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Thread: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

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    5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    The deadline is Friday, January 5th at midnight Pacific/3am on January 6th EST, 8am on January 6th UK. As we have given people a long notice for this show, there will be NO EXTENSIONS GRANTED lulz

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    Re: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    New Year's Eve 2017

    Penny, Jason, and I sit on the couch waiting for the ball to drop to signify the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Our new cat, Norman, as Penny calls him is also with us but he's still a bit shy and doesn't say much. If you haven't guessed by now folks, yes this is Fred the Cat speaking to you. I know you usually don't hear much from me but I guess the writer wanted to try something and so here we are. Man, we really like breaking that fourth wall don't we? Anyway, I digress. The countdown is about to begin and Penny eagerly awaits to count down along with it.












    Penny shouts loudly and excitedly at Jason and I, and then blows one of those colorful noisemakers at us. She gets up and starts dancing and blowing the noisemaker all the while. She's really into this whole thing, I mean she really went all out for this. She got all of us little party hats to ring in the new year and made us wear them, which I don't really mind and Jason looks confused as usual by all of this, while Norman remains at the end of the couch with his little party hat on. Norman is new to the family as he was a gift from Penny's friend Izzy Van Doren, and he seems to be okay from what I can tell but as I said before he's still a bit shy and hasn't said much. At least not to me anyways, maybe he's spoken to Penny in private. I digress again, man I do that a lot. Anyway, 2017 wasn't a bad year for us. Jason had his long title reign as the X-Division champion and still believes he's the champion even to go as far as carrying around a toy replica title belt.

    Penny had her ups and downs but for the most part she's bounced back from it all, and 2017 ended on a good note for them after they successfully defeated the DFB. That night was special for us and I could see the joy in Penny's eyes as Jason carried her out of the ring like a princess all the way to backstage. It made her so happy, the happiest she's ever been I think. That's all she wants is to be happy and wants everyone else to be happy too and have fun along the way. She understands though that not everything is fun and games, but Penny tries her best to make everyone around her happy and she's pretty good at it. I mean, I'm happy and even though Jason won't admit I know he's happy and Norman will get there soon enough.

    Enough about all of that though and let's move on to this new year, which kicks off for Jason and Penny as they take on the Sin City Vultures aka BUCK and Christopher Manson aka the FWA Tag Team Champions. A win over them would be huge because it would mean that they knocked off the tag team champions as well as moved one step closer to winning the tournament, and if DFB manages to defeat their opponents and the SCV lose, then the SCV are out of the tournament altogether. It sounds convoluted but it makes sense. Anyway, Jason and Penny are riding a nice wave of momentum after their big win over DFB and they hope that they can continue that. Penny finishes celebrating and hops back on the couch, grabbing me and holding me tightly in a hug while turning to Jason. Say what you will about Penny, but she does give great hugs.

    Heh, sorry. I get a little excited is all.

    She smiles at Jason who remains confused.

    Why are we celebrating a new year? This year will be exactly the same as the previous one. It feels no different already.

    Not with that attitude mister grumpy pants! Don't be silly, it's only been a new year for like 10 minutes. There's still plenty of time for it to get better. Besides, you closed out the year still the X-Division champion!

    Penny looks at Jason's "title" that remains on his waist. He looks down at it too and unstraps it, holding it in his arms.

    You're right about that. I'm still the king of this division and there's not a thing that anyone can about that.

    He slings the title over his shoulder and strokes it slowly. The writer tried to not make it sound as dirty as it does.

    We also ended the year right by beating those mean jerks the DFB and moved one step closer to the tournament finals. The whole tournament dealie confuses me but we just need to keep on winning, that's all I know!

    I like the way you're thinking there my dear sweet Penny.

    She leans in close to Jason and he wraps his arm over and strokes her hair slowly now. Before you ask, yes this is uncomfortable for me but I'm kind of used to it, and whatever makes Penny happy.

    I know it won't be so easy though, we have the SCV next. They're the tag team champions and for a time were undefeated before falling to DFB.

    Sweetheart, don't you worry your little head. I know that we can do it. We've already shown what we're capable of together in that ring and the SCV will see it first hand. You're not scared of them are you?

    Penny sits up and looks at Jason.

    Of course not silly! They don't scare me at all. I just don't want us to lose because I know how you get when we lose.

    Like I just said, don't you worry. That won't happen because we won't let it happen. This is our tournament for the taking! The DFB may have beaten the SCV and so will we, but we'll do it better because we're better than those dirty rotten losers and we're better than those vultures. No team in this tournament will be stopping us from capturing that big golden trophy. It will be ours Penny, we need it. It will be a part of us and us a part of it, can't you see?

    Penny looks at him and laughs.

    Just as long as you share that trophy mister! Isn't that right Fred? He better share that trophy with all of us!

    I never really thought of it like that as she asked me this. Better yet, what if Penny and Jason won the tag team titles, would I be counted as champion with them? I mean I come to the ring with them. I'm basically part of the team. The thought of that does sound pretty nice. The three of us holding that trophy, well mostly them because technically I can't really hold anything. Still though, that does sound grand. I like the thought of that. Mad Kingdom? More like Mad Mad Kingdom works better now that I think about it. Norman is part of this too even if he doesn't know it yet. He'll come around eventually.

    And Norman too! Share it with Norman too!

    Penny says as she motions to Norman. Jason takes Norman and holds him in his lap.

    You would like that wouldn't you Norman? To hold the trophy with Penny, Fred, and I?

    Norman sits there in silence.

    He's still shy but I'm sure he's excited!

    Penny puts me aside and snuggles back up with Jason before both of them fall asleep. I sit here next to them imagining what it would be like to win that trophy with them. It certainly would be a spectacle to see a cat win the tournament. It would be a first, history making! The SCV stand in the way of history being made and by god I'll do anything I can do to stop them. As Jason would say I want that glory, but not selfishly, no I want it because I know how much it'll make Penny happy. SCV, you two are standing in the way of Penny's happiness, and it's about time you got out of the way. You saw what happened when DFB stood in the way, so just take that as a warning when you stand in the way of our happiness.

    I'm a cat and you're the two mice that I will catch and make mincemeat out of. Be afraid SCV, be very afraid.


    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Re: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    Deception has a cig outside as the camera crew walks up he burns the match card in his hand with tonight's show on it with the front of his cig.

    Deception: Ty Johnson you are the Yin to my Yang where you always are light I am the darkness creeping in sneaking under your skin bringing you to your knees. Ty Johnson here is the thing I come out here and I lay it out here on the line but between you and me the word of the work isn't deception because unlike most you are true you are real you don't hide behind a false pretense you don't use lies deception.

    You are a straight shooter you are a man who took the hand he was dealt and you played the cards right you beat the system and now here you stand across the ring and tonight you are my equal and for that I respect you but let me make this perfectly clear Ty just because I respect doesn't mean I fear you. This does not mean that I am not going to bring everything I have and more and drive your face against the mat here take you legs and snap them like a twig.I am not going to say all of that out of respect because you but do not think I wont do what it takes to beat you. I am a just man I have just causes and you are just another stepping stone on my way up the ranks and you are just not good enough to beat me. I like you Ty I really do and I hope that deep down in your gut you can understand that what I am going to do to you is not personal its business.

    Last week things didn't go as plan but nothing ever does . However I am finding myself trap in the same cycle and I am loking in the mirror and I am disliking what I see because that is not the man I was not the man I will be and I will be damned if anyone stands in my way. Ty your gonna find yourself climbing to the top and watching as the hands that guided you to it are there to stab you in the back when you are inches from the top. This is our burden to get this close to glory to watch as it is taken every time. I am the hero of FWA and I am its leader injustice and I am the darkness that will lead this place in a glorious fire as it burns this place and shows its true colors. That is what I would of said if things went there way I saw but nothing does you learn to roll with the punches and eat the shit as it is shoved down your throat and that what pisses me off that I have become this sheep just like everyone else .

    Deception: I watched as people I knew like Tommy Thunder like Hanz change become two face become the thing that they once stood for as now standing on the other side as they lose what they are where the been just for another shot another chance . I see it everyday in this place and I see it everyday outside and I see myself becoming it which is exactly what I was saying before and like I will go on to say until the end justifies the means and I rid this place of its filth.

    There is something to be said for a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain and come tonight will you fight like that Ty because you will need to I have nothing left nothing to show for my time here and if to start it means ending yours just before it starts I will gladly do it because I am not the sheep I am the wolf and I am foaming at the mouth my teeth are sharp my wit is sharper. So there you have it Ty I wil see you soon.

    He walks off leaving a burning image from the card of Ty Johnson in a close up.


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    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    ''Jingle bells, Bucky smells, anarchy on the way, hey! The Bastards choked, and Hyper-Vibe sucked, Vultures got away, hey!''

    The video starts off with a changed version of the unofficial Christmas anthem 'Jingle Bells' sung by none other than Christopher Manson. Manson looks at the camera with a sarcastic grin with his eyes wide open.

    ''I don't smell, by the way.''

    BUCK's criticism about his song did not affect his mood in a slightest bit.

    ''2017...what a year it has been. I mean, the concept still seams strange even after all these years. So, what if the world finishes its rotation around the sun in 365 days and 6 hours, I'm not a farmer trying to figure out when will the river Nile....''

    Manson realizes he had been going off-topic and stops speaking, then clears his throat.

    ''Excuse me, got a little bit carried away. Now, what was I say-''

    ''You certainly don't look like a farmer. You would be a good scarecrow though.''

    Manson turns his back to the camera and stares at his sitting tag partner.

    ''You're saying it like I would need a straw hat or old clothes to scare people away.''

    Manson turns to the camera again.

    ''Yes, as I was saying, 2017 was pretty decent. We came, we saw, and we took the gold.''

    Manson points at the FWA Tag Team belt on his waist. BUCK's voice comes from behind.

    ''We are the Tag Team champions, and don't everybody ever forget that.''

    ''Yes. Our journey with this tag team titles caused a lot of alarms in backstage. We have been pretty open about our ambitions in the past and now in the future, and yeah, I can understand why are they alarmed. So, in a result of that, they decided to pop up a tournament out of nowhere, and that is how we ended up in our current situation. 2017 brought a lot of victories, but a loss against in the hands of Dirty Fucking Bastards as well. Even though I know they can't be able to do the same again when it actually matters, that loss is still a big wound in my chest. And I, personally, was outsmarted by Shannon O'Neal and her sidekick, and that is also another big wound. But, we are in a new 365 days anda 6 hours calendar now. And quiet frankly, I am ready to put these behind.''

    BUCK stands up and camera focuses on him.

    ''We enter 2018 with these tag team championships. This tournament will end soon and winner of it will be our next opponents. If we actually manage to lose the whole thing here, we still have the advantage of being the champions. We won't hand-out these things quite easily, but everybody is welcomed to try. The Echo, Dirty Fucking Chokers, Bimbo and the Liar, buddy cops Rondo and Kennedy, we don't give a single fuck, come and try to take these from us, we dare you.''

    ''Well, speaking about the Chokers, we should talk about the team who choked the rednecks. The Mad Kingdom. Ooh boy, they are mad indeed! I mean, you can't get more mad than talking to a stuffed cat.''

    ''Two stuffed cats, actually.''

    ''They got another one?''

    ''I've heard something like that, but not very sure.''

    ''Well, you are getting better on this finding information thing.''

    ''Learned it from the best.''

    ''There is a time and place for flattery, partner.''

    Manson waits for a couple of seconds beforetalking again.

    ''We have to respect them, for at least doing what we could not do and beating the DFB. Congratulations. You must be thinking that you can be able to beat us to, following a simple logic. DFB beat us. You beat DFB. Therefore, does that guarantee that you are going to beat us? It will be unclear until our meeting in the ring.''

    BUCK interrupts.

    ''But I have an answer. It does not.''

    ''I agree. It does not. That guarantees nothing but some very intense battles in that ring. But battles are won by the ready. And I can safely say you are not prepared for what we have in the store. But Jason, your sweetheart know a thing or two about how we handle business. She saw a preview on Back In Business. You can ask her and she can tell you. And that was our first match. But now we are the champions, we are stronger and more dangerous than before.''

    ''And we won't have the mercy we had in Back In Business.''

    ''Yes, we spared enough mercy on the likes of the FWA Universe. Needless to say, it didn't end well. Our undefeated streak are broken...but that was in 2017. We want to make a fresh start in 2018 and we want to make it kick-off with a win.''

    ''You know what they say Chris; How you enter the new year determines howthe year will go for you.''

    Manson puts a sarcastic grin on his face again.

    ''Andyou can see just how cheerful and happy we entered the new year. 2018 will be the Year of the Vutures. After all the work we will do this year, the Chinese will have no choice but to include vultures intheir animal calendar, and name every year from now on; the year ofthe vulture.''

    Manson gives the camera to BUCK. BUCK holds the camera and films Manson while he's walking to the wall and grabbing a picture of the Mad Kingdom.

    ''TheMad Kingdom. Jason Randall and Penny. You guys are like in a madlove, am I right? I don't know much about modern culture but I know you guys are very much like those two characters from Batman comics, right?''

    BUCK quickly answers.

    ''Joker and Harley Quinn.''

    Manson give the camera – and therefore his partner – a surprised look.

    ''How do you know that?''

    ''Well, I'm no Connelly but I used to read those comics before we set them on fire to create warmth.''

    ''Good for you.''

    Manson turns away from the camera.

    ''You can be like Jokester and Harlequinn and make all the crazy shit theyare supposed to make...but just like my partner said, we used to set that comics on fire. No matter what you do, you will end up being consumed by the flames. Jason, you can go all mad dog on us. Act like crazy. Act like you are unpredictable. But what you fail to realize is, you are the most predictable of the bunch. Jason Randall is mad. Jason Randall likes violence. Jason Randall is unhinged. So, you will try all the risks. By risks I mean, the moves you don't realize hurt you more than your opponents. You are committing suicide every minute of your life. Ah, but that is the price of not being a street dog,isn't it Jason? If I were to take all the things you love from yourlife, you would end up in the streets and you would probably forgothow to take care of yourself. You would become nothing. Being mad Jason, being mad is what makes you, isn't it? You show your madness to your loved ones, because you can't always show that to your opponents. Like the time when you lost to Tristan. Since you came to FWA, you went under some changes. Violent matches turned you into a more and more violent person. But the truth is, you haven't seen real violence yet! You haven't experienced real madness yet. And I can give you ten times you think what the limit of them are. But I owe you a favor, you guys still managed to beat the DFB afterall. I will let you continue to do your ridiculous shticks until you cross us again. You will still taste the defeat, but you are going to leave that ring on your two feet and I assure you Randall, you better thank me every single second of your life.''

    BUCK drops the camera on a table and walks to the wall himself.

    ''And Penny, who I had the pleasure to know in Back In Business, will scream with most agony she will experience in her life. It will be a sad day for Mad Kingdom. The rainclouds will arive and start raining the most heavy rain you will ever see. But it will be just another Fight Night for us. We will continue to do our thing, continue to make our fire bigger and continue our path of destroying every false source of order in this world.''

    Manson look at the picture of Mad Kingdom in his hand.

    ''You guys are a special case. And if there is one thing that I should give to you is your passion when you are angry. That is why your deadly sin is...wrath. Jason's rage caused him to lose his title. He's trying to suppress his deadly sin by keeping his bitch near him, but I have my ways to make it work the most effective way. And after we feast on them, we will go and do the same against our biggest headache, Shannon O'Neal and Bell Connelly. We are more mature then we were, we learned our lessons from last time. And we are ready to finish whatwhe have started.''

    Manson slams the picture into under the ''WRATH'' label in the wall.

    ''This will be our biggest feast to this day. Mad Kingdom, Bullets & Bubblegum, or any team who will came from the other block. We arestill here. We are always close. We will strike when you least expect it. We will do everything to make you fall. And you shall die, so we can live. Vultures always fly with a plan on their minds. And you didn't see one little grip of our biggest plan yet. Prepare yourselves, or get ready to be put on our dinner table.''

    BUCK takes the camera and whispers ''A war is coming.'' before finally closing it for good.
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    Re: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    Your Happy Days Are Back in 2017

    A red '99 pontiac firebird pulls up to a run down warehouse looking building. A man with sunglasses steps out of the car wearing a black suit that is just getting absorbed by the hot Louisiana sun. He takes his sunglasses off to reveal himself as Dave Sullivan, trainer for Ty Johnson. Dave grabs a little bag from the back seat of his car, a christmas looking bag. Sullivan walks up to the warehouse, stepping around piles of broken glass and used condoms. He gets to the gate-like door of the warehouse and pushes it open to reveal nothing but dark.

    Sullivan: Ty? The company sure did hook us up with a high quality gym here huh? Pieces of shit...and they wonder why they can never retain a decent roster. Ty where are you? Where are the lights? I can't see shit....

    Dave finally finds an industrial light switch panel and turns on the set. The "gym" becomes light up bright, but Sullivan wishes it was still dark and he couldn't see anything. There are a few dirty punching bags hanging around, a ring that looks like it's about to collapse, two lifting benches, a couple rusty looking weight sets.

    Sullivan slowly walks through the gym looking for Ty. He avoids several empty Cheetos bags laying on the floor, and a few sodas. Finally he gets to the back of the warehouse. Laying on a dirty couch in nothing but his underwear is Ty Johnson.

    Sullivan: TY! Wake the hell up.

    Ty moans, as he pulls the hoodie he was using as a pillow up over his head.

    Sullivan: I hope you had a good damn Christmas break. I hope you opened up some good presents from Momma Johnson, and had a the best most happiest Christmas of your entire life, because the fun stops now. Your happy days are back in 2017. You are going to work harder than you ever have before. GET. UP.

    Ty Johnson: Chill out dude.

    Sullivan: Chill out? Ty we have a fight in a few days. A few days! And by the looks of it, you haven't prepared one bit.

    Ty Johnson: Man, you see this place? It's a dump. I could've injured myself.

    Sullivan: Ty we have a fight to prepare for. It's time to stop being lazy, get up, and get to work.

    Ty Johnson: It's not a fight man. You see who was on the card? It was that Deception dude. That fool couldn't hold my jockstrap.

    Sullivan: I don't know if you or your jockstrap even remember, but if I recall the last time you were in the ring you lost. In fact before that was your fight against Tommy Thunder at Mile High, and you didn't come out with a win there either. So sorry to tell you this, but you are in absolutely no position to start assuming you have an easy win.

    Ty Johnson: Yo what's in that little bag? You get me a present?

    Sullivan: Yeah, as a matter of fact I did.

    Sullivan puts his hand in the bag and pulls out a DVD.

    Ty Johnson: Oh boy I hope that's the new Ghostbusters movie.

    Sullivan: You played football in High School right?

    Ty Johnson: All american Quarterback. Won two state titles.

    Sullivan: Good. So you remember watching film after every game right?

    Ty Johnson: I don't like where you goin with this fam...

    Sullivan: You don't want to get your ass up and workout. Fine, we'll save that for later. First we are going to analyze every little thing you did wrong in that tag team match. Where Tommy Thunder beat you.

    Ty Johnson: Man the only thing Tommy Thunder beat was his own dick. I was goin up against that Wolf guy. Dude is a Hall of Famer. Who did I have helpin me? No Hall of Famer I'll tell you that much.

    Sullivan: It doesn't matter. I was there, I saw you. You made mistakes, you could have been better. You should have been better, and next time you will be better. Let's start...right when you come into the ring, you do that thing where you run off the ropes right? Who taught you that? Did I teach you to do that?

    Ty Johnson: No but it's just I tho-

    Sullivan: No. We don't do that little fancy play with the ropes doing jumps and twirls and all that fun stuff like we're on a damn trampoline. It makes you vulnerable. You think you're getting a speed boost, but all you're doing is wasting time. Wolf saw you coming a mile away, and you ran right into a goddamn spinebuster. Let's talk about after that, you lost control of the fight. It happens, but why did you wait so long to tag your partner?

    Ty Johnson: Man did you think that dude was gonna help me? He would've just lost us the match faster.

    Sullivan: Ty, he's the current X Champion. It's a tag team match, you need to lean on your partners. Work as a team, otherwise you're going to lose. You can't win a tag TEAM match if you don't work as a team. There were plenty of opportunities for you to tag out before you lost control. You took way more damage than you needed to. Tag him, let him take some punches while you catch your breath.

    And then the the way Wolf stands up. Look at you, thinking you're gonna catch him by surprise. When Wolf stands up, what is he looking at Ty?

    Ty Johnson: He doesn't have no eyes in the back of his head, how would I know he has some sixth sense power?

    Sullivan: Ty, he was baiting you. He's looking at the freakin' Jumbotron. He saw it coming a mile away. You fell right into it. A guy doesn't just stand straight up with his back turned like that waiting for an RKO. Be smarter than that, you have to sense when your opponent is baiting you into something like that. This is 101 stuff Ty, stuff I know James Hughes went over with you on Ground Zero.

    Ty Johnson: Pfft, James Hughes...that guy was a quack. Didn't teach me shit.

    Sullivan: Yeah? Well I'm going's time to stop fooling around Ty. It's 2018 now, and it's time to learn. Go get your gloves, it's time to spar. And you better bring your A game, because if you lose to that Deception guy I might have to get in that ring and kick your ass myself.

    Ty and Sullivan head to the beat up ring, as Ty prepares for a long day.

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    Re: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    Silence is shattered by a phone vibrating as Phillip A. Jackson stands in the hallway in the National War Museum in London. A few murmurs as Jackson quickly silences his phone by cancelling the incoming call. Jackson’s phone buzzes again and this time it is a text message. Jackson ignores his phone for the time being and continues through the exhibits in the War Museum. He stops at one that catches his eye in the World War I section. An Exhibit on big moments of World War I. Outside of the big battles like Passchendaele, there was a mention of the Argonne Forest. Jackson observes the exhibit intently reading everything in great detail and looking at pictures and accounts from the incident. Jackson is inspired. Jackson finally looks down at his phone and has a text from his agent. Jackson reads it and quickly heads to a quiet part of the Museum so he doesn’t disturb anyone. Jackson quietly taps away on his phone.

    “How is the museum?”

    “Good, reading and looking at a lot of interesting stuff. Really inspiring. It’s given me an idea.”

    “Glad you are having a good time. I have to be an agent now, What’s the plan for this week?”

    “You know the plan. We have to win. It is our last stand.”

    “That seems a bit dramatic, don’t worry about the tournament, focus on the project.”

    “I always am but the tournament is important to that.”


    “You know why…Setting the foundation for success. Anyway I got to go. Ill talk to you when I am back stateside.”

    “I gotcha, Ill see you soon.”

    Jackson still glowing from inspiration heads back to the exhibit to get one last look. He notices a plague he didn’t read. Jackson writes it down so he can remember it…


    Projecting Thoughts - Phillip A. Jackson Blog

    ‘The Last Stand’ - Tag Tournament: Day 3.

    ‘It has really been a while since I managed to sit down, on my own, and just put into words what I have been up to and just talk to anyone who is reading this. So let me begin, I recently visited the Imperial War Museum in London. I was back home for Christmas. I wanted some inspiration because I know the project needs a jumpstart. We are on life support and we need something to inspire us. During my visit I was inspired by the Argonne Forest and I did more research. Hours, maybe days in our time away from FWA.'

    ‘I want to highlight more thing that inspired me. More moments in history. They are:

    The Stand of the Swiss Guard. Rome. 1527

    The Alamo. Texas. 1836

    Battle of the Argonne Forest. France. 1918.’

    ‘Last Stands. They are a staple of our history. They happen all over the world. They happen throughout time. A plucky underdog hanging in there but ultimately falling or a plucky underdog defying the odds and all logic and overcoming everything to win. You remember those men forever. Names that live forever for those countries affected. Whittlesey, Roist and Crockett. Men who are forever remember. Men who led despite the odds they faced.’

    ‘Those men, every single one, had a common goal. They were united against a vast enemy and they were willing to die for their cause. They were inspirations to people everywhere and we can still take lessons from this. They were not always successful because it wasn’t about success. It was about the cause. It was about standing up for what they believe and nothing could ever convince them that they were doing something not worth fighting for.’

    ‘So why am I inspired? The Swiss Guard stood against the Holy Roman Empire. 189 men stood against an army to allow The Pope to escape because they were opposed to a dynasty that they disagreed with. The Pope escaped. The Swiss Guard? They were massacred but they achieved their goal. They stood on holy soil and fought to protect it and they died to protect it. Their captain, Roist, was killed in front of his wife. 40 men survived but they knew what their cause was. They knew that dying was likely, yet they still did it. They were brave, bold and they did not hesitate.’

    ‘The Battle of Argonne Forest. Where a group of American soldiers, The Liberty Division, withstood German forces for 6 days without supplies. No way to talk to their command through humans and had to use pigeons. Miscommunication was rampant, they were bombed by Americans and had their supplies given to the Nazi forces. Both sides lost men and they were eventually rescued when Allied forces broke through but they held out. In this story, they are the success. They are the outlier in all this because historically last stands are not successful.’

    ‘The Alamo. It is one of the most famous events in American history. One of the most famous last stands in history. Texicans Vs Mexicans. We all know the story, so I don’t need to go into great detail but the massacre of the Texicans inspired because of their fighting until the bitter end people took up arms and they joined the Texican army. The rest is history. Again, I don’t need to into detail. The day at the Museum has changed me.’

    ‘That is what the project has been lacking. That level of commitment. For both of us, it has just been talk. It has just been smoke and mirrors. A concept rather than a viable thing. My change has been seen but I don’t want change. I was to seek the truth in order to be happy. I want to be able to not hesitate about the project. I don’t want it to come down to must win situations because they bring desperation when we need to be smarter, better and away from desperation in order to maintain a level of success that the project must demand.’

    ‘This is our last stand. This our last opportunity to maybe advance in the Tag Team Tournament. This is where Michael and I will see how committed we are. Where we will see if we are truly wanting the same thing. I think we are. Scratch that, I KNOW we are. We are both seeking the truth. We want to be better, to say you want to be better is simple. To actually do it? That is hard but hard is worth it. The men who fought and died in those last stands knew they were making the hard choice. They knew that is was all or nothing. The Swiss Guard and The Texicans were massacred. They lost. They were bested. Their last stands were defeats.’

    ‘Even in defeat, they were strong. Even in defeat, they were vindicated. Men slaughtered in front of spouses. Men slowly killed by a superior force after a long siege. The brutality of humanity has not changed but was has changed is the every day people. We are more focused on our planet, rather than our countries. We are a people that are inspired by our past, knowing that we can learn from it, believing that in spite of great odds and making a decision that means almost certain death that we will still make the right choice. It is no great secret that the great war heroes always make the tough choice when it counts. They die heroes because they know their cause is worth it.’

    ‘Now, I don’t want to die for the project, that would be too extreme but I want to be about to put everything on the line. I want to feel about the project, what these men felt about their fights. I want to be able to make the tough choice, knowing that I have good reasoning behind me. I want to be able to inspire people with the project. Even in defeat, I want to be proud of what Michael and I have started to do. Even if we lose on day 3, we can continue to build the project to the heights it deserves to be at. This is not me tooting my own horn but I have put months of work into this. I put in long hours trying to understand myself in order to spread the search for truth, knowing that when Day 0 comes that I can be ready knowing I did everything I could to be better.’

    ‘I can’t think about losing though. I have to put it aside and I have to talk to Michael and we have to be ready because I don’t want this to be our last chance in this tournament. It will be difficult but it is not impossible and I will keep going until it is impossible. We have to focus because we are not in perfect sync but we are facing two guys that are. Two brothers, grown up together. They know each other better than anyone.’

    ‘Drew and Ethan Conner. Cocky. Young. Brash. They are not a vastly superior enemy with a numerical advantage but they are undefeated. We are beginning to show our unity, our own little unique brotherhood. We managed to put away Genocide. We managed to succeed through brotherhood. Not through arrogance. Not through being cocky. It is facade. The arrogance is a way to play mind games. If they show no fear then we should fear them. I have played that game a millions times in my career. I am experienced. I have seen it all and I know that I can rattle you by returning the favour but not with arrogance, with confidence. Speaking truth and actually believing what I am saying.’

    ‘In a siege, arrogance can be costly. It can lead to terrible decisions. I know I am a target to young guys on the roster because I have done what they dream. I am what they want to achieve. I represent, the next step. Much like Shane McLean, Ashley O’Ryan and Stu St. Clair were for me. Guys you knew had success but have maybe seen better days. Guys who you need to beat to get in line for a chance at the big time but unlike them I adapt and I change every single day. This is not a shot at them. They are legends. They deserve what they have and their way of doing things is their way but I know I can adapt to every situation. I can find the good in everything. I have changed many times. I am not the man I was even a year ago. Look at the man I was when we moved to this network four years ago, The Last Great Englishman.’

    ‘Arrogance. It led to horrible decisions. It made me feel terrible because I knew I didn’t need to do it but I did it because I wanted to make people feel as bad as me. I wanted them to know I could beat them and beat them easily. That is the arrogance I see in The Echo. I see it in them. For that reason, they are the perfect opponents for a last stand. A young, fancied, maybe in better shape team against two veterans on the path to truth. An opponent who will already have a plan. An opponent who is in sync and well oiled against two grizzled veterans who have a common cause and their backs to the wall. Even if we fall, we have what The Swiss Guard had, what the Liberty Division had, what the Texicans had. A common cause but we are still going to have to defy all odds and all logic because as I already stated most last stands end in defeat but take hope because this is the biggest thing I took away from everything…’

    “In defeat the hero of the Last Stand achieves the greatest of victories, since he will be remembered for all time.” - Nathaniel Philbrick

    - Phillip

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    Re: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    With only one more night's rest left before the all-important World Strongest Tag League match, Bell Connelly found herself back in her birthplace of Phoenix Arizona, on this peaceful, magnificent night. Arizona was typically a solitary and deserted residence, and tonight would be no different; however, that could be attributed to the location of the World Heavyweight champion; the local cemetery. The sun proceeded to descend below the horizon, and the impending moonlit night became highly anticipated by the hundreds of Arizona living in this quiet community. But one native in particular began her journey down the dirt-filled path in the eye of the cemetery, with each passing step increasing in pace. As she passed by many gravestones of the deceased, a single red rose was visibly seen being carried in her hand, and she often sniffed its wonderful fragrance. Once the trees started to sway and the wind began to howl, it quickly became your typical nightmare of being trapped in a graveyard. Darkness began to consume everything around her, but Bell Connelly wasn't faltering. She had a purpose of being in this cemetery, Her pace began to quicken, and her expression began to brighten; at last, the tombstone she had so long travelled to see was only a few yards away. The wind rustled through her ravishing blond locks, but her pink baseball cap kept it from blowing in her face. Keeping her nice and warm on this chilly Saturday evening was her tight jacket and blue denim jeans. In an instant, crows began to flee, for the petite blond let out a patented ear-piercing shriek and began running excitedly towards a particular tombstone. Inside the dungy cemetery, the World Champion knelt down in front of a black marble gravestone, with the red rose resting gently on her lap. With a warmhearted smile on her face, the bubbly blond pecked her fingers and gently placed them on the memorial dedicated to the memory of a close family member.

    Bell Connelly: GRANDMOMMA!! I've finally come to visit. Are you surprised? Probably right? It’s been a long time. I've been mean to you and our relationship! Never again will there be any secrets between us! I promise you, Grandmomma! Cross my heart

    Finally, after hours of travelling to this point in the world, Grandmomma
    ’'s grave was right under her beautiful nose. Upon such a humbling sigh tense her expression and bite her bottom lip but this was exactly why she was here: to make amends with one of the spirits she has wronged.

    Bell Connelly: It's been a while since I've visited you, Grandmomma and like, from the bottom of my heart, I'm
    truthishly sorry about my lack of drop-ins. I know, I know things between us were a little….you know.I mean, I don’t remember much from that time, but I probably said some stuff that maybe was a little harsh -Even though you probably deserved it- And you said things you didn’ mean, About Momma, about me. “Oh, your mother isn’t fit. She’s a drug addict. As long as you live under my roof, you live by my rules.”

    Bell’s tone takes a mock scolding voice, wagging her forefinger as she did

    Bell Connelly: Regardless, I know you're always with me in spirit no matter where I am in the world, and that's all that matters, right?

    Bell paused as if inviting a response.

    Bell Connelly: Right! Of course! Yeah, totally! You may have passed on, but you're always in my heart.

    She smoothly placed her hands on the left side of her chest.

    Bell Connelly: I can feel ya' there right now, and it's 'cuz of the awesome bond we share. After all, you were always there when I needed you; you were someone I could always count on., Most of the time, Remember when you I brought home my first boyfriend, and you outdrank him OMG! Those were the days! And I used to tell you that I wanted to be like the heroes on TV, true after mom, you told me all these horrible lies about her, but whatevs! Don't interrupt!

    A nutty giggle followed through with her crazed demeanour

    Bell Connelly: BUT... my
    lil' special ancestor you! You were my hero too, Grandmomma when I lost everyone else. There was nothing I couldn't tell ya'! You were like, the best Grandmomma EVER!

    Her radiant expression suddenly changed into a disappointed look.

    Bell Connelly: But... there came a point in my life where I couldn't be completely honest with you, and secrets started to sprout. Secrets that had the potential to made you hate me because of what I was becoming...'. But before them secrets came about, I wanted to go one step further than just watching wrestling. I wanted to be one of them on the television screen, exactly how I saw them bulky, strapping men and beautiful women as. I stopped at nothing to become a wrestler, So I guess you can say I was a bit... obsessed with becoming a pro wrestler…

    The bubbly belle went forth in looking saddened with what she was about to say.

    Bell Connelly: But then... it happened...I had my…..experience, and while I was away from you suddenly had to leave me! After all those years, I could finally show you I could do it, I could do it all, but you were taken away from me without even a kiss goodbye! God! How could you do that to me!? Your granddaughter!

    Out of frustration, the World Champion slapped her hands against her lap.

    Bell Connelly: First Mom, then dad and then you! I had no one else! No one there to support and cheer me on anymore, my quest to become somebody great and that's when the secrets between us started. Yeah, I was doing the wrestling thing...but it wasn’t enough...It’s never enough...See that’s the thing with me, I always have to get more and more and more, especially when you’re concerned, I had it so planned out, I needed you to see me make it, I needed to show you I can become more than what you always thought of me...a daughter of an addict

    As soon as that dreaded word came up, the Bell grabbed onto her head with a sharp look in her eyes. Then, she slowly began to take deep breaths to calm herself down.

    Bell Connelly
    That’s why I came here so that I can clear the air with you about everything! I just want things to go back to normal, so you can see that I made it. That I Have! Did you see me with the belt? Didn’t see that coming did you? You and everyone else…

    Bell shrugged a little smiling, before leaning down to look at the
    grave stone head on, a twitch coming over her hands

    Bell Connelly: I’m so close, Nana I’m so close, you always told me it never happened, but it’s so close. I’m not alone anymore: No, I’m not. I have a best friend; I’m in a relationship. I got the title; I have everything I’ve ever wanted, the voices stopped...I can hear myself, The voices stopped! And I’m so close….So so close to KILLING them

    Bell’s whispers grow more and more instinctive and excited as the concept hit her, her eyes closed and a dreamy smile coming over her before eventually snapping back to reality.

    Bell Connelly: All we got to do -That’s Shannon and me...Shannon’s my friend; I was going to introduce you and mom to her….but she wouldn’t understand- Is win this tournament and if we beat the Dirty f-

    Bell took a moment to admire the delicate red rose in her hands. She slowly twirled it around stopping herself before she finished that name.

    Bell Connelly
    : Sorry Nana, I meant DFB. All we have to do is beat DFB; Cody Mundz and Bobby Smooth and we’ve in a very very VERY good place to go to the finals.

    She smiles at the thought.

    Bell Connelly: You know something- the DFB are alike like you in a way Nana, not that you were this foul mouth biker chick….at least I don’t think so….That’ll be a weird mental image. What I mean by that is, I always had a strict image of how I pictured everything to go...The virtues of having an overactive imagination ya know? I can close my eyes and see it played out like a movie ..And when the groups were drawn, I thought for sure it’ll come between Shannon and me and Sin City Vulturess, I mean things have been simmering and bubbling between us for a long while, and I thought for sure it’ll come down between them and us, just like I thought you;d be there so I could show you my vision! But then along comes DFB to complicate the narrative the: 24th of November! DFB fired the shot heard all around the wrestling world, and I was watching, just like I know you were, Nana. That was NOT supposed to happen, just like you were supposed to be alive, but then along comes people like DFB and- Well…: They just complicate the narrative.

    Bell’s face narrowed in a frown momentarily before she smiles again

    Bell Connelly: But that’s ok! That's just found! Because now Shannon and I get to share the moment with them, you see Nana.

    Bell suddenly leaned down next to the gravestone

    Bell Connelly: Mr and Shannon, we’ve all about sharing, people wanna to put a wedge between her and me because of what happened at Mile High and the fact we both wanted that World title, but the difference between us and every other team in the world….We can put personal ambition, aside, and focus on our shared ambition, we can focus on what’s important’s, and I don’t think DFB can do that
    .. All they care about is money, money, money, that’s all they care about, they’re here to get money and the more they win, the more money they get. The more motivated they are. I would mean Nana if I offered them a million dollars to betray the other one…..Well, it’ll be a very short match...Even though if I had a million dollars, I’d tell them to hug each other; they had that whole “grrrrr were rough, tough men and we’ve too full of testosterone to express emotion!” thing going on. “But here’s the thing, they’re not here because they love this; they’re not here for passion like Shannon and me, are they just want money. They can't understand what people like Shannon and me love this? They don’t understand what drives us...or what a team is...but don’t worry...they will

    A sudden shift in the weather occurred, and it suddenly began to get more cold and windy in Arizona. Dropping from the overcast skies were a few raindrops, and off in the distance was a crack of thunder. The bad weather continued to come to Bell, but the World Champion didn't care for a few raindrops or a crack of thunder; she planned to stay at the gravesite

    Bell Connelly: Yeah, ya' heard me right, Nana! I ain't lying! There are zero secrets between us now; I'm making it a promise that we will win! I'll be the woman to put it into full effect. That's one promise I don't mind making on your
    grave, because your spirit makes me stronger, and I can feel how much you want us to win just as much as I do. I'll fulfil your wishes and make you happy.

    She peered at her marble gravestone, and a grimace formed on her face.

    Bell Connelly: Tomorrow we're going to win. We're going to prove that just wanting money isn't enough and when met with real desire, they’ll always lose,

    Her grimace turned into an obnoxious smile.

    Bell Connelly
    Oh, yeah! Totally. 'Cuz
    y'know what Nana? Just for you... I'ma make you proud, Grandmomma! And now, Grandmomma, before I lay this beautiful red rose on your grave to offer my forgiveness of lying' on it, I want to promise you something. Tomorrow night. I know you'll be watching, cheering me on from the clouds above! And while you're watching, I want you to realise I’m dedicating this one to you In fully

    that moment, she slowly blew a kiss towards the gravestone of her late grandfather.Now, it was time to lay the red rose to rest on top of her Nana’s grave; The rain began to bucket down It appeared Bell was so involved with visiting her Nana’s graveside that everything else in the outside world became non-existent. She went forth in placing the rose on top of her grave, an act that would offer forgiveness for….God knows what, however, as soon as the rose was placed on the grave, it immediately blew away in the wind, and was soon out of sight in a matter of seconds. Bell looked appalled, looking like she’s on the verge of crying. This deranged but heart-rending sight of the fan-favourite Champion appeared to have taken a turn for the worse.

    Bell Connelly:
    ....Ok, I guess we’ll not there yet….but we’ll get. Then you’ll see….”

    Bell eventually raises up from her position about to leave smoothing out her clothes as she did

    Bell Connelly: Say hey to Momma to me.”
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    “It’s some time in the future. The ultimate challenge.”

    Orange flames cover the red game arena as the outstretched arms of excited onlookers watch. The bulky, pixelated television screen — one of those tube televisions that weighs like 45 pounds — does its best attempt to show lightning flashes and dark-grey storm clouds, before a faceless child zooms in from the sky like a fucking demigod until his motivated smile and childish eyes are a bit clearer.

    “CROSS … FIRE!”

    The TV commercial picks excitement as the two child actors shoot little silver balls at a fidget spinner-looking thing on the game board, with supporting music giving the feel like this is the most important battle in the history of the universe.

    Backing away from the TV, everything looks just as 1990s-ish as the TV. Two kids sit on the floor, playing another of the classic children’s board games from the era. Light-grey paint covers the walls, and tons of family portraits taken with a Polaroid camera cover almost all of the paint. In the corner sits a brown table, with plastic cups and napkins and crumbs scattered about. Next to that is a carpet-looking couch, one of those sticky things that doesn’t look too comfortable.

    “Shannon! It’s my turn. Me and Claire want to play.”

    Six kids sit around a colorful board game, which is box-shaped with levers sticking out of each side to control one of four “hippos.” Hungry Hungry Hippos, a cherished 90’s childhood competition, is the center of attention for these six kids, who look no older than 9.

    The year is 1993. Shannon O’Neal has curly blonde hair and fat cheeks. But she’s only 8. Her two sisters — ages 6 and 5 — sit on either side of her, positioned about a foot behind. The 6 year old was the one egging Shannon to “share.” Her name is Rylee.

    Shannon’s and her sisters’ three friends command the other game positions. Shannon’s face is long, like she just lost. And from the look, she has seemingly the fewest little balls snatched up by her hippo.

    “That’s the rule, Shannon. You come in last and you give up your spot. Mom and dad always say you need to share more with us!”

    That was Claire, the 5 year old. Her sentence about sharing was said with a bit of sass, and Shannon detected it. So did Shannon’s friends, who just chuckle to themselves. In retaliation, Shannon kicks the game in anger, like her personal rebellion against the idea of “sharing.”


    Momentarily, the six kids turn their attention to the TV screen, watching the two kid actors battle until one is accurate enough shooting the silver balls until he knocks the other player’s blue spinner off the main board and out of bounds.

    Shannon storms out of the room where her sisters and their friends continue to sit. As she walks down the hallway, her pace slows down and her posture alters to a much more poised attitude. She walks softly into the kitchen — almost too soft — where her parents are cooking dinner.

    Snow is falling outside on this cold early December afternoon in Lafayette, Indiana. Shannon is warm, bundled up, in a feasible three-bedroom, one-story house. She has her own bedroom, while her parents share one and her two sisters share one. They have a backyard with a worn-down, crumbling fence that a dog could easily jump over. The driveway barely has enough room for two cars, if two of the wheels are in the grass. There are no other rooms besides the three bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and a small hallway closet with washer and dryer. It’s much better than most people.

    “Momma, I want that Crossfire game for Christmas.”

    Her mom, currently washing dishes, turns her head back to the 8-year-old girl and smirks. Her father, manning the stove at this time, gives a look to her mother. He defers to her judgment on this.

    “Well … I’m not so sure you really deserve it, Shan.”

    Her face drops and her eyes dart to the floor. She’s searching for some sort of counterargument. Shannon is a smart kid, but even the smart 8 year old can only muster a simple, childish response.

    “But why? Ally’s mom is getting it for her! She told me at school today!”

    “Well, Shannon, maybe Ally hasn't been rude to her teachers and mean to her sisters like you have. And quite frankly, you need to be better about sharing. If it was a present for all three of you, then maybe.”

    That’s her father, always the compromiser of the two parents. Shannon now senses a way out of this, a way to get what she wants.

    “They want it, too! All three of us want it! I promise I’ll do better at sharing. I promise!”

    Her father and mother once more share a glance at one another. The mom shrugs her shoulders and mumbles something Shannon can’t quite make out. Her father chuckles, as if accepting whatever she said as mostly true.

    “Alright, well, I know Santa has his lists already and presents made. We’ll see if he can make an exception.”

    Shannon knows what that means. Her parents are getting the game by Christmas. She gives off the biggest smile you could possibly imagine and runs out the kitchen, skipping down the hallway until she returns to the living room. The loud smacking sound of the plastic hippos clacking against the plastic game board is overwhelming. But Shannon commands attention when she walks right up to the five girls sitting in a pentagon-shaped formation.

    “We’re getting Crossfire for Christmas, and it’s MY toy. Not yours. So I have to be playing it. At all times! Mom and dad said so.”

    Their faces light up at first, but they get a bit annoyed listening to Shannon’s bratty speech. It’ll never work. Her sisters will rat Shannon out, but it’ll be too late. The game will be bought and Shannon will do what she can to have primary say in who plays when.

    Lesson … not learned.

    It’s now present day, 2017, the night before Christmas. Also called Christmas Eve.

    It’s a common night for family gift exchanges. Many kids get a good portion of their presents on this night. Shannon remembers her and her sisters being allowed to open just one gift on Christmas Eve night when they were teenagers, long after they stopped believing in Santa Claus.

    Shannon often would just start opening her second gift, despite her parents’ wishes. They’d give a vocal scolding as she opened it, but she’d always do it just enough so that she’d know what it was and there was no use stopping it.

    Shannon knew what she was doing when she started opening it, but she always claimed to be mistaken by the number. That’s how she was. That’s the type of kid she was. And when she was 18 years old, her parents kicked her out of the house.

    In 2017, on this Christmas Eve night, she has no family to go to. No parents. No sisters.

    But she’s still walking the lonely streets of Lafayette, Indiana. For the first time since 2013, a few days prior to her facing Gabrielle Montgomery, she is in her hometown.

    It’s late at night, nearly 11 o’clock, and all the kids of the Midwestern town have gone to sleep. But Shannon is walking down a very familiar street, with very familiar houses. She knows exactly where she is, and it feels like yesterday when she walked out her front door with nothing but her bags and the $600 in her pocket, $500 of which she stole from her parents earlier that day.

    “This … brings everything back. In a really bad way.”

    Shannon is bundled up head to toe. A big jacket, one of those cotton winter hats that cover the ears and gloves. It’s below 30 degrees. No snow, though. Just some ice on the roads and frosty tips of grass blades in the yards. It hasn’t rained lately to snow, but it’s icy.

    “All I remember from being here was … how I never felt like this was where I should be. I felt out of place here. Like this wasn’t my home. I acted out on it. But … I needed to. I didn’t need this place. It’s not for me. And my family … didn’t understand that.”

    Now Shannon thinks about her family. She’s been doing that a lot lately, and a hell of a lot on this trip back home.

    “I’ve got to say something about everything that’s happened lately. I really haven’t talked a lot about Mile High and the match. Bell Connelly is the FWA World Champion. She won the championship that night at Mile High. I was the FWA World Champion. So, technically, I lost. But … I think of it as … a win. See, here’s the thing. Bell and I have an understanding. We … know that we’re stronger together, as best friends, rather than apart as enemies.

    That’s why we BOTH know it’s best for us to be FWA World Champion. Bell Connelly is FWA World Champion. Shannon O’Neal is FWA World Champion. How much better are we together, as a unified unit, holding that championship? The answer is clear: Sharing … is the way to go.

    We are both the FWA World Champion, and we are in this … together.”

    Shannon spots a house about two down on the road. It’s a one-story house with a fixed-up fence on the side. The driveway is barely large enough to hold two cars, as long as two wheels are in the grass.

    When Shannon sees it, her face sort of flat-lines. Mixed feelings and all, the former FWA World Champion takes a breath and keeps her face fixated on this one particular house.

    “I know … when I was World Champion … it was just me. Bell was never making a claim to it. But that’s apples and oranges. Bell was IN the Mile High Massacre. I’ll never be her opponent. I don’t need to be. That’s the benefit of sharing.

    As a kid, I was terrible at it. As an adult, I’m also terrible at it. I really dislike anyone having their hands on that championship. Anyone. Even Bell. But I understand the reality of the situation, and I am smart enough and adult enough to put aside that fingernails-on-a-chalkboard feeling for the greater good. So anyone expecting some sort of unraveling between us … is going to wait for a long, long time.

    And that leads me … to the Dirty Fuckin’ Bastards.”

    Shannon stops right in front of the house. She’s standing on the street curb staring at it. The curtains are pulled back a little bit, revealing the living room where she used to sit up until age 17. Another window reveals one of the bedrooms, which has a small child fast asleep. Instead of walking up, Shannon turns and looks away.

    “You two have been in the FWA for a hot New York minute. And everyone thought you were ... the cats fuckin' pajamas after beating the FWA Tag Team Champions. Congrats. But the funny thing about bein' in the FWA is ... you have to be consistent. You have to be good ... EVERY match. Mad Kingdom should've been NOTHING for you two. Nothing. Legit shit right there. But you guys were off your game and lost. That's all. That's it.

    So where does that leave us now? For this match? Which version of the DFB will show up in WS3T Day 3? Should we go through it all again? Four teams have two points. We're two of them, but we have one more match left than you. If you lost this one, you're basically in the ground for this tournament.

    Should we expect you to roll over, or should we expect the first-week performance we saw against the Sin City Vultures? It doesn't really matter to me, because I have a good feeling how this'll all go down on WS3T Day 3."

    Shannon begins to smile as she looks up and sees a few snow flurries coming down from the sky. It's beginning to snow in Lafayette, Indiana, just in time for Santa Claus and his reindeer to make their midnight and early morning stops along Shannon's old block.

    "You two don't know what you're getting into. Yeah, I get it. Y'all used to be somethin' in CWA. I was in CWA once upon a time. Bein' somethin' over there ain't shit. Ain't even half a shit. Comin' to the FWA and succeeding here, it's different. It's unordinary to do it because the people here ARE unordinary. So yeah, you beat the Vultures. I beat one of them right before Mile High. Keep boastin', and I'll keep roastin'.

    Truth is, y'all ain't ready for this. You're gonna face the FWA World Champion ... and the FWA World Champion. Side by side, the two best and most fearsome wrestlers in the FWA right now. And yeah, I called Bell fearsome. Have you been in the ring with her, against her? I have. It ain't fun. It IS NOT ... fuckin' fun. She's got a lot underneath those jokes and prissy little games. What you see from what she says ... ain't even half of her. I know her from bein' around her, but also from bein' her opponent multiple times. I get it. And y'all don't. Y'all just ... don't.

    And I haven't even gotten to me yet. Let me tell you boys somethin', I've spent the last year beatin' shits with dicks. I beat Cyrus Truth twice. I take pleasure in puttin' guys like you in their place, wipin' that shit-ass grin off your damn faces 'cause you think it'll be easy seein' two puny little girls on the other side of the ring. I'm puttin' y'all and y'all's Tag Team Championship hopes in the damn ground when I give the Paradise City kick over one of y'all's necks. And when y'all realize you're in for a fight, I'm gonna go up ANOTHER level. 'Cause that's what I do. I don't get pinned. I don't submit. Haven't in a long damn time. And I've beaten guys who could sleepwalk their way through a handicap match against the fuckin' Mad Kingdom."

    Shannon turns around as the snow falls and watches as people come out of their homes to watch the white stuff fall to the ground. It's not sticking yet. It's not quite cold enough. But it's still something to behold any time it happens.

    Everywhere Shannon looks, she sees family. And she is more aware than ever before that she's standing on this curb ... on her childhood street ... in front of her childhood house ... all by herself.

    "I don't want to hear about how Bell needs to watch her back, how we've got cracks and they're growing. Guess what? Bell and I have no one but each other. Cody Mundz and Bobby Smooth, you guys might feel the same damn way, but you don't share anything but a tag team name. You don't share anything but wins and losses, and the feeling after each.

    Bell and I run deeper. We know one another from both sides of the ring. And we stand hand in hand, side by side, interlocked by the FWA World Championship. That's stronger than ANYTHING you two have. And when you realize we're not going to roll over, no matter how desperate you are to win and stay alive in this thing, you're going to crumble. Because you're not strong enough for the FWA. You're not unordinary.

    Go home, DFB. You're done."

    Shannon stops right then, her monologue concluded, and she turns to see the residents of her old home open the front door and come out to the front porch. It's barely big enough for the four of them, one small girl and one teenager huddled for warmth between two adults, their parents. It's not Shannon's parents and her sisters; not Shannon's old family.

    But in this moment, she misses them more than she has in the last 14 years. She understands the importance of family, for moments like this.

    She wishes, just for this moment and in this setting, she could have the chance to share with them again.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    *Zako and Miss De La Muerta are shown walking down a semi dark alley late at night, as the camera looks over their shoulders from behind, at a bit of distance. Much graffiti can be seen scrawled all over and across the walls that are on either side of them, and it clearly obviously very much anarchy related. Zako makes not a sound as Miss De La Muerta glances coldy back over her shoulder, with her haunting face paint illuminated briefly, perfectly by the moonlight. From nowhere, as they approach a corner, Zako is suddenly hit in the side of the head with a bat, as a pale skinned man with a studded leather jacket, mohawk, and facial piercings emerges from the night. He is obviously a random stranger simply looking to ambush someone unexpectedly at night, but it's him who is about to be in for the surprise, as Zako doesn't budge nor flinch from the surprise attack in the least.*

    *Miss De La Muerta orders the punk to "Come on. Do it again.", As the man looks on in true bewilderment, and he swings the bat once more and connects squarely with the side of the savage beast's face. Zako once more doesn't appear to have felt it as he doesn't even react in any way whatsoever, and the man can be heard saying quietly "What in the hell are you???...". Then, as Miss De La Muerta watches on silently from behind them ,he prepares another bludgeoning shot at Zako's face, suddenly Zako throws his head back and spreads his arms at his head and lets out a howl that surely is more animalistic than human as it echos through the entire abandoned alley. The man stares into his face in even further bewilderment as Zako now snatches the bat and smashes it over his knee, then grabs his throat quickly and flings him head, neck, and back first against the white brick wall behind him, knocking him out cold. Miss De La Muerta now produces the same small dagger from last week which she used to draw forth her own blood in the forest, then with perfectly calculated precision, she slashes a sliver across the man's forehead.*

    *A perfect trickle of blood now oozes from the unconscious man as Zako almost hones in on it with his eyes and Miss De La Muerta notices this as she places her small hand upon his behemoth like shoulder firmly with encouraging approval and curtly says "Hazlo". {Do it.} Zako kneels down beside the still not moving man and grabs his neck with both hands and begins to lick, drink, and actually suck the blood from the wound Miss De La Muerta has just created, in truly chilling savage fashion. This continues for a bit before Miss De La Muerta physically then stops him and begins to speak as she looks over the scene before her.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Zako, last week you defeated Hanz Gruber one way or another, and even though it was by him being counted out, you still brought out the monster inside of you as you brutalized him after the match was finished. You cared not for anything but leaving him motionless, and even though he may have managed to fight you off, I saw it all and I know you're getting more ruthless, barbaric, and above all else...the savage wanderer that used to roam the woods alone,.that killed ferocious beasts with only his drawing nearer. My plan is working and it is slowly coming to fruition-if we're to rule this place known as FWA, I MUST draw out your darkest desires and thoughts, until they're is nothing else inside of you that has any chance of overpowering them. This violent thug attacked you in cold blood, but he has no idea what a monster really looks like, until now, that is. I put you in this situation tonight because I knew it would create the opportunity for you to ingest blood that isn't my own, and that's exactly what was needed tonight. Each time you do commit a heinous act of shocking barbarism...each time you feel yourself reach down deeper into the dark and twisted depths of your evil soul..YOU'RE GOING TO GET WORSE.

    IT'S going to get worse, I know you and who you are, what drives you, better than anyone else, living...or dead, therefore, I know exactly what it's going to take to turn you into an even more DESTRUCTIVE wrecking machine than ever before, and I'm going to be taking you down a very dark path. I once thought that I must control you, now i know that I must show you exactly how to become the most horrifying fiend that anyone in FWA has ever seen. I'm no longer here to stop you, I'm here to allow you to channel your killer instinct until nothing else remains, and I'm going to bring forth the absolute worst part of you, and then, and only then, will you become truly unstoppable. Tonight, you have a match against Aaron Kendrick and Tommy Thunder. You will face both of them at once.

    *Miss De La Muerta now grabs a broken piece of the cracked bat and knocks the man out once again, with a headshot of her own, making it certain that Zako will not be distracted. He slightly groans as the camera shifts to her face, once again illuminated by the night's moonlight,
    and she somehow looks more ghastly than ever before.*

    Miss De La Muerta: It's going to be you, against two men have who seen very much great success outside of FWA in their wrestling careers.
    Combined there's a total of 7 World Championships between them. They're only just starting here though and neither have done much of note. Kendrick has held a tag team championship and Thunder has accomplished other honors himself, these ARE men who are very much skilled athletes and are capable of excelling in ways others can not. They are not Zako Wrath though and they do not thirst for human blood.

    One insists that he is and would like to be called a god above all others and the other says he is a top of the line superstar and athlete. Kendrick may have what it takes to put himself above those around him but he's no god, for he is a man that can be destroyed and the same is true for Thunder-he may be relatively unknown here but he has what is needed to live up to his name. He too is simply a man that will be beaten in the middle of the ring. Put a stop to both of their chances to gain momentum that they desperately need and bring out what's waiting inside of you.

    Don't underestimate either of them and keep your eye out for Hanz Gruber. After what you did it isn't over.

    Miss De La Muerta now leads him down the alley where they eventually after a bit end up outside of the FWA arena. She ushers him in as she says "Vamonos" {Come on.} And he unceremoniously rips the door off as the screen fades away.*

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    Re: 5 January 2018 - WS3T Day 3 Promo Thread

    The Superkick, The TV Monitor and the Waterbottle

    On a rather cold night at the Smoothie King Center venue in New Orleans, Chris Kennedy stands outside in an empty parking lot area doing something you'll find him doing often - smoking a cigarette. The man seems impervious to the cold as he drags away wearing nothing but a shirt and his wrestling gear. From the way he stares into the distance, apparently at nothing, and the way he takes long, slow drags... Kennedy appears to be thinking about something. In the world of Chris Kennedy, there's plenty of think about... but obviously whatever has crossed his mind has ticked him off as he flicks the cigarette away without a second look and turns back around to enter the building. It's like he has somewhere to be as he walks with a bit of purpose about him. People stop to look at him as he walks by - other wrestlers, stage hands... anyone. Of course, this is the effect of being Chris Kennedy in general and isn't something uncommon. He eventually passes Triple J Security sitting at a table, apparently still employed, and grabs a water bottle sitting nearby. The security team appear to take issue with this - Jugem Jugem stands up, pissed, and tries to make a point but the other two calm him down as Kennedy walks away, blissfully unaware of the "peril" he was about to be in. "Next time I see him, why I oughta....!" shouts an angry Jugem as he shakes a fist.

    Kennedy doesn't appear to break stride as he goes on his way to his destination... except for once. He passes a large TV monitor blasting out a hype promotional video for the next stage of the FWA's World's Strongest Tag Team Tournament. There's nobody around watching but him. It's almost like the video was made to directly target him. The video's focusing on the unlikely duo of Ryan Rondo and Chris Kennedy. A perfect start thus far despite questionable foundations. Can they continue the run in their latest matchup? Can they go all the way? There's a snort of derision at the questions raised. The video makes sure to point out that Rondo has won both matches so far and skews the rhetoric slightly of how Kennedy has done most of the work, arguably. It's a little thing but the association, and subsequent bigging up, of Rondo is becoming grating. There's a small focus on the interaction between the duo that closed the previous Fight Night - it queries the possibility that, differences aside, Rondo and Kennedy could be an extremely formidable unit. This is backed up by showing images of Kennedy rolling the referee into the ring to help Rondo get the win. It was a sign of teamwork that didn't have to happen. Would Rondo have done the same for Kennedy? The promo ends by enquiring as to whether Kennedy's selfish side might overrule his 'good guy' side eventually. He's so close to victory now...

    This time there is a louder snort of derision from the man. He unscrews the cap from the bottle of water, takes a quick gulp before muttering loudly...

    "What a crock of shit."

    The promo video shows Rondo's shit-eating grin which prompts Kennedy to launch the bottle of water at the monitor. The TV turns off despite there being no apparent damage. It doesn't matter, Kennedy is satisfied. Still, nobody around to see his slight outburst. The sheer embarrassment of being compared to someone like Rondo and the implication that he is of the same ilk... it's not something that pleases him. Not with recent events. Just as Kennedy stares a hole through the apparently broken monitor... he is caught offguard as it switches back on. For a brief second, he is taken aback and the frustration subsides. He is then greeted with the last face on Earth he'd want to be greeted by. Piercing blue eyes that don't quite fit. Pearly whites that anyone would kill for. A mocking laugh that makes you want to punch walls. There's a big ol' grin on the face of "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo as he appears to be peering out from within the monitor. Kennedy can only stare a hole straight through him. Rondo tuts at him.

    "Come on, buddy. You have to do better than that. We've got a big match coming up. You can't use the water bottle to fight... you'll get us disqualified! Do I have to win us everything around here? Come on, Chris. You're slacking. You're going to cost us sooner or later. I mean... what the hell am I doing here if you can't hold up to your end of the bargain? It's exasperating. It's shocking. It's..."

    "Shut your fucking mouth, bitchboy."

    Rondo holds his hands up on the screen and feigns being scared.

    "Ooooo, sorry mr tough guy. What are you going to do? Throw another water bottle at the screen? Don't be a pansy, Chris. Nobody likes a pansy. You want to come find me and beat me up? Go... do it. Try to. You think you can win the Tag League by yourself, Chris? You haven't pinned anyone yet. We're only in this position because of ME. I've done all the work. You think you can just pick up that slack? You're rushing yourself. I think you still need more time under my wing before you're ready to take on a big boy responsibility like that. Don't you? Didn't we have a chat like this a little while ago? Did you forget everything already?"

    There's a weird moment between the pair as they both laugh at each other. Kennedy, clearly, mocking Rondo's words whilst Rondo appears to be enjoying himself. Knowing full well what he's doing. Kennedy is the first to stop laughing as he speaks with a calm yet threatening tone.

    "I thought I told you that if you fuck with me again, this is all going out of the window and you're getting fucked up, brokeback."

    Rondo intentionally crosses his eyes on the monitor and tries to look straight at Kennedy. He puts up his fists in a mocking manner.

    "Do I look like I'm scared of you, buddeh? You want some of this!?!?"

    There's a scoff from Kennedy.

    "I'm going to beat the fuck out of you... again."

    Rondo, initially, smiles at the retort until the last word is spoken. There's a slight twitch in his eye - Kennedy smirks as he notices it. He's struck a nerve.

    "No wisecrack for that one, shitboy? No swinging the dick with that one?"

    "Chris, Chris. The past is the past. I know you love to get by on all your past glories but it's time to let them go. Everyone and their mother knows that you were lucky that day and that's it. You can thank your lucky stars that I allowed you to team with me after. I mean... after that performance? It was a bit difficult to allow it to happen but I guess I just have to make extra allowances for the special people such as yourself. But let's look at the positives here... that performance was at a level that - with the same amount of luck - might be able to win this whole thing. Of course, you need to me to be on my A game... but I always am, Chris. I always am. I'm working hard man."

    "The Last Star in the Sky" makes sure to emphasise this point with the loud click of a beer bottle being uncapped - he lifts it up to the screen and takes a small swig. Rondo then puts the beer out of sight before getting really close to the screen and acting intensely serious. His face is completely deadpan.

    "But Chris... you need to know this. We're facing a team that have been described as "god killers" - do you have any idea just how much danger we are in? They kill exactly what you perceive yourself to be. As for me... well, they can try. But you're in serious danger tonight, Chris. We've got a team of experts to fight. You know how tough this match is going to be? It's going to be more brutal than Vincent Blackbird's birthday bash. That's why I need you to take your hateful water bottle throwing energy and convert it into something useful. Like... I don't know... kick the big guy or something. Run around and distract him. I'll whack the mental midget. It's as easy as that. Follow the gameplan to a T and it's ours. It's easy. What do you say?"

    "That I'm a fucking idiot if I do anything you say, dickhead."

    "That isn't a very constructive response, Chris. This is supposed to be a team building exercise. I thought you wanted to win this thing? Or have you changed your mind... Typical Chris Kennedy. Always changing his mind and letting the important people down. Disappointing. Just don't come out tonight. I'll go out and win by myself. It's that easy for me. I'll take all the acclaim like usual. I'll be the star. TEAM RONDO will be the talking point of the night. The fans will wonder where my sidekick has gotten to... and I'll be happy to tell them that he's a big pussy. Scaredy cat. Couldn't handle Genocide and won't be able to handle the Echo. Maybe I should just find a new teammate. Someone who understands the pressure and what it's like to be a genuine FWA superstar."

    "Yeah, you do that."

    "Come on, Chris. It's no fun when you don't bite back."

    "I don't give a shit about your games anymore. I know what you're trying to do. Do you know who you're talking to!? You're talking to Chris fuckin' Kennedy. Don't you ever forget that. I'll take your head off and shit down your neck if I want. You want to keep poking the bear with a stick? You do that, chucklefuck. You're only playing yourself. Congrats. Or on the other hand, you could get your shit together and take this serious. I accepted I was stuck with you. I'll make the most of it. I've already told you what I'm doing. But the second that you become unnecessary... dispensable... I'm going to fucking murder you. I'm going to drag YOUR ass to this tournament... to the tag team belts... to relevance and glory again. And then I'm going to send you plummeting all the way back down to Earth. The SECOND you think I'm on board, shithead, is the exact moment I'm going to fucking kill you. But for now, this tournament is my goal. I'm stuck with the shittest tag team partner in history... but I'm going to make it work. That's what I do. I take shit and turn it into gold. I go into unwinnable situations and come out looking like a million big ones. You're a fucking idiot if you're doing tihs just to get at me, Rondo. You think you're smart because you're taking credit for grabbing shitty pinfalls? I'm the only reason you're able to do that. I'm enabling you... and eventually I will disable you. Remember that when you decide to go out there and fuck around. You're only making it worse. Atleast try to enjoy what little time you have left and do something...."

    Kennedy looks to continue on but is interrupted by a very loud yawn.

    "Sorry, Chris. I need you to stop. I need to be awake for our match later. But I hear you. Maybe you're right... after all... you did roll that referee back into the ring. That was good teamwork. You got the assist. Well done. Do that again tonight, buddy, and that'll be TWO IN A ROW! Now, now, I know it makes you very angry when I talk like this... but just know that it's all for a good cause. You can actually wrestle when you're angry and I've decided that I'll donate ten bucks to charity for every move you land on our opponents. That's right, Chris... hit me and that's wasted. You think Bob Geldof would be happy with how selfish that'd be? Huh? I'm so glad I can think of ways to keep you in line. If it wasn't for me, I think your career would've ended already. But because of ME, it's surviving. And tonight, you'll see that when I teach you how to beat Genocide. Like I said... you go for the big dumb Zako Wrath wannabe and I'll take out the other one. Or you could just watch a tape of them taking on the Phillip A. Jackson project... but I'm not sure you'll learn anything from something featuring Michael Garcia. Really... it's up to you, man. Just don't fuck this up. We're all counting on you to take that next big step in your career."

    "Noted. Where the fuck even are you!? You hanging out in the boiler rooms with Sinn and Graves? Having a little meetup of losers? Wouldn't put it past you, dickhead, you fit right in with them."

    "Don't you mind where I am, buddy boy! Worry about yourself, Chris. I'm not with Genocide, silly, I'm with Team Rondo! I already team with one loser... I don't have enough time to team with two! In any case, I guess it'll only take you like five moves to win so I'm out fifty bucks, right? It's not a bad expenditure to force the best out of you. Hey, maybe if I spend enough, we can fulfill your dream of being a tag team champion with a FWA legend such as myself. We can bring prestige back to the belts! We can make the fans happy! We can do all that GOOD stuff that you're totally into right now! We can all get a big group of our fans, cover ourselves in peanut butter and jack each other off because we're all such awesome guys! Deal?"

    It's obvious at this point that the conversation has become a chore for Kennedy. He's fed up of having to listen to Rondo constantly trying to strike a nerve rather than say anything useful. He follows a wire from behind the television monitor that leads to a plug outlet.

    "Get fucked."

    Rondo goes to speak but the plug is pulled and Kennedy is clearly done with his bullshit. Kennedy also notices the bottle of water from earlier on the ground. He bends over to pick it up. As he does so, three shadows come into view and look over him. He looks up and rolls his eyes as he clutches the water bottle. Jugem Jugem is backed up by Jobber Jimbo whilst Jiggy John stands further away... clearly he wants no part of this confrontation. Jugem Jugem points, accusingly, at Kennedy before thrusting his fingers into his chest.

    "Hey, pal! You know what you're holding right there? Well... do ya? Ya see, ya swung by a few minutes ago and took it. Ya took it from ME! Do ya know what happens to people who take my water bottle? Well... do ya?"

    Kennedy looks at him - slightly pissed as he clearly doesn't want to deal with any of this. He sighs and hands the bottle back over. Jugem Jugem looks slightly shocked as Kennedy turns around to walk away - this turns to confidence as he speaks to Jobber Jimbo.

    "Yeah, I told you that he'd give me it back once he saw me! Chris Kennedy is afraid of me. It's like I al---"

    Before he can finish speaking to Jimbo, he gets planted with a Bittersweet Chin Symphony as Chris Kennedy comes roaring back into the frame. Jimbo is frozen in fear and doesn't move before he gets sent flying over a table. Jiggy John doesn't even try to jump in... he just looks at Kennedy and begins to cower and then eventually pretends he's laid out like his teammates. It's a scene of absolute carnage as Chris Kennedy stands over the corpses of Triple J Security... perhaps a good outlet for his frustration from earlier. He turns around and is about to begin walking off when he is interrupted by Katie Lynn Goldsmith. She's about to start speaking when Kennedy stops her.

    "Not today. I've got a duo of clowns to destroy later. Keep that mic to yourself. Maybe interview one of these dipshits when they wake up and ask them what happened. They'll tell you what will happen later tonight, too. I'm fucking shit up."

    The man that they describe as "Astonishing" walks away - leaving Goldsmith thoroughly... astonished. She waits for a few seconds before Jugem Jugem begins to stir. She leans down to speak to him - he reaches up and clutches at her forearm as if he's in need of some kind of aid. He tries to gurgle out a few words...

    "The... horror... the... nightmare... Chris Kennedy... stole my waterbottle and kicked my ass...."

    Suddenly he bursts into life and begins shouting...


    The frantic shouts cause Jiggy John and Jobber Jimbo to spring into life. They lift Jugem Jugem up and begin to drag him away as if he requires an exorcism. Triple J, compared to earlier, are a sorry state of affairs as Chris Kennedy runs amok. A signal that he means business on this night.


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