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Thread: WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling

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    WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling

    WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling

    December 2003: Rumors started to buzz that Vince McMahon had sexually assaulted female staff members in the WWE.

    January 2004: The rumors of the sexual assault by Vince McMahon grew legs and racial discrimination against WWE staff also began to circulate.

    February 2004: Vince McMahon issued a letter to the WWE fans, stating he’d be selling the WWE.

    March 2004: Atilio Fulgencio, a billionaire investor from Montana, purchased the WWE for 1.4 billion dollars. Ground is broken in Wichita, Kansas, as construction on a new headquarters begins.

    March 2004: Mr. Fulgencio announced the WWE would shut down several months, while a restructuring takes place from the top, down. Numerous firings take place, from corporate on down to backstage personnel. All of the writers and bookers have been released. The last WWE event is WrestleMania XX.

    April 2004: It’s announced that the WWE has regained the rights to the name “WWF.”

    May 2004: It’s rumored that the WWF has interest in TNA talents A.J. Styles, Jeff Hardy, Ron Killings, Marcus Cor Von, Raven, BG James and Konnan. ROH talents Jack Evans, Low Ki, American Dragon and CM Punk. And another independent talent, Daffney.

    June 2004: Rumors heat up on some of the TNA names, as interest is revealed to be mutual. Mr. Fulgencio announces he wants competition to return to professional wrestling and meets with TNA, ROH and NJPW.

    July 2004: From last month’s meeting, TNA seems to have the most interest in working with Mr. Fulgencio and the WWF and a talent exchange deal is being structured. The WWF decided to send TNA some contracts in exchange for the TNA talent they signed, as a means of good business. The TNA signees are being kept undisclosed, but the WWF talent headed to TNA are Rene Dupree, Charlie Haas, Val Venis, Hardcore Holly, Sylvain Grenier, Scotty 2 Hotty, Rico, Steven Richards and Rob Conway.

    July 2004: Jerry “The King” Lawler has been removed from the Raw commentary team and has been replaced by ESPN’s, “Pardon The Interruption”, Tony Reali. Lawler’s new role will be backstage.

    August 2004: Former head writer Chris Kreski has been rehired as the head writer for Raw. Paul Heyman has been hired as the head writer for Smackdown.

    August 2004: It’s announced the Smackdown will be going live, when WWE television returns.

    September 2004: The WWF announced it’s partnered with NJPW, AAA and 4 Front Wrestling. The company has agreed to loan out wrestlers to the three companies as well as host invitationals for those companies talents to appear at WWF events. It’s announced that WWF television will be returning on October 4th.

    September 2004: Mick Foley is named WWF Commissioner. Theodore Long is named Smackdown General Manager. WWF Draft results are placed on Sable and Lance Storm have mutually parted ways with the WWF.
    2004 WWF Draft Results

    (1) Eddie Guerrero - WWF Champion - RAW
    (2) Chris Benoit - World Heavyweight Champion - SD
    (3) Evolution (Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton (Intercontinental Champion), Ric Flair) - RAW
    (4) The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer - SD
    (5) Kane - Raw
    (6) Shawn Michaels - SD
    (7) Rob Van Dam & Booker T - World Tag Team Champions - RAW
    (8) Kurt Angle - SD
    (9) Edge - RAW
    (10) Chris Jericho - SD
    (11) The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley) - RAW
    (12) Rikishi - WWE Tag Team Champion - SD
    (13) Rey Mysterio - RAW
    (14) John Cena - United States Champion - SD
    (15) Big Show - RAW
    (16) Shelton Benjamin - SD
    (17) Matt Hardy - RAW
    (18) Chavo Guerrero w/Chavo Classic - Cruiserweight Champion - SD
    (19) Christian “Captain Charisma” - RAW
    (20) William Regal - SD
    (21) Rhyno - RAW
    (22) Ultimo Dragon - SD
    (23) Billy Kidman - RAW
    (24) The Hurricane & Rosey - SD
    (25) Test - RAW
    (26) Bradshaw - SD
    (27) Victoria - Women’s Champion - RAW
    (28) Miss Jackie - SD
    (29) Tyson Tomko - RAW
    (30) The Basham Brothers - SD
    (31) Kyo Dai (Tajiri, Akio & Sakoda) - RAW
    (32) Torrie Wilson - SD
    (33) Molly Holly - RAW
    (35) F.B.I (Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo, Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli) - SD
    (36) Eugene - RAW
    (37) Paul London - SD
    (38) Maven - RAW
    (40) Spike Dudley - SD
    (41) Trish Stratus - RAW
    (42) Stacy Keibler - SD
    (43) Lita - RAW
    (44) Dawn Marie - SD
    (45) Luther Reigns - RAW
    (46) Orlando Jordan - SD
    (47) Jazz - RAW
    (48) Kenzo Suzuki - SD
    (49) Jacqueline - RAW
    (50) A-Train - SD
    (51) Billy Gunn - RAW
    (52) Shannon Moore - SD
    (53) Nidia - RAW
    (54) Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade - SD
    (55) Arch Kincaid - RAW
    (56) Jamie Noble - SD
    (57) Funaki - RAW
    WrestleMania XX Results
    March 14, 2004
    New York, NY

    John Cena def. Big Show (c) - WWE United States Championship match

    Booker T & Rob Van Dam (c) def. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley), Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak & La Resistance (Rene Dupree & Rob Conway) - World Tag Team Championship match

    Christian def. Chris Jericho

    Evolution (Batista, Randy Orton & Ric Flair) def. The Rock 'n' Sock Connection (Mick Foley & The Rock) - Handicap match

    Torrie Wilson & Sable def. Miss Jackie & Stacy Keibler - Playboy Evening Gown match

    Chavo Guererro (c) w/Chavo Classic def. Akio, Billy Kidman, Funaki, Jamie Noble, Nunzio, Rey Mysterio, Shannon Moore, Tajiri, Ultimo Dragon - Cruiserweight Open for the Cruiserweight Championship

    Goldberg def. Brock Lesnar - Guest Refree (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

    Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty (c) def. The APA (Bradshaw & Faarooq), The Basham Brothers (Danny & Doug Basham), The World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) - WWE Tag Team Championship

    Victoria (c) def. Molly Holly - Hair vs. Title match for the Women's Championship

    Eddie Guerrero (c) def. Kurt Angle - WWE Championship

    The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer def. Kane

    Chris Benoit def. Shawn Michaels & Triple H (c) - World Heavyweight Championship

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    Re: WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling


    Commissioner - Mick Foley
    General Manager - Eric Bischoff

    Commentators - Jim Ross & Tony Reali
    Ring Announcer - Lilian Garcia
    Interviewer - Jonathan Coachman

    Eddie Guerrero - WWF Champion
    Evolution - (Triple H, Randy Orton {Intercontinental Championship}, Batista & Ric Flair)
    Rob Van Dam & Booker T - World Tag Team Champions
    The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley)
    Rey Mysterio
    Big Show
    Matt Hardy V1
    Christian "Captain Charisma"
    Billy Kidman
    Victoria - Women’s Champion
    Tyson Tomko
    Kyo Dai - (Tajiri, Akio & Sakoda)
    Molly Holly
    Trish Stratus
    Luther Reigns
    The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)
    Arch Kindcaid
    Rodney Mack


    Commissioner - Mick Foley
    General Manager - Theodore Long
    Commentators - Michael Cole & Tazz
    Ring Announcer - Tony Chimel
    Interviewer - Josh Matthews

    Chris Benoit - World Heavyweight Champion
    The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer
    Shawn Michaels
    Kurt Angle
    Chris Jericho
    Rikishi - WWF Tag Team Champion
    John Cena - United States Champion
    Shelton Benjamin
    Chavo Guerrero w/Chavo Guerrero Sr. - Cruiserweight Champion
    William Regal
    Ultimo Dragon
    The Hurricane & Rosey
    Miss Jackie
    The Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny Basham)
    Torrie Wilson
    F.B.I - (Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo, Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli)
    Paul London
    Spike Dudley
    Stacy Keibler
    Dawn Marie
    Orlando Jordan
    Kenzo Suzuki
    Shannon Moore
    Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade
    Simon Dean
    Jamie Noble


    Fall Brawl - November 7th
    Survivor Series - November 28th
    Armageddon - December 26th
    Royal Rumble - January 23rd
    Super Brawl Reloaded - February 20th
    WrestleMania 21 - March 27th

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    Re: WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling

    "A WrestleMania 20 Cinderella Story!!!"

    Brothers... Warriors... Champions!

    After seven long months and a lot of change, the WWF is back! Monday Night Raw returns on October 4th. Thursday Night Smackdown returns on October 7th.

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    Re: WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling

    New York City

    Eric Bischoff comes out and welcomes everyone back after a lot of change and much time off. He says things will definitely be different in the WWF and it all begins tonight. He announces two Fatal Four Way matches, one tonight and the other next week. He says the two winners will face off in two weeks to determine the #1 contender for the WWF Championship. He says that man will go to Fall Brawl to face Eddie Guerrero for the title. He announces the first match to be each member of Evolution facing off against each other and says that match is next.

    Fatal Four Way match
    Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Ric Flair

    In an unexpected turn of events, Evolution would react accordingly. Before the match began, Triple H would try to get everyone on the same page, as he let his team know he needed to win this match for Evolution. Flair was for it. Orton appeared to be indifferent to it, but Batista was the most visually against it. He made the case that it's every man for himself. Triple H didn't like Batista's opposition. Late in the match, after several minutes of every man for themselves, it ended up being Triple H, Batista and Flair in the ring together. Triple H backed out of it and left Batista and Flair to go at it. Meanwhile, Triple H went outside to work over Orton, to lessen the numbers he'd have to deal with. Triple H would break up the Figure Four on Batista and drop Flair with a Pedigree. He'd then go for the pin on Flair, but it'd be broken up by Batista, who leveled Triple H with Batista Bomb!

    Decision: Batista wins via pinfall over Triple H @ 7:11.

    Post-match: Batista stands tall alone, looking at his fallen comrades. We'd get shots of the Evolution members, with varying emotions on all of their faces. Triple H looks to be the most upset over the result. The crowd cheers for Batista win. JR mentions how that had to be a hard match for Evolution and wonders what impact the result will have on their future. Reali is quick on the draw and says Batista wasn't a team player tonight and that with his inexperience, he just killed Evolution's chances of winning the WWF Championship. He said Triple H winning the match was the right move and Batista blew it.

    Singles match
    Matt Hardy Version 1 vs. Rhyno

    Rhyno would dominate in the power side of things, as expected. Matt Hardy, a man formerly in Smackdown's Cruiserweight division, would use the craftiness of quick counters to slow the brute down and inflict lasting punishment. In the end though, Rhyno would reverse a Twist of Fate, by sending Matt crashing into the turnbuckle, before catching him stumbling towards the center of the ring, which a jarring Gore!

    Decision: Rhyno wins via pinfall over Matt Hardy Version 1 @ 4:32.

    Post-match: An intense Rhyno posed on the turnbuckle. JR praised Matt Hardy for his effort, but stated that when Rhyno is as dominate as he was tonight, there's not many people on the roster that can stop him. Reali corrected JR stating it was Matt Hardy Version 1. He said he was more impressed by MV1 and that Rhyno looked like a bull in a China Shop and that his wrestling skill or lack thereof, was something to be desired.

    Backstage: We get a frustrated Triple H, who tells Batista they're supposed to be a unit and a strong front and tonight, Batista did the selfish thing and went into business for himself. Batista tells Triple H where does he get off and says it was every man for themselves tonight and it's not his fault he wasn't good enough to get the job done. Tempers rise, before Flair gets in between them and goes to calm things. He tells them it's still Evolution first and that the important thing is that Evolution has a shot at the WWF Championship. Batista smirks and says, but he's the one carrying that torch, before walking away. Triple H, Flair and Orton look on, with Triple H looking heated.

    Tag Team match
    New Age Outlawz vs. Kyo Dai (Tajiri & Sakoda)

    Billy Gunn would come out and introduce the return of Road Dogg, before they did their whole NAO pre-match schtick. There was a lot of back and forth in this contest, with Akio getting himself involved on the outside here-and-there to aid his team. We'd get glimpses from the back, of the tag champs, RVD and Booker T watching on a monitor. In the end, NAO would go on a run that had the crowd into it and as they went for a spike piledriver on Sakoda, Tajiri spit green mist in Road Dogg's face allowing Sakoda to get free and hit the Roaring Elbow on Billy Gunn.

    Decision: Kyo Dai wins via Sakoda pinfall over Billy Gunn @ 4:52.

    Post-match: Kyo Dai head up the ramp with stern, but satisfied demeanor's. While Road Dogg used his sleeves to wipe his face, as he checked on Billy Gunn. JR says he's sure this isn't what the New Age Outlawz had in mind tonight for their reunification match. Reali sounds condescending, stating how embarrassing it must be for the New Age Outlawz to lose, considering how they came out so confident and pumped up about their reunion.

    We get a vignette of a guy working in an Italian restaurant as a server. He smiles with customers, but when he's away from people he doesn't look like a happy man. When he gets off work, he goes to some gutter part of town, before entering what looks like an abandoned warehouse. Inside, we see extremely sketchy looking folks and hear a lot of raucous. The man is in fighting gear and he enters the circle of people, with booze and money in their hands. Already in the circle is some loud mouth, muscled freak with a bald head. The man shows his first glimmer of joy, before the screen cuts to black and we hear someone getting knocked out. It says Gino Lando is coming soon...

    Singles match
    Non-title; Victoria © v. Molly Holly

    In a WrestleMania XX rematch, these two would suffer no love loss. Things were really catty in the beginning, before settling down to a good contest. Molly Holly's over aggressiveness did leave a lasting effect on the champ, as she really worked her lower extremities over after Victoria walked with a limp, after an Indian deathlock. In the end, Victoria would gut it out end it with the Black Widow!

    Decision: Victoria wins via pinfall over Molly Holly @ 5:03.

    Post-match: Victoria gingerly walks to the ropes and receives her title, before putting it across her shoulder and standing tall in the center of the ring. JR puts over both women and states how it's no question Victoria deserves to be the Women's Champion. Reali tells JR that's subjective thinking, but his objective viewpoint is that Molly Holly's whooping on Victoria has left her in a lot of pain and the sharks in the back see it and will be out for blood in the future.

    Backstage: Tyson Tomko approaches Rhyno. He says he saw his match with Matt Hardy earlier and wasn't impressed. He says how about Rhyno meet him in the ring next week and see how things turn out against someone of his caliber. Rhyno gets in Tomko's face and says he sees no reason why Bishoff won't give it the green light and that he looks forward to it. Tomko walks off with Rhyno just starring on with unblinking intensity.

    Main Event
    Non-title; Eddie Guerrero © v. Captain Charisma

    In an earlier interview, Christian made it known that he'd now be going by "Captain Charisma." His cockiness, obnoxiousness and overconfidence was on full display against the champ, as he'd make sure to express himself to the crowd during the match. Eddie was on his A-game however, despite Captain Charisma giving him all he could handle. This one would spill to the outside, where Captain Charisma did his dirty work--even introducing himself to Tony Reali--before it would return between the four corners of the ring. In the end, the champ went on a good enough run, displaying his Latino heat and machismo, before performing the Frog Splash.

    Decision: Eddie Guerrero wins via pinfall over Captain Charisma @ 9:30.

    Post-match: Eddie is pumped up and he retrieves his title before doing the shimmy. He then climbs the turnbuckle, flipping the title up and high for the hot crowd to see. Batista would come out with a mic, letting Eddie know to not get to used to the WWF Championship because he's looking at the man who'll be taking it from him soon. Eddie grabs a mic and tells Batista anytime he's ready to rumble, he'll be here holmes. JR puts Eddie over, stating his great work ethic and how he doesn't even look like he took seven months off. Reali tells JR to wipe the brown off his lips and that what he saw was a man who barely survived the impressive showing of Captain Charisma. He says if Captain Charisma had a little more time, he'd of been the one victorious and being praised by New York City. JR says there's no room for shoulda, coulda woulda's and states Eddie Guerrero is a fine, fighting champion, who's got a date to defend his title against either Batista or four other men, in his future. JR says goodnight and tells us we'll see them next week.

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    Re: WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling

    Boston, MA

    We see video from earlier in the day where an upset Jamie Noble meets with General Manager, Teddy Long, in his office. Noble is upset about being picked last in the draft and exclaims he was disrespected and wants to know why and how Teddy is going to fix it. Teddy tells Noble respect is earned and that he was drafted last because that's the way the cookie crumbled. Noble says that's a bunch of bull and not a good enough answer. Teddy tells Noble that's the answer and he can take it or leave it. He says as far as respect goes, he can start earning some tonight, when he goes one-on-one with Chris Benoit. Teddy tells Noble to holla playa and walks off. Noble looks a bit hot under the collar.

    To start the show, General Manager, Teddy Long, comes out and says Smackdown will be coming back with a bang. He says tonight there'll be a Six Pack match, to determine the new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. He says it will include Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Chis Jericho, William Regal, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. The crowd is digging it.

    Singles match
    Non-title; Chris Benoit © vs. Jamie Noble

    Noble ran out the gates as ferocious as a hungry lion, backing the champ into the corner, before delivering some angry kicks to the abdomen. A spiteful face on Noble said it all. Noble would rough Benoit up in the corner a bit more, but this would only piss the champ off. Benoit would throw Noble into the corner, before lighting his chest up with stinging chops. The crowd would woo from each delivery. Benoit would go on an uncontested run for the most part. After an overhead belly to belly suplex, Noble would roll out of the ring, where he'd try to catch his breath. He pulled himself up to the announce table where he shouted Teddy Long doesn't respect him and asked Cole and Tazz if they respect him. Tazz says he respects Noble, but Cole beats around the bush. But before the dialogue could continue, Benoit continued his assault. Benoit didn't waste time and sent Noble back inside, where just a little leeway allowed him to catch Benoit off guard by ramming him into the corner. This prompted a short, but aggressive spurt of offense from Noble, who had his Paydirt reversed into the Crippler Crossface.

    Decision: Chris Benoit wins via submission over Jamie Noble @ 3:38

    Post-match: Benoit is handed his championship, before looking back at Noble as if Noble had given him a tougher challenge than he expected. Meanwhile, Noble sat up in the ring, checking his mouth for blood, while glaring at Benoit. He also had a few choice, nearly inaudible words for the champ. The crowd was behind Benoit. Cole raved about Benoit's tenacity and how he expects him to stay hungry, despite being world champion. Tazz tells Cole to not ignore Jamie Noble and show favoritism. He says there's actually a lot of similarities between Noble and Benoit and that with the right opportunities, there's no reason to believe Noble couldn't be as successful as Benoit.

    Tag Team match
    Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade vs. The Hurricane & Rosey

    The Basham Brother's would come stand near the ring for this contest. Cade and Hurricane would start things off. After a round of Hurricane's super-heroics, Cades's power would overwhelm the hero in green and take control of the match. Cade would tag in Jindrak, where the two would isolate and dominate Hurricane in their corner. They'd toy with Hurricane, allowing him to crawl just close enough to Rosey before pulling him back for more punishment. Rosey would intervene, knocking Jindrak off the apron and connecting on Cade with a powerslam, buying his partner some time to make a tag. The crowd cheered Hurricane on as he crawled towards his partner once more. After making a hot-tag, Rosey would go to work on Cade for a period, before tagging his partner back in. The two acknowledged the crowd, who was ready to see a superhero double-team. Hurricane connected with the Hurri-clothesline, before directing Rosey to go up top. Rosey set up for the diving leg drop, but was pushed off the top rope by Jindrak, crashing hard to the mat. Hurricane checked on Rosey briefly, starring a retreating Jindrak down, which allowed Cade to catch Hurricane off-guard with a lariat.

    Decision: Jindrak & Cade win via Cade pinfall over The Hurricane @ 4:49

    Post-match: The Basham's disappeared up the ramp before Jindrak and Cade, apparently having seen what they wanted. Jindrak and Cade went up the ramp arrogantly, telling everyone their win was a piece of cake. Rosey checked on his Hurricane, as he stared back and shook his head at Jindrak and Cade. Tazz said he was impressed by the young Jindrak and Cade and said he's expecting a lot more good things from them on Smackdown. Cole criticized them for the way they won and was less enthused about their victory. Tazz told Cole a win was a win and that Cole wouldn't know anything about that because he's never participated in anything competitive.

    We get a vignette of a guy working in an Italian restaurant as a server. He smiles with customers, but when he's away from people he doesn't look like a happy man. When he gets off work, he goes to some gutter part of town, before entering what looks like an abandoned warehouse. Inside, we see extremely sketchy looking folks and hear a lot of raucous. The man is in fighting gear and he enters the circle of people, with booze and money in their hands. Already in the circle is some loud mouth, muscled freak with a bald head. The man shows his first glimmer of joy, before the screen cuts to black and we hear someone getting knocked out. It says Gino Lando is coming soon...

    The US Champion, John Cena, comes out and lets everyone know he's glad to be back. He says tonight he heard he's got a match with Orlando Jordan. He says he knows it's been awhile since he's competed in the ring, but that he could make fresh orange juice out of Orlando Jordan, wearing a glove that doesn't fit, while speeding down the highway in a 93' Bronco. The crowd didn't really know how to take that one. Cena says he's leveled up now that he's US Champion and his game has never been tighter. He tells Jordan to come on out, so he can show the whole world he ain't no fighter, but a little pillow biter. The crowd found this one funny. Jordan comes out pissed and he brings that aggression to the match.

    Singles match
    Non-title; John Cena (c) vs. Orlando Jordan

    OJ started off hot, going right at the champ. He threw Cena outside the ring and looked to punish him. He dropped Cena's ribs on the barricade and made his teeth kiss the ring-post, before tossing him back in the ring. He connected with the Johnson Shuffle before going for the pin. Cena kicked out at two. OJ remained in control a little longer, grinding Cena down, before the champ rolled out of the way of a theatrical knee drop. Cena then went on a run himself. He was in the midst of his five moves of doom, when OJ jabbed him in the face during the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena was caught off-guard and turned into the Black Ice.

    Decision: Orlando Jordan wins via pinfall over John Cena @ 4:47

    Post-match: Cole pumped up the finish as a major upset, while Tazz said he wasn't surprised. He said that what he expects from someone who gets disrespected the way Cena disrespected Orlando Jordan before the match. He says OJ handled his business tonight, end of the story. Cole says Cena was clearly off his A-game tonight, but what a major victory for Orlando Jordan. Jordan stood over Cena, pointing down at him and yelling for him to watch the way he speaks about him, before leaving the ring. Cena would regain his composure and had a smirk on his face, while he nodded his head, as he looked up at the back of Jordan before it disappeared through the curtains.

    We cut to Bradshaw, dressed up in a nice suit, cowboy shoes and a white cowboy hat. He's near the Texas-Mexico border, with binoculars peeping on some illegal immigrants. He says there's a real problem with America. He says one of the major problems is the infestation of roaches like the ones he's starring at. He says they infest the great country of America and suck her dry, leaving nothing but destruction in their path. He says they're a cancer that must be cut out. He says they're similar to Ron Simmons, who was a dead-weight he had to cut out and leave behind. He says John Bradshaw Layfield is a man of purpose and dignity and he'll stop at nothing to help make America look like the way it should look. He then pulls a rifle out of his truck and starts firing shots in the air. He looks through the binoculars again and we see the crossing Mexicans scattering. JBL has a huge smile on his face.

    Fatal Four Way match
    Spike Dudley vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Paul London vs. Shannon Moore

    This cruiserweight contest was action packed from the onset. We'd see the champ, Chavo Guerrero and Chavo Classic watching on a monitor backstage. Moore, Spike and London found themselves outside going at it, when Ultimo Dragon came jumping over the top rope with an Asai Moonsault, taking them all out. As time passed, Ultimo and Moore went at it, in the ring, while Spike and London paired off. Spike had the upper-hand with his small wrecking ball offense going. The Reject tried his hand at slowing down Ultimo, showing off an nice exploder suplex. As time went further along, The Reject and London would find themselves laid out, outside the ring after a dangerous top turnbuckle spot. Spike would go to put a dizzy Ultimo away with the Dudley Dog, only to have it countered by an Asai DDT.

    Decision: Ultimo Dragon wins via pinfall over Spike Dudley, Shannon Moore and Paul London @ 5:01

    Post-match: The crowd loved the contest and was behind Ultimo Dragon, who posed in the ring. Tazz and Cole were impressed and put Ultimo Dragon over, although Tazz did say he'd like to see Ultimo beat some competition a little stiffer than Spike Dudley. Cole said he thinks beating two other men besides Spike counts as stiffer competition. Tazz says that doesn't count.

    Backstage: The WWF Tag Team Champion, Rikishi, approaches Teddy Long. He asks Teddy what's he supposed to do, walking around with two tag titles and no partner. Before Teddy can answer, we hear beeping approaching and the camera pans to a guy in a neon blue track suit, riding a motorized scooter. He's got a huge smile on his face as he outstretches his hand to Rikishi. He introduced himself as Simon Dean. Rikishi looks him up and down and then at Teddy. Teddy nods and says hello. Simon says he's happy to make his debut and wouldn't have it any other way than by helping a fellow wrestler. He says he noticed Rikishi needs some help, as he looks Rikishi's body over. He excitedly says he'd like to share his product, The Simon System, with Rikishi to get him looking and feeling great. Rikishi says he already looks and feels great and tells Simon to kick rocks before he gets dealt with. Simon makes a joke about Rikishi planning to eat him before backing away quickly on his scooter. He shouts that he's here for Rikishi whenever he's ready to downsize that huge ass of his. Rikishi looks at Teddy and says he'll get back to him about his tag team dilemma, but next week he wants Simon Dean in the ring. Teddy says no problem playa. Rikishi looks back towards the direction Simon went, with annoyance.

    Main Event
    Six Pack Match

    Chris Jericho would make himself scarce at the start, leaving the ring to be an early spectator. Michaels would look on at Jericho before getting surprise attacked by Regal and Angle, while the young Benjamin went for The Undertaker. The world champion would make his way to the announce table to get a closer look at who his next opponent will be. As things progressed, Michaels would use Angle's own momentum to send him flying over the top rope. Jericho would work on Angle on the outside like a vulture. Michaels then turned the tide against Regal, while Taker punished Benjamin. Both Taker and Michaels would send Regal and Benjamin crashing into each other in the center of the ring, leaving them the only two standing. Taker and Michaels starred at each other as they slowly walked towards each other in the middle of the ring. The crowd grew loud. Jericho would take advantage and clobber Michaels from behind, before going at Taker. Taker and Jericho traded blows, while Angle pulled Michaels from the ring and went at him. Regal recovered before Benjamin and worked him over. Time would pass and each man found himself in the ring. Angle would Angle Slam Benjamin, only to get chokeslammed by Taker. Taker stalked Regal and went to chokeslam him, but was caught by a superkick by Michaels. Michaels went for the pin, but it was broken up by Jericho, who put Michaels in the Walls of Jericho. Michaels dragged himself to the ropes and as the referee was facing the ropes and counting down from five for Jericho to break the hold, Regal sneaked in with the brass knuckles and hit Jericho with the Power of the Punch.

    Decision: William Regal wins via pinfall over Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin @ 18:55

    Post-match: Regal was elated to be the victor, as he secretly put his brass in his trunks before turning to have his arm raised. Benoit talked about Regal's brass knuckles getting the job done for him as usual and how he's going to have to deal with them in the future. Regal went to the ropes and pointed at Benoit's title. He called the champ something unpleasant and said he was taking the title for himself, before showing the world his grinning mug. Cole and Tazz put the match over and Tazz puts Regal over for getting the job done. Cole says he doesn't agree by the methods by which Regal won, but considering who he used the method against, he guesses he can't complain too much. Tazz asks Benoit what does he think about defending his title against Regal next. Benoit ignores the question and approached the ropes, as Regal backed away and exited the ring from the other side. Benoit walked towards the ropes Regal exited, while the crowd boo'd Regal's cowardice. Benoit lifted his title with two hands for Regal to see, as he looked intense as ever. A camera panned back to Regal still grinning back at Benoit, as he stood on the ramp. The camera cuts back to Benoit who continues to stare Regal down.

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    Re: WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling

    Boston, MA

    Dark Match
    Jame Noble def. Local jobber

    Tag Team Match
    F.B.I (Nunzio & Chuck Palumbo w/Johnny Stamboli) vs. The Basham Brothers

    Nunzio and Doug start us off. Nunzio looks to try to make up for his smaller stature by being extra aggressive and posturing. The crowd is into Nunzio. Nunzio uses arm drags before the Italian leg sweep to ground Doug before attempting the Fujiwara arm bar. Danny would come in and stomp on Nunzio to break things up. Nunzio would drag Doug to the corner and tag in Palumbo, who came in like a powerhouse, working Doug over. The Basham's would end up getting Chuck tied up in the corner and used illegal techniques on him. Nunzio tried to argue with the referee, but the referee was too distracted trying to keep Nunzio out of the ring. Meanwhile, Stamboli went to Palumbo's aid, where Danny backed off before The Bull reached him. Time would go on and Nunzio would be back in and he and Danny were laid out in the ring after Nunzio countered Danny with a DDT. The crowd was behind Nunzio to make a hot tag to Palumbo, who also cheered his partner on. Danny would get to Doug first and dragged Nunzio away from Palumbo. Doug would work Nunzio over until the little guido could make a little run and nail Doug with the Kiss of Death. But before Nunzio could cover, Danny came in and nailed Nunzio with Brain Damage and swapped places with Doug. Stamboli and Palumbo tried to plead to the referee, but he missed it and had all of his attention of them. Danny covered Nuzio before Palumbo could make the save.

    Decision: The Basham Brother's win via Danny pinfall over Nunzio @ 11:11.

    Post-match: The F.B.I were disappointed and expressed their claim to the referee, who let them know he didn't see anything. Meanwhile, The Basham's went up the ramp pleased with their victory. Bill DeMott said he didn't agree with the brother's tactics to win, but it doesn't matter because a win is a win. Josh Matthews said that might be true, but certainly The Basham's cannot take any pride in the way they won their match.

    Singles match
    Paul London vs. Spike Dudley

    London and Spike shook hands to start this contest. Both men would start off hot. London with his high velocity aerial style, in and outside the ring. Spike with his crash dummy, tough as nails style. Spike would take control first after a battery ram into London in the corner. Spike would then work London over, hitting a frankensteiner, which got a two count. London's run would start after knocking Spike off the apron with a spinning heel kick, before wiping him out with a springboard moonsault, outside the ring. The crowd was pumped for it. London would continue his run inside the ring, until he missed on a diving crossbody. Spike would regain momentum, firing on all cylinders. He'd connect on a neckbreaker and double foot stomp, but only got two counts. Later, he had London dazed and went to set him up for the Dudley Dog, but it was countered by a powerbomb. London would then climb the top rope for the 450 Splash.

    Decision: Paul London wins via pinfall over Spike Dudley @ 14:51.

    Post-match: The crowd cheered for London's victory as he made his way up the ramp. He looked satisfied his own self. DeMott praised London as being a bright young talent on the rise and how he looked forward to seeing more of him. Matthews said London was definitely a lot of fun to watch and that he's glad he and DeMott can agree on something.

    Main Event
    A-Train vs. Kenzo Suzuki w/Hiroku (debut)

    There wasn't a lot of buzz from the crowd to start this one off, as they didn't know what to make of Kenzo's debut. However, that had no bearing on Kenzo's abilities in the ring. Kenzo would use his martial arts background to strike at A-Train, leaving him completely unable to defend himself. A-Train would leave the ring in frustration to collect himself. Kenzo would give chase and A-Train would whip Kenzo into the steel steps, before putting the boots onto him. He'd then sling Kenzo, shoulder first, into the ring-post. Kenzo would grab at his shoulder and go down, but A-Train would lift him up and toss him back into the ring. A-Train would then continue his run, using his power to wear Kenzo down. A-Train became full of himself and went to get a good look at Kenzo's wife, Hiroku. Kenzo would notice this while down. Moments later, A-Train would charge the recovering Kenzo with a bicycle kick, but Kenzo would duck and lock in the nerve hold on A-Train. A-Train would start to wear down before Kenzo would connect with the Rising Sun.

    Decision: Kenzo Suzuki wins via pinfall over A-Train @ 5:29.

    Post-match: The crowd would liven up a bit more with Kenzo's quick turnaround win, after it seemed A-Train had it won. Kenzo would stand tall in the center of the ring, looking down at A-Train. Hiroku would smirk and stand near to her husband, subtly looking around the arena. DeMott would call Kenzo unorthodox and talk about his time over in Japan. He said Kenzo could be a real force in the WWF, but time would tell. DeMott also said he's impressed by the lovely Hiroku. Matthews said Hiroku was indeed lovely and that Kenzo was off to a good start with a victory tonight. Matthews would thank everyone for watching at home and that they'd see us next week.

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    Re: WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling

    Figured I’d leave some brief comments on Velocity and see how things are tracking.

    Noble getting the win in the dark match is good. Even though he lost to Benoit, you wrote it as if he gave a pretty good account of himself… However the fact that the match time was only 3 minutes makes it hard to believe. You need to make sure your match times aren’t complete squash times when it seems like you’re trying to put somebody over. Either way, good to see Noble actually get back on track with a win here, even in a dark match.

    A good opening match between two teams who will be probably be pushing to be involved in a tag title scene. A little surprised to see The Bashams getting the win, but considering they cheated, The FBI don’t really lose anything. Good stuff.

    Awesome cruiserweight match and good to see London/Spike get 15 minutes as well. Slightly concerning that the longest match in this thread (unless I’ve forgotten one) is on Velocity… A show that doesn’t even really matter all that much. Anyway, London over Spike so happy he went over.

    A face Kenzo Suzuki just feels strange but it seems like that is what you are working towards. I’m interested to see how you will get him over that way. A good win here over A Train as a starting point anyway.

    Not much to judge out of Velocity, so it was okay. I think my main issue at this stage is you’ve based the thread around rebuilding, and had this five month hiatus, but all the shows don’t feel all that different from WWE in real life at the time. Looking forward to seeing you differentiate yourself further from the actual product, outside of just switching a few names between Raw and Smackdown.

    Off to a solid start though, mate.

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    Re: WWF: Rebuilding Professional Wrestling

    New York, NY

    Dark Match
    Luther Reigns def. Local jobber

    Singles Match
    Arch Kincard vs. Funaki

    Arch Kincaid would begin this one really aggressive, almost too aggressive, as the referee threatened to disqualify him early on. The former pupil of Killer Kowalski looked to pick up his first win in the WWF, as he'd put a suffocating attack on Funaki. A series of hard knees to the gut, followed by a back-breaker and gut-buster, all but finished Smackdown's former #1 announcer. Kincaid wouldn't be satisfied yet though and would pull Funaki off the mat, before hitting the Kincussion.

    Decision: Arch Kincaid wins via pinfall over Funaki @ 1:44.

    Post-match: Kincaid would rush to the referee to have his arm raised. Todd Grisham would call Kincaid a bit self-centered. Al Snow wouldn't disagree, but stated this being Kincaid's first win and he'll give him a pass for being so excited. He says Killer Kowalski is somewhere proud.

    Singles Match
    Trish Stratus vs. Jazz

    These two not-so-friends would start things hot right away. Things would spill out of the ring early, where the two competitors would roll around, connecting with shots to the face. Trish would gain the advantage and send Jazz, back first, into the barricade. That would be good enough for Canada's Greatest Export, as she'd send Jazz back inside the ring before connecting with a bridging northern lights suplex. She'd go for an early pin, but only got two. Trish wouldn't have the advantage much longer, as the vicious Jazz would send Trish's throat crashing into the ropes with a flapjack dropped into a hangman. Jazz would go on to dominate for a period, hitting a running splash, before setting Trish up for the Bitch Clamp. Trish would survive a pin, after being slammed to the mat. The crowd would rally behind Trish, after Jazz had her in a single leg Boston crab, really trying to damage the leg. Trish would eventually break free, but would show the effects of the hold. Still Trish was able to get some momentum for a run she'd put together. A spine-buster and a spear would only end up in a two count, but Trish had Jazz reeling. Trish would await a groggy Jazz to turn into the Chick Kick, but Jazz's husband, Rodney Mack, would make his return and grab Trish by the ankle, unbeknownst to the referee. Trish would turn her attention to Mack, trying to break free, as he'd let her go just to get caught by the Jazz Stinger.

    Decision: Jazz wins via pinfall over Trish Stratus @ 8:19.

    Post-match: Rodney Mack pulls his wife from the ring and they embrace and kiss. Their passion is observed by all, as they make their way up the ramp. Trish is disgusted by the turn of events as she looks up at Mack raising his wife's arm on the ramp. Grisham chastises Mack and Jazz for their cheating. Snow is in agreement and says Trish looked to have this one all but won, had it not been for Rodney Mack sticking his nose into things.

    Tag Team Match
    Kyo Dai (Tajiri & Akio w/Sakoda) vs. The New Aged Outlawz

    The NAO would look to get revenge on Kyo Dai, as they'd lost their return match to them this past Raw. This time, it would be Akio in place of Sakoda for the contest. Road Dogg would start things off with Tajiri. Both men met each others strike for strike. Billy Gunn would cheer Road Dogg on, who had the momentum as he put his theatrics on display, while taking it to Tajiri. The referee would miss a Tajiri thumb to the eye, before Roadie was thrown through the ropes. Sakoda would work Dogg over, until Gunn came to even the odds. Tajiri would send Dogg back into to the ring, before making a tag to Akio. Akio would work Dog over with his quick, aerial offence for a while, keeping Dogg from making a much needed tag. Akio would tag Tajiri back in and the two would work Roadie over in the corner. Gunn paced the apron and hung over top the ropes, wanting a tag in. The crowd was behind Dogg as well. Dogg would eventually fight back and knocked Akio off the apron with an elbow to the face, before sending Tajiri to the mat with a powerbomb. Dogg would drag himself to Gunn, who came in blazing from the hot tag. We'd see an innovated hip toss neckbreaker and military press slam from Gunn, before he sized Tajiri up for the Fame-Ass-er. However, Sakoda and Akio would cause a stir on the apron, where Gunn would chase them off. This gave Tajiri an opening to surprise Gunn, but Roadie entered the ring and spun Tajiri around, only to get green mist sprayed into his face. With Dogg down and rolled out of the ring, Gunn went for the Gunnslinger on Tajiri, but was hit by a roundhouse kick to the side of the head by Akio. Gunn would fall to his knees and Tajiri would follow up with the Buzzsaw Kick.

    Decision: Kyo Dai wins via Tajiri pinfall over Billy Gunn @ 11:26.

    Post-match: Road Dogg sat up on the apron in disbelief that they'd lost another battle to Kyo Dai is such a fashion. Gunn stirred in the ring, holding his head from the double kick attack. Grisham talked about Kyo Dai seeming to have The New Age Outlawz's number. Snow says he's not too sure yet and talks about his battles with The New Age Outlawz in the past and says he believes they're just on a slight cold streak. He says he'd expect them to beat Kyo Dai the next time they meet.

    Main Event
    Tyson Tomko vs. Eugene

    In the last contest of the night. Tyson Tomko would take on Eugene in a tune-up match for his contest against Rhyno, tomorrow night on Raw. Tomko would really have his way with poor Eugene. He'd enjoy punishing the poor fella, instead of beating him easily. He'd take his time tossing Eugene around the ring, in-between power moves. Eugene wouldn't run away though and wouldn't quit to Tomko's aggressive submission holds. Tomko would slap Eugene around, showing absolutely no respect for the man. The crowd would let Tomko know how they felt about it. And Tomko would let the crowd know he didn't care one bit. Tomko would connect on several vertical suplex powerslams, leaving Eugene incapacitated. The referee wanted to call the match, but Tomko threatened him, explaining that Eugene was still breathing and could go. The referee had enough and called the match, angering Tomko, who shoved him to the mat. Tomko would turn his attention back to Eugene, whose body was limp. Tomko lifted Eugene up and climbed the turnbuckle with him, setting him up for an Argentine neckbreaker from way up high. Tension was high as Tomko was about to execute, when suddenly Rhyno came rushing down the ramp. Tomko tossed Eugene to the mat and tried to ready himself for Rhyno. However, Rhyno got the jump on Tomko and tackled him to the mat, before pummeling his face. Tomko would shove Rhyno off and roll outside the ring. Rhyno would pursue, but would get whipped into steel steps, allowing Tomko to get away.

    Decision: No contest @ 10:35.

    Post-match: Tomko made his way up the ramp, scowling and yelling to Rhyno that his ass is his soon. Rhyno sat up near the steel steps, his face full of rage and intensity, as he looked back at Tomko. Grisham talked about how ruthless Tyson Tomko is and how him and Rhyno going to battle tomorrow night is sure to be a hard hitting contest. Snow is excited and says he cannot wait to see the two brutes tear each other apart tomorrow night. He says both men are animals who are out for blood. He says he doesn't know who will come out on top tomorrow night, but everyone will be in for a treat. Grisham would thank us for joining them tonight and that they'd see us next week.

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