Page and kicks him in the stomach once both men are standing – Hall whips him into the corner and connects with a knee to the stomach.

    Hall shouts “Stay the fuck down!” before jumping into the air and executing a bulldog. Rolling Page over, Hall pushes down on his face hard for the cover. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! While kicking out of the pin attempt, Page smacks Hall right in the mouth which only infuriates the challenger more – causing Hall to dive on top of Page and begin choking him. The referee has to step in, making the count of five – pausing at four just long enough for Hall to release the grip.

    The champion explodes off the canvas, tackling Hall and they scramble on the mat. Technical wrestling is out the window right now, it’s a brawl with wild elbows, punches, knees and forearms being thrown. They get to a vertical base, middle of the ring, Hall nails Page – a return shot is fired and it staggers the challenger. Page nails a big boot to the face, knocking Hall backwards, the champion points to the challenger, grabs him by the arm and lifts Hall up onto his shoulders – FIREMAN’S CARRY SLAM!

    Page falls right into the cover, the fans counting along. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Page looks to the crowd for support, they love him dearly and he motions that he was ‘this close’ to ending the match right there. There is no time to waste, Page stands up and grabs Hall by the head, lifting him back onto his shoulders. For the second time in about a minute, Page connects with the fireman’s carry slam. This time he doesn’t make a cover, the fans expected it but Page waves them off by pointing towards the turnbuckle – now they stand up as Page climbs up high, he makes the Diamond Cutter sign before leaping high through the air!

    Hall rolls out of the way, moving just inches free of the elbow drop from DDP, leaving the champion to crash and burn. The canvas is unforgiving, Page is in a world of pain as Hall stands up, grabbing Page and hitting a Fallaway slam. In a position for an easy cover, Hall keeps one leg hooked as the referee counts. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Looking up at the referee, Hall spits in disgust at the call before sending Page into the ropes, after picking him up off the canvas, delivering a back body drop. Page bounces hard, Hall yanks him around the ring by his hair and drives his knee into the side of the head of the champion. With control, Hall slams Page’s head into the top turnbuckle – NINE TIMES! Before the tenth, Hall stops, wraps his arms around Page and hits the STO! Hall makes the cover again, his eyes on the referee. ONE! TWO! FOOT ON THE ROPE!

    Failing to hook the outside leg has cost Hall and he is pissed. The referee darts away, Hall looking ready to rip his head off, DDP begins to rise, Hall’s attention turns back to the champion and he nails a scoop slam. Taking a few steps back, Hall aims his shot and drops an elbow across the head of Page, working on that cut he received earlier from the ring post. Hall begins punching directly at it, trying to open it up more and create a problem for the champion.

    Leaning against the corner now, Hall waits for Page to get up on his own accord. The challenger grabs Page by the throat, the champion returns favour – both men have a solid grip on the other by the throat. Neither man wants to surrender, Hall rakes the eyes – earning a warning from the referee – but it creates the chance he needs… lifting Page up for the CHOKESLAM! ‘Oh no,” scream the fans, Hall makes the cover with confidence booming from him. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    To the shock of the challenger, Diamond Dallas Page has kicked out and the fans are going wild. Looking up in disbelief, Hall grabs the referee and slaps his own hand three times, yelling that the count is bullshit. Hall is stunned, he turns back to Page, kicking him hard in the back before applying a sleeper hold. Happy to just crank the sleeper and drive Page into submission, Hall adjusts to give himself the best leverage. The fans refuse to believe they will see DDP give up, the referee does his job checking on him, while Hall is demanding the champion call it quits. The building begins to shake – DDP is raising his fist into the air – he begins to stand and fights off the submission. Hall is pushed away, rebounding off the ropes and knocking Page right back to the ground with a shoulder block.

    Hall circles Page, slapping the back of the champion’s head from different angles to keep him guessing. Suddenly, Page makes to grab Hall but the challenger skips out of the way at the last second and moves to safety. Practically laughing, Hall signals that the title is going to be his as he climbs onto the second rope in the corner, inside the ring itself. He jumps off, looking for a clothesline – DDP ducks, getting his arms around Hall, who lands on his two feet – GUTWRENCH GUTBUSTER!

    The champion still has some fight left in him – Page keeps one hand in the air, shaking it to let the crowd know he will not give up. Neither man worries about helping the other to his feet, they both want to be the feet standing – it’s almost even as they circle each other, this match at a reset point. Hall has been the better man thus far, his underhanded tactics allowing him to do so but Page has shown the will of a champion, refusing to quit and now sports a wide cut on his head along with a look of determination.

    Page stands up straight and yells “BRING IT ON” at Hall, the challenger returns with a big boot attempt – Page catches it and yanks Hall in close for a lariat! The pace of the match begins to pick up, Hall is back on his feet but clearly out of it and falls right into a Tilt-a-whirl mat slam. The fans go nuts, Page hooks the leg for the cover. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! No arguments from the champion, Page knows he has to put an end to this match sooner rather than later – the longer it goes the more it favours Scott Hall.

    Both men are back up, Page with Hall in a wrist-lock. Hall tries to counter, elbowing himself free – it’s successful and Hall once again fires off a big boot, it connects. Hall grabs Page, pulling down into position for the set-up to the Razor’s Edge. Sensing trouble, Page worms out and back body drops Hall onto the canvas – the challenger returns quickly – DIAMOND CUTTER! No, Hall shoves Page away and nails him with a forearm to the lower back – Pumphandle slam by Hall to Page. Hall makes the cover, making sure to hook both legs this time. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    Now, Hall wipes his face… he looks down at the champion, grabs him by the pants and tosses him to the outside. The referee tries to stop this but Hall shoves him out of the way and yells “Don’t get in my fucking way” before exiting the ring. Page is in a dazed state, he was mere seconds away from hitting his finisher, and now Hall slams him face first into the top of the barricade. The fans are demanded to move back, Hall lifts Page up, the champion unable to escape, and nails a back suplex onto the top of the barricade.

    Page falls to the ground, near the exposed part which was done by himself earlier, while Hall poses with pride at the job he has done. The referee’s count is broken by Hall, he remains on the apron of the ring as Page crawls to the barricade, using it to help him stand up – Hall approaches, grabbing Page and lifts him into position for the Razor’s Edge! Aiming for the exposed concrete floor, the fans cry out ‘NO!’ but Hall is moving forward… Page slips out, he punches Hall right in the rib cage, the challenger turns – DIAMOND CUTTER! DDP hit the Diamond Cutter on the exposed floor of ringside, the fans lose their minds, Hall is stunned and the referee is having to check on both men.

    The will and determination of the reigning WCW United States Heavyweight Champion shines through here, Page fights to his feet, his body exhausted and lifts Hall up and into the ring. The referee is in position, Hall hasn’t responded yet to anything, DDP makes the cover. ONE! TWO! THR- SHOULDER UP! It’s stunned silence at Starrcade, Scott Hall just kicked out of the Diamond Cutter. The announcers, specifically Mike Tenay mentions the amount of time that it took from the point of the Cutter being hit all the way until DDP actually made the cover. For sure, had that occurred inside the ring than this match would be over. Now, the attention is on DDP, the champion who gets back to his feet with Hall yet to move. Holding out his hands, DDP makes the Diamond Cutter sign… “BANG!”

    Stomping over towards the challenger, Page lifts Hall up and hooks him into position for the Cutter. This match is over… when suddenly a rogue fan tries to enter the ring and the referee is forced to tackle him. A fan, in a dark hoodie and jeans, just jumped the barricade and is inside the ring. Page goes to assist security to remove him, Page making sure that everyone is okay before returning to his original position – low blow! Scott Hall nails Page with a low blow, the referee never saw it! He was dealing with the rogue fan, by the time the referee turns back around Hall has Diamond Dallas Page up and nails the Razor’s Edge! “Not this way,” screams Schiavone on the live call… Hall hooks the leg off the distraction, it’s highway robbery here at Starrcade. ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Scott Hall defeats Diamond Dallas Page at 15:02 to become the NEW WCW United States Heavyweight Champion.

    The people are shocked by what they just saw and even the announcers are lost for words. It’s outrageous, a situation involving a fan was happening at ringside, drawing all the attention of the referee and security. In the meantime, Scott Hall was allowed to recover, he nailed a low blow on DDP, who had the match won, and found a way to hit his own finisher to win the match. Hall rolls to the outside of the ring, the referee hurries up to hand and hands the belt over, Hall refuses to have his hand raised and simply stumbles up the entrance ramp. Barely able to do so in a straight line after the Diamond Cutter he received. Hall holds up the title belt, the first that the nWo has won tonight and exits ringside, leaving DDP to question what the hell just happened.

    Mike Tenay: Well, I’ll be the one to say it. Questions have to be asked about what the hell we have just seen. Diamond Dallas Page had the match won, he was going to retain his title and the nWo was going to be 0-2 here at Starrcade. Their title hopes were going to be dashed and this grand return that Hollywood Hogan had promised would have been squashed before he got the chance to step out here tonight. We’re watching the replays right now, you can see that a fan – A FAN – jumps the barricade and rushes into the ring right as DDP is about to hit the second Diamond Cutter on Scott Hall. Page releases the hold to assist security, and protect himself in case this crazed lunatic tried anything else, and when he returns to Scott Hall, the challenger hits him below the belt with the referee unable to see. I cannot believe it!

    Bobby Heenan: We’ve got the best security in the world around here, Tenay. I don’t understand how that fan got past them. We saw them take the fan right to the back, hopefully he gets put in jail for the night to think about how stupid those actions were. I agree with you, Page had the match won but he made the mistake. He should’ve hit the Diamond Cutter before worrying about this random fan.

    Tony Schiavone: I don’t buy that, Brain. These men are professional athletes and this is not a game they are playing. That fan got into the ring, they had no reason to be there, it’s dangerous not only for them but for the wrestlers. I think Page did exactly the right thing in focusing on the unknown entity trying to get involved. We don’t know who the hell that fan was but I feel extremely frustrated for Diamond Dallas Page. Scott Hall was finished, he had not recovered from the Diamond Cutter on the outside, he was about to be hit with a second, this fan creates this whole mess and Hall cheats to win. I think DDP has a strong case for an immediate rematch, I’d be having a meeting with WCW Commissioner Arn Anderson if I were him.

    In the halls of the arena, Eric Bischoff is walking, dressed in black sweat pants and a t-shirt of the nWo. With his fist taped, totally prepared for his encounter inside a steel cage later tonight, Bischoff does some shadow boxing while making his way through the corridors. Upon turning the corner, Bischoff discovers the group of men he was looking for – the New World Order (Hogan, Steiner, Konnan and The Giant). Hogan and Steiner are dressed to compete, Konnan wearing baggy jeans, a shirt and bandana, while The Giant has returned to a casual look after his defeat earlier tonight, basic jeans and the nWo shirt.

    Eric Bischoff: Just the people I wanted to see. Gentlemen, how are we on this fine evening?

    Hollywood Hogan: What’s got you all excited, Eric? Last I checked, seeing as you’re sporting the shirt of this organization, you’d understand that Starrcade hasn’t gone exactly as we had planned. The Giant over here failed to squash that annoying pest, Jericho, and that lands us at 1-1 tonight. I don’t do fifty-fifty, brother. You don’t get one over Hollywood Hogan, not tonight, not ever, dude! So, how about you wipe that smirk off your face and realise that if you want to be associated with the nWo, you’ll have to prove yourself worthy just like everyone else has when we… cut the fat out and threw away the trash last month.

    The trademark smug grin fades away from Bischoff’s face, he nods in agreement and begins pacing around the group.

    Eric Bischoff: You’re right. You’re absolutely right, I haven’t had the chance to prove myself to all of you since the reuniting of the strongest group in the history of professional wrestling. I’ve been waiting for this chance for weeks now, it’s been really tearing away at me that all of you have gone through trials and tribulations to earn your spot in the nWo. Now, here at Starrcade, fifteen years after the original event, I will do the same when I end the career of Ric… Woooooo… Flair.

    Barely able to contain himself, Bischoff does a little strut and another ‘Woo’ which doesn’t impress anybody but himself. Afterwards, Scott Hall walks up to the group with his new WCW United States Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

    Scott Hall: The hell is he doing here? You lost little man?

    Eric Bischoff: Real funny, Scott. I saw what you did out there. I was very impressed as we all were. In fact, I’ve already had that fan who nearly cost you the match taken to a nearby police station for questioning. I suspect he has ties to Ric Flair or even Arn Anderson, it wouldn’t surprise me if those two are hatching a plan to disrupt all of our matches tonight, gentlemen. No problem, when the cage door closes with you guys by my side, Ric Flair and his psychotic fans won’t be able to do a damn thing to stop us.

    A gentle laugh can be heard from Scott Hall as he turns away and heads down a hallway to get changed. Bischoff has a confused look on his face, turning back to Hogan, who looks cold as ice at the current President of World Championship Wrestling.

    Eric Bischoff: Is there something I don’t know about?

    Konnan: You on your own tonight, homie. We’re not playing babysitters out there for you unless you get through the cage with Flair. Thing is, see, we don’t really need you know. The Board of Directors are putting roadblocks in place for your power, even if you win, you won’t be as useful as you once were.

    Eric Bischoff: Wait… I’m a member of this group. I’ve supported you all from day one! Hogan, you can’t make me go out to the cage by myself. Flair… I’m not a wrestler, Hogan! I’m your friend… you can’t do this to me.

    Dropping down to his knees and crawling to the feet of Hogan, Bischoff is on the verge of tears as the reality sinks in. Eric Bischoff will be forced to fight Ric Flair all by himself. The New World Order will not be ringside, they will not interfere in the match… Bischoff versus Flair will be as pure as pure can be.

    Eric Bischoff: I’ve helped you countless times, Hogan. Think of everything I’ve done for you and the nWo. If you help me win tonight, I can get you everything you’ve ever wanted. I’ll still have all the power in the world and with Flair gone, nobody will get in our way. We can get rid of Ric Flair forever, end his career, and you’ll be etched in stone as the greatest wrestler of all time. I can do that, Hogan.

    Hollywood Hogan: Make me the greatest ever? What the hell do I need you for? Watch my match, I already am.

    With that said, the nWo walks away from Eric Bischoff for possibly the last time. Bischoff sinks further down, from his knees to sitting on his ass, all the while holding his head in his hands. This isn’t what he expected, this isn’t supposed to happen like this but the nWo is no longer about dragging the lesser talent along for the ride, they are the elite and Bischoff’s time has officially run out in the New World Order.

    **Rap Sheet**

    Pyro goes off on the stage, the crowd jump to their feet and out walks Booker T. The crowd are loud, Booker T is hyped up, jumping around the stage and calling for the fans to make some noise. Upon returning to the middle of the ramp, Booker raises his hand and points back towards the entrance chute… a few moments later LEX LUGER walks out to a huge reaction. Booker T and Luger shake hands before heading down to the ring, while not partners tonight, they are linked with a common cause of wanting to deal some serious punishment to the New World Order.

    Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen, WCW fans around the world, it is now time for the return of the greatest professional wrestler of all time. First, introducing his opponents, accompanied to the ring by Lex Luger, from Houston Texas… Booker T!

    Tony Schiavone: Allow me to rundown the history of how we got to this current situation. It was following the World War 3 pay-per-view event, Hollywood Hogan returned to Monday Nitro after a long absence, it was that night where the nWo Wolfpac and nWo Hollywood would merge into a single entity – simply known as the New World Order, this time wearing the colours red and black, instead of the black and white which Hogan believed had been prostituted to unworthy talent. One of those ‘unworthy’ talents was Lex Luger, he was savagely beaten and refused entry into the nWo, he has not been medically cleared since and therefore was unable to be Booker T’s partner tonight.

    Bobby Heenan: You can see it in his eyes, Tony. Luger wants more than anything to be in this match. I’ve heard rumours all week that he was training, lifting weights and seeing doctors all over the country trying to get cleared by World Championship Wrestling. The assault by the nWo was just far too damaging to allow Luger to wrestle, even nearly a month after it happened.

    Mike Tenay: The injury to Luger has really thrown a spanner in the works of this entire match. Booker T was left without a partner, he expected Luger to be cleared, many people, including myself, believe that WCW President Eric Bischoff has had some influence over the medical clearance of Lex Luger. I don’t know how badly he is hurt but from the outside, I think he’d risk it and I believe they should’ve cleared him.

    As Booker T enters the ring, the fans again cheering him, he goes over to the turnbuckle, climbing onto the second rope and raises his hands in the air. Perhaps the biggest match of his career, Booker T can hear the moral support from Luger on the outside, the crowd love this duo and then his actual partner arrives.

    **Hitman in the House**

    It’s a mixed (at best) reaction for Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart, wearing his classic pink and black, the Canadian steps out of the entrance chute with his shades on, the audience unsure of what to do. Hart has been one of the most hated men in the company for several months, his feud with fan favourite Diamond Dallas Page over the United States Heavyweight Championship contributing to the villainous reception Hart receives around the world. Even his partner, and Luger, aren’t sure how to greet Hart as he climbs the steel steps, ignoring Luger completely as he enters the ring.

    Michael Buffer: And his tag team partner for this match, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada… Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart!

    Mike Tenay: The wildcard in this match! Bret Hart never wanted to be involved in a match against the nWo. He so badly wants to capture the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship and it was Scott Hall who contributed to Hart losing a two-out-of-three falls match against DDP on Nitro. Hall has, as you’ve seen, captured the title in the previous match and that has to grind the gears of Bret Hart. He wanted to be the man to take the title from DDP but the nWo has stolen that chance from him.

    Bobby Heenan: Hart has always been a guy who looks after himself. Bret does what is best for Bret Hart, that’s why he is in this match. Don’t kid yourself if you think that Hart is doing this for some sense of responsibility to WCW or as a favour to Booker T. We’ve already seen Hart and Booker T arguing earlier tonight, they could rip each other to bits at any point during this match.

    Tony Schiavone: Well, if Bret Hart wants to get some sense of revenge on the New World Order than he needs to work with Booker T. He needs to put aside his differences and his selfish nature if they want to get one over the nWo. This is Hogan’s return match, it’s at the biggest event of the year, and the world is watching – Bret Hart and Booker T cannot clash if they want to defeat Hogan and Steiner. Come on guys, we can put a serious dent in the nWo with a win in this match!

    The crowd’s attention is focused directly into the ring, Bret Hart and Booker T are squaring off – both men holding their ground. Hart is talking, seemingly giving orders while Booker T is shouting him down. Outside of the ring, Luger looks worried – he tries to get the two of them to focus but neither man has any intention of backing down.

    New New


    For the first two in months Hollywood Hogan struts out of the entrance chute, red and black his colours as has been the case with every member of the nWo, and Scott Steiner right by his side, Konnan following a little behind the two of them. The reception is horrific, the crowd are cursing at the nWo members, Hogan soaks it up, taking the middle of the stage and posing – it’s classic Hollywood Hogan. The biggest heel in wrestling is back, Steiner and Konnan are right there, getting heat from the crowd, but the camera is focused on Hogan. The nWo make their way down the ramp, Booker T and Hart now focused on them, Hogan talking to the camera the entire way down.

    Michael Buffer: Making their way down the aisle, accompanied to the ring by Konnan, representing the New World Order – Scott Steiner and the greatest professional wrestler of all time, the icon of wrestling… Hollywood Hogan!

    Tony Schiavone: Listen to this building! We are sold out here in Washington D.C. for Starrcade and this roof is coming off, Hollywood Hogan’s return has drawn a major reaction from the fans around the world, especially those in the building tonight. We’ve covered the reuniting of the nWo in depth throughout the night, you know the story, you know what this match means for both sides.

    Bobby Heenan: How about I remind everyone that I was telling everyone the real Hulk Hogan was a slimy scumbag since the 1980’s? I spoke the truth and was crucified for it for years but now Hogan walks with the nWo, a liar, a cheater and a guy who is willing to throw his own grandmother under the car if it means he gets to be the star of the show. You think that Bret Hart has an ego? It’s nothing compared to the ego of Hollywood Hogan.

    Mike Tenay: This is a big one, ladies and gentlemen. Booker T and Bret Hart versus nWo members, Hollywood Hogan and Scott Steiner. We’ve waited a long time for the return of Hogan. Can Booker and Hart work together to defeat the nWo or will the nWo relight the fire at the height of their powers?

    The ring competitors for both teams take their positions, Steiner will start the match against Booker T while Bret Hart and Hollywood Hogan remain on the ring apron. Luger and Konnan stand in the corner on the outside of their respective teams, offering advice and support before the match officially begins.

    Match Six

    Booker T & Bret Hart (w/Lex Luger) vs. New World Order (Hollywood Hogan & Scott Steiner (w/Konnan)

    Seconds into this match we already have a problem with the non-nWo team, they can’t even decide who is going to start the contest. Bret Hart slaps Booker T hard across his back, the Canadian stepping through the ropes and demanding his partner get the hell out of the ring. They get right up close, exchanging a few words, before Booker motions towards the opposite corner, letting Hart know that he can do as he please for the earlier part of this match, and proceeds to take his spot on the ring apron. Steiner and Hart lock-up, it’s a struggle for a moment, Hart takes Steiner over his head with a snapmare, and sinks in an arm-lock. Standard wrestling technique from the Canadian, his goal not to impress fans but rather to get the job done.

    Hart applies the pressure on the arm (and what a big old arm it is), throwing looks back to Booker T and showboating about his performance so far. That arrogance might not be the best bet as Steiner begins to fight back, standing up and sending Hart into the ropes – Hart gets knocked down to the canvas on the return trip by a shoulder block. Steiner jumps over Hart, gaining some speed, rebounding off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Hart dropkicks Steiner in the knee, taking him down and applies a chin-lock. The crowd aren’t very happy with the slow start and to some extent it appears that Hart is doing it on purpose, a smile appearing on his face as boos start to rain down from the crowd. In contrast, Booker T is a ball of energy on the ring apron, bouncing apron, stomping his feet on the steel steps just waiting to get a chance to compete.

    Again, Hart and Steiner both rise – a few elbows from Steiner creates separation and he executes a belly to belly suplex, knocking Bret down to the canvas. Big Poppa Pump gets to his feet, hitting Hart with some solid punches before sending him into an empty corner and charging at him. Hart gets a boot up, Steiner catches it and pulls Hart towards him – overhead suplex and makes a cover. ONE! SHOULDER UP! Immediately following the kick out, Steiner grabs Bret by the throat and chokes him, the referee beginning a count which gets to four and a half before Steiner even thinks about letting go. With control over Hart, Steiner sends him into the ropes, makes the tag to Hogan and lifts Hart into the air with a scoop slam, followed by a stiff elbow drop. Hogan comes in and makes the cover while Steiner exits the ring. ONE! TWO! KICK OUT!

    Once the kick out has been acknowledged, everyone in the arena takes a moment to realize what is happening – Hollywood Hogan is back in action at Starrcade! It is heat unlike you’ve heard in a long time, Hogan stands up and begins taunting the live crowd, pretending like he can’t hear them as he poses to the camera. Meanwhile, Bret begins to crawl to his corner and an anxious Booker T who is ready to get involved. Hogan grabs Hart, beating him in the back with multiple strikes, then he sends the Canadian into the corner and pounds away with ten hard punches while standing on the second rope. Stumbling out of the corner Hart has his vision impaired by Hogan raking his eyes, then feeling the hardness of the canvas once again as Hogan lifts him up and sends him crashing down with a body slam. Playing to the crowd, Hogan places a single boot on Hart for the cover. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    On the apron, Booker T has his hand extended and is pleading with Bret to get his ass over to him. The live crowd are chanting “Booker T” but he can’t do anything from the corner. Hogan drags Bret to the opposite side of the ring, making the tag with Steiner, and whips him into the ropes – Steiner nails Hart with a stiff clothesline, Hogan taking his place on the apron. Walking with an air of confidence, the nWo are firmly in control as Steiner grabs Hart by the hair and lifts him on his shoulders – snake eyes! Bret bounces off the top turnbuckle, Steiner is already charging forward and smashing into Bret like a truck, knocking him to the outside of the ring. Now we have a situation, the referee turns to deal with Booker T trying to make his way through the ring to check on Bret, all of a sudden Konnan begins beating the crap out of the Hitman on the outside! The fans are livid, Konnan is mugging Bret Hart and the referee is missing it entirely – in fact, Booker T is only getting angrier since he can see it and is trying to barge past but the referee is holding him back and threatening to disqualify him.

    One man who cannot take it any longer is Lex Luger, he comes charging around the ring and decks Konnan – knocking him down to the ground. Luger and Konnan begin to brawl and they spill over the barricade and into the fans – disappearing amongst the mass audience. The damage has been done, Hart is down on the outside until Hogan picks him up and slings him back into the ring – Steiner tags in Hogan. We see Hogan pick up Bret, kicking him in the stomach and executes a swinging beckbreaker. Another cover for Hogan on Bret, this time he uses his whole body and hooks the leg. ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! The chants of “Booker T” are only getting louder, Hogan hears them and shakes his head, pointing towards the man in question and motions that he’d break him.

    A possible encounter between Booker and Hogan thrills the fans, Booker ready to explode – Hogan turns around and Hart leaps over him, his arm extended and Booker T is reaching… no! Hogan gains control and nails a wonky looking spinebuster on Bret Hart, cutting off the surprise burst of energy that the Hitman displayed. Unlike the opposing team, the nWo make another regular tag – Steiner entering and sending Bret into a corner, a few chops are delivered before Steiner gets double underhooks and throws Bret through the air down to the canvas.

    This has been a one-sided beating for Bret Hart, he wanted to start this match but has failed to get a single tag to his partner. Bret’s face is one of a man who is exhausted, being beaten by two men, two veterans who are keeping fresh by making regular tags – Steiner makes another to Hogan at this point – while Bret is left to fend for himself as Booker T has been left to stand around doing nothing on the apron of the ring. Fans are becoming restless, Hart is crawling towards Booker T, Hogan is letting him get close and then he STOMPS on his hand! His fingers could be broken, Bret yells loudly, Hogan grabs him by the hair and pulls Bret back into the middle of the ring. Hogan steps back to gain some momentum, bouncing off the ropes and goes for a boot to the kick on a kneeling Hart – he catches it! Bret Hart grabs the boot, his eyes looking up at Hogan, his head shaking and Hart pulls Hogan forward and nails a European Uppercut!

    Hogan doesn’t go down, simply rocked from the move so Bret fires another one, then Hart sends Hogan into the ropes and connects with a Russian legsweep. Both men are down – for the first time in ages Bret Hart has a chance to make a tag and Booker T is absolutely losing his mind. Fans are standing as Bret crawls towards the ropes, his hand stretched out, Booker T leaning as far over as he possibly can, Hogan doing the same on the other side, Steiner ready to play spoiler, the tag is made! Hogan gets to Steiner first and in comes the fresh man, Steiner grabs Hart by the ankle but Hart kicks him in the face! This forces Steiner to stumble back, the time is now… Hart dives for the corner and makes the tag to Booker T! The roof comes off the building as Booker T hammers away at Scott Steiner, punch after punch connecting! Booker sends Steiner into the ropes, but Steiner plants his feet and stops short – Booker T rushes him and nails the spinning wheel kick!

    Grabbing Steiner by the arm, Booker knees him in the ribs and pushes Big Poppa Pump into a corner, he climbs the second rope and hammers away with ten punches, then he jumps down and pulls Steiner close – sidewalk slam! Booker T makes his first cover of the match. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! On the outside, Hart is down near the steel steps trying to recover from the beating he has taken throughout the match. He isn’t needed right now, Booker T handling his business, backing Steiner up against the ropes and slugging it out with great success. A double knee to the gut by Booker, he whips Steiner into the ropes and bends down for a back body drop – Steiner counters, looking for the double underhook powerbomb!

    Fighting free of the hold, Booker T spins out – kick to the stomach and nails Steiner with a piledriver! Hook of the leg from Booker as he makes the cover. ONE! TWO! HOGAN BREAKS IT UP! Hollywood rushes into the ring and stomps on Booker, breaking the count but at the same time getting the attention of Booker T, who does not look pleased. Hogan tries to talk his way out of it, Booker has no intention of letting this go, he fires a right hand and smashes Hogan back into the corner. The fans are rabid as Booker T unloads like a machine gun on Hollywood Hogan, trapped in the corner, unable to break free, and getting the taste knocked out of his own mouth. Booker T pauses, looking at the fans, and then cracks Hogan with the Harlem sidekick!

    Hollywood rolls to the outside of the ring, Booker T is talking some smack when Steiner blindsides him from behind and clobbers Booker with a forearm to the head. Steiner begins to lay a beating on Booker, the first time in this match, grabbing him by the head and slamming him face first down onto the turnbuckle. In a great show of strength, Scott Steiner throws Booker T across the ring, the latter bouncing hard and getting up soon after – only to be put back down with the double underhook POWERBOMB! A cover is made by Steiner, the referee sliding into position. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    Steiner gets to his feet, grabs Booker T and whips him into the corner – Booker hits hard but manages to move out of the way when Steiner crashes into the corner. Stepping back and aiming his shot, Booker T fires and nails the BOOK END! The crowd explode as Booker T makes the cover. ONE! TWO! HOGAN AGAIN! From the outside of the ring, Hollywood Hogan pulls Booker T out and whips him directly into the ring post. The referee is yelling at Hogan to get back to his corner, Hogan ignores him and grinds Booker’s face against the steel ring post, talking trash as he does so. From out of nowhere, Bret Hart comes flying over the steel steps and tackles Hogan, hammering away for all has sustained in this match.

    Hogan and Hart, slugging it out on the outside of the ring while Booker T rolls underneath the bottom rope to join Scott Steiner inside the ring, the fans are totally into this action now. Hart gets the better of the battle, he drives Hogan back first into the barricade and drops him with a hard right hand before turning his attention back towards the ring. Booker and Steiner are up, Steiner clotheslines him to the floor and drops an elbow, a cover is made. ONE! TWO! HART BREAKS IT UP! This time, Bret Hart is breaking up the pinfall and he stomps all over Steiner while the referee tries to force him out of the ring. Hart takes his spot on the apron, only after dragging Booker T into the corner – and Hart forces the tag.

    After resting up on the outside, Hart unloads on Steiner, trapping him in the corner and targeting the lower limbs of Big Poppa Pump. Hart kicks at the knee, then he grabs it and drives his elbow directly into the joint. A chop block later, followed by a knee drop and extending it in various angles – Hart has worn down Steiner’s leg enough that he begins going for the SHARPSHOOTER! The fans are behind Hart now, his effort in this match enough for them to support him, even if it is only for one night. Hart is fighting for the hold… and he gets it! Bret Hart has the Sharpshooter locked in on Scott Steiner, the ropes are a long way away, the pain piercing, Hart an expert at submissions and has won many World Championships with this very same move.

    The crowd are up, Hart leans back putting the pressure on the leg he targeted and is demanding that Steiner give it up. It looks like Steiner is going to tap, his hand is inches away from the mat… when Hogan clobbers Bret Hart with a sickening big boot to the side of the head. Hollywood removes his belt, waving it in the air and takes aim to strike Bret Hart with it – THE REFEREE GRABS THE BELT! No, the referee will not allow that and he yanks the weightlifting belt right from Hogan’s hand. As Bret Hart crawls towards the rope, Booker T makes the tag and he charges in – rake of the eyes by Hogan! The referee was handing the belt to a ringside worker and missed it, Hogan whips Booker T into the ropes… BIG BOOT!

    Hogan goes for it, using the ropes to his advantage and leaps into the air – LEG DROP! It connects, Hogan nails Booker T with the leg drop but he isn’t the legal man. It might be the break that Booker T needed, Hogan is forced back onto the apron, the damage has been done though and Steiner is crawling in that direction. What will he do? Hogan is demanding a tag however Steiner could try and go for the pin on Booker… Steiner is crawling past Booker – he is going for the tag. It is made, in comes Hogan and he secures the pin attempt on Booker T. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Nobody is more shocked than Hogan, his eyes nearly popping out of his head at the notion that Booker T would kick out of the leg drop. Another cover, this time even tighter than the last. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! On the apron, Bret Hart is ready for the tag – he extends his arm, yelling at Booker to get up and make the tag.

    Without warning, Hogan flattens Hart with a cheap shot that knocks the Canadian off the apron of the ring and to the floor below. Hollywood removes his bandana, throwing it at Bret Hart and spitting on him. Inside the ring, Booker T is moving, his will to win keeping him motivated in this match and now Hogan lays in the boots. The shocking refusal to lose at the hands of Hogan’s most powerful weapon as left the nWo stunned, Hogan looking unsure as he picks Booker T up and whips him into the corner. A tag is made to Steiner, he comes in and elbows Booker T right in the face.

    Steiner places Booker T on the top turnbuckle, chopping him in the chest to keep him compliant before ascending onto the second rope. A battle ensues on the turnbuckle, Booker T kicking away Hogan, knocking him to the floor, and headbutt Steiner which sends him to the canvas below. Acting fast, since he sees Hogan recovering, Booker T leaps from the top turnbuckle and nails a missile dropkick to Scott Steiner – HEAT SEEKER! The move takes a lot out of Booker T, his body a great distance away from Bret Hart, his partner having made the effort to climb back onto the apron after the cheap shot by Hogan. Booker T looks at the corner he needs to make it to, he begins to crawl towards it, while Steiner is crawling towards Hogan. Once again, the nWo get the tag first, Hogan goes after Bret Hart and tries to cheap shot him off the apron but Hart ducks out of the way, jumping off the apron and to the floor.

    A kick to the stomach by Booker T nails Hogan, he drives his fist into his face, then whips him into the ropes and connects with the release spinebuster! Both men are down, Booker T only having that last bit of energy left – these titans trading everything they’ve got for the win tonight. Steiner is down near the steel steps on the nWo side of the ring, Bret Hart has a hand on the second rope about to climb back up to the apron of the ring, as Booker T fights to his feet and makes his way over to the tag. Booker T is there, he extends his hand for the tag… but Bret Hart release his grip on the second rope and steps away from the ring. It’s utter silence in the arena, Hart has cold eyes, looking through Booker T rather than at him, and Booker is confused. “Da hell are you doin’, dawg?” Booker T leans over the top rope, yelling for Bret to stop playing around but the Hitman slowly begins to walk away, running his hand through his hair, pulling his straps down and making his way up the entrance ramp.

    The crowd have turned on Bret Hart once again and offer him nothing but boos. Booker T cannot believe it, they had it won, Bret could’ve put an end to this match and now, Booker is all alone. He has to focus, turning back to the matter at hand, grabbing Hogan… rake of the eyes! Hogan strikes again, he whips Booker T into the ropes, big boot connects, oh no, Hogan runs off the ropes, he jumps… HOLLYWOOD LEG DROP! Hogan hooks the legs while Bret Hart disappears behind the curtain at the top of the ramp. ONE! TWO! THREE!


    New World Order (Hollywood Hogan and Scott Steiner) defeat Booker T and Bret Hart at 14:38.

    It would be a close contest for the most hated man in World Championship Wrestling if a poll was done right at this moment. They had the match, Booker T and Bret Hart could’ve closed the deal if not for Hart’s refusal to enter the match. That fact remains lost on the nWo, Hogan and Steiner taking control of the ring, kicking Booker T out of it like a piece of garbage, and soaking in all the boos from the crowd. Hogan makes his way around to every turnbuckle, climbing the second rope and raises his arms in the air – only drawing the fury of the fans in that area even more than he already does. Steiner poses, soon joined by Hogan who does the same, and replays are shown of Bret Hart walking out of the match, the shot of Booker T’s stunned face an image we will remember for a long time to come. Hogan and Steiner exit the ring, heading up the ramp and making the ‘too sweet’ sign, laughing at the sight of Booker T on the outside of the ring, his back up against the ring apron and a defeated look on his face.

    Bobby Heenan: Had Booker T just listened to the orders of Bret Hart than this match would’ve gone a different way, gentlemen. You saw it, Bret Hart was clearly the better of the two and had this match handled when he was in the ring. It was Booker T and his antics which caused problems for the team and it’s no wonder that Bret walked out. It’s what he does best!

    Mike Tenay: You cannot possibly believe that! Bret Hart pulled the wool over the eyes of Booker T, the fans and all of us. We thought he could be a team player, sure he hasn’t been the most sportsmanlike competitor in recent months but this was more important than titles, this was about the future of World Championship Wrestling. Right now, from what I’ve seen, I can confidently say that I’ve never seen the nWo stronger than they were tonight. The scoreboard might read 2-1 for the nWo, that might be good enough for some people but we had the chance, we had the opportunity to have the nWo look at it and for the scoreboard to read 1-2. This was a match they should’ve lost and Bret Hart handed them victory. I don’t know why, he just walked out after Hogan went to attack him for a second time, maybe he had just had enough of it? Whatever the reason it’s not good enough. He left Booker T, a man who was fighting with everything he got, to just get picked to pieces by the wolves and it makes me sick.

    Tony Schiavone: I think Bret Hart will have a lot to answer for on Nitro tomorrow night. If you know someone who is not watching Starrcade, remember to let them know about the developments and to catch the replay. You do not want to miss out on the fallout tomorrow night on Monday Nitro. Bret Hart has walked out on Booker T, Luger and Konnan took off brawling throughout the crowd earlier in the match and were never seen again. I’m sure we will see fallout from that tomorrow night. Well, we are closing in on the final match – the main event. We have one final contest before that and it’s a big one. Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps for the final time, it is my honour to send it to the back where Gene Okerlund is standing by with ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.

    Bobby Heenan: Woo!

    Standing inside the locker-room, his family sitting to the side, dressed in a blue robe in similar fashion to the robe he wore against Harley Race all those years ago, Ric Flair is with Gene Okerlund. The two exchange a friendly look, Gene looking like he is a little lost for words right now. Flair is prepared, his hair slicked back, the Nature Boy has been waiting for this match for so long, a date with Bischoff has arrived.

    Gene Okerlund: I’m not usually one who struggles to find the words to sum up a situation. As I’m sure you know. We’ve worked together for years, I’ve seen some of your greatest matches and tonight could be the end of it all. Ric Flair versus Eric Bischoff inside a steel cage here at Starrcade 1998! Is this the end, Ric?

    Ric Flair: Mean, Woo, Gene… that’s the question that Eric Bischoff wants you to ask. That’s the question that until earlier tonight I suspected the New World Order of Wrestling would have wanted you to focus on. Now, I don’t give a damn what Eric Bischoff wants! Tonight, this is not about my career, my titles, this isn’t about WCW… this is about ERIC BISCHOFF! The question you need to ask is what the hell is Bischoff going to do when that cage door is slammed shut? Run? He can’t do that. Call for help? Nobody will come to his aid. Fight? He doesn’t have the spine to do that.

    Flair looks into the camera, the robe sparkling and his eyes focused.

    Ric Flair: Is this the end? Yes. Tonight is the end of that coward, worm, piece of trash, Eric Bischoff! For the final time ever, World Championship Wrestling, the fans, you, the kids, my kids, my wife, the nWo… BISCHOFF! You are done! Over! Finished! Starrcade, the event I built with MY HANDS! I built this house, I built this event… I made it the biggest event in the greatest sport of the entire world. Bischoff takes credit for Nitro, I built STARRCADE! I BUILT THIS INDUSTRY! Woo!

    Gene Okerlund: The nWo has said they will not help Eric Bischoff in your match tonight, do you believe them?

    A roll of the eyes from Flair, he shakes his head.

    Ric Flair: You’re asking me if I trust Hogan? No. That man isn’t worth the sweat on my trunks after I go to the gym. Gene! How many times do I have to say it, though? I don’t give a damn. Bring Hogan, Hall, Konnan, The Giant, Steiner and whoever the hell else they want. If Nash is riding with ‘em than bring his slow backside too, I’ll wipe the floor with all of them inside the steel cage.

    Gene Okerlund: You’re not telling me you’re not concerned at all, Ric Flair?

    Ric Flair: Fifteen years ago, I stepped out onto that stage, down that ramp and entered the ring against the man they called the greatest World Champion of all time. He was the example of a wrestler, the man that women wanted and the man that men feared. Harley Race was that man! Harley Race was THE MAN! Now, you’re looking at THE MAN! Woo! Fifteen years later, I’m stepping back into a steel cage at Starrcade, this isn’t how my career ends, Gene. I’m not dead yet and Bischoff will have to kill me to walk out of that steel cage.

    The final remarks, possibly of his entire career, Ric Flair looks at Okerlund and extends his hand. They shake hands, Flair then turns and embraces his family as the camera transitions back to ringside – the time is now. Flair versus Bischoff, steel cage, loser leaves town – is up next!

    **White Train (Showdown)**

    The steel cage has been lowered and making his way down the ramp is the current President of World Championship Wrestling, Eric Bischoff. The crowd offers nothing but a collection of hatred for the once prominent member of the nWo. Tonight, he is on his own, Bischoff will have no saving grace in the former of the New World Order. With his hair slicked back, still wearing the nWo t-shirt and a pair of black sweat pants, Bischoff enters the steel cage and does some shadow boxing.

    Michael Buffer: Wrestling fans around the world, it is time for the co-main event of the evening! This match will be contested inside a fifteen-foot-high steel cage where victory can be obtained by escaping the cage, pinfall or submission. As per the stipulation, the loser of this bout will be forced to leave World Championship Wrestling forever. And now, introducing first, he is the current President of WCW, from Detroit, Michigan, the creative genius behind the hottest wrestling television program in the world… Eric Bischoff!

    Tony Schiavone: This could be the final time we ever see Eric Bischoff in WCW. This crowd certainly hopes so and if all goes to plan, if Hogan was telling the truth that the nWo would not play a role in this match, I cannot see how Bischoff defeats Ric Flair at Starrcade. The thought of it makes me sick!

    Bobby Heenan: I’ve managed Ric Flair, Schiavone. I’ve seen what that man can do inside the squared circle and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in all my years in this sport. Ric Flair once ruled the world of professional wrestling as the greatest athlete of his generation. Tonight, fifteen years after he first walked into a cage at Starrcade, could be the end of one of the greatest careers in wrestling history.

    Inside the steel cage, Bischoff makes his way around to each side and shakes the steel grates. The crowd rises to attention, not a single person is sitting down on their seats as the lights turn towards the entrance chute, the music kicks in and the man who built this event arrives!

    **Also sprach Zarathustra**

    It is thunderous in Washington D.C. at Starrcade as ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair struts out onto the stage, a long flowing blue robe, just like the one he wore at the first Starrcade to do battle against Harley Race, sparkling under the bright lights. This is his stage, this is his moment and after months of turmoil, Ric Flair will finally get his hands on Eric Bischoff. The cheers are deafening, the loudest of the entire night, and people are giving Flair a round of applause. Signs are made thanking him for a wonderful career, if tonight is the end than this is the way he deserves to go out – the world showing their complete and utter respect for a man who has given this sport everything he has.

    Michael Buffer: Making his way to the ring, from Charlotte, North Carolina, he is known around the world as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, ladies and gentlemen… ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair!

    Mike Tenay: I don’t know if even Ric Flair expected this kind of reaction from the fans. Everybody are on their feet; this building is almost shaking and it’s all for that man with the blue robe. He has meant so much to wrestling fans all over the world and they want to let him know that if tonight is the end, that they will always remember him.

    Bobby Heenan: There will never be another one like him, Tenay.

    Tony Schiavone: This is it, ladies and gentlemen. Ric Flair has entered the steel cage, Bischoff is standing across the ring from him and the referees around ringside are about to lock the door. Two enter, one will leave with the victory and his job while the other tastes defeat and will join the unemployment line. An era for World Championship Wrestling will come to an end here at Starrcade, either Ric Flair’s career will end abruptly, or Eric Bischoff will be fired.

    Match Seven
    Eric Bischoff vs. Ric Flair
    Steel Cage – Loser Leaves Town

    The door to the cage is locked – Flair stands in a corner while Bischoff looks across the ring at him. Quick as a cat, Bischoff climbs the cage and ascends the right side – Flair cuts him off, pulling Bischoff down to the mat and kicking him in the back. Bischoff scurries away, crawling across the canvas, he arrives at the locked door and shakes it, pleading for somebody to open the door up. The crowd are waiting, Flair is stalking Bischoff and appears to be taking his time, allowing Bischoff to understand that he has no way out. Flair grabs Bischoff by the shirt, pulling him into the middle of the ring and delivers a hard chop to the chest. The shirt is ripped right off, Flair now chops the naked chest of Bischoff before whipping him into the corner.

    Flair quickly drives his forearm underneath the chin, holding Bischoff in position and then chops his chest three more times. Red marks begin to appear on Bischoff’s flesh, he screams in pain as Flair grabs a handful of hair and throws Bischoff into the steel cage! Crashing into the steel grate goes Bischoff – the fans loving it! Bischoff bounces back into the arms of Flair and is sent crashing into the other side of the cage. Diving on top of his opponent, Flair closes his fist and slams it into the forehead of Bischoff – delivering hard punches and trying to bust the President of WCW open.

    Nothing will cause this match to stop until we have a winner. Flair stands up stomping on Bischoff, he picks Eric up and pushes him over to the cage – Flair begins to rake Bischoff’s face on the steel! Back and forth they go, Bischoff’s skin being torn to pieces as Flair pulls the head back and bounces it like a basketball against the steel. Bischoff collapses, his face now bleeding, crawling away from Flair but he gets no rest. Flair is right back on him, stomping all over his body before lifting Bischoff up and slamming him, then he drops an elbow into the heart. Not a single pinfall or submission has a been, Flair rolls back to his feet, running his hands through his famous hair, before grabbing Bischoff by the pants and throwing him directly into the corner.

    Bischoff is trapped back up against the corner, blood rushing down his face – Flair attacks again, chopping and punching at Bischoff’s body. A wild punch is thrown by Eric and it misses, Flair hooks the legs and trips Bischoff – CATAPULT! Eric Bischoff goes flying through the air and smashes into the cage as Flair catapults him. The camera zooms in on Bischoff, his face covered with blood, but Flair isn’t done just yet. Flair grabs Bischoff, a kick to the gut connects, whips him into the ropes and sends him flying with a back body drop. Flair turns, rebounds off the ropes and drops his knee into the skull of Eric.

    Still, Ric Flair refuses to make a cover – his eyes filled with rage as he picks Bischoff up again, holding his head in his hands and yelling directly at him. The two men just an inch away, Flair slapping him repeatedly before connecting with a piledriver! Bischoff’s head is spiked into the ground, his body shaking now from the loss of blood, yet Flair refuses to end this match. He steps forward, placing his boot underneath Bischoff’s chin and kicks upwards, sending Bischoff ass over head. Flair continues to assault Bischoff, grabbing him and tossing Eric into the stage door. It’s locked, Flair knows this, and he uses the door to taunt Bischoff as he slams his head into it. “It’s locked! You are done, Bischoff!”

    Flair slams Bischoff’s head into the cage one more time and allows Bischoff to canvas back down to the canvas, rolling towards the middle of the ring. This hasn’t been close, Flair hasn’t felt a single punch from Bischoff and has spent the entire time beating the crap out of his opponent. We watch as Flair stalks Bischoff, the latter struggling to stand on his own free will. Bischoff crawls towards the ropes, blood gushing from his face, he pulls on the second rope and stands up, Flair meets him and drives a knee into the stomach. Flair whips Bischoff into the corner, from their he lifts Bischoff up onto the turnbuckle and connects with a chop.

    Both men are on the top of the turnbuckle, Flair trying for a superplex – Bischoff pushes him off! Flair falls to the canvas below, Bischoff is sat on top of the turnbuckle, his face a crimson mask, and he digs down into his sweat pants – BRASS KNUCKLES! Bischoff has revealed brass knuckles, his body unable to climb the cage after the beating he has sustained, so Bischoff climbs off the turnbuckle and stalks Flair. His fist is clenched, the brass knuckles ready to strike, and the crowd are horrified. Flair has no clue as he turns around what is coming – Bischoff swings with the brass knuckles, only for Flair to catch the punch and twist Eric’s arm. The brass knuckles fall to the canvas, Bischoff pleads for mercy and all he gets is a clothesline.

    Flair kicks the brass knuckles away, he stares around the at fans around the arena all chanting his name before he points to the leg of Bischoff. The roar from the crowd is intense – Flair grabs Bischoff’s leg and twists it – FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! Flair has the leg lock on Bischoff, the move that has won he countless World Titles, the move that has been is signature for this legendary career. Bischoff is crying in pain, this was not what he expected to happen tonight and after a few more seconds, the roof comes off the arena as Eric Bischoff submits to Ric Flair!


    Ric Flair defeats Eric Bischoff at 05:02 in a Loser Leaves Town Match. Eric Bischoff is now fired from World Championship Wrestling.

    The end has come for Eric Bischoff in WCW! Ric Flair’s career will continue, the fans are overwhelmed with joy as Flair keeps the submission locked in for a few extra moments until finally breaking it and rolling into the middle of the ring, going to his knees and standing up. The pain of this feud is over, Flair has won and removed Bischoff from WCW entirely. The cage was his world fifteen years ago at the original Starrcade and now, fifteen years later, Ric Flair still rules inside the cage. It’s an amazing scene for Ric Flair, the legend stepping out of the cage, his career saved, and Eric Bischoff defeated. His family are in the front now, Flair gives them a hug and kisses, tears filling their eyes as Flair makes his way up the entrance ramp – blowing kisses to all the fans around the world.

    Mike Tenay: The day has finally come! Eric Bischoff is gone from World Championship Wrestling. We have seen Bischoff’s selfish nature nearly ruin this wonderful company, he has made himself the focus of Nitro and his alliance with the nWo has left wrestlers on the outside looking in. Finally, we will have a President of WCW who isn’t paid for by Hogan. We will have a fair and balanced organization where the best get the chances and not those who have paid for them.

    Bobby Heenan: We still don’t know what is next, Tenay. Who is going to take Bischoff’s spot as running the day to day operations for World Championship Wrestling? We’ve seen Arn Anderson in his role as WCW Commissioner recently since the Board of Directors stripped Bischoff of his power until tonight, will he continue?

    Tony Schiavone: We have many questions left to be answered and those will hopefully be addressed tomorrow night on Monday Nitro. The point is that tonight, live at Starrcade, Eric Bischoff has been defeated by Ric Flair and is fired from World Championship Wrestling. He will have no say in the future of this company. Ric Flair will continue, the legendary career has not reached the final stop and after tonight, I think Flair has a few more years left at the top of this industry.

    In the backstage area, Larry Zbyszko is rushing through the hallway looking for something. He busts past several people, looking from side to side, until he reaches a marked door. Inside the room is WCW Commissioner Arn Anderson, flipping through some notes when he sees Larry enter the room. They exchange a handshake, Arn looks into the camera, dressed in a suit, and Zbyszko is handed a microphone.

    Larry Zbyszko: Ladies gentlemen, we are just moments away from the main event of the evening for the World Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship of the World. We’re here in the office of WCW Commissioner, Arn Anderson, who has a major announcement to make regarding the final match of the night. Arn, the floor is yours.

    Arn Anderson: What a night this has been. We couldn’t have done it without the great fans of World Championship Wrestling, so I’d like to offer a big thank you to everyone. As for this announcement, it’s going to ensure that we have a clear winner in the main event. I don’t want there to be questions about who is the rightful champion or anything crazy like that.

    A small pause is taken by Arn.

    Arn Anderson: We’ve already made it elimination rules so that if someone wants to take the title from Goldberg they’re going to have to put him down. The announcement I’ve got to make, considering the ties that Kevin Nash has had in the past with members of the nWo, is that I’m officially BANNING all five members of the New World Order from ringside.

    A huge pop is heard from the live audience.

    Larry Zbyszko: All five of them?

    Arn Anderson: You heard me. All five members of the nWo are banned from ringside during the main event and if they get involved, whether it is Hogan, Hall, Konnan, The Giant or Steiner, I’ll personally hand them their termination papers!

    Larry Zbyszko: What does getting involved classify as?

    Arn raises his hand in the air, spreading his fingers to show five and points with the other.

    Arn Anderson: If the nWo five walk down the ramp, fired! If they appear on the big screen, fired! If they attack any of the three men involved in the main event, fired! I don’t care where they go so long as it’s nowhere near the main event of this show. We will not see the main event of Starrcade influenced by the nWo. I guarantee that will not happen at the hands of any of those five.

    A statement has been made by the WCW Commissioner, the nWo are not allowed to be at ringside or they risk termination. Anderson once again shakes hands with Zbyszko, he then takes a seat at his desk and prepares to watch the main event – which is up next!

    **The Zoo**

    Emerging from the entrance chute for the main event, the first of three men, the veteran of the sport, Bam Bam Bigelow. His wild antics over the last two months have got him into this position. Bigelow emerges, looking menacing, and storms down to the ring – fans booing him, shutting up whenever Bigelow glares at them.

    Michael Buffer: Wrestling fans around the world, please rise for the introductions for the main event of Starrcade! This match is a triple threat match with elimination rules and is for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, by way of Asbury Park, New Jersey, a veteran of professional wrestling – Bam Bam Bigelow!

    Bobby Heenan: My pick to win this match, break the streak and become the WCW Champion! He is a giant of a man, a fierce competitor and a veteran who has wanted this spot for years.

    Mike Tenay: He has left a pile of bodies behind him on his way to the main event of Starrcade. Bam Bam Bigelow has wrestled all over the world, he has won titles everywhere he has been, but he has never held the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Will that change tonight?

    Tony Schiavone: Bigelow has been the hunter for the past two months. He arrived in World Championship Wrestling by attacking Goldberg. He has assaulted multiple competitors during matches, storming into the building and attacking our security. It was last month at World War 3 where Bigelow got involved during the Battle Royale, causing chaos which drew the attention of the World Champion. Tonight, he gets the opportunity he has waited his entire career for.


    One of the most popular stars in the sport, Kevin Nash steps out onto the stage with swag, his hair free flowing and Big Sexy throws up the ‘W’ with his right hand. A good portion of the crowd are behind Big Sexy, he high fives some of them on his way to the ring – fans offering a ‘too sweet’ but Nash shakes his head and gives a fist bump instead.

    Michael Buffer: And now, making his way into the ring, from Detroit, Michigan, the winner of the World War 3 Battle Royale – ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash!

    Mike Tenay: To think that we are moments away from the start of this match and questions are still swirling around this man and his association with the nWo. Is it still a thing or has Kevin Nash truly set that part of his life to the side? He has refused to address it, he has not been seen with any nWo members, we know that the nWo five are banned from ringside during this contest – Kevin Nash, if he was counting on the nWo, is out of luck.

    Tony Schiavone: At the end of the day you must believe him. We have seen nothing to tell us otherwise. Kevin Nash has been true to his word so far. The five members of the nWo were all specifically banned from this match. Even if he wanted to use them it’s a non-starter. Kevin Nash said he doesn’t need the nWo, he has the Wolfpac – the fans that support him and judging by the response, at least half this arena is part of the Wolfpac.


    We cut to the back where armed guards are standing outside a locker-room door. One of them knocks, a few seconds later Goldberg emerges – the WCW World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and he begins the walk to the entrance chute. The man, the myth… the icon – Goldberg steps through the smoke, his nostrils flared as pyro goes off behind him. Fans are going wild, Goldberg marches towards the ring with his eyes fixed on his two opponents; numbers 174 and 175. Bam Bam Bigelow darts from the ring as Goldberg approaches, Nash on the other hand stands in his stop and meets Goldberg in the middle of the ring – the fans are so excited as Goldberg unhooks the title and holds it up in the air.

    Michael Buffer: Finally, introducing the man that wrestling fans around the globe recognize as the top athlete in all the world. With an undefeated streak of 173 wins and zero losses, from Atlanta, Georgia… he is the reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion – GOLDBERG!

    Bobby Heenan: 173-0, the longest undefeated streak in the history of professional wrestling. He has been unstoppable since he started in WCW. Goldberg, he has become an icon in the sport of wrestling. This is the biggest stage of his career, Starrcade, the main event, against two future Hall of Famers.

    Mike Tenay: This will be a defining night for Goldberg. With the lights on brightest and the world watching, can he continue to do what he has done without a loss? Can he win tonight and cement his spot as the best in the world right now?

    Tony Schiavone: We are set for the start of this contest. For the final time let me break this situation down. This match is the main event, it’s a triple threat match which will be contested under elimination rules – the only way to win is by pinfall or submission. No count outs, no disqualifications however the nWo five have been banned from ringside due to their past association with Kevin Nash and history with Goldberg, if that rule is broken than whoever interferes will be fired from WCW. The final man standing will be crowned the winner and WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

    Match Eight
    Goldberg (c) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Kevin Nash
    WCW World Heavyweight Championship

    The referee moves out of the way, he is only there to count the pins and call for the submissions, other than that the referee has a very limited role in this contest. Standing in the middle of the ring, squaring off like gladiators before war, Kevin Nash and Goldberg are refusing to back down from the other. The reaction from the crowd is immense, both with huge fanbases and this is what they came to see – the two biggest names clashing for the title at Starrcade. Nash and Goldberg go forehead to forehead, the intensity of both men coming through – they begin to slug it out. Punches are traded back and forth, Goldberg getting the best of it as he whips Nash into the ropes and goes for a shoulder block – thud! Nash and Goldberg collide and neither of them goes down.

    A sly smirk appears on Nash’s face, he brushes his hair backwards and shakes his head at Goldberg, telling him that he doesn’t go down that easily. They fight again with Nash getting the advantage, knee to the stomach connects and Nash drives his elbow across the back of the World Champion. Nash slings Goldberg into the corner, driving his knee into the stomach again – he backs up, raises his arm in the air and charges forward for a clothesline. He misses, crashing into the corner as Goldberg ducks underneath… charging off the ropes and here comes the World Champion – SPEAR! Goldberg spears Kevin Nash in half, the crowd explodes, and the first elimination could be moments away as Goldberg stares down at the fallen challenger.

    Nash never expected this to happen so early in the contest. Kicking his feet in a mix of frustration and agony, Nash is dragged to a vertical base, Goldberg kicks him in the stomach and pulls him into position… Jackhammer! Suddenly, sliding underneath the bottom rope, Bam Bam Bigelow burst into the ring and attacks Goldberg from behind. The veteran has made it clear he wants to put down Goldberg and sensing this was his chance, Bigelow has inadvertently saved Kevin Nash in this triple threat. Bigelow clobbers at the back of Goldberg, pushing him around the ring and whips him into the ropes… spinebuster! A hard landing for Goldberg as Bigelow backs up, roars loudly and delivers a splash onto the World Champion – making a cover thereafter. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    Bigelow continues to target Goldberg, dragging him into the corner and driving his shoulder into the mid-section. Meanwhile, Big Sexy rolls to the outside of the ring, clutching at his ribs trying to breath as best he can, Nash slumps against the ring apron out of sight to the two men inside the ring. Bigelow stomps around the ring, headbutt Goldberg, then he whips the champion into the ropes and cracks him with a lariat on the rebound. Confidence is building for Bam Bam now, he grabs Goldberg by the arm, talking some trash as he does so and lifts the World Champion into the air for a military press slam! It connects, Goldberg crashes down to the mat and Bigelow makes another cover. ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! Being the veteran that he is, Bigelow takes a moment to look around for Nash, he finds him and slides to the outside of the ring. Nash has barely recovered when Bigelow grabs his hair and tosses Big Sexy over the barricade and into the fans.

    Clapping his hands together like someone trying to remove the dust, Bigelow turns back to the ring and heads straight for the World Champion, delivering a hard elbow drop to his back. The crowd is deflated so far, they want to see Nash versus Goldberg but the man who promised to play the role of spoiler has indeed done just that – Bam Bam Bigelow is working over Goldberg at Starrcade. Once again, Goldberg is sent into the corner, his head dazed and confused, but he has enough of himself together to move out of the way as Bigelow and his giant body crashing towards the corner. Goldberg grabs his arm and connects with a duo of short-arm clotheslines, then Bigelow is sent into the ropes and knocked down with a shoulder block. Bigelow tries to get up, Goldberg hits him with a sidekick, sending the veteran stumbling backwards into the ropes, Goldberg charges forward and receives a boot to the face!

    The challenger charges forward at Goldberg, overestimating the damage he inflicted and is caught by Goldberg and is thrown overhead with a suplex! The crowd pops as Goldberg turns around, grabs Bigelow and whips him into the corner – at full speed Goldberg spears Bigelow trapped against the corner, the challenger stumbles out and Goldberg lifts him up and nails a running powerslam! Goldberg hooks the leg for his first cover of the match. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! Wiping the sweat from his head, Goldberg gets set in the corner… he charges and smashes Bigelow with another shoulder block. Walking around the ring with a purpose, Goldberg demands that Bigelow get up, and when the challenger does Goldberg wraps his arms under and executes a full-nelson slam! The power on display is something to behold, Goldberg refuses to make the cover, he mounts Bigelow and hammers away with strong punches to the face, only then does he pull Bigelow off the mat, knees him in the mid-section and drives him to the canvas with a pumphandle slam!

    Seeking the victory now with a cover is Goldberg but before the referee can get into position to make a count, Kevin Nash pulls Goldberg from the ring and whips him into the steel steps. Big Sexy drives his boot into the face of Goldberg, that’ll keep him down for a little bit, and steps over the top rope, looking to pick the scraps of the work that the World Champ has done. The crowd are ready to see Nash in action, he drives his forearm into the head of Bigelow, but the veteran fires back and ducks a shot from Nash, running off the ropes… and right into a big boot from Nash! Bigelow goes to his knees, Nash pulls him back up and drags him to the corner – slamming his head into the turnbuckle pad. With his back now against the corner, Bigelow is hit with multiple elbows from Nash who then snapmares him forward, runs towards the ropes, comes back and kicks Bigelow square in the mouth. Before making a cover, Nash once again uses the ropes to aid his attack and bounces back with momentum for a leg drop across the throat of Bigelow. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    Sitting up on the canvas, Nash looks around and checks to see where Goldberg is… he isn’t still down near the steps. Nash immediately stands up, he can hear Goldberg coming… then he appears – Goldberg looks for the spear again but Nash steps out of the way and uses Goldberg’s momentum to go head first into the corner, his head hitting the ring post. Nash is the only man standing, he grabs Goldberg and pulls him close between his legs, the crowd stands as Nash lifts him up – JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB! Nash looks shocked, he cannot believe he just hit his finisher on Goldberg, a cover is made. ONE! TWO! BIGELOW! The third man in the match cuts that pin short, Nash looking furious about it since it’s elimination rules and Bigelow would have no reason to stop the count!

    Of course, Bigelow has said he wants to be the one to put Goldberg out, so his judgment is clouded by that obsession. Bigelow and Nash trade shots in the middle of the ring, Goldberg rolling towards the ring apron, and Bigelow clamps his arms around Nash, driving him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex! With three people in the ring it’s a little crowded so Bigelow throws Nash to the outside, he follows and slams the big man on the thin mat outside, barely giving any relief from the concrete that is underneath. Back inside the ring, Bigelow goes after Goldberg, slapping him in the back of the head and yelling that he is the one to break the streak.

    Goldberg pushes from the ground up, knocking Bigelow off balance and the World Champion explodes with a football like tackle. He pounds away on Bigelow, the challenger scrambles to his feet and is nailed with a thrust kick to the jaw! Goldberg grabs Bigelow’s arm, whips him into the ropes and on the rebound, executes a hip-toss. Bigelow is right back up to his feet, Goldberg expects as much and does another hip-toss, he gets up again fairly quickly and this time Goldberg plants him with a SPINEBUSTER! ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! The fans are up and going now, Goldberg pounds his chest as Bigelow rolls around in a haze. The World Champion, undefeated in his wrestling career, grabs Bigelow and hits a rolling neckbreaker. No cover is made instead Goldberg takes a corner, gets down in a three-point stance and appears to be preparing for a spear.

    Every fan in the building rises to their feet, Goldberg’s nostrils fair, his eyes zoned in on Bigelow, the challenger pulling him up using the ropes… SPEAR! Goldberg breaks Bigelow in half with a thunderous spear, the building popping loudly, and continuing to do so as Goldberg takes the middle of the ring and roars! The World Champion is feeling it, he asks the crowd if they are ready for it, but they want another spear. Goldberg agrees, he nods his head and returns to a different corner, once again taking aim. Bigelow is squirming around in tremendous pain, his inside must be crushed together, Goldberg willing to wait however long it takes for him to struggle to a vertical base.

    Fighting to his feet, Bigelow gets up, he is on wobbly legs and he turns around – Goldberg charges at full speed… Bigelow drops down and rolls to the outside of the ring. The fans boo, Goldberg comes to a stop inside the ring and looks upset with himself that he let the situation slip through his fingers. Bigelow, while still in pain, taps his head saying that he is smarter than Goldberg… the crowd pops – Kevin Nash is right behind him. Bigelow is nailed with a forearm from Big Sexy, Nash boots him in the stomach and tosses him right back to Goldberg! “You finish him than it’s you and me,” yells Kevin Nash at Goldberg.

    Goldberg seemingly has no issue with that, he charges at Bigelow and crushes him with a second sickening SPEAR! This time the World Champion isn’t waiting for a god damn thing, Goldberg yanks Bigelow up, he points towards Kevin Nash waiting on the outside, the crowd are cheering like mad, up goes Bigelow – JACKHAMMER! The amazing feat of raw strength is a moment that will live forever, Goldberg brings Bam Bam crashing down to the ground, he hooks the leg and locks eyes with Nash the entire three count. ONE! TWO! THREE! Bam Bam Bigelow has been eliminated from this match – we are down to two, Goldberg versus Kevin Nash. Now, the crowd get what they wanted from the start, the two big names clashing, the Goldberg fans against the Wolfpac. The arena is split down the middle, Nash has just as many supporters as Goldberg, he enters the ring slowly and the two top dogs in WCW exchange shots!

    After both men get in some stiff strikes, Goldberg hits a kick to the mid-section, he follows up by sending Nash into the corner – FLYING KNEE! Goldberg runs and jumps into the air, driving his knee into the jaw of Nash – Goldberg catches Nash with a hip-toss, knocking him down. With Nash off his feet, Goldberg sends a kick towards Nash’s head – BLOCKED! Nash catches the kick, he sweeps Goldberg off his feet, stands back up and hooks a BOSTON CRAB! Kevin Nash has Goldberg locked in a Boston Crab, the World Champion struggling towards the ropes for a break, the crowd shocked that they might see Goldberg’s streak end by submission. It’s clear that Nash isn’t a skilled submission wrestle however, since Goldberg is able to get to the ropes quickly and force the break.

    Nash releases the hold but returns with a few forearms to the back, Goldberg still gets to his feet and pushes Nash against the ropes. Once again, they slug it out, Nash forearms Goldberg and then nails a big boot. Digging down deep for the World Title, Nash lifts Goldberg up, marching across the ring and drops him with SNAKE EYES! Nash is already on the move and rebounds off the ropes – A SECOND BIG BOOT! Never before has Goldberg been this stunned, Nash senses it and charges again, using his big arms to clothesline Goldberg over the top rope, sending him crashing to the outside of the ring.

    The action has spilled to the outside, Nash heads over the crew members and grabs a steel chair – ANYTHING IS LEGAL! The Goldberg supporters are not happy but the Wolfpac are offering their approval as Nash throws the chair down onto the ground. With Goldberg by the head, Nash elbows him across the back of the neck, drives his knee into the stomach and goes for a DDT on the chair! BLOCKED! Goldberg drives Nash into the barricade surrounding ringside, now free of the grasp, Goldberg steps back and fires off a spinning kick which slumps Nash over the barricade. Once he turns around, Goldberg notices the steel chair, he picks it up and realizes that Nash was going to use the weapon on him – filled with rage, with the chair in hand, Goldberg starts swinging the chair and nails Kevin Nash in the back!

    Repeatedly striking Kevin Nash in the back, the sound of the steel chair echoing throughout the arena, Goldberg unloads with a great fury as the challenger crumbles down to the floor. Another ten hard shots, Goldberg throws the chair away, he stomps on Nash and then drags him towards the ring, throwing him underneath the bottom rope and securing a cover. ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! Goldberg looks at the referee, disbelief, he stands up and stomps Nash once before picking the challenger up, he whips him into the ropes – SCOOP SLAM! Goldberg makes another cover, hooking a single leg. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP!

    For possibly the first time ever, a sign of frustration is shown by Goldberg, pounding the canvas of the ring with his fist after the second kick out by Kevin Nash. Goldberg stands, his face covered with sweat, his intentions clear as he gets down into a three-point stance. Slowly, Kevin Nash begins to rise, his back killing him from the chair shots, the weapon he introduced, and he turns around, Goldberg charges at him – KNEE GOES UP! Nash gets the knee up, Goldberg can’t stop, he hits it, the champion is stunned – Nash grabs him and on a bad leg, due to the force of Goldberg running it in, struggles for a moment but hits an awful looking JACKKNIFE!

    It’s a mix between the back and the knee, but the Jackknife looked like shit, however the crowd still popped for it and Goldberg is out. Nash has collapsed, barely able to move due to the pain his entire body is suffering. His joints are clamping up, his back locking into place surely, but the challenger is crawling towards Goldberg, 173-0 on the line… Nash gets the arm over. ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! Nash looks like he is about to have a mental breakdown. Is it because of the pain or the fact that Goldberg kicked out of his best shot – the second one of the night? The fans are into this match, they have no clue how it is going to turn out. Nash and Goldberg are on opposite sides of the ring, both men hurting, they each want to walk out with the big gold belt, only one gets that honour.

    Nash begins to stir, pulling himself up using the ropes and then he approaches the World Champion – they trade shots, but Nash has the advantage of standing over being on his knees, he strikes with a knee to the head, allowing him to control Goldberg. One big whip into the corner, Goldberg bounces hard and stumbles forward… into a SIDEWALK SLAM by Kevin Nash! Another cover is made, Nash pleading that this must be the end of it. ONE! TWO! SHOULDER UP! If looks could kill… Kevin Nash is shooting daggers at Goldberg, he stands up and is pleading with him, “Just stay down! It’s over!” Nash grabs Goldberg by the arm, dragging the undefeated man into the middle of the ring and hooks him by the throat… suddenly, Goldberg’s eyes waken! He burns a hole through Nash, and returns the favour of grabbing Nash by the jugular. The building is shaking, Nash and Goldberg have each other by the throat – Goldberg knocks Nash’s hand away, pulls him close and hits a SAMOAN DROP!

    ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! The fire has been lit, during his run of 173 straight victories, no man has ever challenged Goldberg like Kevin Nash has done tonight. Yet, as we watch Goldberg shove Nash into the corner and unload with a combination of strikes and kicks, this is clearly the MAN! Goldberg sends Nash into the opposite corner, Nash reinjures his back, Goldberg follows up and ducks a punch, lifting Nash up and dropping him with a GERMAN SUPLEX! Nash is in all sorts of trouble, Goldberg picks him by the hair, whips him into the ropes – SPINEBUSTER! Goldberg has found new life, he backs into the corner, three-point stance time… Nash is moving, he can’t possibly know what is coming at him, Goldberg charges – LOW BLOW! BLOCKED! Goldberg grabs Nash’s arm, Nash looks up at the World Champion, desperation, it was all on the line but Nash got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    Goldberg punches Nash hard in the face but keeps wrist control, he yanks Nash by the arm, forcing him to stand and whips him into the ropes. Both men are running, Nash swings at Goldberg, but he ducks underneath and keeps running, Nash turns and is confused, he realizes what is coming but it’s far too late – SPEAR! Goldberg nails the spear, he points to the heavens, the fans are up on their feet, Nash is kicking furiously as he holds his stomach. Standing over the challenger, Goldberg looks down at Nash, he stares around at the crowd, Starrcade being his crowning moment as he hooks Nash in position for the Jackhammer. His body shows some fight, Goldberg goes for the Jackhammer – BLOCKED! Nash says no, he will not stop fighting.

    Trying again, delivering some punches to the back of Nash beforehand, Goldberg lifts but Nash counters once more, keeping them grounded. A headbutt from Goldberg stuns Nash unexpectedly, Goldberg says enough of this, he bounces off the ropes – SPEAR! A third spear to Kevin Nash by Goldberg, this time Goldberg immediately grabs Kevin Nash, hooks him into position for the Jackhammer and executes it! JACKHAMMER! Goldberg nails the Jackhammer, he hooks the leg, the referee slides into position and the fans count along. ONE! TWO! THAT FAN APPEARS!

    The fan from earlier in the night, the fan who jumped the barricade during DDP versus Scott Hall, they are back, this fan in the hoodie is inside the ring, armed with a steel chair and they crack Goldberg with it. The World Champion is shocked, pain piercing his body, but he gets up, and is hit again, this time in the head! Security begins to rush down to the ring, the fans threatens the referee and they pause, this wild scene is unbelievable. Goldberg staggers to his feet, the fan cracks him with the chair two more times in the head before Goldberg finally drops and stays down. Security are surrounding the ring, Arn Anderson is at ringside and is preparing to sort this out himself when the hoodie is taken off… and the fans scream out!

    OH YEAH! It’s ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, a wild-eyed man, his eyes wide as he looks around at the security threatening to storm the ring. Arn Anderson is frozen in shock, Savage threatens any member of the security who even thinks about getting into the ring, nobody can understand what the hell has just happened. Goldberg is out cold, the chair shots taking him out, Savage isn’t done as he climbs a turnbuckle – ELBOW DROP! Savage dropped the elbow on Goldberg, he tears off his shirt in his madness – revealing another shirt… nWo! The screams from the crowd are deafening, Randy Savage is a member of the nWo! As Schiavone states on commentary; “Oh no, remember that Arn Anderson banned all FIVE members of the nWo. He never mentioned Randy Savage by name because we didn’t know he was still in with the group. Bischoff said he had the fan taken to a local police station… but at that point he thought he was still in with the nWo. This was a plan all along! When Hogan reformed them as one faction, Savage was out injured, we haven’t seen him in months, he was never attacked – we just assumed that…”

    On the outside, Arn Anderson is shaking with anger, he promised that the nWo wouldn’t play a role in the main event of Starrcade, but he couldn’t have accounted for this to play out. Randy Savage curses at Anderson before turning his attention back inside the ring, Kevin Nash is getting to his feet, Savage picks up the chair and takes aim… AND SWINGS! Only to stop short and drop the chair, Savage holds up the ‘too sweet’ sign, Nash back peddles, his mind a haze right now and it takes him a few seconds to realize what the hell is happening. Savage extends the gesture, Nash realizes that Goldberg is out, he looks back at Randy… AND THEY HUG! Nash leans on Savage, the two embracing, and Savage whispers some words into the ear of Nash, he then grabs Goldberg and applies a full nelson, Nash grabbing the steel chair.

    With one violent motion Kevin Nash reveals his true colours, his allegiance and betrays the fanbase he so proudly called – Wolfpac. Nash nails Goldberg in the head with the chair, the champion slumps in the arms of Savage, but the beating isn’t over. Nash wants to put his stamp on this, with the help of Randy Savage, Nash lifts Goldberg up and connects with the JACKKNIFE! It’s a little better than the previous one, still sloppy as anything, so Nash sends Savage up to the top rope and the Macho Man delivers a beautiful looking ELBOW DROP onto Goldberg, the second in the space of minutes, and now Nash makes the cover. The referee refuses to count, Arn Anderson frozen by what he has seen, and Randy Savage grabs the referee, shoving him to the ground and demands he count. ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Kevin Nash defeats Bam Bam Bigelow and Goldberg at 17:45 to become the NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

    Time is standing still in Washington D.C. as the Starrcade audience takes a few moments to comprehend what they have just seen. The greatest undefeated streak in the history of professional wrestling has been stopped, broken, tossed to the side like a piece of trash and worst of all it was done by the New World Order. The answer was yes, Kevin Nash was indeed part of the nWo for life, as they say. Thousands of fans begin to reaction, throwing rubbish into the ring as Kevin Nash rips the WCW World Heavyweight Championship out of the hands of a ringside worker. Nash and Savage don’t waste time hanging around, they immediately jump the barricade and held for the hills, Arn Anderson shaking he is so mad.

    Bobby Heenan: 173-1! 173-1! 173-1! Goldberg has been defeated for the first time in his career. We’ve seen a legend fall tonight! Kevin Nash has defeated Goldberg in one of the most shocking endings I’ve ever seen to a professional wrestling event. Goldberg hit the Jackhammer, it was over and then that fan, or who we thought was a fan returned.

    Mike Tenay: But it wasn’t a fan, it was Randy Savage. A former member of the nWo and he assaulted Goldberg with a steel chair before dropping two of those hard elbows onto the World Champion. You mentioned it during the match but we have to address it again, Tony. When Hollywood Hogan reunited the two rival factions of the nWo, Randy Savage was absent from WCW. He was injured and unable to compete, so when guys like Stevie Ray and Lex Luger were left destroyed inside the ring, we grouped Randy Savage in with them since he hasn’t been around. Well, tonight we found out that Savage still bleeds for the nWo and that five we kept talking about soon became seven.

    Tony Schiavone: Even when the Macho Man was out here, we were wondering what his agenda was, and it became clear when Kevin Nash hugged him. Nash played us all, he knew all along that he was going to side with the nWo. I bet this plan was in place all night. Try as he might, WCW Commissioner, Arn Anderson fell right into their trap when he banned the nWo five from ringside – they already had a sixth member ready to interfere if Nash needed to be saved. I’m disgusted by what I’ve seen. Goldberg has been dethroned as World Champion by Kevin Nash but he did so in the worst way possible.

    Amongst the chaos, Goldberg begins to stir inside the ring, his eyes darting around ringside and he is joined by Arn Anderson inside the ring. Goldberg rolls towards the ropes and demands to know what happened, Arn tries to explain but a picture tells a thousand words… Goldberg looks up at the big screen and airing live is a shot of Kevin Nash, along with Randy Savage, and the remaining five members of the New World Order, standing at the top of the stairs in the crowd – Nash holding the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and planting a kiss on it as Starrcade comes to a close.


    Quick Results

    Rey Mysterio jr. def. Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chavo Guerrero jr.)
    WCW World Television Title: Chris Jericho © def. The Giant
    WCW World Tag Team Titles: Kanyon and Raven def. Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos ©
    WCW Cruiserweight Title – Ladder Match: Billy Kidman © def. Psicosis, Dean Malenko & Juventud
    WCW United States Heavyweight Title: Scott Hall def. Diamond Dallas Page ©
    nWo (Hollywood Hogan & Scott Steiner (w/ Konnan)) def. Bret Hart & Booker T (w/ Lex Luger)
    Steel Cage - Loser Leaves Town: Ric Flair def. Eric Bischoff
    WCW World Heavyweight Title: Kevin Nash def. Bam Bam Bigelow & Goldberg ©
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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Good start to your thread dude. I liked how you cleared up a couple of things like the LWO and the two divided NWO factions with Hogan returning and unifying one. I'm glad you didn't disband it all together and I'm excited to see how it develops and if you can restore the group prestige and make it fresh again.

    Interesting development with Bam Bam and his involvement in the WCW World Championship match picture. I don't think he will come out with the victory but I could for sure seeing him having a part to play in the future. I do wonder if we will get a big twist though.. Maybe nWo will come down, the tease of Nash rejoining will be there and if we could see Goldberg or Bam Bam join the faction instead. Intrigued.

    Pretty cool to see we're getting Eazy-E vs the Nature Boy too! Cage match makes it interesting and I can't see Eric winning without some help. I'm just wondering- would you really want to let Flair depart? Hmm. Could go either way. Got me interested.


    Starrcade Review:

    I liked the intro, good effort. It set the scene really well.

    Noticeable right away if the effort and time that went into the opening of Starrcade just from the three man commentary team and intro. I like that. You pretty much had the commentary spot on and I like how again you set the scene and dropped a few names to announce that Starrcade could be their moment.

    Great way to open up the show with two stars of the future! Good match.

    I really dug' the nWo segment. Good job. Hogan in his own limo was a nice touch and really showed the arrogance of the man. Unless, it was a hint like the commentary team suspected? Hmm.. I'm sensing a twist to come.

    Another good match and I'm pleased to see Jericho retain the title! Now as a fully fledged face it will be interesting to see how he develops under your guidance. I think you told a pretty good story in a short space of time with the David vs Goliath story and it felt like a major victory for Jericho. Good job!

    Standard but good promo from Kidman. I'd be happy to see him retain the Cruiserweight Championship.

    The tag team Championship match was the one I was least looking forward too and that division as you pointed out is probably the weakest I'd say. I think you got some work to do and time to invest to get that up to speed but I'm sure you will. No issue with Kanyon and Raven getting the belts and interested to see what's to come next for the unlikely duo. I'd maybe would have had Raven just reluctantly accept the belt and exit rather then treat it like trash just because the division already looks kinda bad but that's just my opinion.

    Good segment with Booker and Bret. I thought you especially nailed Booker and it came off well as a promo.

    Enjoyed the ladder match and it was fairly well written. A couple of times I did doubt it was going to happen but pleased to see Kidman retain. All four men came out of the match looking great and the Cruiserweight division is a very exciting booking prospect for sure.

    Nice vignette for the Souled out PPv with Hogan declaring that Hulkamania is dead and that nWo is immortal.

    Maaann, I love Scott Hall Haha! Just reading his entrance brought back good memories for me. I think he could win this match, especially after the Giant's loss to restore some honour and prestige to the nWo and bring back the gold. I guess we'll see! Yes! Another win for the bad guy! Glad he won and it was done so in typical heel like fashion which made it even more sweet and will give DDP every reason to feel aggrieved for sure.

    Absolutely loved the segment with Eric and the nWo. So, it looks like Eazy-E is on his own! I have a feeling that the nWo will throw him a solid though and help him out.

    Up next and it's Booker & Bret vs Hogan & Steiner. I have a feeling that Bret is going to cost Booker and his team the win. I can sense it Haha! Could be wrong. So another good match and off course.. It happened! Bret costing his team the victory and the nWo come out on top! Booker is going to be pissed. Yo Hart, he comin' for you, sucka!

    Good promo from Flair but I can't help but feel that he's going to lose and it will be crazy to read and see unfold should it be the case. Wow! It actually went down as it should. Flair has defeated Eric and he's gone! Haha! I'm actually stunned. I would have that the nWo would have made the save or Eric would have a trick up his sleeve but he's lost to the Nature Boy and must leave town! Wooooo!

    Wow, major announcement from Arn Anderson! If Nash is nWo he's got to do this on his own! Unless there's another member because only those Five are banned? Hmm.. Not sure. Kind of changes everything now though and it's kind of open who could walk out victorious. Excited to read the match.

    WOW! That ending was MADNESS, literally. Well.. I kind of called it but I still completely shocked in a way. The match was good and it sets up the future of WCW really well because in one PPv, the nWo are pretty much back on top of the industry and are full with the right talent and numbers game.

    I enjoyed the show and I'll be reading on! The detail was all very good and the matches were good too. Nice job buddy! :D
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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    On the train so can’t leave a really detailed review but I’ve read through your summary and Starrcade, and I’ve got to say that I think this thread has been excellent so far. I was too young for WCW back around this time so I’m not massively familiar with a number of guys, but the way the show was initially set up and the way the show was written makes it really easy to pick things up and plug any knowledge gaps.

    The ending of the show was great with Nash turning out to be nWo the entire time and the addition of Savage too just further increases the star power.

    Will be reading.

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Thanks for the comments about Starrcade, really appreciate the kinds words and feedback. Glad to see people are enjoying the early part of this thread. I was really happy with how the whole thing turned out.

    Preview for the very first edition of Monday Nitro. It's completed, as is the entire road to Souled Out, and I'm working on Souled Out at the moment behind the scenes. Monday Nitro will be posted on this coming Sunday.



    The dust has yet to settle from the chaos that was the fifteenth annual Starrcade pay-per-view event. The wrestling world has been on edge for the last twenty-four hours. Rousing discussions about the future of World Championship Wrestling following the defeat of their greatest hope, perhaps their last hope in the war against the New World Order. In the main event, Goldberg walked in as WCW World Heavyweight Champion and looked set to walk out with his title and the undefeated record he possessed. Unfortunately, in a shocking twist that has shaken WCW to its core, that accomplishment was taken out of Goldberg’s hands and put directly into the hands of a returning Randy Savage. With the sickening thud of a steel chair, Savage handed the World Title to Kevin Nash and stole Goldberg’s undefeated streak right out from under him.

    While Goldberg lay defeated, it was Kevin Nash who saw the greatest prize in all of professional wrestling fall into his lap. After weeks of speculation it was confirmed; Kevin Nash bleeds red and black, and has always been in the nWo. Throwing away his loyal supporters like they were nothing, Nash stood side by side with his brothers as Starrcade came to a close and he kissed his newly won title. The landscape of the business has changed at the hands of the nWo. Kevin Nash is the World Champion, Scott Hall has become WCW United States Heavyweight Champion and Hollywood Hogan had a successful return (in no short part due to Bret Hart).

    Aside from the nWo, Starrcade had its fair share of memorable moments that fans will discuss for years to come. In the opening match of the night, Mysterio jr. defeated Eddie Guerrero to remove several Guerrero loyalists from the company. With a new lease on life, what is in the future of Rey Mysterio jr. now that Guerrero has nobody left to fight his battles for him?

    Only a few matches have been confirmed for Monday Nitro, along with a few appearances. The opening bout of the night will feature Bret Hart taking on Mike Enos. Hart is sure to be a marked man following his cowardly actions towards his tag team partner, Booker T, last night at Starrcade.

    Nitro will also feature the newly crowned WCW World Tag Team Champions in action but the opponents are not known at this time.

    Finally, Lex Luger will appear on Monday Nitro and it is suspected that he will address the state of his medical clearance with WCW. Many believe it was Eric Bischoff pulling strings behind the scenes which caused Luger to miss the opportunity to wrestle at Starrcade. We will find out more later tonight!

    Confirmed Matches:
    Bret Hart vs. Mike Enos

    Dean Malenko vs. Disco Inferno

    WCW World Tag Team Champions – Kanyon & Raven will be in action

    Lex Luger will make an appearance to address his status with World Championship Wrestling

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    All looking good for this to be a mainstay throughout 2018. I haven't read all of Starrcade yet but what I have has been really well written. I'm a sucker for a good WCW thread so you'll have a permanent reader in me.

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Monday Nitro | December 28, 1998 | Baltimore, Maryland




    Twenty-four hours removed from a historic event, Starrcade 1998, the wrestling world is still trying to recover from the twists and turns that took place. Fans are packed into the Baltimore Arena, many of them bringing homemade signs – after their cheers are slowly drowned out we hear the voices of Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay.

    Tony Schiavone: We are live! The hottest wrestling program on Monday Night’s, the place to be for all the best action inside and outside the wrestling ring – WCW Monday Nitro! Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are coming to you from a packed house here in Baltimore Arena, thousands of fans joining us for what promises to be an exciting night of action.

    Mike Tenay: It was just twenty-four hours ago that the landscape of professional wrestling was changed forever, our world has been flipped upside down and the future of World Championship Wrestling is uncertain. It was last night at Starrcade that we saw Kevin Nash defeat Goldberg, becoming the first man ever to do so, 173-1, and in doing so aligned himself once again with the nWo.

    Tony Schiavone: We were shocked as were all the wrestling fans around the globe. Not only did Nash turn his back on all his supporters but we saw the return of ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, he interfered twice last night. At the time we didn’t know it was the Macho Man originally, it was only during the main event, after a brutal assault on then World Champion, Goldberg, did Savage reveal his identity and side with the New World Order.

    Mike Tenay: It was a fruitful night at Starrcade for the nWo, ending the night with a record of 3-1, the only loss coming by the way of Chris Jericho who retained the WCW World Television Championship in the upset of the night.

    Tony Schiavone: Starrcade wasn’t just about the nWo, we also saw Rey Mysterio jr. defeat Eddie Guerrero, resulting in the termination of multiple luchadores who had sided with Guerrero to assault Mysterio jr. previously.

    Mike Tenay: Last night was action packed and tonight we have much of the same; Ric Flair, who fought to keep his career alive last night, will team with Diamond Dallas Page and WCW World Television Champion, Chris Jericho in tag team action against the new WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, Scott Hall, Konnan and The Giant.

    Tony Schiavone: That’s sure to be a blockbuster, also on the card tonight…

    New New


    Wasting no time in reminding everyone who runs the show, the nWo emerge from the entrance chute, wearing the red and black of the reunited group – WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Nash out in front while the remaining five follows behind him. Yes, it’s only five because for some reason Hollywood Hogan is absent from the group. Nash arrogantly displays his newly won title, Scott Hall slings his new belt over the shoulder, meanwhile Steiner, Konnan, The Giant all mean mug the audience on the way down to the ring and Randy Savage scowls.

    Mike Tenay: Here we go… these guys just had to start the show off by rubbing it in. You thought after all the underhanded tactics they used to win last night that maybe, just maybe, they’d let the spotlight turn to someone else for a change.

    Tony Schiavone: They have to be right in the thick of everything, Mike. They captured two titles last night; the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, both by outside interference by the man standing in the corner of the ring – Randy Savage.

    Mike Tenay: Randy’s role in last night was critical to the success of the nWo. He made sure they walked out with gold because otherwise I think they would have ended up with nothing.

    Inside the ring, Kevin Nash adjusts the World Title before turning to face the hard camera and the fans. All his fellow nWo members, except Hogan, are standing behind him, embracing each other, taunting fans and soaking in all the hatred they are receiving.

    Kevin Nash: Undefeated. Unbeatable. Unable to be stopped by a single man. The greatest force in the history of this business. The icon. A beast unlike anyone else to ever step inside those ropes and lace a pair of boots. For over a month I heard fans, my peers in the back, critics on the internet and so called “expert announcers” explain how Goldberg couldn’t possibly be defeated.

    Several members of the nWo laugh and Nash shakes his head.

    Kevin Nash: 173-0, the greatest undefeated streak of all time. Well now, you can all kiss that streak goodbye! Ha! Look at me now, boys and girls. Take a good hard look at this title belt over my shoulder because it’s real.

    Boos from the crowd.

    Kevin Nash: This is your reality, the nWo is back and is stronger than it has ever been because we control the gold. We have the most prestigious championship in this sport, and with that comes power. So, all the Board of Directors can on their knees and start kissing some ass because as World Champion of this company, I plan on doing what I want whenever the hell I feel like doing it.

    With a smirk on his face, Nash steps forward and leans against the ropes.

    Kevin Nash: I’m not one to brag but in case you missed it or fail to understand what I am saying to you, I beat Goldberg! 173 and ME! You want to know why I sided with the nWo? It’s simple really, I watched as Goldberg ran through guy after guy, you people cheering like sheep. Goldberg became rich beyond his dreams, a failed football player turned into a millionaire because of a business I put on my back!

    Scott Hall nods his head, clapping his hands together as Nash turns to his fellow nWo members.

    Kevin Nash: Two years ago, Scott Hall and I changed the wrestling business. We made it so that guys got guaranteed contracts, money locked in for them and their families. We did that. Hall and Nash, the same guys that those idiots in the back would try to fight twenty on two but we still sent ‘em packing. So, here I am watching as Goldberg rises to the top, making big money and yet I don’t get a thank you?

    Pacing back and forth, Nash looks at his nWo comrades and they feign looks of shock.

    Kevin Nash: That’s the problem with World Championship Wrestling now. Far too many sheep who think they’re wolves, walking around with fat contracts because of work that I put in. Just because you got paid doesn’t mean you can hang with ‘Big Sexy’ inside my ring, I did my time driving from town to town, wrestling every single day – I earned my money but some of you haven’t earned shit!

    The World Champion receives significant support from his fellow teammates, all of them applauding his words. Nash is passionate, his tone serious and voiced raised.

    Kevin Nash: That is why I sided with the nWo. I saw Goldberg in the main event and it made me sick, it made me want to throw-up, seeing the World Championship in his hands, to see a guy who owes everything to me, walking at the top of the mountain, failing to give me the respect that I deserve – I knew something had to be done. So, last night I did just that. I put down Goldberg, I broke the streak and I taught that son of a bitch a lesson in who runs W-C-W!

    Fans show their disproval by chanting ‘Goldberg’ loudly throughout the arena. Nash looks disgusted, turning away and handing the microphone to Scott Hall, standing close by is Randy Savage.

    Scott Hall: Hey yo! This right here is the true powerhouse in professional wrestling. People like Goldberg, all of you, need to give the nWo the respect we have earned. We’re the best in this damn business and Goldberg, he’s just a small fish in our pond.

    Randy Savage: Oh yeah… Goldberg, the cream rises to the tippy top! That’s a fact, yeah! But sometimes the cream is strapped with a rocket, the fuel is pumped into the tank – soarin’ high in the air, yeah! Flyin’ into space, right past the sun, the stars and Orion's Belt, you start to feel untouchable.

    Scott Hall: You best remember that nobody is untouchable when it comes to dealing with the nWo. We are the biggest names in wrestling, and all you young guys in the back better learn quick that our time is over when we say it’s over. Not a second before, and right now I’d say that the nWo is going to be around for a long time to come.

    Big boos from the crowd; Hall gets a pat on the back from Kevin Nash.

    Randy Savage: I was told I was too old to compete inside the wrestlin’ ring when I was up North! I was sent packin’ like nothin’, after I had given everythin’ I had for all of you and every single one of you – yeah – the whole damn bunch moved onto the next guy on the food chain, just like Goldberg.

    Scott Steiner: Listen up punks! That’s what you idiots don’t get about the nWo. This business has been built on the next big thing, the future being in the mind instead of the now, well the future has to go through us before it gets to wipe its ass!

    Randy Savage: They strap the rocket on ‘em and shoot them to the stars, yeah! Last night at Starrcade, Goldberg found out that what goes up, soarin’ with the rocket on his back, always comes crashin’ back down to the ground. Goldberg felt the power of the MADNESS – YEAH! And if he wants more, yeah, I’ll drive that steel chair into his skull… JUST LIKE I DID LAST NIGHT – OH YEAH!

    The Macho Man does a spin, pointing out at the crowd and continues his tirade involving a rocket and respect; meanwhile Kevin Nash asks everyone to step back and he takes the stage.

    Kevin Nash: That’s what this is about – respect. You will give us the respect we deserve and anybody who doesn’t will find out just like Goldberg, that nobody can stop the nWo. We could stand out here all night, but I’ve got a victory celebration to get to. Mums and daughters, 18-25 only, ID at the door, if you would be so kind. So, unless anybody in the back is stupid enough to want to get in our faces when we have six of the best ever inside this ring, I will bid you all a humble farewell and we will take our leave.

    **Horsemen Forever**

    The sole power in World Championship Wrestling, WCW Commissioner – Arn Anderson, makes his way onto the stage. He receives a warm welcome from the audience, the nWo are less enthused about seeing him, especially Kevin Nash who immediately pipes up.

    Kevin Nash: If it isn’t the old man come to relive his glory days of actually mattering. Looking around this arena, I see a lot of younger people, teenagers mostly, and I’ve got to wonder if any of them know who in the hell you are, Arn?

    Arn Anderson: I don’t care to play games with you, Kevin. It’s humorous… do you know whether play is an adjective or a verb?

    The crowd pops for that one.

    Arn Anderson: Now, last night we had some major changes in World Championship Wrestling. Eric Bischoff lost to Ric Flair and was fired from WCW, leaving me as the sole operator of the day to day wrestling decisions for this company. That’s a job I take very seriously and tonight, with only three weeks before our next pay-per-view event, I think we need to start signing a few matches.

    The Enforcer points towards the ring, the nWo members all scramble out of the way and leave Randy Savage standing as the target.

    Arn Anderson: I’d say welcome back but frankly I’m sick of you already, Randy. You got involved in two matches last night, two titles bouts and you were a significant factor in the results of those matches. I’ve spent all night trying to figure out a way of sorting out the mess you created, and after reviewing the tapes I believe I’ve reached the perfect conclusion.

    Kevin Nash: And what would that be? You going to try and take this title from me, Arn? Say that it doesn’t count, revoke my win and pretend like Goldberg is still undefeated? I won last night, Macho Man did what was right for the future of this business – if you had any guts you’d be thanking us for making WCW as great as it is.

    Arn Anderson: No, I’m not going to take the title from you. Millions of people around the world saw it happen and it would be insult to their intelligence to act like Goldberg’s shoulder weren’t down on the mat for a count of three. As I was saying, when I reviewed the tapes I realised just how excited Randy Savage was to be back inside the ring. You looked very pleased with yourself, Randy. Laughing, hugging, and kissing all over each other as you bashed a defenceless man with a steel chair. Therefore, I’m going to replicate those same conditions in three weeks at Souled Out and we’re going to make it official next week on Monday Nitro when the contract is signed for ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage versus Goldberg!

    Inside the ring, Randy Savage flips out, throwing off his bandana and running back and forth between two turnbuckles, slamming his head against them.

    Arn Anderson: I wouldn’t get too worn out, Macho Man. That’s not it for you. See, I wanted to limit the inference last night, I wanted a clear winner, but you foiled that plan. As I was reviewing the tapes from last night, I realised that we had a solution for that as well, a way to ensure that Randy Savage versus Goldberg has no outside interference… and that’s to make it a STEEL CAGE MATCH!

    Scott Hall: Hey man, you can’t just push a member of the nWo around like that.

    Arn Anderson: Ah, I was wondering when you were going to speak up. Starrcade was a particularly successful night for you, Scott. However, had it not been for the involvement of Randy Savage, the result may have been different. Therefore, next week on Monday Nitro we’re going to have a rematch where Scott Hall will defend the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship against Diamond Dallas Page!

    Another big cheer from the crowd. The nWo appear to have had enough as they begin to filter out of the ring at the request of Kevin Nash, leading them out through the fans.

    Arn Anderson: I wouldn’t go too far, boys. Seeing as it is the first time back on Nitro in months for Randy Savage, I thought it’d be a good idea to book you in a match. You want to talk about respect, well I’ll give you respect by putting you in the main event of the evening, and you’ll go one on one against a former member of the nWo, a man who was assaulted during the merger – Stevie Ray!

    Their first night back on Nitro as an entire unit, minus Hogan, has not gone the way the nWo wanted. Arn Anderson is not afraid and refuses to back down against the group, making some blockbuster announcements to start the show. Nash leads the nWo away from ring, all of them furious with the way they were treated, and to make matters worse, the fans throw some rubbish at them on the way out.

    Tony Schiavone: Arn Anderson has hit the nWo with the law and has made several major announcements. It’s been years since we had someone with authority standing up to the New World Order.

    Mike Tenay: Did you expect anything less from a man they called The Enforcer during his prime?

    Tony Schiavone: The announcements which are sure to grind the gears of the nWo include; Randy Savage will compete tonight in the main event against Stevie Ray, Savage will then be forced to step into a steel cage with the man he screwed out of the World Title at Starrcade, Goldberg, and they’ll sign the contract for that match next week on Nitro. Next week will also see Scott Hall defending the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship against Diamond Dallas Page – that’s sure to be a fantastic match!

    **Commercial Break**

    Returning from the commercial break, Mike Enos is standing inside the squared circle, arms crossed in a corner, awaiting the arrival of his opponent for the opening match of Nitro.

    **Hitman in the House**

    It may not be a good night for Mike Enos judging by the expression on the face of his opponent. In his trademark pink and black, Bret Hart marches down the entrance ramp, wearing his shades, climbing onto the apron of the ring where he wipes his feet before entering the ring.

    Mike Tenay: He wipes his feet before getting into the ring as a sign of respect however last night at Starrcade, Bret Hart showed absolutely no respect to his partner, Booker T.

    Tony Schiavone: We questioned just how far Bret Hart would be willing to go if the match required him to show some courage, to stand up and fight with it on the line! We found out the answer when Bret Hart refused to make the tag, walked out of the match and left Booker T high and dry.

    Mike Tenay: It’s what Bret Hart does best, Tony. He walks out! He quits when the going gets tough!

    Match One
    Mike Enos vs. Bret Hart

    Coming off the loss at the pay-per-view, Bret Hart was highly motivated to not only win the match but to do so in an impressive fashion. The first half of the contest saw Hart keep Enos guessing with transitions on the ground into basic wrestling holds and submissions. Hart was in control for the majority of the match, this truly was a showcase for Hart, a reminder to the audience that he is still at the top of his game after Starrcade. The finish nears when Enos gets in a few good shots, working Hart over in the middle of the ring and whips him into the ropes, this separation allows Hart to counter, catching a kick thrown by Enos. With his opponent off balance, Hart kicks the other leg out from under Enos, knocking him down to the ground and steps through into the Sharpshooter. Surprisingly, Enos holds on for a few good moments as he inches towards the ropes, the camera gets a shot of Bret and it becomes clear that he was letting Enos do that, the pressure not all the way in. Enos gets a fingertip away before Bret steps back into the middle of the ring, with no resistance, and leans back for the submission.

    Bret Hart @ 06:21

    Much to the disappointment of the crowd, Bret Hart has his hand raised in victory and he makes no bones about it – he was the better man, kicking Enos in the back of the head and out of the ring for good measure. Amongst a showering of boos, Hart shouts back at the crowd and exits the ring, heading up the ramp where Gene Okerlund is waiting for him.

    Tony Schiavone: Don’t get anywhere folks, I believe we’re about to get a few words from Bret Hart about what happened last night.

    Mike Tenay: This will be very interesting to hear. I want to see how Bret justifies leaving his partner to the wolves, Hogan and Steiner, two of the strongest athletes we have in WCW.

    Gene Okerlund is standing at the base of the stage, he blocks off the path, so Bret has to stop and acknowledge him.

    Gene Okerlund: Excuse me, sir! Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart, I’ve known you for a long time and I want some answers about what happened last night. What do you have to say for yourself?

    Bret Hart: I mean, you all saw it. Booker T lost the match and it was entirely his fault. I did my best to help him, gave him some tips before we got out into the ring… I did my part. That’s all I’ve got to say.

    Gene Okerlund: Oh please, give me and all these wrestling fans a break. Do you expect us to believe that you walking out of the match last night was “your best” as you put it?

    Totally smug in his approach, Hart begins to unwrap his wrist tape.

    Bret Hart: I really don’t care what you or the fans of WCW think. I did what I said I’d do. I took part in that match so long as it benefitted me. At a certain point, as I watched Booker T stumbling around the ring like a child who doesn’t belong, I realised the ship I was on was the Titanic!

    Bret throws a piece of tape on the ground, wipes his forehead clean of sweat and pokes Gene in the shoulder.

    Bret Hart: I jumped off that before it sunk. What makes Booker T so special that everyone is throwing all the blame on me? I did him a favour, if I hadn’t stepped into the spot after Luger went down with an injury than Booker T would’ve had nobody to tag with in the first place.

    Gene Okerlund: Oh, so you should be commended for simply showing up to the tag match? Never mind that you walked out before the conclusion of the contest.

    Bret Hart: You’re damn right! I should be thanked for what I did. I should’ve been competing for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, yet there I was dragging Booker T around my neck like an anchor. Booker T wants to blame me for him getting pinned? That’s on him, and if he was a man he’d accept his own shortcomings rather than shifting them off on someone else.

    Before Gene can continue with the interview, Booker T walks out from the back and gets right in Bret Hart’s face.

    Booker T: I told you, dawg! I warned you not to screw with me! We had ‘em, Bret! All ya had to do was make the tag and we would’ve got ‘em. You screwed us, you screwed yourself – again!

    Bret Hart: And stay out there with you? No thanks, Booker. I’d rather see Hogan and his bad of misfits thinking they’re the Beatles reincarnated than to spend another minute as your partner.

    Voices continue to be raised as Okerlund tries to get between the two men.

    Booker T: You got a big mouth, Bret. I hear you talkin’, how about we get inside that ring and sort this out? If I’m some fool like you sayin’ than step to me, sucka!

    Bret Hart: I could beat you anytime I wanted. It’s not even a challenge…

    Booker T: Come on then! Right now. I’m ready!

    Big pop from the crowd, Booker T rips off his shirt and motions towards the ring. Hart shakes his head and holds up a finger, leaning into the microphone.

    Bret Hart: It’s not even a challenge worth my time, right now. I just wrestled, while I could beat you as I stand here now, I’ve removed my wrist tape and that would take several hours to reapply. You’ve wasted enough of my time already, unlike you, I have places to be.

    Receiving boos just as he did upon his arrival, Bret Hart exits ringside and leaves Booker T clearly frustrated with the situation.

    Elsewhere, the parking lot of the arena to be specific, Kanyon surrounded by a trio of women, the sexy kind. The champion has a glittery party hat on as do the women. Kanyon is telling them of his great successes, talking himself up and showing off his newly won WCW World Tag Team Championship as they walk together.

    Kanyon: And so I said, who better than Kanyon!

    Kanyon laughs and a few moments later so do the three women, all of them exchanging a blank look between each other before doing so.

    Kanyon: As I was saying, it takes a special kind of man to win a title like this. A true leader like myself who can inspire someone to break out of their shell. Now that I mention it…

    He looks around the parking lot and shouts.

    Kanyon: Raven! Raven! Damn it, where has he gone?

    The women look concerned so Kanyon wraps his arm another them, offering some words to comfort them.

    Kanyon: No need to be distressed, ladies. I, uh, have just lost…

    From the shadows appears Raven, clutching his half of the WCW World Tag Team Championships.

    Kanyon: There you are. I haven’t been able to find you all day. We’re the champs! It’s time to party, Raven!

    Raven: I once attended a party in high school. I was pushed into the pool and had water fill my lungs, nearly drowning me on the back porch until a fellow student drunkenly stepped on my chest reviving me from my state of nothingness.

    Kanyon: Wild! Well, it’ll be nothing like the party we have tonight. I haven’t slept a wink since we won the belts. I’ve been up all night, if you know what I mean.

    Kanyon wraps his arm around one of the women and gives an obnoxious wink to the camera.

    Raven: I too have had trouble sleeping due the horrors of my childhood. They torment me, eating away at my own mental state and driving me to places I myself struggle to understand the meaning of, yet I know I must understand them since it is I whom these places are derived from.

    Kanyon: Sure. Raven, I get that you’ve had a rough time as a child, as a teenager and now as a creepy adult. We all had issues growing up. We’re the champs now, it’s time to get over it. Come on, dude! Smile for once.

    Raven slumps back into the darkness, his feet sticking out and his mumbles in response.

    Raven: I am nothing but a vessel to be used and thrown away. I am nothing. I pick the scraps left to me by those who are filled with greed. I am but a scavenger. I am...

    Kanyon doesn’t even try to reason with his partner, instead he just keeps on walking with his three women following, an arm around those nearest to him. The camera fades to commercial with a shot of Raven, his head hung down in the darkness, the title belt halfway between light and dark.

    **Commercial Break**

    Returning from the break, Diamond Dallas Page is lacing up his wrestling boots. He is greeted by cheers from the live audience with many of them sympathetic to the screwjob that took place last night at DDP’s expense. Suddenly, a pair of boots appear next to Page and the camera zooms out… revealing Ric Flair. Another big pop from the crowd, Flair has a huge smile on his face, dressed in a new suit with his initials stitched into the upper pocket in gold fabric.

    Diamond Dallas Page: My man! Congratulations on your win last night. I saw them dragging Bischoff outta the building, had it not been for what happened with Randy and Scott, you wouldn’t have been able to wipe a smile off my face for hours.

    Ric Flair: Thank you. I appreciate it. I’ve felt the weight of Bischoff on my back for months and now… I can stand here free. I can go out to that ring and do what I love to do without having to worry about that scumbag sitting in the back, plotting against me at every turn.

    Both men smile, Flair takes a seat next to Page and removes his gold watch.

    Diamond Dallas Page: I hear we’re teaming together tonight. I hope you weren’t out limousine riding, jet flying, kissing stealing all night long.

    Ric Flair: Listen, brother. Don’t you worry about me. Nobody has ever questioned my engine. Got that? Don’t even dream about double guessing the stamina of the sixty-minute man, baby.

    That draws a laugh from Page, he leans back and picks up a nearby water bottle.

    Ric Flair: It’s not just the two of us though. Arn called me earlier – it’s good to have a member of management on my side for a change – and let me know in advance that it’s you, me and Jericho. What do you make of the kid?

    Diamond Dallas Page: I don’t trust him. It’s hard to trust anybody these days with everything the nWo has done. I felt like we were so close to giving rid of them, finally ending this war, which seems to never want to end and here we are again, getting the troops ready for another wave of endless fighting.

    Ric Flair: I understand, believe me. I’ve been involved in my fair share of gang warfare. Guys like Jericho are important, he stayed true to himself the entire time. Over two years and Chris Jericho has never once worn a shirt that was black or white, red or black – he has been his own man, that’s something I can trust.

    Nature Boy nods his head.

    Ric Flair: Actions speak louder than words, he might be a loudmouth blond with a chip on his shoulder but hey, I can relate to that.

    Diamond Dallas Page: I bet you can, Ric. I’ll see you out there. I’m going to find Jericho and discuss a few things.

    Ric Flair: Alright, tell him to come see me. I think a quick chat between the two of us would ease the kid in, make him feel part of the team. We need him. The nWo aren’t going to be playing around, especially not with The Giant losing last night.

    Diamond Dallas Page: I’ll pass the message on when I find him.

    DDP stands up and exits the room, Flair begins to prepare for their match later tonight. A big smile appears on his face when Flair looks in his locker and sees his robe, the same robe he wore last night, he runs his fingers over it as we transition away.

    **Disco Fever**

    Dancing his way out onto the stage and down the ramp, Disco Inferno appears receiving a decent enough pop from the crowd. Always with a strange appeal, Disco gets some of the fans dancing along with him as he grooves towards the squared circle.

    Tony Schiavone: Here’s a man looking to get his name back into the WCW Cruiserweight Title hunt. He has some tough competition tonight against the man that many would argue is the top contender for Billy Kidman’s coveted championship.

    Mike Tenay: Disco lives forever, Tony. The people love to see his happy attitude, always looking to have a good time. He loves to party and wrestle, when that bell rings we’ve seen Disco Inferno focus and score some pretty big wins throughout his time in World Championship Wrestling.

    While Disco continues to dance inside the ring, his opponent’s music hits and instantly kills the mood.

    **Black Knight**

    In stark contrast to his opponent, Dean Malenko does not dance to the ring, he does not smile and wave to the fans, he is a cold and calculated individual with one goal – win. Malenko quickly marches down the ramp to a chorus of boos from the audience.

    Mike Tenay: You can see the bruises on the back of Dean Malenko from that incredible ladder match he took part in at Starrcade, less than twenty-four hours ago. It was the biggest challenge of Kidman’s title reign so far, Malenko was the closest to unseating him but in the end, Kidman found a way to win.

    Tony Schiavone: I thought, multiple times throughout the match, that Malenko was going to become the new WCW Cruiserweight Champion. He locked in that devastating kneebar which has never been broken, nobody has escaped it yet – Kidman found a saving grace by using a chair but that won’t be available in a standard wrestling contest should they meet again.

    Mike Tenay: You mention that kneebar, I don’t think people understand just how much it hurts. Malenko has mastered the ability to rip muscles to bits, dislodge the joint and apply pressure in the right spots so you may never walk again. It’s a dangerous move, he is a dangerous man and he wants a rematch with Billy Kidman.

    Before the match gets underway, the big screen lights up and music plays drawing the attention of Dean Malenko.


    To the surprise of everyone, Billy Kidman is here and makes his way down the entrance ramp heading towards the commentary table at ringside. Kidman high fives several fans in the front row, letting them touch his title belt and catches the ire of Malenko, the latter giving the champion an ice-cold stare before turning back to his opponent.

    Tony Schiavone: Champ, this is a surprise. To what do we owe the pleasure of having the WCW Cruiserweight Champion join us?

    Billy Kidman: Firstly, thanks for having me. I’m still a bit sore after all that craziness last night. In fact, I think I see part of a tooth laying on the mat! I’m just here to scout the competition and let everyone know that while I’m sore, I’m not finished just yet.

    Mike Tenay: You’ve picked a good one to join us for, Billy. We could be looking at a future title challenger for you.

    Billy Kidman: Bring ‘em all. I welcome anybody who wants a shot at the gold.

    Match Two
    Disco Inferno vs. Dean Malenko

    With the reigning WCW Cruiserweight Champion at ringside, it appears to have sparked something within Dean Malenko – he is extra aggressive and beats Disco Inferno viciously from pillar to post. Malenko sells almost nothing of the punishment he took at Starrcade in the ladder match, his offense restricted to ground based work, strikes and submissions, which in of itself is an adjustment made to sell the nature of the hardcore environment. Disco tries to mount a comeback towards the end of the match, Malenko counters and throws him to the outside of the ring. It is here that Malenko and Kidman get into a verbal confrontation – Kidman standing up and getting closer to Malenko, they exchange several words until Malenko nearly misses the count of ten. That is the only close call of the match for Malenko, he proceeds to work the leg of Disco Inferno, hammering away with stomps at one point, looking at Kidman the entire time. The finish occurs after Malenko grapevines the right leg of Disco, applying the kneebar and starts tearing at it – his face stone cold – no emotion as Malenko tries to dislodge the joint. Disco begins to tap emphatically, pounding the mat and begging for it to stop, but Malenko refuses to break the hold.

    Dean Malenko @ 04:53

    Quickly, Kidman jumps off commentary and rushes into the ring once it’s clear that Malenko will not release the kneebar. Upon entering the ring, Kidman dives at Malenko, and the top contender rolls out of the way, escaping the ring untouched. Kidman challenges Malenko to get back inside the ring, Malenko shakes his head and taps his knee, feigning a limp and point back at Kidman – “I’m coming for you” he says.

    Tony Schiavone: The cruiserweight division is heating up in World Championship Wrestling. We’ll have medical take a look at Disco Inferno, I hope he is okay after that kneebar was held on longer than it should have been.

    Mike Tenay: That’s the problem with a guy like Malenko having a weapon like the kneebar. A few seconds may not seem like much to you or I but it’s the difference between needing surgery or not. It’s the difference from walking out of this arena on your own free will or leaving in an ambulance.

    Tony Schiavone: Thank goodness we had the WCW Cruiserweight Champion joining us on commentary so he could stop that before anything worse could occur.

    Mike Tenay: I do not think we’ve seen the last of Dean Malenko and Billy Kidman clashing. They both want to hold that title and with Dean Malenko running through contenders like he did tonight, I suspect he’ll be at the front of the line when the time comes to decide the next challenger.

    **Commercial Break**

    When Monday Nitro returns from the break, we are backstage with Gene Okerlund who is standing by with Rey Mysterio jr.

    Gene Okerlund: Ladies and gentlemen, here with me right now is the man who was victories last night at Starrcade over Eddie Guerrero, I speak of course about – Rey Mysterio jr. After weeks of torment at the hands of the group formerly known as the Latino World Order, your victory at Starrcade has sent four men who were loyal to Eddie Guerrero straight out of WCW. What are you feeling knowing that this entire situation is behind you?

    Rey ponders the question for a moment, his hands on his hips, as he thinks it over.

    Rey Mysterio: I hardly know what to say, Gene. I never wanted to join the Latino World Order, I’m proud of my heritage, no doubt, but I wanted to make it on my own. I never asked or wanted five guys standing around ringside, attacking my opponents and cheating to win.

    He pauses again and points to his heart.

    Rey Mysterio: I wrestle with my heart. When I get knocked down I have to dig down deep into my own soul, I ask myself why I step inside that ring every single night, and it never fails me, I always find a way to pick myself up and keep on fighting. I never needed the LWO for that. They wanted to lie, cheat and steal… that’s not my world, Gene. I glad to have it in the past, to move on and focus on my love of wrestling again, rather than questioning myself when I walk to the ring as I did when was associated with Eddie.

    Gene Okerlund: How did the moral dilemma you faced while being in the LWO effect you mentally? Surely it must have been a heavy burden to carry.

    Mysterio nods his head and takes a deep breath.

    Rey Mysterio: It was, Gene. I’d go out to the ring, knowing what the LWO was planning to do, and I would have this inner conflict about what kind of expectation am I setting. My fans around the world, those kids wearing my masks, embracing the luchador culture and there I was disgracing it. There were times when I wanted to…

    A long pause, Mysterio touches his mask with both hands.

    Rey Mysterio: I wanted to just rip this mask off and throw it away, rather than continue to tarnish a culture that I’ve loved and embraced ever since I was born. After Starrcade, I can finally rest easy and know that the way I do things, my performers are something that everyone who loves the luchador culture can be proud of.

    Gene Okerlund: I want to ask about what is next for Rey Mysterio jr. as we enter the New… hang on a moment! Gentlemen please, this is not the time nor place for you to be bargaining in like this! I say, security! We need security!

    Completely blindsiding Rey Mysterio jr. was a wicked clothesline from behind, Eddie Guerrero delivers an all-out assault on the masked luchador. Okerlund pleading for someone to get help as Guerrero digs his fingers underneath Rey’s mask and tosses him into a nearby wall, proceeding to stomp on his body afterwards with great venom.

    Eddie Guerrero: Proud of you, Rey? You’re a disgrace! You don’t deserve the honour of being called ‘luchador’ and that mask… that mask is a slap in the face of me and to the four men you got fired last night.

    Guerrero grabs Rey by the head and smashes him with multiple forearm strikes.

    Eddie Guerrero: You claim the culture, but you ruin the lives of your friends! You betray your friends, Rey! I gave us all a chance, a platform to succeed and you went into business for yourself. You’re selfish! You don’t deserve to wear that mask and claim to be a luchador! Take it off! I’ll rip it off myself if I have to! Take it off, Rey!

    A violent struggle begins as Eddie tries to rip the mask off Rey Mysterio jr. and drags him along the ground in doing so. Mysterio jr. fights back, kicking with his feet, worming away, yet Eddie continues until security finally arrives and pulls him away – still shouting at Rey.

    Eddie Guerrero: This isn’t over, Rey! You’re a phony! I see through it! I see what hides under that mask. I’m going to rip it off, I’ll take the most important thing in your life away just like you did to my brothers last night. You’ll pay, Rey! I’ll make sure of it!

    After security drags Eddie Guerrero away, the camera turns back to Rey as the medical team arrives and begins to help him. Showing true grit, Rey denies the help tries to stand on his own, only to collapse back down to the ground where the medical team now hold him in position.

    Mike Tenay: Can Rey Mysterio jr. never be rid of Eddie Guerrero? Must he always be hunting that poor man down like some obsessed lunatic?

    Tony Schiavone: We thought that the personal feud between Rey Mysterio jr. and Eddie Guerrero had ended last night, a final nail in the coffin, as they say. It appears that the termination of four luchadores, men who were loyal to Eddie Guerrero and willing to do whatever he said, has only further ignited Guerrero’s hatred for Mystero jr. and now he seems more motivated than ever, especially on removing the mask!

    Mike Tenay: That mask means so much to Mysterio jr. and for Eddie to try and tear it off tonight, that’s something that will have major consequences.

    Back to ringside, Hugh Morris is standing in the ring, bouncing on his feet, getting pumped up for this upcoming tag team match.

    **Yadda Yadda**

    A cult classic for sure, Norman Smiley makes his way out to the ring, giving the crowd a little wiggle of the booty, and as always, has a big ole grin on his face. It’s a good pop for Norman, his fun-loving nature a big hit with the WCW audience.

    Tony Schiavone: What do you make of this team, Mike? They’ve been thrown together and fed to the champs, you’d think that this was a foregone conclusion as to the result, however considering how dysfunctional Raven and Kanyon are together, I think this makeshift duo has a good chance.

    Mike Tenay: That’s the key factor and the word going around the WCW locker-room at the moment. Duos, some you’d expect and others that you would not, are popping up and looking to make a mark in the tag division. People see Raven and Kanyon’s inability to get on the same page consistently as a major flaw, and there are many in the locker-room who think they can take the WCW World Tag Team Championships.

    Tony Schiavone: It’s an interesting time in the tag division, that’s for sure.

    **Who Better Than Kanyon?**

    For the first time as champions we witness the arrival of Kanyon and Raven, the most dysfunctional duo in World Championship Wrestling, and yet here they are as the best team in the world. Kanyon appears with two of his three lady friends from earlier in the night, one of them carrying a bottle of champagne. Meanwhile, Raven sulks a few steps behind, his title belt held in his right hand and slung over his back like a homeless man would do his bag on a stick.

    Mike Tenay: They are not conventional by any means. Raven has been in a bad state of depression and has only fallen further into that troubling mental state, even now as one half of the WCW World Tag Team Champions.

    Tony Schiavone: We saw how good this team can be when Raven wants to compete. That’s the issue! He gets so depressed that he just sulks in the corner, refusing to make tags or even look at Kanyon.

    Kanyon gets a kiss from both men and slides into the ring, signally that he’ll be the one starting, while Raven takes a seat and leans against the barricade outside of the ring. Kanyon turns and yells that it’s a tag team match, Raven must be on the apron, he gets totally ignored as Raven refuses to move and stares off into space.

    Match Three
    Hugh Morris & Norman Smiley vs. Kanyon & Raven

    The opening minutes of the contest prepare the fans for a solid showing for the makeshift duo of Morris and Smiley. While they are no real threat to the reigning champions of the division due to being a thrown together team, lacking any real chemistry as you’d expect, they are able to capitalise on the communication issues the champions have. Kanyon spends the majority of the match wrestling himself, posing in the ring after big moves and flirting with his two lady friends at ringside. The best double team moves come from Morris and Smiley, they double clothesline Kanyon out of the ring at one point, he falls right next to Raven who turns to him and shuffles away from his partner like a child who had someone sit too close to them in school. After several good double team moves inside the ring against Kanyon, we finally see Raven show some interest as he climbs onto the apron and makes the tag. It’s academic from that point with Raven cleaning house, taking down Smiley (much to the dismay of fans) and hitting the spike DDT after Kanyon spat champagne into Smiley's eyes.

    Kanyon and Raven @ 08:02

    The post-match celebration sees Kanyon pouring champagne over his head and jumping around like he just won the World Series. His two lady friends hug Kanyon, kissing his cheeks as the crowd boos loudly at this over the top sight. Raven doesn’t participate, he steps out of the ring and walks up the ramp, his title belt once again slung over his shoulder and down his back.

    Mike Tenay: They continue to stack up wins in this division.

    Tony Schiavone: You’d think they’d defended the titles against the Road Warriors by the way Kanyon is reacting.

    Mike Tenay: We’ll see how confident they are next week because I’ve heard rumours that Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos are going to be on Monday Nitro to invoke their rematch clause. Just rumours of course, though I trust my sources.

    **Commercial Break**

    **Total Package**

    Receiving a warm welcome from the fans as he makes his way down the aisle, Lex Luger looks to be in fantastic shape, flexing to show his tremendous form. Luger goes from one side of the aisle to the other, shaking hands with the younger fans before entering the ring and calling for a microphone. He is dressed in a shirt and jeans, his hair slicked back and a collection of papers in his back pocket.

    Mike Tenay: A big ovation for the Total Package who has been on the injured list for over a month, one of the main victims of the assault handed down by the New World Order following World War 3.

    Tony Schiavone: It ruled him out of Starrcade, he was originally going to be Booker T’s partner as we all know but the medical team here at WCW refused to clear him. While it was no doubt frustrating for Luger, the safety of our competitors comes first but that didn’t stop Luger and Konnan from brawling all over the arena last night.

    Mike Tenay: I’ve heard reports they ended up outside and it was the Washington D.C. police department who ultimately ended the brawl between the two.

    Inside the ring, as the music fades out and the crowd begins to relax, Luger raises the microphone up to his lips.

    Lex Luger: I’m not one for coming out here, giving long speeches and mixing my words. That’s not the type of guy I am or ever will be. I let my actions speak for themselves. You can find out who a man really is by judging him for what he does, rather than what he says he will do.

    Luger paces around the ring, spending a few seconds looking out towards each section of the crowd.

    Lex Luger: About two months ago I stood in this ring because I had given my word. I promised to be loyal to people I called my friends. At the time, I’d even consider some them to be like brothers. That turned out to be a mistake because I didn’t leave the ring that night on my own free will. I was carried out on a stretcher along with several other guys, none of us saw it coming.

    Coming to a stop facing the hard camera, Luger points at it.

    Lex Luger: I spent the weeks after obsessing over that night. I pictured my revenge at Starrcade, putting Hollywood Hogan in the Torture Rack and making him tap out. While Konnan betrayed me, a guy who I shared this ring with as a brother, I know it was you that made the call, Hogan! While Kevin Nash didn’t show his true colours until last night, I know he had to be in on the hit. He knew what was ordered, he could’ve stopped it but he didn’t. They were following orders like good little soldiers.

    Reaching behind him, Luger pulls out the rolled-up papers that he had in his back pocket. Luger holds the papers up in the air, making sure everyone sees them.

    Lex Luger: I watched Hogan come out here week after week and run his mouth, each time it made me want to get to Starrcade faster. Then, I got the news that World Championship Wrestling would not allow me to compete for the foreseeable future.

    Big boos from the crowd.

    Lex Luger: Well, today I sat in the office of Arn Anderson and he gave me the news I’ve been waiting for ever since I woke up in the hospital after the nWo attacked me. I have been cleared by WCW and can wrestle whenever I want! I see no reason to wait so…

    In one motion, Luger rips off his t-shirt and the crowd pops. He looks just as fit as ever, he turns towards the entrance ramp and shouts.

    Lex Luger: Hogan! I know you’re hiding back there, coward. You thought I wasn’t good enough to be in your little group, you wanted to end my career instead, well here I am! I’m calling you out, I want you in the ring just like I should’ve had you at Starrcade. I’m ready, they say I can wrestle tonight, you don’t have a match, I say we settle this once and for all! Come on, Hogan!

    New New

    **Voodoo Child**

    Hogan cruises onto the stage, decked in his nWo gear, the red and black colours of the reformed group a sight many never thought they’d see on Hogan. His usual antics are cut short since he doesn’t make his way down the ramp, instead he stands on the stage and remains there.

    Hollywood Hogan: The Lex Express is choo choo choo-ing once again, brother! Listen up, dude. You might be cleared to wrestle but don’t think that piece of paper gives you the ability to compete with the greatest of all time, Hollywood Hogan!

    Lex Luger: You seem to forget that it wasn’t Sting who ended your over 400 day reign as WCW World Heavyweight Champion, it was me! I had you crying for mercy, begging me to put you down as I cranked the Torture Rank with you over my shoulders and these fans were going crazy! I beat you once, Hogan. I’ll do it again. Are you going to get into this ring like a man or are you going to show the world that you’re nothing but a coward?

    Hollywood Hogan: I don’t need to show the world anything. I already am everything that these fans wish they could be. I don’t play when you want me to play, Lex. I hadn’t wrestled in months and here I am right now, a winner after crushing Booker T and Bret Hart last night. Had you been on the team, I would’ve crushed you as well!

    Luger shakes his head, moving around the ring and calling out to the fans.

    Lex Luger: All I’m hearing is that you’re afraid to get inside a ring with me. How about it Baltimore, is Hogan a coward?

    Immediately the crowd begins to chant ‘coward’ and Hogan shakes furious at the insult.

    Hollywood Hogan: I could beat you – like that! I know I can, Luger. You wouldn’t last five minutes with me.

    Lex Luger: Than prove it! Accept the match, Hogan! Come on down, I’m cleared to compete, I want to wrestle tonight and if you’re as great as you think than I should be no match for you.

    Hogan laughs, pointing his finger at Luger.

    Hollywood Hogan: I know you’re no match for me, Luger! It’s this attitude, the nerve you have, to call me out and demand I wrestle you on your time, that got you kicked to the curb and out of the New World Order. I couldn’t have that poisoning the nWo.

    Lex Luger: You mean, you couldn’t have someone seeing through all your bullshit! I want an answer, Hogan. No more games. I don’t want you to lie to my face. Tell me straight, are you a coward or a man?

    Hollywood Hogan: Oh, I’m a man. I’m a man who does what HE wants and not what YOU want, Luger! This right here, Luger versus Hogan, isn’t going down because I say it isn’t going down. Not here in Baltimore. No, I’ll give you a shot but it’ll be on my terms.

    Inside the ring, while the crowd boos the refusal for a match tonight, Lex Luger looks confused.

    Lex Luger: Your terms? What are they?

    Hollywood Hogan: You see, when I returned I had a clause put in my contract that gives me the power to decide when I compete. As long as I give a week’s notice, I can call the shots and that’s thanks to Eric Bischoff – sorry old pal, I know you’re watching at home, but you were becoming a sore thumb in the backside of the nWo!

    Lex Luger: Next week? You’re going to face me next week?

    Hogan scoffs at the idea, waging his finger back and forth.

    Hollywood Hogan: No. Hollywood doesn’t wrestle for free, brother. I’m the biggest star in the world of professional wrestling and if you want to wrestle me, if these fans want to see the clash of the titans – Luger versus Hogan – than they’ll have to pay up at the box office, live on pay-per-view! I’m talking about Souled Out, January 17, 1999 - Charleston Civic Center! You want me in that ring than those are my terms, three weeks and I’ll wipe the floor with you!

    Lex Luger: You’re on! I accept and just like before I have you asking just one question… WATCH GONNA DO when the Torture Rack runs wild on you, brother?!

    Luger throws down the microphone and climbs up onto the turnbuckle, he poses while looking at Hogan, shouting that he is going to break him just like before. Meanwhile, Hogan spits on the ground, pointing to it and saying that Luger doesn’t stand a chance.

    They continue to trade insults with each other until Hogan storms off to the back, leaving Luger to receive a big cheer from the live audience as he makes his way up the entrance ramp.

    Tony Schiavone: A huge match has been set for Souled Out in just three weeks time! Hollywood Hogan will compete against the Total Package Lex Luger, the latter who was just cleared to compete earlier tonight after a meeting with WCW Commissioner Arn Anderson. This is blockbuster news, Lex is back!

    Mike Tenay: A major announcement, Souled Out is looking to be a great start to the year with two major matches already set.

    Tony Schiavone: What about that clause in Hogan’s contract? The ability to refuse to compete and determine when he will wrestle. That’s a lot of power for Hogan to have.

    Mike Tenay: While Eric Bischoff might have been fired last night, his stench lingers in the form of contracts like Hogan’s.

    Nitro cuts backstage, Bam Bam Bigelow is in a pair of jeans and a thick leather jacket storming through the hallway and he barges into the office of Arn Anderson. Bigelow slams the door shut, walks up to the desk where Arn is sitting and pounds his fist on the table.

    Bam Bam Bigelow: I want answers!

    Arn Anderson: Well, if you’d ask a question, you might get at least one. I find that helps.

    Bam Bam Bigelow: Don’t mess me about, Arn. I was screwed over last night by you, this company, Goldberg, Nash and the nWo. You said that the main event would have no outside interference, but Macho Man gets to just waltz down to the ring, in the biggest match of the year, like it’s nothing!

    The Commissioner sighs, taking off his glasses and nodding his head.

    Arn Anderson: An unfortunate incident, I agree. I’ve taken steps to bring consequences on all the men involved in that charade. I will not allow World Championship Wrestling to be made into some sideshow for the nWo and Hogan to do with as they please. Rest assured, they’ll answer in due time for what happened.

    Bam Bam Bigelow: What good does that do me? I was robbed of the World Title! I demand a rematch. That’s a consequence that Kevin Nash should have to face for screwing me out of what I have worked my entire career for. Starrcade was my time!

    A puzzled look appears on the face of Arn Anderson.

    Arn Anderson: Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t you eliminated before any of the interference occurred?

    Bam Bam Bigelow: That’s a moot point, Arn! It doesn’t matter when I got eliminated. I was still screwed over. Nash and Goldberg worked together, it was supposed to be every man for themselves, but they had an inside deal! Collusion in the main event and for all you know, Goldberg was probably in on the entire thing with Macho Man.

    Arn shakes his head, clearly not buying that pitch.

    Arn Anderson: I highly doubt that Goldberg would lose on purpose, breaking his undefeated streak in the main event of the biggest event of the year, and hand the title to Kevin Nash.

    Bam Bam Bigelow: Sure, just dismiss it! Doesn’t change the fact that I need a rematch, Arn. Give me what I want, or I’ll tear through this entire building, I’ll crush this entire roster – you won’t have enough people to run Monday Nitro by the time I get through here!

    Arn Anderson: Calm down, you’ll get a chance at redemption. Next week in fact when you compete in a Battle Royale.

    That’s not exactly what Bam Bam was looking for, his face showing his displeasure with the call, but Anderson continues anyway.

    Arn Anderson: We’re going to take twenty of the top superstars on Monday Nitro and put them inside the ring in the main event, over the top rope Battle Royal, with the winner facing Kevin Nash for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Souled Out.

    Bam Bam Bigelow: That’s… I shouldn’t have to go through all that!

    Arn Anderson: That’s my decision. It’s final. Now, get out of my office and don’t ever think of barging in here again. I’m not Bischoff, I’m not afraid of guys like you, Bigelow. Get. Out.

    The tension in the room is thick and not another word is said. Bigelow stands up straight, Anderson refusing to break eye contract with him, before exiting the room and letting the door close shut.

    Mike Tenay: The news just keeps on coming! Next week on Monday Nitro, it’s a 20 man over the top rope battle royal with the winner facing Kevin Nash for the World Title at Souled Out!

    Tony Schiavone: Everyone is going to want a spot in that match. It’ll be a fight just to get in line for it.

    **Commercial Break**


    New New


    Stepping up and out of the entrance chute, receiving a nothing but heat from the crowd, the nWo appears with an air of confidence in their step. Konnan throws up the ‘too sweet’ sign, talking smack to the camera man as he walks down to the ring, The Gaint follows slowly, his size monstrous and intimidating to everyone who sees him.

    Lastly, the new WCW United States Heavyweight Champion – Scott Hall – parades down to the ring, a toothpick in his mouth and the title belt around his waist. Hall draws the most heat, replays being shown of the screwy finish to the title match with DDP last night, which only further infuriates the crowd to see Hall’s arrogance.

    Tony Schiavone: The nWo is in action in what is sure to be a huge six-man tag team contest.

    Mike Tenay: Six of the best competitors in WCW going at it. We could see tensions boil over with combustible elements like Page and Hall sharing the same ring.

    Tony Schiavone: After last night, for sure. You can’t ignore The Giant and Chris Jericho, that was the upset of the night when Jericho defeated the bigger man. You can be certain that the loss has been burning The Giant up ever since.

    **Also sprach Zarathustra**

    The crowd rises to attention, fans around the building on their feet, showing respect for the legend as he arrives – Ric Flair struts out onto the stage, an air of happiness on his face not seen in years, after his victory at Starrcade. Dressed in his robe, Flair struts halfway down to the ring, exchanges some words with the nWo and waits for backup to arrive.

    Mike Tenay:
    A smart move by Flair. He’s not going to rush into ring like a lot of guys do when they make their entrance. It’s three on one at the moment, Flair knows this and will wait for his partners to arrive before getting into that ring.

    Tony Schiavone: You’re not going to catch a veteran like Ric Flair making a mistake like that.

    **Self High-Five**

    Up next, Diamond Dallas Page runs out onto the stage and is like a ball of energy. From one side to the next, bouncing around like he was shot out of a canon and playing to the crowd, DDP is pumped up and ready for action. He joins Flair, patting him on the back and the sight of Hall with the US Title begins to make Page’s blood boil. He nearly charges the ring, Flair having to hold him back and remind him to wait.

    Tony Schiavone: Page wants to risk it all to get his hands on Scott Hall. After last night, can you blame him? DDP had the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship stolen from him and now he is seeing Hall parade around WCW with it.

    Mike Tenay: DDP is going to get his rematch next week. For now, he must keep his cool or it’ll end up costing his teammates.

    Tony Schiavone: We’ve got one to go. The wild card.

    **One Crazed Anarchist**

    It’s not as big a reaction as for DDP or Flair, mostly because he is the newest ‘good guy’ out of the three of them, and many fans are still struggling with accepting Jericho in his new role as a hero. Jericho walks out, his WCW World Television Champion around his waist… he stops, turns back and points – Ralphus is back! Jericho’s personal security makes his return after being attacked by The Giant in the weeks before Starrcade, this gets a solid reaction and the old man gives the crowd a wave.

    Tony Schiavone: The people are coming around to Chris Jericho ever since he stood up to the nWo. He’s a charismatic guy for sure, always drawing the attention of fans, but now he is gaining the respect of many, not just in the stands but in the locker-room.

    Mike Tenay: He’s a great wrestler, Tony. Jericho has trained around the world to perfect his in-ring talent. We saw how good he can be last night – Jericho beat The Giant when nobody on the planet picked him to win.

    Tony Schiavone: This will be a big test for Jericho. It’s a major spot, Monday Nitro, against the nWo and teaming with two big stars. Can Jericho handle it?

    Mike Tenay: I picked against him last night. I’m not making that mistake again. I think he can!

    As a unit we see Flair, Page and Jericho storm the ring – the nWo scatter, all three ducking out of the ring as the good guys claim the squared circle. The referee begins to take control, calling for two men to start. It’s decided that Flair will start the match for his team, Konnan will start for the nWo. Fans take their seats, the referee calls for the bell and this match is underway.

    Match Four
    nWo vs. Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page & Chris Jericho

    Some would make the argument that this was the real main event of the show. It was by far the most competitive match on the show thus far, everyone being made to look strong and getting a fair amount of ring time. The match itself breaks the ten-minute mark, reaching fourteen minutes and sees it follow the basic formula. The good guys started off start, Flair being the natural leader and veteran on the team controlled everything, he decided who tagged in, how long they spent inside the ring, and did so with great success. Jericho showed off his best high-flying moves, receiving ever increasing cheers from the crowd. The moves clearly being done to get Jericho over as a babyface, the more high-flying action he performed, the more people are going to like him. In reverse, the nWo was very focused on ground their opponents, only further highlighting Jericho’s skill and exciting style to an audience. The story of the match was Page never getting a chance against Scott Hall. The two never legally shared the ring together, Hall always tagging out before anything could happen between the two, which really got under the skin of DDP. The finish occurred when Flair and Konnan were legal, Flair had the figure four leg-lock, but Hall broke it up illegally. DDP stormed the ring and tackled Hall to the outside, Jericho dove over the top rope and landed on both men. Flair continue to work on Konnan, in the chaos on the outside, The Giant got a blind tag which Flair never saw. As Flair was focused on Konnan, he got grabbed by the throat and chokeslammed for a three count by The Giant.

    nWo @ 14:01

    Following the match, The Giant grabs Flair by the throat and throws him into the corner. With The Giant holding Flair by the throat, Konnan delivers body punches and takes pleasure in beating up the legend. The crowd hate this, heat pouring into the ring, Konnan and The Giant soaking it in as they beat on Flair.

    Tony Schiavone: You won the damn match! It’s over, stop this madness!

    Mike Tenay: Is this what the nWo is going to do after every win? Ric Flair doesn’t deserve this!

    Tony Schiavone: I can’t watch this, the bell has rung, it’s over!

    A huge rush of cheers explodes from the crowd as Chris Jericho rushes into the ring and knocks Konnan to the ground. The Giant turns, feeling Jericho hitting him in the back and he grabs Jericho by the throat – squeezing him, taking out his frustrations for last night.

    Suddenly, DDP enters the ring with a steel chair and he swings it at The Giant!


    The Giant is nailed with the chair, his hold on Jericho released and Page whacks him again, knocking the big man to the outside of the ring. Page is going wild, he swings at Konnan but he ducks, hitting Page below the belt!

    And now Scott Hall is inside the ring, he is giving orders to Konnan and the two men shove Jericho and Page into opposite corners. They whip them across the ring – no!

    Counters by Jericho and DDP, they follow through and send Hall and Konnan into each other, heads bang and both men are stunned. Jericho hits an enzuigiri to knock Konnan out of the ring!

    Then, with the crowd on their feet, DDP lines up his shot and nails Scott Hall with the DIAMOND CUTTER! BANG! BANG! BANG!

    Tony Schiavone: This place has gone wild! The nWo wanted to deliver an extra assault after winning the match, it didn’t pay off when the numbers were even and they have been sent running for the hills.

    Mike Tenay: That’s what I’m talking about! Flair, Page and Jericho weren’t going to take it. They stood up for what was right and the nWo has fled.

    Tony Schiavone: With Hall tasting the Diamond Cutter tonight, it adds another layer to this feud for next week. We will see DDP face Hall for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, I can only imagine how good that’ll be.

    Mike Tenay: You cannot miss Monday Nitro next week!

    While the nWo retreats, inside the ring the team of Flair, Page and Jericho exchange handshakes and receive cheers from the crowd. Flair taking some extra time to say a few words to Jericho, raising his hand high in the air and then Jericho returns the favour. We fade to a commercial break with a shot of Jericho, Page and Flair standing on different turnbuckles, acknowledging the crowd and getting a positive response in return.

    **Commercial Break**

    Backstage, several staff members of the medical team are huddled around a fallen superstar. A stretcher is rushed onto the scene and the team begins to shuffle people out of the way, including the cameraman who has to sidestep out of the way.

    Tony Schiavone: We are live on Monday Nitro and we were just about to head to the ring for our main event when news broke of an attack backstage. We are unable to confirm who the superstar is at the moment, we are trying to get information, we have a cameraman on the scene and as you can see the WCW medical team is there along with a stretcher.

    Mike Tenay: It’s never good to see a competitor attacked backstage. Hopefully they are alright.

    After the competitor is placed on the stretcher, the cameraman gets a shot of his face and reveals the injured man to be PSICOSIS! He appears to be out cold on the stretcher, and the area around him is littered from the chaos, tables turned over, bits and pieces of equipment scattered across the ground.

    Mike Tenay: An absolute chaotic scene backstage. You can see where the assault took place. Psicosis does not look like he is in good shape, Tony.

    Tony Schiavone: Psicosis was involved in the ladder match for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship last night, he performed extremely well and was seconds away from claiming the title on multiple occasions. He has had a rivalry with Juventud Guerrera; could that be the cause of this attack?

    Psicosis is taken away on the stretcher, the medical team following along as we cut back to ringside for the final match of the evening.

    **Mama Said Knock You Out**

    Stevie Ray enters, making his way down the entrance ramp and clapping his hands together, prepared for this major opportunity to get some payback on the nWo for how they kicked him out of the group.

    Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of Monday Nitro. You’ve been waiting months to see the return of Randy Savage and we are just moments away. By order of Arn Anderson, we will see Savage go up against Stevie Ray, a veteran who has spent years in the tag team division alongside his brother – Booker T. You know the history; Stevie Ray was kicked out of the nWo when they reunited nWo Hollywood and nWo Wolfpac. He was left in bleeding on the canvas, no regard for his wellbeing, the nWo tossed him to the side like a piece of trash.

    Mike Tenay: That night has been haunting Stevie Ray ever since. I spoke with him earlier today, he was informed of this match before Nitro went on the air, and he told me that he has never been in better shape or had a better motivation.

    Tony Schiavone: I can believe that, Mike. Stevie Ray has a big opportunity to wrestle a man as accomplished as Randy Savage. He can deliver a hard blow to the nWo with a win tonight.

    New New


    Randy Savage steps out onto the stage, wearing the red and black of the nWo, and does not do so alone… Scott Steiner follows closely behind and he poses for the camera while Macho Man rambles incoherently.

    Mike Tenay: Well, if you thought that Randy Savage was going to come down to the ring by himself than you guessed wrong.

    Tony Schiavone: That would be the fair thing to do. That would’ve taken some guts from Randy Savage! No wonder he is bringing Big Poppa Pump as backup down to the ring for this match.

    Mike Tenay: The nWo need the numbers advantage, it’s what they have always used because when the numbers are even they get repelled, just like we saw earlier tonight.

    Tony Schiavone: That’s a good point, Mike. It’s why we need guys in WCW to put aside their personal differences and get out here to support each other! You can’t let the nWo have an advantage!

    Savage enters the ring, Steiner paces around ringside, and the two men square off. In a dramatic moment which draws a huge reaction; Stevie Ray shoves Macho Man to the ground before the bell rings, shouting at him “You not gonna play me! Get up! Let’s do this!” The referee moves into position and calls for the bell.

    Match Five
    Stevie Ray vs. Randy Savage

    The main event is a fine match, nothing overly special, but it gets consistent reactions from the crowd. Stevie Ray is given a few good spots to shine, including knocking Steiner off the apron at one point and connecting with a running powerslam on Savage for a close two count. Many thought that was the finish, Savage just getting his shoulder up and from that point he took back over. The announcers played up the fact that Savage hadn’t been in the ring for several months, explaining his slow start, and highlighted the drive of Stevie Ray to get back at the nWo for how they treated him. Savage worked the leg, wrapping it around the steel post at one point – Steiner got in on the action while Savage distracted the referee and choked Stevie Ray, delivering a punch to the head afterwards. The finish to the match came when Stevie Ray was sent into the corner, he ducked out of the way and lifted Randy onto his shoulders, the problem was that Steiner grabbed Stevie’s foot – allowing Savage to escape and roll Stevie Ray up for a three count (with tights!).

    Randy Savage @ 06:36

    Tony Schiavone: That crook stole the win!

    Mike Tenay: I don’t think this is over, Tony. Stevie Ray is going off on the call!

    Inside the ring, Stevie Ray is furious, yelling at the referee that his foot was grabbed and his tights were held. The referee never saw it, frustrating Stevie to the point that he turns to Savage and gets in his face.

    Savage denies any wrongdoing, throwing his hands up like he did nothing but as Stevie continues to press him, Savage knees Stevie in the stomach.

    A brawl breaks out, Stevie and Randy trading shots – it looks like Stevie Ray is getting the best of the situation until Scott Steiner attacks him from behind.

    Mike Tenay: Randy Savage and Scott Steiner are beating the hell out of Stevie Ray!

    Tony Schiavone: We need someone to stop this!

    Mike Tenay: The man needs help out here!

    Scott Steiner holds Stevie Ray in a full nelson, Savage hammers away with punches to the head and the two members of the nWo are thriving off the heat they are receiving from the crowd.

    Savage is giving orders, he slaps Stevie in the face before whipping him into the ropes and hitting a clothesline. With theatrics, Macho Man points to the heavens and climbs the top rope – he flies!


    That’s not all, Steiner turns Stevie Ray over and applies Steiner Recliner in the middle of the ring, pulling back as far as he can to inflict the most damage. Randy Savage drops to his knees, taunting Stevie Ray and yelling that this is what he deserves!


    Tony Schiavone: Yes! Finally!

    Mike Tenay:
    Let’s see how confident those two men are now. Here comes the man who was screwed out of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship last night. The man who was robbed of his undefeated record – Goldberg is here on Monday Nitro!

    No smoke, no pyro – Goldberg doesn’t wait for any of the usual theatrics that goes along with his entrance.

    Instead, Goldberg charges out to the ring – a leather jacket and jeans on – and goes right after the two members of the nWo inside the ring.

    Savage flees, diving through the ropes and not coming anywhere near Goldberg.

    Unfortunately, Scott Steiner is not so lucky as he is forced to fight Goldberg to give Macho Man the time to escape. Steiner goes for a clothesline, Goldberg ducks underneath and rebounds off the ropes – SPEAR! It flattens Steiner, he begins to roll around in pain, before falling to the outside of the ring.

    Goldberg looks around for Randy Savage, the man who cost him everything last night, but he is out of reach. Savage is halfway up the entrance ramp, calling for Steiner to follow, and he taps the side of his head “I’m not dumb, Goldberg” as he backs away.

    Tony Schiavone: Goldberg has sent a message tonight! He is coming for the nWo and he will start with the man who cost him the World Title at Starrcade, Randy Savage. They will meet inside a steel cage at Souled Out, the contract will be signed next week – can you imagine what is going to happen when the Macho Man is forced to share the same ring with Goldberg?

    Inside the ring, Goldberg marches around, the crowd going nuts for him, and he points at Randy Savage, mouthing the words “YOU’RE NEXT!” to a great applause.

    Tony Schiavone: What an action-packed night it was been, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for being with us.

    Mike Tenay: I can’t wait for next week! The twenty man over the top rope battle royal to decide who faces Kevin Nash at Souled Out for the World Title, Scott Hall defending the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship against Diamond Dallas Page and the contract signing between Randy Savage and Goldberg! That’s not a show to be missed.

    Tony Schiavone:
    Once again, thank you for bringing us into your homes each and every week. For World Championship Wrestling, goodnight everybody!


    Quick Results


    Bret Hart def. Mike Enos
    Dean Malenko def. Disco Inferno
    Kanyon & Raven def. Hugh Morris & Norman Smiley
    nWo (Konnan, Scott Hall & The Giant)def. Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page & Chris Jericho
    Randy Savage def. Stevie Ray


    Current Card for Souled Out:
    Sunday, January 17, 1999

    Steel Cage Match:
    Randy Savage vs. Goldberg

    Singles Match:
    Hollywood Hogan
    vs. Lex Luger
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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    The fallout continues after a historic pay-per-view event this past Sunday. Following his defeat at the hands of Rey Mysterio Jr. which saw not one but four of his loyalists fired, Eddie Guerrero will address his actions from Nitro. In a vicious attack that was uncalled for, many demanding Guerrero face serious consequences, Guerrero blindsided his long-time rival and left him badly beaten backstage during an interview. Eddie’s obsession with Mysterio Jr. has not faded since his defeat at Starrcade, in fact it’s been the exact opposite, with Guerrero growing more determined to unmask the man who he blames for the downfall of the Latino World Order. What will happen when Guerrero appears on Thunder to explain his actions?

    Another major story coming out of Monday Nitro was an announcement made by WCW Commissioner, Arn Anderson. With the next pay-per-view just three short weeks away it is vital that a number one contender be determined for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. That will be finalized this coming Monday when twenty men will compete in an over the top rope battle royal for the chance to meet Kevin Nash for the richest prize in professional wrestling. Two men who will be involved in that contest, both surely looking to gain some momentum heading into that match, are Booker T and Bam Bam Bigelow. Both are coming off sour defeats at Starrcade, no doubt ready to take out some of that frustration on their opponent. Bigelow fell short in his World Title aspirations and Booker T was betrayed by Bret Hart during their tag team match against the nWo. Who will come out on top in this blockbuster encounter?

    Announced earlier this morning, WCW Cruiserweight Champion – Billy Kidman will appear on Thunder. It has not been confirmed if he is set to wrestle a match. Kidman is coming off a spectacular victory at Starrcade defeating three men in a four-way ladder match to retain his title. He had a confrontation with the number one ranked cruiserweight in the world, Dean Malenko, this past week on Nitro, many suspecting that those two could meet in the near future.

    Thunder will also feature a bout between Wrath and Brian Adams. Both men were absent from Starrcade and a victory would surely put them in the hunt for further television time heading into the New Year.

    Confirmed Matches:
    Booker T vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

    Wrath vs. Brian Adams

    Eddie Guerrero will appear on Thunder to address his assault of Rey Mysterio Jr. on Monday Nitro

    WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman is set to appear

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Just a few quick thoughts on Nitro and the aftermath of Starrcade.

    The nWo won't be united for long in my opinion. Nash is the World Champ and his opening promo was great, but these words mean nothing if Hogan is absent and distancing himself from Nash as World Champion. Knowing Hogan you just know he wants that title for himself, and with Nash in possession it's surely leading to 'the death of the New World Order'

    I liked that the tag team match involving Hogan at Starrcade branched off into two separate feuds. I'm expecting Hogan to stay on top against Luger but I'm hopeful that Booker/Bret will be the making of Booker T. The match will be exciting as you would expect but I think Booker is the biggest chance of a breakout star in the company.

    Eddie trying to demask Mysterio is a big deal. Rey plays the babyface in peril so well and it will be interesting to see where this feud leads. Hair versus Mask perhaps or even a mask versus career type of match.

    I'm liking the push that Jericho is on at the moment. Flair giving him advice made me think that at first he could become part of a new Four Horsemen set-up, which would be awkwardly cool if he and Malenko ended up as cohorts. But ulitmately I'm expecting Jericho to do what he does best, turn heel. I think Jericho has too much trust from Flair and maybe he attacks Flair leading to him going up against DDP in the future.

    One of my faves in WCW is Kanyon. A very under-utilised star once the WWF purchased WCW and I think he had a great character to go with very good ring skills. Glad to see him getting some attention here in the Tag Team Title scene. Pairing him with Raven is epic and the two have very contrasting characters but seem to mesh very well.

    Finally I have yet to read an appearance from The Man They Call Sting!!! If storylines continue then surely he's coming back for Bret Hart, who put him out of action back at Halloween Havoc before the storylines changed in this. Either way that's something I'm excited for. Also expecting a couple of other new faces in the coming months as WCW starts to evolve.

    If not reviewing or feedbacking I'm always reading so keep up the awesome work mate!!!

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Thursday Night Thunder | December 31, 1998 | Baltimore, Maryland


    The show opens with EDDIE and his nephew, CHAVO GUERRERO, cutting a promo on Rey Mysterio Jr. Footage was replayed of Guerrero’s attack on Rey earlier in the week on Monday Nitro. Eddie continued his tirade about Mysterio Jr. being a disgrace to the luchador culture and that he doesn’t deserve to wear the mask. Seeking to put an end to this verbal attack on Mysterio Jr. we saw LA PARKA interrupt. He got in Eddie’s face, the latter took that as a challenge and we had our opening match of the night.

    It’s an exciting match to start of the show, both men displaying their athletic ability with high risk moves. Eddie Guerrero was able to defeat La Parka @ 07:06 with the Frog Splash following an assist from Chavo.

    Next on the show, we saw a replay of the confrontation between Lex Luger and Hollywood Hogan from Nitro.

    The second match of the night saw WRATH defeat BRIAN ADAMS by pinfall @ 04:56. They were brawling on the outside of the ring for a good portion of the contest. Wrath gained the victory with a pumphandle slam in the middle of the ring. Post-match, Wrath continued to assault Brian Adams and hit another pumphandle slam on the outside of the ring, drawing heat from the crowd for his actions.

    After a quick commercial break, WCW Cruiserweight Champion - BILLY KIDMAN, made his appearance on Thunder. It was originally set to simply be a segment where Kidman discussed his victory with Gene Okerlund. The interview took place inside the ring, Kidman putting over those involved in the ladder match at Starrcade as strong competitors but he saw himself as the best in the world right now. The title proves that , no matter what anyone else says, if you want to be recognized as the best cruiserweight than you have to hold the title. Kidman addressed Okerlund's remarks about the confrontation with Dean Malenko on Monday Nitro. He says that whether it's tomorrow, next week or a year down the line - Malenko has an open door to challenge for the title as does ANYONE else in World Championship Wrestling. Repeating what he said at Starrcade, and has throughout his entire reign, Kidman emphatically states that he will not be a champion who ducks and runs. He will defend his title whenever he can and if Malenko wants to add another defeat to his record than so be it.

    At this point, FIT FINLAY made his way out to the ring and said he had a lot of respect for a guy like Dean Malenko. He did not however have the same respect for someone like Billy Kidman. This drew solid heat from the audience, Finlay explaining that he has been in this business for many years and boys like Kidman had left a bad taste in his mouth with their flip over here and jump over that attitude. Finlay stated that the sooner Kidman lost the WCW Cruiserweight Title to someone more respectable, the better it would make WCW. Not one to be disrespected silently, Kidman offered Finlay the chance and said he'd compete right now to earn Finlay's respect. The veteran agreed and they had a fine wrestling match. Finlay attempting to bend the rules multiple times, using chokes and eye rakes however Kidman was too much for even Fit Finlay to overcome - gaining the victory by pinfall @ 09:45 with the Shooting Star Press.



    A still image of a red and yellow Hulk Hogan shirt on a child’s bedroom table, it’s bright colours illuminating innocence.

    “This right here is the New World Order of wrestling, brother!”

    The shirt begins to decay, turning into dust as a breeze takes whole and leaves nothing in its place.

    “I am the greatest wrestler of all time, Mean Gene.”

    Shots of Hollywood Hogan using underhanded tactics to win various matches, including choking Roddy Piper with his thick leather belt.

    “Without me this company would be in the ground.”

    Clips of the New World Order, Hogan standing in front leading the pack, walking down to the ring and taunting fans.

    “All these fans should get on their knees and worship me, brother! I am God!”

    Scott Hall heads to the ring with great confidence; Hall hits the Razor’s Edge in the middle of the ring.

    “You thought the nWo was dead?”

    Flashes of Scott Steiner, Konan and The Giant dominating the competition, wearing the colours of the New World Order.

    “Dead? You can’t kill what is IMMORTAL!”

    Shots of Hulk Hogan, the red and yellow… it slowly is overtaken by a black and white effect which covers the screen; a flash of light occurs and suddenly he is fully in Hollywood Hogan form.

    “Hulkamania lives forever? No, the nWo lives forever!”

    Each of the previously mentioned nWo members are shown laughing into the camera.

    “Well… let me… tell you… something… brother.”

    A final shot of Hollywood Hogan is shown, a close up of his face as he has a big grin on his face.

    “Hulkamania is dead.”

    January 17, 1999 - Charleston, West Virginia
    World Championship Wrestling Presents



    We got some promotion for the twenty-man battle royal taking place on Monday Nitro next week. Backstage, BOOKER T did a quick interview about the condition of his brother following the beating given to him by Steiner and Savage. Booker said he brother was recovering, that he is a strong man and would be on Thunder next week with an open challenge to prove just how tough he is. The topic of Bret Hart came up, Booker T said that he wasn’t finished with Bret, they had a long way to go before their issues were settled. His mind was focused on the chance to become World Champion, Bret would have to wait, he didn’t plan on sacrificing this chance next week for anything.

    The Blue Bloods, DAVE TAYLOR and BOBBY EATON, aired a vignette in a lavish mansion drinking tea. They cut a promo on the tag team division, past and present, and said now that Lord Regal had been exposed as a fraud and run off to do common man’s work, they would prosper. They challenged Norman Smiley and Hugh Morris to a tag team match, since they got to wrestle the champions, the Blue Bloods wanted to see how they stacked up against a team deemed worthy to wrestle those who hold the gold.

    The final match of the evening saw BOOKER T and BAM BAM BIGELOW wrestle to a no-contest @ 06:34. Both men were counted out by the official, unable to control the action, and the fight continued after the bell sounded. Bigelow attempted to do some damage with a splash but Booker rolled out of the way, hitting the Axe Kick and standing victorious. The announcers reinforcing that Booker T has gained momentum heading into the battle royal to decide Kevin Nash's first challenger at Souled Out for the World Title as Thursday Night Thunder came to a close.


    Quick Results

    Eddie Guerrero def. La Parka
    Wrath def. Brian Adams
    Billy Kidman def. Fit Finlay
    Booker T vs. Bam Bam Bigelow – No Contest

    Current Card for Souled Out:

    Sunday, January 17, 1999

    Steel Cage Match:
    Randy Savage vs. Goldberg

    Singles Match:
    Hollywood Hogan vs. Lex Luger

    Thunder will always be a quick recap show like this. In this world it's only an hour show, mostly to cover some of the extra guys I have on the roster. I've got little angles planned for Thunder specifically (you'll see in this episode with Stevie Ray having an open challenge next week on Thunder). I've discovered through writing this thread, being that I'm past Souled Out and onto the next Nitro following, that Thunder is a brilliant little tool. That's not to say everything written is set in stone, I've already made changes across several shows after reading over stuff week to week, so feedback and reviews aren't for nothing, I truly appreciate the time those take.

    This episode was originally without Billy Kidman on it, he didn't wrestle all week which I explained due to the brutal nature of the ladder match at Starrcade, but after looking back at everything I realized he needed to appear on this show to address his victory.

    So, you might find Thunder up until Souled Out to be mostly 'extras' on the roster but as I've progressed into this thread I've come to understand the value of this little recap show more than when I originally slated it into the schedule.
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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Before I get started, my knowledge of all things WCW in any era is quite limited. I know it was a mess of an organization from around this point on, and I’m aware of who pretty much everyone is, but forgive me if anything I say feels a little off.

    Got caught up with the backstory before reading through Starrcade (full disclosure, I mostly skimmed through it, but Starrcade looked like a hell of an effort. Great job), Nitro and Thunder. Very informative, and I immediately like a slimmed down version of the NWO, though given the threads title, I wonder for how long the group will remain. They certainly had a big night at Starrcade. Looks like Chris Jericho will be in line for an increased presence in WCW too after beating The Giant, which is good to see, and writing Benoit out of the thread is perfectly understandable. Tag team division feels a bit all over the place given the champions and their challengers at Starrcade, whilst I was quite relieved for Flair to destroy Bischoff.

    Obviously, the big thing that stands out is Goldbergs streak ending at Starrcade which was a big surprise to me. Not sure how to feel about it really, as I’d have thought you’d have wanted to get to that point during the thread and build up to it more and make it much more special than it turned out to be. Ending the Streak in a triple threat match is something I didn’t particularly like either - though, on the plus side, Bam Bam Bigelow in a main event position sounds good to me. Hopefully he remains a main event player. The other thing I didn’t like so much about the decision was that you could’ve used the Streak to make someone else a bigger star rather than Nash, and I‘d have preferred to see something other than a screwy finish for Goldbergs first loss (though, admittedly, it was a good swerve with Macho Man). Imagine what a clean win to end Goldbergs streak could’ve done for someone else on the rise like a DDP?

    Anyway, negative comment out of the way, here’s what I thought about Nitro;

    173 and Me is such a great line from Nash. I liked his promo here, demanding recognition for the path he and Hall paved for people like Goldberg. Savage was the stand out though. You had him written damn near perfectly when he spoke.

    Anderson mocking Nash’s famous “look at the adjective” promo gave me a chuckle, even if the line felt a little forced on this occasion. Savage vs. Goldberg was the obvious match to make, and getting to it at Souled Out sounds pretty fitting. Stevie Ray vs. Savage isn’t exactly a blockbuster match, but it makes sense for Nitro, and the focus on the match will be more geared toward Savage’s in ring return, so, no need to waste a big name for the match. Glad Anderson imposed himself here right off the bat, making it clear that the n.W.o doesn’t run the show, despite probably dominating it.

    Hopefully this heel turn will spell big things for Bret Hart. He was completely ruined in WCW, and though at this point he’s a year into his run, there’s still time to salvage the main event player in the Hitman.

    I really enjoyed the interaction between Okerlund and Bret. Felt to me like it flowed like a natural conversation, and it makes sense for Booker to interrupt and confront Bret. Should be a solid feud for both guys. Bret’s line about it taking several hours to reapply his wrist tape was brilliant. What a lame excuse, but I was laughing.

    Kind of funny to see Kanyon surrounded by women. His partnership with Raven sounds like an odd-couple for sure. Enjoyed Ravens tales of woe, and in particular, Kanyons reaction; “Wild.” Enjoying their chemistry, and the match they had later in the night was another example of their dysfunction as a pair.

    Glad to see Flair and DDP discussing Jericho seriously, and Flair putting Jericho over. It definitely places him in good company, and I’m seeing big things for Jericho in this thread, and a big player in the war against the New World Order.

    Cant think of many better feuds to have over the Cruiserweight title than Kidman and Malenko. Those two could most definitely carry the division for the foreseeable future, with Malenko right in the prime of his career at this time. Eddie/Rey continuing to feud out of Starrcade works for me too. Guerreros motivation for attacking Rey was great too, and I’ve big hopes for a deeply personal feud between the two. The groundwork is set for it at least.

    Little things matter, and that little nugget of detail with the commentators talking about Luger and Konnan having to be separated by the police last night is the kind of thing I appreciate seeing.

    As much as a Luger/Hogan feud doesn’t excite me, credit is due for a fine set up for their match at Souled Out. Hogan came across as a total big shot dick here, turning down the challenge from Luger to wrestle him tonight because he wants people to pay to see him wrestle. Smart. Hogan revealing the stipulations in his contract was funny too, considering it’s pretty much the real terms of his contract. Glad you had this reveal though, as it’s a great reason to pull out for Hogan not wrestling every week.

    I wasn’t as fond of the Bigelow/Anderson interaction. It just felt a little like Bigelow was talking like a deluded comedy character, and Anderson appeared to be treating him as such. Bigelow believing Nash and Goldberg conspiring against him just didn’t feel authentic to me. It could be part of his character that I’m not wholly aware of given my relative lack of knowledge on the roster at this point, but this segment was a bit of a miss for me.

    Jericho continuing to look good by rubbing shoulders with Flair and DDP, standing tall after their match, despite the loss. Just from these early shows, Jericho is clearly going to be a man to watch in this thread, clearly getting pushed into a prominent role. Thought giving the n.W.o the win here was a smart move, considering they are the ‘real’ faction facing the makeshift team, and Giant gets a win back after losing at Starrcade.

    Wonder who could’ve attacked Psichosis??

    As expected, Savage beats Stevie Ray. Liked the show of intensity from Stevie Ray before the match though, that was a nice spot. Was a little surprised it took some cheap tactics for Savage to see off Stevie Ray, as I’d assumed he’d get an impressive win to set him up for Goldberg next month. Goldberg running in the make the save for Stevie was fine, but I hope we hear from Goldberg next week on his first loss.

    Thunder should turn out to be a useful ‘B’ show to help move things along, and, like you said, give guys something to do if they’re not getting on Nitro. Putting the Blue Bloods together should be good and add more depth to the tag division. Nice bit of focus for next weeks battle royal too, and the non-finish for Booker and Bam Bam was fine - neither guy needs a loss here at the minute.



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    Re: Death of the New World Order


    The landscape of World Championship Wrestling continues to change as we approach Souled Out. With only two weeks until the next pay-per-view event, fans have been eagerly awaiting the news of who will challenge WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Nash, for the richest prize in wrestling. Tonight, we will find out as twenty of the very best professional wrestlers clash in an over the top rope battle royal in the main event of Monday Nitro. Announced by WCW Commissioner Arn Anderson last week, the battle royal will pit the best against the best with a match with Kevin Nash on the line. The entire field has not been named however we can confirm a few names including; Booker T, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ric Flair and Bret Hart. There will be three members of the New World Order taking part, those names are being kept secret by the nWo, and they will not be revealed until the match itself.

    An intense rivalry continues to grow this week on Monday Nitro. It was at Starrcade last year, the final pay-per-view event of the 1998, that Diamond Dallas Page was screwed out of the WCW United States Heavyweight Title. The man who now holds the gold, nWo member, Scott Hall, is set to enter the ring against the man he took the title from for the first time since their controversial encounter. How would the nWo react if Page was able to reclaim the title he lost eight days ago? This week, Scott Hall defends the WCW United States Heavyweight Title against Diamond Dallas Page. An interesting dynamic in this feud is that DDP is one of the few to never associate with the New World Order. As a pillar of justice for WCW, Page will enter the ring and aim to deliver a serious blow to the most feared group in all of wrestling.

    It’s a night of champions for the very first show of 1999. Not only will Scott Hall defend his title but Chris Jericho will put the WCW World Television Title up for grabs against Wrath. The challenger earned this opportunity with an impressive outing on Thunder last week and has shot up the ranks as a major force in the hunt for Jericho’s coveted title. With Jericho being entrenched in the battle against the nWo; can he maintain focus against a tough competitor like Wrath?

    Last week on Nitro it was announced that the returning Randy Savage would be placed inside a steel cage with Goldberg at Souled Out. Before their epic encounter, Savage and Goldberg will sign the contract for the match with Arn Anderson acting as moderator. This will close the show and is sure to be an explosive moment in WCW history. What will happen when Goldberg shares the ring with the man who cost him his undefeated streak and the WCW World Heavyweight Title?

    Former WCW World Tag Team Champions, Kenny Kaos and Rick Steiner will make their first appearance since losing the titles at Starrcade.

    Following a cowardly assault last week on Monday Nitro, Rey Mysterio Jr. will take on Chavo Guerrero. The issues between Mysterio Jr. and Eddie Guerrero have not dissolved following their match at Starrcade. If anything, Eddie has become more obsessed with demasking Mysterio Jr. and will send his nephew into battle for him this week.

    Confirmed Matches:
    WCW World Heavyweight Title Shot:
    20 Man Battle Royal

    WCW United States Heavyweight Title:
    Scott Hall vs. Diamond Dallas Page

    WCW World Television Title:
    Chris Jericho vs. Wrath

    Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero

    Goldberg and Randy Savage sign the contract for their match at Souled Out

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Monday Nitro | January 4, 1999 | Atlanta, Georgia




    Excitement fills the air of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta – an arena that holds so much rich professional wrestling history, especially for World Championship Wrestling. The camera pans around the arena, thousands are in attendance, and a plethora of ‘Goldberg’ signs are scattered around, the hometown boy a huge favourite.

    Tony Schiavone: Welcome wrestling fans around the world to the hottest professional wrestling show on all of television – Monday Nitro! We are glad to have you with us once again for a blockbuster night presented by World Championship Wrestling. This is the only place to get your fix of wrestling, we’ve got the best athletes and the biggest names! Hello once again, I’m Tony Schiavone and joining me at the broadcast booth is none other than ‘the Professor’ Mike Tenay.

    Mike Tenay: What an outstanding response from this live audience to kick off the show. We’ve got so much to get through tonight, 13 days away from Souled Out, so tonight we’re going to crown a number one contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Twenty men will enter the ring in the main event, they will try to throw each other over the top rope and to the floor, the last man left standing in the ring will be declared the winner and advance to Souled Out to face Kevin Nash for the WCW World Heavyweight Title.

    Tony Schiavone: Monday Nitro will host Scott Hall versus Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship and Chris Jericho will ALSO defend the WCW World Television Championship when he faces Wrath, the latter coming off a victory on Thunder to earn the opportunity.

    Mike Tenay: You heard that right, folks! Not one but two title matches on Monday Nitro, you cannot get that anywhere else. Tonight is definitely going to shape Souled Out in a significant way.

    Tony Schiavone: The excitement isn’t restricted solely to the in-ring competition, Tenay. It was at Starrcade that we saw the return of the Macho Man Randy Savage, now he will step into the ring with Goldberg to sign the contract for their match at Souled Out inside a steel cage. Fireworks are expected seeing as it’s the first time Goldberg and Savage will be in the same ring since the Macho Man screwed Goldberg out of the World Title and his undefeated streak.

    Mike Tenay: You can see the steel cage hanging above the ring! A reminder of what is to come for both Goldberg and Randy Savage. We’re still 13 days away, it’ll be an ominous sight during the contract signing, seeing Goldberg and Savage step inside the fifteen foot high steel structure, knowing that they’ll shed skin, lose blood and shorten their careers the next time they enter it.

    Tony Schiavone: It’s going to be a wild night, ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to start the show with some in-ring action!

    **Summer Nights In Spain**

    JUVENTUD GUERRERA makes his way out onto the stage, the first competitor to do some tonight, wearing his classic black luchador mask, before heading down to the ring. He has no time for the fans, ignoring them completely while replays of the horrific fall he took at Starrcade through a ladder are shown on the big screen.

    Mike Tenay: It was just eight days ago that Juventud Guerrera put his body on the line in one of the most dangerous ladder matches I have ever seen. Four men risked everything to become the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Juventud was unable to finish the match after crashing through a ladder, both the ladder and Juventud being left broken outside of the ring. He had to be treated by our medical team, you can see bandages still wrapped around the mid-section of Guerrera, he isn’t totally recovered but he was offered a match against the champion and wouldn’t turn it down.

    Tony Schiavone: When a guy like Arn Anderson calls and asks if you can compete, it’s hard to say no. That’s the wrestling culture. You battle through injury, you don’t complain about it and you seize opportunities as they are presented.

    Mike Tenay: It’s important to note that last week Psicosis was assaulted backstage, left laying in the hallway of the arena. We still don’t know who did that but Juventud and Psicosis have had their issues, many believe he played a role, it’s something to keep an eye on.


    To the cheers of the crowd, BILLY KIDMAN emerges through the curtain and onto the stage, holding the WCW Cruiserweight Championship high in the air. Ready to get the match underway, Kidman sprints down to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and rushing over to the turnbuckle where he once again hoists his title belt up high.

    Tony Schiavone: A young man, a young champion, ready to prove himself to the world and all the former greats who have held the title he currently holds. Billy Kidman held the title since November of 1998 when he defeated Juventud Guerrera! We’re in the new year, it’s a fresh start for everyone but can Kidman repeat what he did previously?

    Mike Tenay: You know that Juventud has been studying tape ever since that defeat. He wants to regain the title so badly. The hunt for Kidman’s next challenger, and opponent for Souled Out, has to be running out of time – the event only 13 days away. If Juventud wants to put his name in the hat, he’ll need to win this match.

    Tony Schiavone: After last week when Dean Malenko nearly tore Disco Inferno’s leg off, it’ll take a big performance for anyone to have a better claim at the title than Malenko. Both men are sore but this is a big chance for Juventud, catch the champion now and he’ll move into the top spot for a title shot.

    Mike Tenay: We’ll have to wait and see what develops!

    Match One
    Juventud Guerrera vs. Billy Kidman

    The opening match of the night was a very competitive one. It showcased the best bits of the WCW cruiserweight division, Kidman and Guerrera flying all over the place in big spots. The competitors saved what you’d expect from a cruiserweight match for moments that actually mattered since both were selling injuries from the ladder match at Starrcade. As you would expect, Kidman started off stronger, the champion using a variety of dropkicks, transitions and springboard moves to work over Juventud. The injuries to the ribs of Juventud proved to be the biggest factor in the match. He had a massive target on him which Kidman took advantage of, the champion smart enough to target the ribs and work on the existing injury that was exposed. Juventud had a chance late in the match, several actually throughout, but his refusal to change up his offense while suffering from the injured ribs cost him. He continued to do all his regular moves, many of them splashes and moves that involved using his core – an element of his body sustaining serious difficulties at the moment. Kidman caught Juventud coming off the top rope, hitting a mid-air dropkick right to the ribs, followed by a Shooting Star Press for the three count.

    Billy Kidman @ 09:24

    The live crowd cheers as Kidman has his hand raised, the title belt handed to him and the champion celebrates, putting it around his waist and waving to the fans. With the drive to be the best Cruiserweight Champion ever, Kidman soaks in all the support and begins to walk up the ramp, ready to take his leave.

    Tony Schiavone: Another impressive performance from Billy Kidman! Not only did he get the win but he did so over a former champion in Juventud.

    Mike Tenay: It makes you wonder if anybody in the division can stop this kid.

    **Black Knight**

    On commentary, Schiavone says that Tenay may have spoken a tad soon, before DEAN MALENKO makes his way out onto the stage – a microphone in his hand and his gaze focused on Billy Kidman, who is halfway up the ramp and edging closer.

    Dean Malenko: That’s close enough, Kidman. Keep your distance if you know what’s good for you. I’ve been sitting in the back watching your match, listening to Schiavone and Tenay rattle on about who is the rightful number one contender for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, and it’s been making me so damn sick that I’ve thrown-up twice!

    The Ice Man pauses for the boos of the crowd, keeping an emotionless look on his face before continuing.

    Dean Malenko: You want to claim to be a fighting champion. A man afraid of nothing, willing to accept any challenge, and a man who WCW can be proud of holding that title? Well, I’ve run through this entire division for two months. I’ve tapped nearly every wrestler who I’ve shared the ring with, the kneebar I’ve perfected is the most unstoppable weapon in wrestling right now, and when I get it on you – I’ll become the WCW Cruiserweight Champion.

    Kidman advances, walking right up to Malenko and snatching the microphone from his hand.

    Billy Kidman: What’s your point, Dean? Do you want a shot for the belt? I’ve got no problem knocking your ego down a few sizes at Souled Out. When I said I’d never back down from a challenge, I meant it! I don’t fear you or anyone else in the division.

    More cheers come in for Kidman as he taps the title belt around his waist.

    Billy Kidman: You can talk about that kneebar all you want, Dean. At the end of the day, you had a chance to win this title at Starrcade and you failed. I beat you! So, now I’m challenging you. When you’re standing up here on the stage and I’m down the entrance ramp you’re a talkative guy, but now I’m standing face to face with you, you’ve shut up! What’s wrong, Dean? Maybe it’s you who is afraid!

    Calmly, Malenko reaches out and takes the microphone back from Kidman.

    Dean Malenko: I’m a wrestler not a damn acrobat. Had it been a wrestling match than I would’ve ripped your knee from the socket at Starrcade. As badly as you feel right now, it’s nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you at Souled Out. I accept! You and me, for the title – you’ve got thirteen days left as champion, Billy. Enjoy them while they last.

    Without warning, Malenko slaps Kidman across the face – knocking the champion down. Malenko hammers away with punches, and then whips the champion into the nearby barricade, continuing to attack him with stomps. The Ice Man taking advantage of Kidman being worn out following a near ten minute match to open Monday Nitro!

    Malenko rips the WCW Cruiserweight Championship off Kidman, holding it in his hands, looking deeply at it, before smashing Kidman in the head with his own title as he stands up. With great care, Malenko folds the title up and places it next to Kidman, and then backs away, looking down at the champion with a cold stare – the Ice Man leaving ringside.

    Tony Schiavone: A cheap shot by Malenko has left Billy Kidman beaten here in the entrance ramp. We should get someone to take a look at the WCW Cruiserweight Champion. We’ve just had both men agree to a title match, one on one, at Souled Out for the belt – once Malenko got verbal confirmation from Kidman, then he assaulted him in the entranceway.

    Mike Tenay: It speaks to his personality. They call him the Ice Man, he is cold and emotionless but when that bell rings few are better than Dean Malenko. He mentioned in before, that kneebar will cause serious injury if he can apply it.

    Cutting to the parking lot, a black car pulls up at the gate, it opens wide and the car drives through. A few moments after it parks, the driver’s side door opens and GOLDBERG appears! The reception for the hometown boy is insane – truly thunderous, Goldberg carries his gear in a gym back, walking towards the entrance to the arena.

    Mike Tenay: He is here, ladies and gentlemen. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, with a record of 173-1, he is in his hometown tonight and will be live on Monday Nitro a little later in the evening.

    Tony Schiavone: Goldberg has to be going through so many mixed emotions. It was in this building that he defeated Hollywood Hogan to win the WCW World Title, that was an incredible moment and he came so close to getting the chance to walk into the same building as World Champion. Had it not been for Randy Savage than he would have got the chance.

    Mike Tenay: As it stands now, Goldberg will meet Randy Savage inside a steel cage at Souled Out in 13 days. The contract for that match will be signed tonight, we have a steel cage hanging above the ring, that’ll be lowered during the contract signing – what do you think the reception for Goldberg will be like?

    Tony Schiavone: It’s going to be incredible when Goldberg steps out into the arena. The smoke, pyro – it’s an entrance unlike anything else in this great sport. These fans will go crazy to cheer the man who represents them.

    Mike Tenay: It’s so ominous with the cage hanging over us all night!

    Tony Schiavone: A constant reminder of what is to come later on in the evening. For now, we are about to take our first commercial break of the night. Do not turn away. Coming up next on Monday Nitro, nWo member, Scott Hall will defend the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship against Diamond Dallas Page! Stayed tuned – that is live, next!

    ​**Commercial Break**

    **Self High-Five**

    DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE rushes out onto the stage, with great support from the Atlanta crowd, and throws up the Diamond Cutter sign with his hands. DDP is ready, rushing back and forth on the stage and then down the entrance ramp, barely able to stand still.

    Tony Schiavone: It was eight days ago at Starrcade that Diamond Dallas Page was robbed of the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship by Scott Hall and the nWo.

    Mike Tenay: It was Randy Savage, a ploy by the nWo and they damn straight screwed DDP out of his title. I see no reason to mix our words. It was a damn robbery at Starrcade and that’s why DDP is so pumped up for this match. He has been waiting ever since that night to get Scott Hall in the ring with the title on the line.

    Tony Schiavone: The nWo can try and twist words all they want but I know what I saw. Diamond Dallas Page had Scott Hall beat inside the ring, he would’ve hit the Diamond Cutter and scored the three count. It was only after nWo interference that Hall gained the victory.

    New New


    Making his way down the aisle, with an air of coolness to him, SCOTT HALL ever so slowly steps towards the ring – his title belt hanging from his right hand. Hall is not alone, with him is known other than Big Poppa Pump – SCOTT STEINER! In Hall’s hand we see a microphone, he slows to a stop just before the ring, Steiner standing behind him.

    Scott Hall: Hey, yo! You getting a second chance, man. Those are rare in life which means you should be grateful to the nWo for even granting you this chance. You’re welcome.

    On commentary, Schiavone points out that it was Arn Anderson who ordered this match and not the nWo.

    Scott Hall: T’night, you get to share the ring with me. You should be grateful for that too, man. People might actually care about your match this week. You always opening the show, jerking the curtain… I’m a main event guy. You see where I’m standing, I’m part of the nWo, the new nWo, without the crap that was holding us back.

    A smirk appears on Hall’s face as he points to Big Poppa Pump.

    Scott Hall: The best of the best stand with us. You? You wouldn’t even make the B-Squad, if we still had a ‘em. You know, I’ve been hearing all week about how I stole this title from you. Do you think that, man? I beat you fair and square, you took your eye off the ball… tisk tisk.

    Inside the ring, Page looks like he is going to explode.

    Scott Hall: Lets see what excuse you got after I beat you again. Dust in your eye, man? Maybe you were afraid of Big Poppa Pump being at ringside? Write ‘em all down, man. Waste your own time, it doesn’t bother me, because no matter how many excuses you make, the reality is that you just aren’t on my level. That’s why you’re there, alone and worthless, and I’m here, part of the nWo with my brothers, and I’ve got the gold, man!

    Hall drops the microphone and enters the ring while Steiner paces around ringside.

    Mike Tenay: Wait a damn minute! Are we seriously going to play this game with the nWo again?

    Tony Schiavone: I find it very hard to believe that Scott Steiner is out here to be moral support for Scott Hall and nothing else. They have already screwed DDP out of the belt once, don’t let them do it again!

    Mike Tenay: This time the referee is going to on the lookout for anything like we saw at Starrcade, Tony. The nWo doesn’t have the advantage anymore. I’m not thrilled with Steiner being out here, but I have faith in DDP.

    Match Two
    WCW United States Heavyweight Title
    Scott Hall vs. Diamond Dallas Page

    A strong performance by both men in this back and forth title match. Reaching about eight minutes in television time, Hall and Page put on a fast-paced bout for the WCW audience. In the beginning Page was like a house on fire, coming straight for Hall and unleashing all the frustration that had built since Starrcade. Hall was sent from corner to corner, chopped all over, slammed into the mat and thrown to the outside – Page looked great. Surprisingly, Steiner never successfully interfered in the contest. That is to say, it wasn’t due to a lack of trying. The big moment came when Steiner went to clothesline Page on the outside of the ring, Hall distracted the referee, but DDP countered into a Diamond Cutter – eliminating the involvement of Scott Steiner for the rest of the match. They continued, Hall working over Page inside the ring and taking control during the middle of the match, leading into the finish. After DDP was hit with snake eyes, Hall then nailed a boot big and signalled for the Razor’s Edge. The move was countered, Page slipped out the back, the crowd rose as Page spun Hall around into position – Diamond Cutter! However, Hall dropped down and just as he did at Starrcade, nailed Page below the belt! Only this time the referee saw it and called for the disqualification.

    Diamond Dallas Page (DQ) @ 08:24

    The sound coming from the fans are a mixed of boos, cursing and just plain anger. Scott Hall has lost the match but retains the title belt, he has screwed Page once again and the nWo will keep control over the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship. Hall and Steiner exchange a fist bump, Hall is handed the title belt and begins to make his way up the ramp with Steiner following.

    Tony Schiavone: How many times is the nWo going to get away with crap like that? Damn it! Scott Hall just took the cheap way out of the match, again he was in trouble – again he was in position to take the Diamond Cutter and he found a way to cheat his way out of it.

    Mike Tenay: Around every turn, when we think we have the nWo cornered, they pull something out from up their sleeve!

    Inside the ring, Page looks devastated. Pushing himself off the mat, leaning against the second rope and shaking his head. The fans chant his name but it isn’t offering any comfort, he lost – again. Perhaps this was his last chance at Hall… most likely it was and Page now realizes it.

    Nitro transitions away from ringside to the backstage area, the locker-room to be specific, where Gene Okerlund is knocking on a door. After a few seconds of knocking, Okerlund is greeted by the Nature Boy, RIC FLAIR dressed in a trademark robe. Flair steps out into the hallway, he brushes his hand through his hair and shows off his million-dollar smile.

    Gene Okerlund: It certainly looks like you are in a happy mood, Ric Flair.

    Ric Flair: It’s a wonderful life I’m living, Gene. You and I, we go back a long time, you were there through the highs and the lows, and now you get to see me living life at a higher point than ever before.

    Gene Okerlund: You can only be referring to your victory over Eric Bischoff at Starrcade eight days ago. How does it feel to be rid of that man, finally?

    Ric Flair: I’ve won World Titles, flown on private jets, partied with Playboy models and schooled men who thought they could hang in the wrestling ring with the best there ever was. I’ve done it all. Right now, knowing that Bischoff is gone forever from this business, it’s a high I never want to come down from.

    Gene Okerlund: It could get even better later tonight because you are in the main event. You will have a chance to meet Kevin Nash at Souled Out live on pay-per-view in just thirteen days. What would another World Title mean to your already legendary career?

    Ric takes a moment to think about his answer. He adjusts his robe a little.

    Ric Flair: For me? I’ve climbed that mountain. My vision is on the business as a whole. It’s about the future of this company and protecting it. Kevin Nash and his goons hold the most important championship in wrestling. I can’t allow that. Tonight, I’m going to do my best to protect this industry which has given me everything I’ve got. That’s what I’m going out there to accomplish.

    Bret Hart: What a load of crap!

    Hart walks into the scene, a smug look on his face as he looks over Flair.

    Bret Hart: I’ve heard you say a lot of lies in the past but that one might take the cake. You’re not some noble man. You’d sooner stick a knife in the back of someone than face them like a man, Flair!

    Ric Flair: Would you like to test that theory?

    Bret Hart: And waste my time with the likes of you? As I said, you’re not noble in the slightest. No, you’re just an old bitter man who is hanging on to his past longer than he should.

    Hart spits on the ground at Flair’s feet.

    Bret Hart: What legacy have you got? All anybody is going to remember is this pathetic washed up shell of a performer that stands before me. You act like you accomplished something at Starrcade. It made me sick. A man who was once the greatest of all time reduced to fighting in a cage like a rabid animal against Eric Bischoff.

    Gene Okerlund: Now hang on a moment. I don’t think that’s fair, Bret.

    Bret Hart: Nobody asked your opinion! You’re a joke, Ric. The sad thing is that these people feed into your ego and don’t have the heart to tell you. They’re all laughing behind your back. At least I had the guts to say it to your face.

    Hart goes to turn around but stops in his tracks when Booker T appears behind him.

    Booker T: I know you weren’t just talking about having the guts to do something. Tell me I didn’t just hear that?

    Bret Hart: Get out of my way. I don’t care to deal with you either.

    Booker T: Oh, you’ll have to deal with me sooner rather than later. Believe that, Bret. I’m not going to forget what you pulled at Starrcade. You and I, that’s coming and you can’t hide from me forever.

    Hart pushes past Booker and storms away, refusing to continue the conversation any further.

    Booker T: I’ll see you out in the battle royal, Bret. We’ll see how much guts you got when we’re standing across the ring from each other, dawg!

    Ric Flair: You’re in the battle royal?

    Booker T and Ric Flair lock eyes, Booker nods his head and then Flair extends his hand.

    Ric Flair: Good luck.

    The segment comes to a close with Flair and Booker T shaking hands. Both men eager to earn a chance at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Rummaging around in the catering area, RALPHUS is shown stuffing his face with food at an alarming rate. Several people sitting near him look on in disgust at the sight, his white security shirt unable to fit over his big belly, bits of foot falling onto his gut as he just piles in bite after bite.

    Chris Jericho: There you are. Quit eating, we’ve got work to do.

    Ralphus: Ifffff grrrmmm teeeeer.

    With a confused look on his face, unable to understand a word Ralphus said, Jericho approaches the table pulls the food away.

    Chris Jericho: My match is next!

    Ralphus: Urrrrp!

    Ralphus burps loudly and Jericho backs away disgusted.

    Chris Jericho: I’ll meet you out there. Jesus, that stinks!

    **Commercial Break**

    Back to ringside following the break…

    **Feel the Wrath**

    Making his way out from the entrance chute, WRATH emerges and looks jacked. His gaze circles the fans, he is a rigid man, a true cold-hearted fighter and he offers no interaction with those in the audience. Wrath begins to make his way down the ramp, stomping towards the ring and slides underneath the rope – roaring upon the top turnbuckle.

    Tony Schiavone: The ever-intimidating presence of Wrath. He earned this opportunity to challenge for the WCW World Television Championship following a win on Thunder last week.

    Mike Tenay: The start of the new year is a perfect time for a guy like Wrath to get a fresh start in WCW. New year, new goals and Wrath is in a big spot tonight that could lead to big things.

    Tony Schiavone: Considering that The Giant was unable to defeat Chris Jericho with the title on the line, it would be very impressive if Wrath could get the job done.

    **One Crazed Anarchist**

    To an ever-growing pop, CHRIS JERICHO steps out onto the stage with the WCW World Television Title hanging over his shoulder. The fans jump up and down for Jericho, his support base becoming larger each week as he transforms from the once selfish prick that the WCW fans had known for years. Jericho stands alone, he looks around the stage and yells “RALPHUS!” and thereafter, RALPHUS comes wobbling out.

    Tony Schiavone: It’s been a few weeks since we last saw Ralphus. It appears the old guy is still getting back into the groove of being the personal security for Chris Jericho. What a match this is going to be tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Chris Jericho defending his title against Wrath, this is sure to be a good one.

    Mike Tenay: Did you hear the response from the live audience? Chris Jericho is quickly becoming one of the most popular wrestlers on the entire roster. His ability inside the ring and refusal to backdown from the nWo has captured the hearts of many fans around the globe.

    Tony Schiavone: That’s what the nWo has done for a lot of guys. People who wouldn’t usually work together are putting differences aside to battle this poison we have in World Championship Wrestling.

    Mike Tenay: With guys like Chris Jericho on our side, we are in pretty good shape.

    Match Three
    WCW World Television Title
    Chris Jericho vs. Wrath

    This match was much quicker to get to the big spots than the previous. Likely due to having less time, the encounter getting just over five minutes, with the battle royal in the main event set for a large portion of the show. No, this match was short but it was action packed. Jericho wrestled with an intensity, a sense of frustration in the way he executed big dives to the outside with the limited amount of time. He was thrown around the ring by Wrath, selling like the best in the business. They started with a brawl, Wrath got the better of that and sent Jericho into the corner. A few moves later, and an effective counter by Jericho turning a German suplex into a pinfall combination, and Wrath found himself on the outside begging for a break. Jericho flipped himself over the top rope, he dashed up turnbuckles, he was sprinting around the ring constantly and Wrath was matching him with power moves. Wrath had big powerful displays of his strength. Lifting Jericho up over his head, throwing him across the ring, catching him in mid-air, and rolling through into slams. The finish came when Jericho countered the Pump-Handle Slam, Wrath’s finisher, and went for the Lionsault. As Jericho ran towards the ropes, The Giant appeared on the stage which drew the attention of Ralphus! An argument ensued and The Giant grabbed Ralphus by the throat, Jericho’s focus shifted to that and he lost all concentration on his opponent. The Giant threatened to chokeslam Ralphus off the stage, Jericho pleaded with him to stop this, that the issue was between the two of them. Suddenly, Wrath rolled Jericho up and grabbed hold of the bottom rope while the referee made the count.

    Wrath @ 05:21

    A lot of people are shocked at the result as Wrath is handed his newly won title. Wrath holds the belt close to his chest before rolling to the outside and walking up the ramp. The title belt hanging from his hand, Wrath eyes The Giant, nothing is said, he just continues on his way to the back.

    Mike Tenay: We’ve got a new WCW World Television Champion! I cannot believe it. Give an assist to The Giant but Wrath has defeated Chris Jericho for the title.

    Tony Schiavone: That’s the story right now, Mike. The Giant has just helped screw Chris Jericho out of the WCW World Television Championship because he couldn’t do it himself at Starrcade. This is exactly what the New World Order has done for two years now! They can’t win fair and square so they cheat or screw people out of victories.

    Mike Tenay: This isn’t over, Tony. The Giant still has Ralphus by the throat and Jericho is running up the ramp to stomp this madness.

    Tony Schiavone: Go get him, Jericho! We cannot stand for this anymore!

    About halfway up the entrance ramp is Chris Jericho when The Giant is handed a microphone after demanding one from a ringside worker. With one hand around the throat of Ralphus and the other on the microphone, The Giant edges towards the side of the side.

    The Giant: Don’t come a step closer, Jericho! I swear, I’ll toss this old bastard right off the stage if you come any closer.

    Jericho stops in his tracks, biting his lip in frustration and his fists are shaking with rage.

    The Giant: You just stay right there, little man. How does it feel? Does it feel good to know that you’re powerless? I’m the one in control!

    We cut back to Jericho, he is yelling at The Giant to let Ralphus go.

    The Giant: You walked around with your head up high like you owned the place. Why? You got lucky at Starrcade. Look at me and look at you. You don’t get to beat me! I’m a giant!

    Ralphus struggles, The Giant grips even harder around his throat.

    The Giant: You humiliated me at Starrcade. I had to get you back. I knew that Arn Anderson wasn’t going to let me get another shot at the title. He’s got it in for the nWo. So, I had to take matters into own hands and I made sure that if I couldn’t get even by beating you for the title then I could make sure you lost it.

    Still halfway up the entrance ramp, Jericho is handed a microphone so he can communicate with The Giant.

    Chris Jericho: You don’t have to do this. You won. I lost the title. Let him go.

    The Giant: Do you think it’s as easy as that? You have no idea what I went through after you robbed me of my victory at Starrcade! You have no clue!

    Chris Jericho: Just let him go. This is between you and I. Ralphus has nothing to do with any of this.

    Slowly, Jericho takes a couple of steps forward.

    Chris Jericho: Come on. Let him go.

    The Giant: Arrogant as ever, Chris. I want you to feel how I felt at Starrcade when you took everything from me. First, I took your title. Now, I finish the job!

    All Chris Jericho can do is watch on in horror as The Giant lifts Ralphus up by the throat. Jericho rushes forward, for him everything is in slow motion, he cannot make it in time. Fans hold their breath as Ralphus is thrown off the stage and crashes down into the equipment. Sparks fly as his body hits the pile, and Jericho comes charge towards him.

    Mike Tenay: He did not just do that! That poor man isn’t a wrestler. What the hell is wrong with The Giant?

    Tony Schiavone: That’s electrical equipment, Mike. We need to get some help out here.

    The Giant watches from the top of the stage, looking very pleased with himself while Jericho and ringside workers push their way through some of the mess to the side of the stage. Jericho is shaking, Ralphus is out cold, and the former champion turns towards The Giant. They make eye contact, Jericho barely able to contain his emotions as The Giant smirks.

    The Giant walks to the back, the damage done, while Jericho checks on his friend as the medical team arrives. Jericho is livid, he kicks the side of the stage and screams out loud as Ralphus is being helped. Turning back to his friend, Jericho reaches out and can be heard saying “I’ll get him back. I promise, I’ll get him back.”

    Elsewhere, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE is in the parking lot walking towards a car. With a gym bag in his hand, looking dejected, Page opens the door and throws the bag inside. Clearly still frustrated from his loss earlier tonight, Page opens the door to his car and is about to enter when he feels a tap on his shoulder.

    Arn Anderson: Got a minute?

    Diamond Dallas Page: Yeah. What’s up?

    Arn Anderson: I’m sorry about how things turned out earlier. It’s a tough situation to be in for the both of us. You think that you’ve covered everything and then the nWo finds a loophole they can exploit.

    Page closes the door of his car and leans his back against it.

    Diamond Dallas Page: It’s so damn frustrating. I’ve had him beat twice! First at Starrcade and then tonight, both times Hall has found a way to sneak out of trouble. I had him!

    Page slams his fist into the hood of the car in frustration.

    Arn Anderson: I can’t just give you another title shot. You’re contract required a rematch which I’ve given you. I’m sure Scott would bring a team of lawyers to my doorstep if I booked another rematch straight away.

    Diamond Dallas Page: I get it, boss. I’m at the back of the line. It’s just so hard to see them, the whole nWo, walking around here like they own the place. I wished I had a chance to get back at them. To take something from them like they took him me.

    Arn Anderson: Well, if you’re willing to stick around and get your gear out of the car, I can offer you something that might interest you.

    Diamond Dallas Page: What do you mean? I’ve already wrestled tonight.

    Arn pauses, rubbing his hands together.

    Arn Anderson: Indeed. However, we have a twenty man battle royal later tonight to decide the number one contender for the World Championship. Considering how things played out in your match, I think it’s fair that you get one of the twenty spots.

    From despair to excitement, Page looks delighted as he grabs his gym bag from inside the car.

    Diamond Dallas Page: Thank you.

    Arn Anderson: You deserve it.

    DDP and Anderson shake hands, the former heads back into the building with an extra spring in his step. Page’s fortune has turned around, from losing his rematch for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship to now being one of twenty men to fighting for a title shot against Kevin Nash, it has been a rollercoaster night for DDP. The camera cuts back to Arn Anderson, he smiles with delight as we go to commercial.

    **Commercial Break**

    **Total Package**

    As Nitro returns from the commercial, LEX LUGER makes his way down to the ring dressed in normal street clothes. A huge fan favourite is Luger, waving to the fans and interaction with some of them in the front row. He reaches the bottom of the ramp, heads around the ring and picks up a microphone before entering the squared circle.

    Tony Schiavone: Lex Luger making his presence known here on Monday Nitro. He will challenge Hollywood Hogan at Souled Out in thirteen days, a true collision of titans. It’s been a long road for Luger as he has waited months to get back inside the ring and that wait is nearing an end.

    Mike Tenay: He was cleared last week and had he known about the battle royal, I assume that Luger would’ve been a member of that match later tonight.

    Tony Schiavone: I’m not so sure he didn’t know. I’ve heard rumours all week that Luger was clued in on the battle royal and still made the call to challenge Hogan. Of course, he had no way of knowing Hogan would demand the match take place at Souled Out but even Luger offered to have it take place this week – which likely would’ve kept him out of the battle royal.

    Mike Tenay: You might be right, Tony. Luger is so focused on Hogan that I think he would pass on a World Title opportunity. This bitter war is only growing stronger now that the nWo has reformed into one solid entity. Luger wants to break that, he was part of the original force that battled the New World Order, and now he fights the good fight yet again.

    Inside the ring, Luger paces back and forth slowly.

    Lex Luger: Another week and Hogan remains in hiding. I haven’t seen him all night. Where is the so called “icon of wrestling” hiding? Is he curled up in a ball wishing that he hadn’t made the mistake of accepting my challenge last week?

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Lex Luger: I don’t know. He might be in the back somewhere, huddled up with the rest of those cowards who put a knife in my back, scheming away, thinking of ways to rob guys like Diamond Dallas Page of victories that he truly deserves!

    Looking at the hard camera, Luger points and raises his voice.

    Lex Luger: Fair warning, try that crap with me and I’ll take you all out! It’s you and I, Hogan. Man to man. One on one, no messing about. Don’t hide behind Steiner or Konnan. Drag your backstabbing ass down to this ring and face me like a man at Souled Out!

    Cheers. A loud “LUGER” chant breaks out in the crowd.

    Lex Luger: I appreciate the support. That’s the mistake a lot of guys make. They think they can take on the nWo alone. The fact is that the poison has been building in WCW for over two years, even I was sucked into believing into what they were preaching. Without you, the fans, we’d lose our way, like I did, so thank you for sticking by us and believing that we can make a difference.

    Luger begins walking around the ring, looking at out the fans in each section when passing by.

    Lex Luger: I heard Hogan last week talk about all the power he has. We’ve seen how the nWo is able to manipulate things to their advantage. Just look at what Scott Hall did tonight. I’m sick of it. This has to come to an end and it starts with Hogan! It starts with me putting Hogan out just like he put me on the shelf. Hogan! I hope you can hear me…

    Luger faces the entrance ramp, leaning over the top rope, and pointing.

    Lex Luger: I’m ready, Hogan. Over two months I’ve waited for this chance. Thirteen days, that’s what you’ve got left. Count ‘em, Hogan. And I…

    New New

    **Voodoo Child**

    The fans immediately start booing as loudly as you’ve heard all night. After a few moments pass, the booing lowers and then turns to confusion as HORACE HOGAN walks out onto the stage. Inside the ring, Luger looks utterly bewildered at the sight of the FORMER WCW competitor, he was fired during the WCW budget cuts following World War 3. Horace makes his way down to the ring, entering and standing opposite Luger.

    Tony Schiavone: That cannot be who we think it is, can it?

    Mike Tenay: Horace Hogan, the nephew of Hollywood Hogan, has returned to World Championship Wrestling. This cannot be good.

    Tony Schiavone: I wonder if Horace’s reappearance has anything to do with his uncle’s new super contract signed by Eric Bischoff days before Starrcade? His stench lingers in WCW, unfortunately.

    Hogan stands across from Luger, one hand on his hip and another holding a microphone to his lips.

    Horace Hogan: Calm yourself, Lex. You are looking at wrestling royalty. My last name alone gives me more right to be inside this ring than you. So, zip your lip for a minute while I’m talking!

    Luger shakes his head, and chuckles a little at the threat.

    Horace Hogan: You come out here for the second week in a row and disparage the name of Hogan! That name shouldn’t leave your lips, if you know what’s good for you.

    Lex Luger: Is that a threat?

    Horace waves his hand in front of Luger’s face.

    Horace Hogan: I said, zip your lips – LUGER!!!

    More heat.

    Horace Hogan: My uncle doesn’t have to answer to you, Luger. You’re lucky he is giving you the honour, yes it’s an honour, to share the same ring as him. The legendary Hollywood Hogan, the greatest wrestler of all time, the icon of wrestling, the creator of the nWo. You will show my uncle the respect that he deserves.

    Stepping closer, Horace gets right in the face of Luger.

    Horace Hogan: Is this all you are, Luger? Such a shame. My uncle told me to come here tonight to test the man who was to challenge him at Souled Out. Here I am. Yet, all I find to greet me is a boy upset that his friends kicked him out of the treehouse.

    Lex Luger: You… test me? Funny. I’ve got a message for you uncle, Horace. Would you mind giving it to him for me?

    Horace Hogan: I am not some postman! I am wrestling royalty!

    Lex turns to the hard camera, looking straight into it with a look of “is this guy serious?” before turning back to Horace.

    Lex Luger: My mistake. If you won’t pass it on to your uncle than I guess I could just show him instead.

    Swiftly, Luger grabs Horace Hogan and lifts him onto his shoulders. The crowd are cheering like mad as Hogan wriggles around on the Total Package’s shoulders, however he cannot get loose. Lex stomps into the middle of the ring and begins to apply the Torture Rack on Horace Hogan, his face staring right into the hard camera – directly at Hollywood Hogan watching wherever he is tonight.

    Horace is tapping, his screams echoing throughout the arena but Luger will not break the hold. He parades around the ring, each side of the arena cheering once he arrives in front of them before dropping Horace in the centre of the ring. The fans are standing as Luger rips off his t-shirt, Horace stumbles to his feet and gets sent to the outside of the ring with a hard clothesline by Luger over the top rope and to the floor. Luger ascends a turnbuckle, standing on the second rope, and poses as more cheers are heard.

    Tony Schiavone: I think that Hollywood Hogan has received the message loud and clear, wherever he is tonight. Horace Hogan has been beaten and battered by Lex Luger. He dared to get in the face of the Total Package and he paid the price.

    Mike Tenay: That’s just a sample of what Luger is going to do when he gets the chance to face off against Hollywood Hogan. He looks to be in great shape even though he hasn’t wrestled in two months.

    Shot entirely in black and white, the vignette begins with Scott Hall holding a camera and slowly moving around Kevin Nash, who is posing with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Kevin Nash: The fall of the undefeated champion. Here I was the entire time and they never saw it coming. People actually thought I wasn’t part of the group. Like I could ever leave you guys!

    Laughter is heard from the six other members, everyone is present and the camera flashes between them all.

    Kevin Nash: I wish you could’ve seen Goldberg’s face up close when I nailed him with the chair. Boom! Right off the bald head, he’s even dumber than he was before. I didn’t think that was possible!

    The camera cuts to a shot of Scott Hall playing the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship like a guitar, and then to a shot of him waving it around in the camera.

    Scott Hall: Everyone is so gullible. It hurts my head to be this smart, man.

    Cut to Randy Savage holding a camera and zooming in on himself.

    Randy Savage: Oh yeah, we took your belt back and we took the STREAK! Yeah, 173-1 doesn’t sound as fancy does it? What you got now, Goldberg?

    Kevin Nash: 173 and me, I mean come on. World Champ in da house!

    Randy Savage: You don't know what it's like to be locked inside a cage, Goldberg. No, you got no idea the trauma it can cause. Oh, what I'll do to you... it'll leave you with nightmares for life. Dig it?

    The shot cuts to Konnan and Steiner sitting, Konnan is drinking a beer while Steiner is rambling to the camera.

    Scott Steiner: These young punks thought Starrcade was going to be their night. Well, how you punks feeling now? It was our night – nWo! That’s right, and you punk asses need to realise, to understand, through your thick skulls, that we run the show. Screw Arn Anderson, screw the Board of Directors, screw ‘em all – we got the big gold belt and that means we got control!

    Konnan: We're going to save this business. Kids don't even understand what the nWo is all about. Without us on top, without the nWo leading the way, you'd be out of a job. You'd be stuck working up North for pennies on the dollar! We're not here to destroy WCW. We're here to save it. Only with us, the nWo, on top, can we survive. Understand that. Know your place. Be thankful and show us the respect we demand! This right here, this isn't for life... it's FOR-EVER!

    Flash to a shot of Nash holding the World Title, a big smirk on his face. Next to him is Hollywood Hogan, he walks up behind Nash and throws an arm around his shoulder.

    Hollywood Hogan: I love this guy!

    Quick cut to Nash sitting alone on a stool with the World Title on his lap.

    Hollywood Hogan: Everyone thought that we couldn’t get along. That the nWo was fractured beyond repair but that wasn’t the case, brother! We’re back, stronger than ever and we’re taking over the whole damn world!

    Kevin Nash: For all the chatter, here I am. Whoever wants it. Come get me… but I won’t be alone! Hahaha!

    Another quick cut to Nash being surrounded by every member of the nWo, the big gold belt is zoomed in on as the announcement comes to a close.

    Back in the arena we await the arrival of the participants for the upcoming match.

    **La Raza**

    Not the first pairing of uncle and nephew we have heard about tonight, EDDIE and CHAVO GUERRERO make their way out to the ring. Eddie is whispering into Chavo’s ear, pumping him up for this encounter with Rey Mysterio Jr. and offering some tactical advice.

    Mike Tenay: I hope the referee has eyes in the back of his head with the Guerrero’s being involved.

    Tony Schiavone: This rivalry has been brewing for a long time. Last week it escalated even further when Eddie Guerrero assaulted Rey Mysterio Jr. and claimed that he was no longer worthy of wearing the mask, an honour in the luchador culture.

    Mike Tenay: Guerrero has this sick and twisted idea that Rey was the one who caused former members of the Latino World Order to be fired. Had it not been for Guerrero’s obsession with Mysterio Jr. than none of them would have been terminated.

    Tony Schiavone: Eddie has become so obsessed with Rey. He wants to strip him of that mask, to take away what Rey holds near and dear to his heart. It’s sick!

    **Mysterio Jr. Jam**

    Out next is REY MYSTERIO JR. with his mask firmly on his face, he charges towards the ring and the Guerrero’s scatter! Mysterio takes the middle of the ring, pacing around and daring either Eddie or Chavo to meet him; they both hold off as Eddie gives some instructions to his nephew on the outside of the ring.

    Tony Schiavone: The Guerrero’s want none of Rey Mysterio Jr. when he is expecting it!

    Mike Tenay: That’s the way they operate, Tony. Sneak attacks, using the numbers game, cheating when they can… it’s what the Guerrero family has always done. They will win by any means necessary and they are proud of it.

    Inside the ring, Rey backs away from the ropes and signals for Chavo to get into the squared circle. Ever so slowly, Chavo makes his way up the steps, looking back to his uncle for some more advice, before finally stepping through the ropes and entering the ring.

    Match Four
    Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

    With the main event of the evening fast approaching, this match was kept short. It was a showcase for Rey Mysterio Jr. and whenever he hit a big move, the camera would cut to a shot of Eddie Guerrero on the outside of the ring looking infuriated. Chavo got the heat on Mysterio for about a minute, focusing on trying to rip his mask off at the instruction of Eddie. On the outside, Eddie was very animated – throwing his hands in the air, jumping around and yelling at Chavo to do it for ‘the people’ – whoever they might be. Mysterio was able to fight back, keeping his mask on and it was the constant focus on the mask that cost Chavo vital chances to work on Mysterio. With that said, Rey never missed a beat, escaping several holds put on by Chavo because he was constantly turning his attention to listen to Eddie on the outside. Rey had a sole focus – win! Mysterio used his speed advantage, ducking around the ring and ultimately up onto the top rope when Chavo found himself there, connecting with a Frankensteiner. Rey got the three count and the clean win, sending Eddie Guerrero into a fit of rage.

    Rey Mysterio @ 05:28

    Following the match, with the ring bell sounding in the background, Eddie Guerrero storms into the ring and begins assaulting Rey Mysterio Jr. for the second week in a row. The referee tries to break it up, pushing Guerrero away but Eddie cracks him right in the jaw with a hard right hand, knocking the referee to the outside of the ring.

    Mike Tenay: Eddie just hit a referee! This man has lost his damn mind.

    Tony Schiavone: We could have a serious incident out here, ladies and gentlemen.

    Eddie grabs Rey by the mask and punches him in the back. His voice echoes throughout the arena as he demands Rey remove his mask. Suddenly, Rey fires back with a few right hands and has Eddie backing away. The fight is on, Mysterio is nailing Eddie in the face with forearms. Eddie drives his knee into Rey’s stomach and slings him into the ropes, on the rebound Rey ducks a clothesline!

    Tornado DDT by Rey Mysterio Jr. and Eddie Guerrero is sent stumbling to the outside of the ring. As Chavo rolls to the outside, Eddie grabs his nephew, whilst holding his own head, and they scurrying up the ramp. They get about halfway up before Rey grabs a microphone and returns to the ring.

    Rey Mysterio: Hey! Eddie, don’t go running now. You want some more? Get back in here and I’ll show you what it means to be a luchador! I’ll show you what the culture means to me and my family, Eddie!

    The Guerrero’s continue their way up the ramp. Eddie shakes his head, refusing to even look at Rey as he talks.

    Rey Mysterio: I thought that this was finished. I beat you at Starrcade, Eddie. Just like I beat Chavo tonight. I was ready to move on but you had to keep coming at me. You couldn’t move on. This has got to stop, Eddie!

    The fans cheer for Mysterio as he walks towards the side of the ring nearest the entrance ramp.

    Rey Mysterio: After last week, when you attacked me, I’ve done some thinking. It’s obvious that you’re not going to let me walk away without giving you one last chance. That’s it, Eddie. You want one more match against me. Am I right, Eddie?

    At the top of the entrance ramp, Eddie has stopped dead in his tracks. As he turns around the camera catches one of the most sadistic grins you’ve ever seen.

    Rey Mysterio: I thought so. If that’s what it takes to get you out of my life than I’ll do it! You versus me, Eddie. I’ll wrestle you one last time… at SOULED OUT!

    Looking back at him from the stage, Eddie Guerrero is nodding his head in agreement. This is exactly what he wanted, another chance to challenge Rey Mysterio Jr. Cutting back to the ring, Rey lowers his head and solemnly says into the microphone, taking a few moments to gather his thoughts.

    Rey Mysterio: I’ll even put my mask on the line.

    The crowd erupts in shock, Eddie nearly collapses and the announcers are stunned. Nobody can believe what Rey has just done. He has volunteered to put his mask on the line against Eddie Guerrero at Souled Out. He is giving Eddie everything he wants! Eddie Guerrero is in a dream world, his eyes are bulging out of his head, he is on his knees blowing kisses to the heavens.

    Rey Mysterio: It seems we have a deal. Good. Oh, just one more thing. If I’m going to put something on the line than I think it’s fair if you do to.

    Like a scratch on a record player, Eddie Guerrero freezes and halts his celebration. He turns to Chavo and demands a microphone; his nephew retrieves one and hands it to his uncle.

    Eddie Guerrero: Hold on, homes. You had me jiving to what you were saying but you had to go and ruin it. No, lets just keep it how it is right now. You versus me at Souled Out with your mask on the line.

    Rey Mysterio: Not a chance, Eddie. See, I’ve already been to the back and spoken to Arn Anderson. This match is official, the stipulations have been set and you are putting something on the line.

    Eddie Guerrero: Let me guess, is it my career? Is that what you’re all about now, Rey? You take food off the tables of kids now. You cost good men, my friends, their jobs all because you didn’t want to represent the culture! You claim to be a luchador but you throw all of us to the side like trash.

    Chavo nods in agreement.

    Eddie Guerrero: That mask you wear is a slap in the face to all those who wore it before you did. It’s an insult to me and my family – GUERRERO! That’s what this is about, Rey. I look at you and I have to force myself not to vomit. My stomach turns when I see you claiming a culture that my family helped build! I will not have my career ended by the likes of you.


    Eddie Guerrero: You know, if it takes me risking my career than so be it! It’ll worth it to remove you, a stain on the luchador culture, from existence when I remove that mask from your face! I accept!

    Rey Mysterio: That’s a fine speech, Eddie. The only thing is… it’s not your career that’s on the line.

    Once again, everyone is confused. If not his career than what is Eddie Guerrero putting on the line. While pondering the answer, Eddie rubs his head and feels is trademark mullet. He begins to piece together the puzzle, he drops to his knees and pleads with Rey.

    Eddie Guerrero: No! No! No! Anything but that. I’ll put my career on the line… I’ll put Chavo’s on the line. You can’t do this, Rey. You can’t do this to me!

    Rey Mysterio: Yes, Eddie. It’s not your career that’s on the line… it’s your HAIR!

    Huge cheer from the crowd. Eddie Guerrero is distraut at the idea of his hair been shaved off at the hands of Rey Mysterio. He pumps the ground with his fist, screaming out loud as Rey Mysterio Jr. climbs a turnbuckle in the ring and poses. The Guerrero’s are furious, Chavo tries to comfort his uncle but Eddie shoves him away and storms backstage in a huff.

    Tony Schiavone: Well, that’s breaking news. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr. will compete once again at Souled Out. This time, Rey will put his mask on the line and Eddie will put up that famous head of hair he so proudly displays.

    Mike Tenay: You saw how quickly things changed for Eddie. He talked about the culture, his family and the honour of luchadores when he thought his career was going to be on the line. Then, when he found out it was his hair, Eddie forgot all about that and thought only of himself.

    Tony Schiavone: Did you expect anything less? With that said, we are closing in on the main event of the evening. The big twenty man battle royal to decide the number one contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Before that we will hear from Kenny Kaos and Rick Steiner, I believe they are backstage with Gene Okerlund. That is coming up right after the commercial break!

    **Commercial Break**

    When Nitro returns from the commercial break, as Schiavone setup in the previous segment, we are standing by with Gene Okerlund. Standing to his right are the former WCW World Tag Team Champions, RICK STEINER and Kenny Kaos.

    Gene Okerlund: Gentlemen, thank you for joining me tonight. It’s been eight days since the two of you lost the WCW Tag Team Titles at Starrcade and since that time we haven’t heard anything from you. What’s is going on with the team and how have you been since the loss?

    Rick Steiner: This isn’t the first time I’ve had to stand here missing tag team gold, Gene. My entire career has seen me reach the pinnacle of tag team wrestling and eventually you get knocked down. That’s the way life works. Everybody gets knocked down. The thing that makes this team different is that we don’t stay down.

    Kenny Kaos: That’s exactly right. Gene, you look at the two of us and you see two men who are focused on one thing. We have our eyes set on regaining what we want more than anything, that’s the WCW Tag Team Titles! We may have come up short at Starrcade, Raven and Kanyon got the win and that’s good for them. Congratulations, however that is in the past. This business keeps on moving. As a champion you don’t get time to relax and that’s what Kanyon and Raven don’t understand.

    Rick nods his head, patting Kenny on the back.

    Kenny Kaos: We were never meant to be successful. I was a last-minute replacement and everyone thought we’d lose the titles a few days later. Well, 64 days went by and we were still the best damn tag team in the world. Make no mistake about it, we will get the WCW World Tag Team Championships back.

    Rick Steiner: This team has only gotten stronger, Gene. We were a thrown together pair but here we stand as former champions with the hunger to get those titles back. I want it! Kenny wants it! Raven and Kanyon, let this be your warning, we are coming for those belts. Put the champagne away, put the women to the side, clean yourselves up and get ready to fight!

    Gene Okerlund: That sounds like a challenge. Are you challenging Kanyon and Raven for a title rematch at some point?

    Kenny looks determined as he holds up two fingers.

    Kenny Kaos: We will be two-time champions. Mark our words, Gene. We want our rematch and we want it sooner than later. We want it at Souled Out!

    Kanyon: Fighting is such troublesome work especially when a champion has so many more delightful activities he could be doing.

    Walking into the interview area is KANYON, his title belt around his waist with two beautiful blondes, and RAVEN sulking behind him, his hair covering his face and his belt dragging along the floor in his left hand.

    Kanyon: This is how a champion is supposed to look, gentlemen. Feel this material… it’s silk. The two of you can’t represent World Championship Wrestling as champions, no that will not do! Do us all a favour and crawl back to whatever rock you have been under ever since Starrcade.

    Rick Steiner: You’ll find yourself under a rock if you’re not careful, Kanyon.

    Kanyon: Ah, such a temper. It must be in the blood. How is your brother, Rick? Talk to him much?

    Kaos has to hold Rick Steiner back, otherwise he’d have ripped Kanyon’s head off right there. Kanyon takes a few steps back, smirking as he does so, and ends up behind Raven.

    Gene Okerlund: I will not stand for this, Kanyon. State your business or remove yourself entirely!

    Kanyon: Silence, you old fool. I’m a champion and can go wherever I want. I heard the announcement that the two of you were going to be here. I forgot how unimpressive you both looked up close. So, it’s a rematch you want. How about… no! I don’t feel like wasting my time wrestling with you when I could be wrestling with those two.

    Kanyon pulls the two blondes in close and they give him a kiss on each cheek. Arrogantly he begins to walk away, failing to notice that Raven remains behind, and continues to exit until he hears Raven’s voice.

    Raven: We accept your challenge. Let your vessels meet us in the battlefield in thirteen nights, the skies opening up as a window into our darkest dreams of misery and contempt.

    Everyone has ‘what the hell is he talking about’ faces as Raven slowly lifts his head up.

    Raven: Thou shall receive the swift justice they have earned, either regaining the belts claimed by an egotist and his tortured ally or suffer a fate worse than the eternal damnation that feeds on the worst of our kind.

    Kanyon races up next to Raven, grabbing him by the shoulders and proceeds to shake him.

    Kanyon: What does that even mean? You can’t just agree to a rematch. I’m the leader of this team. You hear me? Hello, is anybody in that thick head of yours? I won the titles. I’m the reason we are the champions, do you understand? Idiot!

    With a hard shove Raven is knocked to the ground and Kanyon walks away in frustration. Meanwhile, Kenny Kaos and Rick Steiner look on at the disfunctional WCW Tag Team Champions and they exchange a fist bump. They look confident, and with good reason. They are a solid team with a common goal. Raven and Kanyon on the other hand… well it’s hard to say what the hell is going on with the champions. Nevertheless, it’s official – Kanyon and Raven will defend the WCW Tag Team Championships against Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos at Souled Out!

    Nitro transitions back to the announcer’s desk where Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay are discussing the main event of the evening, which is just moments away. In the background of the discussion we see several of the 20 competitors making their way down to the ring including; Kanyon, Hugh Morris, Disco Inferno, Brian Adams, Buff Bagwell, Perry Saturn, La Parka, Finlay, Mike Enos, Jerry Flynn and Norman Smiley.

    **Rap Sheet**

    The first man to enter outside of the main group is BOOKER T, he is full of energy and receives a big ovation from the audience. A specialist in tag team wrestling, Booker has created a groove as a singles competitor and is seeking to achieve the same level of great success on his own that he achieved in a team.

    **Also sprach Zarathustra**

    A legend of this sport. RIC FLAIR struts onto the stage, flashy robe as always, his trademark slicked back blonde hair, and million-dollar smile. The fans love him just as he loves to preform in front of them. While not the athlete he once was, Flair still has some crafty tricks up his sleeve which could see him get the win tonight. While receiving a warm response from the crowd, Flair makes his way down the ring, giving them one big ‘Woooo’ before he enters the ring.

    **Hitman in the House**

    The atmosphere changes inside the arena as BRET HART marches out from the entrance chute. Initially ignoring them completely, the fans boo so loud that Hart stops in his place, removes his shades and reveals a look of total disgust. He shouts back, telling them that they don’t deserve to see him wrestle tonight. Hart singles out a small child in the front row, grabbing their sign and tearing it in half, drawing a tremendous amount of heat and gaining the attention of Booker T who comes from inside the ring, charges towards Hart until the Hitman flees into the ring where a large selection of bodies come between the two men.

    **Self High-Five**

    Another shift in the mood, DDP makes his way out to the ring, following his defeat earlier in the night. Page isn’t showing any signs of being slowed down by his match with Scott Hall. This is the big time, it’s a major chance and DDP isn’t one to let it slip by. Entering the ring, Page looks at the field, he and Flair match up, two big fan favourites and the crowd delivers a wild cheer.

    **The Zoo**

    Here is a man who has one thing on his mind; victory. BAM BAM BIGELOW emerges from the entrance chute, his head freshly shaved, and a look of pure grit on his face. Bigelow is menacing, his fists already clenched, his teeth grinding together as he heads to the ring. Many inside the squared circle look to hide in the corners as Bigelow steps through the ropes, grabbing the nearest man, in this case Disco Inferno, and punching him before the match even begins. Bigelow is warned by the referees not to start something, he grunts but does indeed refrain for any further action.

    New New


    They just keep coming, not one but three members of the New World Order come out together as a single unit. They are united, it’s them versus the world and it would be a huge power play if the nWo could secure both the World Title and the number one contendership. Leading the group is SCOTT STEINER, many consider him the right-hand man for Hollywood Hogan, and a key decision maker in the nWo. He rambles to the camera on his way down to the ring, flexing his giant arms and talking about punks and bitches. Following behind is KONNAN and THE GIANT, both carrying with them a hard exterior, they back up Steiner, all three eyeing the 16 men inside the ring who wish to take them down.

    Mike Tenay: If my count is correct that is 19 men inside the ring.

    Tony Schiavone: We’re one short, Mike.

    **Green Hills of Tyrol**

    The roof just about comes off the building as RODDY PIPER, the Hot Rod, comes barging onto the stage – kilt and all! The fire of the audience is only matched by the fire inside Roddy Piper as he rips off his t-shirt and throws it to the ground. Shaking his fist like a mad man, Piper hurries down the ring and has his sights set on the three members of then nWo. Piper slides into the ring, he swings a punch that nails Steiner and this match is underway!

    Tony Schiavone: If there is a man who hates the nWo more than Roddy Piper than I am struggling to name him. This is what WCW needs!

    Mike Tenay: Hot Rod has been gone for a few months. He missed Starrcade and I had no idea he was in the building tonight. That’s what a chance to challenge Kevin Nash for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship will do. It’ll restart the wildest of fires!

    Match Five
    WCW World Heavyweight Title Contendership
    20 Man Battle Royal

    The show has been building to this match all night long. With a time of fifteen minutes, the match was full of action and provided several big moments. Key moments in the match included; Booker T and Bret Hart battling throughout most of the contest. They were always finding each other in the mayhem of the battle royal. No matter how many people stood in their path, Booker and Bret found a way to reconnect and fight it out. This cost them both in the end, their hatred of each other resulted in Scott Steiner getting the jump on them and tossing both men to the floor. Even at that point, Booker and Bret continued to fight, only being stopped when security got involved and dragged the two men away from each other. Bret spat in Booker’s face, nearly sending Booker into a fit of rage as Bret ran from the scene afterwards. Another major player in the match was The Giant, he eliminated three men in the match, and provided a helping hand in the dominance of the nWo (Steiner being the driving force eliminating a total of seven men). The Giant and Flair reignited their issues from last week. Flair worked The Giant over in the corner, using tricks of the trade to keep out of trouble. Unfortunately, Bam Bam Bigelow eliminated Ric Flair with an assist from The Giant. The bigger story involving The Giant is his own elimination. It was not by someone in the match; Chris Jericho got involved, rushing into the ring and striking The Giant with a steel chair, then throwing it to him, which The Giant caught and executing a dropkick. The Giant stumbled and fell over the top rope and to the floor, the crowd went crazy as Jericho shouted “That’s for Ralphus!” before making for the hills as The Giant began to stir. The final four was Diamond Dallas Page, Bam Bam Bigelow, Konnan and Scott Steiner. Steiner was a force in this match, he was unmatched in his eliminations and the power he displayed. At times people would gang up on him but Steiner would toss them away, throwing them over the top rope and curse at them for even trying. Bigelow failed to make the final three after being eliminated by Page, following a failed attempt to clothesline him out of the ring. It came down to Page vs. two nWo members, this was what Page had waited for. They had screwed him earlier and now, he had a chance for payback, and a ticket to steal their most prized possession; the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. In the closing moments, Page hit the Diamond Cutter on Konnan – he was gone. The final two was Page and Steiner, the favourite of the fans vs. the most dominant man in the match. Page and Steiner battled, everyone in the arena chanting for Page. Amongst a sea of support Page was tossed over the top rope, his hands grabbing the rope – he wasn’t gone. Steiner thought he won, he turned to see Page standing on the apron. Steiner charged, Page pulled down the rope and snuck into the ring – Steiner caught himself on the apron, his fate in trouble as Page jumped up off the canvas… Diamond Cutter! He hit the Cutter with Steiner on the ring apron, his neck slamming the top rope, Steiner collapsed to the floor. He was out. Page fell to the canvas inside the ring, he had won. Tears fell from his face, he had done it, he had a chance to get them back. In seeking to destroy him, the nWo had given Page the biggest opportunity to deliver a pivotal blow to their own dynasty. DDP was the number one contender and the nWo had helped him get there.

    Diamond Dallas Page @ 15:54

    The bell sounds, and Page remains on his knees inside the middle of the ring. Fans are going mental, he overcame all the odds placed in front of him. DDP is the number one contender and will face Kevin Nash at Souled Out. He wasn’t even in the match at the start of the night. The New World Order stole the WCW United States Heavyweight Title from him at Starrcade, they robbed him of a fair rematch earlier in the night and now he is the biggest threat to their dominance.

    Tony Schiavone: In one of the most powerful performances I have seen in many years, Diamond Dallas Page has won the battle royal and will meet Kevin Nash for the WCW World Heavyweight Title. They wanted to break him, the nWo wanted to leave him for dead, to crush his spirits but Page refused and now he has a chance to change the future of this company forever.

    Mike Tenay: To think we have seen the nWo control so many elements of the wrestling world for over two years and tonight, they have lost it! They thought their plan had worked but DDP has thrown a spanner into the works. Listen to these fans! I cannot believe it. What a performance.

    Tony Schiavone: Scott Steiner was unstoppable, he eliminated seven men and we thought he had it won. At the last second, Page hung on and managed to draw Steiner in, switched positions and connect with the Diamond Cutter.

    While Page celebrates inside the ring, the camera cuts to the back where Kevin Nash, with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder, is watching a live feed of the match. He does a little clap as Page climbs a turnbuckle and signals that he wants the title belt. Nash looks impressed, he is joined by Scott Hall who just shakes his head in disbelief, the Outsiders begin to whisper to each other as the camera cuts back to Page.

    Page throws up the Diamond Cutter sign, drawing a big cheer from the crowd and yells “bang” as Nitro goes to the final commercial break of the night.

    **Commercial Break**

    When Nitro returns to the arena, a steel cage has been lowered and a table has been set up, two chairs on either side facing each other. ARN ANDERSON, the WCW Commissioner, is also in the ring, ready to conduct this contract signing.

    New New


    It’s not the first time tonight we have heard that famous guitar riff and the spoken word introduction. The arena darkens, a spotlight appears on the top of the ramp and then Macho Man, RANDY SAVAGE emerges from the entrance chute with a strut. With thick black shades on, a bandana and cigar in his hand, Savage takes a quick look around at the fans before making his way to the ring.

    Tony Schiavone: Our final piece of business to conduct here tonight, fans. That is the Macho Man, Randy Savage, he returned at Starrcade and assaulted Goldberg. It was his interference that allowed both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to gain their respective titles on our night of nights.

    Mike Tenay: You can say that again, Tony. Randy Savage was the key factor in Goldberg losing his undefeated streak. 173 consecutive victories without a defeat and it’s gone, forever lost in history now because of Randy Savage. These fans aren’t happy to see him, this is Goldberg hometown, the place he won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Tony Schiavone: As you can see we have a steel cage surrounding the ring. That is because these two men, Randy Savage and Goldberg, will meet inside the structure in thirteen days’ time. It’s the only way Arn Anderson could ensure that the nWo did not get involved.

    Savage climbs the steel steps and enters the cage. He receives the biggest boos of anyone all night long. Again, this is Goldberg’s hometown and Savage is the man who robbed them of seeing Goldberg return home as the World Champion in the same building where it all started.

    Savage extends his hand for Arn to shake, the Commissioner goes to accept but Savage pulls it away and chuckles. He takes a seat and puts his feet on the table, lighting his cigar and blowing a puff of smoke at Arn Anderson.

    Tony Schiavone: Just a complete lack of respect for Arn Anderson being shown by Randy Savage.

    Mike Tenay: It’s hard to take the nWo seriously when they talk about people needing to show them respect when they never show it to anyone else.


    The entire arena stands on their feet as the pyro on the stage begins to fire. Through the smoke, the blaze of glory that we have grown accustom to seeing, there stands the hero of Georgia. The hometown boy, he steps through the smoke, his nostrils flared and he breathes out his nose like a freaking dragon.


    Thousands upon thousands chant his name. It’s an entire to that of itself and one that people marvel at. GOLDBERG clears the smoke and fire, his head slowly rising as he stares at the steel cage. Here he comes, methodically walking towards the ring – his eyes burning a hole through Randy Savage.

    Mike Tenay: If I was Randy Savage I’d trade places with just about anyone in the world right now. Goldberg is on the war path, he has never tasted defeat until Starrcade and standing in the ring is the man who put that bitter taste in his mouth.

    Tony Schiavone: We’ve never seen him deal with a loss. Last week he just about speared Scott Steiner in half. Do you think he has learnt to handle losing better?

    Mike Tenay: If I was a betting man… I think it’s safe to assume that Goldberg isn’t going to play with others tonight.

    With both men now inside the steel cage, the door is closed and Arn Anderson directs Goldberg to take a seat. He doesn’t. Goldberg shakes his head, pacing back and forth as he stares at Randy Savage. The latter remains calm, his feet on the table, leaning back in his chair, while puffing on his cigar.

    Arn Anderson: Gentlemen, these fans have waited a long time for this contract signing. We have a few minutes left in what has been an amazing night of wrestling. Come on now, do not spoil it. This is a simple task. The contract, of which a copy was delivered to both of you last week, is on the table and ready to be signed. Randy, I’d ask that you sign first.

    Tapping the ash off his cigar, Savage picks up a microphone on the table and twirls it around in his hand.

    Randy Savage: Look at you now. Walking around all unstable and lost. Lost like a little puppy without an owner to tell it what to do. Is that what you are, Goldberg? An animal who needs to be told when to eat, when to sleep, when to walk and how to speak?

    Goldberg doesn’t respond. Back and forth he paces, his eyes always on Savage.

    Randy Savage: An animal, yeah! I see it clearer than ever before, Goldberg. I’ve been around the block multiple times and I have seen men of giant stature stand before me like they were Gods! Yet, I saw them as the filthy animals they were. Savages of the lowest civilizations known to man. While I was dining with greatest minds and comprehending more in a second than you or any of them could in a lifetime!

    Savage taps his cigar again, letting the ash falls onto the table, after taking another puff.

    Randy Savage: You can’t have an animal at the top of the food chain. No, Goldberg. That just will not do, yeah! You got to have order and the nWo, we are the order. We are the power in professional wrestling. Without us, the animals would run wild and it would be total…

    A small pause as Savage leans forward. A smirk comes over his face as he speaks softly into the microphone.

    Randy Savage: Madness. You are an animal. I can see it. People love an animal, Goldberg. Especially when it’s trapped in a cage. You’re excited, I bet. To do whatever you want inside the steel cage, the house of madness, where the animal can run wild and tear his opponent to pieces.

    Savage stands up from his chair and points at Goldberg.

    Randy Savage: But sometimes the animal becomes rabid. When you have a rabid animal… you’ve got to put them down. That’s what you need to understand, Goldberg. That’s why I am here. I am going to put you down, yeah! You are the animal that has become a problem and now the sharks are circling, blood has been spilt into the water and… I… can… taste… it.

    Still, Goldberg remains emotionless as he watches Savage. In a burst of anger, Savage slams his fist down onto the desk.

    Randy Savage: Do you hear me?! I’m not going to just beat you, Goldberg. I’m going to rip you in half. I’m going to leave you bleeding on the canvas. I’ll going to damn near end you for good, YEAH!

    Savage grabs the pen, his hand shaking with anger as his words have no effect on Goldberg. He signs the contract.

    Randy Savage: Cause understand this, animal. Even you can understand this, I think. I’m not trapped in this cage with – YOU! No, I don’t get trapped by an animal. I am the Macho Man!

    He throws the contract down onto the table and rips off his bandana, throwing it at Goldberg. It hits him, falls to the ground and Goldberg ignores it.

    Randy Savage: You are trapped inside this steel cage with – ME!

    Savage is blood red, veins in his forehead are popping out and his body is shaking. Finally, Goldberg stops pacing. He looks at Arn Anderson, the contract is slid over to him and Goldberg picks it up along with a microphone.

    Randy Savage: Got something to say, huh? Playing the hero to all these kiddies but they don’t see the rabid side. The violent side, the side which you hide because all animals just – snap! Crazed beasts, yeah. I’m going to pull that side out of you, Goldberg. As I bash your head into the steel, I can feel it already in my veins! That animalistic drive that thrives in the madness, yeah. I’m going to break you just like I did at Starrcade!

    Goldberg stares directly at Randy Savage, it’s like total opposites now and a stark change from how this contract signing started. It was Savage who was calm and Goldberg who was pacing. Now, it’s Savage who is bright red and shaking while Goldberg is still and composed.

    Goldberg: Thirteen days.

    The crowd explode for two simple words. Savage plays to the reaction, shaking his head and telling to shut up.

    Goldberg: Souled Out. You and I inside this cage. Animal versus Macho Man.

    Goldberg looks Savage up and down, his hand moving to pick up the pen and he signs the contract.

    Goldberg: I’ve heard you talk. I’ve heard Nash give excuses. The nWo shout day and night about why they are the heroes. This isn’t a damn fairy-tale, this is a fist fight and at Souled Out you and I are getting inside this cage and I’m going to beat the crap outta you!

    Huge pop.

    Goldberg: You and your buddies took the World Title from me. I won’t forget that. I’m coming for the lot of you.

    Goldberg flips the table with a single hand, Arn Anderson doesn’t have time to react as Goldberg gets right in the face of Randy Savage. They are nose to nose, the Commissioner hurries to get between them.

    Goldberg: The day is coming when the nWo will be fall. And you better believe it will be at my hand! That day will arrive soon enough. Right now, it’s you and I. That means, Randy Savage – YOU’RE NEXT!

    Without warning, Savage throws a punch to Goldberg’s jaw and stuns the big man. Arn Anderson ducks for cover, heading for the door and it is open. Unable to be involved in physical altercations due to a risk of serious injury, Arn escapes as Goldberg and Savage trade punches inside the steel cage.

    Savage rakes the eyes of Goldberg, grabs him by the head and slams the former World Champion into the cage. The fans are booing loudly, Savage is in control as he stomps on Goldberg, each stomp being drowned out by the sound of this crowd trying to spark a comeback for their hometown hero.

    With his arms around Goldberg’s wrist, Savage slings Goldberg into the ropes and goes for a clothesline on the rebound. The move is countered, Goldberg ducks and nails Savage with an overhead suplex. Goldberg mounts Savage, hammering away with forearms to the face, and the latter tries to scramble free.

    Eventually, Savage scurries to the corner where Goldberg begins to unleash a combination of stiff kicks to Savage. Once again Savage goes for the eyes but this time Goldberg blocks and cracks Savage with an elbow.

    This time Goldberg whips Savage into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. He points up high, it’s Jackhammer time, and the crowd respond with a mighty roar.

    Goldberg grabs Savage, pulling him close, and begins to lift with he is struck from behind by KONNAN! The NEW WORLD ORDER are storming the steel cage, the door being held open by The Giant as every member of the group enters the ring, even Kevin Nash enters and he locks the cage door with a big thick lock to which he has the key wrapped around his neck.

    Mike Tenay: Goldberg is trapped inside the steel cage with seven men – the entire nWo! Hogan, Nash, Hall, The Giant, Steiner, Konnan and Savage… he may not make it to Souled Out.

    Tony Schiavone: I know we’re supposed to be unbiased but god damn it, someone in the back get out here. I’m pleading with you, anybody who is listening in the back – GET OUT HERE NOW!

    The nWo all take turns beating on Goldberg, Konnan holds him in place as Hall slams the United States Heavyweight Title off his skull. Nash picks him up and brushes his face against steel, drawing blood and causing the fans to come to a stunned silence.

    Then it gets worse as Hollywood Hogan steps forward, his ego oozing out as he reveals a pair of handcuffs. They hook Goldberg up to the cage, his hands behind his head and Steiner slaps his face repeatedly, waking him up from the dazed state he was in after seven men took turns on assault him.

    Tony Schiavone: I cannot watch this… please somebody get out here. This isn’t a case of Goldberg versus you, it’s WCW vs. the nWo! These men will tear apart everything we have worked for. Put aside your differences and help this man!

    Mike Tenay: We need somebody to get our here, Tony. It’s now or never.

    Man after man, all seven members of the nWo strike Goldberg in the skull. His hands above his hand, the handcuffs making it so he cannot move. He is totally defenceless. Savage stands to his side, screaming in Goldberg’s ear that this is what becomes of an animal. They get put down and the nWo is that lethal injection needed.

    Nash steps forward, he holds the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Goldberg’s face, and he smiles. Nash steps back, he gets ready to strike and he smacks the big gold beat off Goldberg's skull. He goes limp, his arms above his head, blood on his face and the nWo standing tall inside the steel cage.

    Tony Schiavone: Nobody. Is this the state we are in?

    Mike Tenay: I don't know what to say.

    Tony Schiavone: This isn't a war, Mike. Not if nobody will fight for us.

    Inside the cage, the nWo all exchange 'too sweet' gestures as Randy Savage drops to his knees and gets up close to Goldberg. He sneers, Savage looking Goldberg over before striking with a punch to the face. A total cheapshot, no resistance at all. The last image, the final shot is the nWo standing in a line, Nash in the middle holding the WCW World Heavyweight Championship with Goldberg's bloody face in the background.


    Quick Results:

    Billy Kidman def. Juventud Guerrera
    WCW United States Title: Diamond Dallas Page def. Scott Hall (DQ)
    WCW TV Title: Wrath def. Chris Jericho
    Rey Mysterio Jr. def. Chavo Guerrero
    20 Man Battle Royal: Diamond Dallas Page

    Current Card for Souled Out ~ January 17, 1999
    WCW World Heavyweight Title: Kevin Nash (c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page
    WCW Cruiserweight Title: Billy Kidman (c) vs. Dean Malenko
    WCW World Tag Team Titles: Kanyon & Raven (c) vs. Kenny Kaos & Rick Steiner
    Mask vs. Hair: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero (w/Chavo Guerrero Jr.)
    Steel Cage: Goldberg vs. Randy Savage
    Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan
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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Beast View Post
    Obviously, the big thing that stands out is Goldbergs streak ending at Starrcade which was a big surprise to me. Not sure how to feel about it really, as I’d have thought you’d have wanted to get to that point during the thread and build up to it more and make it much more special than it turned out to be. Ending the Streak in a triple threat match is something I didn’t particularly like either - though, on the plus side, Bam Bam Bigelow in a main event position sounds good to me. Hopefully he remains a main event player. The other thing I didn’t like so much about the decision was that you could’ve used the Streak to make someone else a bigger star rather than Nash, and I‘d have preferred to see something other than a screwy finish for Goldbergs first loss (though, admittedly, it was a good swerve with Macho Man). Imagine what a clean win to end Goldbergs streak could’ve done for someone else on the rise like a DDP?
    Thanks for the feedback, of course. I just wanted to touch on this point as I'm sure it's something that people will think when reading this thread.

    In short, this is the Chris Benoit problem. I've always argued that Benoit should've been the one to break the streak. Goldberg, with a record of 199-0 and still World Champion, goes for the spear, Benoit catches the arm and rolls into the crossface for the submission, gives 'Berg his first loss ever via tap out, while wrestling at a pay-per-view in Canada. That's the perfect ending to me but I can't do that because I refuse to use Benoit. In the same way, Jericho would've fit but not at this point and I don't think he fits perfectly into the spot like Benoit would have. And this is a consistent issue when writing this thread, being that I'm a few shows into it already, you won't believe how many times I've thought 'Benoit would've been perfect here' and had to find another fit. Whenever you remove Benoit in a period where he was a big factor then you're going to have some hurdles in the first few months as you distance yourself from the original setting.

    My justification for Nash breaking the streak is that the nWo needs the World Title coming out of Starrcade. This entire thread is about how I would end the angle differently since it's often referenced as one of the worst endings to an angle ever. It's a total mess in real life. To get there, I need the nWo to have power and the most powerful tool is the World Title. Nash was the perfect fit and I didn't want Hogan to get it back to start the thread. It's no spoiler, the New World Order is going to die at some point but to get there I need them to be powerful again. What would it mean for WCW to overthrow nWo B-Squad? That's why you have the All-Star group back together. It'll mean something when they eventually fall. Plus, I'm not fond of streaks being such a vital story on the show. I think it opens up a bunch more options for Goldberg in terms of stories to tell when you don't have to worry about that damn streak.

    I can see how coming into the thread you'd expect it to be a major point later on. However, my view was that the streak held more value as a starting point rather than a destination. You've also got to remember, the nWo has been going since mid 1996 and we're now in 1999. In truth, the angle should've ended at Starrcade '97. So, to extend Goldberg's streak means I'd have to build to it, furthering the lifespan of the nWo and that's not something I want to overextend. There wasn't much value in actually seeing the nWo chase Goldberg's streak. I hope that clears up the big question, which I'm sure people will have whenever they read this thread, as to why I ended Goldberg's streak the way I did. Plus, I do genuinely love a healthy handful of some Kevin Nash.
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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    I don't have time for any real detailed feedback on the moment, but I've just read everything you've posted so far and it's fantastic. As far as I'm concerned, any WCW BTB's are a welcome sight to this section. With the whole thread surrounding the NWO angle and how it should have ended, it makes perfect sense that you're beginning by building the NWO back up. Cutting that fat and only having the big name members involved is definitely the right thing to do. Once the NWO are at their peak, then WCW will slowly fight back and I'm assuming eventually win the war. I am intrigued to see how you deal with all of the NWO ego's, and whether it's more of an implosion from within, or whether WCW just band together and kick some ass. Either way, your handling of the NWO so far has been great.

    I think I'm pretty much enjoying everything else that is happening. Kidman/Malenko, Raven and Kanyon as tag champs, Guerrero/Mysterio and the inspired move to turn Chris Jericho into a face have all been brilliant to read so far. Jericho feuding with The Giant has been great so far, and Jericho's personal security getting thrown off the stage adds to that. Double A as the Commissioner is a great move also, and your writing in general, but especially your commentary, is really a pleasure to read.

    I think my only real negative at this point is that you had a Steel Cage match at Starrcade between Flair and Bischoff, and next month at Souled Out you've got another one between Goldberg and Savage. These stipulations are supposed to be a big deal and used sparingly, shouldn't have the same big match type like this happening in consecutive PPV's.

    Outside of that, really quality stuff. Thread is cooking on all cylinders already, and looks set to make a huge impact on this section. Keep up the fantastic work!

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Thanks for taking the time to explain why you ended Goldbergs streak the way you did. I completely understand not wanting to use Benoit, I’m the same. What I will say, is that the scenario you presented for Benoit to be the one sounded immense. I get the reasoning for the New World Order looking strong too, makes perfect sense.

    Onto Nitro,

    Seeing as it’s from the Georgia Dome, I’m expecting a big show here.

    Always a good move to kick off with some Cruiserweight action. As far as I’m aware, that was a WCW tradition, and one of their better ones. Liked the way the commentators hyped the importance of this match, rather than it just being a match to give Kidman a win, and have some doubt over the outcome.

    Really intense promo from Malenko, and him making the argument that he is the better wrestler makes sense and holds water, seeing as it was a ladder match at Starrcade and nothing was proven. Big test for Kidman it feels, and this match for Souled Out feels really important all of a sudden.

    Steiner looked a bit incompetent by failing to successfully interfere once during the match. It makes DDP look good, being able to handle both men, but it would’ve been nice for one distraction or something to help Hall get control at some stage. Halls promo before the match was fun too, and given the finish, I still don’t see the feud being done.

    Bret Hart has been great thus far in the thread. It feels very close to his attitude just as he turned heel in 97, and that can only be a good thing. While he’s obviously busy with Booker right now, a Bret/Flair feud would be great to read - especially if this little interaction is anything to go by. Booker was written really well here too, and I expect some action between the three guys later in the Battle Royal.

    Little surprised you’ve got Ralphus still with Jericho, but I don’t see that pairing lasting much longer, given the push Jericho is getting. Could only see a comedy gimmick like Ralphus bringing him down.

    Wrath beating Jericho was a massive shocker. Guessing you wanted the TV Title off Jericho in order to move him up the card, but even with the distraction from The Giant, this felt like a step back for Jericho tonight, given Wrath isn’t exactly someone I imagine will be a force either. Think this could’ve worked better with someone who has a little bit more credibility than Wrath, and if your intention is to build Wrath, it might’ve been better to build him for a little longer before putting the belt on him. I’m happy to be corrected on Wrath by the way, maybe he was on a roll during this period - as I said previously, WCW wasn’t something I followed weekly.

    Giant tossing Ralphus is hopefully a write off for him, and it makes things that little bit more personal between Giant and Jericho.

    Interesting turn of events with DDP. I can buy the explanation from Double A on not giving DDP another shot, and the olive branch of a spot in the battle royal works too, giving DDP his chance to get back the the nWo.

    Horace Hogan getting to return was explained well, and I look forward to seeing what other perks Hogan has up his sleeve from his contract. The postman line cracked me up, and I could picture a goofy look on Lugers face when he looked to the camera. Fine little angle to build toward Hulk vs Lex with the Rack.

    Enjoyed the nWo vignette, and I’m glad the 173 and me line is going to be a thing. It’s simple, but perfect.

    Expected win for Rey over Chavo, and Eddies reaction after was splendid. Great example of Latino Heat losing his cool. At first, I wasn’t buying Rey being the one to offer his mask as a stipulation, but the more I think about it, it does make sense - he knows that’s the only way to get Eddie out of his life. The way you wrote Eddie coming to the realisation that it would be his hair on the line was tremendous. Way better than Rey just announcing it. Another huge, high stakes match for Souled Out now.

    Kanyon & Raven might be my favourite thing so far from this thread. I’m a sucker for odd-couple tag teams, and these two are about as odd as it gets. Hopefully they keep the belts for some time.

    Love the fact that instead of giving his sunglasses to a kid in the front row now, Bret is ripping up kids signs now instead. What a dick, lol.

    Piper being the 20th man in the Battle Royal was a big surprise, and added to the star power in the match for sure. Makes sense for their personal issues to cost Bret and Booker their shot, though I expected Flair to be in the mix right to the end, so him going somewhat early was a shock. Jericho costing Giant was a predictable but necessary move too. Would’ve stood out as awkward if he DIDNT screw Giant.

    Despite my criticism earlier of Steiner, he came across as a total badass here in the Battle Royal, and the final four looked a strong line up - though it felt strange that DDP would eliminate Bigelow to leave himself against the nWo members. I know they’re not allies and Bam Bam is a heel, but wouldn’t they have banded together to take on Steiner and Konnan to help their own chances? Seems odd just.

    Finish was great though. Page overcoming two nWo members (even despite my criticism of how it came down to it) puts him over huge for a title shot, and the elimination of Steiner was superb - very memorable & creative way to end the match. Page vs Nash is a fine title match for Souled Out and a sensible transition to move Page on from the Hall feud.

    Liked that you had the cage there to further build the PPV match, though I agree with stojys assessment of doing cage matches at back to back PPV events.

    My goodness, you write Savage incredibly well. Some great lines, and very much sounded like a crazy man. It just felt a little weird that Goldberg would stand there and listen to it for so long rather than lose his cool and go on the rampage. But still, I can’t hate on such a well written promo from Savage.

    That beat down was pretty merciless & memorable imo. Definitely expected someone to run in and try and stop it, considering Luger, Jericho, DDP & Flair all have issues with the nWo. Even if they don’t care for Goldberg, you’d expect one or more of them to at least try and make the save, so that might take some explanation next week. That said, the commentary was superb, and you put WCWs hopelessness across excellently I felt. Tony & Tenay have been used very well these first two weeks I’ve noticed, threading things together nicely. Great use of your commentary team.



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    Re: Death of the New World Order


    Earlier this week, World Championship Wrestling was witness to one of the most violent incidences in the history of Monday Nitro. Goldberg, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, was left bloodied inside a steel cage at the hands of seven men – the New World Order. It was an unsettling sight as blood poured down his forehead, handcuffed and unable to defend himself, Goldberg was defenceless to the vultures that surrounded him. Worst of all, nobody came to his aid. While thousands in his hometown begged for reinforcements, none would come to the aid of Bill Goldberg. Tonight, Thunder will play host to an exclusive interview with one of the men who took part in that vicious assault. Representing the nWo, Konnan will speak with Gene Okerlund via satellite.

    On that same episode of Nitro, Roddy Piper made his return to World Championship Wrestling and put on a brave performance in the number one contenders battle royal. Unfortunately, Hot Rod came up short but he will appear on Thunder to address the reasons behind his return to WCW. What is on Piper’s mind? Why did he decide that now was the right time for a return to the professional wrestling ring? Find out what the future holds for Roddy Piper when he appears in the middle of the ring to kickstart this week’s edition of Thursday Thunder.

    For the first time since losing the WCW World Tag Team Championships at Starrcade, Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos will return to the ring. It’s been a hard couple of weeks for the former champions as they have had to regroup following their defeat to the strange pairing of Kanyon and Raven. With the current champions seemingly a round peg trying to fit inside a square hole, this could be the perfect chance for Steiner and Kaos to regain the titles they held for over two months. Off the heels of a heated confrontation with Kanyon and Raven on Nitro; the future challengers for the titles will no doubt aim to put on a show tonight, hoping to send a clear message to the current champs.

    Former nWo member, Stevie Ray returns to in-ring action this week on Thunder. He will be conducting an open challenge to any member of the WCW roster. Which superstar do you think will accept the challenge to face Stevie Ray? Will ring rust play a factor in Ray’s performance inside the ring?

    Coming off an impressive showing last week against the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman, this week on Thunder, Fit Finlay will match up against the ever-popular Disco Inferno.

    Confirmed Matches:
    Fit Finlay vs. Disco Inferno

    Stevie Ray will issue an open challenge

    Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos compete for the first time since Starrcade

    Roddy Piper set to open the show

    Exclusive interview with nWo member, Konnan

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: Death of the New World Order

    Thursday Night Thunder | January 7, 1999 | Richmond, Virginia


    The show opens with RODDY PIPER cutting a promo in the ring about his return on Nitro. He talked about being away with his family and that he was on the verge of retirement until he turned on the television one day and saw the nWo in the ring. The same ring he had left blood, sweat and tears in, and they were disgracing it. It was at that point he knew that he couldn’t walk away. Not just yet. Piper said he knew a lot of people were asking questions about why nobody came to Goldberg’s aid on Monday. He stated that people often think they alone can win a war. Well, this isn’t a comic book. Batman isn’t sitting in the locker-room, if history has taught Piper anything, it was that everyone must come together if they stand any chance at defeating the nWo. The segment came to a close without incident.

    The first match of the night was DISCO INFERNO against FIT FINLAY. It was a basic match, Finlay got the heat on Disco by working his arm with stiff holds and a methodical style that the Irishman is known for across the globe. Disco defeated Finlay with the Chart Buster, scoring the pin @ 10:11. Post-match, Fit Finlay threw a fit at ringside, smashing chairs against the steel post and screaming at fans in the front row.

    Following the match, we saw GENE OKERLUND interview CHRIS JERICHO about the incidents with The Giant on Nitro. Jericho spoke about losing the WCW World Television Title, saying that The Giant wouldn’t have been able to take the title fairly. He’s a big guy but a little man, big in size but inside he’s a coward. He also provided an update on Ralphus, he was in a stable condition in the hospital but would be out of action for an unknown amount of time. Gene asked Jericho what in the hell he was thinking about interfering in the twenty man battle royal. Jericho laughed, and said he would do it again. The Giant doesn’t know who he is messing with. The discussion turned to Jericho's absence during the Goldberg attack. Jericho said he wasn't in the building otherwise he would have been right there to aid Goldberg, no matter their personal history. Okerlund pressed and asked where Jericho was, to which Chris replied that he was driving to the hospital to check on Ralphus.

    KENNY KAOS and RICK STEINER defeated two jobbers in a quick match @ 03:28. Finish came when the jobbers attempted to cheat to win, Steiner cut them off and Kaos hit a powerbomb for the finish.

    Up next was the highly anticipated interview with nWo member, KONNAN. The interview was conducted via satellite and was acknowledge by the answers as being recorded earlier that same day. GENE OKERLUND, in the TNT offices, sat down with Konnan, who was in an undisclosed location. The Mexican superstar was not alone, behind him and just on the edge of the shot, the Outsiders were present. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, they did not say a word during the interview. In fact, at one-point Okerlund attempts to ask a question of both men but is emphatically told by Konnan that anything Gene wants to ask, he will ask it of Konnan. He was the voice of the nWo and Gene would show him the respect he deserves. Throughout the interview Konnan would shout, claiming he had been forgotten by the wrestling fans, tossed aside for the brand new shiny toy of the day – citing Goldberg and Chris Jericho as examples. Gene asked about the attack on Goldberg from Monday Nitro, Konnan replied by stating that it spoke volumes that nobody in WCW came to help their so-called saviour. Konnan stated that the nWo dismantled Goldberg at Starrcade, they destroyed him on Nitro and at Souled Out, the nWo would kill the legend of Goldberg forever. The interviewed ended with Konnan saying that if Monday was any indication, what hope does WCW have at stopping the nWo from taking full control? Konnan repeated that WCW under nWo control wasn’t just the best option, it was the only option and the events of Monday reinforced that belief stronger than ever for those within the group.



    A still image of a red and yellow Hulk Hogan shirt on a child’s bedroom table, it’s bright colours illuminating innocence.

    “This right here is the New World Order of wrestling, brother!”

    The shirt begins to decay, turning into dust as a breeze takes whole and leaves nothing in its place.

    “I am the greatest wrestler of all time, Mean Gene.”

    Shots of Hollywood Hogan using underhanded tactics to win various matches, including choking Roddy Piper with his thick leather belt.

    “Without me this company would be in the ground.”

    Clips of the New World Order, Hogan standing in front leading the pack, walking down to the ring and taunting fans.

    “All these fans should get on their knees and worship me, brother! I am God!”

    Scott Hall heads to the ring with great confidence; Hall hits the Razor’s Edge in the middle of the ring.

    “You thought the nWo was dead?”

    Flashes of Scott Steiner, Konan and The Giant dominating the competition, wearing the colours of the New World Order.

    “Dead? You can’t kill what is IMMORTAL!”

    Shots of Hulk Hogan, the red and yellow… it slowly is overtaken by a black and white effect which covers the screen; a flash of light occurs and suddenly he is fully in Hollywood Hogan form.

    “Hulkamania lives forever? No, the nWo lives forever!”

    Each of the previously mentioned nWo members are shown laughing into the camera.

    “Well… let me… tell you… something… brother.”

    A final shot of Hollywood Hogan is shown, a close up of his face as he has a big grin on his face.

    “Hulkamania is dead.”

    January 17, 1999 - Charleston, West Virginia
    World Championship Wrestling Presents



    A vignette played for the BLUE BLOODS, once again in a mansion. They ran down the tag team division, and for the second week called out Norman Smiley and Hugh Morris. Taylor stated that on Thunder next week they would be waiting and if Smiley and Morris didn’t show up, they’d come and find them. Eaton said that the tag titles were their birth right as blue bloods.

    A replay of the Goldberg beating is shown. It highlights the fact that nobody came to his aid and is cut between several instances of previous assaults where nobody has come to the aid of other wrestlers throughout the existence of the New World Order.

    The main event of the evening saw STEVIE RAY make his entrance and issue an open challenge that had been hinted at last week. Ray stood in the ring and stated that he was still recovering from the assault at the hands of the nWo. However, he wasn’t going to miss Thunder. Letting the nWo run his life, to have any say in when he could compete, was simply not acceptable. The fans cheered for Stevie Ray as he swore to gain their respect again, he knew his time in the nWo had left a bad taste in their mouths but he was going to change that. His brother, Booker T, had inspired him and while it should be the other way around, big to little, Stevie Ray was damn proud of his family. He issued the challenge and TAFKA PRINCE IAUKEA answered the call, along with his bodyguard – MENG! The match was competitive, Ray being the stronger man he was able to throw TAFKA around the ring and showcased himself rather well. The finish came when TAFKA distracted the referee, allowing Meng to assault Stevie Ray on the outside. Meng threw Ray back into the ring where TAFKA made the cover to steal a victory @ 09:12.

    As TAFKA celebrated in the ring, Meng standing like a stone solider behind him, PSICOSIS came charging down to the ring and made an attempt to attack the cruiserweight. The announcers put the puzzle together; it was TAFKA that assaulted Psicosis last week on Nitro, the reasoning still unknown. Meng protected TAFKA, helping remove him from the ring while Psicosis stood tall, glaring at the two men who fled from a fight. Thunder came to a close with Psicosis daring the two of them to fight; they did not.


    Quick Results:

    Disco Inferno def. Fit Finlay
    Kenny Kaos and Rick Steiner def. Local Talents
    The Artist (w/Meng) def. Stevie Ray

    Current Card for Souled Out ~ January 17, 1999
    WCW World Heavyweight Title: Kevin Nash (c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page
    WCW Cruiserweight Title: Billy Kidman (c) vs. Dean Malenko
    WCW World Tag Team Titles: Kanyon & Raven (c) vs. Kenny Kaos & Rick Steiner
    Mask vs. Hair: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero (w/Chavo Guerrero Jr.)
    Steel Cage: Goldberg vs. Randy Savage
    Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan
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    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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