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    RockStarrz I&I

    RockStarrz I&I

    Character name: Izzy Van Doren | Starr
    Height: 5'2'' | 6 FT
    Weight: 111 lbs | 210 lbs
    Age: 23 | 25
    Face/heel/tweener: Face
    Current feuds: vs ???
    FWA accomplishments: None yet
    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one: 0-0-0
    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.): High Flying, Aggressive(Izzy)/Technical(Starr)
    Moveset: Lots of dives from both. Izzy's very aggressive and uses her small stature and quickness to her advantage. She'll deliver an intense blow given the window of opportunity. Starr on the other hand is somewhat technical. Wearing down an opponent and striking when they're at their weakest. They'll also occasionally stop to taunt/have fun with the audience.

    Izzy Van Doren moveset | Starr moveset ((Nah fam I ain't doing it again))

    Tag Team Moves:
    - Double Scoop Slam
    - Backpack Double Running Senton
    - Assisted Stage Dive
    - Coral Fang (Izzy) as Starr takes(he asked first) a fan's phone and snaps a selfie with the opponent in the move
    - Atomic Drop by Starr followed by an Axe Kick by Izzy and double elbow smash
    - Hand Down Under/Trumplex(Izzy)/Clothesline(Starr)
    - Rocket in the Pocket - Corner Spear(Starr) followed by Step Up Enzugiri(Izzy) Starr rolls to the middle and Izzy charges at him. Izzy tilt a whirls around Starr ending up stomach first on Starr's shoulder. The tandem charge at the opponent in the corner and end the sequence with a Lawn Dart/Spear combo.
    - The RockStarrz Escape Plan - Wrecking Ball Dropkick(Starr) then he "skins the cat" and stands on the middle rope. Izzy dives through Starr's legs and hits a Suicidal Tendencies DDT

    Tag Team Finisher:
    - Shooting Starr Spike Cradle Piledriver
    - Air Drop - Straight jacket falling neckbreaker(Izzy) / Shooting Starr Press (Starr)

    Base pic for your character: Izzy Van Doren - Brody Dalle | Starr - Matt Sydal

    Theme music: Kick Out The Jams - Rage Against The Machine
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