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Thread: The New Batman Adventures

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    The New Batman Adventures

    (Five Years Ago)
    As he sucked in as much as he possibly could Jean-Paul squeezed himself through the crevasse and as if he were the cork of a champagne bottle, he popped through the gap and clambered through to the other side. His heart skipped a beat and he was left stunned as he looked down at the sight in front of him in total disbelief. He took a step forward more to check he wasn't dreaming than to actually get his bearings and crouched down putting one hand on the floor and taking in a deep breath before finally allowing sound to escape his lips.

    Jean-Paul: Finally I found you...Shangri La.

    Jean-Paul looked down on the Garden of Eden and had a look of immeasurable sadness across his face.

    Jean-Paul: Shangri La.

    EPISODE 001

    (Wayne Manor, Gotham City)
    Talia: Alfred, has Bruce left us for business or pleasure this evening?

    Alfred: If I am not mistaken Missus Wayne, I believe your dear husband is mixing the two this evening.

    Talia glared at Alfred, she was less than pleased with her current status of being housebound and unable to travel any further than the confines of Wayne Manor. Even if it was for all the right reasons.

    Talia: Alfred must we really go through this exchange every day? I really would prefer if you would call me Talia.

    Alfred had long seen better days and on most occasions looked tired, old and in need of an armchair to rest in, but whenever a smile etched across his face his age diminished by two decades. If a scientist could harness the smile and sell it as an anti-ageing cream, he would no doubt be a very rich man.

    Alfred: As soon as you two were married you became the lady of the house and in keeping with traditions you are now the Mrs. Bruce Wayne. Does the term offend you sweetheart? Because if it does, then I half expect bearing his child isn't going to aid that affliction.

    Talia couldn't help but smile as she reached down and felt a bump. She was just a few weeks short of her due date and the kicks from her babe were getting stronger by the day and yet the most stubborn person in her life was not her restless child, but her husband's butler. The truth was that he much more than a butler to Bruce, he was the only family he had left in this world and closest thing he had to a positive role model. Her father had taken on a similar role many years previously, which seemed like a lifetime ago, Ra's al Ghul no longer held any influence over either of their lives anymore.

    Alfred: I do think you would be better suited sitting down, a women in your state has no place standing on her feet.

    Talia: I'm not a delicate flower Alfred, I am more than a capable of looking after myself you know?

    Alfred cross his arms and couldn't but smile back at the new lady of the house.

    Alfred: Talia it wasn't long ago that I was providing Master Bruce with all the necessary intel to bring an end to your father's reign of madness.

    Talia: That was a different time.

    Alfred: It most certainly was Missus and it is on that basis that I would be much happier if you took the weight off your feet and just let me do what I do best.

    Talia: And what exactly is that.

    Alfred winked as he replied.

    Alfred: My job.
    Talia was on the verge of responding with a sassy comment only to surprise herself by conceding and allowing herself to float down and take a seat on the couch by her side, which would be followed by her stretching out her arms and releasing a needed yawn.
    Alfred: You just stay where you are Missus and I'll fetch you a nice cup of a tea now.

    - - - - - - - - -

    (LutherCorp Zeppelin, Metropolis)

    Lex Luthor was hosting an exclusive party high above Metropolis with some of the less honourable/ethical persons involved in the business world. Naming just a few in order to make the list not to long, the night's soiree included: Vander Adg, Roman Sionis, Malcolm Merlyn. The reason why Luthor had invited all these people tonight wasn't because he particularly enjoyed hanging out with others that operated by bending the rules to their own advantage. Tonight was all about bending the rules. Lex was nursing a crystal glass of scotch as he stood on an elevated balcony watching with glee as some of his less savoury guests were actually socialising.

    Malcolm Merlyn: I am sorry Mister Simon...

    Roman Sionis: Sionis.

    Malcolm Merlyn: Sionis my apologies. I must admit that I don't actually know much about the dealing in Gotham City. In light of your cities current demographics, it isn't exactly the host of a safe and solid investment.
    Roman didnít quite smile, but his eyes looked at Malcolm almost as if to say Ďyou have no ideaí.

    Roman Sionis: I thought someone of your status would know that sometimes a hot zone is the best the best place to make a profit. My father was in the business of making money, investments, working with the concepts rather than the practicals. Sionis Industries focuses solely on the production of armament. It doesnít matter whether a contract is military, a foreign power or a criminal syndicate. Cash is cash and we take it in all of its forms.

    Malcolm Merlyn: Just guns? Or does your company make things a little bit bigger.

    Roman shook his finger at Malcolm.

    Roman Sionis: Perhaps this conversation would be best continued in a more private setting.

    Malcolm Merlyn: Perhaps.

    As both men continued talking, Luthor was still watching over his guests, only to be tapped on his shoulders by a woman that he had never met before and had no idea who she was.

    Lex Luthor: Excuse me, but do I know you? This is an invitation only event and seeing as I sent them all out I know for a fact that you shouldnít be aboard. Do you know what we do to stoways?

    The woman didnít bat an eyelid as she replied.

    ???: Do you make them walk the plank? Or do you call the cops? Because both sound like two very unlikely outcomes.

    Lex was caught off guard by the reply, it wasnít very often that he was on the receiving end of such a blunt response.

    ???: So are you going to offer to buy me a drink or what?

    The woman certainly had an attitude to her, but rather than be offended Lex was intrigued.

    Lex Luthor: I didnít catch your name.

    ???: That is because I never gave it. If that was an attempt at asking me what my name was, then it wasnít a very good one.

    The woman smiled knowing that as the conversation stood she was in the position of dominance.

    Irena Dubrovna: Irena Dubrovna. A pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr. Luthor.

    Lex Luthor: Likewise.

    - - - - - - - - -

    (Gotham City Police Department, Gotham City)

    James Gordon stood on top of the GCPD with the Bat-signal beams shining in the night sky. He had a unlit cigarette sticking out of the corner of his mouth, more out of habit than anything. He didnít have any means of lighting it, but he was was comfortable enough with it just sitting between his lips.

    James Gordon: You took longer than normal Batman.

    Red Robin: Apologies Commissioner Batman couldnít make it. What can I do to help?

    James liked routine and everytime someone else other than the Bat showed up he always felt uncomfortable under the collar. He knew for a fact based on the sound of voice alone that this was the third person that had donned the Robin costume, but wasnít certain if he particularly liked the man that was standing next to him.

    James Gordon: Well a decision has been made and number of inmates in Arkham are being released due to a mistake in the paperwork.

    Red Robin: Sound suspicious.

    James Gordon: There is no question that foul play has taken place, but the Mayor got the best team of lawyers on the case to find a solution to the problem. Turns out there is nothing we can do about.

    Gordon knew for a fact that the release of a number of the inmates in question was going to result in the streets of Gotham exploding into chaos. Especially considering that HE was just going to leave the confines of Arkham with nothing in place to restrict his movements.

    Red Robin: How bad is it?

    James Gordon turned to Red Robin and could barely see him in the shadows, although he was aware he was less than a metre away from him.

    James Gordon: The worst case scenario.

    - - - - - - - - -

    (Arkham Asylum)

    Vicki Vale: My name is Vicki Vale and I am on the scene at Arkham Asylum. Earlier this evening the Mayor office released a statement that a number of notorious inmates of the asylum were being released due to a clerical issues. No names have been announced as of yet, but my cameraman will bring you exclusive footage as soon as the first man steps through the surely it canít beÖ.surely not him.

    There is nothing, but a dead silence as the camera focuses on a certain individual making his way out of the asylum.

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    Re: The New Batman Adventures

    Holy shit! I remember this as a kid I can the 1st 3 seasons on boxset. I'll be keeping up with this man, good luck!

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    Re: The New Batman Adventures

    EPISODE 002

    (Outskirts of Gotham City)

    The Joker had been released from Arkham Asylum only minutes earlier and one of the last people in Gotham not to know about it was Batman. This was because he was in the rafters of an old stable on the outskirts of Gotham spying on a particular meeting taking place between a group known as ĎThe Societyí all the members were disguised from head to toe and rather than run in like a fox into the henhouse, Batman had decided that tonight was a gathering information exercise. In order to remain hidden, Batman had turned off all of his communication equipment in order to remain undetected.

    Society Member One: I know only a few of us were able to attend tonight, but our mole in the the cityís administrative department has proven to be one of our most powerful assets and finally it seems that our plan is coming to fruition.

    Society Member Two: I must agree that I never thought this plan was achievable, but I am glad that I have been proven wrong. Although, I still feel that the amount of cash we have invested into this particular endeavor was far too much.

    Society Member Three: The problem is that you are simply not a true believer. If you had absolute faith and were fully committed to ĎThe Societyí you might have been on the same page as us all from the start.

    Society Member Two: From all my years in our little group, I am pretty sure nine times out of then I have always been the voice of reason. How many times have I been proven right when some of less than likely ventures have fallen through? Please tell me that I am wrong.

    It was clear that the tension between the second and third voice were starting to escalate. Batman looked down and tried not to smile, arguments more often than not led to loose lips.

    Society Member Three: I think you should be reminder who exactly you are talking to.

    Society Member Two: I thought we were all equal parties once we donned our masks? If you think you outrank why donít you reveal yourself.

    Society Member Three: Everyone here knows who I am.

    Society Member Two: And yet you remain seated.

    The third voice had nothing else to say. He had played his hand and clearly wasnít willing to make the situation any worse.

    Society Member One: Moving onto our actual purpose of meeting tonight, I think we would all agree to now that the Joker is once again walking free on the streets of Gotham we can put our plan into motion.

    Joker? Released? Batman stopped being Batman for a split second and instead it was Bruce Wayne who was hiding in the shadows with his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He couldnít quite believe what he was hearing.

    Society Member Two: I concur.

    Society Member Three: I agree as well.

    The fourth man in the meeting who still hadnít spoken pushed himself up to his feet and pull a hand cannon out from the pockets and put it directly into the face of the the first society member and without any hesitation pulled the trigger. The bullet exploded the man head like a melon as blood sprayed the room.

    Society Member Two: Holy shit Slade you just shot Jervis right in the head.

    As the third man had realised the mistake the second had made, the second manís brain were already decorating the walls of the room leaving the second society member looking up at the fourth.

    Society Member Four: Jervis was cutting a deal with the feds. I have a copy of the tapes.

    Society Member Two: And I suppose Solomon broke the cardinal rule by naming you?

    The fourth man chuckled.

    Society Member Four: He was getting a bullet in the head by the end of the night one way or another.

    The fourth man then proceeded to look upwards.

    Society Member Four: It seems that our uninvited guest is still with us.

    Society Member Two: Good evening Batman. It is nice to know that my plants are still able to provide you with false information.

    There was a pause as the fourth man pulled out an uzi.

    Society Member Two: Kill him!

    Bullets started spraying upwards, as Batman hurdled himself to the side and smashed through the window next to him hurling himself towards the ground.

    - - - - - - - - -

    (Streets of Gotham City)

    Red Robin knew that he was already too far away from Arkham to be able to tail The Joker. The truth was that he needed to get back to Wayne Manor. The Joker had been sent to the asylum because of Bruce Wayne and therefore that made Wayne Manor a potential target. As Robin raced through the streets on the ĎRobin Cycleí a heavily modified version of the bike belonging to the original Robin, he tapped his helmet and connected almost immediately with Alfred.

    Red Robin: Alfred have you seen the news.

    Alfred: Regarding the release of The Joker.

    Red Robin: I need you to secure the Manor.

    Robin paused for a second.

    Red Robin: Have you heard from him yet?

    Alfred: Last time we spoke he was maintaining radio silence.

    Red Robin: I guess I am going to have to take an executive decision. You need to take Talia and yourself down into the Batcave and secure the facility.

    Alfred: Are you sure Master Drake?

    The truth was that Tim Drake wasnít at all sure about this, but he knew that there was no time for indecision.

    Red Robin: Just do it. Oh one last thing Alfred.

    Alfred: Yes Sir?

    Red Robin: The only person that decides when the shutdown ends is yourself. Not me and not Bruce.

    Alfred: Of course Sir.

    - - - - - - - - -

    (Gotham City Police Department)

    James had called an emergency meeting with all his highest ranking members of the GCPD; Harvey Bullock, Josh Azevada, Trey Hartley and Clem Robins. James wasnít in a very good mood and didnít even hide it.

    James Gordon: Now I think everyone realises just how serious the situation is now that the Joker has been released from Arkham. The next 48 hour is likely to be the most explosive that the city has seen in years, and that is why canít even believe that I am going to have to go through with this.

    James hammered his fist and exhaled as a team of officers entered the room. Bullock was the first to stand up looking uneasy.

    Harvey Bullock: What is going on Jimbo?

    James Gordon: I have it on good authority that one of my section chiefs is dirty, because a piece of information that myself and would you believe the Batman of all people thought up as a test, it seems has circulated and left this room. So until we are with the knowledge which one of you is dirty, you are all being taken into custody until further notice.

    Josh Azevada: You canít do this Gordon.

    Bullock was already getting dragged out of the room.

    Harvey Bullock: The commissioner can do whatever he wants and I donít blame him. One of your rats is going to pay for this.

    James stood at his desk as the room was cleared as all of his section chiefs were removed from the room, but he looked up at the sound of a cough as he found himself face to face with Sarah Essen.

    Sarah Essen: I guess I am your number two.

    Jim bit his lip and didnít even give Sarah and answer because the truth was that in his current situation he just didnít have anything else to say.

    - - - - - - - - -

    (Outskirts of Gotham City)

    Bruce had landed awkwardly and knew from his experience that he was most definitely suffering from concussion. At the same though he knew that the man hunting him down was none other than Slade Wilson and that if he had any chance of surviving this ordeal he needed to shake the cobwebs and find a way to get out of here. Without the element of surprise, someone like Slade was a formidable opponent. The fact that he had walked straight into a trap meant that Wilson had home-court advantage. And it was common knowledge that when Deathstroke played by his own rules he very rarely lost. Bruce pushed himself back up to his feet, but felt himself stumble over again. He was in a bad way and he knew it.

    Deathstroke: Batman I know you are out there! Why donít you do us both a favour and just come out with your hands above your head. Iíd much rather take you alive rather than dead, considering there isnít currently a contract large enough on your head.

    Slade was toying with Bruce and to make the situation worse, he had turned on his laser-sight on and seemed to be treating the situation like a game of hide-and-seek.

    Deathstroke: Come out Batman! I promise I will take that wretched mask of yours slowly.

    And then everything around Bruce started going black and he couldnít believe it, he was passing out and there was nothing that he could do about it.

    Batman: F**k.

    - - - - - - - - -

    (LutherCorp Zeppelin, Metropolis)

    Irena Dubrovna had managed to place four different listening devices on the Zeppelin as well as successfully managing to hack into Lex Luthorsí personal device and couldnít help but smile to herself. That was until she heard a static in her ear.

    Jason Todd: Selena we need to terminate the mission. I know you canít reply without looking completely crazy, but I canít waste another minute. You are going to have to find another way off the Zeppelin.

    There was a paused in the chatter, but Irena or rather Selena had already started to increase her pace.

    Jason Todd: The Joker just got released from Arkham and this is the chance I have been waiting for. This is my moment.

    Selena hearts skipped a beat. The Joker. Lose in Gotham. This was the sort of news that couldnít be twisted by even the best political spin doctor. Part of her actually felt like she was going to throw up.

    Jason Todd: By the way Selena. Iím sorry. I'm so sorry.

    Sorry? What did Jason have to be sorry about. And suddenly then was a large explosion and the entire inner of the Zeppelin became a glowing orange fireball and Selena suddenly became aware that everyone around her was screaming and shouting, but the noise of the explosion was so loud that nothing else could be heard. And that was when she became aware that she was fallingÖ.falling...falling.

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