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Thread: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

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    24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    Promo deadline is midnight of Monday, November 27th Pacific/3am Tuesday the 28th EST/8am Tuesday the 28th UK. Muricans, yall can promo while you sit on the can shitting out whatever you ate over "Thanksgiving".

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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    Hanz Gruber, dressed in his usual all black and very expensive suit, is sitting in the Berlin Bahnhof(train station). He is drinking some kind of coffee but suddenly stops and puts it down. He reaches inside his suit, then reaches into his shirt pocket. He pulls out a few Gummy Bears, then places them on the table. He stares at them, thinking back a week ago about this little girl named Sasha that gave some Gummy Bears to him. He knows he ate them all. He knows that the shirt has been cleaned. He knows his suit has been cleaned, his shoes shined- and that they are all still at one of his houses that he owns in the states. He knows that because when he flew back to his hometown of Berlin, and arrived at his home, he called up his personal tailor to make a new suit, got measured, then took a shower and rested. An hour and a half later, the tailor woke him up and had his new suit made for him. He also had a brand new black shirt pressed and ready to wear, Hanz gave the tailor a few large bills and thanked him. He then got dressed and went to the Berlin Bahnhof to catch a train to Innsbruck, Austria for a press conference on his purchase of the grocery chain MPreis.

    As the train doesn't arrive until 30 minutes later he decided to just hang out in Starbucks and drink a coffee. But he isn't doing that now, he is just staring at the Gummy Bears.

    A man walks up

    ?????????: Mind if I join you?

    Hanz is just focused on the Gummy Bears and does hear him.

    ?????????: Entschuldigung, kann ich dich begleiten?

    Hanz still is staring at them, still doesn't hear him

    The man just sits down, grabs most of the Gummy Bears and shoves them in his mouth and starts to eat them.

    ???????????: I love these little fuckers

    Hanz's face turns red with anger as someone just grabbed something from in front of his face- yet he still doesn't look up. He recognizes the voice. He wants to look up, but at the same time, he doesn't want to.

    ??????????: You eating the rest of them?

    Hanz doesn't answer, so the man just grabs the rest and eats them.. As Hanz hears the man chewing on them he slowly looks up. His face now turns white, like he has just seen a ghost.

    ?????????: You really need to get some sun Hanz

    Hanz Gruber: What the fuck is going on? You're dead Karl. I saw them put your body in the ground. Your family was there, your friends. Your tombstone bears the name Karl Panzer

    Karl Panzer: I know, I know. But you came by my grave a few weeks ago. You wanted to bounce things off me. You were teaming with this guy named Wolf. And you both went on to beat that Starr guy and his new fuck buddy Izzy.

    Hanz Gruber: um, Yeah, but I was just sitting there, clearing my mind in front of your grave site.

    Karl Panzer: You may have just been clearing your mind but I was listening Hanz. I've always been listening. Every week, every day

    Hanz Gruber: But you're dead man. You can't be here, you are six feet in the ground.

    Karl Panzer: I know, my flesh is rotting off. I have bugs eating me up. Its not a pretty sight down there.

    Hanz Gruber: Karl, you were never a pretty sight when you were alive. Your sisters got all the good looks

    They both laugh

    Karl Panzer: Ain't that the truth? Both Oli and I are some ugly motherfuckers

    Hanz laughs

    Hanz Gruber: Yeah, but still, what are you doing here? How are you here?

    Karl Panzer: I am here because you need me. I am here to help you with your next match. Its against that Aaron Kendrick guy again- correct?

    Hanz Gruber: Yeah, a fucking rematch

    Karl Panzer: Its a rematch because you didn't pin him. You didn't do what you said you were going to do. You said you were going to make an example of him because that GM in FWA fucked you over yet again. But you failed at that Hanz. You really failed Hanz.

    Hanz Gruber: Fuck you Karl

    Karl Panzer: No Fuck you Hanz. You failed. You know what you did wrong correct? You didn't beat his ass down, you didn't break his bones, you didn't pin him 1 2 3. You didn't show Ashley O'Ryan that he made a mistake by sticking you in a preliminary match- those were your words

    Hanz Gruber: I was on my way to doing that but.....

    Karl Panzer: Bullshit. There was no excuse as to why you didn't win. What you should have done is followed that little girls advice.

    Hanz Gruber: She told me to shove Gummy Bears up his nose to distract him.

    Karl Panzer: Aaaand? Why didn't you do that?

    Hanz Gruber: Well if she would have been in the crowd that night, I would have just to see her smile or laugh. But she wasn't. Besides, it wouldn't have got me the win. Aaron may not be all that bright, but a few Gummy Bears would not have distracted him. Besides, if I would have wasted them that way- you wouldn't have had as many to eat. You know she told me to share some with you right?

    Karl Panzer: Oh I know. That little Sasha was very sweet. I wish I could have thanked her in person, but well, I am dead.

    Hanz Gruber: Yet that didn't stop you from showing up here.

    Karl Panzer: True. But you need me, she doesn't. She showed up in your life to raise your spirits- to show that there is good in people, that deep down you are a good guy. And of course, you had to bring me my share of the Gummy Bears

    Hanz looks confused

    Hanz Gruber: But I ate them all. I remembered doing that.

    Karl Panzer: But I saw you take them from your shirt pocket

    Hanz Gruber: I didn't put any there.

    Karl Panzer: Maybe your tailor Olaf put them in there for you. Maybe subconsciously you put them there. Anyways, however they got there thanks for bringing them here.

    Hanz Gruber: Bitte

    Karl Panzer: Like I said, I am here to help you beat this Aaron guy.

    Hanz Gruber: I had him beat last week until he slipped out the ring and started running back up the ramp with his tail between his legs.

    Karl Panzer: And you ran after him, you both fought to the backstage area. You tried to kill him, he tried to kill you.

    Hanz Gruber: Yeah, he pissed me off. I had the match won until he pulled his shit.

    Karl Panzer: You still could have won. But your ego got in the way.

    Hanz looks a little pissed

    Hanz Gruber: My ego? What the fuck are you talking about?

    Karl Panzer: Think about Hanz, when Oli and I were training you, what was one of most important things we drilled in your head?

    Hanz Gruber: Study everything, study everybody?

    Karl Panzer: Those are important- but what was the thing we drilled into your noggin the most?

    Hanz Gruber: Focus?

    Karl Panzer: Thats it. All you had to do was stay focused. But you didn't. You failed. You lost.

    Hanz Gruber: No I didn't

    Karl Panzer: You didn't win, did you?

    Hanz Gruber: No, it was ruled...

    Karl Panzer: Look Hanz, you could have still won. You just had to stay focused.

    Hanz Gruber: But I was, I was focused on making an example of Aaron, I was focused on...

    Karl Panzer: Hanz, you went into the match pissed off about your spot on the card. Your ego made you focus on the wrong thing. Your ego led you to go after Aaron Kendrick after he tried to run away. Your ego led you to try to destroy him to make Ashley O'Ryan pay attention to you again. To put you back into the title picture. You know what I am saying is true.

    Hanz looks down at his coffee, thinks for a few seconds

    Hanz Gruber: Fuck Karl, why are you always right?

    Karl Panzer: I just always am. I told you that my sister Sasha was the right one for you- not Barbie. I mean I love the both of them as they are my sisters- but Sasha is someone with a heart of gold. I told you that you would do great in wrestling, in business. But this Aaron guy, you need to just get pass him. You could have done that last week. And you know that, correct?

    Hanz Gruber: Yes, I should have just let him run off. I should have just taken a count out win.

    Karl Panzer: And what else Hanz?

    Hanz Gruber: I should have come into the match clear headed. You are right Karl- I was pissed off at O'Ryan. Too much, way too much. I know that. I was pissed off that he gave others title shots and not me- no matter if they deserved to be in those matches or not. And while I studied everything about Aaron Kendrick and never took him lightly I had all that other shit floating around in my head. If I would have just stayed focused on just the match, just Aaron, I would have beat him. By pinning him or by count out because what it really boils down to is getting that W in the books- whatever way I can.

    Karl Panzer: Well this week you can redeem yourself. And you know how, you have all the tools don't you? You know what you need to do. And since its a no DQ match, you know what you can do. You want to throw a fire ball in his face- you can. You want to choke him out with your cane- you can. You want to bash his head with a chair- you can.

    Hanz Gruber: I know Karl, I know. And I will do that and more. And you were right, I needed you here. I needed your advice. I don't need to win against Aaron or destroy him to get back at O'Ryan. O'Ryan is going to do what he wants. He is the boss. He will do what he wants. As a business man I understand that. I want my people to do what I want. But wrestling is a different kind of business. The bosses have to make choices that are not always popular with everybody- us wrestlers or the fans. It is what it is.

    Hanz Gruber: I need to beat Aaron for myself, for my standing in this company. And like you said, this being a no DQ match- I can and will do what needs to be done to win. If I put him in the hospital- oops my bad. Its just a by product of a no DQ match. Its nothing personal against him. Its not to try to show him that I am better than him- I already know I am. I wasn't the one to run away from the match last week- he was. This week if he tries to pull that shit again, I can and will stop him. I can pick up a chair or part of the ramp up and knock him out right then and there- and end the match there.

    The lights flicker off and on for a few seconds- then completely go out


    Hanz is laying on a couch outside of the FWA offices- he is out cold. FWA interviewer Katie Lynn Goldsmith walks up to him and tries nudging him to wake up- after about a minute he finally comes to. He rubs his eyes and sees its Katie and smiles at her.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: You ok Hanz? You missed your interview time with me. I figured you missed your connecting flight.

    Hanz looks a bit confused

    Hanz Gruber: Flight? I was just at the Berlin train station talking to Karl.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: I know you were flying in from Germany and Karl, isn't that your friend that passed away?

    Hanz Gruber: Um yeah- I guess the jetlag got me real bad this time. We can still do the interview now if you want.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Ok, but I am getting some coffee into you first

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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    The Great I Am

    As the sun sets in beautiful southeast Arkansas, Aaron Kendrick sits on the dock of his great grandmother’s pond, which he grew up on in his earliest years in life. He sits cross legged as he looks out across the water and into the sun almost as if it were the twin suns of Tatooine. The last seven days have haunted him. As he later found out, the janitor which he embarrassed at Mile High quit his job because of what happened. Aaron reached out and found out that his name was David and he had been working at the Pepsi Center for over twenty years. He called and personally apologized to the man and got his job back for him. Only one more chapter in the story of Aaron Kendrick’s conflicting personality and the struggle of finding out who he is and what he truly wants in his career and his life, for that matter. He also hasn’t been able to stop thinking about that little boy from the restaurant. But on the other hand, he feels like he needed to draw the line. When he’s on TV, he’s a superstar. When he’s not on TV, he’s Aaron. That kid ruined his date. It’s because of him that he hasn’t seen the girl again. Stupid kid…

    Just then, a hand touches Aaron’s shoulder and startles him. It’s his cousin, Stacey. Stacey sits down next to him and apologizes for scaring him…

    Stacey: I didn’t mean to startle you. What’s on your mind?

    Aaron: I just have a lot of issues right now. Ever since my wife left me, I just don’t even know who I am anymore.

    Stacey: It happens. You just gotta move on. You wrestlers know what it’s like to live to fight another day.

    Aaron: Yeah but everyone has a weakness. She was mine.

    Stacey: You did your best. Some might say their best wasn’t good enough. But I think this just means she wasn’t good enough for your best.

    Aaron: I’m such a piece of shit, though.

    Stacey: You are what you tell yourself that you are.

    Aaron: I’m definitely a piece of shit.

    Stacey: Shut up. Come back to Mammaw’s house and eat some thanksgiving dessert.

    Aaron: Stace you know I can’t eat too much. I’m having a hard time getting back in shape for wrestling as it is. Besides, I’m sure Jason, Brodie, and Dax ate every bit of that pecan pie anyway. That’s the only dessert I really even like.

    Stacey: You’re so picky. But I love you, cuz. And you know I’m here for you. If there’s ever anything you want to talk about, just text me. You coming to church on Sunday?

    Aaron: No, I’ll be in Sacramento.

    Stacey: Bummer.

    Aaron: Let me know what the message is, though. I could use it.

    Stacey: Will do.

    The two share a hug before Stacey gets up and walks across the yard and back into the house. Aaron just continues to sit by the pond and think about himself. Typical, as of late…

    Sunday, 10:30 AM PST

    As Aaron finishes up a set of back and biceps at the gym, his phone goes off. It’s a text from Stacey that reads:

    “Hey, Aaron. Brother Don talked about faith today. Simple, and I know one of your favorite scriptures is the definition of faith. So need I even say anything else?”
    Aaron smiles as he stands beside the row machine. He wipes his sweaty fingers on his gym shorts and replies:

    “Hebrews 11:1, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not yet seen.”
    As Aaron hits the send button, he puts his phone away and thinks about that scripture. It basically means the typical advice that everyone has ever given, ever. If you set your mind to something, you can do anything you want. It’s what Aaron lives by and the driving motivation behind his return to wrestling. But he didn’t even realize that was the case until just now. He now sees that he got back into the profession through faith. Faith is what he didn’t have in his match at Mile High against Hanz Gruber. Lack of faith in himself is the exact reason why he tried to give up on the match and run away.
    Aaron gathers his things and leaves the gym. He gets into his Challenger and begins driving back to the hotel. As he drives, he ponders his recent premonition. He now sees that he’s had no faith in himself since his wife left him. He knows this is his problem and he has to address it. If he can just restore his own faith in himself, no one can stop him. Especially Hanz Gruber. Then, just as he realizes this, Aaron begins talking to God…

    Aaron: God… I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye. You know all the times that I’ve tried to be sincere when talking to you. And you know how insincere I truly was. I fooled myself but I never fooled you. Right now, I need your help. I need confidence. I need reassurance. I need patience. I need power.

    Aaron starts to second guess the tone he’s starting to take on, but he stands his ground…

    Aaron: I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not afraid to be my own man. I don’t need anyone else. All I need is me. I’ve fought, scratched, snarled, and crawled for every damn thing I have in my life and I’ve never been handed anything by anyone. But I’ve never truly had faith in myself. I need faith. Give me faith in myself. I need to beat Hanz Gruber. I NEED to beat Hanz Gruber. I can beat him and I will beat him.

    Just then, Aaron suddenly stops talking to God. He grabs his phone and swipes up for the camera. He puts it on the video setting and begins to record…

    Aaron: Hanz Gruber. Aaron Kendrick here. We met last week. I just have a couple things I’d like to get off my chest. First off, congratulations. You got out of our match alive last week. More than I can say for the ham and eggers I’ve faced in the last few weeks before you. Well done. But not only did you get out of our match alive, I didn’t even beat you. And I’ll go ahead and take it a step further and say you won. I lost. It was a double countout, but I disappointed myself. I lost all faith in myself last week. Something that will never, ever, happen again. You can mark my words.

    You see, Hanz, there comes a time in every man’s life where he must come to terms with himself. And last week, after our match, after I lost, I came to terms with what needed to be done. I’m making this video to tell you what needs to be done. I need to hurt you. No fun and games, no gummy bears, no Granny Grubers. You and me in a fight.

    As of this moment, I am giving you my word that I will not leave that ring when we have our rematch. I will not give you the satisfaction of beating me ever again, Hanz Gruber. I am so sorry, but I simply can’t jeopardize my reputation ever again. And so I have to do what is right. I have to make an example out of you. I’ll do so in the middle of my ring. My kingdom. My home. And when the bell sounds, and I’m left standing over you, you will be looking up at me with no faith left in your body. You will be laying there awaiting your final judgement. And I can tell you with the utmost certainty what you won’t hear from me, from The Great I Am. You will not hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant with whom I am well pleased.” That’s out of the question. As I am looking down on you, in the middle of that ring, I will look into your defeated little eyes and say, “I’m Aaron fucking Kendrick.” So… Now you know.

    Aaron ends the video. He pulls over on the side of the road and places his hands over his face and seemingly tries to calm himself down. He can’t believe he just spoke as if he were God himself. Thirty minutes ago, he had no faith in himself. And now he has so much faith in himself that he’s calling himself “The Great I Am.” He takes his hands off of his face and looks out at the passing traffic. He then builds a small smirk on his face and says to himself…

    Aaron: I like it.

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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 26

    "Second Verse"

    This isn't over.

    The pounding of drums, the very heartbeat of images of Mile High Massacre flash on the screen showing the agony and suffering the competitors experienced inside that steel cell. However, the focus is on two individuals in particular: the now former champion Shannon O'Neal, and Cyrus Truth.

    The cage wasn't the end. Only the beginning.

    We see images of Shannon's frustration, her wide-eyed disbelief at the events that transpired inside that cage right up until losing the World Title. We also see images of Cyrus's rage, his violent acts and deeds...and his own frustration that the match ended the way it did.

    The images stop flashing as, in the complete and utter darkness, a pair of familiar eyes pierce through. Eyes that burn the very soul, a hardened gaze of vengeance and determination. And that voice calling from what may well be the depths of hell itself.

    The violence doesn't stop until you have been laid low, broken and defeated...Shannon O'Neal.

    The face the eyes belong to comes into view as Cyrus emerges from the darkness. There's nothing else around him, no ornaments or even walls. This is Cyrus's one and only focus. And that focus was left unsatisfied at Mile High Massacre.

    So, it seems the dreamer managed to claim the trinket. Not that it makes a damn bit of difference, as she's never once beaten me one-on-one. But that's fine. I'll let Bell hold onto the title for a little while longer. She can pretend to be a worthy champion while I handle some unfinished business. Oh yes, can't think that I got everything I wanted at Mile High Massacre, can you? You can't possibly be that stupid. You lost your title...but not your vanity. Not your undue arrogance. And I haven't beaten the fear into you. And once again, FWA does what it does and protects you via this Tag Team Tournament. They think by keeping you away from me, that my rage will subside. I wonder...will FWA ever realize just who the hell I am before the inevitable end? I do not deviate from my journey. I do not RELENT until my task is done! My rage does not end until Shannon is ended! And it doesn't matter what roadblock FWA puts in front of me. Especially when they're as irrelevant as James Sync.

    Do you remember what I said after you won at Back in Business and I was set to face Sync? I said that Sync did not matter. He was an afterthought, a waste of time and energy claiming to greatness that either passed him by or was never there to begin with. Well, the second verse is the same as the first. And this time, I'll make sure James Sync doesn't get a third match with me. Everyone will be laid low. Everyone will be annihilated. Any and all opposition will be DESTROYED until I get you to myself one more time. So try and hide, Shannon. Because you won't be able to escape my sight until the blood is spilled.

    Cyrus's message is short and to the point. And as he backs away into the shadows, the message is clear: the Path of Vengeance is upon us. And hell follows in the wake of the man who passes through fire...

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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    Now, if one were so inclined as to venture to the FWA official website, or youtube if that's more your bag, and in the former's case click on the link directing you to the official video section of the company, one would be welcomed with a black box with a white frame and a little gray "x" in the upper right corner. After a brief moment, the black would brighten ever so slightly to illuminate two men standing in front of the camera, each glaring into the bouncing, red •REC light on the front of the camera. The scene around them would be that of a length of chain fences on either side, with the corridor darkening more and more as it would go on. The ground beneath seemed dirty and worn, as if near the loading docks for the arena. On the left would be a man of average height with a light blue headband on his forehead, black cutoff t-shirt with an on the front, and the rest of his body below the camera's frame of view. On the right would stand a skinnier man with his hair tied back in a man-bun, an identical cutoff black tee on, and a similarly obscured lower body. Drew and Ethan Connor, respectively, would smirk at the camera, the stockier of the two leaning his head to both sides to crack his neck. Before a moment could pass and a viewer could even want to click the little "x," the man on the right, Ethan would open his mouth to allow his rhetoric to flow through his lips and into the camera, through the viewer's screen, and into their ears.

    Ethan Connor: The 30th of December, 2015. You remember that date right? That was the date of the big supershow between FWA and CWA. Worlds colliding, First of its kind, a once in a lifetime event, and you better believe that we were ready to go to war because this was our only chance to prove that weren’t just the best Tag Team in CWA but in the world, see at the time, YOU guys

    Ethan points square at the camera.

    Ethan Connor: The FWA hype machine was all about screaming how Ghost Dog were the best team in the world just because they were the FWA champions. So the match was booked. Champions vs Champions. The Echo Vs Ghost Dog, and we were exicited. After all the hype about this team. We couldn’t wait to take this company’s best shot. Your best team. Your standard bearers of Tag Team wrestlers. But you know what? That never happened, you know why? Because Lord-Dog went. RUNNING.

    We can see Drew spit bitterly on the ground in disgust at this memory.

    Ethan Connor: The moment, it was time for FWA to stop talking and throw down, they got the hell out of dodge. The second they heard The Connor Brothers were coming for them, Your champions; ran like bitches.No bullshit; We never forgave FWA for that. We never forgot about the night we were ROBBED of proving we’re the best in the world, and you know what drove us crazy?! Even after that you guys kept calling yourself. “The home of tag team wrestling” Even when your champions were cowards and continued to bury Tag Team wrestling, shovel full. The Tag Team of the year 2016? : ONE GUY. Not even a tag team! What a joke! And you people still had the nerve to call your tag champs the best in the world?.

    Ethan uttered a bemused laugh as his brother begins to take over, moving forward

    Drew Connor
    : So eventually, we got sick of it; Tag Team wrestling in FWA is on life support, and we're here to save it We .want what's best for Tag team wrestling. Tag team wrestling is our lives passion. It molded us into who we are today, and we refuse to let it fizzle out into mediocrity. For all the times people have pointed their fingers at us and called me the 'bad guy' or said I was a 'disgusting excuse for a professional wrestler' We’ve the beating heart of tag team wrestling., We've held our head high with honor, because that is what The Echo is all about. We might take a few shortcuts to make sure that it's brought to the forefront, but honestly? That's what it's all about. To get to the front of the line as fast as possible, you have to take shortcuts. So what if we kick a guy in the nads and win like that, it's a FIGHT! You win any way you possibly can, and you know just as well as we do that if every other team we’ve in our position They’d be doing the SAME DAMN THING! So we're here because you need us to be. You need us to win this tournament and when we do? It'll be a victory for tag team wrestling

    Ethan Connor: “You’re welcome.”

    Drew Connor: Like, I get it. We know were going to rub everyone the wrong way but if I may? And I speak for my brother here, too. It's really... Hard not to let 'em fly, because when you're as good as The Echo? Everything you say is a god damn nuke. When we talk, you listen, when we talk, you take notes. They should, uh, just call us professors

    Ethan Connor: Why?”

    Drew Connor Because we wrote the damn textbook on how to be freaking awesome, and chapter one? Chapter one was doing things our own damn way, and all we ask is a little respect.

    Ethan Connor
    You didn't click on this link to marvel at this amazing wall behind us. You clicked on our damn faces because we’ve freaking rock stars

    Drew Connor: Was that intentional?

    Ethan Connor Was what intentional?

    Drew Connor: That star comment

    Ethan Connor: You know what? Let's pretend it was. Let's pretend that I MEANT to poke fun at what seems to be the flavour of the freaking week. Let's pretend like I really couldn't wait to talk about the match of the night. April fools! We're freaking pumped, baby. We've been waiting like freaking DOGS to break out the gasoline, and the matches. And when everyone overlooks you like they do us--- sometimes you ya gotta step on some shoes, ya gotta wrinkle some shirts, you gotta THROW! What you know... And, well, I'm sure Starr and Izzy can respect that.'

    Drew had progressively inched closer to the camera as he got more involved with his words, and upon the evident pointedness of the word "respect," he would take a step or so backward, allowing his tag team partner in Ethan Connor: to inch forward similarly. The stockier Connor would grin cockily and open his mouth to facilitate the spewing of words that would play efficiently and angrily off of Drew's monologue with hints of dialogue. The grin would continue to be plastered on his face as he speaks, allowing his demeanor to SCREAM the confidence that oozes from the pores of both members of The Echo.

    Ethan Connor: "That's a funny thing, respect. Y'see, when Drew and I came to FWA, we thought-

    Drew Connor: Wow, we should have asked for more money...

    Ethan Connor: We thought that the tag team division was gonna' be bad. We sure as hell didn't know it was gonna' be this bad. This division, this tag team division? No wonder that one guy bitched out this place for months on his own. And it's all because of jackasses like Rocstarrz I&I. Drew’s right, y'know... Izzy and Starr can respect what we stand for, but what about us? What about The Echo? Disrespected from day one. Signed because everyone knows how How freaking great we are, Look, it's pretty simple... We're a couple of stallions, and it's about damn time to get out of the gate! So that means it's time to show the world and Izzy and Starr and the rest of this BS tag division that not respecting the Echo t is NOT an option. I'm sick of being overlooked, But you tell me... How can you overlook us when within a matter of weeks, we'll be tag champs? How can ya' overlook us when within a matter of weeks, you won't even be able to spell Rockstarrz I&I

    Drew Connor: Which isn’t saying much; they barely attempted themselves; “ohhhh we spelt Rockstar with a Z and an extra R because we’ve super edgy.”

    Ethan Connor: Well, that makes sense that they spell it like that especially after the match Cus everybody knows that after enough Super kicks to the mug

    Drew Connor: TO THE FREAKING DOME!,

    Ethan Connor; It's hard to spell anything... Since it's a question if they could even spell in the first place, let us spell it out for you. Drew and I? We've built the most jacked backs! From having to carry around CWA’s Tag team division, so it only makes sense that we put this tag team...

    He says while utilizing his index and middle fingers to denote air quotation marks.

    Ethan Connor: “Division” on them.

    Smirking, Ethan would let out a scoff-like grunt and clench his fists and teeth before returning to his previous position of speaking.

    Ethan Connor:
    Besides, even if the vultures and Starr and Izzy don't know our names.

    Drew Connor: ... Hell, even if y'all don't…

    Ethan Connor:
    It really doesn't matter if you know our names. Because those belts and this tournament has our names on it

    Ethan would allow the grin that had once gripped his which adjusts to an expression of a more serious tone. His demeanor, while still radiating arrogance, now was colored by the deployment of a more pointed subtext. Stepping backwards a step, he would turn his head toward Drew, nodding his head in a gesture of finality. Drew would grimace and shake his head, before throwing both hands in the air and groaning audibly for the viewers, perhaps planned, perhaps spontaneous.

    Drew Connor: 'Ugh, Ethan! What are you doing?! We said this was going to be different, we were going to be the ones to take the higher ground. Remember the plan? We say how much we respect them; we act like big freaking fanboys THEN we tell 'em that our delts are too damn big because we have that---- what're the planets have?

    Ethan Connor: Gravitational pull?

    Drew Connor We have that gravitational pull to tag success. To this tournament. We're freaking gods, man.

    Drew and Ethan simultaneously nod in agreement, as Drew slowly shrugs his shoulders, an arrogant smirk coming across his face.

    Drew Connor: But now that the cats out of the bag, it's pretty obvious to The Echo that we're, uh, what would you call it Ethan?

    Ethan Connor: The only real tag team in the tournament?

    Drew Connor: That works! We're the only real tag team in the entire block. Ryan Rondo and Kennedy hated each other's guts two weeks ago. PAJ and Garcia? What? A month’s top of tag teaming? But for Ethan and me? WE’VE BEEN TEAMING SINCE WE WERE FIVE YEARS OLD? And you’re going to throw two dorks together for their first tag match ever, against us? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS?! IT’S GOING TO BE A SLAUGHTER!

    Ethan Connor: We’ve had to deal with this so many times in the past. Two random wrestlers getting together and thinking just because they’re both good single wrestler’s they can automatically tear it up in tag team wrestling. They can win this tournament. You know what we call people who think that?

    Drew Connor: ...Bitches

    Ethan Connor: And bitches step up, to get knock down

    Ethan snickers arrogantly before cracking the knuckles on both fists quickly. Rotating both shoulders and cracking his neck in both directions, Drew glares at the camera speaking with passion

    Drew Connor: That’s why this is our world! We run this shit. If we would have been given a chance to put Buck and Christopher Fuck face on their asses, and we would have barged into Ashley’s office. We would have pointed at a TV, and went right back down to the ring! Why? Because if we beat the tag team champions, we'd have left whatever freaking city we beat 'em in with the belts on our shoulders! We don't sit around. We go up to the biggest names; we go up to the highest selling merch guys.... And we fight them. We go in between the ropes, and we hit them a bunch of times----

    Ethan Connor: Closed fists?

    Drew Connor: Sure.

    Ethan Connor: Super kicks?

    Drew Connor: God, yes.

    Ethan Connor Head, shoulder, knees, and toes?

    Drew Connor: Why not? That's what we do! We fight. We fight alone. We don't pander to the people who, after Fight Night will be holding up signs and wearing shirts to honor us. That's Izzy Von Doren. We don't look up to name legacy and latch on like a bunch of little, black leaches. That's Starr. We don’t style our hair like idiots and AWFUL cities Chicago and Cleveland are That's you. All that is your style. WE DON'T HAVE TO! We---we... We make people like us, because we’ve so god damn good We play by our rules, and honestly, can you blame us? We make the tag division follow the same rules. You know why? Because we're the shit.'

    Drew would use his left hand to brush off the figurative dirt from his right shoulder while Ethan would pump up his shirt by pinching and pulling briefly the edges of the cutoff, about where his nipples might be. Drew would nod in agreement with his statement and glance toward his stocky partner to cue the next portion of Ethan’s oration. Drew would smirk malevolently before gesturing to the two of them with a flicking motion of his right index finger, allowing his words to fill the microphones used to record their segment.

    Ethan Connor: "If you look at our impressive resumes, you'll see that when Drew says that we're the shit, he's not even kidding a little. We do things how we want to, and get what we want every damn time! Probably because we're better than everybody else. Look at Izzy and Starr. Look at those dorks.And then look at us! Look at your next FWA Tag Team Champions. You wanna' tell me that those pussies- You wanna tell me that those two tools have a shot in hell against us? Y'think cuz they got their new wannabe team going on that they've got intimidation on their side? They've got, I don't know- Numbers? Yeah, that numbers? You think that because they went through hell at Mile High, they have what it takes to make it through even one of our super kicks, let alone TWO?! If so, then you're as stupid as The Rockstarzzzzzzzzzzz

    Ethan smirked at his butchering of the team name elongating the “Z” and glances back at Drew who is less impressed with his attempt at humor before he turns back to the camera, a much more serious facial expression gripping his mug.

    Ethan Connor: When you see two dorks like Izzy and Starr prancing around calling themselves a tag team and then you see what The Echo is packing? No way in hell that you can call those two with a straight face. Half of the shit they wanna call themselves, like champions or whatever, it just doesn't fit. When you've got as little talent as those two bitches? You're not champions. Sure, y'got you were impressive in the single ranks. So what? When you've held as many championships as we have, it gets mighty hard to watch people like Starr and Izzy dancing around as if they earned a place in this tournament. The only thing those two have earned is a superkick to the face. Those two? So cocky and full of themselves, and yet... they’re not even a blip on our radar yet they're not even the best team in their stable! Are they not even top ten in this company... Us? The Echo? We're the kings of this trash heap. We’ve a LOCK to win the whole Shabang!

    Ethan would throw up both arms and flex, showing off his stocky build. Drew would snicker at his self-sure partner and key in on the final note of Ethan symphony of arrogant rhetoric. Putting up both hands, half-clenched, with extended index fingers, he would bounce the aforementioned appendages with every emphasis of a word that he would launch from his lips as if balls shot out of a cannon.

    Drew Connor: 'And as the first of many...MANY victims of this tournament Let's, uh, play a game? You nerds love games. You love your Gameboys and your PSP, or whatever handheld garbage that I'd throw out of the window of a car we were going on a family vacation in before telling you to sack up. This one? What do you want to call it? Which is the dimmest star?

    Ethan Connor: No, no. Keep it simple, man. Let's play who sucks more? The Izzy Von Doren or Starr edition. Dibs on Izzy.'

    While Drew would be speaking with a disgusted and twitching upper lip, Ethan’ would be nodding emphatically in agreement. Once Drew had proposed the contest, Ethan's eyes would light up, ears perking, as if a dog has seen a new person to encounter. However, Drew and Ethan are the type of dogs one would never willingly countenance. Ethan would grin and throw up a single hand in a nonchalant manner that would be colored by a victorious arrogance.

    Ethan Connor:"Starr's easier anyway... Y'wanna play who sucks more? Y'wanna talk about which of those two is worse? Oh, lordy, Drew you sure know how to show a guy a good time. Where do I even begin?

    Drew Connor: I'm not helping you, this is a competition.

    Ethan Connor Then let's start with... The ring. All of this shit we talk gets backed up in the ring week in and week out, when we're not being shunned from being booked But how about you, Starr.? I've seen your train wreck tag matches with Risky Douglas. I've seen your attempts to wrestle with guys from the main event. I've seen you try to be someone you're not. Starr, you spent, like, Maybe if you spent less time on those knees with your buddy Risky you wouldn’t need a “Restarrted” to begin with

    Drew Connor: Restarrted? More like retarded.

    Ethan Connor: I mean I got to admit, you’re the ring but when you're tryna' put someone away in the ring, what are you doing?? Looking to hit the Starrstruck?, It looks like you’ve been starrstruck from birth. It honestly looks like you’ve based off of the way you flop around the ring like a fish outta' water... And tell me... Tell me what kinda' person would like you? Who the hell would even begin to consider you a threat? So you lose all your matches against main event guys, and you’re the hottest thing going? You’re meant to be a king s... You're no king. You're not even a pawn. Shit, Starr, you're not even on the board. Know what you are, though? Making me bored. I couldn't even watch another match of yours if you paid me. But you wanna know what, Starr? Drew and I? We're breaking necks and cashing checks. Maybe we'll use the money to buy you some wrestling lessons. Cuz you're one of, if not THE worst wrestlers I've ever seen in my life. Sure, You're good with your mouth,

    Drew Connor: which I'm sure Izzy appreciates…

    Ethan Connor: But you're ass in the ring. That'll fly for a little, in shitty companies with shitty employees, especially with Izzy carrying you on that eensy weensy back of her... But against real competition? Against The Echo? You're gonna' get exposed to the world as the LITTLE BITCH YOU ARE! So, you can't wrestle... You can't do your job...You can't do anything right... The only way you please your partner is after hours... If you can't wrestle and can't do your job and win... How the hell do you expect to last more than thirty seconds in our ring? Bet ya' at first sight of us, You drop to your knees-

    Drew Connor: Talk to Izzy about that, she’s got a lot of practice at. And beg for mercy…

    Ethan Connor: Beg for us not to break you and your buddy's little skulls."

    Ethan’s once playfully cocky demeanor would now be that of a more pointed and serious sense of arrogance, chalk full of a clear resent he would harbor for the rockstars, and evidently Starr in particular. Now that The Echo had allowed the world to feel their contempt for Starr, Drew would glance at his partner to address him before moving on

    Drew Connor: 'You watched that movie you cue'd up on Netflix didn't you?

    Ethan Connor: Maybe... I, uh---

    Drew Connor: Luckily for you, Izzy I'm not going to threaten to break your nose. I'm not going to threaten to hit you so hard with a super kick your crack children will be born with bruises.They said I mean, look at us!. Sweet trunks. Sweet moves. We do flips and shit.

    Ethan Connor Damn straight.

    Drew Connor: And why do we do all of that? Just being the sweetest, coolest, best damn tag team in the Solar System? While having some self-respect.I don't get it... Izzt- Maybe you can answer this for us? How... in the world? On the oceans and the continents, and all that jazz? How do you sleep at night knowing that in a team with Starr you’re the one no one cares about? How do you sleep at night knowing you left Chicago to team up with a CHUMP that' has the face of a twelve-year-old that isn't going to put out?

    Ethan Connor: Hey, Izzy, call me--

    Drew Connor: You left your nice place in the singles ranks. For what? Some cash? Because you wanted the fame? Because your fans in Chicago can't afford internet to watch your stupid mug clown around? I just---- I just don't get it! I don't get why you and that bum Starr get all of the recognition, and all of the fame, and a more significant contract, I'm proud enough to admit that I slept on park benches for a moment like this. I'm proud enough to admit that I've broken fingers, and ribs, and toes- I've worked my ass off. And maybe, yeah, we're a bit bitter about that. Maybe we're puffing our chest; maybe our lips are pushed out, maybe we're ready for a bloody nose or a black eye, because THIS MOMENT?! It's not going between our legs like Buckner in eighty-six. We're not going to let it slip by; we're going to cash in, and God forbid... God forbid you two want to over I can freaking promise we'll hit you with superkicks... Until you can't walk! Until you freaking stumble! Until Phoenix, Arizona starts chanting for the first good team they've seen in decades! The freaking world we’ve realized that when it comes to this tournament?

    The brothers would turn to look at each other for a moment before turning back to the camera and speaking in one voice.

    “You’re all fucked.”

    Both Drew and Ethan would have clenched fists to match their jaws, their eyes screaming a fiery intent. Both would be leaning forward slightly, glaring collectively into the heart of the camera with a fury and potency unmatched in the entirety of the tournament. They would return to their normal upright positions, before grinning in a climactic sense of arrogance and turning to amble off. But before they do we hear Ethan speak to Drew one more time

    Ethan Connor: So what happens to Eyesnsane anyway? I think Gabby’s vagina grew teeth and finally ate him
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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    ‘How to choose a mentor’

    “Who is your hero?” Asks Phillip A. Jackson.

    He looks out into a stand full of school children, with awe on their faces, as he asks them. Jackson waits for some of the children to shout of their answers. The kids stand up and are shouting their heroes over one another. You can pick out a few.

    ‘My Dad!’

    ‘The President!’

    ‘Tom Brady!’

    ‘My big sister!’

    ‘Whoever invented Fidget Spinners’

    ‘Bryce Har-No, Kris Bry-No Aaron Judge!’


    Jackson settles the children down. Jackson smiles.

    “They are all great choices. Even if none of you said me. I am not offended. Sports stars, family and celebrities. Logical choices for young people like you. Now I have another question for you but this time I want you to put your hands in the air and I will pick people, okay?”


    “Ok…Now, you all know who I am. You know how lucky I am but I was once a starstruck youngling like you. So my question is, Who is my hero?”

    Lots of the children scratch their heads. They don’t have the first clue who Jackson’s hero is. They struggle. Some of the more confident children just raise their hands to try and guess. Jackson points to a boy in the front row.

    ‘UMMMM…Abraham Lincoln? Cos you’re old’


    Jackson gets interrupted by sassy voice in the back.

    ‘He’s not even American.’


    Jackson points out a girl in the middle of the crowd

    ‘My mom likes Britney Spears’

    Jackson is bemused by the comment but rolls with the punches.

    “Ooookayyyy. I guess I’ll just tell you because after all that is what I am here to talk to you about. My hero was my mentor. Someone who made me into the man I am today. Kerry Kennedy. He was a wrestler, like me, who inspired me and I have said this my whole career. When I was your age I dreamed of meeting Kerry Kennedy. I looked up to that ring and knew that he was the man I wanted be. Just like your heroes. Like your dad, Tom Brady, Whoever the indecisive kid has changed too and PewDi, whatever. I was asked to speak to you by your teachers. To talk to you about being a mentor. To talk to you about being a leader. Those are things that you might not think are important but they can lead to super cool things, you want super cool things right?"

    Before a breath can be taken

    ‘Like a light up Fidget Spinner?’

    Jackson tries not to laugh and looks over at the teachers supervising who just shrug their shoulders.

    “If..that is what you want then…yes?”

    The kid smiles and nods before whispering something to his friend next to him.

    “Right, anyway. Almost everyone in this room is between ten and sixteen years old. That a vital range for all of you. It will help shape who you are and picking the right mentors, heroes and leaders is vital to that. You can have heroes that you aspire to be and ones that inspire you. That is what I am hoping to do to you all today, inspire you. With my story. With my words and helping a generation of young Americans fulfil their ambitions. I told you who my hero was. It was a guy I looked up to Kerry Kennedy. I got to met him. I got to work with him and I became a friend to my hero. He was my mentor. Now you would all want to become friends with your heroes. Catching a pass from Tom Brady, Hitting baseballs with whoever your hero is now, so probably Giancarlo Stanton and whatever PewDiePie is. The point is. Your hero doesn’t matter in who it is. It matters that your hero is someone who inspire you and other people because heroes create dreams. Those dreams are personal. They are yours and you cannot allow anyone to take them away from you or mock them or ridicule you for striving to achieve it. Keep them close and never let go of them because you never know when you’ll get the chance to live them. My hero inspired my dream. My dream was to be a professional wrestler and my dream was to use that position to inspire people. I want to be the reason why someone turns their life around. I want to be the reason that someone makes a decision of what they want to do with their life and try their hardest to achieve it. Now could a couple of your teachers join me up here?”

    A teacher begrudgingly saunter up to the stage and climbs up the stairs. Jackson shakes their hands and gets them to stand by his side.

    “Now, these teachers. You might love them, You might hate them but they are a keep part of your life. You remember teachers because they allow you to learn. They come in every day and try their hardest to inspire you.”

    Jackson looks to his right to address the teacher to his right.

    “Nice to meet you, what is your name and what do you teach?”

    Jackson places the mic so it can be heard

    “Hi, I am Mr. Abrahams and I am a Math teacher”

    “Maths? Ok. So not the most popular teacher then”

    A few chuckles are heard from the older students.

    “So Maths is a subject that has a bad reputation right?”


    “But you want to change that? You want people to be inspired by Maths”

    ‘Yes, I want the students to enjoy Math. Which can be difficult for students but I try to engage them more rather than just talking to them because they eventually get bored when you just keep talking.”

    Jackson nods in agreement.

    “What a great answer. This man could be a great mentor for some of you. You can return to where you were standing. Just like I want to be a great mentor to you. I want to be a great mentor to my student, Michael Garcia. He was a man with a bad reputation but just like Maths I saw the potential in it. I saw the potential in a man I could change and inspire to change to find the truth. You are all so lucky. You have the chance to have a clean slate. You have the chance to shape what you want to become. Just like Michael. It will be hard work and you have to hope you have a mentor that will really be there with you every step of the way. I will be there for Michael, if he inspires you then an everyday man like Mr. Abrahams can be it. If you want to shoot for the moon then all your heroes are valid. That is why I launched a movement called the Phillip A. Jackson project. It is a project get the best out of people. To help people understand themselves to grow their confidence and I believe that young people can benefit from it. I believe that you can change, grown and perfect what you are because you are the future. You are going to decision makers, leaders, mentors and some of you might be lucky enough to become heroes to others.”

    Jackson’s eyes are caught by a teacher who is impatiently tapping their watch. Jackson acknowledges this.

    “But…and there is always a but, be aware of heroes, mentors and leaders. Choosing the wrong one can have problems. This is something you learn. This is the part that will hurt. I met the son of my hero. I met a man I wanted to lead me. I met Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo and the wrestling fans in the room will know all about them. Chris was my mentor. Ryan was my leader. Now they are a team against me. Michael and I are a team against them. That is the reality of life sometimes. People you once thought were friends change. They see things differently and you grow apart. Now you won’t get the chance to get back them as psychically and as literally as I am but you cannot allow them to get in your head. You have to let them be. You cannot allow them to see the pain they caused you. You cannot allow them to see that their betrayal hurt. You move on and you find something new, no matter how hard it is. I learned from my negative experience and I learned that choosing heroes, mentors or leaders is hard. Heroes is the easiest. Mentors is the hardest and leaders in the middle. Leaders are people who you want to be close to because they lead you to new experience and they push you to challenger yourself. Mentors are the people you learn from, the people who you want to emulate in order to achieve your dream and your hero has been discussed enough already. That children, is all I have time for. If anything the ire of your teachers suggested I delayed you all a little. Now you don't have to do this, which means a lot of you won’t but I want you to do something I did. I want you to write down one thing that you want to achieve and I want you to tell no-one what that is. It can be anything but I want you to always be trying to achieve it until you do it and it will be that moment where you realise you can do anything and then I want you to say what it was to someone. I wanted to be a better man and a better citizen to help people and I hope that I have done that. Good luck.”

    Jackson receives some applause from the audience with younger student joining in just to clap. The older students, some of them are clapping passionately. Jackson nods his head and he places the microphone on the stand and heads backstage. Jackson gets tears in his eyes as he walks off the stage and hugs his agent as he gets behind the curtain.

    “I love you, man. You were right. This was good for me”

    Agent - ‘I know man.’

    The pair embrace for about ten seconds before slowly pulling apart. Jackson’s agent straightens Jackson’s suit before straightening his own.

    Agent - ‘Now we have to talk business. Before you say anything I know you want to get out of here but you need to focus on your match. You can’t keep putting off Rondo and Kennedy. You can do all the good in the world but unless you focus then it is all for naught. You want to win the Tag tournament right?’

    “Yes. It will kickstart the project.”

    ‘You need to get off the project so much. You are unfocused. You care more about Garcia then you care about yourself. It is not who you are.’

    “Maybe it is who I am. Maybe I know Rondo and Kennedy so well that I can be slack. Maybe I know that they are a volatile team that can implode at any moment because that is who they are. The truth doesn’t lie and Rondo and Kennedy are both egomaniacs who cannot stand sharing with anyone. The second I got successful Kennedy ran. Kennedy was scared of me. He ran from me for years because he knew that he wouldn’t be the biggest story in the match. Kennedy relies on being a star. It is what he relies on to exist. It is what I thought I wanted but like I said to those kids. You need to make good decisions and understand what isn’t working. My need for stardom may have been successful but it hollowed me out into a shell. Kennedy ruined me and I cannot allow him to have any opportunity for mind games. I cannot be drawn into his world. I must stay true to the objectives of the project and Garcia. I must reap what I have sown just like Kennedy and Rondo. They will talk a big game. They will act like they are hot shit but they are nothing. They are the empty shell. A nothingness that cannot return to the whole state it once was. A nothingness that strives for the emptiness of ego and vanity.”

    His agents jaw drops in awe as Jackson rants at him. The pair begin to walk out of the exit and towards their car but first have to negotiate their way through hallways

    “That is what I was teaching the kids and what I am engraining in Michael. Ego and Vanity are not what should guide. We should be guided by our true feelings. Our real heroes. Our real inspirations. Padding egos through vanity is a cause that will end in failure. It burns you out, leaves you resentful because you are lying to who you really are. They are a ticking time bomb ready to explode because they are not loyal to each other. They don’t have a truly higher purpose. They want to continue to pad their egos and chase vanity. It will be what tears them apart. Michael and I are starting to get on the same page. We are an emerging unit. We are a team that can grow but still have enough familiarity to work. We are not perfect from far it but our flaws are not related to who we are. They are related to the lack of time we have spent together in the ring but we support each other and we support our cause. It is important that we continue to remember that. I wasn’t bullshitting these children. I am not bullshitting about the project. I am on this quest for truth because it is what I need. This tournament is the life that the project needs. It needs the opportunity to breathe it needs exposure. The titles are a long way away and we cannot think about them. Our biggest challenge is night one. They might implode but they are still two of the most dangerous men in this company. I cannot standby and watch them succeed again at the expense of my cause at the expense of our project. I am a crusader for truth in the era of deception. That is what drives me. That is my inspiration. That is who I am. Now let’s get on the goddamn plane and watch the impending Kennedy and Rondo implosion.”

    The pair nod at each other as they find the exit and walk towards their car. Jackson has a satisfied smile on his face.

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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    We open up to a shot of the top of the arena in the rafters. We see that arena is empty as the sound of glass breaking is heard. We see empty bottles of jack & empty pill bottles on the rafters. The camera moves to a body laying motionless. We hear sounds of someone walking to the body and we see someone and they yell call 9-1-1. The body is Deception. He is taken into the back of the first response and is taken to the local emergency room.

    We flashfoward and it looks like the next day as we see a person in a hosptial gown staring out the window. A women doctor walks in she is younger redhair cute tall she is holding a clipboard and begins to talk.

    ???: So on here they said your name is Deception?

    The man doesn't turn around there a moment of ackward silence. Before the man talks.

    ???: Yea, thats me.

    Deception still has his back turned.

    The doctor moves the clipboard revaling that her last name is Grace.

    Dr. Grace: My name is Angel Grace I am your doctor can you tell me what happen what is your name?

    Deception: My name isn't important but what happen was that I held the weight of the world on my shoulders for far to long and that I was done.

    I have been focused my whole life on caring for others I have made it my life goal to open the eyes of others to show this world what truely hides behind the mask. I was wrong because the truth of the matter is this I am the liar . I am the sickness I am the toxin that is filling me with this posion and I finally just crashed.

    I tried to save someone when I should of saved myself. Now I found myself in another battle that I am afraid I am going to lose. Mark Merriweather. I will be the first to admit I did not know him but this pit feeling in my gut said I could not best him. I am walking a tight rope I am walking on broken glass and I know that the person I am right then didn't stand a chance. This wasn't just about a match though this was about just losing everything you held close to your heart losing all the will you had left.

    Dr. Grace: This why you tried ending it all?

    Deception: I just needed time. I just needed this place to go this place to be I just need to find myself again.

    Dr. Grace: Well it damn sure isn't going to be like this pick yourself up the ground.

    The place begins to shake as we see a white flash. We hear a voice yelling something.

    Deception: This isn't real.

    Dr. Grace: This is real

    The voice gets louder and you hear the words wake up!

    Dr. Grace: You are wrong & you are right. This is the path you are going on but it isn't because you are scared because you are fearful it is because you haven't been yourself.

    The voice is screaming wake up as we cut back from the dream . We now are back on the rafters as Deception is shown sitting in the rafters. He is holding a bottle & he is holding jack he throws it off the rafters. Deception turns and we see a man asking him if he is alright. Deception nods as he begins to talk as we will be getting interview.

    Deception: What were you saying before?

    Man: You have been losing these past few weeks tell me whats going on in your head as you are set to face Mark Merriweather next.

    Deception: Mark Merriweather, you are a man that is a emboidment of everything that is wrong in this this world and you just are in the wrong place at the wrong time because I need this win I want this and what I want I am going to take becsuse the road to heaven is built with bad intentions and I may have been in my hell but I am scratching I am crawling and I am digging my way out.

    Deception walks off with a certain type of cockiness in his walk as we end.


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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    The FWA logo would flash across the screen as this video got underway. Next, we would see an unfamiliar logo flash before us. A teacup would sit atop a table, and we could see tea being poured into the cup. As this happened the words, “Tea Time with Bell Connelly,” would appear on the cup before fading to black.

    We fade into our scene; we were on a small set. A patterned black background was in the back of the scene. In the front was a small coffee table that was wedged beside the chair. Sitting in the chair was none other than our host of Tea Time, Bell Connelly was carefully sipping on her tea. The camera would move inwards as Bell sat her cup back on the table. Seeing the camera was locked on her now, she would give it a big smile before finally giving her introduction.

    Bell Connelly
    Hey everyone, welcome to Tea Time, with me, Bell Connelly!

    Bell would eagerly point to herself.

    Bell Connelly:
    ...And welcome to the first ever episode!

    She would add with rumbustious enthusiasm.

    Bell Connelly,
    What’s Tea Time ya ask? Well, I’ll tell ya! Here on Tea Time, we can talk about all sorts of stuff. Wrestlin, tea, puns, and a bunch of my favourite things and we have our very first guest here on Tea Time! This person is someone I would consider another tea aficionado. Someone who knows and appreciates a good tea. This person also happens to be my best friend and tag team, partner. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Shannon O’Neal

    With extra enthusiasm, Bell gestures off screen with renewed vigor and excessive jazz handing as the camera swoops around to reveal a pretty nice looking wicker chair where sat in front of it was a quite lovely china tea cup….but no Shannon O'Neal;

    Bell Connelly
    Which is what I WOULD say if she were here

    Bell bit her lip and blew out her eyebrows raised in bemusement shrugging her shoulders apologetically.

    Bell Connelly:
    “Which is a TAD bit confusing, I called her, I texed her, I twittered her, I discored her, I AIM’ed her, I myspaced her. -I didn’t send Drama The Llama this time, turns out he just eats the notes I send him, that scallywag.-

    Bell shakes her head in amusement at her pets psychotic behaviour.

    Bell Connelly:
    Huh, I can’t think of anything that would make her uncomfortable about coming here…

    Frowning just a little in good-natured confusion, she tilted her head and put her forefinger on her chin in a quizzical manner, while she does that, the camera slowly starts to pan back inch by inch to reveal in the background -not in focus but still noticeable, the front plate of the glorious World title lying front plate first clearly delicately placed on a side table.

    Bell Connelly:
    ….Maybe she’s not a big tea drinker.

    Bell shrugged and made an airy gesture with her hands moving on from the topic,

    Bell Connelly:
    But, never you fear; I always come with a plan B, and that B stands for “Bell’s Backup Best Buddy in times of befuddling behaviours.”

    Down at the very bottom of the screen, we see the following pop by

    Hashtag of the day: #Backupbestbuddyintimesofbefuddlingbehaviours

    Bell Connelly:
    So everyone, please welcome my guest at this time; Shannon Two.

    At first, nothing about the scene changes that is until Bell raises one of her free hands to reveal it’s covered by what appears to be a white tube sock who someone has glued on two googly eyes and drawn a smiley face on.

    Hey Ya’ll, I’m Shannon O'Neal, and I’m just plum snug as two bugs in a bunk bed with my best friend over here Bell

    This probably goes without saying, but it’s Bell Connelly parroting Shannon’s southern accent

    Bell Connelly:
    “Well, I’m so glad you could make it Shannon two, but….I do have a question, why are you speaking in that accent? Didn’t it turn out you’re from LA or something?

    Well, I’ll just be heaps glad to tell you, but why don’t you drink that conveniently placed glass of water over yonder?

    Bell shifts in place suddenly as if just noticing the tall glass of water that had been off the screen up until now, she happily reaches for it with her non-puppet hand

    Bell Connelly:
    I see no reason why not, go ahead

    The camera begins to zoom in tightly on the hand puppet cutting Bell out of the frame as the puppet begins to speak once more...Only now what we can make out is what sounds like gabled vowels and words that just comes off like gibberish, almost like it had something obstructing her speech. Like her mouth was full of some fluid, how odd! After a moment, the camera pulls out rapidly once more to reveal Bell once more this time her glass of water all gone

    Bell Connelly:
    Wow, what a great story Shannon, So let’s not waste any more time, or tea. We’ve got our tea, and we’ve sure got plenty to talk about, so how about we make this a real Par-tea.

    She couldn’t help but chuckle at her Joke. It was yet another ingenious play on words by Bell Connelly; she couldn’t help but laugh. Plus there wasn’t anyone here to acknowledge what a great pun it truly was! Bell would take a sip of her tea once more before getting into the thick of Tea Time!

    Shannon :
    You’re so witty Bell.

    Bell Connelly:
    I know!

    She nods in self-appreciation before putting down her cup of tea

    Bell Connelly:
    Y; know when you’re talking about tea party’s you gotta talk about the one they had in Boston! If you been living’ under a rock for the last couple hundred years and don’t know what the Boston Tea Party is, then I’ll tell ya. The Boston Tea Party was the people of Boston rebelling against Britain cause they didn’t want their tea taxed! And when no one would listen, they dumped a whole lotta tea into the harbour.

    With her free hand, she mimed the dumping of tea in the water

    Bell Connelly:
    Normally. I’m not one for wasting perfectly good tea, but they had a good reason. They weren’t being treated right, so they took matters into their own hands.

    Bell would slam her fist on the table.

    Bell Connelly:
    That’s something that all of us could take away. You don’t like how things are going? Well, sometimes it’s time to stop letting others or fate keep controlling’ you. Sometimes ya just gotta grab the bull by the horns, or the tea by the barrel and dump it! You just gotta rebel a little bit to get what ya want!

    At this thought, Bell would pause thoughtfully before looking back at the world heavyweight title in the background almost unconsciously taking off the Shannon puppet as she did

    Bell Connelly:
    …...It’s funny how history repeats itself, isn’t it?

    Her voice is thoughtful, rather dreamy before eventually, Bell shakes her heads snaps out of it and turns back to the camera

    Bell Connelly:
    You know, it isn't really easy to make friends in this business. Everybody has a goal and something to prove and a lot of times that means they have to put it above all else including their friends. But sometimes having a friend can be more beneficial than whatever you'd get from turning your back on them or never having them in the first place. For me, I've made plenty of friends throughout the years….Maybe it’s just because I’m so likeable and adorable. But none of them can compare to my best friend...Shannon.

    Bell looks down at the ground at the discarded puppet.

    Bell Connelly:
    No offence Shannon two.

    She turns back to the camera.

    Bell Connelly:
    Shannon and I have been inseparable thus far in our careers, we're always around each other in some way. We're the Atomic Blonds, and we want everybody to know it. And one thing, as friends, we've always wanted to do was thrive as a tag team. People have doubted us the entire time; I even made it clear five months ago Me and Shannon were going to try for the Tag Team Championships...And if things were perfect we would have gone to Back In Business to win the tag title titles...but, things have gotten in the way, And they just kept getting in the way, but now? We got a shot.With all that against us though, Shannon and I never gave up. I told Shannon as soon as she won the Carnal Contendership that if we ever got the chance to go for it I'd take it without a second thought. That's the thing about us though, the thing that BUCKY and Manson, Eimi Sanada and Al Kurayami or anybody else...they don’t have. Shannon and I are actually friends.

    Bell pauses momentarily as she leans forward in place as she reaches for something out of the camera’s, she reels back momentarily and reveals the item in her hand was a picture she holds it up for the camera; it’s a selfie of Shannon and her together.

    Bell Connelly:
    See? It's not an act. We don't just hang out to have back up or something, Shannon and I are truly friends. Best friends. We have been since I got here.What that means is that we work well together no matter what we're doing….Ok, I know, Shannon has been acting weird all month..I'm sure that's something that every team the edge against us but you wanna know where the real edge in this match is gonna come from? Well...sometimes you see tag teams that get into arguments or disagreements because what one of them wanted and what the other wanted...didn't match up. They weren't on the same page. But Shannon and I are always on the same page. When we disagree with something we don't fight and argue, we both explain what we think and eventually come to a compromise. That's what a real tag team does and, more importantly, that's what real friends do. That's what we do. That that gives Shannon and I something even more important than just back up or a tag team partner, I trust her. Despite everything I know in my heart of hearts in that ring I know I can trust her with my life, and she can do the same with me, we're gonna go out there and get our job done and all the while we'll have each other's back. For me, that makes me prepared for anything we could ever face in that ring. I mean, did you ever think you’d see me and her as back to back world champions?! We do what we do best: we proved everybody wrong. Everybody who said we couldn't do become world champions and now they’re saying we can't go up against the best tag teams FWA So if Hyper Viper thinks they'll have an easy night They are sorely mistaken. But maybe they should be asking themselves if they're one of those teams. If they're one of those teams that fight and argues and disagrees. Because really, that's what this match is all about: finding out just who the best tag team is. And if they aren't 100% on the same page? If they slip once? Shannon and I will take advantage, and we will do what we have always wanted to do: be champions together.We waited so long for this chance to come; it almost felt like it was never going to happen. We had this planned for June!. And yet we still didn't get the chance to do anything together until just now. After a while, I was starting to lose hope, waiting for our chance to come, until we heard the rumors about The World Strongest Tag Team running around. I was the FIRST one to sign up for it. When I heard about that, I knew that this was going to be our opportunity. We knew that our moment had finally come, no one can tell us we’re not in with a great shot! Two World champions. Two of the longest reigning Woman’s champions of all time...This is ours to lose! We know our faults, our weaknesses, and we're not here to say they're not there. That's not our style. What we're here to do is show how well we can make up for them. Shannon and I have both had an uphill battle just to get where we are today. We always had people telling us we couldn't make it, we weren't right for this business for whatever reason they could think of at the time, but we both made it. We're both here and now we have a chance to go for what we've dreamed of since day one! We have a chance to show the world that we are the best tag team and that we can do what nobody else before us have done. I know somewhere so many teams are laughing, they're probably rolling on the floor hearing me say this. But let's put it this way: A good fight is going to be a hard one but in the end, the good guys always win, and it's not just for a happy ending but because the good guys always know how to do it right. The good guys always have each other's backs; the good guys always stick together. So if SCV or Project PAJ want to laugh, let 'em! Let 'em laugh at us all the way out to that ring. Because I know something, they don't know!~

    Bell says that with a sing-song voice, chuckling a bit as she speaks back up to explain.

    Bell Connelly
    I know...that when all this is over? No matter what happens, there will be a fist-bump There will be a boop chant that will drown out any music playing. Most of all, though? There will be a realisation of the world that those two girls that were doomed to fall apart because of greed....were a lot closer than they gave them credit for. And hey, those two might be the next tag team champions.

    Bell smiles and looks back down at the picture for a moment before eventually.putting her picture down

    Bell Connelly:
    But...I wonder if team Hyper Vibe can say the same thing, I mean, who saw that coming right? I didn’t I’ll tell you that much...EIMI HEY!”

    Bell waves cheerily at the camera, taking another sip of tea.

    Bell Connelly:
    You didn’t tell me you were coming back! I haven’t seen you since, the start of this year, you know. When you dumped me on my head and almost broke my neck? Good times, right? You took me out for like five months. AND you took the belt for yourself? I’m so proud of you; I’m so glad you were the one to beat me finally…I mean true you lost it like instantly after. You were the champ for like….what? Three weeks?

    Bell blew her cheeks winching like she was feeling sympathetic pains.

    Bell Connelly:
    Not what you imagined when you won the belt right? Still, you can’t have everything right? Tell me, did you keep Toby? I hope so? I have EXCELLENT taste in plush toys, even though the meaning behind got a bit lost, the whole point of giving you it was so you don’t leave with nothing to show for your efforts, But you went and left with everything didn’t you, a shiny title and a cat, must have been like Japanese Christmas to you huh? And here you are back for round two.

    Bell raises her hands up as if she was framing a marquee in Hollywood.

    Bell Connelly:
    Eimi and Bell two; Electric boogaloo I have to say I’m glad, no really I am, because we have some unfinished business don’t we? I’ll make no bones about it, 2017 for the longest time wasn’t a good year for me...Well, that is until -

    Bell jerks a thumb behind her towards the belt behind her.

    Bell Connelly:
    Then it became the best year! But I digress, for a long time it was just lost after lost… and you Eimi, was the first domino that fell, the first high profile lost in a long line of them...I have unfinished business with you; you’re the first in a long line of debts that have to be paid, One more demon that needs to be slain, that’s why I’m so happy, you’re back. You've given me another chance to beat you ...and I bet you’re glad too, what a comeback story you must have in your head. Before you left your biggest achievement was pinning the Woman’s champion and your first match, you get the chance to beat the world champion. Pretty sweet right? Only...You and I both know that’s easier said than done. At Trial Of Fire, we both went through hell and back, and it took everything you had to finally put me down, Two Stardust Dragon Suplexs and a piledriver from the top rope to put me down, You had to practically kill me to make sure you got the belt….So I guess the question you should be asking yourself is….What the heck do I have to do keep her down after everything she’s gone through this year. She’s tougher, she’s stronger, and she’s more driven than she’s ever been before...How I’m I going to stop her now?

    Bell leans back in her chair picking up her tea once more and takes a gulp once more maintaining eye contact with the camera all the way. Eventually, she puts it back down

    Bell Connelly:
    But hey, maybe you shouldn’t worry about that, after all, your friend you brought from Japan, she’s made of living of making sure when people get hit they don’t get up haven’t you Ai?

    Bell waggles her eyebrows and waves alone forefinger at the camera

    Bell Connelly:
    Ai Kurayami.

    Bell shudders, shimmying her shoulders as if suddenly cold.

    Bell Connelly:
    Just saying the name, gives you chills right? You know that one movie, candyman? I like to think that it works like that only if you say her name three times, she comes out of the mirror to elbow the crude out of you, after making herself bleed of course...But I know you Ai, you’re the boggy woman. You’re the big bad monster every female wrestler in the world checks under their beds, for. You break necks and kill careers. You don’t wrestle; you go to war.

    Bell’s voice takes a more cold air to it as she presses her hands against the table.

    Bell Connelly:
    You are the most feared woman on the planet, you have done things to people that probably could never be showed in the US. You’re the personification of violence….But here’s my question: Why are you here Ai. Are you here just to satisfy your blood lust? Or do you care about the team or the belts at all? Do you want those titles? Or do you just want to hurt people? I don't know if she does want it. I mean, I'm sure you want to succeed, you want to be in this tournament? To weight the entire division on your shoulders? I don't think that's what she wants. I think she just wants a fight and if that’s all she cares about? Then you're not gonna beat us tonight. You’re here for a fight, but you have no idea what you’re fighting for we want to do this. And we're not gonna to go down without a fight. If you don't want that fight... you won't win it.

    Bell eyes narrow just a little as she drums her hands against the table in time with those four words as if underlining them.

    Bell Connelly:
    That is what you guys are gonna see Fight Night. When that bell rings, and the match is over, that's what we'll do. And that? That is a fist-bump They mean more than Eimi and Ai could ever hope to understand. They stand for the friendship Shannon, and I have, a friendship you two will never know. A promise that we will always have each other's back and we'll always be there for each other. They stand for the teamwork that Shannon and I work for every time we get in that ring together, it represents a promise. Shannon is more than just my tag team partner; she's my best friend and my mentor and everything else in between. I owe her the best possible Bell Connely I can give her and trust me; I'm bringing that with me to Fight Night this week. Because I know Shannon is gonna do the same, she'll bring the best possible version of herself; the best FWA has ever seen. This is our chance, our moment. It's the final stretch. Eimi and Ai? You’re a boss in a video game they live off intimidation, fear. You spend that entire build up getting to them, every fight harder than the last just to lead you to the boss but ultimately? They're beatable, very beatable. Shannon and I know that better than anybody else and because of that? We're not intimidated or scared; we're excited! We're looking forward to it. Because we want this!, way more than you two do, and we plan to win So by the time that bell rings, and the match is over? Everybody watching Fight night can expect two things: the hype vibe will be busted, and a fist-bomb will be dropped, courtesy of the atomic blonds.

    We would see the piercing gaze of Bell as it would linger on the camera for a few more seconds. Before we fade to black
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    Frozen. That’s the best way to describe the current state of Shannon O’Neal. It’s as if time has stopped — and, well, in a way it has. A 360-degree view of her shows that she, and everything around her, has halted. There’s a police officer standing to her left — in mid stride — and a search dog, one of those K9 units, being led into a police station at her rear. Shannon is casually seated on the third step leading up to the Phoenix, Arizona police station. The door is half open, the after effects of another citizen entering. And there is one officer and one civilian-looking person walking up and down the steps, one in each direction.

    Shannon sits with her back to the front of the police station, at about 5 o’clock from the front entrance and about 10 feet down. Her feet dangle off the side of this lifted landscape area with a gravel border for someone to lean against or prop up and sit. Shannon chose the latter.

    Her face, like everyone else, is frozen. There’s a bit of a smile on it. Not a big one, like she’s at her birthday party. This one is more quaint, like she’s come to grips with something. Or maybe realized something she hadn’t before. Either way, she looks positive.

    But, again, it’s all frozen. As if someone hit the pause button on the remote.

    And then, very suspiciously, everything seems to go … in reverse.

    The people walk backwards back up and back down the steps. The door swings open the opposite way as a citizen exits with her back to the street until she swirls around the front entrance and off to the side, crossing directly in front of Shannon, who hasn’t moved. Her back remains facing the front doorway, her right shoulder nearest the rising steps and her face looking out in a daze to the passing cars. Her feet continue to move slightly as they hang in the air off the side of this landscaped area, as new people are in the shot, walking in reverse, the K9 dog unit and the police officer we saw frozen before now long gone.

    Suddenly, the rewind halts. In those final seconds, we either ignored or didn’t see Shannon’s mouth softly and inconspicuously moving. And the world seems to reverse from its reverse, now going forward.

    Police officers and citizens are walking forward, for the first time, and Shannon looks like she just got seated in this spot. Her face isn’t the same as it was earlier — or later. Instead, she looks bothered, a bit agitated or even angry. Her mouth is risen and her eyes squinted down at the ground, like she’s sulking.

    “How could she do this to me? And how could she act like THAT? Like nothing is wrong.”

    Shannon speaks of an event that just happened, although we haven’t seen it. Her face contorts a bit, as if she just swallowed a bite of spinach or broccoli. She’s got an awful taste in her mouth, unable to digest the feeling of betrayal.

    “Bell Connelly is now the World Champion. I have to accept that. And somehow I have to move forward with her and me in a tag team? I don’t even think this is possible. I mean, sure, I did win the World Championship and she suffered through seeing me with the belt, holding the belt, showing off the belt. She worked so hard for it. She had so many disappointments and defeats, something I never could relate to. Her road included many more moments of self-doubt, something I haven’t yet experienced until … now. But I didn’t beat HER at Back in Business. I beat Cyrus Truth, her deepest-rooted rival and someone she and I agreed was not a good person to be FWA’s World Champion.

    I did her ’n everyone else a FAVOR! … One they NEVER thanked me enough ‘fer.”

    Shannon is losing her cool as she talks to herself outside the downtown Arizona police precinct. A few people give her suspicious glances, like she’s one of those homeless people who talks to themselves on the streets and makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Shannon disregards their looks. She’s lost in her own mind, working through her own battles.

    “But Bell beat ME. She took the title from ME. I was the World Champion. I was the leader of the FWA. I had everyone in the palm of my hand. It was about me, and I was having the TIME OF MY LIFE. Everything was calculated. Everything was manipulated. Everything was ... mine. And all eyes were on me. Finally, I could be something more than just ... a nobody, with nothing to her name. No accomplishments. No family. Nothing setting her apart. That was Shannon O'Neal before Back in Business. But when I beat Cyrus ... I became something. I became important.

    I've NEVER been important. To anything. Anyone. Even myself. And then, I was. That's what the World Championship meant to me. Value. Importance. Self worth.

    But Bell took that from me. How could she? More importantly, how could I let her? How could I be so naive to think Bell would just ... let me win? I am blaming Bell, but I should be blaming myself. We're both at fault, as much as either of us, and now ... now we have to move ahead as a tag team? We have to be a team? We have to be a unit?! Are you f***in' kiddin' me?! ... We have to be ONE in the same. Somehow. What shi... . As if we are both the World Champion. As if it’s a label we proudly share.”

    In that moment, Shannon sort of comes to a … revelation? Is that the right word? Is it a revealing of something if it’s not really true? Shannon’s long, stoic, grumpy expression switches in that “revelation” moment. Now it’s a wide-eyed, half-smile. Her mouth even opens a bit as she lifts her head ever so slightly, and then pauses the rise. Her eyes remain darted toward the ground.

    “We are the World Champion. Just as we soon could be the Tag Team Champions. The only difference is one has just one belt. The other … two.”

    These are not spoken words, only thoughts racing through her mind. She remains silent externally, looking down to the ground as she figures out the correct mindset — the correct play to make.

    Now her mouth opens, and words follow. If anyone nearby was listening, they’d be stunned to hear the change of tone Shannon uses when speaking of Bell. Her voice has an upbeat bounce to it now, one of confidence and assuredness.

    “Bell and I … are if nothing else … the best in the FWA. World Champions. Friends who have stood by one another through good times and bad. Opponents who know one another backwards and forwards. And we are a team. Even after everything, we are a team. A strong, united force. And the world has tried to wedge us apart with this … agenda of the World Championship turning friends into enemies. But that just isn’t the case. She didn’t take it from me. She helped me KEEP the World Championship — while also winning it herself. We are more a team NOW than ever before because we finally share something. Before, we shared nothing. No personality traits, no interests, no backstory. Now … we have the World Championship.

    That is baaaaaaad news for Ai and Eimi. I know nothing about one, and a lot about the other. But I know … they are not the team Bell and I are. Ai might have Eimi Sanadss knowledge, and that’s quite a lot. A former Women’s Champion — the one who ended Bell’s year-long reign — is nothing to snub your nose about. You won’t find me putting Eimi down. She’s a strong woman, one who won’t go down without one hell of a fight, and one who will make you FEEL it the next day. And I respect her. I don’t say that much about people but I will for anyone who can go toe to toe with me in the ring, which she has, and toe to toe with Bell. Not only that, but win.

    But Eimi hasn’t been around lately. And this isn’t a singles match. Whatever Ai Kurayami brings to the table, she better be good enough not to pull Eimi down. In fact, she better be so good that she matches Eimi’s skill. Matches my skill. Matches Bell’s skill. And even then, it’ll be tough. Because whatever they share, whatever their bond is … is not enough. They don’t have what we have — and that isn’t an abstract platitude.

    That’s concrete. It’s karats of gold. It’s real.”

    Like a moment frozen in time to signify some sort of meaningfulness, we see the exact same vision with which we started: a police officer standing to Shannon’s left — in mid stride — and a K9 police dog heading into the station. The door is half open, the rear of a citizen barely visible through the crack and the glass. And there is one officer and one civilian-looking person walking up and down the steps, one in each direction.

    But it's all digested within a half second, and then everything changes. Time ... once more ... moves in reverse.

    This time, though, it’s much faster. You can hardly even tell what’s going on, just blurs moving through the scene as one blur, Shannon, stays in place. Finally, at the end, the colors and shapes change. And the reversal slows down. A new scene comes to fruition, this one in an FWA filming studio. A sign behind a coffee table reads “Tea Time with Bell Connelly” and a few producers are moving wires and cords and positioning a pair of cameras. Although it’s going in reverse, of course, so the production staff is undoing whatever prep work they had.

    Finally, the reversal stops, and the coffee table is the only thing in the room. Not even the sign for the show.

    But a voice breaks the silence. It’s loud, upset, and it’s unmistakable. Shannon’s accent — the one she said she forced — slips through every so often.

    “Look! I don’t … You can’t ask me to do this after … after what ya’ did!”

    A few production members stand off to the side, watching. One of the camera crew members even walks in front of the table, quickly to avoid entering the confrontation.

    “You think this is all fine. Everythin’ is FINE! Well, it AIN’T! Why don’t you GET it?!”

    A mumbled voice responds, one we assume is the soft-toned Bell Connelly, the new FWA World Champion, but we never see her face. Or can make out what she’s saying.

    Shannon finally walks in front of the set, quickly, and looks to be in a rush to leave.

    “The tag idea? DUMB. Bullets 'N Bubblegum? A TERRIBLE idea. All those hours spent together, spent talking and pretending like we cared what the other was sayin'? A waste of time!"

    You can tell that even though Shannon's shouting these things, it's taking a bit of a toll on her.

    "We got NOTHING in common, Bell. Nothing. Ya’ and me ain’t … we aren’t the same person. Not even close. And now … now we have animosity. How will this work? You TOOK the World Championship from me, Bell! I should go to the police and file a charge. THEFT!”

    Shannon storms away, not even waiting for Bell to respond to her. The production crew seems at a loss of words. One turns and says, “I guess Bell is doing the Tea Time show on her own.” And the last thing we hear from Shannon is a door slamming shut, an audible notification of her exiting the building.

    Instead of following her — we assume to the Phoenix police station in her delusion that they'd care about her theft claim — the perspective remains inside the studio, like the scene we're watching is continuing without Shannon. Like it's a different set of eyes, and the original ones left with Shannon out the door. This view watches a hurried fast-forward movement of bodies, feet, arms, cords, wires, cameras, and props as the stage is set up, like before except not going backwards but instead looking like progress is being made, like the set is being dressed instead of undressed.

    A patterned black background is in the back of the scene. In the front was a small coffee table is wedged beside the chair. Sitting in the chair is none other than the host of Tea Time.

    And when it slows to a normal speed, we see what appears to be the producer holding up five fingers. Then four. Bell has a slight frown, looking thoughtful. Maybe "regretful" is the correct word.


    "FWA Logo will appear here".

    Two. Bell's demeanor changes to look a bit more positive as the cameraman points to the camera, which has moved about a foot closer to her and the coffee table.

    "Now the Tea Time logo."


    Bell Connelly Hey everyone, welcome to Tea Time, with me, Bell Connelly!

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    We see a computer screen reading the following;
    Originally posted by The Golden One
    Dunno if ya’ll know but FWA had two house-shows scheduled for the two nights before Fight Night in The Gila River Arena. Ya’ll might have heard about this already but for those that haven’t; The DFB were in a bar in Phoenix last night, they both seemed pretty fucked up and it seemed there were quite a few wrestling fans in the same bar and they caught them going off on one on video. Basically they buried The Echo and The Sin City Vultures, the FWA and in general, wrestling as whole. It’s pretty vulgar as well so I can imagine they’ll be in some hot water tonight. It could even be the end for them as we all know the FWA were very uneasy about bringing them on board for the World’s Strongest Tournament and it only happened because that weird giant flippy guys team couldn’t get work visas. They’ve already built up quite a bad reputation backstage at CWA and seeing as they were a last-minute addition they could be in some hot shit. I don’t think they’ll get pulled due to already appearing on air but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the bad books and I can’t say I see them lasting beyond this tournament … unless they win it, lol. Anyway here’s the footage below;

    The footage is quite clear but it is done on a handheld device. Bobby Smooth and Cody Mundz can be seen sitting at a crowded bar-table surrounded by half a dozen men in various wrestling shirts; there’s a couple of simple black FWA tees, a guy in a Bell Connolly tee and even a young-looking man in an Indy Club tee. Bobby and Cody both look like they’re fairly inebriated and the table full of empty bottles seems to support that. Bobby is talking quite loudly.

    Bobby Smooth: “... dunno how you can say that? What do you mean by that?”

    Fan #1: “Just, like, you know - contracts and that?”

    Bobby Smooth laughs a loud.

    Bobby Smooth: “HA! Contract? With the CWA? Nah man fuck that. Yeah, fuck that. We ain’t tying ourselves into some contract that we can’t get out of in a couple of months. Fuck that man we used to get paid when we showed up.”

    Cody Mundz:
    “If we showed up.”

    There’s a light chuckle.

    Bobby Smooth: “Nah but fuck that contract stuff. Cody’s right; we showed up when we wanted. You know some weeks Cody would say there’s somethin’ on-”

    Cody Mundz: “Few the guys ridin’ out to Vegas or some shit.

    Bobby Smooth: “Yeah - somethin’ like that. I ain’t gonna miss that if we gonna just go out and fight some punks on Adrenaline Rush, no, screw that. We don’t gotta prove nothin’, we can kick the shit out of anyone there if we want to and they all know that. Nah we show up when we need it.”

    Bobby rubs his thumb against his index and middle fingers indicating he’s talking about cash.

    Cody Mundz:
    “Yea’ that about right. Some good shit, somethin’ like the Krash Classic or this World’s Strongest. We do it simple; we fill our boots at these things, bust up a couple of bitches in tights - remind everyone we can just show up and still beat the crap outta ya whenever the hell we please.”

    Bobby Smooth:
    “Yeah it’s funny. All these guys seem to talk about is what moves they can do and what submissions they know - far as it seems to me they can take their fancy movesets and training and shove it up their ass for all the good it does when they gotta fight us.”

    Cody Mundz: “Punch to the face or wrenchin’ on their arms seem to do us just fine. Take your boys there-”

    Cody points at the guy wearing The Indy Club tee-shirt.

    Cody Mundz: “-Drew and Ethan run with them, right?”

    The man they pointed to nodded.

    Cody Mundz: “They’re just two little virgin fucks. They ain’t shit. They run riot over a division that don’t even exist for what?”

    Bobby Smooth: “Two years.”

    Cody Mundz:
    “Two fuckin’ years! Two years they do that shit and they think they can run around sayin’ they some hotshots, swingin’ their pimply, little dicks about? Fuck that, they dicks shrunk right into their bellies when we showed up on that Mile High show.”

    Bobby Smooth:
    “They didn’t know where to look. There’s a reason they ain’t stepped up to The DFB yet and that’s ‘cause their high school insults and their superkicks ain’t gonna do nothin’ to us. They’re two little bitches who know what’ll happen if they get into a fight with us. Indy Club is a made-up, money-spinning, bitch-boy show.”

    Cody Mundz: “We in a real club and we don’t fuck around.”

    Bobby Smooth: “You’ll all see anyway soon enough.”

    Cody Mundz: “Are they even in our fuckin’ group?”

    Bobby Smooth:
    “Yeah, yeah I think they are-”

    Fan #1: “They’re not! Do you guys even know who you’re facing on Fight Night.”

    Everyone laughs including Smooth and Mundz.

    Bobby Smooth: “Oh we know, believe me, we know. The FWA Tag Team Champions. Ain’t nothin’ to scoff at. Ain’t nothin’ to disrespect. That’s one helluva payday.”

    Cody Mundz: “Damn right.”

    Bobby Smooth: “Why’d ya think we went after them? Sin City Vultures are THE team in FWA. They the guys making the most money. We figured uh, we figured we beat them - we’re pretty much guaranteed a shot at those belts and then well … fuck it if we don’t win the tournament.”

    Cody Mundz: “Fuck I dunno if I’ll even bother showin’ up after that Bobby?”

    Bobby shrugs.

    Cody Mundz: “Yeah, see, as soon as we got the green-light that we were in we rushed straight out and took the Sin City Vultures out. Soon as we heard.”

    Bobby Smooth: “They were always gonna put either us or The Echo in the first match against them and when we seen those two dickheads go out to confront them we charged. Fuck the music, fuck the flash - that’s the difference - we’re on the quickest, most convenient route to the cash and right then? Sin City Vultures were one big fuckin’ dollar sign.”

    Cody Mundz: “Like that big fuckin’ mongrel BUCK. Asshole should be in a freak show not figthin’. You see the shit he spew out his mouth? He looks like a ‘tard but acts like some sorta professor or somethin’. Somethin’ wrong with that boy.”

    Bobby Smooth:
    “Chris Manson, Chris Manson’s a smart fucker I’ll give’em that. He knows a freakin’ cash-mine when he sees one. Right now, him and that ape are earning major bucks holding them belts. I wanted to walk right up to them after Fight Night and let’em know that it was nothing personal, they’re just getting the cheques that we want. But what you say again Cody?

    Cody Mundz: “I said fuck them. I said fuck them, it’s not like we give a shit where their next meal comes from.”

    Bobby Smooth: “And I thought; fuck it I DON’T give a shit about two loser fucking wrestlers.”

    There’s a bit of a silence. The fan in the Bell tee speaks up.

    Fan #2: “But … but you two are wrestlers as well?”

    Cody Mundz: “We ain’t no god-damn wrestlers! We just fight.”

    Bobby Smooth: “Look we goin’ to fight anyway, if someone wants to throw bucks at us to do it - why the hell not? We can knock any of these punks out.”

    Cody Mundz: “They all trainin’ for a fuckin’ show. We fuckin’ beat the shit out of some damn, nasty people - real motherfuckin’ scary people - they ain’t hindered by any rules, they don’t have to let go of us if we grab a rope or not be able to pick up a damn beer bottle and smash it over our heads!”

    Bobby Smooth:
    “It’s a different world this fancy pants wrestling and really fightin’. If a guy can stand there and have a fight with me then that’s a guy I respect. These fucking wrestlers? Pfft jacked-up actors if you fucking ask me.”

    Cody Mundz: “How the fuck can you respect that. Fuck that shit.”

    The two stagger to their feet.

    Bobby Smooth: “Cheers for the beers fellas.”

    Cody Mundz: “And ya’ll keep payin’ your folks that rent so you can stay in their basement and spend all your money on watchin’ us fuckin’ leave the Sin City Vultures in a pile of their own fuckin’ piss!

    The computer screen goes black and suddenly we pan out to reveal Ashley O’Ryan standing at the desk on which the computer is situated. Wearing their Nevada Reaper kuttes, a sheepish looking Bobby Smooth and Cody Mundz look at each other. Ashley speaks through gritted teeth, his harsh Dublin accent shining through.

    Ashley O’Ryan: “That video has been viewed over three hundred thousand times … in five feckin’ hours. It’s been shared on twitter, on facebook and all over social bloody media!”

    Bobby Smooth: “Look Ashley we know-”

    Ashley O’Ryan: “YIS DON’T FUCKIN’ KNOW ANYTHING BY THE LOOKS OF IT! What the HELL was that!?”

    Bobby Smooth:
    “Sorry. We were drunk, we weren’t speaking with clear minds. We can’t be held accountable for what we said.”

    Ashley O’Ryan: “Have you forgotten who you’re fuckin’ talking to? When you’re in this business you can be held accountable for anything you feckin’ say, anything you feckin’ do and believe me you, ya can be held EXTRA accountable when you’re drunk. That shit doesn’t fly with me.”

    Bobby Smooth:
    “We get it - we fucked up. We completely respect this company and your gracious decision to let us compete - and win - in the World’s Strongest-”

    Ashley O’Ryan: “My decision? MY decision?? Lads, let me make one thing PERFECTLY clear - this isn’t my decision; I’d rather have me two grannys form a team and get in the fucking ring then sign off on you two scumbags competing in my tournament. You two are here on a technicality and only for it’s too late in the day to chuck you out, I’d have you two on your ears right now!”

    The mood shifts slightly and The DFB share a knowing glance - they’re still going to be in the tournament.

    Bobby Smooth: “Well we can assure you that going forward we will do everything in our-”

    Ashley O’Ryan: “Hold yer gob for two seconds and let me finish! I’m absolutely disgusted - I’ll go as far as to say EMBARRASSED - that you two feckin’ crooks, that you two DIRTBAGS are going to be in my ring. A house show is startin’ in the next five minutes and I want you two to march out to that ring, apologize to every fan in attendance and show some fucking respect! If you’re lucky I won’t send Christopher and what did you call him? That freak BUCK out to teach you what happens when you try and run your mouth in the FWA and disgrace this business whilst you’re representing us - for however short that time will hopefully be!”

    Bobby Smooth: “Hey now Ashley! I don’t think we should be forced out there and publicly humiliated for some drunken behav-”

    Cody Mundz: “We’ll go right away, boss.”

    Bobby stops dead in his tracks as Cody Mundz - in a change from the usual dynamics of the duo - plays the role of being the one with a cool head.

    Cody Mundz: “Course we will, let’s go now Bobby. Thanks for your time, Mr O’Ryan.”

    Cody leaves the office and makes a headway towards the gorilla entrance. Bobby looks confused for a split second before looking at Ashley O’Ryan.

    Bobby Smooth:
    “Cue our music.”

    Bobby follows Cody out the doorway as Ashley radios down to presumably the sound technicians to cue The DFB’s theme. Bobby catches up to Cody and accosts him.

    Bobby Smooth:
    “What the fuck, Cody? I ain’t going out there and apologizing to them fuckin’ losers.”

    Cody turns and smiles at Bobby as they reach the gorilla position and begin to make their way to the curtain. “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds starts up.

    Cody Mundz:
    “If they want to send us out there with a mic - who the hell are we to stop’em?”


    The five thousand strong crowd erupt into a flurry of boos as Bobby Smooth and Cody Mundz make their way out onto the stage. They both hold their hands up in an apologetic manner as the abuse reigns in from all sides.


    The duo are in the ring and the booing hits fever-pitch to just as their entrance music hits it’s crescendo. The two pace around the ring for a few moments as the boos subside. Cody gets a microphone and when the booing is quiet enough he begins speaking.

    Cody Mundz:
    “You know what you guys? We’re not going to beat around the bush here tonight, we ain’t stupid - we know ya’ll seen the video.”

    A chorus of boos confirms this.

    Cody Mundz: “Yeah, we knew it. We knew you guys would find it on the internet and see it and I suppose once we realized that we knew we’d have to come out here - nah, we wanted to come out here and set the record straight. We’re out here on Ashley’s orders but really? We want to do this. We don’t want anyone gettin’ the wrong idea about us this early in the game. So we came out to … uh, Bobby you better at this stuff than me.”

    The fans still continue to lightly boo as Cody passes the microphone to Bobby.

    Bobby Smooth:
    “Jeez Cody, I know I do most of the talking but this one was easy! There’s only one thing to say in a situation like this … WE’RE SORRY!”

    There is a small bit of a mix to the reaction - some cheers and applause combined with the still quite vocal jeering.

    Bobby Smooth: “That’s right, Cody and I, we’re sorry. From the bottom of our hearts we regret our actions, we’re truly apologetic. Sometimes you just do the wrong thing and we seem to be the unlucky sorts that aren’t blessed with good decision-making. You see sometimes we don’t fully think through what we do - blame our surroundings - and we look back on our actions and think ‘damn! We could’ve handled things a lot better then.’”

    The booing has subsided substantially at this point.

    Bobby Smooth: “So I say again; we’re sorry.”

    Bobby runs and jumps onto the middle turnbuckle and screams out at the fans.

    Bobby Smooth:

    Thunderous heat pours out from the crowd.

    Bobby Smooth:
    “Yeah that’s right - let us freakin’ have it! We don’t give a shit! We don’t give a shit about any of you! You’re all worthless pieces of trash! Why the hell are you guys booing? You guys are freakin’ paying to listen to us speak! You fuckin’ morons! You think we give a shit about what we said in that video? We meant every last damn word of it! I wasn’t even DRUNK!”

    The heat only gets louder as Cody shouts obscenities at the crowd and Bobby flips them off.

    Bobby Smooth: “You guys are the biggest fucking losers I know. We don’t give a damn what ANY of you think of us! I don’t care about being caught on video saying what I said! I’ll stand by it - I’ll say it again even; this company is a big steaming pile of shit! This fucking business is horse shit! You can’t train guys for a sports competition and seriously expect to put them up against two REAL fuckin’ animals like us and for it to be in anyway competitive? This tournament ain’t even the real deal without us! You all need us! We don’t CARE about the FWA, we don’t CARE about the damn CWA, all we CARE about is making some fucking money and if this is where the money’s at - this is where we’ll stay. And we’ll say whatever the hell we want and you know what? Ain’t nobody here or anywhere else that can stop us!”

    The crowd begins throwing trash down at the ring, littering the canvas.

    Bobby Smooth:
    “Least of all them two freakin’ assholes The Sin City Vultures! Your tag team champions! You know what I was freakin’ asked the other day Cody?”

    Cody Mundz: “What’s it, Bobby?”

    Bobby Smooth: “I was asked how did we plan to shock the world and take something from this match against Sin City Vultures. Can you believe that shit? There’s a reason they’re putting us in main events on our first night; the brass took one look at us and for the first time in their lives they seen two real freakin’ men. They knew they had to just put us against the champs straight away because no matter what the Sin City Vultures did, no matter who they were to beat, until they faced us they were living a lie! They weren’t gonna be recognized as the best at anything until they faced us. Anyone with half a brain-cell could tell we were the two main men, the two guys that we’re gonna win this tournament and do whatever the hell they please for the rest of their days. We’re the two nasty motherfuckers that are about to have their way with the FWA. The brass realized this and said ‘well shit, we better throw the best we have at ‘em and hope for the best’. How we gonna shock them? That’s some shit right there. Ya’ll know what’s gonna happen and it ain’t gonna be a shock!”


    The crowd burst into boos and there’s a few shocked faces in the crowd.

    Cody Mundz:
    “You motherfuckers cover your ears all you want but it the fuckin’ truth; Christopher Manson, motherfuckin’ BUCK - you guys better listen up; hit the gym, take your steds, load your boots, slide a pair of knucks in your trunks, HELL TAKE THE DAMN KITCHEN SINK DOWN WITH YA because tomorrow night? Tomorrow night you two going to get fucked up by the two main men and just to reiterate - WE’RE SORRY WE DIDN’T FUCK YOU UP SOONER!”

    “Red Right Hand” blares out of the speaker system as garbage continues to be hurled at two of most disrespectful men to ever work this sport.

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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    ''They say that The Vultures are a lot of things. Flesh eaters. Wanderers. Death seekers. Bringers of chaos. The ones who will re-set the concept of order. Dark side of nature.''

    Christopher Manson, mastermind behind the team that currently holds the FWA Tag gold, looks eerily at the screen. His face is illuminated by a beautiful waltz of flames.

    ''They say that words are power. They set fear into people's hearts. If I learned one thing from my experiences in the ring, it's that; no amount of skill can help you, no amount of power or no amount of speed can save you, if you are in no state of mind to fight and thrive. Congratulations, Shannon, you and your sidekick got us very, very good the last time. But you see, fate has a very strange way of working. Our encounter has left me a mental mess for a few days, but luckily, being a team is about bonds that you have with your partner. My dear partner helped me to stand on my two feet again. And what did your partner do? I can tell you word by word, but it is simply not the right time. Fate has brought us together once again. But I won't be broken as our previous meeting. Prepare yourself, and try not to break your team before facing us. I want the FWA champion to be with you again, because she is no less guilty than you in this game of emotions we play.''

    Manson turns his gaze from the screen to the flames. His face now bears no expression as he continues to speak.

    ''He once said: Look down at me and you see a fool.''

    Footage of The Vultures getting beat down by The DFB is shown.

    ''Look up at me and you see a god.''

    Footage of SCV beating The Olympians and The Heartbreak Express is shown.

    ''Look straight at me, and you see yourself.''

    Manson blows the flame. There is no light in the room, but Manson continues to speak.

    ''He left the world in darkness. But, we carry the light. The light of strength that will change the world.''

    A click sound is heard and the room is now illuminated again. BUCK seems to be the one who turned the lights on. The whole room is on display now. It is messy, but clean.

    ''We are back as a team again. Everyone knows what this means.''

    ''Mile High...had been an eventful night. BUCK made a statement against Mark Merriweather. But before we could even blink, we were 'invaded' by two teams from Clique Wrestling Alliance.''

    Manson shots a serious glare into the camera, waits a few seconds and BAM! He mockingly kicks the air and lets out a loud ''HA!''

    ''Superkicks. Immaturity. Disrespect. Showmanship. Surprise attempt number one. The Echo. Faces of tag team division in CWA. Well, I heard a lot of things about CWA but letting two children from kindergarten run their tag division was not one of them.''

    ''Even kids have a price to pay when they step into the wrong territory. This is ours. There are only two way they can leave our territory. Without facing our wrath, safe and sound, willingly and on their two feet.''

    ''Or...we could do this the hard way.''

    BUCK has a sinister smile on his face while he is rubbing his hands.

    ''Or as I say: the 'fun' way.''

    ''You guys like to have fun, right? Well, here is our offer. Stay around a while. Until you have an opportunity against us. Then, let's say, we see you in the ring. We grapple a little bit and we teach you the way The Vultures get it done. Then, we show you the exit to our place. But you see, here is a little twist: Your souls will leave our yard...''

    Chris shots a glare to BUCK, signaling him to continue.

    ''But your bodies will not.''

    ''They will be taking their place on our humble dinner table, and will be our honorary guests. Your thoughts, emotions, symphaties are going to be drained completely. You are going to be a empty shell of your soon to be former colorful personalities. We will kill all your joy. Kill it so bad that there will be no superkick parties anymore! No quackery anymore! I know The Echo is nothing without their antics. But we will also make them die! CWA...was nothing. CWA had no Sin City Vultures in it. You guys were really lucky, I must say. And you would be lucky too, if you were in FWA any given year excluding this year. But unfortunately, we came in. It had not been too long since our arrival but our impact are quite recognizable, isn't it? We put two teams on a shelf. Three if you count Genocide...but those guys still hang in, they still have a hope that everything will turn in their favour. But I am used to their stupidity. I want to see yours. Every move you will make, every step you will take, every opportunity you will look for. You will realize everything you plan to do will be futile. You will realize how stupid you were when you decided to play your music after my partner's match and try to surprise everyone.''

    Manson drifts his gaze from the camera.

    ''But Lady Luck has a strange way of business. We could end everything you had been in your lives in just one night, but as I said, Lady Luck did her trick and you guys found yourselves in another agenda. But our job is not quite done. If you guys can find the courage in yourself to win your block, knowing we will be waiting for you... you will face the inevitable winners of our block, us, in the finals, and we will do everything we promised. And as always, we never go back from our promises.''

    The camera zooms to a flow chart of the participants in the tournament. The zoom continues to grow, putting the focus on The Dirty Fucking Bastards. A small snicker from Chris can be heard.

    ''Dirtiness. Cheating. Nastiness. Disrespect. Don't everyone JUST love to be degenerate?''

    BUCK decides to interrupt him.

    ''Dirty Fucking Bastards, boys, you screwed up real bad.''

    Chris looks at him but says nothing. BUCK walks up to his partner and faces the camera.

    ''You guys have no idea what dirtiness is. You're not dirty, but you're not clean either. You are empty, full of misconceptions about this world. But the moment of realization will make it all worth it. The expressions your faces will take make it all worth it. As my partner knows, I am not very much fond of surprises. When you two cheap rats tried to surprise us, it only made me angrier. And you can ask Mark Merriweather what kind of a man I am when I am angry.''

    Chris looks at the camera smugly.

    ''An anger to be reckoned with. You're going to be face-to-face with it, and you will realize how deep this rabbit hole goes. How far we are willing to take you in order to show everyone, once again, The Vultures are the de facto owners of this tag team division. Not chosen. Not wanted. Our place is forcefully taken. And we don't plan on giving it to a couple of neanderthals with simple needs in their minds. And not just The Dirty Fucking Bastards, nobody is pushing us from the top very soon. We'll adjust to every setting and every opponent. We'll learn everything there is to know about and we'll beat you in your own game. Names don't matter. Place and time don't matter. The only thing that matters is our never-ending siege of this rotten world, a siege that soon nobody will be able to ignore.''

    ''We are aware that this tournament is just a tool. Just one of FWA's tools in order to show them a strategy against us. Since we came here, they tried: Testing our strength. We showed them our strength was far more superior that they expected. Then, they tried leaving us alone, putting no competition against us, wishing that we would just disappear. We didn't. Instead, we made them pay by winning the tag team championship. And now, they are trying this tournament. Just like all their previous attempts, this will fail. And what better way to prove it than beating the team from their CWA buddies.''

    ''A good point, partner. This will be also a message from us. From The Vultures to Clique Wrestling Alliance. When CWA management find their team unrecognizable after an encounter with us, they will also realize how serious we are. They will also have no choice but spreading the word. This is an opportunity for us as much as for the DFB. 'If' they win, they will gain their prestige and their money. But when we win, we will be one step closer to taking our fire worldwide. The Dirty Fucking Bastards, they swear, they spit, they do 'mean acts', and they call it dirtiness. Well, let me break it to you, mean guys: But your so called 'dirtiness' is just a screen-saver. I've seen dirtiness. Both outside and inside. You're not dirty as you claim to be. You are blank. You have thoughts or whatsoever but them does not make you worth a damn thing. Making little kids cry and smelling like gasoline does not make you dirty, you foolish boys. In fact, your gasoline will make an interesting disadvantage for you in case of an interaction with our fire. When it does, you can say goodbye to everything you love. I mean, what do you possess in muscles you call a heart? I might have a guess, check this out.''

    Manson makes a hand sign to BUCK. BUCK picks up his cue and takes a dollar bill out of his pocket. Chris points his finger at the green paper that makes the world go round.

    ''You guys want this, right? This is what you crave for. This is the fuel of this damned system. And you want to be a part of it. Guys like claim they want to shut the system off. Guys like us, simply shuts it down. Guys like you actually want to be the part of the system, not to shut it. Guys like you just want to tweak it so they can fit in. Or maybe, you just want attention. You know how the saying goes: Controversy creates cash. But what I know for a fact is: This is the endgame. This thing you call 'money' can drive you far enough to make you guys face us. Wanting something so bad that in order to get it, you agreed to get in that ring against us......BUCK, do you remember, when I told you about the so-called evils of this world?''

    BUCK nods his head, recognizing what Manson was talking about... but Chris seems to be in another world, still continuing to talk without seeing his partner's nod.

    ''Since their birth, people are always warned about these. When your elders notice you growing up, they start to force feed their propoganda on you: 'Beware of the teachings of Satan!' . 'Beware of this!', 'Beware of that!' Everytime they try to teach you about the world, you will realize you're getting choked. This state of unconsciousness will only get worse. So bad that you will have to do something to make it go away. Do something before it hits the lowest, before it eats you until there is nothing left. I can safely say, my partner, that pressure can only push you further. When they try to block your view, you only get more and more curious. More needful to find answers. Answers behind their reachings. You try to find hidden meanings, but realize, there are none, just plain propoganda. You figure out that they want to brainwash you. They tell you they want to keep you safe, but you know that you have to resist them. You know, that you have to look for something else. Something that can make the feeling of choking go away. You want to breathe again. try to run away.''

    For the first time today, the camera manages the catch an expression other than confidence in Christopher's eyes. They show no specific emotion, but it can safely be interpreted as a mixture of sadness, fear and....excitement, like an adventurer going to an adventure while knowing it won't end sweetly, but still, it is an adventure in itself. A few seconds later, this strange expression once again, turns into a smile, but unusually bitter this time.

    ''They catch you the first time, you remark this as your first failure in your life, and swear to never make it happen again. Some days pass, you realize they don't trust you anymore. They will keep you locked-up. So, you wait. A few months pass, the ice slightly melts and they will put you in your former position. You wait for the right time to move. When the time comes, you try again, despite all the obstacles they put in front of building a barbed wired barrier around you. But you know that they were no match for a mind that wanted to be free. Bleeding, wounded hands are just a small price to pay. What you gained was more than that. A fresh breath of air. The feeling that you grew wings and fly away anywhere you want to. Simply, freedom.''

    BUCK really wanted to interrupt his monologue but he realized he never have found his partner more vulnerable and open before, not even when he was feeling down from the loss that Shannon gave him. He decided to let him finish, and to be honest, he had no idea where his partner were going to with this speech and BUCK was really curious.

    ''You try to wander while knowing they were out to get you and bring you back. If they were to bring you back, you knew you were in a world of trouble. Wandering around the streets, without food, without comfort...sounded more appealing than going back. Soon later, you find out that being an alone child in the streets that are completely stranger to you has both extreme advantages and disadvantages.''

    Manson slowly looks at his hands.

    ''I was quite good with my hands. Quick, to be precise. An old lady tries to cross the road. A 9 year-old Christopher goes his way to help her. He does the job pretty safe. When the old lady thanks him, he says her gratitude was more than he wanted in exchange for his help. He says it with a smirk, hiding the wallet he stole from her. One day though, he gets caught by a man in his forties. Christopher was sure he was going to die that day....he remarks this as his second failure in his life...until the man decides to take him in. The man says, that he used to be in a cult. He looks at me straight in the eyes, a pair of eyes I will never forget, glares into my soul and says: You have a lot to learn, kid.''

    Manson seems to be snapped out of his trance, but still goes on about his story, this time he walks near the wall and touches the dark side of this wall we don't see at the moment.

    ''It turned out I really had a lot to learn. The guy was never a father figure for me, the guy was never a teacher for me, but what he told me, stuck to these days. He said that the order of this world had to be changed. People were faking their whole lives and pretending some people else to make profit in their lives. He told me about scammers, scammers like Shannon O'Neal. He told me about cheaters, cheaters like The Dirty Fucking Bastards. One day, the police found the guy, they identified him as a former cult member and put him in the jail. I was never interested in him, I was only interested in what he thought. I never saw him again, but I followed his footsteps, or should I say, his leader's footsteps. I was alone again. I was found, and put into an orphanage. I wasn't there long, escaped just like I escaped the church I was raised in. Then, they found me again, put me into another orphanage, no different thing happened. Then, they found me again and I realized I could not do this alone. You can't change the world alone, BUCK.''

    BUCK looks thoughtful.

    ''I figured it out as well.''

    ''That is why I found you. Or this is why, we found each other. Because together, we have the power to change the world. We had the power to change the surface of FWA tag team division. And this is just a small portion of what we can achieve together. We have the power to win this whole tournament. The power to defeat The Dirty Fucking Bastards, or Hyper-Vibe, or Mad Kingdom, or Shannon and her sidekick, or The Echo.''

    ''Did you have any doubts?''

    ''No, but considering how a loss against Shannon got me so wrapped up with my destructive thoughts, one more crack can do some further damage. And we can't let that. So, we have to be extra focused.''

    The camera shifts on the part of the wall that Manson is in front of. A sticker with a number and two letters can be seen: 7DS

    ''The biggest thing I found when I was alone was the concept of this 'biggest evils in this world.'. Biggest children of Satan. I asked you about it before. Can you remember it?''

    BUCK thinks for a second, then quickly answers.

    ''Yes, before we faced Phillip A. Jackson Project, you asked me about what I knew about the Seven Deadly Sins.''

    The camera focuses on the wall again, the sticker '7DS' has 7 different arrows pointing out a different deadly sin.

    ''Can you count them?''


    BUCK starts counting with the help of his fingers.

    ''Pride. Envy. Wrath. Gluttony. Greed. Lust. Sloth.''

    ''Very good.''

    Manson takes the picture of The Dirty Fucking Bastards from the wall.

    ''Deadly sins live in each human body. I never seen any exceptions to that rule. Some try to refuse, by devoting themselves to their perfect God. They think that being crazy about God bears no lust in itself. Some try to ignore the deadly sins in themselves. Try to live their lives without acknowledging it. But refusing to face their true nature...that sounds awfully slothful to me. You get what I am talking about, partner? Even the escape attempts from the sins, are sins in itself. This is the perfect irony. An irony that wraps us all. That is why we acknowledge it. That is why we are the Sin City Vultures. We seek for flesh, for the death. And when people finally see the true nature of humanity, they will go even crazier than us! This will result in a perfect chaos, a perfect anarchy and this, this is what we work for. FWA, Tag Team Championships, Tag Team Tournament, these are just the steps for it.''

    BUCK raises an eyebrow and asks.

    ''And The DFB? Are they the part of this whole picture?''

    ''I already said that they want money bad enough to face us. Wouldn't you consider them greedy?''

    ''...That's fair.''

    Manson sticks the picture of The DFB under the sticker: 'Greed'

    ''The tournament participants, they all have a defining sin in my eyes. A sin that will cause their downfall. The Dirty Fucking Bastards are motivated by their greed, and by their greed they will see their cruel ending. An unpleasant end. But...''

    Manson takes the dollar bill from BUCK and quickly sets it on fire with a lighter. While watching the human-made god burn, he turns to the camera. BUCK does the same, glaring with sharp eyes.

    ''A deserved end.''

    ''Dirty Fucking Bastards. You will die, so we can live.''

    ''You will die, and we shall feast.''

    Manson smirks one last time before saying one last thing and closing the camera:

    ''It's been a while since we last had a good one of those.''
    Worker bees can leave.
    Even drones can fly away.
    The Queen is their slave.

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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    Riding the High
    Denver, CO

    Starr gave his all and left everything he possibly could have in the Mile High Massacre and while he might not have been the person to retrieve the championship, the underdog will continue his path to fame as one of FWA’s new top star’s. After the closing of the event, Starr calmly leaves the ringside area. He takes photos with the few fans who catch him on his way out, including one young woman with a certain sign that was directed at him. Starr thanks the fan but unfortunately declines her offer. Starr walks to the backstage area and is greeted with praise by some members of the FWA locker room, congratulating him on an excellent showing. He’s not used to being so well received by his peers, but he’ll accept the gift of PBR anyway. He makes his way further down the hallways and corridors of the Pepsi Center. He eventually finds the place he’s looking for, the EMT’s office. Inside, he finds Izzy with her pants off as the attending physician is sewing up her leg that was caught in barbed wire in her match earlier. and smiles at Starr. Starr initially gets flustered seeing Izzy’s ass hanging out of her underwear.

    Starr: Uh, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll just go.

    Izzy: Izzy looks up. Hey stud. Come on pull up a chair and sit down. Come on, it’s like you haven’t seen my ass before, dude.

    Starr shrugs and walks over to the chair in front of Izzy. The two smile looking at each other.

    Izzy: Is that a Pabst? -Izzy points at the can that’s in Starr’s hand.-

    Starr: Yeah. -He looks at Izzy as he pops the tab of the can.- want it?

    Izzy: You mean it? I can have this one?

    Starr: Absolutely! You deserve like a whole case for what you did out there! Taking on 3 dudes at least a foot taller than you, weigh at least a hundred pounds more than you, and you proved your one of the toughest women on the roster! Take it! Besides I’m not really in the mood to drink, my head’s killing me as it already and my body is all kinds of fucked up right now too.

    Starr hands her the can and she starts to take sips.

    Izzy: You wanna skip the concert tonight? I don’t mind going alone, seriously. I completely understand. I think you deserve a night off after that performance. And who knows, maybe after the show I’ll give you another present?

    Starr’s goofy grin is on full display in front of Izzy making her laugh.

    Starr: I’d really love a night off from a party… Why don’t you ask someone to go with you?

    Izzy shakes her head no as she keeps drinking.

    Starr: How long ya got until you’re out of here?

    Izzy: Doc? -She looks at the doctor who’s almost done sewing her leg up.-

    Dr. Reyas: Just a few more stitches, m’am.

    Starr: Wait so you’ve been in here this whole time?

    Izzy: Not the whole time. Just when you came on the screen, I figured I should sit down and be patient. Doc said there was a lot of blood… that’s kinda why my pants are off. He had to clean that cut real bad. Some reason I didn’t feel it. Probably still running on adrenaline.

    Izzy laughs as she starts to down the can. Starr is still in awe of the small woman that took so much in punishment in the ring.

    Starr: I know I’ve said this like a thousand times, but it’s been a blast having you back here Iz. And hey I hear we’re teaming together again in the World’s Strongest Tag this year! Do you like that idea?

    Izzy: Well of course I do! You’re my fuckin dude! Well at least it’s been awhile since I’ve seen my dude. Remember when you were a punk rock kid too?

    Starr: I bet I looked like a tool.

    Izzy: I mean you kinda did… but you were as cute as can be. You were my tool. -Izzy winks at Starr again.-

    Dr. Reyas: All sewn up m’am! Rinse those very carefully and don’t go too crazy at your concert tonight!

    Izzy: Yeah thanks doc. I’ll keep good care of them.

    Izzy slowly gets up off the table and covers herself with a towel. Starr stands up to meet her.

    Starr: You ready to get out of here?

    Izzy: Yeah… see ya tonight?

    Starr: Definitely...

    Dr. Reyas: Actually miss, I have some things I need to give you.

    Starr: I’ll just get going to the hotel. See ya there, Iz.

    Izzy smiles at him as the doctor pulls her aside. Starr steps outside the office and notices a person with long blonde hair streak passed the corner of the EMT office going to the Women’s locker room. He shrugs but walks the other way towards his car. He leaves the arena to much admiration from the fans waiting outside, he pulls out and goes onto his hotel room...

    A week later

    Phoenix, AZ

    Izzy stands in her ring gear and a hoodie waiting for Starr to show up. She swings her arms... breathes deeply… looks around the room… she’s bored to death. She looks at her wrist like there was watch when, suddenly, in walks in Starr marching like an Army general. Izzy is taken back and is on the verge of cracking up seeing Starr like this. Starr marches into frame.


    Starr turns to face the camera. Stiff as a board and all seriousness in his face. Izzy looks at him confusedly and slowly straightens up her body to match Starr’s.

    Starr: At ease… private.

    Izzy gets the look on her face sayingPrivate???

    Starr: Izzy, you and I are both in the thick of it here. In the trenches of war! TAG TEAM WAR!!

    Izzy: I wouldn’t necessarily call it… war? But uh hey… to each their own.

    Starr: War is war, soldier! -He says as he grabs Izzy and shakes her. He lets her go and the camera closes in on him.-We’re gonna prove to everyone that FWA stands solid against these CWA invaders! THE WORLD’S STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT TROPHY SHALL NOT FALL INTO ENEMY HANDS!!! IT SHALL BE HELD ONTO BY THE FWA TALENT THAT WEAR THE COLORS PROUDLY ATTENTION FELLOW FWA TALENT: “We can not be consumed by our petty differences anymore! -The camera slowly zooms out as Izzy walks back into frame holding her head. She looks really annoyed at being pushed.- We will be united! United by our common interests! Perhaps its fate that today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution... but from annihilation. We're fighting for our right to live, to exist. And should we win the day, the 4th of July -Izzy’s eye bulge out as she throws her arms into the air.- ...will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!!!!”

    Izzy’s jaw hangs low as Starr nods his head in approval of what he’s done, seemingly imagining an audience of people cheering wildly for him.

    Izzy: You… d-did… did you just quote Independence Day??

    Starr looks at her in fear and realizes he’s been caught. Starr removes his helmet and throws it on the ground.

    Starr: I figured I’d give it a shot. -Starr rips off the costume revealing he was wearing his ring gear under.- I was gonna try the Platoon speech but…

    Izzy: -Izzy rubs her temples in frustration.- Forget it… just do that thing where you talk to the camera.

    Starr: Sure… - The two turn to the camera and look ready for a fight! Starr shakes out his cobwebs and takes a deep breath...-FWA fans it’s me. YA BOOOOY!! S to the T to the A to the DOUBLE R!!! And it’s about that time once again where individuals come together in the spirit of unity, form bonds, and in the middle of the ring they prove who is… -Izzy gives Starr a drum roll as Starr takes in a deep breath again after having done that last phrase all in one go.- THE WORLD’S STRONGEST TAG TEAM -He says in a deep echo-y, movie trailer-esque voice.- And let me tell you boys-

    Izzy puts her small hands on his chest and shoulder pulling him back. She looks him in the eyes wanting to correct him.

    Izzy: And girls…

    Starr: That there is no team more stronger...

    Izzy: Faster...

    Starr: Charismatic...

    Izzy: More into each other… -she said in a flirty voice-

    Starr: Then The RockStarrz! Ya see boys and girls, life is determined by the amount of changes you make… and the chances you take. And let me tell you fans at home there is nothing I love more than taking a chance at something and proving what I am capable of. And I know the same goes for my partner here...

    The camera zooms in on Izzy as she readies herself to speak her mind.

    Izzy: I walked into Mile High for my first championship match against a mad king with no kingdom, a mad champion, and a mad monster. I proved that I may be smaller than most of the FWA roster, my height doesn’t determine the amount of fight I have, how much heart I have, how much I am willing to give to win a match! I proved that I have more balls at least than Zako Wrath after what I did to him. -She winks at the camera. Starr takes center stage this time.-

    Starr: Mile High Massacre… a match that I will remember for the rest of my life even if I have to arm wrestle Alzheimer’s for it… I was fingertips… literally fingertips away from the biggest win of my career. Then just like that you take a chance and sometimes you make it and sometimes you fail. Last Sunday, was my misstep in capturing the gold but that doesn't mean I failed my goal. Because I went out to Denver, I went into my first pay per view main event, I went into my first World Championship match… and I might not have won gold, but I won something that certain young bucks like The Echo will never ever have… and that’s respect from the fans and respect from my peers. I scratched and I clawed for everything that I have now. The Echo are two long haired flippy little boys that think they're the coolest thing in the wrestling world today…

    Izzy slides into frame..

    Izzy: But they're not…

    Bye Izzy...

    : The Echo are a team that feel like FWA is just another place for them to take over…

    Hello again Izzy...

    Izzy: But it's not... Echo, You know you two must have a lot of freaking balls to even come near us when we're in this zone. You two have a lot of balls to step into the ring with one of the toughest bitches in FWA and the Underdog that set the wrestling world on fire every time he steps in the ring. You two have more balls than you do brains. And I'm not just saying that cause you probably have choked on each other's. You two have absolutely no idea what you're stepping into the ring with!

    Starr: Izzy Van Doren, the 5'2" little lady with big plans and a path of destruction. The little lady that single handedly took on 3 people inside of a cage. They gave her everything they had and she gave it right back to them twice as hard! Izzy proved that she is willing to take her fight to anyone and everyone. She's turning the rest of the competition in this little tournament into hamburger meat, bro. Dudes, look into her eyes. Look into her eyes and see that she wants to do nothing more than to prove to this that you two are nothing more than two little brainless, and when she gets through with you, dickless, chumps.

    Izzy: Starr, the guy who shocked the wrestling world when he walked into Mile High Massacre for the first time and proved you should never count out the underdog. The guy who doesn't give two fucks about what anyone thinks of him!

    Starr: You see while you two were wandering around fed to fed looking for anyone to take you in like the stray puppies you are, we’ve been making our own separate marks on FWA. Ya see, you two aren’t a goddamn thing separated except for two little punks who hide behind a Twitter keyboard. FWA fans know that right here you have two talents that are great alone, oh but we’re even greater together.

    Izzy: Like peanut butter and chocolate!

    Starr: Eggs and bacon.

    Izzy: One hand down under while their mouth is on your...

    Starr quickly cuts Izzy off.

    Starr: AND... you two have always had each other to mooch off of all of your lives, but us we fought for everything we have! Izzy, kicked out of her home at 18, wrestling becomes her job the day she turns 20, and now she’s here in FWA! The biggest company in the US and the World today.

    Izzy: Starr, came back from a career threatening injury and only got better and better the more he walked his own path. Now, he’s proved he’s a bonafide main eventer in FWA.

    Starr: And you what you two are in FWA?! An infestation… cockroaches… rats… because you haven’t done a damn thing but prove you’re both cowards.

    Izzy: Ya know in my eyes, they aren’t ready to compete at the level of real FWA talent!

    Starr: Which means they’re definitely not ready to compete at the RockStarrz level!!


    Starr: So come hell or high water, these Connor boys are going doooown!

    Izzy: Down like hole ground! Sleep really tight in your racecar beds while you spoon each other, because at Fight Night you’re going to get your world absolutely phenomenally…

    Starr & Izzy: ROCKSTARRSTRUCK!


    They give two claps and Starr throws up the peace and Izzy holds up the horns. Starr and Izzy high five and make faces in the camera then leave the frame.


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    Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread

    As "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo leaves the ring at Mile High, he can't help but chuckle to himself. He's had everyone in the palm of his hand for a long time now. They react how he wants them to react. The audience members all shout hostilities at him... none stick out specifically - it's all just a cacophony of clusterfuck attacking his ears. He can see their ugly faces... but he pays them no heed. Only a smile back at them... for that's the reaction that will piss them off even more. There's even a few that try to lean over the barrier and point at Rondo and mock him for his loss. Of course, the camera is focusing on Kennedy in the ring - celebrating his hard fought victory. Rondo isn't the winner tonight. Rondo isn't the one who deserves all the attention tonight. He knows that. Evidently, he is not bothered about it. Let Kennedy soak up the spotlight and enjoy it... whilst it lasts.

    Getting in behind the curtain, Rondo is immediately confronted by a group of EMTs wishing to check on his head wound. For a moment, he is confused - he completely forgot about the fact he's covered in blood. He waves them away and tells them to get lost. He walks away from them and disappears down the backstage corridors - looking for his own locker room. He's ready to pack his bags and leave for the night. He doesn't care about the rest of the show - as far as he's considered, that was the true main event. Upon entering his room, Rondo grabs a towel and attempts to wipe some blood from his face... some blood comes off but some has already dried and won't come off. Not bothering about it, he simply sits on a seat with the towel over his head. Events of the past few weeks flash through his head... and then what occurred tonight finally starts to hit him. He can't help but shake his head as he stares at the ground. He thinks to himself for a brief second...

    "Oh... Chris Kennedy... what have you done?"


    The scene opens in what appears to be a pitch black tunnel - that inference being made by the fact everything is dark aside from a small opening, in the distance, that shines a tiny bit of light. The camera is somewhat shaky as the sounds of footsteps echo throughout. This appears to be due to the uncertainty of the person holding it - unsure of where they are stepping and where they are going. However, the opening appears to get bigger and bigger as the cameraman gets closer to it... but suddenly, a silhouette appears infront of it and blocks out the light. The cameraman stops dead in his tracks as he has no idea what to do - footsteps echo once more... but this time they're not his. The silhouette draws closer and closer - but before they stand anywhere near the camera, their voice is heard shouting instead...

    "Why the fuck are we in here!? Get your camera over here."

    The silhouette doesn't wait up. It actually starts to get smaller and smaller as footsteps echo - indicating that the person is walking away from the camera. The cameraman though follows suit, quickly. The person they're following appears to have no patience or regard for them. As they reach the opening, we come to a dimly lit clearing area - it's not very well preserved as walls are laden with grafitti and there's litter strewn everywhere. The silhouette - now the very obvious figure of a certain person - stands in the middle wearing black jeans and leather jacket... hood up. They appear to be holding something in their hands. There's a lull... broken by the cameraman speaking up...

    "What are we doing here?"

    The figure turns their head, almost looking over the shoulder, and makes a small 'hmph' noise before facing forward again and responding harshly.

    "You think we're going to do this in my house? You think we're going to do this anywhere that involves a peek into my personal life? No. When the people who employ you - and I - want to do these sort of things... we'll do it on my terms. When I want, where I want... not when and where they want. We could go to a McDonalds if you want? KFC? Strip club? It doesn't matter. Location doesn't mean anything to me. I just have to say what I want and that is that. There's nothing else to it for me. You want something fancy? Go interview Bell Connelly or Shannon O'Neal. Don't interview me. You're not getting it. I owe you nothing. I owe the FWA nothing. All you're going to get... are my words....

    And what the fuck possessed you into going into that tunnel? I'm not some fucking goth psycho freak like Izzy van Doren."

    The cameraman is unsure of how to respond... he tries to be smart... he chokes out a response but is immediately cut off.

    "Isn't she a pu---"

    "Who gives a fuck what she is. Infact, who gives a fuck what YOU have to say? Why don't you do your job and just keep your camera on me. Nobody's watching this for you, are they?"

    From behind the camera, the cameraman opens his mouth to respond -- but the figure cuts him off by raising their hand. They remove the hood and turn around with the camera closing up on their face... a small twitchy grin coming across it. It is, of course, the much maligned Ryan Rondo - sporting a small cut on his head from his recent match with Chris Kennedy.

    "Isn't that right? You're all viewing this to see what I have to say? I'm sure you're all chomping at the bit for me to come out with some excuses with regards to Mile High. Truthfully: I have none. I don't give a fuck about Mile High. It's in the past. It's done. Enjoy your small victory. You got to see me lose... but you still have to put up with me. You think that Chris Kennedy pinning me is enough to send me into hiding?"

    There's a small chuckle as Rondo bounces a ball off of the ground - the thud heard loudly.

    "I'm not hiding anywhere. You'll see me loud and clear over the next few weeks. Mile High is in the past. I'm over it. It's done. You can all laugh and rejoice... but I want you to all know deep down... I'm still in control."

    He bounces the ball again - making another thud - and then taps his finger to the side of his head.

    "You all know deep down that I've got something up my sleeve. You all know deep down that I'm going to do something to make you all hate me even more. You're happy now... but you are subconsciously starting to fear that happiness beginning to end. You'll all realise that my defeat at Mile High is simply insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If you don't know that by now... well... now you know. I have more... pressing matters. See... this Tag League... I didn't ask to be involved. But shit happens. I'm involved now... and you know what? That's a bad thing for everyone else. I've been fucking around for a while now... baiting people into fights and playing games... and now? I have an entire fucking tournament to mess with."

    He outstretches his arms with arms point inwards at himself.

    "How fucking stupid do you have to be? Of course, what does it matter? The FWA is full of simpletons. Fans that have the memory of a goldfish. I can't say I am surprised. Just know this: I'm going to win this tournament..."

    There's a pause for a moment as he begins to walk towards the tunnel entrance - throwing the bouncy ball off of the wall and back to his hands. He looks up at the cameraman...

    "What? Why do you look so confused? Am I using too many big words for you? Oh... this?"

    A chuckle and another bounce off of the ground.

    "It's just a bouncy ball. I like it. I found it on my way here. You think it's significant or some shit? Nah. Do I need some sort of gimmick for this sorta thing? Is that what everyone does now? Try to get their message across through some super complicated method? It's just a ball. Means jack shit. It's irrelevant. Don't fluster yourself."

    Another chuckle as he turns around and looks up to the sky for a brief moment. He appears to be thinking before turning his attention back to the camera.

    "The Tag League... is what's important. Or rather.... what I'm going to do in the Tag League. Of course, everyone's wondering... just how the FUCK are Ryan Rondo and Chris Kennedy going to co-exist as a team? Let me tell you something about Chris Kennedy. He likes to win. He HATES losing to people who views as being beneath him - and that's everyone. You all love him for his bullish attitude and his putdowns, right? Well, that's just the way he is. He has an ego. This is his yard. It doesn't matter that I am his tag partner. It only matters that he wins. And that's exactly what he's going to do - because of me. That's my motivation for being in this thing. I get to drag Chris Kennedy to victory. I get the last laugh! Me... not him. Don't you see that? I'm going to show Kennedy and the rest of the FWA just why my name is synonymous with Tag Team wrestling. I'm going to show the Sin City Vultures, The Echo and all the other imposters just what it is to be a true tag team wrestler. And I'll use Kennedy to do so. No doubt, he'll blabber on about being a champion with Brian Carter and the like... but just know, I'm the real mastermind. I'm the one who's going to set this place alight. And I'll do it without breaking a single fucking sweat. No use in me saying things I don't believe in, right? So, there you go. I'm telling it to you all straight up: I don't give a fuck about Chris Kennedy's wellbeing or what he does... but I know that he can be trusted as a tag partner. He knows the same of me. I just know that it'll be great to know that Kennedy won't be able to brag about shit without putting my name on it too. It's too fucking easy. Not only that, but I guarantee you that Chris Kennedy thinks he can turn this around and make me a good guy again. Because he's just such a fucking hero....."

    He bounces the ball somewhere whilst walking around - seemingly lost in his thoughts.... but he stops and walks up to the camera.

    "That's right. It's. Too. Fucking. Easy. Who better to sum that up than Phillip A. Jackson and Michael Garcia... what is it they call themselves? The Phillip A. Jackson Project? The fuck is that supposed to mean? Who cares. See, here's the thing about this little 'project'... it was already dead in the water before it even began. Just WHO exactly is going to look at that team and think... oh wow, this might be something long term? These guys might have a future? These guys are totally going to have each other's backs!?"

    A brief smirk comes across his face.

    "See... if you were to ask me to come up with the absolute WORST tag team possible in the FWA today. Those two are it. I mean... apart from Genocide, maybe... but we'll find that out when they face each other, I'm sure. I mean... if anyone's looking forward to that match. But back to the apparent 'project' - just look at the pair. They're a fucking disaster waiting to happen! Just look at their past - Phillip has pretty much betrayed every partner he's ever had. Including myself. Michael Garcia? Michael FUCKING Garcia!? He's been in one serious tag team that turned out to be a colossal joke. And even HE turned on his partner - his own fucking brother!"

    Rondo stops for a minute and appears to be pondering something.

    "I mean... I think... I don't actually remember because I didn't give a shit."

    He shrugs his shoulders before bouncing the small ball a few more times.

    "It's just a matter of time before one of those chucklefucks decides they've had enough and turn on each other. I know it. You know it. Every blind fucker in the world knows it. I guess the only mystery is... who blinks first? Phillip A. Jackson - the guy who is stuck in a never ending cycle of being a slimeball prick and apologising for it... or Michael Garcia? Apparently reborn or reignited or rejuvenated, whatever fancy label he has, but quite clearly still a mega asshole that nobody likes. I mean, NOBODY's buying his bullshit, right? He just can't help himself. And I'm sure you can all look forward to him droning on and on and on about past victories that don't matter whilst failing to do anything relevant in the present. That's what Michael Garcia is... a huge irrelevance. A pointless existence. Filler. But... hey, maybe he'll brag about being in the main event at Mile High... on the back of beating two nobodies, of course. Because that's all Michael Garcia is: a bloated bag of nothing. Empty achievements. Did you listen to him brag about beating me? Remember who helped him that night? Good ol' Philly. Where was the credit for his tag partner in that, huh? What GOOD guy doesn't give credit? Infact, what GOOD guy would even brag about that shit? Garcia's a fraud. A joke. This shitty project of Phillip's is his ceiling. It'll fail. He'll fail. That's what he always does.... that's what he will continue to do... He can't work in a team with anyone never mind Phillip A. Jackson. Fuck that, Michael Garcia can't work at ALL. But hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you DO think he's a good guy now. Maybe you are all going to break out into massive pops for him. I don't know. It wouldn't surprise me since you're all fucking held captive by the FWA anyway - cheering whatever you're told to. Not even questioning a fucking thing. Cheer for Garcia if you want, I'll take even more pleasure in beating his ass."

    Rondo turns around and ignores the cameraman - putting his hood back up. He throws the ball off of the wall and catches it a few times. It's almost as if he's done. But the cameraman doesn't seem to think so. It takes him a moment to speak up.

    "B-but what about PAJ?"

    "The Last Star in the Sky" turns around and stares a hole right through him.

    "Did you just fucking speak to me, out of turn? Who do you think you are? No. Don't answer that. I don't give a shit. Jackson... Jackson is whatever. You've heard everything I've had to say about him before. Phillip A. Jackson can't save himself from himself. He just loves to be the bad guy. He can't keep up this act any longer. Remember when he was pressuring me to break? Remember when he took credit for me going this way? Well, now it's my turn. I'm going to finish what we started in this match. I'm going to embarrass him and his little project so bad that he's going to desert it. He's going to give up. Relapse. He needs to - otherwise, he'll just slip away into the void of irrelevance with Garcia. Point is: One of these guys is cutting the other loose - they can't coexist. It won't work. And it's funny... because that's what you're all going to think about me and Kennedy. Kennedy isn't going to give a shit about me. I'm not going to give a shit about him. We're going to get the job done because we know how to. These idiots? They don't."

    He turns around and is about to walk away but he stops and remembers to say one last thing.


    and Chris Kennedy, you STILL absolutely suck. But it's okay. You have me, this time."

    He walks away into the distance - throwing the ball away before disappearing from view.


    Inside his locker room at Mile High, Rondo stops shaking his head and breaks into a laugh - nobody's around to hear it but himself. It's slightly manic. He brings his head up and leans it back against the wall, bringing the towel off and chuckling, thinking to himself again...

    "Oh... Chris Kennedy... the games have just begun."
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    Survivor Series Re: 24 November 2017: WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - DAY 1 Promo Thread



    October 31st, 2015. Calgary, Alberta Canada.

    MILE HIGH 2015

    "I want to take you back a little bit. Two years back."

    Steel chair in hand, Gabrielle jumps up on the apron, stealing the referee's attention away from the FWA Championship match that's occurring in the ring. The referee yells "Get down, NOW!" but Gabrielle ignores his command. Thomas Princeton enters the ring while the referee is distracted, so therefore the referee isn't privy to what transpires next. With the force of a head-on collision, Thomas Princeton swings the chair at our FWA Champion, THE ASTONISHING CHRIS KENNEDY. Kennedy, however, moves out of the way and Thomas Princeton accidentally hits his Executive Excellence team mate (and Kennedy's opponent) Christian Quinn. Princeton's jaw drops to floor and the look on his face is apologetic, yet desperate. Without a moments notice, Chris Kennedy clotheslines Thomas Princeton over the top rope before turning around to face Gabrielle, who is still on the apron arguing with the referee. With perfect precision, Chris Kennedy hits THE BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY on Gabrielle and she is knocked down to the mat, hard. With Christian Quinn still knocked the fuck out after Thomas Princeton's chair-shot, an exhausted Chris Kennedy drops to pin him.

    One. Two. Three. Your winner, and STILL FWA CHAMPION, the greatest professional wrestler of all time, THE ASTONISHING CHRIS KENNEDY.

    "Bare with me. From here, everything is a blur." Kennedy narrates.

    Chris Kennedy is a tired, sweaty mess. He huffs and puffs, catching his breath while smirking.
    The referee hands him his FWA championship which he proudly raises above his head before dropping to his knees, the crowd chanting his name. Michael Garcia, along with his brother Malik, rush to help their Executive Excellence stablemate, Gabrielle, back to her feet. She's dazed but after a few seconds she shakes it off and pushes Michael Garcia away from her.

    "Useless! You are ALL useless. I'm done. I'm done with Executive Excellence!" Gabrielle yells before angrily storming up the ramp,holding her face where Chris Kennedy hit her with the Bittersweet Chin Symphony. The desperate, panicked Thomas Princeton heads over to the Garcia Brothers and points at Kennedy.

    GO IN THERE AND KICK HIS ASS!" Princeton demands, his face turning red and his mouth frothing with saliva.Michael and Malik Garcia pause for a moment and look at each other, then back at Kennedy and then Princeton.

    "Naw, son. You on your own now. WE OUT."
    The spineless Michael Garcia says, having just watched Chris Kennedy single handedly lay waste to every member of Executive Excellence.They head up the ramp trailing behind Gabrielle and Thomas Princeton looks as if he could cry as he enters the ring and helps Christian Quinn up, while Kennedy sits in the corner collecting himself. OUTTA NOWHERE, Christian Quinn hits Thomas Princeton with a sucker punch followed by a heavy right hand. The crowd starts to pop for Christian Quinn for a change as he turns on his boss. Princeton hits the mat and crawls backwards, away from Quinn. A scowling Christian Quinn hovers over Thomas Princeton, steel chair in hand. The very same steel chair that Princeton accidentally hit Quinn with earlier. Quinn pulls the chair back, ready to strike, when suddenly, PAJ's theme song, CULT OF PERSONALITY by Living Color, begins to play.


    Phillip A. Jackson runs in through the crowd and hops the barricade, Golden Opportunity briefcase in hand. He rushes the ring and is ready for action. The briefcase is belted over the head of Christian Quinn before he could even turn around and the next thing he knows, he's out like a light. PAJ receives a chorus of boos as he helps Thomas Princeton back on his feet. Mustering all the strength he has after the grueling match he just survived, Kennedy brings himself up, using the turnbuckle to help him. Kennedy throws a Hail Mary while backed into a corner and attempts a Bittersweet Chin Symphony on PAJ but he is slow on the draw, drained of stamina, and PAJ is fresh and energized. As a result, PAJ sidesteps Kennedy's finisher and when Kennedy turns around, PAJ nails him in the face with the Golden Opportunity briefcase. Kennedy's head bounces off of the mat like a basket ball and PAJ then opens up the briefcase, handing the contract inside to Thomas Princeton. PAJ then sandwiches Kennedy's arm into the open briefcase and hits a leg drop that BREAKS KENNEDY'S ARM. The crowd shows their disgust, screaming their heads off as we can literally hear Kennedy's arm snap. Thomas Princeton hands the contract to the ref and the Cash-In match begins. Chris Kennedy lays on the mat clutching onto his broken arm, screaming out loud. PAJ pulls him by his hair. Out of NOWHERE, PAJ uses Chris Kennedy's own move, The Bittersweet Chin Symphony, against him, taking Kennedy out with his own finisher, before dropping to make the pin.

    "Winner and new FWA Champion, Phillip A. Jackson. You believe this shit? I still don't. Yet, here we are."

    November 24th, 2017. Phoenix, Arizona.

    The crowd in attendance for FWA Fight Night couldn't be any more pumped than they are right now just days removed from FWA Mile High. As the fans clap, holler and chant, it's evident that they are all ready for The Worlds Strongest Tag Team Tournament. "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve plays and out walks The Astonishing Chris Kennedy, fresh off of his victory at the pay-per-view. He high fives the fans on his way down the ramp before entering the ring, microphone in hand.

    Chris Kennedy: The other day, someone told me "There isn't really any continuity in the FWA anymore" and I honestly feel as if that's true. Most people around here are only looking at the road ahead, rarely looking in the rear view. They forget the paths they crossed and when they journey back down those paths, they treat it like the very first time. But me? I remember everything. I never forget, and I never forgive. Phillip A. Jackson learned that at Back in Business. Ryan Rondo learned that at Mile High. Tonight, I find myself in the ring with both men. One as my opponent, the other as my partner. The powers that be have a sick sense of humor, but we already knew that the moment Michael Garcia main evented a Pay-Per-View. It's a strange new world we are living in.

    Kennedy says this, pacing the ring all the while with sly grin.

    Chris Kennedy: Speaking of Mile High, the entire world watched as I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I defeated Ryan Rondo once and for all, and left him humbled for the first time in a good long while. This thing between Rondo and I has been going on for months but I finally got the W. You would think that I was satisfied, that I had accomplished what I had set out to do and now it was time to set my sights on the FWA Championship. That's what I thought too. Welp, we were wrong guys. Yeah, I beat Ryan Rondo but I don't feel satisfied. There is still this emptiness inside of me, a void that I'm not sure how to fill. I sit up at night, wondering what it would have taken to quench my thirst for revenge. It scares me to think what I'd have had to do, what I STILL might have to do, to get this monkey off of my back. This is something that consumes me and, while I hate Ryan Rondo with every fiber of my heart and passion of my being, I'm feeling conflicted. How do I reconcile my hatred for Rondo versus my desire to win? Ryan Rondo and I have to work together, and I have to ask myself, is it worth it? Does winning--being the absolute best--mean that I have to stoop so low as to work alongside Ryan fucking Rondo? The short answer: Yes. I can't help it. As much as I want to punch that slimy cocksucker in the face over and over ad nauseam, I'm driven by my extinct to conquer and and all competition. It doesn't even fucking matter that Ryan Rondo is my partner. All that matters is that I win. When I think of the very, very short list of names of people that I hate even more than Ryan Rondo, Phillip A. Jackson tops that list. As a matter of fact, he's on the list 3 times. Once as Phillip A. Jackson, once as PAJ, and once as FuckFace McFuckBoy."

    Kennedy pauses as the crowd begins a "FuckFace McFuckBoy" chant, much to the amusement of Kennedy.

    Chris Kennedy: Phillip A. Jackson still hasn't rebounded from me destroying him at Back in Business. Understandable, though really. I mean, where do you go after you've touched god? PAJ is going through a slump, similar to the one I went through when he cowardly cashed his Golden Opportunity briefcase on me and stole the FWA Championship. So now, the shoe is on the other foot but PAJ has never had to walk in my shoes so now he's kinda just stumbling around. Once upon a time, I respected PAJ. Even when I hated him for what he did, I still respected him as an in-ring competitor. That is, until I faced him at Back In Business, and he showed me the best that he had. It wasn't good enough and to be honest, I've got no clue as to why I'm surprised because by my count, I've faced PAJ five times since 2010, not counting his cheap cash-in. Every one of those five times, I defeated him. When he took my championship, it took an FWA Championship match against Christian Quinn, five members of Executive Excellence and a Golden Opportunity briefcase for him to FINALLY hear "PAJ wins." Precious boy. It's like when my five year old daughter sees me playing video games. She wants to play too, so I give her an unplugged controllers. She thinks she's doing something, bless her heart. That's what you are, PAJ, A toddler playing pretend. You pretended to be a champion, and now you are pretending, once again, to be a threat to me. But you aren't. You and I both know that.

    Michael Garcia, I almost feel ashamed of myself for wasting my breath on you. Your partner would have a significantly better shot of winning if this was a handicap match. You are an insignificant speck, barely on my radar, yet here you are showing up where you aren't wanted as per usual. You might fancy yourself a tag team specialist because you and your butt-brother Malik Garcia held the tag team championships, but I'm going to tell you where you'd be wrong. I said it before that it took you bringing in your baby brother to the FWA to help carry you to your first FWA championship, but let me hit you with a follow-up question, two years later: Ever since Malik Garcia fucked off and vanished, what have you accomplished without him? You were nothing before him, you are nothing after him so no Michael, you are not a tag team specialist, you are someone who needs to be carried. You'll rely on PAJ for this match, and every other match after should you two remain a team, though I have no earthly idea why PAJ wanted to subject himself to that torture.

    So tonight it's Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo versus Michael Garcia and Phillip A. Jackson. should I be looking over my shoulder for Ryan Rondo? Nah. I know that he wants to win just as much as I do. He is exactly like me, driven by that primal instinct to conquer. Granted, he isn't as good at this as I am, but the spark is there. So no, I'm not worried about him double crossing me but if he did take it upon himself to do so, I've got a Bittersweet Chin Symphony with his name on it. Actually, that BSCS has three names on it: Ryan Rondo, Michael Garcia and FuckFace McFuckboy. They can all get it if they get in the way of me and the one thing that matters to me: victory. I'll go on to win this entire fucking tournament and when I do, you're looking at the new Tag Team Champions right here: Chris Kennedy and Chris Kennedy. The greatest stable this two-bit shit hole has have ever seen; Me, myself and I. Ryan Rondo can hang with us for a bit if he knows his place and keeps his fucking mouth shut. But if he doesn't stay in his lane? Then he's getting wrecked just like the rest of them. Maybe I should just take him out at the start of the match and handle these two ass-clowns myself. Haven't decided yet, someone on Twitter said I'd have a better shot defeating them without Rondo so there's that. If the blue-eyed bitch boy manages to stay out of my way for five minutes, I'll make him even more famous than I already have. Maybe he'll learn a thing or two.

    Kennedy drops the mic and the crowd pops wildly as his music hits the arenas PA system. He isn't all smiles and high fives as he was on his way to the ring just minutes earlier. Kennedy looks eager and determined, fully confident in the unquestionable fact that he is the greatest of all time and will hold a tag team championship over each shoulder in no-time.

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