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Thread: Wrestling Club - 2002

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    Card for Wrestling Club Episode #5
    "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown Vs "Superstar" Evan Karagias
    America's Most Wanted Vs Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr.
    Devon "Crowbar" Storm Vs "King of The Old School" Steve Corino
    Weekly Television Title Match: Homicide w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart Vs AJ Styles (c)
    Main Event: TBA

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    I've really enjoyed what you're doing with Evan Karagias in terms of character, however I expect him to continue to be comedy, because he'll obviously be squashed by Monty Brown on this next show.

    I am looking forward to see how the CM Punk/Eddie Guerrero stuff plays out, because Punk's Straightedge character could have a field day.

    Corino debuting is awesome because he's the man. World Champ please!

    And Styles/Homicide main event should be a good one.

    On another note, the Steiner/Shamrock feud is going along very nicely because it's just so intense. Two great characters going at it, and that Shamrock/Awesome main event last week was sensational. Enjoying a majority of what I'm seeing here, I'll continue reading that's for sure. Keep up the solid work.

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    Wrestling Club Episode #5
    Roseland Ballroom, New York City, Attendance: 3,000
    May 5th, 2002

    This week's episode opens on a taped segment after last week's main event.
    Ken Shamrock is in the restroom at the Main Street Armory. He's facing the mirror and his back is covered in cuts and bruises. He's breathing heavily.

    Shamrock: Steiner...I'm still here. I've fought too long and too hard to let my career get thrown away now. Mike Awesome couldn't stop me. (punches the mirror, shattering it and turns around) SO YOU SURE AS HELL CAN'T STOP ME, SCOTT STEINER. YOUR TIME RUNNING FROM ME ENDS SOON. I WILL MAKE YOU TAP SCOTT STEINER, I WILL FUCKING END YOU! wait. Hell on earth is waiting for you, Scott Steiner.

    The show's intro kicks off the night and we open to Scott Steiner in the middle of the ring, title belt on his waist with a metal baseball bat in his right hand, mic in the left with his girls beside him.

    Steiner: LAST NIGHT! Big Poppa Pump went on the town and all the whores CAME AROUND! After The Booty Daddy seen thirty six of New York's ugliest broads, I finally found one that didn't look like Scott Hudson!

    Hudson: Oh c'mon.

    Steiner: And she got in the ear of The World's Champion and whispered "Oh Big Bad Booty Daddy, how about you show me what it's like to be with a winner!" So I took that hoochie to the hotel Showtime is paying for and put her in the STEINER RECLINER!

    Cyrus: This man is the only real world champion in the sport.

    Steiner: SO FREAKS, BIG POPPA PUMP IS YOUR HOOK UP, HOLLER IF YOU HEAR ME! (leans on the turnbuckle) Now onto business...last week I saw the world's most pussiest man, Ken Schamrock! He got his ass whupped up and down this ring and fuckin' Ricky Steamboat sat there like a Priest with his thumb up his ass and let the biggest injustice in the history of this busi-sport occur! He let that sonuvabitch Schamrock get away with a count out victory! WHAT THE FUCK IS A COUNT OUT IN A MAIN EVENT STEAMBOAT!? AND SCHAMROCK, WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF ULTIMATE FIGHTER ARE YOU!? GETTING TOSSED AROUND THE ARENA LIKE A GOD DAMN 12 YEAR OLD!

    Shamrock is seen entering the building from the parking lot, he has a bandaged face and taped arms as he rolls up the sleeves on the hoodie he's wearing.

    Steiner: That punk pussy sonuvabitch did that hootin' and hollerin'...but he ended up just like his wife last night! Sittin' in a pile of sweat wanting to take on the Big Bad Booty Daddy! But he ain't getting his hands nowhere near this title or these titles right here (kisses biceps)

    Shamrock comes flying out into the ring area and beats down two security guards in his way, he slides in the ring and Steiner pushes one of his girls in the way as a distraction, Shamrock avoids hitting her but he gets a baseball bat to the knee. Ken falls to the bottom corner and Steiner starts stomping him, he goes to swing with the bat again but Shamrock catches it with his hand. Security flood the ring and President Steamboat walks down the aisle with a mic.

    Steamboat: Enough! Scott! Shamrock! Enough! You two wanna kill each other so bad, you'll get the chance to!

    Steiner: (off mic in the distance) FUCK HIM!

    Steamboat: I've been speaking with network execs at Showtime and they've agreed to having a network special, May 25th we will have a two hour show. The main event will be decided next week as Ken Shamrock will go one on one with Curt Hennig for the number one contender's spot, this time there will be no distractions, no interference, as anyone who comes to ringside during next week's main event will be suspended without pay.

    Steiner: HORSESHIT!

    Hudson: Wow, this is huge news from President Steamboat.

    Cyrus: More like a huge robbery, Hennig already beat Shamrock!

    Hudson: Hennig also cheated and had taken advantage of a distraction.

    Cyrus: What're you going with instant replay? If the ref didn't see it, he can't call it!

    Hudson: Doesn't look like that's good enough for our President.

    Cyrus: I'm agreeing more and more with our champion everyday I sit next to you.

    Hudson: Oh boy...

    We cut to a backstage interview with Evan Karagias who is staring at the floor with dark tinted sunglasses on.

    Jeremy: Evan, up next you make your debut against "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown, last week Monty defeated Mike Sanders in impressive fashion with a record time, do you have a strategy to avoid the same fate?

    Karagias: Jeremy, I uhh... (takes deep breath and looks directly into the camera) I know the uh...the odds are obviously in my favor and Monty has next to no the ring against me so I'm gonna go easy on the kid. (looks at Jeremy with a nervous face to Jeremy's disbelief)

    Jeremy: Strong words, Evan.

    We cut back to the ring area and Monty Brown makes his entrance and poses on the top rope then turns his head back when he hears Evan entering and hops down to mat. Karagias is in a shiny green leather jacket and pants along with shades and slicked back hair. He cautiously walks to the ring and gets in his corner as he half heartily stands on the turnbuckle.

    "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown Vs "Superstar" Evan Karagias

    The bell sounds and Evan tosses his jacket at Monty as a distraction and charges him, hammering him with swings until he's in the corner, Evan backs out and runs at him for a diving dropkick but Brown dodges it and Evan collides with the turnbuckle. As he stands up he's badly beaten down in the corner with rights and lefts until he's given a hard hook and fumbles over the top rope to the apron.

    Monty grabs him by the hair to pull him up and Evan grabs Brown by the neck and drops his throat across the top rope then does a springboard leg drop and pins Monty for a one count before he's tossed in the air. He freaks and tries to evade his opponent and escape through the ropes by Monty grabs him by the pants and release German suplexes him to the center of the ring. Evan crawls to the bottom rope in pain and stands up to get a hard lariat which backflips Karagias. Evan holds onto the bottom rope as he's being pulled away by The Alpha Male and kicks him in the jaw to temporarily escape.

    Karagias quickly climbs the top rope to capitalize but he's thrown off the top and hit with a running neckbreaker. As Evan slowly gains him footing and turns around he's knocked to the corner by The Pounce and pinned for the three count.

    Hudson: The Alpha Male with yet another explosive win!

    Cyrus: Woah woah, I think Evan has a rematch case for being pulled from the ropes! You're all about the rules tonight so I hope you're ready to stay true to your energy earlier.

    Hudson: ...Brown is sure to find himself in title contention after running through two opponents in such dominant fashion.

    Cyrus: But yet Mike Awesome annihilated two opponents and couldn't get himself a title match! Are you in Monty's pocket, Scott!?

    Hudson: They've both been impressive, I don't make the rules, Cyrus!

    Cyrus: So you say.

    Hudson: Up next we'll have two of most talented teams in the sport today face off, when America's Most Wanted take on Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr.

    We cut to a vignette of Lex Luger training Shark Boy. Shark Boy is chasing a chicken outside in his Main Event fitness branded sweatsuit while Luger is seated, barking at him.

    Luger: C'MON SHARKY! If Rocky Balboa wasn't too good to chase a chicken neither are you. You're gonna crap lightening and shit thunder in that ring! Pretend that's Mike Awesome running from you!

    Shark Boy stops and backs off. Luger shakes his head and blows a whistle at him.

    Luger: What you need is some in-ring training. It's time for you to get back in the squared circle a bit and practice. I got just the opponent for you.

    The vignette cuts to a gym where Shark Boy is in the ring opposite "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. Shark Boy is in the corner silently pleading with Luger.

    Luger: Look at me Sharky! I believe in you! He might be big but this Main Event fitness sponsored ring is one of the safest out there and is guaranteed to turn even the weakest of tomato cans into superstars (turns and smiles at the camera), now give 'em hell kid!

    The two lock up and Dr. Death pulls him close in for a headlock.

    Luger: Don't panic! Slide out! You're made of butter, slide!

    Shark Boy slides out and throws his arms up to celebrate but he's caught with a Belly-to-back suplex and knocked out.

    Luger: Oh man...

    Williams: Woo! That one's for Oklahoma!

    After the vignette backstage CM Punk is standing with Colt Cabana who is sweating hard and twitching a bit.

    Pamela: Punk, last week you were spotted at ringside with this man and another woman who I don't see with you this week, what is your interest with Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr.?

    Punk: First off, this man is Colt Cabana and he is a former addict I have sponsored and saved, he can endorse my words. I don't hate the people I see out there, deep down I feel sorry for all of you. You work hard to piss your money away on substances and me, my partner here are out to clean the world of professional wrestling of it's deviants and fiends. Eddie Guerrero is one of the worst cases, I looked up to Eddie Guerrero and then he pissed away opportunity after opportunity for a six pack. Your partner Rey is an innocent bystander that I'm sure you'll drag down with you and if he can't see that, he's an enabler which makes him just as bad as you.

    Cabana: Y-yeah s-six pack. HAHA!

    Punk: (slaps Colt and he quits twitching) Your time as a hero measured in low digits, Eddie Guerrero. I'm going to expose you to the people who don't know who you truly are.

    After the interview we cut to AMW standing in the ring. Storm is holding two beers and Harris has the mic.

    Harris: York and Matthews you two got the best of once but I'd recommend staying your A Game because we're climbing back up the ladder and the first rung is Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, so come get your cruiserweight asses on out here and give us a brawl.

    Eddie and Rey walk out the entrance way. Eddie has a cocky grin and Mysterio nicely shakes hands with the audience. The two enter and Harris starts off against Mysterio.

    America's Most Wanted Vs Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Harris charges for a lariat but Rey dodges and springboards off the rope into a headscissors tilt-a-whirl takedown then a springboard moonsault but it’s countered when Harris puts his knees up. The Wildcat takes advantage of the downed Rey and works his knees with several stomps, wrenches and finally a foot DDT. He drags Mysterio by the foot to the corner and tags in Storm and they both drop an elbow on the inner thigh of Rey Rey. Storm drapes his leg over the bottom rope and drops down on it and gets scolded by the ref, as this happens Rey crawls to his corner but he’s caught by Storm and lifted up for an Atomic drop. Storm locks in the Sharpshooter as Mysterio motions to Eddie who cannot reach him. Rey struggles until he can push himself up and flips over, Storm gets up to stomp Rey but the leg is caught and he’s swept to the ground, Mysterio flops from the mat to his corner and tags in Guerrero.

    Eddie hits a dropkick off the top rope. Guerrero hits a vertical suplex and then a spinning facewash as he flips off Harris who loses it and rushes into the ring and clotheslines Eddie. AMW beat down Guerrero as the referee tries to split them up, Rey crawls to the center rope and springboards in and lands in a Frankensteiner position on Harris but doesn’t complete the move. Chris lifts him up for a powerbomb but Rey gives him a punch to the head and Harris wobbles to the ropes and gets Frankensteiner’d to the outside. Inside Storm turns back around and gets a European uppercut from one knee then the Three Amigos. Outside the ring Mysterio is trying to limp back to his corner but gets chopblocked. Eddie thinks of pinning but sets up for the Frog Splash, he signals it but Harris shoves him off the top rope to the mat outside.

    Chris slowly makes his way to his corner and gets tagged in. Storm slumps on the apron as Harris tosses Eddie back in the ring. The Wildcat lifts him up for the Catatonic but he’s pulled into a schoolboy, although only for a two count. Rey finally makes his way to his corner and Guerrero goes for a tag but Harris hits a DDT and baseball slides into Mysterio’s legs. Eddie is now left to defend himself as Chris Harris batters him. He once again goes for the finish but it’s countered into a German suplex. Storm motions for a tag and gets in only to get dropkicked to his corner. The Cowboy is left lying on the bottom turnbuckle and gets hit with another dropkick. Harris clocks Eddie with a right hand from the back and lifts him up for a suplex over the top rope. However before he can deliver he’s dragged by his ankles by Mysterio, flattening him on the mat. Harris holds his mouth and gets up to charge Rey but Mysterio pulls the top rope down, dumping Wildcat to the outside, Cowboy follows up and hits the Last Call superkick to Rey, sending him to the outside as well.

    Storm and Eddie are left in the ring. It seems James no match technically and gets monkey flipped to the center of the ring. Storm wobbles to his feet and avoids Eddie until he reaches his corner and takes a swig of beer then elbows Eddie. Guerrero knees him in the gut and the beer spits out into his face. Eddie freaks at the taste of alcohol and gets distracted enough for a superkick and pinfall.

    Cyrus: I knew Eddie couldn't control himself! Kickin' Storm in the gut to get a taste of that beer, what a fiend.

    Hudson: You cannot be serious!

    Storm poses over Eddie and downs a beer and exits with Harris in tow. After their celebration CM Punk walks out with a mic and Colt Cabana behind him. Mysterio has crawled in the ring to Eddie's aid.

    Punk: For those unaware my name is CM Punk, I am straight edge, that means I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, I am the complete opposite of that shell of a man lying in the ring right now. I once looked up to Eddie Guerrero but not the deviant you've become and now that the world has seen the error of your lifestyle hopefully these mush brain drunks that pollute New York can turn their lives around but for you, it's too late.

    Rey stands up and challenges them to come in but Daffney slides in the ring from behind and dropkicks his leg out, Cabana and Punk then hop in and beat the team down. Cabana and Punk hit a Double DDT on Eddie and Daffney hits a single knee facebreaker on Rey. Punk drags Eddie to the top rope and sets up the Pepsi Plunge, Cabana grabs a chair and lies it flat in the ring for him to land on but York and Matthews fly in and brawl with Cabana and Punk. The teams fight it out until security arrive. Punk and his crew was forcefully escorted out as Guerrero and Mysterio are attended to, York and Matthews remove themselves.

    Backstage we see Punk cursing as his crew are removed, the cameras pass Curt Hennig being interviewed by Pamela.

    Pamela: Well...earlier tonight President Steamboat announced that next week you will face Ken Shamrock for a world title shot, d-

    Hennig: Don't worry Pam, I know where you're going with this. I already beat Ken Shamrock but I'll be sure to make quick work of him again. And soon after I'll claim the World title and I'm very happy to announce Pam, that me and my tag team partner Rob Van Dam will be entering the tag team division soon, so expect to see a lot of gold around Curt Hennig.

    Pamela: You're officially a team?

    Hennig: Absolutely, Hennig and Van Dam is a match made in heaven, we're not just good, we're not just good, we're Extremely Perfect. (smiles hard)

    Post interview we cut to a vignette of Vampiro decimating people in Puerto Rico with cut up footage of matches leading to him walking into a dirty locker room with blood dripping down his face. He leans against the wall slides to the floor.

    Vampiro: I lost the title tonight, belts come and go. Pain remains. When I reach the United States again, expect nothing but. Win or lose, you will suffer.

    Post vignette we cut to a tape of Steve Corino in Philly holding the ECW title by the river.

    Corino: April 4th, 2001. The happiest day of my life, that's the day the cesspool known as Extreme Championship Wrestling folded. During my tenure in that shit hole I found myself ECW World champion (looks at title belt) and now no one will ever hold the ECW title again. (tosses belt into the river) Hardcore wrestling is dead, with the demise of ECW the garbage wrestlers will follow. They can go beat each other over the head with every frying pan and chair they find, roll around in barbed wire for pennies in VFWs but their time in the limelight is over. Now it's time for wrestling to return, professional wrestling is reborn and so is Steve Corino.

    Back in the arena Steve Corino enters to a round of boos as he smirks and grabs a mic.

    Corino: I know, I know. It hurts, you toothless sons of bitches finally had a place to congregate and meet others of your kind and now that ECW has died you're all lost but don't worry! Do not worry because Steve Corino is here to put on a wrestling clinic! Say goodbye to garbage wrestling and trash brawls when Steve Corino steps in the ring!

    Directly after saying this Devon Storm comes out with a crowbar in one hand and a literal garbage can in the other which he heaves in the ring and garbage flies out of it.

    Corino: What the hell is this!?

    Storm flies into the ring and springboard back kicks Corino who slides outside to regain his bearings. The referee tosses the garbage can outside and tries to get the pry bar off of Devon. The bell sounds as Corino enters and jumps Storm from behind and works him over with slow holds.

    "King of The Old School" Steve Corino Vs Devon "Crowbar" Storm

    Corino puts Storm in a chin lock and pats himself on the bat, then puts him in a hammerlock as he knees him in the back to a round of “boring” chants. Devon starts to power out and throws his head back into Corino’s nose and gets a referee warning. He disregards it and stomps on Steve and Irish whips him to the opposite corner and follows with a running big boot. Corino collapses to the mat and Crowbar climbs the top rope to signal a crossbody but he’s dropkicked in mid air by Corino and proceeds to be put into an abdominal stretch.

    As Steve loses focus to yell at the crowd, Storm grabs a rope to get free then heel kicks Corino, bouncing him off the ropes until he’s kicked in the gut and powerbombed over the top onto the garbage can outside. The can flattens on impact and Corino screams and grabs his lowerback. Devon makes his way to the opposite turnbuckle, gets on the apron and lands a diving clothesline. The King of the Old School is leveled and proceeds to get Irish whipped into the barrier. He stumbles around until Devon comes at him for a lariat in which he drop toe holds him then gradually helps him to his feet and gives him a hidden low blow then tosses him back inside. Storm rolls around in pain as Corino gets in and locks in the Funk’s famous Spinning toe hold. Devon avoids tapping by reaching a rope but he just gets stomped in the face then Irish whipped into an STO for a two count.

    Storm slowly recovers but he’s worked with knees to the gut over and over. Crowbar is set up on the top rope for a superplex finish but he pushes Corino off and lands an elbow drop for a two count. Corino rolls outside to recover. Storm hits the ropes and planchas to the outside but he’s caught with a jumping cutter. The two lie outside the ring until Steve makes his way back in after spitting on Crowbar. Devon gets enraged and loses his cool, grabbing his patented weapon and getting in the ring but the referee stops him. While distracted he’s clocked with the Old School Kick and then the Old School Expulsion for a three count.

    Cyrus: That's what I'm talking about!

    Cyrus stands up and applauds as Corino celebrates on his way out. Before he exits he walks to the announce table and gives Cyrus a hug.

    Cyrus: Tell the people how it is, King!

    Corino puts a headset on and shushes Hudson.

    Corino: As you can see, hardcore wrestling has nothing on a real athlete, I've got ability that reaches beyond any of the old, beat down, out of shape, drunk flea market wrestlers you used to see in Philadelphia. With my natural God given talent, I assure you I can take Wrestling Club to new heights, I'm talking 200, 300, hell 500 thousand fans screaming my name, instead of 3,000 drunks begging for blood and flaming tab-

    Crowbar knocks Corino over and they brawl at ringside, Steve tries to escape and runs to the back. Devon catches up to him and they brawl in the back, Storm tries to toss him into a vending machine but Corino low blows him and throws him head first into the soda machine, sending glass and plastic all over. Devon is leaking blood from his head.

    Corino: Not so tough now, huh? Are you hardcore now!? (holds Storm by the jaw and slaps him) How hardcore are you now?!

    Security catch up and intervene, a medic rushes over to Crowbar. When the issue is resolved we cut to an interview in Homicide's locker room, Gary Hart is with him.

    Pamela: Homicide, tonight you have a shot at the Television title, AJ has survived three weeks up to this point, do you have what it takes to dethrone him?

    Hart: Not only does Homicide have what it takes to dethrone AJ Styles, he has what it takes to break AJ Styles. You have an impressive list of names but those men were all athletes, my client is a fighter. You've never been in the ring with a fighter, you've never been in the ring with a man who will do whatever it takes to survive. If you can manage to escape the ring tonight with your career intact, consider your match a success, AJ Styles but the odds are not in your favor.

    Following that interview Jeremy Borash is with AJ in his locker room, he's holding his title tightly.

    Jeremy: AJ, tonight is your fourth title defense, you are two wins away from cashing in and being eligible for a world title shot, how focused are you tonight?

    AJ: I've proven myself time and time again, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Jerry Lynn, they all fell to me. Homicide might be a fighter, he might be a tough guy but he'll have to be God himself to pry this title from my side.

    We cut to a taped vignette of Steamboat in his office.

    Steamboat: Earlier tonight I announced a two hour special would occur May 25th for the first time and hopefully the first of many. While the world title match was announced I'm also announcing that after much delegation I've decided that Jerry Lynn will go one on one against Hayabusa who will be promptly reinstated. It's not a choice I wanted to make but the audience desires it and I will not disappoint, however these two cannot be controlled against one another in the squared circle. So that's why I reached out to both opponents and came to an agreement on stipulation. On the 25th Jerry Lynn will face Hayabusa in a Japanese Death Match.

    Along with that bout, on May 25th I will have yet another major announcement regarding the future of Wrestling Club. This program and it's audience demand the best in the sport and I will deliver come time. So be sure to check in, that is all.

    After Steamboat's statement we cut to the ring where Homicide enters with Gary Hart. AJ follows with the Television title on his shoulder, he confidently struts down and the two get in opposite corners and the bell sounds.

    Weekly Television Title Match:
    Homicide w/ Gary Hart Vs AJ Styles(c)

    The two lock up and exchange power holds until AJ pushes him to the ropes and misses an Enzuigiri and dodges a leg drop from Homicide and follows with a dropkick to the seated Homicide. Styles misses a knee drop and gets DDT'd from his knees by Homicide then lifted up for a sitout slam and a two count.

    AJ gets to one knee and pulls Homicide by the trunks for a two count schoolboy then gives him a stiff clothesline upon getting up. Styles lifts up Homicide and flapjacks him to the turnbuckle and hits a snap suplex as he stumbles back. AJ hooks the trunks and goes for a pin but the ref catches him. Styles argues with the ref and gets half nelson suplexed. Styles rolls outside and falls on the mat. Homicide dives through the middle rope and takes Styles to the mat again.

    After the dive Homicide Irish whips him into the ring post and he bounces off and flips over the barrier. Once he's on his feet he's suplexed back over to ringside. Styles gets tossed back inside and Homicide climbs the top rope,
    he stumbles a bit and AJ covers and hits a Pele kick on him and he falls off the top rope to the outside. Styles launches over the top rope and Flying forearm's Homicide outside the ring and the two lie on the mat until a six count, AJ rushes to get in and Homicide grabs him by the trunks and tosses him head first to the barrier before collapsing himself.

    The count reaches 8 and Homicide hurries to toss Styles in then roll in himself. Homicide goes to finish the match with a piledriver but AJ slides out and crawls to the corner and kicks off Homicide until he gets stomped and facewashed. Homicide lines him up on the mat and hits a double foot stomp off the top rope and gets a two and a half much to his shock. AJ's resiliency is cut short as he's tossed into the ring post between the turnbuckles. Styles falls backwards and he's hit with a Shining Wizard and almost escapes with the title but AJ raises his shoulder.

    Gary Hart appears nervous at ringside, Homicide tries to finish AJ off but he gets his second Pele kick. The two lie on the mat until Styles slowly gets up and stomps Homicide viciously and knees him in the head a few times.The TV champion lifts him up for the Styles Clash but Homicide slides out just barely, he pushes AJ to the turnbuckle and elbows him in the head and goes for the 187 cutter but he's thrown off. Styles heel kicks Homicide in the head and hits the Styles Clash for the three count.

    Hudson: Four weeks down for AJ Styles! He is that much closer to becoming the best in the world, a mere two steps away.

    Cyrus: He's impressive but that's a high mountain to climb with the Big Bad Booty Daddy atop that mountain.

    As AJ celebrates Monty Brown walks out and does a title sign around his waist. Styles raises the title up high at him and the two yell at one another from afar.

    Hudson: Looks like AJ has found his next challenger! Be sure to tune in next week, AJ Styles and Monty Brown one on one for the Television title!

    The show fades out as the two get nose to nose in the aisle way.

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    Card for Wrestling Club Episode #6
    The Bad Street Boys Vs CM Punk and Colt Cabana w/ Daffney
    "King of the Old School" Steve Corino Vs Johnny Swinger
    Four Man Elimination: Robert Roode Vs Joe E. Legend Vs Homicide Vs "The Warrior" Low Ki
    Weekly Television Title Match: "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown Vs AJ Styles (c)
    Main Event/Number 1 Contender's Match: "The Ultimate Fighter" Ken Shamrock Vs Curt Hennig w/ RVD

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    Just some thoughts on the upcoming card. That Four man elimination match should be awesome simply because of the talent involved.

    Outside of that, Corino running through former ECW/Hardcore wrestlers is an awesome angle with his gimmick. BSB/Punk and Cabana, Hennig/Shamrock and Styles/Brown are all BIG TIME matches as well. It feels like the next show is a can't miss.

    Shamrock must go over to continue his epic, INTENSE feud with Steiner, whereas I've no idea which direction you will go with Styles/Brown. Both have been booked well so far.

    I'll be reading the next show, don't make us wait to long and keep the solid work.

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    Wrestling Club Episode #6
    Hofstra Arena, Hempstead, New York, Attendance: 4,400
    May 12th, 2002

    Episode 6 opens on AJ Styles standing on the rooftop of the Roseland Ballroom the night of his main event against Homicide. He has the Television title on his shoulder. He's looking down as he speaks.

    AJ: Tonight I officially walked away with my fourth victory while holding this Television title. A week from now I face my final opponent as TV Champion, Monty Brown. Brown, you're an undefeated, you’re a force in the ring but you’re not the athlete I am. I’m going to continue to prove that I am the best because I am the M.V.P of this sport, I am phenomenal in that ring. While you’re looking up at the lights wondering where you went wrong tonight, you’ll understand the kind of man I am. Because I cannot afford to lose, and I will not lose.

    The show's intro airs and we cut to CM Punk entering the ring area with Colt Cabana in tow. He has a mic and taunts the audience as Colt shakes and shivers.

    Punk: I apologize for interrupting happy hour but you leeches are at a wrestling show and tonight you're going to see role model athletes in action now that Eddie Guerrero isn't booked and can't continuously let you all down. However I'm sure you'll drown yourselves in your vices and shrug me off until it's too late but those of you who aren't completely fucking braindead, please watch how someone who leads a straight edge lifestyle thrives.

    York and Matthews dash to the ring and get attacked as they hop on the apron. York flies off and lands his neck across the barricade and Matthews hits the floor. Their opponents hop out and beat down the champions. Punk grabs York and DDT's on the ringsteps. Cabana tosses in Matthews and the bell sounds as the match starts with Colt Vs Joey.

    The Bad Street Boys Vs CM Punk & Colt Cabana

    Cabana works over the lone Matthews as Punk tosses York into the barrier head first then runs to his corner. Colt wears down Joey with various holds, strikes and a couple slams until he drags him to the corner to tag in Punk. Punk gets in and knees Joey in the gut until he Irish whips him and hits the Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker! For a two count. Outside York is holding his neck as medics attend to him. Inside Punk holds up Matthews as Colt hops in and they hit a Hart Attack. Joey kicks out again.

    Punk gets frustrated and gets careless as he sets Joey up for the Plunge early, Matthews backdrops him off the top and stands up to hit a jumping Frankensteiner. Punk rolls out of the ring and gasps for air. Matthews hits the ropes and suicide dives into him. Matthews pays the price as he holds his ribs and neck from the landing. Cabana hurries over and bowls over Joey once he makes it to his feet then Irish whips him into the steps. Colt helps his partner up and they toss Matthews in the ring. Punk gets in and works the body again and Irish whips the tag champ into a Hip toss. Punk tries to set up the Plunge again but York limps up to the apron and superkicks him off the top. Punk collapses to the apron and falls to the mat The injured champ brawls with Colt inside until he’s on his knee and clotheslines him down and he rolls out as well. York hits the ropes to suicide dive and Punk avoids it by pushing Colt in the way. Cabana is laid out along with the champ who gets lifted and DDT’d by CM Punk, further damaging his neck.

    Matthews grabs Punk by the hair to pull him up but gets his throat pulled across the top rope. CM Punk flies in at the opportunity and chop blocks Joey then hits a Shining Wizard before dragging him to the corner to finish him with the Pepsi Plunge for the three count.

    Cyrus: Look at CM Punk pulling through and defeating the tag team champions!

    Hudson: With a surprise attack and at the cost of sacrificing his tag partner!

    Cyrus: You have to break some eggs to make an omelette, Scott.

    Punk celebrates without Cabana who is still in pain outside the ring,
    during this time Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio make their way down the aisle. Eddie is visibly pale and looks fatigued.

    Cyrus: What is this!? An unscheduled fight? Security get these hooligans!

    Hudson: Oh, now you're upset!

    Eddie and Rey hit the ring and Punk bails but the two chase him through the crowd. Colt tries to catch up and pulls Mysterio back and the two brawl in the audience, Mysterio levels the weak Colt until security catch them. Cameras lose sight of Eddie and Punk until they reach the back. Punk tosses chairs in the way of Guerrero and narrowly escapes as Daffney clocks Eddie from behind with a beer bottle. The two stomp on him until they're held back. Punk soon escapes with Daffney in tow to the parking lot as Eddie lies on the ground, covered in alcohol, freaking out.

    Guerrero: Fuck! Fuck!

    Cyrus: This man needs rehabilitated and removed from this sport!

    Mysterio catches up and attends to Eddie and tries to wipe the beer off but Guerrero shoves him away and takes off. We cut away to York being helped out by medics as Joey tries to support. They walk backstage and AMW are waiting. Storm is smirking as he has a beer in his hand.

    Harris: Might as well hand those titles over to us now, looks like your boy ain't able to hang with the big leagues.

    Matthews shoves Harris and a brawl almost breaks out but the medics urge York's condition and Joey backs off to help his partner.

    Storm: Yeah, go help your boy! He gets in the ring like that with us and it'll be too late for you to help him.

    The Bad Street Boys shuffle off to the medical office and we cut to a pre-taped vignette in the mean time. Lex Luger is standing in the ring from last week with Shark Boy who is shadow boxing.

    Luger: Okay, maybe Dr. Death was too big an opponent now, so we're going to go a little lighter this week, I got a big name though! Your sparring partner has exactly one win but he's no joke out there.

    The camera pans to reveal Barry Horowitz.

    Luger: Go get him, slugger!

    The two lock up and Shark Boy works a few holds and gets Irish whipped but dodges a clothesline to get a crossbody.

    Luger: THERE IT IS! RING THE BELL! YOU'VE FOUND YOUR FIRE! I think you're ready for a comeback!

    Back in the arena we see Johnny Swinger waiting in the ring, Steve Corino enters with a mic.

    Corino: Oh man, Showtime must be dry for talent if this what they brought me! A ECW wash up who couldn't even make it in the bingo halls of Philly! If a ECW "star" is a garbage wrestler lord knows what you are! So let's get over with so I can send you packin' back to mom so you can stop playing wrestler.

    Cyrus: I always knew this guy would make it, Scott.

    "King of the Old School" Steve Corino Vs Johnny Swinger

    Swinger is enraged and charges Steve for an early advantage and beats him down in the corner. Corino escapes through the ropes and demands for the referee to take control. Steve slides back in and dodges a clothesline and sweeps the leg to get a hammerlock in and slows the match down to a crawl for boos and "boring" chants until Johnny powers out and elbows Corino then hits a running neckbreaker on him.

    Corino can't compete physically so he dodges and avoids attacks the best he can and resorts to chopblocks and traditional wrestling holds. Swinger escapes a waist lock and shoves Steve to the corner and stiffly clotheslines him to the turn buckle and batters him until he's dizzy. The official steps in at the swings and Corino stumbles off to recover. As Johnny follows he turns and pokes his eyes then hits a dropkick, sending Johnny into the ropes, collapsing to the mat.

    Corino works the ankle of Swinger then hooks in a Spinning Toe Hold like the Funks as he flips off booing audience members. Johnny grabs the ropes to get out and Steve lets go saying "I respect the rules" before face washing Johnny on the bottom rope to a referee disapproving. Corino slingshots Johnny into the turnbuckle and then dropkicks him chest first to the corner. Swinger is in a bad way and misses a retaliating clothesline and gets an "Old School Kick" into an Exploder suplex for a pin.

    Cyrus: Legends are made here in Wrestling Club, Scott and you're seeing one now!

    Hudson: I am...seeing something.

    Corino grabs a mic as he stands on Swinger with one foot.

    Corino: That's two down! You garbage can wrestlers can only evade me for so long! Soon or later you'll get in the ring with an all star. You can feed me these ECW rejects all year, it only hurries the extinction of trash wrestling, so bring it on Steamboat!

    We cut from Corino standing in a chorus of boos to seeing Joe E.
    Legend backstage with Pamela.

    Pamela: Joe E. Legend, tonight you make your debut in a four man elimination match against Low Ki, Homicide and Robert Roode, the winner is to be given a TV title shot next week, are you prepared to take on so many competitors?

    Legend: Pamela, I'd like to start off with handing you my card. Not only am I a physical force in the ring but I've also dipped my toe into representing other wrestlers. So to anybody out there who need to be elevated to the next level, call me, Joe E.! (gives a thumbs up)

    After his interview we see Robert Roode in his locker room with Saturn guarding the door.

    Roode: I cannot believe this! I ask for one thing and I can't even have it! I said press my robes, LOOK AT THIS! (he holds up the robe to Perry) WRINKLES!? CREASES!? Oh my god, I don't think I can go out there tonight. (Roode exits the room, in anger while holding his robe and he bumps into Homicide) Out of my way, beggar!

    Homicide: The hell did you call me?

    Roode: Oh great, now the- wait I think I know you. Weren't you in Training Day? (Homicide steps up to his face but Saturn gets between the two)

    Homicide: I'll be looking for you when that bell rings.

    Roode: Whatever! Dirty democrat.

    Roode knocks on Steamboat's door but gets no answer and throws a tantrum before we cut to a taped interview with Evan Karagias and Jeremy inside a limo in the parking lot.

    Jeremy: Evan, last week you suffered defeat in your debut against Monty Brown, where do you see yourself going from here?

    Karagias: (pours Champagne into flute glass) Well, Jeremy last week I was, as everyone knows, unfairly given a loss on my record. I'm obviously owed a rematch, as you saw at one point in the match I had my hands on the ropes and Monty forcefully removed me from the ropes going against the referee's wishes so I was robbed. Quite frankly I think Brown is scared to death of me being at my best in a rematch and I know Steamboat fears my ability and how dangerous I may be so there's clearly no room for me in the TV title picture.

    Jeremy: What're you saying for your future?

    Karagias: Since I've been cheated of a TV title shot I've gone out and spent a "small" chunk of change to declare myself a champion. I've officially become The Hollywood Heavyweight Champion. (Evan reveals a title belt with the Hollywood sign across the center plate) I now am no longer unjustly held from becoming a title holder.

    Jeremy: Is this an official title to be defended in our ring?

    Karagias: I am the Hollywood Heavyweight Champion.

    Jeremy: That's not-That's...there you have it folks, Hollywood Champion...Evan Karagias.

    Karagias: "Superstar" Evan Karagias!

    After the interview in the arena Homicide makes his entrance with Gary Hart and then the returning Low Ki, next Joe E. Legend who hands out cards to the wrestlers and audience and finally Roode without a robe, followed by Saturn.

    Four Man Elimination for a TV Title Match: "The Warrior" Low Ki Vs Homicide vs Joe E. Legend Vs Robert Roode

    Roode starts off by paying Joe E. to go after Homicide right before the bell sounds. The match starts and Legend goes to clothesline Homicide but misses and gets stomped in the corner. Roode laughs until he's hit with a backstabber by Low Ki. Roode slides out of the ring and holds his back, Saturn attends to him as he sprays water on his neck. Inside Homicide dodges a shoot kick by Low Ki which hits Legend instead.

    Low Ki and Homicide exchanges rights and lefts and then heel kicks to each other's sides until Homicide finally crumbles but catches Low Ki as he comes off the ropes for a knee strike. Homicide tries to walk off his injuries by he's short of wind and collapses to one knee. Legend capitalizes and bull dogs Homicide and gets a two count pin. Roode paces outside and runs in to beat down Homicide and lock him into a Boston Grab. Legend backs off and gets a headbutt by Low Ki and two shoot kicks to the chest and then a roundhouse he fumbles to the ropes and misses a flying knee as he collapses, causing Low Ki to take out Roode.

    Roode is leveled and slides out of the ring to the announce table and lies by Cyrus. Inside Legend barely makes it to his feet before Low Ki chops him and he turns into Homicide and gets the Vertebreaker for the three.

    "The Warrior" Low Ki Vs Homicide Vs Robert Roode

    Low Ki hits the ropes and suicide dives over the top onto Roode. Saturn wanders over to protect Roode and all three a hit by a plancha by Homicide. Homicide makes it up first and tosses Roode into the ring and climbs the top rope for a double foot stomp onto the prone Roode. After he lands it, he stands but gets a springboard hurricanrana by Low Ki to the ropes. Low Ki crawls to Roode for a pin but he kicks out. Homicide gets up and Pump handle slams Low Ki and climbs the top rope but Roode pulls the top rope down, causing Homicide to spill outside where he ends up getting a few kicks from Saturn.

    Roode hits a running baseball slide into Low Ki’s face and then slowly hits a stalling suplex and does a “wipe my hands” taunt for a pin but he only gets two. Roode gives a few kicks to the back of the neck before working him into a neck crank until Homicide gets back in and grabs Roode for a Belly-to-Back slam. Homicide sets Roode up in the corner and runs across the ring for a big boot to the face. In the background Low Ki is holding his neck and crawling to the top rope. Roode is caught before hitting the mat with an Ace Crusher by Homicide. He escapes elimination as Low Ki diving elbows Homicide. Low Ki delivers strikes to the sides of Homicide and holds him up for the Ki Krusher but Homicide slips out and European uppercuts Low Ki, capitalizing on the back neck.

    Low Ki is in a bad way and gets set up for a Tornado DDT off the turnbuckles but he pushes Homicide off and hits the Black Magic, falling his opponent giving him room for the Ki Krusher, eliminating Homicide.

    Robert Roode Vs “The Warrior” Low Ki

    Roode crawls from the corner he was hiding in and rams Low Ki head first into the ring post and lands a Piledriver on the bad neck for a three count.

    Cyrus: This is a night of winners, Scott! Punk, Cabana, Corino, Roode! My boys!

    Roode places his foot on Low Ki's neck as he raises his arms in the air. Homicide slides in to save him but gets caught by Saturn and hit with the Death Valley Driver.

    Hudson: And what is this?! Do you condone this?

    Cyrus: Self defense? Yes.

    We cut to a contract signing for Jerry Lynn and Hayabusa. Hayabusa has two police officers behind him and a translator with him. Steamboat is seated between the two.

    Steamboat: Here, we will officially sign the contract for Jerry Lynn Vs Hayabusa. Earlier Hayabusa requested an extra stipulation to the match, wanting a 2 out of 3 falls rule, Jerry if you agree sign here. (he hands him the clipboard and he signs) Hayabusa. (he signs as well and whispers to his translator)

    Translator: Hayabusa has stated that in the coming weeks he is going to say a prayer to hope you do not find yourself injured before the 25th of May so he can be the one to effectively end your in-ring career.

    Lynn: (smirks) I appreciate your words, I really do because you've waken something up in me. We met once in the ring and I got away with a victory. Ever since you've been on my ass, costing me opportunities whether you were outside or just in my head. So I thank you for waking me up because I was so caught up in chasing gold. I came in with a sense entitlement, when I should've been busting ass because I was pushed down the ladder. Same as you, former world champions but we aren't million dollar wastes like Scott Steiner. So May 25th I will see you, Japanese Death Match...2 out of 3 falls...may the best man win.

    Steamboat: May 25th, these two will go one on one. Don't miss it.

    We cut away to AJ holding the TV title on his shoulder watching back footage of Brown destroying opponents. Styles ignores a interview from Jeremy and exit the room, as we get a split screen of the AJ and Brown heading to the entrance. We cut a view of Monty entering first, he crouches in the corner and awaits the champion. AJ enters next and has a very serious entrance as he doesn't pose and backs away from fans.

    Hudson: This is AJ's last title defense, if he can't get past Monty Brown he will claim his first World Title shot.

    Cyrus: I don't see AJ stacking up to Big Poppa Pump but hey that's me.

    Weekly Television Title Match: "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown Vs AJ Styles (c)

    AJ shakily considers his options and the two charge at one another and Styles slides between his slides and dropkicks him from the back. Monty is barely affected and turns around to miss a clothesline and get a number of elbows from AJ. Styles hits the ropes and flies at him but gets a spinebuster for his efforts. Styles cringes from the slam and gets lifted up for a powerbomb but he headscissors Monty to the ground and lands a jumping knee.

    Styles isn't sure how to capitalize with his offense and waits for Brown to get one knee for a heel kick but he's caught! The Alpha Male lifts AJ up and press slams him and then hits the ropes for his swinging neckbreaker. Styles tries to roll away but he's tossed into the turnbuckle then avoids a running elbow by Brown and lands his Pele kick to rock Brown. Monty stumbles from the kick and AJ runs up the turnbuckle for the flying reverse DDT and garners a two count.

    Styles panics and tries to go up top for the Spiral Tap but Monty kicks ups and tosses him to the center of the ring. AJ gets to his feet and gets clocked with a big knee and then Full nelson slam'd for a two count. Brown is surprised at the resistance he sets up a Sitout powerbomb but AJ hops out and spinning heel kicks Brown and clocks him with a series with strikes, dropping him to his knees and then leveling him with a dropkick to the face. Styles gets on the apron and signals for a flying forearm. Brown wanders over to the ropes and sees AJ out the corner of his eye. Styles flies for the forearm but he's caught by The Pounce and pinned for the three count.

    Hudson: Monty Brown has claimed the Television title! AJ Styles suffers his first defeat at the hands of The Alpha Male!

    Cyrus: Better luck next time, kid.

    Brown holds his title up high in the corner as AJ lies in the middle of the ring, looking at the lights with his hands on his head.

    Hudson: He was a hell of a champion but I think this is a lesson for Styles. Hopefully he can grow from this.

    Cyrus: He's done Scott, be serious with yourself! He's not climbing the ladder again!

    Hudson: Never count a talent like him out.

    We get a backstage view of Robert Roode watching with Saturn.

    Roode: God damn it...

    Brown walks out holding the title up high as AJ leans on the ropes and looks dejected and sadly walks out himself, shaking hands with one or two fans. As the new Champion walks backstage the cameras follow and he walks past Roode.

    Roode: Hey, hey! Keep your distance bud! (holds Saturn in the way)

    Brown: See you next week.

    Roode: (waits until he's gone) Yeah, keep walking bitch! Yeah!

    AJ limps backstage and Jeremy heads over to him.

    Jeremy: AJ, you've your title ton-(is cut off as AJ grabs the mic)

    AJ: Get the hell away from me.

    AJ walks into his locker room and sits on a bench and puts his hands over his head. We cut away to Scott Steiner in his locker room ready to watch the main event.

    Pamela: Scott, the challenger for your world title will be decided up nex-

    Steiner: Sorry sweetheart, I can't hear you over these machines pumpin' right now (flexes his arms)

    Pamela: Shamrock is going one on one with Cu-


    Cutting away Curt Hennig is with RVD and Jeremy Borash.

    Jeremy: Gentlemen, not only does Curt Hennig have an opportunity to secure a world title shot tonight, but it appears that you two have officially become a tag team, correct?

    Hennig: (answers before Rob can speak) You're right, Jeremy! Me and Rob Van Dam have teamed up and before long the two of us will be claiming gold all over Wrestling Club and that path begins tonight!

    RVD: Yeah uhh, the gold is great and all but I listened to Curt's plan and he's a great wrestler, like me so I figured the two of us can really be the whole fuckin' show out there that we wouldn't be allowed to be elsewhere.

    Hennig: Now I got a job to do, Borash.

    Hennig walks up to the Gorilla position but a guard asks Rob to stay back and he shrugs to Curt makes his entrance solo. Hennig tosses his towel in the air and enters the ring.

    Cyrus: This is truly a perfect ending for Ken Shamrock's World title aspirations.

    We cut to Shamrock's locker room and he kicks the door opens and slaps his face as he's escorted by guards to the ring.

    Shamrock: LET'S FUCKING GO!

    Main Event/Number One Contenders Match: "The Ultimate Fighter" Ken Shamrock Vs Curt Hennig

    Shamrock enters the ring and gets in a fighting stance and the two grapple and Hennig arm drags Ken and gets him in a hold but Shamrock powers out and lifts up Curt with one arm and slams him. The two exchange in and out of holds on the ground until Curt puts his hand on Ken's eyes and blinds him as locks in an arm bar and stomps his heel down on Ken's face. Shamrock powers out and grabs Hennig by the waist and slams him to the mat and starts hammering away at his head.

    The referee stops the swings and Hennig is catching blood with his hands as he has a small cut on his forehead from the swings. Shamrock waits for him to get to his feet and the two lock up again and Hennig knees him in the gut and Irish whips him into a stun gun to the ropes. Ken holds his throat and gets rolled up for a two count. Shamrock coughs on the ground as Hennig takes advantage and stomps on his right hand and forearm. Ken gets up and misses a swing and gets a standing arm breaker.

    Shamrock holds his arms tight and Hennig keeps attacking the weak spot until he slips up and gets swept and Shamrock delivers hard leg strikes to the body as his right arm lies limp. Curt gets between the ropes to avoid more damage and as Ken's held back by the ref he sweeps in and gets Shamrock in a crossface, twisting his arm between his legs. The UFC legend barely reaches a rope to get out of the hold.

    Ken catches Hennig as he goes for the arm again and takes him down with the left and lands knees to the face while Curt tries to cover up. Blood still drips down Hennig's face to his chest. Shamrock goes to Irish whips Curt but it's reversed and his bad arm lands first into the turnbuckle. Hennig lifts him up for the Hennig-plex but he crumbles as Shamrock's left arm chokes Hennig. Curt's placed into a rear naked choke but he can't keep it held in because of the hurt arm. Curt rolls back and kicks out of the hold and lands a hard knee to the temple of Ken.

    Shamrock is groggy on one knee as he tries to regain balance. Curt gives him a few right hands dropping him. He goes for one knee strike and gets caught in the Ankle Lock but yet again the arm can't keep the pressure on and Hennig gives a head kick to The Ultimate Fighter. He fumbles to his knees and Curt climbs the top rope and pulls his bloody hair back and dives for a drop kick and sends Shamrock across the ring. Hennig slowly crawls to Ken and pins him but only gets a two.

    Curt leaks blood onto Shamrock's chest and stumbles to the ropes as he considers his options. He goes to wrench the arm again but Shamrock grabs the ropes and kicks him off then shoulder tackles Curt with the good arm. Hennig gets Bossman slammed and survives a pinfall attempt. In a last ditch attempt he head butts Shamrock and climbs the top rope again for a crossbody but he's caught with a belly-to-belly into a three count pinfall.

    Cyrus: Oh no!

    Hudson: Not your night anymore!? Shamrock has won himself a world title match!

    Shamrock manages to get up to the corner and raise one arm but Steiner's in the entrance way with the world title. He puts the title across the floor and points to it. Hennig rolls out of the ring and is on one knee by the apron.


    Hudson: Steiner wants a fight and a fight he's gonna get!

    Shamrock hops out and accidentally bumps Curt and rushes to fight Steiner but security intervenes. Hennig slowly responds and attacks Shamrock from the back. Curt and Steiner stomp on Shamrock until Scott locks in the Steiner Recliner while security takes Curt backstage.


    The show fades on Steiner having a beat down Shamrock in the Recliner who starts to get on his knees to escape so Steiner takes off through the crowd of security.

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    Card for Wrestling Club Episode #7
    "Showtime" Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo Vs Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr.
    Steve Corino's Hardcore Open Challenge
    (Unofficial) Hollywood Championship Match: "Superstar" Evan Karagias Vs "The Warrior" Low Ki
    Weekly Television Title Match: Robert Roode w/ Perry Saturn Vs "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown (c)
    Main Event: Extremely Perfect Vs The Bad Street Boys

    Plus The Return of "The Career Killer" Mike Awesome

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    So much awesome stuff is happening right now. Can't wait to see how Eddie Guerrero reacts after potentially getting a taste of beer, as Punk/Guerrero continues to be great.

    Loving what you're doing with Steve Corino. It's perfect for his 'King Of Old School' gimmick. Evan Karagias is a great bit of comedy every week as well, although Low Ki should destroy him next show.

    Roode/Brown should be fun and looking forward to Extremely Perfect now that they have actually agreed to team together. Of course with all of this, I also expect to see some standard Steiner/Shamrock mayhem.

    Things continue to flow along well here, I'll be reading.

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    The night after Shamrock defeated Curt Hennig, a press conference was held to promote the upcoming special event on May 25th. Shamrock and Steiner sat a table together with Steamboat between them a wide row of security guards on stage. Steiner agreed to face Shamrock under any stipulation to prove he was the "greatest son of a bitch who ever lived", signing to a steel cage submission match as the main event. The current card was settled for May 25th with various matches to be added later.

    May 25th, 2002, Showtime and Wrestling Club present...
    Hell On Earth

    Weekly Television Title Defense

    Tag Team Title Match:
    TBA Vs The Bad Street Boys (c)

    Grudge Match:
    CM Punk & Colt Cabana Vs Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Japanese Death Match:
    Hayabusa Vs Jerry Lynn

    World Title Main Event/Steel Cage Submission Match:
    "The Ultimate Fighter" Ken Shamrock Vs "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (c)

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    Is this the first time you've mentioned the super card? If so, it's strange that you would only start hyping it a week or two before the actual show. Still, the card is shaping up to be a damn good one. Shamrock/Steiner, Japanese Death Match and Cabana and Punk/Guerrero and Mysterio all have me excited as hell.

    Looking forward to the next show man, all these angles are building nicely so far.

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    Re: Wrestling Club - 2002

    Quote Originally Posted by stojy View Post
    Is this the first time you've mentioned the super card? If so, it's strange that you would only start hyping it a week or two before the actual show. Still, the card is shaping up to be a damn good one. Shamrock/Steiner, Japanese Death Match and Cabana and Punk/Guerrero and Mysterio all have me excited as hell.

    Looking forward to the next show man, all these angles are building nicely so far.
    The May 5th episode is the first one that announced the show and the initial main events and thank you

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