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Thread: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Review

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    NXT Takeover Special NXT TakeOver: Toronto Review

    NXT Takeover: Toronto
    November 19, 2016

    Bobby Roode vs Tye Dillinger
    A match stemming from Roode being a shitty partner in the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Undoubtedly, the best match of the match was just the entrances and the crowd reaction at the bell. Both men have popular gimmicks and entrances. Unfortunately, once the actual match began, I gradually lost interest. The early going was perfectly fine with Dillinger playing up his ‘Perfect 10’ gimmick, but once Roode gained control for an extended period on offense, it became dull to me. It did briefly pick up once Dillinger made his comeback, but then it lost me again due to how long it was going on and how much difficulty Dillinger was proving to be to Roode. I get that Dillinger is a popular act, but going forward, Roode is going to be your guy in NXT. Why is he having so much difficulty against a gimmick wrestler? It’s not to say Roode should squash Dillinger, but they shouldn’t be attempting to have a main event style match. I did really like the fact that Roode tried stealing Dillinger’s Tye Breaker finisher though. The end saw Tye rammed shoulder first twice into the ring post, allowing Roode to hit a Glorious DDT for the pinfall. In my mind, this should have just went a bit under ten minutes, instead of exceeding fifteen. Chances are, others enjoyed this more than I did though. ** ¼

    The Authors of Pain vs TM61 - Dusty Rhodes Classic - Finals
    To reach this point, AoP defeated The Bollywood Boyz, Rich Swann/No Way Jose, and DIY while TM61 (Google docs loves turning that into the ™ symbol ) defeated Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli, Generation Next, and Sanity. Despite their success elsewhere, I believe the only time I had ever watched TM61 was in their one time appearances in PWG back in 2008. Just for an extra gimmick, Ellering is stuck in a shark cage for this match. The match began on a high note with the action moving to the outside as Thorne climbs the metal structure used to lift up Ellering’s shark cage to dive off onto AoP. Pretty cool spot actually. Despite that spot, Thorne quickly gets chop blocked on the ring apron, setting up an early face-in-peril sequence. I’m not overly into the match, but it’s fun for what it is. Nick Miller (Really? That’s his WWE name? Just Nick Miller? Okay…) would get the hot tag, setting up a series of spots with all four men. Between the two members of TM61, Thorne impresses me more while Miller didn’t do anything for me. Ellering would toss an AoP member a steel chain, but Thorne would prevent him from using it. Not that it matters as Thorne is then quickly put away with the Last Chapter to win the match and the tournament. I liked that this tag team tournament actually came down to a finals with two actual tag teams, but this was just an average TV match with all three matches from last year’s Dusty Rhodes Classic at TakeOver Respect being better than this. ** ½

    The Revival © vs DIY - 2 out of 3 Falls - NXT Tag Titles
    This would be DIY’s last shot at the titles. Although that typically means the babyfaces are obviously going over, I don’t feel as if it was so certain this time around thanks to TM61 possibly being able to sneaking into the spot as #1 babyface team instead. The first fall is just okay, but that’s perfectly fine. A big part of what makes this first fall work is because it’s so uneventful. It feels as if it’s barely getting going when suddenly a routine slingshot by Gargano causes him to be surprised with a Shatter Machine by The Revival to pick up the first fall. It’s a great spot to really get over the fact that the Shatter Machine can put away anyone at any time. The second fall is the peak of the match for me. It’s all about Gargano playing the face-in-peril while Revival stand tall as a great old school style tag team with their refusal to let Gargano get the hot tag to Ciampa. Any time a heel crawls under a ring to surprise the partner to prevent a tag is gold in my book. After Ciampa gets the hot tag, things continue to be great thanks to watching this a year after the fact. Ciampa is pretty aggressive in ordering Gargano to get back involved in the match, despite the fact that Gargano just endured a long beat down. Ciampa is coming across as someone who cares about being victorious more than he does for his partner. Foreshadowing~! Ciampa would end up scoring the second fall with some knees to Dawson. The third fall is the peak of the match for the crowd. They’re so passionate and into everything. There are moments of brilliance. I love the Revival’s work on Gargano’s knees, especially using the belt to hurt Gargano during a kick attempt and DIY’s nearfall after stealing The Revival’s own Shatter Machine. There’s also some wonkiness though. The Revival attempted to steal DIY’s Meeting in the Middle, but Dash performs a full super kick instead of a low kick, like he should have, thus enabling the accidental connection to Dawson instead of the intended target. It didn’t feel natural at all. There’s also a nearfall that had the referee stopping, deciding to enforce some tag rules, refusing to let the Revival go for a pin attempt when the illegal man was the one covering Gargano. Yet, the finish of the match saw all four men in the ring as DIY locks in their individual submission finishers on The Revival, causing Dash and Dawson to submit at the same time to crown NEW NXT Tag Champions. The crowd treated this like it’s a huge moment, but the match never approached great status to me. The Revival are great at what they do, but I’ve never been a Gargano fan, which may have hurt my enjoyment of this match. It seems as if most people consider this to be some great, near five star classic, but it never came close to great status to me. I still preferred The Revival vs American Alpha TakeOver Dallas match as the best TakeOver tag titles match that I’ve seen. I’m left a bit disappointed, but what would a TakeOver review be without me underrating a match? *** ½

    Asuka © vs Mickie James - NXT Women’s Title
    I love the idea that Asuka is apparently so dominate in the NXT Women’s Division that NXT has been forced to bring in outside talent to find someone who could potentially be a threat. Now this was more of my kind of jam. The only actual negative I have regarding this match was a moronic “You still got it!” chant by the crowd directed at Mickie. Why wouldn’t still still have it? She was 37 years old at the time and despite not wrestling in a WWE ring in six years, she had been wrestling that entire time. You can’t even use the excuse that this is a WWE crowd, so they’re not aware of wrestling outside of the WWE. This is NXT. The place that LOVES outside WWE talent. Fuck off with your stupid chant. With that mini rant out of the way, this was loads of fun. Asuka is such an amazing “Heel”. It’s not even fair to call her a proper heel. She’s just a cocky motherfucker because she’s leagues better than everyone else. The first half of the match is all just Asuka toying with Mickie, just having fun making the former WWE Women’s Champion look like a joke. It’s great. Yet, in the second half of the match, Mickie is able to make a comeback by virtually countering or avoiding everything that Asuka has to offer. It allowed Mickie to look like a million bucks without actually having Asuka be on defense for long. Even the finish of the match highlighted those two stories with Asuka trying to slap on the Asuka Lock, but Mickie is rolling through, delaying it as long as possible before Asuka proves that she’s superior by landing on her back and keeping Mickie from rolling around any further. Mickie is forced to submit and Asuka is still the most dominant woman in WWE history. Despite losing, Mickie is now more relevant than she had been in years, even if heading up to the main roster seemingly caused her to become just another woman on the roster. Asuka is such a badass. *** ½

    Shinsuke Nakamura © vs Samoa Joe - NXT Title
    A rematch from TakeOver Brooklyn and what I can only imagine, 500 other NXT events. This began on an awesome note with both men trying to kill each other with kicks. Joe manages to take over and shines strong with his work over the knees of Nak. There’s even one spot where Joe performs a sit down maneuver where it sends Nak landing hard on his knees. I’ve never seen such a spot before, but I loved it. This greatness is practically ruined once Nakamura makes his comeback and doesn’t bother selling the legs at all. Maybe it wouldn’t have been quite so bad if Nak’s offense wasn’t built so much around the legs/knees, but they are. Even the commentators are left trying to come up with reasons as to how Nakamura is perfectly fine after Joe had spent so much time working on the knees. This lack of selling took me out of the match, but I did get back into it at the very end. It began with Nak hitting a Kinshasa to the back of Joe’s head, causing Joe to fall out of the ring. At this moment, it looked as if Joe was utterly done. Yet, once Nakamura followed him to the outside, Joe gave Nakamura a low blow and an uranage on the steel steps. Joe would then toss Nakamura into the ring and deliver a Muscle Buster to pin Nakamura and surprise everyone by once again becoming the NEW NXT Champion. A great start and a hell of a finish, but Nakamura’s selling single handedly kept this becoming a great match. Joe did a swell job though. *** ¼

    I’ve yet to watch a single NXT TakeOver that I haven’t enjoyed and TakeOver: Toronto is no exception. However, my main takeaway from this TakeOver is that this is my most disappointing TakeOver. It began with an opening match that failed to draw me in. Continued with a Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals that was an average match and frankly, quite forgettable in general. The NXT Tag Titles match is hailed as one of the best matches of 2016 and one of the better feel good moments of the year, and while I did enjoy the match and saw moments of brilliance, I wasn’t able to get emotionally involved beyond just enjoying The Revival being a great heel team. The main event capped off the disappointment with such greatness for a good portion of the match be ruined by Nakamura opting not to bother selling. The one exception to all of those disappointments is the women’s match. When it came to the actual action and story of the match, I had zero issues. Asuka is an amazing character and it’s someone who doesn’t even need to deliver main event style matches. She can utterly destroy her opponent while taking a bit of offense against her, and it’s completely fulfilling. Although TakeOver: Toronto is the most disappointing TakeOver to me, it’s still a good show. It’s just not the standout show that it likely is for many other wrestling fans.

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    Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Review

    Yeesh, the opener deserves better, but especially the 2/3.


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    Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Review

    Fuck you old man go home.

    This is worse than your Neville/Zayn rating.
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    Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Review

    It really is, off his fucking rocker. It was the MOTY. This is Dave Meltzer giving controversial star ratings to draw more attention to himself.

    So easy to forget TM61 were/are in NXT. I can't for the life of me remember whether this is the Nakamura/Joe match I really liked, or hated. I seemed to remember loving this show, so I think it's the better one they had together.

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    Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed View Post
    This is Dave Meltzer giving controversial star ratings to draw more attention to himself.
    You're adorable.

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    Re: NXT TakeOver: Toronto Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Darling Nicky View Post
    Fuck you old man go home.

    This is worse than your Neville/Zayn rating.
    Yeah sorry Jim, I don't disagree with this.

    Rest of the show is spot on though.

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