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Thread: CWA Presents: Thundershock

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    CWA Presents: Thundershock



    After a hype video plays the fans are treated to a loud pyrotechnics display as the camera pans over the sold-out crowd before setting on Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman at ringside for the evening's festivities.

    Jim Taylor: Good evening fans and welcome to ThunderShock live from Sydney Australia! I'm Jim Taylor joined alongside as always by Tim Coleman and we are jam-packed for a night full of exciting action!

    Tim Coleman: You got that right Jimbo, and it's all topped off by that five man High Voltage Championship Scramble Match!

    Jim Taylor: As well as a much anticipated Thundercage match between The Dark Watch and Prince Ali, Brayden Briges and Rolando Fuentes, and the two out of three falls match between The Echo and Diamond Dogs, but first we'll be kicking off tonight's event with a electrifying opening contest!

    Opening Contest



    Lindsay Monahan:
    The following contest is the opening contest for the evening and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, Jackson Fenix!

    The opening to "Sweatpants" begins to play and as the lyrics start Jackson walks out on stage and presents a cowardly smirk at the booing fans. He walks down to the ring mocking and taunting the fans along the way, feeding off their boos.

    Tim Coleman: Jackson Fenix is looking to get back in the good graces of Nate Savage and what better way to do that than to have an excellent showing here against a former CWA High Voltage and Tag-Team Champion?

    Jim Taylor: Fenix has been a screw up for so long, I'm not sure how Savage even puts up with him. Fenix has all the potential in the world to be somewhat decent at what he does, but Shawn Summers isn't someone that I think is going to let Fenix get over on him. It's just not in his nature as a person or as a wrestler.

    Fenix reaches the ring he throws up his index finger, much to the dismay of the audience before heading to his corner and waiting for the arrival of his opponent.

    The sound Lana Del Rey's "Cola" falls over the arena and instant boos from the fans as Shawn Summers steps out. Shawn walks down to the ring with a focused look on Nate Savage in the ring while mouthing the words to his theme music.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    And his opponent, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada weighing in at two-hundred & twenty-five pounds, he is "The God King" SHAWN SUMMMMERRRRS!
    Tim Coleman - It has to be hard for Shawn Summers to refer to himself as "The God King" as of late. Shawn Summers hasn't picked up an official win in over 7 months. Summers has got to be looking at this match as an opportunity to finally get back in the wins column.

    Jim Taylor - Summers has got to do something because he's become the butt of wrestling jokes as of late. He's slowly becoming one of those professional wrestlers who started out red hot but fizzled out way too soon.

    Upon his approach to the ring, Shawn slowly makes his way up the ring steps pausing and staring at Fenix before entering the ring. Once in the ring he makes his way to his corner and closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before letting out an almost primal like roar as he opens his eyes and paces back and forth in the ring waiting for the beginning of the match.

    *Ding, Ding, Ding*

    Both men look at each other from across the ring, but they are very dismissive of each other. Shawn Summers looks at Fenix and just tells him to bring it. Egging him on, and telling him to come on! Fenix returns this notion with two fingers up, and gyrating in the air. They finally meet in the center of the ring, and lock up. Fenix quickly just disengages, and tells Summers to suck it doing the classic DX pose. Summers rushes in, and goes for the classic double leg take down, and easily takes down Fenix who was unbalanced. Summers then does a 360 around Fenix’s body, and gets up, and rubs his hair, and throws down whatever is in his hair at Fenix. Fenix quickly kips up, and does an oh no I’m scared sign sarcastically taunting Summers. Summers goes in and just quickly kicks Fenix in the gut, Fenix doubles over not expecting that move from Summers, and then Summers goes for a suplex. The referee is in front of the Summers. Summers has Fenix up, and Fenix gets out of the suplex, and lands behind Summers. Summers a little shocked, and not being able to recover quick enough, Fenix just drop kicks the back of Summers knees, and Summer’s goes down on one knee, and without hesitation Fenix kicks Summers in the back of the head, sending Summers down. Fenix quickly goes down to the mat, and starts mocking Summers. He is doing a crying motion, and Summers just looks at Fenix angrily. As soon as Fenix gets to his feet, Summers pounces quick, with a fast double leg takedown. This time instead of playing with Fenix, he quickly adjusts to back control, and as Fenix gets up, Summers locks in a read naked choke. Fenix though quickly reacts, and runs Summers to the turnbuckle. This maneuver loosens the grip around Fenix’s neck, and Fenix is able to throw his weight forward, and shrug off Summers as Summers falls forward.

    Jim Taylor:
    Both of these athletes are trying to showboat their way into a victory. I don’t think that’s how it works around here folks!

    Tim Coleman:

    Shawn Summers is showing off his amateur wrestling, but Fenix seems to have the counters. This is what I like!

    Summers scrambles quickly to get to his feet trying to relieve any advantage that Fenix has on him in his current situation. Fenix goes for the advantage, and goes for the Shining wizard, but Summers who is quick enough, dodges the shining wizard, is up on his feet, and delivers a beautiful belly to back suplex. Fenix lands on his back, but again Fenix having great ring presence quickly slides outside of the ring. Fenix looks at the referee and basically tells the ref to screw off. He starts walking to the back, and the ref starts to count. Summers makes a mistake though, and turns his back trying to get the referee to stop the count. Fenix quickly captures this opportunity, and slides in the ring. He gets on his knees, and while Summers has the referee getting the referee to stop the count, Fenix crotches Summers. The referee didn’t see it, and Summers just goes down grabbing his nether regions. Fenix does a little dance, and then ends the dance with a little European F-U.

    Tim Coleman:
    Summers with a mistake, and turning his back on Fenix! I don’t know if I agree with those tactics, but it looks like Fenix has the advantage, lets see what he does with it.

    Fenix goes to Summers, and lifts him up by the hair. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE NOW!’ He then delivers a forearm smash to the head of Summers who now clutches his head. Fenix then just kicks Summers right in the head while Summers is on the ground. All the time just mocking Summers. At one time he does an Amateur wrestling pose, and mocks Summers around the ring.

    Jim Taylor:
    He is wasting valuable time here! He needs to stay on the attack.

    As Summers gets up, Fenix mocks him again, and then does a seated drop kick to Summers face. Summer’s goes back down, and Fenix just poses to the crowd. While Fenix’s back is away from Summers, Summers quickly rolls up Fenix, who is shocked that Summers recovered so quickly. Summers rolls him up!
    and Fenix barely
    out of the roll up! Fenix quickly gets up
    and stops him on the head. Fenix does the same move again, but this time Summers grabs the boot of Fenix
    and throws him off to the mat. This gives Summers the time to recover, and they get up at the same time. You can see Fenix is upset, and Fenix runs to Summers, and Summers catches him in the Wipeout, and Fenix’s eyes get big, and he starts shaking his head no, and Summer’s throws Fenix halfway across the ring. Summers dusts his hands off, and he goes straight to Fenix. He picks Fenix up by the back
    and deadlifts him into a stalling belly to back suplex. Fenix back again hits the mat, and you can tell
    pain. Summers quickly gets up
    and looks down at Fenix, who almost looks like he is
    over selling
    his back. He picks up Fenix by his hair, and Fenix just quickly gives him
    fingers to the eyes. Summers stumbles back, trying to regain his
    eye sight
    , as Fenix gets up, and although a little slow he throws a jab at Summers who can’t see him. Fenix starts to laugh as he circles around Summers
    and throws another jab that connects Summers right in the jaw. Fenix dances a little more
    then does a crotch chop, steps back, and goes for the Superkick. The leg comes up to connect with Summers, and Summers grabs the kick and begins to laugh uncontrollably. Fenix is begging off no, and Summer’s just releases an elbow right to the knee, and you see Fenix crumble to the ground, and he is in a lot of pain grabbing his knee!

    Jim Taylor:

    Oh my goodness! That could have crippled Fenix!! Your knee is not supposed to bend that way!

    Fenix is clutching, and he’s in a lot of pain. His face is screaming in pain. Then you see Summers mocking Fenix to get up! Summers places his foot on the face of Fenix
    and just mocks him more. Fenix begins to back up to the ring ropes. The referee is starting to get concerned for Fenix, and he backs up Summers looking at Fenix’s knee. Fenix just continues to point at his knee
    and says he can’t move it.

    Tim Coleman:

    Holy cow! This
    the end of Fenix’s career! Summers needs to back up, and let the referee do his damn job!!The referee is looking at Fenix, and Summers really has had enough of this. He pulls the referee away from Fenix, and Fenix quickly rolls up Summers! The referee is confused, and as soon as the referee is out of position, Fenix pops his legs up on the middle rope for more leverage!

    Jim Taylor:

    Wait what is going on!!! Referee look at what Fenix is doing, Fenix was faking! Fenix was faking!!!

    Tim Coleman:

    It’s a miraculous recovery!!!!!

    Summers is trying to get out, but the leverage maybe too much. Summers keeps squirming, and Fenix holds on tighter! ONE-TWO!!!!! Summers continues to struggles, but the extra leverage on the ropes, doesn’t let him escape, and the referee is still out of position! THREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Lindsay Monahan:

    The winner of the match, in the time of 8:12 seconds! JACKSON FENIX!!!!

    Fenix quickly rolls out of the ring, and starts selling the knee again! He looks up to Summers, and points to his head signaling that he outsmarted Summers! Summers quickly goes to the ref and kicks the ropes, and the referee points to his eyes saying he didn’t see it. Summers is fuming, and Fenix is on the outside just mocking Summers.

    Jim Taylor:

    Fenix has stolen a victory at the PPV! What an opener of two great superstars, but it shouldn’t have ended like that!

    Tim Coleman:

    Fenix didn’t steal anything! He just outsmarted Summers. And look he’s still hurting! He wasn’t faking anything! Fenix is legitimately hurt!

    -Fade to black-


    THE DARK WATCH (Anna Malikova, Noah nitro & Thomas west) w/ LILITH


    The scene fades back in from darkness as The Thundercage is being lowered to the ring while the crowd buzzes with excitement and anticipation.

    Jim Taylor: Are you ready Tim?

    Tim Coleman:
    I don't think I have a choice, Jim

    Jim Taylor: The ominous structure known as the Thundercage is being lowered and the six combatants that are about to step inside will be in a war

    Tim Coleman: That's an understatement Jim, this is gonna be a massacre! Lilith and her minions have run roughshod over CWA since she won the World Heavyweight Championship, and now it's like she practically runs the show! Who can stop them?!

    Jim Taylor: Their opposition is going to try their best and they are led by CWA legend and future hall of famer, Rolando Fuentes, and he'll be alongside Brayden Bridges and Prince Ali. Can they put a stop to The Dark Watch or will the dark cloud that has been hovering over CWA remain? Let's find out!
    "The Bottom" by Devour the Day hits to a heavy mixed reaction for Brayden Bridges, who makes his way through the crowd while carrying his signature guitar over his shoulder and keeping his head down on the way in complete darkness. He reaches the ring and slowly enters the Thundercage, stepping inside of it still shrouded in darkness until he stands in the ring alone and a lone spotlight shines brightly on him.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first from New Orleans, LA and weighing in at two-hundred & forty-five pounds, he is "The Lost Soul"...BRAYDEN WALKER!

    All of the arena lights come back on as Brayden's music cuts out and is soon replaced by "Long Live the Chief" by Jidenna to roaring cheers from the crowd as Prince Ali steps out on stage. He stands on stage looking down at the structure that awaits him before making his walk to the ring, keeping his focus fixated on the Thundercage.
    Lindsay Monahan: His tag team partner from Monrovia, Liberia, Africa by way of Los Angeles, CA and weighing in at two-hundred & fifteen pounds, he is "The Standard"...PRINCE ALI!

    Ali takes his place in the ring standing beside Bridges as his music fades out and replaced by Disturbed's "Droppin' Plates" to more roaring cheers from the crowd as Rolando Fuentes steps out looking ready for a fight. He's hyped up and raring to go, he starts firing up the crowd as well on his way to the ring while staring at the structure.
    Lindsay Monahan: and their tag team partner from Canton, OH by way of Houston, TX and weighing in at two-hundred & thirty-five pounds...ROLANDO "ICE" FUENTES!

    Rolando soon joins his partners in the ring inside of the monstrous structure as they await their opposition...

    Darkness falls over the arena as "Virgin Queen" plays over the sound system to thunderous booing from the fans as The Dark Watch step out led by their leader, Lilith. She's flanked by West, Nitro, and Malikova who follow her to the ring with the arena still shrouded in darkness.
    Lindsay Monahan: Now making their way being accompanied by Anna Malikova. Weighing in at two-hundred & ninety pounds, Thomas West! Next weighing in at two-hundred & twelve pounds, Noah Nitro! Finally, from Salem, MA and weighing in at one-hundred & seventy pounds, she is the CWA World Heavyweight Champion..."The Herald of Darkness" LILITH! Together they are...THE DARK WATCH!
    Jim Taylor: There's an eerie, uneasy feeling in the air when Lilith and her Dark Watch is present

    Tim Coleman: You can say that again!

    Jim Taylor: Bridges, Ali, and Fuentes do not seem intimidated in the least by their presence though

    Tim Coleman: They can't show fear Jim, Lilith and her minions feed off that and use it to their advantage!

    Jim Taylor: All I know is that this will be an all-out war!

    Malikova stands outside the Thundercage as it's locked by referee Johnny Yamaguchi. The Dark Watch stand across from Bridges, Ali, and Fuentes, who itching to get this match started and that's when Yamaguchi calls for the bell!


    The team of Bridges, Ali, and Fuentes make a beeline for the Dark Watch! Bridges and Fuentes deal with the big man West while Nitro and Ali trade punches as Lilith watches on intently. Bridges and Fuentes have West in position and take him down with a ring-rattling double team suplex! West writhes on the mat as Bridges and Fuentes stomp away at him while Ali and Nitro are still going at it as Ali has gained the upper hand and takes Nitro up in position and sends him crashing to the mat with a belly to belly suplex! Nitro now writhes on the mat as well while the trio stares the leader of the Dark Watch, Lilith. She doesn't look afraid at all and welcomes them and they are more than happy to oblige her as they bumrush her in the corner, but before they can do anything West clips Bridges from behind on the leg taking the big man down and then clubs Fuentes on the back furiously. Before Ali can retaliate he's leveled by a dropkick from Nitro that knocks him back to the corner where Lilith had been but now she stands aside with a twisted grin and puts her hand around Ali's throat, looking to choke the life out of him and ordering Nitro to punish him some more with kicks and stomps until Ali is slumped down in the corner.

    Jim Taylor: It didn't take long at all for The Dark Watch to take control of the match

    Tim Coleman:
    This pack of dogs mentality they use really works to their benefit and that's being shown on display right now

    With Ali down and out in the corner momentarily, Nitro focuses on Fuentes while West focuses on Bridges. West brings Bridges up in position and then launches him across the ring with a fallaway slam that shakes the ring the impact of Bridges crashing down upon it. Nitro hoists Rolando up on his shoulder, and Rolando desperately tries to fight back but to no avail and Nitro brings him down hard with a Samoan drop! Lilith meanwhile still has attention on Ali in the corner, choking him with her boot. She then brings him to his feet and hits a snap suplex soon followed by a springboard leg drop followed by a pin attempt!


    Ali gets a shoulder up and Lilith orders West to pick up Ali, and as West does as he's ordered he picks up Ali but Ali manages to fight back and lands a pele kick straight to the dome! It has West rocked as he drops to one knee allowing Ali to muster up more strength and plant him face first on the mat with a DDT! Nitro looking to make the save but Ali senses him and ducks underneath a clothesline and drills him with a dropkick that sends Nitro reeling back to the ropes and Nitro bounces back off the ropes into a rebound allowing Ali to connect with the pop-up powerbomb! The crowd has come alive now but Lilith has seen enough of her minions failing her orders and decides to do the work herself and clubs Ali from behind with a forearm shot but it has little to effect on Ali, who slowly turns around to face the mad woman as she goes to slap him but her hand is grabbed by Bridges. She goes to use her free hand but this one is grabbed by Fuentes, and then she's shoved to Bridges who then clobbers her...CALL THE CORONER! Bridges levels Lilith with the rolling elbow and she collapses to the mat in a heap. Now Fuentes sees an opening and begins to apply his signature submission...ICELOCK! The reverse Boston crab is locked on Lilith with nowhere for her to go and she has come to and is writhing and screaming on the mat in agony

    Jim Taylor: Lilith is in trouble now!

    The lights in the arena to flicker though and it distracts Ali as well as Bridges and Fuentes but he keeps the hold applied as the lights still flicker. Bridges and Ali remain on their guard while the lights flicker...

    Tim Coleman:
    Lilith using her tricks as usual!

    Jim Taylor:
    Look out! Anna Malikova has entered the Thundercage! How on earth did she get in there?!

    Tim Coleman:
    Why are you asking me?! Do I look like an expert magic and dark arts?! It's gotta be one of Lilith's tricks!

    Malikova is in the ring now standing Ali and Bridges as well with West and Nitro who have since recovered. They stand eerily behind the trio and as Bridges and Ali turn around they are leveled by West and Nitro, being taken out each by a clothesline while Lilith remains in the Icelock as Malikova sneaks behind Fuentes and swiftly kicks him in the groin, bringing him down instantly. The Dark Watch then assist their leader to her feet and once she's up she barks more orders at them and they obey and the three of them all kick and stomp away at Bridges, Ali, and Fuentes. Lilith orders them to bring Fuentes to her and they drag him to her and she spits some red mist in his eyes as they hold him down but soon he falls the mat screaming in pain and agony as the red mist burns his eyes. The Dark Watch stomp and kick away at Fuentes some more until they bring him up for Lilith who brings him up in position...MURDER OF CROWS! Fuentes is down and out as Lilith makes the cover...


    The pin is broken up in time by Bridges, but not much else he can do as he's stomped on by The Dark Watch. Bridges is helpless now but not for long as Ali is perched behind The Dark Watch and launches himself in time as both West and Nitro turn around after being screamed at by Lilith right into a double top rope clothesline taking them both down! Malikova turns her attention towards Ali as she attempts to slap him, but he catches her by the wrist and instead hoists her up...BROKEN DREAMS!


    Ali now turns his focus on Lilith but before he can do anything he's clubbed by West from behind. Followed by Nitro and the two of them stomp away at him before bringing him up and hand him over to Lilith, who puts him position for Judas Kiss but Bridges makes clubbing Lilith from behind and knocking her down. He then levels both Nitro and West with forearms, fending them off. He shoves Nitro to the ropes and then off the rebound he catches him...FADE TO BLACK! Nitro is out just like that and then Bridges boots West in the gut that brings him down to a knee...FACE THE MUSIC! Superkick from Bridges and West is now out of the equation leaving Lilith by her lonesome. Fuentes has since come to after recovering from his burning eyes as well Ali, and the three of them stand over her. Ali brings her up first...BROKEN DREAMS! As she's about to flop to the mat Fuentes catches her and brings her up...ICE PICK! Bridges now gets his turn as he brings up the now groggy Lilith...LAST RITES! Bridges makes the pin...


    Lindsay Monahan:
    The winners of the match, Brayden Bridges, Prince Ali, and Rolando Fuentes!

    Jim Taylor: Good grief what a match!

    Tim Coleman: Mercifully it's over and the right team won!

    Jim Taylor: You're right about that Tim, but I have a feeling that this is far from over!

    Bridges, Ali, and Fuentes have exited the ring and celebrate on the stage while in the ring The Dark Watch checks on their leader. Lilith slowly starts to come to as The Dark Watch help her to her feet.

    As she realizes what has happened she lets out a blood-curdling shriek that seems to go on for over a minute. She shakes her head no and smacks her face before letting out another shriek. She runs from corner to corner in the ring, ripping the turnbuckles pad covers off of the turnbuckles. She stumbles to the middle of the ring, falling to her knees and letting out another long shriek. Thomas West hands her the World Championship and attempts to lift her to her feet. She pushes him away and motions for the cameraman to approach her. She continues screaming as the cameraman approaches.


    The Dark Watch lift Lilith on their shoulders and slowly carry her out of the ring as she continues to shriek and scream "Blood".

    - Fade to Black-

    THE DFB (Bobby “smooth” and Cody Mundz)
    THE BLACKLIST (Connor cross & Luna cross)


    The crowd turns its attention to the stage, as the first team in the Retribution rematch makes its way through the entrance. Their strides are in perfect unison as the crowd groans and boos, with some scarce cheers rising above. Connor Cross and Luna Cross halt their march at the top of the entrance. It's there when they clap their wrists together — Connor with his right and Luna with her left — as they face one another briefly, before continuing the march down the rampway and toward the ring.

    Tim Coleman: This next match is ... let's just say these teams have a lot of beef.

    Jim Taylor: And the winner of this match surely should be in the hunt for the soon-to-be unified Tag Team Championships. You'd have to think whichever team wins gets the next shot... right?

    “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds hits and the crowd's buzz only increases. DFB, Bobby Smooth and Cody Mundz, race out the entrance and sprint down to the ring with no plans of stalling out their entrance. The music stops after just 10 seconds and the crowd cheers as The DFB slide into the ring, only for The Blacklist to slide out at the same time.

    Jim Taylor: Luna and Connor stay a step ahead, playing mind games now with Cody and Bobby!

    The DFB sprint toward the ropes, but Connor Cross grabs each's inner leg and whips them to their backs. He pulls out both DFB members to the outside and lands a double clothesline with both arms outstretched, causing a roar from the crowd as The DFB are laid out on the outside.

    The ref finally rings the bell, signaling the start of the match, although The Blacklist has already made a giant mark.
    Connor Cross pulls both men up by a handful of hair, either on their head or face. He lands an uppercut to each's jaw as The DFB members stumble backward. Connor follows and rolls Cody Mundz into the ring, where Luna awaits. Those two begin as the legal competitors, and Luna immediately stomps ruthlessly into the hurting opponent, not letting him get upright or able to defend himself from the body shots. Luna runs herself off the ropes and connects on a running kick to the shoulder area. She does the same move a second time and quickly tags in Connor Cross, who just sent Bobby Smooth face-first into the nearby ring post.

    Connor whips Cody into the ropes and lands a quick arm-lock hip toss, followed by a seated wrist lock with his leg laying atop Cody's chest and neck region. The referee counts for the shoulders down, but Cody quickly kicks out at one. Connor keeps the wrist lock applied, and the leg atop the chest gets a second one count from the referee. Cody finally turns to his side and eventually on his knees. He has Connor in a bridged position until Connor wraps his legs around Cody's neck. Connor is lifted into the air and Cody runs him back first into the nearby turnbuckle. Cody finally breaks free, giving himself a few feet of distance while Connor recovers momentarily. Connor explodes out the corner with a forearm but Cody blocks it and lands his own forearm across the face and nose. A second one puts Connor back against the turnbuckle, where Cody smacks his palm across Connor's chest, leaving a tomato-red mark and garnering "ooooh"s from the fans watching.

    Cody tries a whip across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle, but Connor reverses it. Luna sticks up a boot, which Cody stops using his hands on the foot. When he turns, Connor lands a running backhand chop to the chest that immediately puts Cody on his back. Connor tags in Luna, who lands a jumping double foot stomp into the exposed chest of Cody Mundz. She quickly goes for the cover, but Cody kicks out at two.

    Tim Coleman: Cody needs to make a tag to Bobby. He's running out of gas and it's been 2 on 1 most of this match!

    Luna runs off the ropes and attempts a clothesline when Cody rises, but Cody ducks and hits a spinebuster that shakes the ring. He lays on his back for about 15 seconds while Bobby Smooth tries to encourage his partner to make the cross-ring trek for the tag. Luna only has to reach up and make a tag to Connor, which happens after about five seconds. Cody gets about halfway crawling before he gets to his feet, but Connor lands a running forearm to the upper spine that puts Cody face down into the canvas. Connor taunts Bobby as he stalks over Cody, who struggles to push himself up. Connor runs himself off the ropes with hopes of a running kick, but Cody has one last match-saving move and hits his "Reaper's Right Hand" knockout punch! The crowd EXPLODES as Cody crumbles to his knees, and Connor goes down hard.

    Neither man moves for about five seconds, until Cody finally stirs and rolls to his corner. He makes the tag to Bobby just as Connor comes to. Bobby quickly hits a chop block to knock Connor back down. And a second one. And a third one. Bobby whips Connor to the ropes and hits a shinbreaker. His pinfall try nets only a two count, but Bobby is ROLLING.

    Bobby puts Connor into the corner with repeated forearms. Luna is able to distract the referee by teasing like she's going to blindside Bobby. This distracts The DFB member, and Connor lands a kick into the groin that might've been illegal.

    Bobby crouch-walks out the corner and Luna succumbs to the ref's scolding. Connor makes the tag and Luna dives her shoulder into the back of Bobby's legs to take him down. Then she applies a single-leg Boston crab. But just a few seconds after locking it in, Cody grabs her by the hair and yanks her back to The DBF corner. Connor enters the ring and runs at Cody, but the forearm misses and accidentally hits Luna!

    Cody's front dropkick sends Connor through the ropes and out of the ring. Bobby calls for a tag, which Cody grants by returning to The DFB corner. Bobby lifts Luna up for a belly-to-back suplex, and Cody flies off with a diving leg drop. The double-team move works, and Cody hooks both legs as Bobby celebrates, thinking it's over.

    ...............THRE....NO! CONNOR MAKES THE SAVE!!!

    Jim Taylor: This back-and-forth action is what to expect from the CWA's tag team division! This is GREAT!

    The crowd lets out a loud "ooooh" after the nearfall. Bobby puts Connor back into his corner, and Cody comes over as The DFB do their patented corner beatdown on Connor Cross.

    The crowd lets out a loud "ooooh" after the nearfall. Bobby puts Connor back into his corner, and Cody comes over as The DFB do their patented corner beatdown on Connor Cross. The corner beatdown on Connor Cross continues from The DFB until the lights in the arena unexpectadly go out.

    Tim Coleman - What the hell is going?!?!

    The lights come back on and the fans erupt into gasps of shock and awe as The Dark Watch (Noah Nitro, Thomas West, and Anna Malikova) stands in the ring behind The DFB. The camera shifts and shows Lilith standing at the end of the entrance ramp, clutching her World Championship.

    Tim Coleman - That's the Dark Watch!! What the hell are The Dark Watch and Lilith doing here?!?!

    Jim Taylor - You know damn well why they're here. Lilith vowed that CWA would suffer and that she would have her revenge. This is what she warned us about!

    The Dark Watch turn their attention to Lilith, who simply gives them a head nod. The members of The Dark Watch return the head nod towards Lilith and turn their attention back to The DFB, who have stopped their assault on Connor Cross.

    Noah Nitro strikes Cody Mundz with a stiff superman punch to the face before quickly turning to Bobby Smooth and spitting a red mist into his face, sending him falling to the floor clutching his face. Thomas West spears Cody Mundz into the corner, sending him falling back onto the downed Connor Cross. The three begin a gang-style beat down of the fallen DFB and Connor Cross, alternating between the three with a crazed assault involving kicks, punches, forearms and biting.

    Tim Coleman - This is an all-out psychotic beatdown from The Dark Watch all at the behest of the CWA World Champion Lilith. And for what? Because she lost a match?

    Jim Taylor - This is Lilith that we're talking about. It was more than a loss for her. It was a blemish on her perfection.

    Luna Cross rushes into the ring and hits Anna Malikova in the back of the head with a flying forearm sending her crashing into the corner. Luna attempts to gather some offense, trading shots with Nitro and West, but the two are too much for her. West grabs Luna by her hair and tosses her across the ring. She quickly rises to her feet holding her head but is met with a superkick from Noah Nitro.

    Thomas West and Noah Nitro pick Cody Mundz up from out of the corner and places him in the center of the ring on his knees. The two enter opposite corners of the ring as Mundz kneels in the middle of the ring, before rushing at him with a stiff knee from West to the back of Mundz head and a stiff knee from Nitro to the sternum of Mundz at the same time. Anna Malikova frantically drags Connor Cross to the middle of the ring and places him on his knees for Noah Nitro and Thomas West to deliver the devastating knee strike combo to him.

    Tim Coleman - Where the hell is security? Where the hell is CWA management? Why is no one coming out to stop this?

    Jim Taylor - Here are even more important questions, where is Noah Nitro? Where is Rolando Fuentes? Where is Brayden Bridges? This is all THIER fault and they are nowhere to be found!

    The Dark Watch drag the bodies of Luna and Connor Cross to the middle of the ring and lays them on top of one another. They grab Bobby Smooth and Cody Mundz and drape their bodies on top of The Blacklist before retreating to the corner of the ring.

    Lilith slowly walks from the end of the entrance ramp, up the ring steps and into the ring still clutching her World Championship. She stops in front of the bodies stacked on top of one another, almost inspecting the work of The Dark Watch. She steps forward and climbs atop the bodies, sitting cross-legged at the top with her championship draped over her shoulder. She stares coldly into the camera as the scene slowly fades to black.

    Jim Taylor: We been hearing talks that Belle might be here tonight. We are yet to hear confir.....

    *On the screen a sign reads Belle has arrived and Devour from Shinedown starts playing over the speakers*

    Jim Taylor:
    She is here the talks were true

    *Belle walks out to some cheers from the crowd and some indecision from the crowd. She walks down the ramp with a look of half smirk half smug*

    Jim Taylor:
    We have been hearing for weeks that she may have signed with the company and she is hear. She has been on social media having a disagreement with Riggins over the last few days.

    Well hello Sydney

    *The crowd cheers for hearing their hometown*

    Belle: So the rumors are true the Quinn of CWA is now here.

    *The crowd still is cheering*

    Belle: Don't for one second think I came here for anyone of you fans. No, I came here to show everyone that I am a threat. I get what I want.

    *Before the crowd can boo Riggins music hits and he walks out with a little smirk on his face and he enters the ring*

    So you get what you want well baby I am right here.

    Belle: Um yuck like I told you on twitter stay away from me you don't want to wake the beast

    Riggins: Baby the beast you want a beast I will be whatever you want me to be. We can write our own fairytale

    Belle: In any fairytale of mine you are not in it you will be kissing my foot just to be in my presence

    Riggins: I will kiss your feet I don't care I know you want me and baby I want you too.

    *Riggins starts backing Belle into the corner and you can see for a second some fright on Belle's face then a smile and a small laugh*

    Belle: I told you to stay back or you would wake the beast.

    *Suddenly a giant of a man enters the ring and grabs Riggins and throws him across the ring. Riggins backs up into the turnbuckle but the giant comes running at him and squishes him in the corner. He picks up Riggins like it is nothing and throws him on his shoulder and launches him off with a huge F5. Belle watching in astonishment takes off her heels. The giant of a man picks her up and sets her on the turnbuckle. He goes back to Riggins and picks him up for a powerbomb. Belle climbs on top of the giant and is standing on his shoulders as she puts her feet into Riggins as the giant slams him into the mat.

    *Belle goes and puts back on her heels*

    Belle: I told you don't wake the beast. I get what I want and what I want is for you to never see me again.

    *Belle yells at the giant of a man to pick Riggins back up. The giant man does and holds his head*

    Belle: The beast has arrived

    *Belle then proceeds to kick Riggins in the face catching her heel in his eye and while on the ground grinds her heel into him.

    *Riggins is rolling around in pain holding his eye as EMT and refs try and help him*








    Alina Poonzaretti appears first, to a raucous ovation from the crowd. Then Maya Shagaguchi appears, and the crowd pops a second time. Both valets step to the side and position their arms as if to introduce those that follow, and the upbeat guitar chords of the theme music are timed perfectly with Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli appearing from the darkness. The crowd gives the loudest ovation yet, as the Diamond Dogs make their way to the ring with the females by either's side.

    Jim Taylor: It's TIME!
    Tim Coleman: The Diamond Dogs won the World's Greatest Tag Team Tournament and, we thought, the CWA Tag Team Championships that were vacated. But the Echo's appearance and destruction sort of put a question mark over everything in the CWA tag team division.

    Jim Taylor: And that's why we're here. The Diamond Dogs ... versus The Echo. Undisputed tag team champions. Who will they be?

    The crowd's tune changes as the music
    takes a heavy-metal turn for Primus. The Echo appear after about five seconds of the guitar intro, and the crowd lets out a heavy mixed reaction for the CWA tag team legends.

    Jim Taylor: Best two out of three falls. That means stamina will play a big role in this. But these four all have high energy and athleticism.

    Tim Coleman: The Echo are legends. I give them an edge, BUT ... The Diamond Dogs won the tournament. They have been the best team ... as of late ... in the CWA. It's also a no-holds-barred, no-DQ match. So we'll see a bit of anarchy tonight.

    The Echo get to the end of the entrance way when The Diamond Dogs sprint toward the ropes, slide under and begin throwing haymakers at The Echo, who respond with their own stiff punches in defense. The crowd cheers as The Diamond Dogs take it to The Echo, backing them up the entrance ramp about 20 feet with their wild forearms and stiff punches to the jaw and forehead areas. Ricardo and Santino try to whip Drew and Ethan into collision. The Echo try reversing it, but The Diamond Dogs stand their ground and yank The Echo members toward them for short-arm clotheslines. The Diamond Dogs continue to work on The Echo on the stage, with Santino leading Drew to one side while Ricardo has Ethan on the other. Each of them does Santino's patented "Love Fist" baseball-pitch punch, which gets a positive reaction from the fans. Then they do Ricardo's "Muff Dive" double knee drop into the chest. And this is with about 15 yards between them, on either side of the stage. The Diamond Dogs continue working on The Echo, in complete control here. A few more kicks and punches until Ricardo does his roundhouse kick to Ethan. He tries finishing "Money Shot" with a running knee, but Ethan ducks his head and springs to life with a handstand head-scissors takedown on Ricardo. This distracts Santino enough for Drew Conner to poke the eyes and land one of his leg lariat variations. The crowd is now sullen as The Echo grab the two Diamond Dog members and lead them to the ring.

    Drew rolls Santino into the ring while Ethan whips Ricardo back first into the steel fan barricade, leaving him there like a bus crash. Drew continues working on Santino with forearms to the jaw and kicks into the lower spine. His whip across the ring to the ropes gets a handspring backflip into a tornado DDT. Then he tags in Ethan, and The Echo execute their vertical suplex/diving crossbody combination move. Ethan makes the cover, but Santino kicks out after a short two count.

    Ethan further works on Santino and does a crotch-chop taunt. Santino fires back with a forearm but Ethan is barely hurt by it and lands a slap across the face. Tag made to Drew, and The Echo
    spinebuster/springboard spinning wheel kick combination. Drew covers now, and this time Santino kicks free at two and a half.

    Drew quickly moves Santino toward The Echo's corner and puts a boot into his throat. He drives elbows into the chin as the announcers note how The Echo has turned the match in its favor. Tag made to Ethan and they do the "Rock-Paper-Scissors" flying forearm, with Ethan doing rock and Drew doing scissors. Drew kneels and Ethan hits the flying forearm to the needing-a-rest Santino. Ethan allows Santino to stumble out the ring before hitting his patented Pelé kick and hooking the far leg.

    ...................1......................2....................Shoulder up!

    Santino reaches for a tag and Ethan laughs a bit, smacking the side of his head as the crowd boos. Ethan grabs Santino by the hair and whips him to the turnbuckle. He tries a running knee but Santino explodes out with a big forearm! The crowd cheers as Ethan stumbles back and Santino lands The Skullfucker bicycle knee strike! The crowd cheers as Santino falls down and lays against the ropes. The fans are hype as we watch Santino pull himself up and make the tag to Ricardo. Ethan is up but Ricardo hits a running elbow to the jaw. Then a second one. Then a fisherman suplex with the leg hooked, but Ethan kicks out at a short two. Ricardo grabs Ethan by the neck and whips him to the turnbuckle of The Diamond Dogs. He smashes Ethan's face into the raised boot of Santino and then makes the tag. The Diamond Dogs do the Doomsday Device electric chair drop after a flying clothesline! Ricardo covers, but Ethan kicks out at two and a half.

    Santino quickly re-tags Ricardo and The Diamond Dogs quickly do The Clunge Plunge finisher! Then Santino takes down Drew with a forearm as Ricardo hooks the legs!


    Pinfall: The Diamond Dogs (1-0)

    The crowd goes WILD with cheers after The Diamond Dogs get the edge early. Ricardo grabs Ethan quickly and puts him into the face team's corner. He makes the tag to Santino, and they attempt double knee strikes after a whip to the ropes. But Drew slaps the shoulder for a hidden tag that only the ref sees. The double knees work but Drew hits a double bulldog to both Diamond Dog members. Then he hits a moonsault into a Tornado DDT on Ricardo, who rolls under the ropes and falls off the apron. Santino lands a forearm to the back as he has Drew against the ropes. He lays repeated stiff punches into the face and whips across the ring. Drew hits a flying forearm on the rebound, though, and Santino goes down to the canvas.

    Drew tags in Ethan, who goes to the top ropes. Drew has Santino in a piledriver spot and Ethan flies off for The Indytaker finisher! The crowd groans as Ethan lays atop Santino for the cover.


    Pinfall: The Echo (1-1)

    The Echo waste no time trying for another finisher. They attempt the Stereo Superkick but Ricardo slides under the ropes and lands a running clothesline to each Echo member. The crowd explodes as Ricardo sends Drew through the ropes and follows. This leaves Santino in with Ethan, the two most fatigued competitors and the two who have been pinned. Santino whips Ethan to the ropes and hits a back body drop, quickly turning for a leg drop to the chest. He covers, but Ethan kicks out at two and four-fifths. Santino looks for a tag to Ricardo, who has been sent face first into the ring post. Drew lands a few body shots to Santino's midsection and then whips him to the heel turnbuckle. Ethan pops up and makes the tag. The Echo hits the Southern Lights Suplex combination move and tries for the cover, but Ricardo AGAIN makes the save. Drew stomps down into Ricardo and kicks him to the apron. The Echo then land the Stereo Superkick combo when Ricardo rises up. And The Echo turn just in time to do the Stereo Superkick to Santino!!!

    The crowd goes WILD as Ethan hooks the leg.


    Pinfall: The Echo (2-1)

    Winners and Unified CWA Tag Team Champions: The Echo


    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan weighing in tonight at 190lbs, Izaya Snowmantashi!!

    The fans erupt in boos as the younger Snowmantashi slowly struts from behind the curtain onto the stage with a cocky grin on his face.

    Tim Coleman:
    Betrayal. That's what this entire match is all about. On Adrenaline Rush, Izaya Snowmantashi shocked the world by completely decimating his brother....his mentor....his family, Jon Snowmantashi. This match will not be one where we see a lot of catch as you can wrestling This is going to be a straight up fight.

    Izaya ignores the jeers from the fans as he enters the ring and stares laser-focused on the entrance way, awaiting his opponent. Awaiting his brother, Jon Snowmantashi.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    And his opponent… from Tokyo, Japan… weighing in at 290pounds… he is the winner of the twenty-sixteen Ruler of the Ring…a former two-time and… LONGEST REIGNING… CWA WORLD CHAMPION… THE KAIJU… JON… SNOW - MAN - TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASHIIIIIII!

    The KAIJU steps through the curtains and he is dressed as simply as ever. He has his wrestling trunks, a simple t-shirt with KAIJU on it.

    Tim Coleman:
    Jon Snowmantashi is as focused as ever heading into this match with his younger brother. This is a true professional that we are seeing marching to the ring. The average competitor would be distracted and allowing their emotions to get the best of them as they approach someone who brutally attacked them but Snowmantachi is not your average competitor.

    Jim Taylor:
    You're hyping him up pretty hard claiming that he's not letting his emotions get the best of him, but we don't know that at all. He hasn't entered the ring yet. The bell hasn't rung. Jon hasn't done anything in my eyes to show that he hasn't been impacted by his brother's betrayal. We won't know how bad this has truly impacted him until that bell rings.

    The KAIJU marches down the ramp, unconcerned with anything else and only stopping when he is in the ring and standing across from Izaya.

    The brothers look at each other, and Izaya just stands looking up at his younger brother! In every single way, Jon is physically more imposing! The crowd is getting behind the younger brother, chanting Izaya Izaya! Izaya starts pumping up the crowd, and he sits on the turnbuckle, just basking in the adulation of the fans. Jon turns to the fans and claps for his younger brother. You can tell that he is happy that his younger brother is enjoying the spotlight.

    *Ding, Ding Ding*

    As soon as the bell rings though, Jon turns a switch, and waits for his little brother to engage! Izaya quickly runs to Jon, and Jon with no hesitation, and fluid motion, he locks Izaya into a T-Bone Suplex. He holds Izaya there just for a second, and Izaya knows he is in trouble. Jon just deadlifts his younger brother and throws him halfway across the ring. Izaya can’t do anything but land on his back in a thudding manner. Izaya knows how strong his brother is, and he wrenches his back up in pain.

    Jim Taylor:I am guessing that Jon is not going to have any emotion for his brother. Once that bell went off, the light switch went off!

    Tim Coleman:
    I am sorry I do not want to be in that ring with Jon at all! That man is a beast!

    Jon stands there and waits for his brother to stand up. He waits very patiently as Izaya gets up, and runs towards his brother again, and starts with a back kick, then a
    thigh kick, and ends with a knife edge chop. Jon absorbs all of these blows and locks his younger brother in a belly to belly suplex, and again throws his younger brother across the ring! This time Izaya is thrown and slides under the ring ropes to the floor. Izaya hits the floor hard, and Jon looks over the ropes and tells his younger brother to get up. Izaya is determined to get the best of his brother. As Izaya stands up, Jon scoots back to the middle of the ring, telling his brother to come on. Izaya gets on the ring apron, jumps on the second rope, bounces to the top rope, and jumps towards his older brother, but he comes in long, and Jon just clotheslines his younger brother hard to the floor! Izaya basically coils up in an accordion and basically falls on his neck. You can see that Jon is worried about his younger brother, but Izaya starts to stir again, and he gets up on his knees. Jon just takes his boot and shoves his younger brother down back to the mat, but Izaya will not give up. Jon allows his brother to get up, and he just seems annoyed.

    Jim Taylor:
    Izaya just stay down! You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone! Just stay the hell down!

    Izaya bounces off the ropes and jumps up onto his brother's shoulder trying to turn him over in a
    hurricurana, but Jon won’t go. Jon takes his brother, and brutally powerbombs Izaya to the mat! He doesn’t let go of his brother, picks him up, and powerbombs Izaya again down into the mat. He holds his brother down in a pinning predicament. One-TWO------ Izaya kicks out though, and barely pulls his shoulder off the mat. Jon is visibly upset. He goes down to pick up his brother to try and finish him, but Izaya quickly locks in an armbar! He has a flying armbar on, but he doesn’t have the strength to really stretch his brother. Jon takes his other arm, and supports his brothers back, as Jon drives his brother down with another powerbomb! You see Izaya’s head smash against the mat, and it bounces up. Jon goes down, at grapevines the far leg. ONE-----TWOOOOOOOOOOOO---------. Izaya barely gets up his shoulder again! Jon gets up frustrated, and yells at his brother to stay down! Izaya is crawling to the ring ropes. The crowd is getting behind Izaya, but you can also see that the fans are horrified at the beating he is taking. Jon is starting to show that he is frustrated, and Izaya continues to use the ropes to pick himself up. Izaya uses the ropes to support him, and he tells Jon to bring it! He looks at Jon, and with his hand gestures tells him to come on!

    Tim Coleman:
    Izaya has more heart than brains! He needs to stay down! This is hard to watch even for me! Izaya just let your brother end you.

    Jon looks his younger brother. He puts his head down but goes towards his brother, who throws a lazy punch towards his brother’s face, and his brother easily dodges it. Jon picks up Izaya, and he delivers a hellacious Hailstorm!!!! Izaya can’t get up from that. Jon gets up, and just places a foot on his brother knowing that his body is lifeless! ONNNNNNEEEEEEE-------TTTTTWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO----!!!! The lights in the arena go out

    Jim Taylor:
    Oh no, not this again!

    The lights turn back on and we see Noah Nitro and Thomas West standing in the ring. They turn Jon around, which takes Jon’s foot off of Izaya, and Noah with a bat in his hand blasts Jon in the head! I gusher explodes on his head, and Jon doesn’t go down at first. He is shocked, and when he see’s the blood flowing from his head, he starts to get angry, but before Jon can do anything, Thomas West blasts Jon with a fist that is wrapped around a huge chain. Jon can’t do anything, and he falls lifeless over his brother’s. body. The referee calls for the bell, Noah Nitro takes the referee and throws him over the ring ropes. The bell continues to ring, and Nitro and West, look down at Jon, and they drag him to the turnbuckle and places Jon while his back is being propped up by the turnbuckle. Nitro then takes out two sets of handcuffs! Nitro takes the left arm of Jon and uses both sets of handcuffs to handcuff Jon to the ring ropes. Nitro then slaps Jon hard, and Jon comes to life. He is groggy at first, and while he tries to move his arms, he realizes that the handcuffs lock his left arm. He violently moves trying to remove the handcuffs, but they won’t budge!

    Jim Taylor:
    What in the hell is the Dark Watch doing!!?? Why have they come out and attacked the Snowmantashi’s!!!! What is going on here!!?? Someone gets into the ring and help out!

    Tim Coleman:
    She said that she'd have her revenge. First Lilith took out the DFB and The Black List, and now she's making an even bigger statement at the expense of the Snowmantachis.

    The Dark Watch pick up Izaya, and look straight into the eyes of Jon! Thomas West picks up Izaya into a powerbomb position. Nitro goes to Izaya, and Nitro uses his arms to lock Izaya, and help West propel Izaya into the ground in a powerbomb! Izaya’s body is lifeless, and both West and Nitro begin to stop on the lifeless body of Izaya, as Jon is trying to escape his chains. The blood is flowing heavily from Jon’s skull, and West picks up the bat and just slams it right into the ribs of Izaya, and Jon screams a horrible scream, trying to escape his chains even more violently. West points to Nitro and tells Nitro to grab something. Nitro gets a sadistic look on his face, and rolls out of the ring, and grabs a chair! He places on the top of the turnbuckle, making sure that balances perfectly. West looks wildly at Jon who is begging them to stop. West picks up Izaya’s body, and runs towards the turnbuckle, and then delivers a brutal turnbuckle powerbomb! Izaya’s head crashes on the steel chair. Blood starts pouring out of the back of Izaya’s head, and his body crashes to the mat not moving! West and Nitro look at each other, and then look at Jon and start to laugh. Jon looks down at the dismantled body of his younger brother in disbelief. The fans shout start to grow as the camera shows Anna Malikova and Lilith standing behind him, Anna armed with a steel chair. She swings and cracks Jon across the face with the chair sending him tumbling down. She repeatedly hits the downed steel chair on Jon's head as the arena rains down boos upon them.

    Lilith places her hand out in front of Anna as she prepares to swing again, stopping her in her tracks. Lilith reaches down and grabs Jon by his hair and stares at the broken former world champion before tossing him back down. She rises to her feet and rests a foot on top of his fallen body almost in a conquerer style as the scene slowly fades to black



    The scene slowly fades in from a beautiful outside shot of the arena to Lindsay Monahan standing in the ring, microphone in hand and a smile on her face, ready to announce the next match up.

    Ding, ding, ding*

    Lindsay Monahan -
    The following contest is the second chance High Voltage Battle Royal! The winner of this match will advance to the High Voltage Championship Scramble main event match up.

    The fans roar with cheers of anticipation of the upcoming contest but their roars of cheers soon turn to whispers of confusion as a man with a headset calls Lindsay Monahan over to the side of the ring. Lindsay approaches the man and they begin to have an intense conversation with one another. Lindsay looks nervously up at the entrance ramp, and then back at the ring as the man continues speaking with her.

    The camera shifts to the entrance ramp where we see CWA General Manager Afa Seanoa walking down the ramp with a look of confusion as he approaches the man with the headset and Lindsay. The three engage in an intense conversation with Afa can clearly be heard screaming "What do you mean they're not going to compete?!?!". Lindsay Monahan shoots a disgusted look at Afa before shaking her head at him and walking up the entrance ramp.

    Tim Coleman -
    What the hell is going on? We're supposed to be having the Second Chance Battle Royale but it looks like there's a battle royale of words going on between Lindsay, Afa, and that member of the production team.

    Jim Taylor -
    Look up at the stage Tim!

    At the top of the stage, members of the CWA roster begin to make their way from the back. They are joined by members of the backstage CWA crew and Lindsay Monahan. The camera shifts to Afa Seanoa staring up at them with a look of confusion. He shouts "what're you all doing?!?!" at the members of the roster and the backstage crew before grabbing a mic and getting in the ring.

    Afa Seanoa -
    What the hell are you all doing? We're supposed to be having the High Voltage Second Chance Battle Royal right now! These great fans here in Melbourne Australia want to see who is going to take advantage of the second chance that is being given to them to compete in the main event of the evening and be the final High Voltage Champion in CWA history. They didn't pay to see the backstage crew, the referees, 70% of the roster, and the ring announcer, angrily standing on the stage. They paid to see the best wrestlers in the world compete.

    The CWA Roster and backstage crew slowly begin to part and the fans erupt into cheers as CWA Hall of Famer Clint Shepard walks from the back to the center of the stage with a microphone in hand.

    Jim Taylor-
    We haven't seen Clint on CWA television in years!!

    Tim Coleman -
    He's taken his backstage producer job pretty seriously and has helped train many of the new CWA Wrestlers as of late. I didn't even know that he was here tonight, but it looks like he has something to say.

    Clint Shephard -Afa, I've been with CWA for a long time. I've seen many new World Champions crowned and I've seen many World Champions unseated at the top of the business but you know what generally stayed the same despite the changing of World Champions? The ability for the General Manager or whoever the hell was running CWA at the time to effectively remain in control of the roster and the show. That was always the same no matter who was world champion.....until the Adrenaline Rush after Retribution and Lillith had her crowning as the new CWA World Champion.

    After her coronation as World Champion, she had her druids take over and stand watch over all aspects of the show. She had them standing guard at the top of the stage. She had them standing guard in the halls of the arena. She had them standing guard in the garage of the arena. She had them assaulting the members of the CWA roster when she felt it was necessary. She had taken over Clique Wrestling Alliance. She was in charge! But, how could she take control, how could she be in charge of CWA when you were in the building Afa? How could she take control when you were are no-nonsense General Manager who was willing to do whatever to keep CWA on the up and up?

    She was able to do it because when we needed you to be the leader of CWA and be in charge, you hid in your office and refused to address the issue at hand. You were too busy sitting back there trying to think of the next wacky tournament or multi-person match that you could put the CWA wrestlers in while Lillith was destroying your roster and taking over the company you'd been put in charge of.

    The fans begin to rain down boos at Afa Seanoa who shakes his head "no" at the accusations from Clint.

    Afa Seanoa -
    Clint, I respect you. I believe the whole CWA roster and the fans all respect you, but I think you may have taken a few too many bumps during your career because you're not remembering things clearly. While Lilith was "attempting" to take over, I was enacting proper security measures to make sure that none of her druids could get into the arena. I was enacting proper security measures to make sure that they weren't here today. I was doing what I needed to do as CWA General Manager to make sure my roster was safe.

    Clint Shephard -
    Afa.....if that's true....if you were doing what you needed to do to make the roster safe, then please explain to me why not one but two of our matches were ruined tonight thanks to an assault from Lillith and the Dark Watch throwing a temper tantrum after her loss in theThundercage? And while you explain that, why don't you explain what exactly happened to Elijah Edwards and why he isn't here tonight. Why don't you tell these fans about how Lilith and the Dark Watch assaulted him so badly that we had to pull him from the main event.

    Afa Seanoa -
    I've handled things to the best of my ability and...

    Clint Shephard (interrupting) -
    You have handled it to the best of your ability Afa. But unfortunately, the board of directors has not been impressed with how well your abilities allow for you to handle things. They were, however, impressed with how we members of the CWA backstage crew and roster had all banded together and unanimously voted that we have zero confidence in your ability to properly run CWA and handle any major issues that may come up under your watch. They were so impressed that they agreed with us after hearing our argument and have instructed me to inform you that this battle royal will not be happening tonight. They have instructed me to inform you that as of now, you have officially been terminated from your position as CWA General Manager! And they have given me permission to have the members of the CWA roster and backstage crew guard the ringside area and stage so that our Main Event can go off without any outside interference from Lilith and the Dark Watch!

    The fans shout with cheers as members of CWA Security walk down to the ring to escort Afa Seanoa out.

    Jim Tayler -
    What a huge turn of events!!! Afa Seanoa is out as a general manager after a unanimous vote of no confidence from the roster!!!

    Tim Coleman -
    What the hell are we supposed to do though without a general manager? Does that mean that Clint Shephard is in charge? Does that mean that now the CWA roster is going to be pulling double duty as both enforcers and wrestlers? This has left so many damn questions and given us very few answers!

    Jim Taylor -
    Well we do have on thing answered, our main event will now go off without any interference and the fans will get to see four of the best wrestlers in CWA today compete for the final High Voltage Championship.


    KRASH (c)
    vs XYZ


    Jim Taylor: What an action packed evening it has been fans but now the time has come for our main event, which will pit three challengers in front of current High Voltage Champion Krash as he will defend his title against those three competitors...

    Tim Coleman: It's down to three challengers making it a fatal four way Jim, but it wasn't always that way

    Jim Taylor: Right you are Tim, it was supposed to be Elijah Edwards using his contractual rematch but he had stepped out due to unknown reasons and there was a battle royal to be had earlier this evening but that didn't take place

    Tim Coleman: Some of the locker room is protesting against Afa in an act of no confidence in his ability to protect the safety of the wrestlers, and his inability to take control of operations of Lilith and her minions. To be completely honest right now, I don't blame them. It isn't safe around here, yes Lilith and her goons may have been defeated earlier tonight but that won't really stop them. That will just make things worse in my opinion, so again I do not blame the wrestlers for feeling unsafe.

    Jim Taylor: Well I can attest to that is definitely not safe but as they say the show must go on, and we do have a main event to get to and I've just received word that this match will be last ever match with the High Voltage championship, so whoever wins this match has a chance to be the last ever High Voltage champion and the fate of the title will be addressed on the next edition of Adrenaline Rush!

    Tim Coleman: Talk about breaking news Jimbo! Let's not waste another second then, get to it Lindsay!

    Lindsay Monahan: It is now time for your main event of the evening and this will be a 30 minute championship scramble match, the person with the championship at the end of the 30 minute time period will be the last ever High Voltage champion!

    The crowd buzzes in anticipation and as Vince Staples' "Smile" hits the sound system the crowd erupts into a frenzy of boos, though a few scattered cheers from the more smarky fans but the boos outweigh them. The reaction makes no difference to Jonathan McGinnis though as he steps out looking as confident as ever.

    Jim Taylor: Here comes a man that I'm sure doesn't care if he's known as the last ever High Voltage champion, he just wants this to rub it in the face of Afa and the rest of the world

    Tim Coleman: Well this being the last ever High Voltage championship match gives him all the more incentive to want to win

    "Smile" fades out as McGinnis is in the ring and it's replaced by "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers to a roaring cheer from the fans as XYZ makes his way out. The eccentric superstar walks down to the ring playing to the fans a little along the way.

    Tim Coleman: I still can't believe this goofball made it into this match!

    Jim Taylor:
    He's different that's for sure but there's something about him that makes him fun and interesting to watch inside of the ring, plus the fans seem to really enjoy his bizarre mannerisms and actions

    Shinedown's "Cut the Cord" replaces the music and a heavy mixed reaction for Nate Savage, who steps out looking ready for a fight with the usual scowl he wears in his expression. He walks down to the ring with his eyes fixated squarely on the ring, not paying any mind to the fans.

    Jim Taylor:
    Here's a man that means business Tim. He's just here for one reason and that's to win. He doesn't care who stands in his way or what it takes as long he's winning this match.

    Tim Coleman: He's laser focused right now Jim, and a focused Nate Savage is a dangerous Nate Savage. To be fair though, any type of Nate Savage is dangerous, and if I were these guys in there against him I'd be worried.

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner.

    Jim Taylor: Listen to this ovation! Krash being welcomed with open arms in his homeland of Australia!

    Tim Coleman:
    He does have the homefield advantage tonight, but will it be enough?

    Jim Taylor:
    I've never doubted Krash before, he's been dubbed "The Beating Heart of CWA" for a reason...

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing the challengers, first from Montreal, Canada by way of Los Angeles, CA and weighing in at two-hundred & seven pounds, he is "The Indy God"...JONATHAN MCGINNIS!

    More boos for McGinnis as his name is announced, he smirks a little at all the hate he's receiving.

    Lindsay Monahan: Next, from Sitka, AK and weighing in at two-hundred & four pounds, he is X..Y..Z!

    Cheers for XYZ as he smiles as well as looking ready.

    Lindsay Monahan: Next, from Philadelphia, PA and weighing in at two-hundred & sixty-six pounds, he is "Nasty" NATE SAVAGE!

    Mixed reaction for the "Nasty Savage" as he looks to be seething with rage and chomping at the bit to get this match started.

    Lindsay Monahan: And finally...

    Lindsay is cut off by the overwhelming sound of support of cheers and clapping from the fans for the fellow countryman. Krash waves out at them smiling, soaking it all in.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    From Melbourne, Australia and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds, he is the CWA High Voltage Champion..."The Heartbeat of CWA"..."The White Wolf"...KRASH!

    Thunderous cheers explode throughout the arena for the champion as he continues to wave out at his adoring audience. He hands off the title to referee Billy Stevens and then Stevens hands it off to the ringside area. McGinnis is acting uncaring while XYZ finishes up his stretches, Savage cracks his neck and Krash looks prepared for the three men that are hungry for his title.


    The bell sounds and the timer begins on the big screen as Savage explodes from his corner and begins going at it on one side with Krash with it looking reminiscent of something out of a hockey fight. XYZ looks on at the fight but quickly looks away in time to catch McGinnis attempting a superkick, XYZ holds McGinnis by the boot, taunting him a little with his nonsensical speaking and making faces at him but all this does is gives McGinnis enough time to nail XYZ with an enziguiri using his free foot, dropping XYZ to one knee. McGinnis then mocks XYZ a little before superkicking him to the mat and makes the cover...

    Interim Champion: Jonathan McGinnis

    Jim Taylor: Now Jonathan McGinnis holds the gold but I'm not sure Krash or Savage are aware

    Tim Coleman:
    Or really care for that matter by the looks of it

    Jim Taylor: Well, Savage did brutally assault Krash on Adrenaline Rush so there's some bad blood brewing between them

    They've since stopped trading punches and Krash has gained the upper hand as he has Savage in corner and drilling him with mounted punches while the fans count along with him. Once he reaches ten he hops down and turns around right as McGinnis is attempting another superkick, but Krash avoids it and McGinnis drills Savage with it instead, which has Savage slumping down in a daze in the corner. McGinnis is spun around by Krash and he's drilled with a forearm and then Krash whips McGinnis to the ropes and hits a standing dropkick off the rebound! Krash is aware that McGinnis scored the pin fall earlier as he brings him up and has him position for the Overdose, but XYZ is back to his feet and prevents Krash from doing so by knocking him away with a standing dropkick straight to the chest that sends Krash flying back towards the ropes, dropping McGinnis in the process and then XYZ catches Krash with a leg sweep followed by a quick leaping elbow drop to the chest and a pin...



    The count is broken up by McGinnis just as the timer reaches 25 minutes indicating that 5 minutes has passed. McGinnis brings XYZ up but XYZ is ready and nails another standing dropkick to the chest this time to McGinnis, which sends him reeling back to the ropes but he's able to catch himself on the ropes and takes this moment for a breather. Just then Savage sneaks up behind XYZ and hits him with a deadly sleeper suplex! Krash is up to his feet now but Nate is ready for him as he catches Krash running into him and brings him with the Go Home Driver (
    scoop lift spun out into an over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver)! McGinnis then charges towards Savage but Nate catches him with a devastating uranage as McGinnis crashes back down to the mat! Savage lets out a loud, primal roar while pounding his chest with both fists firing himself up even more. He picks up McGinnis and sends him to the ropes hoping to hit him with the Nasty Bomb, but McGinnis is one step ahead and hits Nate with a kick to the face when he was bent over. McGinnis goes for yet another superkick, but Savage has it scouted catching him by the boot and spins McGinnis around and hits him with a bridging german suplex!


    Interim Champion: Nate Savage

    Jim Taylor:
    Nate Savage is now the interim champion!

    It's about 22 minutes remaining in the match now and Savage has secured a pinfall over McGinnis. Savage doesn't waste time celebrating though but before he can even react he's rolled up from behind by XYZ!


    Savage kicks out before two and as XYZ is bringing himself back up he's rolled up from behind by Krash now...


    Now XYZ kicks out! Krash thought he had won the title back but not as easy as he thought it seems as the clock winds down to 20 minutes remaining in the match with 10 minutes having passed, and two new interim champs so far have
    occured. McGinnis is still out of it on one side of the ring while Krash brings himself up and so does XYZ, and now XYZ tries to sneak up on Krash with a sneaking roll-up but Krash senses danger and immediately turns around with a kick to the throat of XYZ! XYZ drops down to one knee holding his throat, coughing up some spit before Krash sends him face first to the mat with a fameasser! Krash makes another pin attempt...


    This time it's broken up by Savage as he jumps on top of Krash, who was on top of XYZ. Krash manages to shove Savage off right on to the referee, who was the on the mat making the count and now the referee is out of it momentarily. Savage brings himself back up and goes to bring Krash up but just then Krash nails him with a swift kick right between the legs!

    Jim Taylor:
    With the referee out and Krash resorts to...dirty tactics? Am I seeing this right?

    Tim Coleman:
    Whatever it takes to win Jimbo, whatever it takes!

    Jim Taylor:
    I get that Tim, but that isn't like Krash

    Savage drops to his knees holding his groin but Krash drags him near the ropes and sets him position before dropping Nate right on his skull with a spiked DDT! Krash makes the cover but soon realizes that the referee is still out and starts to show slight signs of frustration realizing he had not thought this through. He checks on the referee, trying to wake him up and the referee does start to stir a bit when from behind Krash is clubbed by McGinnis and McGinnis pounds away at Krash before hooking him in and hits him with three consecutive rolling double underhook suplexes! The referee starts to come to as McGinnis hits the third suplex and Krash is out now for time being. McGinnis stands up and signals for something but just as he turns around he's taken down by XYZ with flying double knees to the chest! XYZ out of nowhere takes down McGinnis and doesn't waste a second as he climbs the top turnbuckle, does a tight rope walk on the ring rope and then propels himself in the air landing a front-flip springboard leg drop on McGinnis and makes the cover...

    Interim Champion: XYZ

    Jim Taylor: With about 15 minutes remaining now XYZ is the interim champion, will he be able to keep this momentum going and hold on for the next 15 minutes?

    Tim Coleman: For his sake I hope so!

    Savage is starting to stir as well as Krash while XYZ looks elated with himself. He brings himself up and goes for a springboard moonsault but it's a fake out as he flips back to his feet to cheers from the fans...

    Tim Coleman: Now he's just showing off...

    But not everyone is impressed as Savage clobbers him from behind and slams him to the mat with a chickenwing facebuster! Krash runs in at Savage, but Nate avoids the attack and counters with an atomic drop transitioned into an abdominal stretch! Savage throwing back elbows into Krash's chest for extra added salt to the wound, driving his elbow viciously to Krash's kidneys while maintaining pressure on the abdominal stretch. Savage is trash talking Krash, not paying any attention that McGinnis has come to and delivers a superkick flush on the chin of Savage! Savage lets go of Krash and collapses to the mat. McGinnis goes for another superkick to Krash, but Krash manages to duck in time and McGinnis misses him. Krash crawls underneath McGinnis as he does this and catches him with a surprise roll-up from behind holding McGinnis' tights in the process...


    The referee stops the count after he sees Krash holding the tights and Krash feigns shock and assures Stevens it was
    accident. What is this we're seeing from Krash? With the end of the match looming with nearly 10 minutes left on the clock, Krash has got to be growing desperate here to get back the title and keep it in his possession. Meanwhile, McGinnis this time sneaks up behind Krash with a surprise roll-up of his own holding Krash's tights and ultimately getting away with it...

    Interim Champion: Jonathan McGinnis

    McGinnis looks down at Krash and can be heard saying, "That's how it's done!" McGinnis suddenly has his legs swept out from underneath him and XYZ then hits a quick leaping elbow drop! The cover is made...

    Interim Champion: XYZ

    The clock is winding down fast with 7 minutes and XYZ has that interim status once more while Krash's dreams of retaining the title slowly begin fading away as he just tried to break up the pin but it was too late. XYZ is up on his feet but he can barely keep his balance and now Savage is back up as well, and XYZ stumbles back into Savage who boots him in the gut and has him position...SAVAGED! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER TO XYZ! HIS SKULL SPIKES THE MAT! Savage makes the cover...


    It's broken up by Krash, who lept off the turnbuckle and hit The Kill to break up the pin right on Savage's spine! He rolls Savage off of XYZ and makes the cover now...


    XYZ kicks out and Krash can't believe it as he falls to the mat holds his head in his hands. 5 minutes left and time is dwindling down for him, he's beginning to grow more and more desperate now. He picks XYZ up...SATAN'S SPIKE! BRAINBUSTER DDT!

    Jim Taylor: Krash using the finisher of his former tag team partner and old friend Alyster Black!

    Krash makes the cover...


    Broken up by McGinnis in time and McGinnis wastes no time looking to end it with Something Light, but just as he goes for the powerbomb Krash reverses it into a frankensteiner dropping McGinnis to the mat and he falls to the outside. 3 minutes left and he climbs up top again looking for The Kill, but before he can make it to the top he's stopped by Savage, who fights him off and brings him down with 2 minutes left. He sends him to the ropes and looks for the Nasty Bomb but just as Savage lifts him up Krash counters with a hurricanrana that sends Nate flying across the ring and to the outside as well with McGinnis. Sixty seconds left and Krash turns around to find XYZ barely able to stand as he staggers to his feet with what little fight he has left in him, and Krash tells him to just stay down and brings him in...SATAN'S SPIKE! XYZ is out cold now but Krash still uses this time and climbs up top...THE KILL! About 20 seconds now and Krash stands over and is contemplating something before making the cover and using the ring ropes as leverage with 10 seconds left...

    Interim Champion: KRASH

    5 seconds left and McGinnis and Savage still haven't moved on the outside



    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner and the final High Voltage Champion, KRASH!

    Winner and Still High Voltage Champion: KRASH

    The crowd cheers but not as loud as before when he came out. They sense a difference in Krash's demeanor and actions. He takes the title and looks down at it and shakes his head in disgust? Disbelief? Who knows?

    Jim Taylor:
    Well fans, Krash gets the title back in the final seconds of the match, but I still can't get over how he's acting. It's not like him...

    Tim Coleman:
    Who cares Jim? Let's just enjoy this momentous moment!

    Jim Taylor:
    I don't know Tim, I just don't know. Goodnight fans, we'll see you at Adrenaline Rush...

    The show closes with a shot of Krash walking up the ramp carrying the title to the back.

    Quick Results:
    Fenix defeats Summers
    Brayden Bridges, Ali, and Fuentes defeat Lilith and the Dark Watch
    The DFB VS The Blacklist ends inNo Contest
    Jon VS Isaya ends in a No Contest
    The Echoretain over The Diamond Dog
    Krash Retains his title in the main event



    Jimmy King: Main Event & Thundercage Match
    Harry Morgan: Fenix/Summers & Snowmantachis Match
    GoldenOne: The Echo VS Diamond Dogs
    StylesOfPunk: Belle segment

    Executive Producer(s):
    Comeback Kid & Smark Slayer

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    Re: CWA Presents: Thundershock

    Congrats on getting the first show started up, looking interesting so far.

    Jackson Vs Summers: Really intriguing set up between the two and I'm digging the match between the two, see nothing but good things in the future

    Thunderdome match: This was a match that happened. All I have to say about it.

    Looking forward to what part two holds.
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    Re: CWA Presents: Thundershock

    Great work on the first show, you two. Keep this up!
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    Re: CWA Presents: Thundershock

    The full results of Thundershock have been posted!! Shoutout to everyone who helped out with this show. Adrenaline Rush will be posted after the Christmas Holiday. I'll be posting thoughts on RP's and updates on certain things a little later. Anyways, ENJOY!!

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    Re: CWA Presents: Thundershock

    Good show. Krash is a bastardo. I think I also wrote the tag title for credits and I want my accolades dammit. I am selfish.

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    Re: CWA Presents: Thundershock

    Finally got around to read this in full, solid job fellas. Great show all around, if anyone has any issues with how I wrote them in their respective matches I apologize.

    Shepard being on the board of directors is something I'll have to explain in my next Savage promo since I've been using him in those lately, no biggie though I'll think of something. It'll be interesting to see who will be in charge next, possibly Shepard? We'll see. A lot of interesting developments out of this show coming off the heels of Jon's departure, and I'm glad everything turned out so well.

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