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Thread: WWE Mixed Mixed Match Challenge Discussion

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    Re: WWE Mixed Mixed Match Challenge Discussion

    So this first match is up at least in America. I heard for certain countries it would be posted on Thursday on the network.

    First match was pretty good. Never was too big of a fan of Sasha Banks. She's pretty decent in the ring, but a little sloppy to me with her work. She botched her finisher at the end of the match. Could have been Nattie out of place, so maybe I'm wrong with totally blaming Sasha.

    The Mixed match is a certainly a change in psychology, at one point Sasha broke up a pin attempt on the men. I would assume that would be more something Nattie would do. I get she's playing more of a chicken-shit heel here, but still would think she'd be the one to do that.

    The men portion of the match was slow moving, but fun to watch. Both men in my opinion have the 'it' factor, but to me they didn't seem to go that hard in the match.

    I'm not surprised by the finish of the match, and I'm glad that Nakamura didn't really have anything to do with the loss.

    I enjoy the chemistry between Sasha and Finn, they certainly seem to click together. Sasha in real life seems struck with Finn.

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