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Thread: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

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    8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    Promos deadline is Tuesday, December 12 @ midnight Pacific, which is Wednesday December 13th @ 3am EST and 8am UK time. As a reminder: a. all extensions must be asked for 24 hours in advance of the deadline, and b. if your opponents gets an extension, you get one too.

    Extensions Granted: Ty Johnson, Tommy Thunder, WOLF, Tristan James Galloway, Garcia, PAJ, Genocide, Zako, DFB, Rondo/Kennedy, Mad Kingdom, Rockstarzz I&I
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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread


    Ina semi-dark, small room that would spark anyone’s worst case of claustrophobia, Aaron Kendrick is sitting in a chair. He is beside a wall with a small window that can’t be seen through because of a weird fabric covering it. It seems as if he’s sitting in a confession booth when just then, a deep, experienced voice can be heard,

    “You have come here today to confess your sins, Aaron. What is it that you have done?”

    Aaron, confused by the internal struggle that he has been going through over the last several weeks, looks down at his Ralph Lauren shoes shadowed by the tanned cuff of his flat front khakis. He musters up the courage to begin confessing.

    Aaron Kendrick: I’ve been deceived. I’ve been deceived by evil, Father.Evil has broken into my soul. And I haven’t been able to shake it.This evilness as affected me. It has slithered into my very mind,body, and spirit. You see, Father… I’ve never been to one of these confession booths before. I’m not really here to confess anything, I’m here to vent.

    Kendrick tells the priest that he’s not going to confess anything and this doesn’t sit well for the priest on the other side of the wall.

    Father: That’s not what this is, Aaron. This is a confession booth. We have other ministers inside the church for you to speak with. There are other people waiting to be forgiven of their sins and if you aren’t here to confess with your tongue and meaning with your heart th-

    Just then, Kendrick interrupts the priest and finishes his sentence.

    Kendrick: The words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be exceeding and above all else. I know the deal, “father.” But here's the thing. People like you piss me off and people like you are the reason I'm starting to see the light. I want to close the door on all of this evil for good. I just want to see this evil for myself.

    Realizing that Kendrick is implying that he, a priest, is in fact evil, he gets up and tries to leave his side of the confession booth, but Kendrick busts through the wall with his arm and grabs the priest's gown and pulls him closer to him, and Kendrick places his face on his side of the wall, with a sadistic looking grin starting to form... He sends chills up the spine of the priest with what he says...

    Kendrick: You feel this? This is the grip of salvation. I have in my hand right now the very key to salvation. I have the fate of you in the grip of my hand. Ask yourself one question right now, “Father,” do you truly want to be saved? Right this very second, I can deliver you from all of this evil. For me to eliminate the evil from my soul, I have to eliminate evil itself. Either you can repent, or I can eliminate you.All you have to do is commit with your heart and commit with your tongue. Serve me, Father. Know that you can do all things through the strength of which I give to you. Know that if you have faith the sizeof a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Know that if you walk in the light cast by my shadow, you too can become great. Like I am.

    The priest yells for someone to call the police and this infuriates Aaron Kendrick, who seems to truly believe this man is the evil consuming him. He pulls the priest through what's left of the drywall and sits him in the chair that he started out confession sitting in. Kendrick kneels in front of the horrified priest and looks him in the eyes.

    Kendrick: This is your last change. In the name of your Father, son, and Holy Spirit, do the right thing. Don't call the cops. Listen to me, or else you'll need an ambulance.

    Kendrick glares into the eyes of the priest with a chilling demand. The priest then yells that the cops are no longer needed. Kendrick smiles at the priest now before continuing...

    Kendrick: Father, you've done well. You've listened to reason. You have made me a happy man. I feel clean now. I feel so much better. I feel a thousand times better thanks to you, Father!

    Kendrick jumps up off the ground and looks like a little kid on Christmas morning. He pulls the priest out of his chair and continues to smile at him before he brings him in for a big bear hug. Kendrick puts his hands on the priest's shoulders, looks him in the eyes, and thanks him once more...

    Kendrick: Thank you so much for helping to deliver this evil from me. I don't know how I could ever thank you enough. But you guys seem to like twenty percent, right? Here you go. Don't know if it's exact, but I don't think you'll complain.

    Kendrick hands over two Burger King coupons and then turns to walk out of confession. He walks towards the exit of the church but the receptionist is seen talking to another priest, who both look very concerned for their colleague. They stop talking and stare at Kendrick, very cautiously. Kendrick looks at the priest and then takes a much longer look at the receptionist, clad in a tight black skirt, heels, and a green jacket. He puts his hand on the dirty blonde, slightly curled hair of the beautiful woman, looks her in the eyes, and says to her...

    Kendrick: I could use you.

    And Kendrick then proceeds to leave the church. The woman looks confused and the priest goes over to check on the one still in confession room. The man, still sitting in that chair, looks up at the other priest, and says...

    Father: That man is evil. He doesn't know it yet, but he will. When he does, he'll be dangerous.

    Later thatevening...

    Aaron Kendrick posts a video to his official Twitter account, @GreatIAmAKin which he addresses his recently announced opponent, Deception. He is seemingly in his hotel room. Dressed in a nice, blue button down shirt, his hair slicked back, Kendrick begins speaking directly to Deception...

    Kendrick: Deception. That's the word of the day, isn't it. You see, Deception,it's funny that you're the man I face this week. Kind of fitting,seeing as how I've battled the principles of Deception my entire life. You see, when I was a little boy, I was deceived into thinking there was a man who climbed down the chimneys of all the little kids in my neighborhood on Christmas morning and delivered toys. I knew this was odd because we didn't have a chimney but somehow he always gave me toys anyway.

    So one day at school, I asked around. “Hey, do you guys get toys from Santa?”And they told me they didn't believe in Santa Claus. Not necessarily that they didn't believe in him, but that he was in fact not real at all. So being the horrified little kid that I was, having found out that perhaps my dad was lying to me about this magical nice man who gave me toys, I raised my hand and asked a teacher if Santa was real.Her answer? “Go home and ask your dad.”

    That was all the clarification I needed. I knew my father had been lying to me. I never knew why, either. Hell, I would've been taking all the credit for all the Christmas presents he got me if I were him. I guess that's the difference between me and my father. He's worried about what other people think. I'm worried about me. I don't try to deceive people, Deception, I am the truth. I am the human embodiment of truth. I am that I am. The faster you learn that, the better off you will be. And with that, I have a bit of a proposition for you and everyone else in FWA.

    This does not have to be a war. The great battle of Armageddon does not have to commence just yet. I will make my way through the roster of FWA one by one. Each week as each and every victim is addressed by yours truly, they will all be afforded an opportunity in eternity. Join me. Join my congregation and at last, you shall be free.

    Deception is strictly forbidden within the golden streets of my congregation. But not you, Deception. Only the principle. Join me, and together we will run this company and we will own this company. The prophecy is clear:The Great I Am will be World Champion. That, my friend, you can believe.

    So... Now you know.

    Kendrick sends the video to Twitter. He then checks his notifications and sees a text from an unknown number. He opens the text and is pleasantly surprised to see a text that reads,

    We're in.

    Kendrick smiles, locks his phone, and turns out the lights.

    Friday, December 8 2017 4:33 P.M.

    Aaron Kendrick arrives at the Toyota Center in Houston and before leaving the parking garage, he walks over to the balcony overlooking the fans trying to get into the line awaiting entry for Day Two of The World's Strongest Tag Team Tournament. He pulls out his cell phone and makes a call. He paces around, kicking the occasional rock while awaiting someone to answer on the other end of the line. Finally, someone answers.

    Kendrick: Hey. It's me. Listen, after the show, meet me at the hotel. I'm not leaving town tonight. I have a couple friends I'm meeting up with at the hotel and I want you to be there too. Yeah. Yeah, everyone is buying it. People are really starting to think I'm insane. They think I truly believe I'm God. It's pretty sad, actually. It's perfect.

    Listen, this thing is the beginning of something beautiful. The four of us together, we're going to run this company into the ground. I know this isn't exactly the profession you're used to, but I'll show you everything you need to know. I'll teach you the ways to success. You just consult us when we need it, take care of the business end of things, and I promise I'll take care of you. Wear what you wore that day. See you tonight.

    Kendrick hangs up the phone. He walks over to his car and pops the trunk. He pulls out his suitcase and finds a note underneath. Surprised, Kendrick grabs the piece of paper and reads it... The note, very ominous, says,


    Not knowing what to make of the note, he folds it and slides it into his pocket. He looks around in the parking garage to see if anyone is walking around, but sees no one. Who could've put that in there? Why is it there? What does it mean?

    Kendrick doesn't know what to make of it, but he's not going to ignore it. He's going to use it as fuel for his match tonight with Deception. Faith didn't get the job done last week with Hanz Gruber, but maybe the faith he had last week just wasn't enough. Maybe this week, his faith is stronger. Only time will tell.

    Kendrick begins walking through the garage and into the building where he begins to prepare for the evening, and for Deception...

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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    Backstage at the Gila River Arena- the date Nov 24th. The setting- Right after the backstage scuffle between Hanz Gruber and Zako Wrath.

    Hanz is being lead away by FWA security- he has blood coming from his mouth from one of those devastating Zako punches. Security brings him to Ashley O'Ryans office, yet there is no answer when one member of security knocks. Hanz pushes away the one security member that has his hands on him and walks away. The security team calls out his name but Hanz just keeps walking. He starts making his way his way to the dressing room area and runs into Katie Lynn Goldsmith.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Hanz, are...

    Hanz Gruber: Please Katie, no interview. Not in the mood right now.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: I was just going to ask if you were ok. Amy ran and told me what happen.

    Hanz Gruber: She ok?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Yes, but are you?

    Hanz is about to say something but collapses to the floor. Katie calls out for help and kneels down by Hanz to try to get him to come to


    5 days later- Houston Texas- Crown Plaza Hotel restaurant.

    Hanz is seated at a table by himself. A man with a manila folder walks up to the table and sits down across him

    Man: You must be Mr Gruber.

    Hanz Gruber: Yes. You have what I asked for?

    Man: Yes, but lets have drinks first

    Hanz Gruber: I don't put that poison in my body- but you want drinks- drink all you want after I pay you, but we conduct business first. What did you find?

    Man: Not much at all- Zako Wrath seems like a monster. I went to that small town you directed me to and nobody wanted to talk. Not even with all that money you gave me to give to them. Some old lady did mention a kid that she called El Diablo many years ago. About the time Zako would have been a kid too. She said El Diablo was bad news, real bad news. She said that kid was some kind of monster from hell. I am thinking that kid and Zako are one and the same. Zako is that monster from Hell. He is what that lady said- he is El Diablo

    Hanz Gruber: There is no such things as monster

    The man slides the folder to Hanz- Hanz reaches into his suit pocket and hands him a large roll of money. The man takes it and walks away- to the bar. Hanz opens the package then his phone rings

    Hanz Gruber: Hello.......... Oh hey Katie. Yeah I ment to call after I checked out the hospital. ......Yeah I am ok, I was just a bit dehydrated and worn down. Non stop business meetings, then that long flight, then wrestling Aaron Kendrick, then all that shit with Zako. I overextended myself.... Yeah I am taking it easier this week...... Ok...Yes....Oh and thank you.......Sasha also wanted to thank you for calling her.........Yes it could have been worse, I could have passed out with nobody around.... Alright, Auf Weiderholden.

    Hanz puts his phone to the side, then opens the folder up to see pictures of the city where Zako was supposedly born, pictures of random people and pictures of Zako and his handler. He shakes his head, realizing that he wasted money for information that revealed nothing. He looks over toward the bar and sees the man has left


    Backstage at the Toyota Centre in Houston Texas- Dec 8th

    Hanz, dressed in his suit and carrying a large gym bag, walks down the hallway to a door that bears his name. He enters, then locks the door behind him. He opens his gym bag and pulls out two things- a picture of his friend Karl Panzer and his laptop, He places both the picture and the laptop on a table- then turns it on. He logs on to the FWA website and brings up his webcam and looks directly at it.

    Hanz Gruber: Last week I turned a corner, not just in my life but in my career. As for my life- thats of no concern to anyone but a select few. As for my career- for too long I was pissed off at the wrong people for petty reasons. Petty reasons such as not being put in title matches or high profile matches. Petty reasons for what some have said about me- such as Ian Starr spreading rumours about me to his latest fling. It really doesn't matter anymore. What matters is I am focused on not letting anything getting under my skin to deter or distract me from being the elite wrestler that I am. That focus is why I beat Aaron Kendrick even when I wasn't at 100%, I was on a two week stretch of business meeting after business meetings and flying back and forth to Germany and to the states- no break.

    Hanz removes his tie and puts it to the side, then looks back towards the web cam

    Hanz Gruber: But yeah, I was able to put all that to the back of my mind and just focus on beating Kendrik. I didn't think of how tired I was once the bell rang to start the match- I just turned it on, Kendrick tried his best, but the whole match I was always thinking one step ahead of him. Thats why I beat him. And I didn't even get to soak in that victory because someone had a hissy fit because he was left off the card.

    Hanz removes his jacket and places it to the side. He looks back at the webcam

    Hanz Gruber: Zako Wrath- I am talking to you. And I know you can understand me. Your spokesperson doesn't have to translate to you. Zako, I know your kind, I've seen it before. Someone who passes them self as some kind of monster- but has to hide behind a woman. And one thing about that- it leads to that so called monsters demise. Like I said, I've seen it happen before- my girlfriend was one such woman but she was able to get away, then that monster just disappeared, never to be seen again. He lost his appeal to the audience without a beauty by his side. And Zako, that is whats going to happen to you.

    Hanz removes his watch, sets it to the side. He grabs a chair and pulls it in front of the table.

    Hanz Gruber: And Zako- this whole monster deal- I'm not buying it. You see as a kid in Berlin we have this thing called Krampus. Krampus is sort of like the anti Santa. While Santa, Saint Nicholas to us, gave all the good children presents that they asked for, Krampus handed out coal and ruten bundeles. And at times he would swat away the kids with branches in those bundles. As a kid, this scared me- I always acted good because I didn't want him to visit me. I wanted St Nicholas. Another reason I always acted good is because my parents made me go to Krampusnacht- we would see Krampus running here and there- businesses and homes. And Krampus was a scary looking creature- a goat/demon hybrid. It got to the point where I always dreaded Christmas time. We that was until I was 12 .

    Hanzs phone ring- he looks at it but decides to let it go to voicemail

    Hanz Gruber: That Christmas I saw St Nicholas and Krampus entering a pub together, so I snuck in, sat at table and witnessed them ordering a pitcher of beer. They sat at a table near me and Krampus grabbed his head and pulled it off and tossed it on the floor. Then I saw St Nicholas pull his own beard down. I screamed out and Krampus stood up, then St Nicholas did and they both came over and calmed me down. They bought me a Kinderbeir and filled me in- that none of this was real- that it was all folklore. Stories and myths passed down from generations to generations. They filled me in that any stories of monsters were just that- stories. Somebody came up with the beginnings of the monster story and as it was passed along from one person to another things were added and the more time that went by, the more people bought into it.

    Hanz grabs a water out of his bag and drinks half of it

    Hanz Gruber: Its the same with you Zako. I had someone go to your so called birthplace and all he heard was stories, one old lady even calling one child El Diablo. No real evidence- so I went down there myself- and it was just stories- and though I had a picture of that old lady- I never found her. I wasn't surprised. I see thru you Zako. You are not some demonic creature- you are just a man and De La Meurta is your publicist, your spokesperson. Your red eyes are a nice touch, you are just lucky that those red contacts haven't fallen out during a match. That growl sounds like it should be scary but I just laugh whenever I hear it. And that whole deal of burning your so called father was a nice bit of theatre. From the looks of the flames you had to have used lighter fluid, not gasoline, not diesel. And when I searched for your dad, I couldn't find him. No surprise there either. I'm sure you or De La Meurta paid him good money to play daddy and to suffer some burns, then disappear. So great job- it all scared people, added to the story of the monster, the Walking Disaster Zako Wrath. The Beast, El Diablo. The man who ran thru talent like Penny, Deception, Jason Randall, Tristan James Galloway and, wait, you didn't run thru those last two did you? I think they see the same thing as me when it comes to you. Thats why they beat you Zako. And thats what I'm going to do tonight against you.

    Hanz drinks the rest of his water

    Hanz Gruber: You see Zako, you attacking me last week didn't scare me. Yeah it caught me off guard, but I wasn't scared. If anything, it gave me something new to focus on- to expose you- to show the people in the crowd, watching TV or those reading the dirt sheets that you are just a man. A man with minimal ring talent. Just being big, throwing people around and hitting one move doesn't make you a wrestler- it just makes you a one dimensional character. I say character because thats all you are. You are a man just playing a part. You are not a monster, you are not a demon, you are not a Walking Disaster, you are just a disaster. So Zako, I'll see you out there. The story of Zako Wrath ends tonight.

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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    The Judge, The Jury, The Executioner

    We are on the rafters where Deception sits in the shadows. He is looking out into the vast empty arena as he finishes his cig. He tosses it out over the rafters watching it as it falls to the ground. He gets up and begins to walk away he stops as from under him standing in the ring is the wrestlers of FWA as they start to fill the ring area. They are talking among themselves talking to stage hands as Deception stares down. He is talking to himself.


    I am judge.

    I am jury.

    I am executioner

    Aaron Kendrick walks down the ramp as Deception slams his fist on the railing. He starts to get angry but stops he calms down as he speaks.

    I am the right hand of lady liberty and tonight I have my sights set on the guilty party and tonight your injustices will be brought into the light and you will be charged for your crimes Aaron Kendrick.

    You know I have no been feeling like myself lately I became obsessed and it took me to a place where up was down and down was up but guess what? My feet they are planted on the ground and my head is on straight and I haven't felt this good in years. Aaron you should be scared because there is just something to be said about a man on a mission a man with a purpose and his sole purpose to show the world your true face.

    Aaron all of your life have you ever been alone? Have you ever had the world take everything from you and drive you to the point where you take a look in the mirror and you don't know who you are. The world is not black and white its filled with grey this word you keep saying over and over again Deception. Aaron part of me likes to think you have that deep down inside in another world in another life these roles are reversed and you are what I am and I was what you are I get you because I was there I felt what you felt you and took me to places.

    Deception looks on as he shakes his head.

    Those place that it took me didn't make me stronger it didn't take me to my next level it made me weak it made me like you. I have been around this world enough times to understand that sometimes you fall and sometimes you don't get back up because time after time you get up until there is nothing left. The matter of what it did was just make me like everyone else full of rage, full of envy, full of regret, full of hatred, as the world around me got to me. You know it made me feel like I wasn't better then every single person in this arena every single person who sit in the stands every single person who looked down on me because they thought I was just another sheep lead to the slaughter of a world hidden in black and white.

    Deception nods again this time like he was reassuring himself he speaks.

    I learned long ago but was reminded of recently that the only person who you can really rely on in this world is yourself its a fact that I needed open my eyes to see again and now you are witnessing its fruition come to pass. There are those of you like Aaron Kendrick who have doubted me think that I am just not good enough that I can not go toe to toe with your very best you offer and instead just thought of me as an afterthought that is deception. I needed to fail , I needed to see the worse part of me the one that was like al of you and really I should think Penny for that but that is a different story for a different time. Aaron you are going to have to understand that you are just another step to another place and whether it was you or anyone else the result would be the same. You make think of yourself as the great as the alpha and the omega but the real truth is you maybe that but I am the in between the constant. The one with no beginning the one with no end because injustice never stops the world never stops spinning which mean my job is never done.


    The Deception that you hold over all of these people eyes see I know you because I was you I know the things in your head I know what scares you I know what brings you to get up every morning. I know what keeps you up at night tossing and turning as you beg for sleep. Deception your lying to yourself as all sheep do because in your heart of hearts you think you are different then anyone when the truth is no matter what you say what you do you are just like the rest.

    So how f***** dare you. How dare you think that you are so much better then me because I am so much better then you and I am so much better the Aaron the so called great I am Kendrick because you haven't seen anything yet and come tonight when I show you the real face of deception as I rip it off every single person in that arena every single person backstage and last but not least Aaron Kendrick you will know that I am not a boy I am not a man or a monster I am




    Deception walks off as Aaron Kendrick from below looks up into the rafters as if he heard the whole thing he though shakes it off as he gets ready for his match.


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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    Recreating A Monster.

    Wednesday, December 6th. Location unknown.

    *Zako is seen with Miss De La Muerta in a remote location at midnight on the dot, immediately after the first day of The World's Strongest Tag Team Tournament. A perfectly round, beautiful yet, almost chilling white full moon in the sky reveals that they are in an unknown and never before seen forest. Zako stands in front of Miss De La Muerta, who stands towards him, away from the camera. The night is cold, but neither of them seem to mind nor be affected by this fact. Birds chirp in the sky, owls hoot in trees, and wolves begin to howl one after another, but none of this does any good whatsoever to get the attention of either. Miss De La Muerta casts a naturally ominous vibe with a glance over her shoulder as she half turns towards the camera before stepping closer to Zako, who obviously knows the strange secluded area they're presently in.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Zako. I have brought you back here once more because I KNOW you are NOT the ravenous monster you were when I first met you here long ago You were a barbaric, cold as ice, nomadic loner who lived off of wilderness around him and you were killing wild animals with your hands and now a completely insane man and woman were enough to be the first ones to stop you? Then a man from Polynesian and some weapons was the next thing to make you look like an average man? The Zako Wrath that I first met, and only I know, is physically superior to all when it to comes to combat and bloodshed. The Zako Wrath I know will not be stopped by such means-FWA is beginning to think you're an average man-so therefore I'm left with no other choice but to bring back the real you.

    Miss De La Muerta: It will soon rain.
    We will spend the night here. I must return you to your dark past so that you may realize again...who you are. You've spent too much time around society and civilized people. Your killer instinct has faded.

    Maybe it's my fault for attempting to hold you back. I'm going to do everything necessary to bring you back to FWA as the monster people in the town you came from were, and still are terrified of. The time for losing is over. I want you to look deep into your tortured, twisted, and destructive soul, and remember who you were before you began competing as a wrestler. Remember the monster who would have ended the lives of Jason Randall, Penny, and Tristan James Galloway without thinking about it.

    **Just then, a lone wolf, hungry for food on this late night approaches, and as he lunges at Miss De La Muerta, Zako rushes in and snaps his neck, all in one motion as he emotionlessly snatches him out of mid-air.
    Miss De La Muerta watches on intently as he now bites the neck of the lifeless animal, savagely draining blood from its neck. She is in no way shocked or taken aback by this occurrence, she actually slowly looks to the night sky as it has begun to drizzle rain now. Zako's ferocious red eyes actually have blinked as he looks up, hard and with serious meaning, and something never before seen in them dances through his now shocking and horrifying eyes-The true face of an untamed man who knows nothing of human nature, something that has been held back for far too long, is now showing it's face.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Perfecto. I know for a fact that awakened something inside of you.
    Besides just knowing so, I can tell from the savage way you just consumed it's blood. Hanz Gruber isn't afraid of you-He's seen what you've become and feels as if he too, can outlast and outmatch you. When all is said and done here there will be no one who will agree to face you.

    *As the rain continues to fall, Zako turns and begins shoving a somewhat weak, but massive tree, something that would seem ridiculous for an average Miss De La Muerta continues to watch on-he shoves it over out of the ground with a haunting roar. A deer that was disturbed dashes past and Zako grabs it suddenly and crushes its spine over his knee with chilling intent. It is a completely unsettling display of events to watch him take the animal's life, but to him it is exactly the type of thing he would do for years just to survive. This was during a time when he had not one soul to help him or any other means whatsoever. That is, at least, before he met Miss De La Muerta.*

    *Zako now actually begins to primally rip the meat from the bones of the deceased deer and digest it as he furiously chews it, all the while Miss De La Muerta has begun to squat in front of him as he kneels, with the two of them locking eyes. Zako shows raw instinct and unhinged dangerous aggression, while she stares into his transformed red eyes with burning, but calm, determination. Zako now continues to rip apart the kill and licks blood from his lips in a succulent fashion as he finishes, then crosses over the plane they are in and kneels before a stream. He looks down at the water before him and almost seems to go into a trance, deep within his mind and body as a detached, but focused stare suddenly passes over his eyes...and he blinks with vigor once more, and begins to splash the water upon his mask with calculated focus, then drinks some of it as he cups his hands. Again, something brand new and absolutely mesmerizing shows in his eyes as the camera shifts to look upon his face now closely-he appears to almost be frozen still in a zone of deep intense thought, memories can be seen rushing back to him from years ago when he would drink from this same stream daily, then, he snatches a lowflying crow from the air and bites it's head off and consumes it.*

    Miss De La Muerta:This is what I've been waiting for. The thoughtless and mindless fiend that kills first, then thinks about it afterwards. Hanz Gruber is an accomplished wrestler and fighter. He's done well for himself, inside and out of the ring. He's traveled the world and earned large sums of money in other business ventures. He has NOT done so well in FWA though, and he knows he has something serious to prove.

    *Miss De La Muerta has now approached Zako and as he washes dirt and grass from his arms, she produces a small black dagger...the same one she used to cut the ropes that bound his father weeks back-and scrapes her forearm slightly as she offers it to Zako, who takes her wrist and sucks the fresh blood from her wound for several seconds before she stops and pushes him away, then she tears part of her vest as she uses it to wrap the scrape as she coldly watches him lick her fresh blood from his lips.*

    Miss De La Muerta: You've earned that, and I know much you prefer the...real thing. Hanz Gruber is going to attempt to save his name at your expense and he's going to attempt to ruin yours. He has no idea what's coming for him next week. This isn't "Walk to the ring and fight and be stopped when it's over"
    Zako Wrath. a Zako Wrath no one else in the world has ever seen before except myself.

    Hanz Gruber, I know what you're capable of. I've seen you roll over idiots and fools with no trouble, and I know all about your striking and wrestling. You were taught many things by the Panzer brothers who were extremely successful inside of the ring themselves. You're legitimately a skilled athlete and dangerous fighter who is someone who posseses the ability to greatly injure people and you might one day go extremely far in this sport. You've had trouble adjusting though due to distractions and I would suggest you do everything you can to prepare. I would suggest leaving your girlfriend elsewhere though.

    Think of how it would make you feel having to watch the reinvigorated Zako Wrath drink from her neck right in front of you. Zako has seen his own problems in FWA...somewhat similar to yours. The biggest difference between you and him though is this: every problem in his past has turned him into what you see right here. I was wrong to try and show him order and civilized ways of life.
    I know now that this a primal being who is at his best when his savage ways are allowed to run free. It is you who will become, HIS example, you will be the sacrifice as I show everyone the brand new, and most dangerous side of him they've never seen before.

    *The camera fades to darkness as Miss De La Muerta places her hand upon the massive shoulder of Zako, and then nods at him, and then they are seen outside of the FWA arena moments before The World's Strongest Tag Team Tournament, Day 2.*

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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    The video starts with a deep voice, not recognizable as Manson or BUCK.

    ''In the first night of WS3T, people watched something they will never forget in their lives. What was once thought to be persistent status quo...just changed in span of three seconds. What was once built...still remains, but not as strong as before. The first hole was planted in the ship, and it was up to the tag team champions to fix it, or drown. The damage had been done, and the aftermath was not the prettiest.''

    We go back to first night of WS3T. Vultures are trying to recover in the ring. The cameras seem to be off, meaning the TV stream had come into an end. Manson looks at his tag team partner while holding his ribs in unshown agony.

    ''Get me a mic.''

    BUCK quickly complies, not wanting to angering his partner. It was clear that he was blaming himself for the loss because he couldn't break the pin fast enough. But fans paid no mind to his hurt expression because they obviously wanted to listen what Manson had o say. Manson takes the microphone, looks at the fans. The fans tries to applause the tag team champions, after the reception they have been giving to the Vultures, it was safe to say that they were starting to respect their tag champions. Manson looks at them, with a shocked expression. The pop was new to him, but it was enough to make him smile. But that smile proved soon to be more than what it seemed when it turned into an expression of disgust. Loud voice of Christopher soon followed:


    The applause and cheer are cut like it was done by a katana. The fans were surprised, but weirder was the surprise in BUCK's face. Manson's breathing becomes sharper.

    ''If you are done being a mass of buffoons, then I have something to say.''

    The fans starts booing him now.

    ''Great. I like it better when you don't lie to yourselves. Yes, yes, you are liars. Cheering us? Applauding us? You know you don't do that because you are simply supporting us. You do these kind of things because somehow you believe some two dirty fucking rednecks who has no motivation than just plain money are a bigger threat than us. Well, you are proven right because we lost. We ain't the biggest threat anymore. For the first time ever, Sin City Vultures lost! Not to the Olympians, not to Heartbreak Express, not to Phillip A. Jackson Scam, but two nobodies from Clique Wrestling Alliance. This is the point where all the executives are taking you to. CWA invasion, huh? This is how they brand it? Like some pawns from another company can invade this company. You are delusional. But it looks like we were delusional as well. Delusional to believe in your support. When we came to the ramp and we saw you going crazy, I thought that we may have been going somewhere. That my teachings were not reaching only to my tag team partner, but you as well. But then the realization hit when they put me down with their Dirty Bit. You were not supporting us. You only wanted them to lose. And what does that make us? Afterthought. A tool in order to satisfy your urges to see the DFB suffer. Oh, make no mistake. They will suffer. But when we make them suffer, you will feel their pain too. You will feel sorry for them. You will finally realize what you have been missing since the attack in Mile High. WE are still the de facto owners of this division. NOTHING. FUCKING. CHANGED!''

    Manson was simply having a meltdown inside, but he tried not to show it...a failed attempt at this one. BUCK was the first one to realize that and he tried to reach out to his partner's arm.

    ''I'm not finished.''

    Christopher turns to the fans again, redness in his face slowly fading and turning him calm again.

    ''I'll tell you a very obvious fact: No matter who DFB beats, no matter who The Echo beats, or no matter who any other team in this bullshit tournament beats...The Sin City Vultures still hold the gold. These titles were not the goal in the beginning of our FWA plans. But it came all the way to us. And it will not simply go back. Everyone can win this tournament. If we manage to win all our matches, teams like DFB or The Echo can still advance if they win the rest of their matches. Let's be honest. We have a very big possibility to not making it to the finals. Yes, that disturbs me. We are still the best team in the world, but just one loss makes all the equation go insane. But you guys know better than me, that Vultures are the paradox. No matter who wins this whole tournament, they will have to face us to prove that they are the best. That they deserve our tag team titles. DFB can prove that their victory tonight is not a fluke by winning the whole thing and facing us again. They are welcomed to try. But you... you guys are not welcomed anymore. You are not allowed to be hypocrites anymore in our presence, or we will see you in our infamous dinner table.''

    Manson drops the microphone and turns on the way to exit the ring without checking his partner. BUCK picks up the microphone while Manson is heading back.

    ''This will be the only time you will ever see The Vultures being vulnerable. It's a promise.''

    BUCK drops the mic as well and starts to follow his partner to the back.


    The deep voice from the beginning comes back.

    ''They had to continue. They had to look forward. Like sharks, they were not allowed to take a step back, or even stop at all. They were not allowed to stuck in the past. So they swam further. Further in the see of sins. It was time to take the next step.''


    The Vultures are in the same room they were last week. Manson is clearly thinking something while BUCK is trying to find the right time to ask the inevitable question.

    ''What the hell was that?''

    Manson knew what he was talking about. He wasn't happy about what happened either, but what happened...just happened. He wasn't exactly sorry for it though, he believed every single one of his words he spoke after their loss.

    ''As much as we want to be more than that BUCK, we are indeed still human.''

    ''What does that supposed to mean, that you crumbled under pressure which our defeat brought? That you acted on your emotions?''

    Chris waits for a second before answering. When he first arrived in FWA, he would not accept this. But the times had changed, as showed the first night of WS3T.


    The answer was sharp and told BUCK more than he needed to hear.

    ''But I was right partner, and you know that. We don't need their support. Since we met, we only needed each other's support. And that helped us being the tag team champions. And I don't want any goddamn other fake support they can make.''

    BUCK did not want to lie. He enjoyed the fan's attention a little, but if it was the reason behind their loss, then he could sacrifice it as well.

    ''We still have three matches to go.''

    Manson lights a cigarette.

    ''Indeed. We won't stop training because of one defeat.''

    Manson takes a picture of Hyper-Vibe from the wall.

    ''Eimi Sanada and Ai Kurayami. I have limited knowledge of them. But we can always watch and observe. Eimi used to be FWA Women's Champion here and Ai wrestled for CWA in another tournament.''

    ''So she is no stranger to the concept?''

    ''Yes, you can say that. Ai is kinda though. She made a name for herself in deathmatches. By deathmatches, I mean she fought to satisfy her bloodlust. She took part in so many needless bloodsheds.''

    ''So she probably will go lengths to defeat us.''

    ''You can also say that. And Eimi has very flashy moves in order to gain fan's attention and support. She will also try everything she has got. But what they got is not even the quarter of what we got. And they aren't even a well-structured team. Look at how Ai scolded Eimi after their match.''

    ''To be honest, I had to scold you until you were yourself again after you lost to Shannon too.''

    Manson laughs at his partner's joke while looking at Hyper-Vibe's picture very closely.

    ''They appeared out of nowhere. You can look the other teams in the tournament and roughly say why the are here. But these two look out of place. Not fitting in, a poor showing, poor tag team bonds, low effort...I think they are indeed slothful.''

    Manson sticks the picture into Sloth category in the wall.

    ''We were defeated by Greed. But it will not happen again. We won't tolerate any further tolerate. Are you still with me, partner?''

    BUCK smirks.

    ''You don't even need to ask. Let's put some food to our table.''

    Manson turns to the camera.

    ''This tournament is far from over. And as long as The Vultures can breathe, they will be there to smell chaos...and feast. Nothing is over, until we say so.''


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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    After the music plays the scene opens up to Jason Randall standing straight facing the camera with a plain black background behind him and painting board next to him. Jason is obviously wearing a wig to make it look his hair is permed out, as well as a fake beard over his chin. To complete the outfit he's wearing a pale blue long sleeve shirt and tight looking blue jeans with a brown leather belt that has a large gold ring buckle in the center. He's holding a tray full of different colors of paint in one hand, and in the other hand he's holding his handy dandy paint brush. He smiles pleasantly at the camera before he begins to speak in a calm, soothing voice.

    I'm so glad you join me today, now today we're going to paint some trees, because who doesn't like some happy little trees? Now before I get started I just wanted to make a note to those of you at home that I'm doing this because I was told that it would help relax me and keep me at peace, and so far I couldn't be any more at peace than I am at this moment so why don't we get started right now, shall we? Now first what we want to do is paint the background sky and today I'm thinking a sky blue will do the trick because I want to go for something bright, something that really speaks to me...

    He smiles soothingly again before turning to painting canvas, lightly dabs his brush on the sky blue, and then lightly strokes the canvas with his brush adding in the shade of sky blue to background.

    There we go, now to make it even more bright and happy I think I'm going to add in a rainbow. Speaking of bright, there's a few certain fellas that don't seem so bright down in the ol' FWA these days and they happen to go by the name of the Dirty F...

    You watch your mouth mister...

    Just then Penny appears on the scene wearing a blue overalls covered in specks of paint with a light blue shirt underneath, and in her arms is Fred the Cat.

    What did I tell you about saying that word?

    Oh my dear Penny, I'm just informing the audience at home who we will be facing in the World's Strongest Tag Team Tournament, and it just so happens that their name does have a rather crude word in it...

    Penny looks at him inquisitively but soon shrugs her shoulders.

    Well okay, if you put it that way

    Before I do that my dear, why don't you say hi to the fine folks at home

    Penny turns to the camera with a smile and waves happily.


    Jason chuckles lightly at her happiness.

    See the affect that painting has people, it can be so relaxing and it also makes us happy. Now where was I? Ah yes, I was informing the viewers that there's a certain bunch of fellas that haven't been so bright and happy as of late in the ol' FWA and they go by the name of the Dirty Fucking Bastards...

    Jason says that so soothingly sweet that it doesn't even sound dirty at all coming out his mouth, but as for that previous sentence? That sounded way more dirty than the writer even intended it to.

    Uh oh, there we go again with breaking the fourth wall, we'll just chalk that up as a happy little accident. Speaking of happy little accidents there's the DFB...

    Jason, hun...why don't you focus on your painting and allow myself and Fred to talk to the DFB?

    Well sure, that sounds like a splendid idea. I was just going to add in the rainbow with this bright yellow, but not too bright that it'll sting your eyes when looking at it...

    Penny turns back to the camera with Fred in hand.

    We here at Mad Kingdom, though not so mad, I don't understand that name at all...

    My dear I've already explained to you...

    I know I know I don't want you to get all riled up about it again, you're in your comfort zone...

    Indeed I am

    Now where was I? Right, we here at Mad Kingdom *in a hushed whisper* or Happy Kingdom...*back to her normal tone* have to address our first opponent in this tag team tournament and they go by the name of DFB because I refuse to say that naughty word

    Jason begins humming to himself as he paints, what looks almost like a trophy but it isn't complete yet...

    Well misters, we don't like the way you two have been actin! I don't, Jason don't and Fred sure as heck don't like it either, isn't that right Fred...

    Penny listens to Fred as he whispers to her.

    Yeah, they are just a bunch of meanies. I mean have you seen the way they treated people in their old company the CWA, especially that poor ring announcer. They are not nice at all, they are quite rude. It's up to Jason and I to sort them out and teach them some manners and respect, isn't that right hun?

    Jason turns away from his painting with the trophy looking nearly complete.

    Oh yes dear, we don't much care for them at all...

    He turns back to his painting and whacks off his brush real good...yes you read that correctly, it wasn't meant to be dirty. Just as Jason is about to start painting again he makes a mistake on the painting, stopping him in his tracks. He stares at the canvas blankly until he drops the paint tray and lashes out at the painting as the screen goes black momentarily.

    We come back to find Jason standing side by side with Penny facing the camera, and behind them is the painting, completed. A golden trophy resembling the trophy that will be won by the tournament winner. Jason tries to maintain a smile.

    I apologize for that, it seems that I may have lost my temper back there...

    He can't take it anymore and rips off the wig and false facial hair, as well as the tight shirt leaving him shirtless and revealing all of battle wounds and scars across his chest.


    Jason turns back to the painting and throws it down to the ground in a rage that scares Penny.

    Jason hun, what is wrong?


    Boy, things sure have escalated here haven't they folks?


    He screams again and goes into a blind rage behind Penny. She turns to the camera, shrugs and smiles.

    Boy, I sure wouldn't want to be you two with the mood he's in. Bobby and Cody, you guys may have beaten the tag team champions and those guys are no pushovers, they are tough I'll give you that. Don't go thinking though that we some pushovers here at Mad Kingdom because we aren't. You've seen how Jason can be, and just because I'm a female doesn't mean that I can't fight. I'll just as much kick your behinds as any boy could so don't go thinking that this will be a walk in the park, or else you really aren't as bright we said you are...

    Jason turns back to the camera.

    DFB! You two ingrates are in for a rude awakening. Prepare for hell to be unleashed on you! The sooner we defeat you two then the sooner we can claim that beautiful, golden trophy that is just screaming out my name. It needs me and I need it! It will be just as much a part of me as my X-Title is a part of me. I will not be complete until I have claimed my golden gift and you two can go back to whatever hole you crawled out of!

    Breathing heavily, Jason's chest heaves in and out until he finally calms down and speaks once again in a light tone.

    Well, I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today folks, good day to you.

    Penny waves bye at the camera while Jason smiles at it until the scene fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    Wolf and Tommy Thunder vs. Tristan James Galloway and Ty Johnson

    I don't need this match

    The camera fades in on a run down room. Wallpaper sags off the wall. The exposed areas are a mustard color, caked with cigarette smoke. There's a small bed in the corner, next to it is a chest of drawers standing on two wooden legs and two stack of books. The window is open and a slight breeze billows ripped curtains as the air breathes out to the world.

    Sitting in a chair next to the window with his feet up on a pile of duffelbags is the Beast himself, Wolf. His shirt is off and he wears a pair of faded blue jeans. The breeze blows his hair behind, his face is illuminated by the blue glow of the moon. A cigarette dangles from his lip, it's bright, burning orange in direct contrast to the calm light of the moon. Wolf's face betrays no emotion, but behind his cold eyes, a fire burns brighter and hotter than any physical flame. His voice is almost calm, but his pacing gives a subtle hint of rage...

    Wolf: They say there isn't anything that will stand the test of time anymore. We live in an age where the only things that get invented are merely improvements on what was already invented. Look around you where ever you are and tell me if you see a single person you think could invent something to change life as we know it. The wheel, electricity, the car, the Internet, telephones, space travel, do you honestly think you will ever see something as ground breaking in your life time? No because these days all you get are smaller versions, ridiculous inventions, gadgets. Toilet seats with built in beer coolers, dog leashes that have email access. Ridiculous things that won't stand the test of time. They say our music industry is the same. Will there ever be another Beatles? Misfits? Metallica? Will anybody in the chart today be remembered 20 years from now? Probably not because there's no Passion there anymore. Everything you get in today's society from your TV, from your music, your appliances, and yes even your professional wrestlers they all come off of a production line. Built for short term use, short term entertainment with no view to lasting or standing the test of time because they can always be replaced by the next batch. Look around the FWA roster, look around the Fight Night roster and do you see any stand out legends? No. There are a million Tristan James Galloway's on this earth and no matter how good they may be, they can always be replaced when they break. Ty Johnson can be replaced at the snap of your fingers with another reality show if he was injured or if he left. Harsh? probably but it's true.

    Wolf points an accusing finger at the camera, his cigarette is held between it and his middle finger...

    Wolf: It might sound like 'just another insult' or just another way to build myself up but it's not. I'm not sure what's going on with FWA or just why everybody and their grandmother thinks they deserve an easy ride, or thinks that champion should be running around after them but frankly it's starting to become a little sickening. Look at me....take a moment now, look at me.

    Wolf leans foreword, just off camera, to the bags in front of him. He rummages through one for a moment before leaning back with his title belt slung over his shoulder...

    Wolf: I'm the North American Champion. Do you think I got here by milling around doing....well doing nothing and waiting for opportunity to come knocking? No. I went to opportunities house and I slept with his daughter, I got in opportunities face and I told him that my name was Wolf and y'know what he said? He told me I should go for the North American Championship. Fate drew me to this belt because I was told it's where the best of the best of FWA's rising talent were fighting for the gold. I beat Mike Parr to get it... I've noticed I'm starting to look at my belt and think....were you worth it? Is that MY fault? No. fault? I'm a Legend. It's the fault of whatever rag tag outfit you people call the North American division. I mean I look around and I see try hard after nobody after try hard. All of them are sitting on their asses doing nothing, doing NOTHING about the fact I hold the belt and they don't.

    Wolf tosses the belt on the bed behind him...

    Wolf: Ty Johnson or 'Antihero' as he 's come to dub himself. The man who collects bad nicknames like stamps, the man who could be part of Triple J Security he's got that kind of in record here. Now I don't want to get mixed up in Ty's emo drama with Thunder. So let me enlighten you. When you still haven't found that certain 'something' to the rest of us called character. Then you gotta start to think....maybe I should have kept that job at Burger King, maybe if I go back Ron will still hire me back I mean I was the fastest drive thru guy in the place, right Ty? Look at me, and look at you. I'm a Hall of Famer. I trained FOR this business, i didn't fall into it through a reality show I was born into it. It runs through my veins and that alone would give me a running chance at anyone in this company but you? .. [ he chuckles ] .. I could buy your career and pay you to blow me and the only thing out of your mouth would be 'for how f*cking long champ'. You're nothing to FWA, never will be. Now people are gonna rant at me for not 'saying hes a good athlete'. I'm f*cking sick of you already, you're a prick who doesn't deserve space on the roster. This Christmas, your birthday and f*cking Disney land wrapped in a nice pair of tits for you Ty because your life will NEVER and I do mean EVER get better than being the bitch who got a shot that he didn't deserve and ended up in the ring across Wolf. Take your sob story and go tell someone who's got enough Patience to give a crap.

    He takes the last drag off his smoke and stamps it out on the stained carpet...

    Wolf: There is nothing on gods green earth more dull than a Tristan James Galloway promo. I mean who in all their infinite wisdom gives this guy TV time huh? I would rather have famine and war in the world if I was given a promise that no live camera or mic was ever taken within a one mile vicinity of Tristan James Galloway ever again. He is Mr. Generic wrestler template number 3 wearing corduroy pants and a woolen jumper and simply saying 'I will fight you, I really like you, look at me smile' on repeat for about 5 days straight. I cannot abide his mere existence. How's that? Does that tell you how I feel about Friday night? Here's a guy thrust into Championship scene and you know what? It's because of that that 90% of people everywhere no longer give a damn about the X Championship or NA Championship. Tristan truly is a momentum killer. He's Tony Juvenille(John Cena)....but without charisma. Imagine that. The veterans are the f*cking outcasts in this place, we're the ones who never get the credit, we're the ones who go out month after month and put out the most epic matches which the fans of this place give a shit about and yet we come backstage Tristan and Ty with the rest are blowing Starr out of all people and telling him how great he is. You know why I've got a big f*ck you attitude to the FWA rookies? Because the FWA rookies are self righteous little pricks with no respect for us, no they'd rather just band up together and think if they tell each other they're all really special then somebody else might believe them. Well right now, as it stands you can all blow me because this title says I'm the best this federation has to offer. This title says I've paid my dues and I've put my balls on the line when I felt I had too. This title says I'm the best in the world and you can disregard it as much as any of you want but the belt doesn't lie, the only lies are the ones you tell yourselves day in day out that you're going to be the big somebody some day by trawling through throwing your bullshit at a wall and hoping, praying to whoever it is you pray too that some of it will stick.

    Wolf pauses; he thinks twice and just continues...

    Wolf: None of you should ever want to be an FWA veteran because when you get there and you look back to where you've come....all you see are pricks, douche bags and nut sacks looking back at you telling you that you've done nothing because they've been here for less than an eighth of what you know has been one hell of a ride. I don't care if that's cheesy, if that's cliche, it's the truth.

    Wolf's lips contort into a twisted smile as he stands in the center of the room...

    Wolf: I almost wish I had some ruby slippers to take these idiots off to Oz so we can all skip on down the yellow prick road to where the Wizard lives so Tristan can get some glue to attach a pair of balls and Ty Johnson can get a grip on reality...I've made FWA my home, I've made it my kingdom and I'm the figure head you all need to know, that rookies are told about when they walk through the door because no matter who you are or what you do everyone gets compared to Wolf at some point in their career, because I'm good? No. Because I'm better than you.

    The smile disappears, it's replaced by the rage-filled glare of The Beast


    He stares across the room out the window as the FWA logo fades on the screen, which soon too fades... to black.
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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread



    Izzy approaches her doorstep dressed in her warm comfort clothes. She opens the door to her apartment and throws her bag on her couch and leaves her suitcase at the door. She loudly groans all the way to her room. She crashes down at the foot of her bed after a long tour away from her apartment. She moans into her blankets and peels herself away from the comfort. She crawls to the top of the bed and lays her head on a pillow. Suddenly, from the living room comes the sound of Green Day’s Dookie album on Izzy’s old school looking record player that’s hooked into a large soundbar. From the living room, in walks Starr dressed dressed just as casual. Izzy smiles and laughs as she tosses and turns trying to find the comfiest spot on her bed.

    Starr: Nap time already?

    Izzy keeps her eyes closed and nods. Starr smiles and walks over to her bedside and drapes the thick blankets over Izzy to give her more warmth and comfort. She smiles and appreciates the gesture by falling asleep quickly. Starr smiles and exits the room leaving Izzy all alone. He falls backwards on Izzy’s couch and continues listening to the album playing throughout her living room. He scrolls through Twitter a bit before getting up and deciding to do something for the rest of the day. Starr puts on his coat again and walks out into the cold city of Chicago…

    An hour later Izzy wakes up from her nap at about 2pm and slowly gets up and out of bed. She walks into the living room and sees there’s a rose on the coffee table… and another one… and another one… and another one all leading up to the kitchen table. Izzy is needless to say stunned by the sight. At the table sits Starr who comedically looks at a watch that’s not on his wrist. He acts surprised to see Izzy and waves at her. Izzy blushes and smiles and shyly waves back.

    Izzy: Ian… what is all this?

    Starr: Oh this… just something I thought I’d whip up while I waited on you to wake up. Geez, Rip Van Winkle over here.

    Izzy: Woah obscure reference much?

    Starr: Eh, it’s my thing. You wanna… take a seat at the table?

    Izzy: Y-yeah… -Izzy struts herself over to the table and sits in the chair next to Starr. She puts her head on his shoulder. So yeah what is this for exactly?

    Starr: I just figured you’d want something nice to wake up to ya know after a long trip and a long tour and I know you’re still hurting from Mile High and I am too, but… uh... *BZZT* PIZZA’S DONE!

    A loud buzzer rings through the kitchen causing Starr to rise up out of his seat and head to the oven to check on his pizza. He pulls it out, switches off the oven and cuts it into slices.

    Starr: I couldn’t remember if you like Pepperoni or just cheese so I kinda went half and half. I found this awesome recipe that’s supposed to make it taste just like Pizza Hut. I’m so eager to try this… you get first slice though.

    Izzy: Ian… is there something you wanted to tell me?

    Starr: -Starr keeps his back turned to Izzy as he cuts.-Wh-what??? No… just a nice hot delicious pizza is ready for yo-

    Izzy: -Izzy reaches around to hug Starr from behind.- Are you sure, dude? You seem real nervous around me today.

    Starr: *sigh* Okay, I’ve been a little on edge lately. -Starr turns around to look into the eyes of FWA's punk rock firecracker. He feels a incredibly uneasy, but he has to get something off his chest.- After the losses lately, I wanted to make it up to you somehow. Ya know, make sure I prove my worth to you and all that. You’re pretty great to be around and uh I don’t want you to hate me.

    Izzy: Dude! I couldn’t hate you if I tried! You’re my best friend, man. My main squeeze. You’re the JD to my Turk.

    Starr: Fuckin hell…

    Starr turns back around and continues to fidget with the food.
    Izzy is deeply confused by the way Starr's acting.
    Izzy:What? Dude… are you okay?

    Starr: Izzy… are we friends? Or more than friends? Are we dating or… just tell me because I need to know…

    Izzy: W-woah… I didn’t know you were feeling that way… uh… I mean we’re friends first. Maybe I’ve been a little too flirty and I’ve made you believe some things. I-I’m sorry about that.

    Starr: -Starr takes in a deep breath and pinches his forehead.- Thank you… I needed that like I don’t know. Thanks for the honesty.

    Izzy: P-please don’t leave. The last guy I did that to made me walk out on him and made me cry in public.

    Starr: The last guy you did that to was a 200 pound bag of total fucking douche. I literally just made you a pizza, covered your living room and kitchen in roses and you expect me to leave? Who do you think I am? As long as we’re friends, bro, we’ve got everything down.

    Izzy: Friends… -Izzy raises her eyebrows. …With Benefits??? -Starr laughs it off and puts a slice of pie on a plate for Izzy. Come on dude, I need some sort of affection 24/7 and you’re the one dude I trust to not do anything to me if I get shitfaced.

    Starr: Whatever you wanna call this pair, fine by me. I’ll take care of you, Iz. Now eat, I know you’re starving. I got Rock N Roll High School queued up waiting to go.

    Izzy smiles and hugs Starr a little tighter. She takes her slices and joins Starr in the living room, cuddling up to him on the couch.


    Fade out of black as we Starr and Izzy stand in front of a black wall in their ring gear. Starr wears one of his new shirts that you can buy at The room is silent. Starr visibly looks frustrated. Izzy picks at her lip piercings and runs her fingers through her hair. Starr suddenly steps off the wall and brings his arms over his head. Presses his hands together and brings them back down to the center of his heart touching his forehead and his mouth. Starr breathes deeply. Izzy follows along quickly. Starr keeps his face towards the camera, but starts talking to Izzy.

    Starr: I just want to say... thank you for being my tag partner still, I’m very grateful to have you as a friend and for even still being my friend after all these years, and I’m happy that we get to do the job that we love together and that we couldn’t live better lives than we do right now… The light in me sees the light in you… Namaste.

    Izzy: Namaste.

    Starr picks himself back up and shakes out his cobwebs by slapping his face a little and shaking his hands. He takes a couple more deep breaths and gains focus by looking into the camera in his own usual Starr way.

    Starr: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s me YAAAAA BOY S to the T to the A to the double R, Starr!! And always by my side is the Notorious IVD, Izzy Van Doren!!

    Izzy sticks her tongue out at the camera and throws up the horns.

    Starr: Let me tell ya folks…-Starr is ready to go on with his thought, but goes back and decides to tell the truth. Last week, I fucked up. We went up against a far more experienced tag team. I mean they’re freaking brothers how much closer can ya be? We gave it our all and when I saw danger, I tried saving Izzy... but I got a kick to the face instead. And.. we lost. Admittedly, it’s the second time I’ve let Izzy eat a pinfall while we teamed together.

    Izzy puts a hand on Starr’s shoulder and politely interjects.

    Izzy: Dude, it’s alright. Shit happens. Plus, we’re a team so it’s not fair for you to take all of the blame. It’s my fault to for thinking I getting in the middle of their little superkick party. I’m just more peeved at what those two dickheads did before and after our match. Fucking doing that V sign with their tongues out, I don’t know if they thought I’d be turned on by that or what but it really just made me more uncomfortable. Then the stroke my cheek after they knock me out. Like really dudes…-Izzy looks pretty angrily into the camera.- seriously… what the fuck is wrong with you two? I for sure thought one of them, at Drew dude wants me in bed and from the look back on the tape… he was REALLY thinking about it when I was out.

    Starr: Well you know I wouldn’t let that happen. Yeah The Echo got the best of us last week. Ya know what though? I’m not gonna let that bother me. I’m gonna do what I do best. Roll with the punches, go with the flow and just…. Breathe. Because my theravada has led me to this match this week on Fight Night and this one… oh yeah this one I feel is going to be the one that gets us those two points. And then it’s onto the finals.

    Izzy: Chris Kennedy… Ryan Rondo… Ya know you two have been here for quite awhile now and while you’ve both had your own paths and been in some phenomenal places and yeah have done some phenomenal things. But ya see it boils down to one thing… It’s Ryan Rondo... and Chris Kennedy…

    Starr: Or is it Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo…

    Izzy: “The Last Star in the Sky”... hell “The Amazing One”... Ryan Rondo you are one of the most decorated men in FWA history. Former three time X-Division Champion, former Tag Team Champion, former North American Champion, former World Champion… Ryan you’ve won every single championship that isn’t the Women’s... and well even that’s somewhat debatable… -Izzy raises her eyebrow and her smile fades into a disgusted scowl.- I mean you killed that division... Thanks by the way...

    Starr: We all know you wanted to take that division by storm Iz. But listen to this, here… tonight… when we face them... The Last Star in the Sky is meeting… The New Starr in FWA… fitting isn’t it? Ryan, I know exactly what you’ve done and where you’ve been but you don’t know anything about me… and that my… well… not friend is where you’ll fail. You don’t know a damn thing about me or where I’ve been. Hell I’m even of the opinion you don’t even know my name, dude. And really… ya should. I’m kinda becoming a big deal around here. I’m like the next Danny Toner I think someone said… but let me set this straight. I’m not foreign to being labeled “The Underdog”. I’ve kinda been one all my life, Izzy’s been the same way. But I’m saying that this “underdog” has shocked the world before and you can be damn sure I’m gonna do it again. Ask anyone that was in Mile High Massacre, ask how long I dominated that match, ask the fans how much they wanted to see me climb and take that title and say “This is the underdog story… complete obscurity to world champion”... ask FWA how marketable I am now because OOOHH you’re god damn right I’m gonna peep that guest role on Mrs. Robot…

    Izzy: It was pretty good. You’re a natural actor...

    Starr: Ya see Ryan Rondo when you underestimate me, the Interstellar Shaman... The Starrman... Mr. High On Life... ya get beaten. I prove that anything is possible. I broke the boundaries that people set on me and I showed them I mean business. I shattered the glass ceiling that people put me under and I took up rental property on Cloud 9. You get outskilled when you fight me in the ring. It’s plain and simple. Because everyone on this roster tends to overlook what I’m capable of. -Starr’s speech becomes more and more imbued with passion and fire. I’ve beaten the greats and I will continue my climb back to the promised land that is the FWA World Championship. Ryan, you will slip up. You will fall. You will crumble at my feet and when you least expect. BAM! You get a superkick right under your jaw. Lights out done. Finished. You will be ABSOLUTELY…

    Izzy quickly interrupts before Starr can finish his thought.

    Izzy: Dude, we still have the other guy to talk about.

    Starr’s obviously a little embarrassed having gotten too into his promo skills. He scratches the back of his head.

    Starr: O-oh yeah! Then there's Chris Kennedy.

    Izzy: The Astonishing Chris Kennedy.

    Starr: An honest, caring dude. I have all the respect in the world for him. He's a fighter through and through and he's someone I look forward to sharing a ring with. Not solely because I look up to him or anything, but because I know he has that same passion for wrestling that me and my friend here have. And quite the pedigree as well, I mean honestly, I could just copy and paste Ryan accomplishments here for Kennedy as well. He’s literally won it all. North American, X, Tag, Carnal Contendership, Golden Opportunity, Back to back Wrestler of the Year, and last but not least the First EVER FWA Undisputed Champion. *Phew*… that’s a lot…

    Izzy: Undefeated at Back in Business, the man is successful through and through.

    Starr: But when I look into the eyes of those two with my third eye, I see one good... and one evil. One fire… one ice… One is Kazadi... and the other is a decent match... They just do not mix. -The two burst into laughter. Starr wipes a tear from his eye and looks back into the camera.- Good and evil cannot coexist on the same team. And it’s pretty evident by their lack of trust in each other. Ryan costing Kennedy matches, various amounts of backstage namecalling, I mean just look at last Fight Night…

    Izzy looks up at Starr confused as she crosses her arms and holds her hand out with a “wut” expression on her face.

    Izzy: Uhhh... dude???

    Starr rolls his eyes but grabs Izzy. Having his hands on her body makes her a little happier and a little less ill tempered.

    Starr: Okay so they won last week... but on technicality. Plus, their eventual collapse is bound to happen sooner or later. Right?

    Izzy: Right. They simply can’t keep up, they won’t keep up, and they’ll crumble. You said it, they’re down right expected to fall apart at some point. And us, well we don’t fall apart so easily. Why? Because Starr and I are one of, if not the, tightest units on this roster and THAT is why we will win. I believe with my little black heart that we are two of the best to step foot in FWA and when we beat Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo, we'll be on the right track to proving the claim.

    Starr: There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that me and Izzy still have a fighting chance in the WS3T. No doubt at all. Because Ryan and Chris have literally zero things to expect when we step into that ring with them. And by the time they realize what they’ve gotten themselves into, it’ll be all over. I'm gonna be flying over top of them, Izzy's gonna be kicking a dude's face in, and then we're gonna drop 'em on their domeski! I’m telling ya, Kennedy and Rondo is going to get rocked…

    Izzy: And Starrstruck...

    Starr: By the two that bring the fight every single time. Rockstarrz I…

    Izzy: and I! Later diehards...

    Starr: Free your mind… free your soul… free yourself…

    Izzy and Starr hold up their respective hand signs and the camera fade to black as Starr and Izzy smile into the camera. A tiny graphic fades in when the frame reaches a full black.

    See ya soon...


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    Main Event Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    November 24th, 2017

    Chris Kennedy stands in the center of the ring across from Phillip A. Jackson, the man he once considered a brother, but now a bitter rival. Michael Garcia stands behind PAJ, a scowl on his face as he cracks his knuckles. At Kennedy's back is a thorn by the name of Ryan Rondo. The bell rings, signalling the beginning of tonight's battle. Kennedy and PAJ begin circling each other, a fire in their eyes that may never be extinguished, no matter how many times they meet in the squared circle. As Kennedy and PAJ continue to go round and round teasing a lockup, Ryan Rondo slaps Kennedy's back the moment he's close enough, tagging himself in much to the chagrin of Chris Kennedy. Ryan Rondo winks at PAJ with a disrespectful, shit eating grin on his face as to say "Neither of you get what you want, because I said so."

    Chris Kennedy: You are a piece of shit, you know that?

    Ryan Rondo: Yeah, I do.

    Rondo circles the ring but PAJ is tired of the merry-go-round and engages. Rondo ducks to the outside to avoid a lock-up and PAJ follows, giving chase. Rondo heads back into the ring and so does PAJ, only not as quickly. By the time PAJ hits the ring, Ryan Rondo tags Chris Kennedy in, not once having laid a hand on PAJ. Chris Kennedy and Phillip A. Jackson charge at eachother with purpose and the crowd goes wild. They lock up a bit before PAJ maneuvers to the back of Kennedy, holding him in the grapple. Kennedy responds by striking PAJ in the face with the back of his elbow, freeing him of PAJ's grip. Kennedy then scores with a quick kick to PAJ’s thigh, and then another. Kennedy kicks at PAJ’s legs but PAJ uppercuts Kennedy. Kennedy flips over PAJ, but gets picked up and slammed to the mat before PAJ delivers a low dropkick. PAJ blasts Kennedy with a right hand before kicking away at him in the corner. Kennedy tries to avoid PAJ in the corner but ends up shouldered. Kennedy fights out, but misses a roll up and eats a boot to the face. Ryan Rondo looks on, amused. PAJ goes to pick Kennedy up from the mat but Kennedy hits an uppercut that sends him back a bit. This is where Chris Kennedy and PAJ begin trading a series of punches, each man determined to prove themselves the better striker. Out of nowhere, Chris Kennedy hits PAJ in the face with a hard elbow. PAJ gets to his knees and Kennedy kicks away at PAJ’s chest. As Chris Kennedy and Phillip A. Jackson fight a well contested back in the ring, Ryan Rondo isn't even in his designated spot on the apron. Instead, he's headed over to the announcers table at ringside. Piers Gallagher looks excited to see The Last Star In The Sky gracing them with his presence. Langdon Trafford, however, does not look very enthusiastic. Rondo knocks Langdon's clipboard and coffee mug off of the announcers table and leans in on it, nearly nose to nose with Langdon.

    Ryan Rondo: Oh, you're mad, right? Oh, I know you are. Because you have to route for me here. Because that's CHRIS KENNEDY. That's your guy. And they have THAT GUY.

    Ryan Rondo points at Michael Garcia, and even Piers can't help but laugh.

    Ryan Rondo: THAT GUY!

    Phillip A. Jackson is down on the mat, crawling towards Michael Garcia to get tagged in. Garcia doesn't see PAJ trying to make the tag as he is distracted by Rondo pointing at him. Garcia is now staring a hole through Ryan Rondo who just laughs at him. Chris Kennedy uses Rondo's distraction to his advantage and grabs PAJ by the leg and pulls him farther away from Garcia right as Garcia turns around. Ryan Rondo walks closer to Michael Garcia but not too close.

    Ryan Rondo: Hey fucker, why don't you pay attention to your match. Jesus Christ.

    Garcia turns around and sees an exhausted PAJ making his way back to him. Kennedy tries to pull him away once more but when he grabs PAJ's leg, PAJ counters it into a spinning kick to the face of Kennedy, busting his bottom lip wide open. Kennedy falls back into the ropes, and Rondo immediately hits the apron and tags himself in while, at the same time, Michael Garcia slaps hands with PAJ and enters the ring. Rondo stands across from Garcia, sizing him up as if he's going to hand him an ass-whooping unlike anything he's ever experienced. Instead, he slaps Chris Kennedy on the shoulder, tagging him back in, while extending a middle finger to Ryan Rondo.

    Chris Kennedy: Are you fucking kidding me?

    Ryan Rondo:
    Go get'em, Tiger.

    An exhausted Chris Kennedy, having wrestled this entire match by himself, enters the ring with a fresh Michael Garcia. Garcia with a takedown early on Kennedy followed with an arm drag to keep Kennedy grounded. Garcia then pushes Kennedy to the corner but Kennedy responds with elbows to Garcia. Kennedy catches Garcia with a quick elbow and bails. Garcia swats away a dropkick attempt and kicks Kennedy on the back. Garcia with big right hands to Kennedy and then a spinning heel kick catching Kennedy before ending the combo with a big knee to the gut of Kennedy. Michael Garcia grabs a handful of Kennedy's hair but is distracted by Ryan Rondo once again extending a middle finger to Michael Garcia. The distraction is brief but buys Chris Kennedy enough time to sucker punch Garcia. The dazed Garcia stumbles back before -SUUUUUUUUUUUPERKICK!!!!- a picture perfect Bittersweet Chin Symphony from Chris Kennedy! PAJ rushes in and Chris Kennedy uses the last of his energy to hit ANOTHER SUPERKICK! Kennedy struggles to stay on his feet but when he turns around, there is a THIRD superkick, but this time it's RYAN RONDO hitting Chris Kennedy with the Bittersweet Chin Symphony, taking out his own partner before dropping to pin Michael Garcia, winning the match without having done a single thing for his team.

    December 8th, 2017

    Ryan Rondo stands in front of the mirror, a blank expression on his face as he looks into his own eyes. He's the only one in the locker room until Chris Kennedy enters. When Chris walks in, the blank canvas that was Rondo's face suddenly comes alive, he's smiling now and there is an energy in his eyes that wasn't quite visible before. Kennedy throws his duffle bag on the floor and walks right up into Ryan Rondo's face. There is a brief pause. Kennedy considers taking Rondo's head off. Rondo considers blowing him a kiss. Kennedy grits his teeth before forcing his voice into taking on calmer tone than his boiling blood would typically allow.

    Chris Kennedy:Don't. Don't even open that cocksucker of yours. You need to understand this; the only reason I'm not super-kicking you strait to hell is because I need you at 100% this week. I need you at 100% because I need you to pull your fucking weight for a change. Last week, I won that match all by myself.

    Ryan Rondo: You sure about that?

    Chris Kennedy:
    Yeah, dickhead, I am. You blindsiding me and stealing the pin doesn't change the fact that I was the one who brought us one step closer to championship gold. Not you, not us, but ME. I went out there and I gave everything I had, but it was your theme song playing as the show aired. Funny how that works out.

    Ryan Rondo: Oh, that reminds me. We need a song, like a team song. Like, we'll have the violins playing from Bittersweet Symphony and then BOOM, we go right into mine. They do that sometimes, you know...

    Chris Kennedy: Or, or...hear me out here, you just shut the fuck up and listen to me. We have another important match on the slate and I need you to actually focus because I want to KEEP winning.

    Ryan Rondo: Chris, I don't give a fuck about what you want, and that's what YOU need to understand. But, I also want to keep winning coincidentally so you are in luck, buddy. Yeah, we have a match coming up but guess what? It's Izzy Van Doren and Starr, The Rockstarrz. They couldn't even get the job done against The Echo last week. They couldn't beat two super-kicking spamming fuckboys, how are they going to manage to beat the older, wiser superkick spamming fuckboy OG Chris Kennedy? C'mon man, you got this. Not to mention, I'll be there for support and with me in your corner, Team Rondo will surely secure the tag team championships in no time at all. Besides, I'm the one true star, the last star in the sky so who the fuck are The Rockstarrz? I'll tell you: a pair of losers who have never won a match as a tag team, rarely win matches on their own, don't have shit to show for their FWA runs. Starr has been here nearly a fucking year and has only a handful of wins against jobbers like Tommy Thunder and Risky Douglass. Izzy Van Doren? Bitch spends more time playing with her makeup than she does inside of an FWA ring so tell me, what are you so worried about?

    Chris Kennedy: I'm worried that your arrogance is going to cost us. Don't downplay these guys, that'll be your first mistake. Starr has done well enough to earn himself and FWA Championship at Mile High and he held his own in that match. If he can run with the big dogs, then he's enough of a threat for you to pay attention to. Yeah, they didn't beat The Echo, but the Echo are one of the most well known tag-teams of this generation and they did that outside of the FWA. That was a tough hill to climb and you know it. You also know the old saying as it applies to football, "any given Sunday." It means the best of the best will sometimes have a bad day, and the worst of the worst will sometimes have a good day, and sometimes those they have those days at the same time. Starr and Izzy defeating us may seem unlikely to you, but understand that their biggest opportunity to win comes when we underestimate them.

    Ryan Rondo:
    Oh will you shut the fuck up? I could care less about Starr or Izzy, if you think I'm going get Starr Struck then you're outside your head, Kennedy. Do I need to remind you who the fuck I am, or who the fuck you are? We are among a small handful of of Grandslam Champions. I've won more titles than they have wins. So do you. Man, what happened to you? The so-called 'Shark From Jaws", you used to have some sharp teeth, but now you seem to be all gums. They aren't going to win, and not because I care enough to put in the effort, but because I know YOU will. I'll just strap myself to that Chris Kennedy rocket and go along for the ride. What's that saying? Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you land among the Starrz? Well, get us there buddy, I know you can do it.

    Chris Kennedy: You know what? Fine. Don't take this seriously. It's not like you've ever taken anything seriously in your career, why start now. You just sit in the corner and play your Nintendo DS, let me handle shit. When I do, TEAM CHRIS KENNEDY will be just one more step closer to those tag team titles. It won't matter if it's Izzy Van Doren or Starr, one of them is eating a Bittersweet Chin Symphony and I'm getting the pin. After that, you can THANK me, something you neglected to do last week. Make no mistakes, I have much respect for both Star and Izzy, unlike you, but that respect I have for them is only going to drive me to work harder for the win.

    Ryan Rondo:
    Okay man, you do that. I know you will, because you and I are one in the same. All we do is win, win, win no matter what. But I'll tell you something about yourself, Kennedy, something that I know and you know and not many others know. You are full of fucking shit. Up to your ears, you are. You don't respect Starr and Izzy. You are playing Good Cop here, because god forbid you stoop to my level while your fans are saying "Let's Go Kennedy/Rondo Sucks." Be real, man. You don't respect them, they are just stepping stones on your path to the FWA Championship. That's what this is all about, you working your way back up the ranks. Do you even give a shit about the tag team titles or are they just the next step in your quest towards the FWA Championship? I wonder what you'll do when you finally get there and have to face your girlfriend, Bell Connelly. You respect her, dontcha'?

    Chris Kennedy: I respect anyone who shares that respect for me. That doesn't mean I'm going to lay down for them. I am a fighter. You learned that at Mile High. Now, whether you want to admit it or not, Starr is a future world champion. Izzy too, maybe. They need to be treated like the threats they are. Me? I don't back down from threats like you do. I face them head-on until they are no longer a threat to me, and I move on. You are wrong, I do care about the Tag Team champions. Brian Carter and I spent to better part of a year bringing prestige back to the tag team championships. I plan on doing that again, I only wish it was with someone else. Anyone but you.

    Ryan Rondo:
    Heh, yeah. The feeling is mutual, man. Not the part about bringing back prestige to the tag team titles, I already did that with Sunrise-Sunset, a far better team than The Kennedy/Carter Administration. But I'll tell you what; I'll put the work in, Kennedy. Not because I really need to against Izzy and Starr, but because I don't want to hear this "I did all the work" crybaby bullshit from you next week.

    Chris Kennedy: Sounds good to me. But let me tell you one last thing. If you pull that shit on me again, the shit that you pulled last week attacking me during the match, then everything goes out the window. The desire to win, to obtain gold, that's the only thing stopping me from disconnecting your head from the rest of your spine via superkick and if you fuck with me again, that all goes out the window and I'm fucking you up, consequences be damned. Is that clear?

    Ryan Rondo laughs while Kennedy stares him down.

    Ryan Rondo:Yeah, bud. Crystal clear.

    Kennedy grabs his bag from the floor and says nothing else to Rondo. He exits the room and Rondo just crosses his arms, deep in thought as a sinister grin befalls his face.

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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    The camera pulls in on an individual in a chair turned away from the camera. When the camera gets to shoulder level, the chair spins around to reveal Romeo Rollings to be the man sitting in the chair. A smug smirk appears as he leans against his desk staring at the camera.

    Romeo Rollings: I’m sure you’re all disappointed right now. After all, you were probably expecting my client the X Champion Tristan James Galloway. Normally, he would pontificate his beautiful righteous manifesto, but I have him out doing other things. After all, what does this match really mean? What purpose does it serve other than filler? Sure, it’s got the novel concept of pitting the North American champion and the X champion against each other with unlikely team mates. Who does this benefit? Does it entertain the fans? I don’t think so. They don’t care about Ty and Tommy. They are a couple of nobodies. Do they have a score to settle after they battled to a no contest? Nobody was dying to see them again! Why not have Tristan James Galloway in the tournament? He could always use more gold. Heaven knows it would elevate our pay rate for sure.

    Romeo stands up from his chair and walks around his desk approaching the camera.

    Romeo Rollings: Sadly that’s not the case. We’re stuck in a meaningless match that doesn’t help my client at all except putting a little bit of extra cash in his pocket. However, I must add that Mr. Galloway is a solo act. How he would strike anyone as a team player is anybody’s guess. Now, I know what you’re thinking right now: “Hey, Romeo, that doesn’t make any sense what so ever! He’s got you an agent!!”

    Ah, but you see, kids. The roles are different in this relationship. It’s not of a team, but of a player and a coach. Galloway executes the plays as I am the one who decides which plays should be run. I am his conscious, his guiding light, the beacon of prosperity. I facilitate the means for Tristan to achieve the greatness he deserves. This match doesn’t honestly deserve his attention or his focus. It doesn’t give him any momentum for his title reign. It’s simply to entertain the fans. While Tristan James Galloway loves his fans and willing to please them with a wonderful performance, Mr. Galloway is more interested in cementing his legacy in the FWA. Teaming with Ty Johnson doesn’t add to his illustrious career. If anything, it boost Ty Johnson’s career. It allows him to be in the company of a winner and champion. Tristan Galloway doesn’t need Ty. He doesn’t need anyone.

    Romeo Rollings scoops up a bouncy ball from his desk and begins to throw it to the floor continuously.

    Romeo Rollings: It’s as obnoxious as me with this ball. Again, I reiterate, it’s unnecessary. I have it on good authority to have Mr. Galloway no show the event, but my client is a man of honor and integrity. He appreciates the fans support and admires them as much as they admire him, so he will perform for them. He will give them a show in a way only Tristan can.

    Rollings stops throwing the ball and begins to ponder his thoughts. He sits down on the edge of his desk with his arms folded, gazing up at the ceiling. He looks back down at the camera stroking his chin.

    Romeo Rollings: The more I think about it, the more I realize how wrong I am about this match. It’s a much needed break the grind of the X-Division. Tristan James Galloway has two successful title defenses under his belt. He endured the X Gauntlet still in possession of the championship. In that regard, I would like to thank the FWA management. You did the right thing. I’m jus not fond of your choice of opponents and partner for Mr. Galloway.

    Let’s begin with Ty. I’ve wondered all week why exactly the powers that be put Ty and Galloway together. Is it because they share a troubled past from their days as kids? Is it because they are enigmatic to the fans of FWA? Maybe it’s just to allow the kid a chance in the spotlight. Either way it doesn’t matter. He’ll just have to sit back and watch my client carry the load for the team. All I will say to you Ty is that you’re welcome.. don’t expect this to be a recurring thing, alright?

    Rollings picks up a pile of 8x10s sitting on the desk beside him, thumbing through before he settles on an image of Tommy Thunder.

    Romeo Rollings: Tommy Thunder, I would love to extend my sincerest congratulations on being placed in a match with the North American champion and X-Division champion. You fancy yourself as the Division 1 athlete, yet you look more like a community college ball player. Do me a favor: take the check and smile. Alright? Because your fifteen seconds of fame is fading. You won’t be this lucky again.

    Now, on to the more important one of the team. A man simply regarded as Wolf. A man ho defied logic by being the one to dethrone Mike Parr.

    Romeo Rollings lowers his head in disgust, but the disgust turns to hysterical laughter expressing disbelief.

    How? How!?! You, of all people, is the one to unseat the longest regining FWA champion. A man for who fifteen months had a strangle hold on the North American championship, who wouldn’t relinquish it to anyone under any circumstances. Who challenged the best of the best and beat them all…. and it’s you, Wolf, who beats him for one of the most illustrious prizes in professional wrestling today? All I could thinks is maybe poor old Mike Parr had an off night. Maybe he had the flu or the gout. Perhaps he was tired of having to be stopped by TSA agents wanting to play with the built at every stop he made. Perhaps he wanted to the lighten the luggage he had to pick up from baggage claim. It’s unbelievable how you won the title, but regardless you’re the North American champion. I can respect that… to a certain degree. Because you’re nothing more than a guy who pisses and moans about the “greener than goose poop rookies” are pushing you aside and taking over. How the company doesn’t get behind a guy like you despite being a champion for them.

    Sucks to suck doesn’t it?

    You’re obsessed with green horns and making them pay for crimes they haven’t committed. You want to fight and claim to be an entertaining, but not an entertainer. Well, you’ve got a face only a mother can love, but I don’t know who would fine you entertaining. All the pent up three year old temper tantrum rage you’ve got pouring from your existence… it’s rather sad. How many guys have to claim their sadistic and Manson Family crazy before everyone collectively vomits? I mean seriously, Mac Michaud seems to think of himself as a grizzled veteran who wants to teach the young guys a lesson. Now, Wolf wants to do the same and somewhere along the way he earned the right to be called a champion… but he’s a champion in name only. He doesn’t honestly have the pedigree to be a champion. Not like Tristan James Galloway. The heart that Galloway pours into his loved ones is the same that he places into his craft of professional wrestling. It’s what separates him from the likes of Wolf.

    Wolf is fraud, a pretender. He doesn’t have the ability to hang with the likes of Tristan James Galloway. Not anymore. He had his heyday, but like a shooting star it burns bright for a moment before fading out to be to no more. Perhaps Tristian will use this match to set up him as a challenger for the North American championship. It would lead to huge draws as the box office that’s for sure. You won’t get Tristan at his absolute best, but it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need to be in order to beat you and Tommy. He can do it all on his own if he wanted.. but this is a glorified exhibition. It’s here to bring smiles on the faces of children. But I hope for the day Wolf puts his title on the line against Tristan James Galloway. A champion vs champion winner take all bout. It would be big ratings and box office! There’s no doubt about it… but alas it’s nothing more than a meaningless title match.

    Romeo shrugs as he walks back around his desk to sit down behind the desk, shuffling paperwork as he does. He begins to jot down notes in a note pad almost as if he’s forgotten about the camera. Rollings continues writing before glancing up briefly at the camera.

    Just be happy he decided to show up for you people.

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    Re: 8 December 2017 - WS3T Day 2 Promo Thread

    A barren wasteland.

    That’s all that can be seen for miles and miles. Trees stripped of their gorgeous leaves stood broken in the background. The ground was nothing more than soil and rocks. A glowing orange sun cast a red tint over the land that was intensified by the. light of many fires in the distance. A patch of high growing winds in the distance began to sway in the distance, signaling that an intense wind had just picked up and was making things worse. Suddenly, the camera began to pan out. A few homes. destroyed by whatever destructive force caused all of this, lay scattered over the dirt ground.

    As Michael Garcia walks onto the scene, he passes by a woman and a small child. The woman is doing everything in her power to keep her child alive, butin a land with no water, no food, no electricity, how was she expected to survive? The only hope she had was to pray. The only hope she had was to wait it out long enough that maybe, hopefully, someone….maybe the nice looking man in the basketball tee could offer her some assistance but the woman knew that deep down there wasn’t much that could save her. She needed a hero. She was holding out fot a hero.

    "It wasn't long ago that I went on a crusade to kill off any and all heroes that dared to save the FWA from it's monsters. Funny how things change, innit A year ago, I never thought that I would be welcoming a hero with open arms, let alone allowing said hero to come and save me. I used to laugh at the Gryphons of the world, the people who thought that they could achieve anything through hard work, determination and faith. The people who thought that good always prevailed over evil and the righteous would win out in the end. I used to say that those people lived in a neighborhood of make believe and that the only way you could get anything in this world is to take it. I didn't realize how wrong I truly was.

    As Phillip has told me, I need to own up to my actions and claim my responsibility but I also need to understand that I'm not the only person to blame for my past transgressions. My anger issues, my trust issues,my general outlook on life is a biproduct of the events of my childhood; when the person I've trusted more than any other in my life showed i was worth nothing more than the gum on the bottom of his shoe to him. Because of him, I've never been able to get close to anyone else. Not my family, my friends, no one. Get them before they get me. That's exactly the way I saw it. Get or get got. Kill or be killed. Hell, I didn't even have a real relationship until I met Lexi and I couldn't even keep that going. I didn't trust Jeremiah Jones as far as I could throw him, either. I knew the very second a better offer came on the table for him, he'd throw me in the trash like yesterday's meatloaf. And my brother, my very own brother...the moment we lost those tag team titles, I allowed the paranoia to set in and eat me alive. My brother.My own flesh blood. Ya know...what happened to Malik was when it all started to go down hill. I then felt that i had to justify my actions by showing that I didn't need Malik and that I could do it on my own. But when I failed to beat Mike Parr, everything started to unravel.

    Then along came Phillip A.Jackson.

    Along came the hero to pick e up out of the depths of despair and try to raise me back to the top of the mountain. Phillip, he's looking for a little bit of redemption of his own though. Together, we've got a long road ahead to better ourselves and yes, there will be bumps along the way. There will be breakdowns. And as we showed last week, there will be failures. But as Phillip has told me, we aren't defining our success right now in wins and losses. We're defining our success in our journey and in how far we go. We only fail if we give up and that's one thing the Phillip A.Jackson Project will not do is give up!

    Tonight, we're got the Genocide in our path, standing in our way, just another obstacle on our path to change.Sinn, Graves, the Phillip A. Jackson project sees you for what you are. We know that you're the bullies in the yard, the bump in the road, the toxins that try to poison our souls.But you won't succeed because the Phillip A.Jackson project is destined for victory, both in the ring and out of it."

    Michael turned to the woman and child and began to pick the child up, carrying him to safety as the mother trailed behind.

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