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    WWE United Kingdom Brand

    In Early January of 2017 the WWE Held a tournament exclusively in the United Kingdom to crown it's first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion. The tournament would of course culminate with Tyler Bate defeating Pete Dunne to become the first ever WWE UK Champion. Since that time a WWE brand has been long rumored for the UK featuring the finest talent from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. However for reasons unknown as the months began to pass there was little to no word at all in regards to the future of the United Kingdom Brand. However while the brand may not have moved forward at first it doesn't mean some of it's talents didn't including both Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate who gave us all an epic rematch at NXT Takeover: Chicago which ended with Pete Dunne winning the title. Since that time Dunne has featured on several of the WWE's shows including NXT and most recently on an episode of Raw. However now it won't be fleeting appearances here or there for the UK champion as it can now be confirmed that the UK Brand is officially set to air on the WWE network. In the run up to the show wrestlers from all across the UK have been reported to have signed contracts with the promotion.

    WWE United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne
    WWE United Kingdom Women's Champion: Tegan Nox
    WWE United Kingdom Tag Team Champions: The Coffey Brothers

    "The Prestige" Ashton Smith ~ Manchester, England ~ Superkick
    "The Oddity" BT Gunn ~ Glasgow, Scotland ~ Gunnshot (Springboard Cutter)
    "Worth Every Penny" Charlie Sterling ~ Bristol, England ~ Ace Crusher
    "Calamari Catch King" Chris Brookes ~ Dudley, England ~ Calamari Catch (Octopus Stretch)
    "The Pride of Wales" Eddie Dennis ~ Cardiff, Wales ~ Severn Bride (Crucifix Buckle Bomb)
    "The Next Level" Fabian Aichner ~ South Tyrol, Italy ~ Spinning sit out powerbomb
    "Mr.Mayhem" James Drake ~ Blackpool, England ~ Sit Out DDT
    "The One Man Purge" Jimmy Havoc ~ Camden, England ~ Acid Rainmaker (Wrist Lock transitioned into a short arm lariat)
    "Iron Man" Joe Coffey ~ Glasgow, Scotland ~ Black Coffey (Discus Lariat)
    Jordan Devlin ~ Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland ~ Moonsault
    "Pure Bliss" Josh Bodom ~ Bournemouth, England ~ Lobodomy (Pop Up Knee Strike)
    Kenny Williams ~ Glasgow, Scotland ~ Satellite DDT (Tilt A Whirl DDT)
    "The Aussie Arrow" Kyle Fletcher ~ Sydney, New South Wales, Australia ~ Running Single Leg Dropkick
    Marcel Barthel ~ Pinneberg, Germany ~ Langdungsbrucken (Bridging Regalplex)
    "White Lightning" Mark Andrews ~ Cardiff, Wales ~ Shooting Star Press
    "The Real Deal" Mark Coffey ~ Glasgow, Scotland ~ Red Forman (Forearm Smash)
    Mark Davis ~ Queensland, Australia ~ Omega Driver
    "The Star Attraction" Mark Haskins ~ Oxford, England ~ Star Armbar (Bridging Fujiwara Armbar)
    "Flash" Morgan Webster ~ Abertilley, Wales ~ Britpop Drop (Fireman's carry neckbreaker)
    Nick Aldis ~ King's Lynn, England ~ King's Lynn Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf)
    "The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne ~ Birmingham, England ~ The Bitter End (Pumphandle Lift dropped into a Reverse STO)
    Rampage "Bad" Brown ~ Leeds, England ~ Sit Out Powerbomb
    "Black Swan" Shane Thorne ~ Perth, Australia ~ Black Swan Splash (Corkscrew 450 Splash)
    "The Rockstar" Spud ~ Birmingham, England ~ Underdog (Corner Springboard Cutter)
    "The Kiwi Buzzsaw" Travis Banks ~ Bulls, New Zealand ~ Kiwi Crusher (Fisherman Driver)
    "Mustache Mountain" Trent Seven ~ Wolverhampton, England ~ Seven Stars (Wrist Lock transitioned into a short arm lariat)
    "The Human Fidget Spinner" Tyler Bate ~ Dudley, England ~ Tyler Driver 97 (Sitout Double Underhook powerbomb)
    "The Gypsy" Tyson T-Bone ~ Worchester, England ~ Gypsies' Kiss (Full Nelson Slam)
    "The Regulator" Wolfgang ~ Glasgow, Scotland ~ The Howling (High Angle Senton Bomb)
    "Liverpool's Number 1" Zack Gibson ~ Liverpool, England ~ Shankly Gates (Grounded Top Wrist Lock)

    "Fearless" Charlie Morgan ~ Cambridge, England ~ Implant DDT
    Dakota Kai ~ Auckland, New Zealand ~ Kai-Ropractor (Front Flip Double Knee Backbreaker)
    "Fashionista" Jinny ~ London, England ~ Touch of Couture (Koppou Kick)
    Kasey Owens ~ Belfast, Ireland ~ Cobra Clutch
    Killer Kelly ~ Lisbon, Portugal ~ Penalty Kick
    "The First 21st Century Badass" Millie McKenzie ~ West Midlands, England ~ German Suplex
    Rhea Ripley ~ Adelaide, Australia ~ Riptide (Pumphandle Powerbomb)
    "The Girl With The Shiniest Wizard" Tegan Nox ~ Bargoed, Wales ~ The Shiniest Wizard (Shining Wizard)
    Toni Storm ~ Queensland, Australia ~ Storm Zero (Tiger Driver)
    Xia Brookside ~ Leicester, England ~ Brookside Bomb (Iconoclasm)

    Tag Teams/Stables
    Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown
    BT Gunn and Wolfgang
    James Drake and Zack Gibson
    Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey

    Other on air personnel
    Andy Shepherd - Ring Announcer
    "The Present" Bill Eaver
    Doug Williams - Color Commentator
    "Lord" Gideon Grey - Manager of Dave Mastiff
    Joanna Rose - Backstage Correspondent
    John Gooden - Play by Play Announcer
    Katarina Leigh - General Manager
    Luke Menzies - Katarina's enforcer

    (Note: Hey guys, Been a while I know since I've like stepped into the world of Wrestling Bookers. This has been a project that has long been at the back of my mind as I am a big advocate of British Wrestling. Which definitely explains the strong presence of European grapplers in all of my previous BTBs haha. Apart from that I know my lay out atm is fairly basic but I will update this given time and ideas. I hope you all enjoy my work with the UK brand!
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