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    The Echo

    The Echo

    You have to give it to the Connors – they may be the most pompous, ponderous c**ts the gods ever suffered to walk the world, but they do have outrageous amounts of talent

    Drew Conner
    Ethan Conner

    Nickname: Vicious and Delicious, The Money Makers, The Leaders of the Tag Team revolution, The Dork killers. The Pride of Georgia, The trailer park boys. Team Controversial. The Show Stealer.
    Date of Birth:
    April 6th, 1989
    June 3th, 1990

    Currently Residing: Gainvilles Georgia by way of your mother’s bedroom

    5ft 10/5ft 10in
    172 ibs
    178 ibs

    Wrestlings most infamous family. Brash? Oh yes. Cocky? Most certainly. Controversial? Without question. But Talented? Undisputed . Ever since they were six years old. Drew and Ethan Conner –Collectively known as The Echo- have had quite a journey from body slamming each other in their trailer park from in Gainvilles to becoming one of the best independent Tag Teams in the world…And they would be the first to tell you; They are motivated by two things: A desire to prove themselves as the best tag team in the world today and .. and how much cash gets stuffed into their white envelope at the end of the night. Convinced that they truly are God's gift to professional wrestling, The Echo have made enemies worldwide due to their attitudes and have reputations are…Well…Loose cannons, having been fired from numerous companies from saying things they shouldn’t and during their time in CWA their nearly two year run as Tag Team champions has been nothing short of a reign of terror. From the brutal formation of the Indy Club, to attacking backstage workers, to taking every conceivable shortcut to make sure the spotlight is always on them. and now The Brothers Connor have a brand new target.

    Disposition: Heel; Cocky as hell and disrespectful who doesn’t share their last name but they back it up. (The 21th-century face is yesterday’s cocky and edgy heel)

    Wrestling Style*:
    "I’d really love to see how one of these boys gets on without their brother at ring side. They fight like jackals".
    -Michelle von Horrowitz

    Spot Monkeys's and proud high paced and breakneck speed offence and they’re the kings of “tandom offence” What makes the Echo so dangerous is not just there natural ability . But their unparalleled gift of making any match they're in feel like a handicap match even when the odds are even. Rule Number One when in a match with The Echo; NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON A CONNOR Never assume you're safe when facing The Connor Brothers. You need eyes on the back of your head because the instant you put your full attention on one Connor? The Other's right there to Sucker Punch you. The moment you go to deal with him. The other will be more then happy to creep up and low blow you from behind. They surround and overwhelm you and they are damn good at it

    Wrestling Abilities: Speed (1) Technical (3) Power (5) Brawling (4) Charisma (2)

    Signature Taunts/Poses:
    -Crotch Chops
    -Often gives Lindsay Monahan ridiculous things to add to their introduction; EG: The only force that can put down Godzilla/ Jesus’s favourite tag team/ The men who made Goku their bitch
    -Has been known to put their hands out for their opponents to shake only to either A) Turn around and shake each other’s hands instead B) Takes the hand back and instead give out middle fingers C) Same as B but with Crotch Chops
    -During a period of dominance for The Echo, the Conner that is standing on the rope will jump off and try to chat up any attractive girl in the front row.
    -At random the Conner that is standing on the apron would get into the ring and randomly race across and wack the illegal man on the opponent simply because “He was bored”
    -Known to try and start “These guys suck” chants in the middle of matches-
    - After a winning match they’ve been known to ummm…tea bag their foes halo style
    - The legal man of the match claps his hands together behind the referee's back, who usually is arguing with the opposition, to fake a tag (Illegal, only used when referee is not looking)

    “The Party’s here!”
    “This is too easy” –Shouted out in the middle of a match-
    “You’re welcome Pro Wrestling”
    “Why? Because we can”

    Entrance theme:


    Canadian Destroyer
    Super Kick


    450° splash, sometimes while springboarding
    Handspring backflip into a tornado DDT
    Leg lariat
    Moonsault into a tornado DDT
    Multiple frankensteiner variations


    Springboard shooting star press
    Super Kick


    Handstand headscissors takedown
    Standing shiranui
    Hurricanrana, sometimes while springboarding
    Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb
    Pele Kick
    Suicide dive
    *Note for writers; Please don't consider this the sum of The Echo's single moveset, these are merely signature moves so don't feel like these are the only moves you can use. Feel free to add any spot monkey high flying move you see fit*

    More Bang for Your Buck- “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”

    Indytaker- (Skull F**ker)

    Stereo Super Kick (Can be used as a finisher

    Stereo Roaring Elbow
    Double and stereo enzuigiris to one or two opponents respectively
    Corkscrew neckbreaker by one onto the other’s knee
    Wheelbarrow hold by into a slingshot sitout facebuster
    Stereo 450’s
    Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker /Diving knee drop
    Super kick by one Conner into a German suplex by the other
    Brother one throws Brother two overhead, allowing the other to perform a double dropkick on two prone opponents
    Spinebuster / Springboard spinning wheel kick combination
    Simultaneous suicide dives on different opponent
    Vertical suplex / Diving crossbody combination
    High elevation double hip toss

    Southern Lights Suplex
    Conner brother 1 applies a Northern Lights hold before Conner brother 2 bounces off of the ropes (behind the opponent). Conner brother 2 comes back and gives the opponent a STIFF kick to the back of the head, which is immediately followed by Conner brother one completing the Northern Lights Suplex to pin

    Rock-Paper-Scissors Assisted Elbow Drop

    -They rock-paper-scissors and the loser goes on his hands and knees. The winner runs off the ropes and jumps off them for a flying elbow drop

    Rock-Paper-Scissors Flying Forearm
    - They rock-paper-scissors and the loser goes on his knees. This time, the winner is aiming at an opponent whose been whipped to the corner.

    Bright Lights

    - One Conner brother positions his victim on the top rope rope while Conner brother 2 moves to the centre of the ring facing the turnbuckle. Conner brother one performs a hurricanrana but on the way down Conner brother 2 uses the momentum and catches the opponent in a powerbomb position

    Trailer Park Power Bomb-

    Conner brother 1 sets up the opponent in a powerbomb position while Conner brother two climbs the top rope. As Conner brother brings the opponent to the top of the powerbomb, Conner brother 2 jumps towards the opponent and connects with a leg drop while Conner brother 1 brings the opponent crashing
    down to the mat

    Drive by-
    The Connor on the ropes will blind tag in. The Legal Connor in the ring hits a Pele kick while the other goes off the ropes behind the opponent and shoulder blocks the back of the knee, causing the opponent to turn inside out and land on his stomach from the two strikes that hit at the same time.

    Name of character representative*: The Young Bucks; Drew=Matt Ethan=Nick
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