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    The scene is black.

    Audible boos are heard.

    The scene finally opens to a close-up shot of Shannon O'Neal's face, with another out-of-focus prominent blonde head behind her. The two appear to be standing in a crowd.


    "NONE OF YOU!"

    The footage then switches to the same scene, but filmed from a fans smartphone recording perspective who is sitting in the bleachers above the exit. Shannon O'Neal shakes her head, turns around, and walks through the exit directly below the video taker, ignoring the many hands reached out to her from the crowd. After a moment, Bell follows her, apologetically touching some of the outstretched hands while saying something inaudible to some fans in the crowd. The fan footage then looks back at the ring, where three men are standing inside the ring and another figure is on the ramp, all seemingly turned towards the camera and the exit below it.

    The footage fades out. As the video switches to a professional clip montage, an abbreviated version of "Seasons" by Veer Union plays.

    The rapid-fire montage first shows Jason Randall posing with Penny, Zako Wrath stalking ringside while forcibly pushing away a ringside camera, Izzy Van Doren staring daggers at someone, then Tristan Galloway standing tall in the ring with the X Division Title.

    "Take what you can! Change the Seasons!"

    The montage runs through clips of Deception taking flight with a high flying move, Tommy Thunder flipping out on Fight Night as Ty Johnson and Dave Sullivan look on, Aaron Kendrick putting paid to El Jefe, Hanz Gruber going ham with a chair, and then a clip of Manson holding back BUCK from FN.

    "The Changing of the Seasons...."

    Mike Parr is shown staring deep into a ringside camera with the NA title belt dangling in view beside his face. Then a clip of WOLF being held back by security is shown.

    "The Changing of the Seasons.... Is You Now...."

    A big overhead shot of the Mile High Massacre Structure is shown, then Bell Connelly competing in a past MHM. PAJ and Michael Garcia are shown working as a team. Starr is then shown celebrating his victory in the MH qualifier.

    "...IS YOU NOW!!!"

    Cyrus is shown celebrating with the World Championship belt at Mile High 2016. The shot then switches to Shannon standing over the fallen Cyrus, holding up the World Championship belt. The scene then goes to a close up of her face, still breathing hard, with the belt glimmering next to it.

    "...Is You Now...."

    Shannon glares and breaks into a twisted little smile.



    MILE HIGH 2017


    Pyro goes off as FWA fans in the sold-out Pepsi Center cheer as the PPV is set to get underway. Many hoist up signs to the roving ringside camera that read things such as "7 YEAR ITCH", "ITS JUST US, KID JUSTICE", "PROJECT ALL OVER MY FACE PAJ", "FRED IS PEOPLEZ", "15 AND COUNTING, PARR IS THE NA BELT", "BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN, AND MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS", "THUNDER THIGHS CLAP", "SIN CITY CULTURE CLUB: WOW, YOU REALLY WANNA HUUUURT ME","RYAN ROND'OH!", "JOIN THE MILE HIGH CLUB WITH ME STARR" and "FUCK KROENKE, WENGER OUT".

    We are welcomed by the regular commentary team of Langdon Trafford, David Weinstock and Piers Gallagher.

    Langdon Trafford: The day of reckoning is finally upon the Mile High City!! 6 competitors, 6 of the best and baddest the FWA has to offer, the FWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line tonight in Mile High Massacre!!! This is Langdon Trafford, here as always with Piers Gallagher and David Weinstock, and we welcome you all to Mile High 2017, where no less than three titles are on the line!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Its going to be all out war in Mile High Massacre guys, its just a matter of whos got the cajones and wherewithal to pull that belt down from the cables when the time is right!! Our defending champion, Shannon O'Neal, is going to be on guard tonight to take out all challengers and then retrieve the belt herself!! But she won't have to do it alone, because her friend Bell Connelly is at her side!!

    David Weinstock: Its an every wrestler for themselves affair, Piers, and everyone knows that!! This isn't Shannon's first rodeo, she must know that Bell isn't in it just to be her lackey!! But what about Cyrus Truth??? And Starr??? And the other partnership in the match, the one between Michael Garcia and Phillip A. Jackson?? What is it thats going to win out tonight, with that World Heavyweight Title on the line?

    Langdon Trafford: We will finally, finally get the answer to that question tonight, ladies and gentlemen and so much more!!! Mike Parr puts his North American Championship, his 15-month reign, against WOLF and Zachary Kazadi!! Ryan Rondo and Chris Kennedy will square off before being forced to team together in the tag league!! We cannot wait a second longer, folks, we gotta kick Mile High 2017 off in style, and its going to start, right now!!!!


    FWA ringside crew members gingerly move weapons inside of the ring, included but not limited to tables, kendo sticks, chains, garbage cans, mysterious bags that certainly contain unspeakable horrors, fire extinguisers, a ring bell mallet, what seems to be a cattle prod, a package of Slim Jims, a few surplus DVDs entitled "The Rise and Fall of Executive Excellence", chairs, a baseball bat, and a laminated and framed cease-and-desist order from Robbins Thurgood.

    The cage, which has been towering over the ring this whole time, starts to lower, sending the ring crew scrambling away in a hurry. The lights dim and an intro video plays, set to an abridged version of "Juggernaunt" by Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes.

    The scene opens with a close of up a mans squinted, closed, eyes, partially blocked by a mass of black hair. The hair moves out of the way and we see the mans piercing eyes open wide. The camera shot zooms out. We see that the scene is from Fight Night, and the man whose face we saw is on the mat on his knees, until the referee grabs him by the wrist and thrusts his hand up in victory.

    An unseen narrator in a gravelly voice cuts in over the music.

    Narrator: "When opportunity calls.... who dares, wins. FWAs X Gauntlet serves up a Polynesian landmine, and its explosion has shaken up the X-Division!!"


    The scene shifts back to Galloway celebrating his capture of the X Division Championship before segueing to his successful first defense last FN against Hanz Gruber.

    "Tristan James Galloway took his chance in the X Gauntlet and has made the X-Division Championship his own! But now, with a maiden title defense under his belt, Galloway will definitively how heavy the crown of a champion is. Tonight, he defends his X Division Championship for the second time, in the culmination of the gauntlet!! In a brutal proving ground of steel and viscera, the Clockworth Orange Cage Match!!!"

    Shots of the cage and the various weapons inside the cage are shown.

    "Not only will there be weapons in the cage, but there will also be not one, not two, but three challengers!!"

    The scene suddenly changes a closeup of a woman staring into the camera with sunken but not lifeless eyes. She gently pushes the camera away with a smile.


    Shots of Izzy triumphing over Hanz Gruber and then last week against Tommy Thunder are shown.

    "The Punk Rock Supernova steps up for her first ever singles title shot!! Will she tackle the challenge with the same never-say-die attitude that has carried her into a title shot? Will it be enough to come out on top in this cageful of predators???"

    The shot then suddenly switches away from Izzy to a dark scene which is punctuated by piercing eyes.


    Scenes from Zako's previous title match are shown, followed by Zako punishing Penny and Deception last FN.

    "An unchained tide of destruction brings forth the dark descent!!! No stranger to the X Gauntlet, Zako Wrath receives one more chance to lay waste and claim the X Division title!! Will being caged up with weapons to use against his fellow wrestlers be to this titans liking???"

    The scene the cuts away from Zako to a black screen, where a dark whisper saying ".... still your....champion" is heard. The scene then lights up to show a deranged-looking individual staring directly into the camera.


    The scene then cuts to Jason Randall throughout the X Gauntlet
    and all of his successful defenses, intercut with scenes of him standing tall with Penny in tow.

    "The former Tyrant of the X Division returns to reclaim his throne!! In the deranged mind of Jason Randall, he may still well be the X Division Champion!! But inside the cage, he has the chance to turn his insanity into FWAs reality! Will the Mad King reign supreme?? Who will dare to step in his way??"

    The video closes with the screen cut three ways with Zako brooding, Izzy celebrating, and Randall seething.

    "Three challengers!! A sea of weapons!! One cage, one shot at glory!! The path to the X Division Championship must run through this proving ground, for challengers and champions alike!!!!"

    The video then ends a shot of the cage again, followed by a last scene of Tristan James Galloway holding the title up high in the air on FN.

    "The Gauntlet ends inside the cage!! Who will stand tall as ruler of the X Division??"


    Ominous music plays as the spotlights in the arena swirl through the crowd. The large cage slowly begins to lower down to the arena floor as the announcers begin to take us to the following matchup.

    Langdon Trafford: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for one of the most unique matches in the history of the FWA and one that certainly isn’t going to be for the feint at heart. This next match is a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match!

    David Weinstock: This match is so brutal, so dangerous, so vile, it could only come from the twisted mind of Vincent Blackbird! It’s been years since we’ve seen this match in the FWA. In fact, it’s been three years since Randy Ramon defeated Danny Toner and Meth Head Matt in the last of these contests!

    Piers Gallagher: But we’re not gonna see Meth Head Toner or Meth Head Matt in this match…we’re not even gonna see Rockstar Ramon. We’ve got a living breathing monster by the name of Zako Wrath and three lambs being led to the slaughter!

    David Weinstock: I don’t know that I’d call any of these competitors, lambs. Tristan James Galloway is the X Division Champion, Izzy Van Doren is always ready for a fight, and Jason Randall is so far gone that he’ll do anything to anybody to “retain” his FWA X Division Championship.

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match and is for the FWA X Division Championship!

    Some members of the audience at ringside scream out "One Fall!", causing Kurt Harrington to roll his eyes.

    “Gangster’s Paradise” hits the arena speakers signaling the arrival of “The Wildcard" Jason Randall. Randall walks down to the ring with his “X Division Championship" over his shoulder, “Fred” in his right arm and stares in awe at the large structure in front of him. Randall nods his head, shrugs his shoulders and enters the cage before handing his “championship" and his cat over to the referee. The referee is confused but hands both to the timekeeper.

    Langdon Trafford: And as always, Randall giving his belt over to the offici….

    Piers Gallagher: HE’S NOT THE CHAMPION! This looney toon needs escorted out of here in a straight jacket! That damn stuffed cat has more sense than this man!

    “Do it or die” by Die Mannequin is the next on the playlist as “Chicago’s Favourite Gal” Izzy Van Doren rocked her way down to the ring. She stopped suddenly at the bottom of the ramp when she looked at the demonic structure in front of her. She took a deep breath before walking through the cage door and staring straight across the ring at Randall.

    David Weinstock: A huge opportunity for IVD here tonight as she tries to take advantage of a rare X Division Championship match. Can the Daughter of Debauchery surive such a hellacious match?

    “The White Buffalo” takes over the sound system as Miss De La Muerta leads Zako Wrath down the ramp. MDLM has a devilish smile upon her face as Zako shows no fear of the structure in front of him.

    Piers Gallagher: To the rest of these competitors, this match is the stuff of nightmares. It’s what haunts them in there sleep. But Zako Wrath sees this as a playground, a playground that is littered with toys!

    Langdon Trafford: And Zako Wrath does not play well with others!

    Finally, the familiar chords of Metallicas “Turn the Page" play last as the FWA X Division champion makes his way down the ramp. Tristan james Galloway stares intensely at the cage, noticing the many weapons that hang inside from a chain that drapes from various sections of the cage, including a crutch, steel chairs, kendo sticks, a barbed wire baseball bat, a couple of 2x4s amongst other objects. Galloway steps inside the cage and the referee calls for the bell.

    FWA X Division Championship Match

    Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
    Tristan james Galloway © vs “Chicago’s Favorite Gal” Izzy Van Doren vs “The Walking Disaster” Zako Wrath vs “The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    Galloway, IVD, and Randall all look around at the surroundings, taking in this unfamiliar but Zako Wrath wastes no time in mowing down Randall and then turning his attention to Izzy, who he grabs by the hair and tosses into the cage like a rag doll. Zako stands toe to toe with TJG, who shows no fear of the The Man of 100 Deaths. Galloway and Zako begin to trade punches with Galloway seemingly getting the advantage before Zako catches him with a headbutt that sends TJG staggering back. Zako grabs Tristan by the arm and whips him hard into the corner before following him with a full force body splash. Galloway drops to a seated position as if all the air had been compressed from his body.

    Randall gets back up and charges at Zako, who knocks Randall down with a right hand. A hard right hand for IVD! An upper palm strike rocks Galloway! Randall back to his feet, but Zako tosses him hard into the cage wall! Zako whips Izzy into the ropes, and ducks down for a back body drop but Izzy kicks him in the chest. Zako stands straight up as Galloway gets back to his feet. Both IVD and Galloway charge forward at Zako, but he stops them dead in his tracks with a hard double clothesline! Zako immediately picks up Izzy and puts her on his shoulders. Galloway gets back to his feet, kicking Zako in the gut with Izzy on his shoulders and then bouncing off the ropes, but Zako lowers his shoulders as Galloway leaps for a forearm and Galloway lands on top of Izzy on Zako’s shoulders! Zako drops down, sending both down with a double Samoan Drop!

    Langdon Trafford: OH MY GOD! The strength of Zako Wrath! I have never seen a move like that in all my years of commentating!

    Zako does his signature taunt to the crowd as MDLM cheers him on the outside. Zako goes back to Randall, stomping on his head before turning back to Izzy and delivering a running body splash. He turns his attention to Galloway, picking him up delivering a series of straight hands while Gallowy leans against the ropes. Zako pulls him off the ropes and delivers a hard snap suplex! He turns around and goes back to Randall, who catches him off guard with a series of hard right hands and a couple of knife edge chops! Randall takes a step back looking for a wild clothesline, but Zako ducks and sends him into the air with a Pop-Up Headbutt! Zako looks high above and sees a sledgehammer hanging above the corner turnbuckle and begins to climb up for it! Zako reaches up for it and has it in hbis fingertips….


    Tristan James Galloway slams a Singapore cane right into the back of the Walking Disaster! Zako is stunned, as Galloway slams the the stick into the back of Wrath a second time, then a third! Galloway strikes Zako in the skull one more time, causing Zako to crash down to the canvas below! On the opposite side of the ring, IVD has climbed up to the top rope and dove off the top rope with a Diving Leg Drop to the back of Zakos head! Izzy immediately tries to lock in the Coral Fang, but it’s a Singapore cane shot to the back of Izzy’s head that breaks up the submission! Izzy drops to the mat, as Jason Randall is on the outside collecting weapons and stockpiling them in the left corner of the cage.

    He pulled out a steel chair, looked at Galloway and the two of them shared the same sentiment. Randall slammed the chair into the back of Wrath repeatedly as Galloway worked on the limbs with the Singapore cane! The duo stopped momentarily as they saw Izzy approaching with a barbed wire baseball mat. She nodded at the two men and they all agreed. Randall and Galloway continued, as Izzy joined in, grinding the barbed wire across the face of Wrath! Izzy then took the barbed wire bat, placed it right on his groin, and then delivered a leg drop onto the bat, driving it into his groin! Izzy’s leg was sliced open from the bat, but she took the blood from her leg and smeared it across her face as if it were war paint! Suddenly, Randall decided enough was enough and cracked the chair over the skull fo TJG! Randall turned to swing at Izzy, but she ducked underneath and sent the chair back into his face with a Roundhouse kick! Izzy turned back to the Ball bat and swung it right into the gut of the Wildcat! Randall collapsed to the mat in pain!

    Izzy began to unhook a table from the steel chains and propped it up in the corner, right in front of Randalls pile of weapons. She placed Tristan Galloway up against the table, and then looked back at the barbed wire ball bat. With a devilish gleam in her eye, she held the bat up and then placed it up against Galloways chin. She held it back and then swung it full force but Galloway ducked and drove IVD to the far corner at full force! The impact caused IVD to drop her bat as Galloways placed her up on the top rope in a seated position. Galloway went up to the middle rope, looking for a Superplex but Izzy kicked him aaway. Galloway fell to the mat and as he arose, she leapt off the top rope with a suicide DDT to Galloway! By chance, Galloway landed head first onto the steel chair brought into the ring! Izzy found no reprieve as soon as she pulled herself up to her knees, Randall knocked her right back to the canvas with a Knee Trembler! Randall hooked IVD up and sent her crashing head first into the canvas with the Dueces Wild! Randall dropped down for the cover!



    Galloway made a diving break! Galloway immediately hooked Randall up and hit the Tear Drop Sunset! Galloway with the cover!



    Randall kicked out!

    The crowd was hot and a “This is Awesome” chant started to break out as Randall, IVD, and Galloway all laid in the center off the ring. Izzy slowly started to crawl towards the Singapore cane and just got her fingers on it when a large black boot stepped down on the other end, preventing her from picking it up. Zako Wrath was back up and looking as fresh as ever as he picked up the cane and snapped it up over his knee, tossing both pieces over his shoulder. With very little emotion, Zako effortlessly picked IVD up and drills her with the Miss De La MuertaPlex! Izzy’s head bounced violently off the canvas. Izzy struggled to pull herself up to her feet as Zako grabbed a few steel chairs and made a pile of steel chairs in the center of the ring. A bloodied Izzy Van Doren pulled herself up using the ropes, screaming out “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?” so he picks her up and delivers another MuertaPlex on the chairs! Zako shakes his head “No” before looking down at the carnage. He slowly made his way over to Jason Randall, but Izzy screamed with whatever life she had left “ZA-KO!!! I’M NOT FUCKING DONE YET!!!” Zako turns around and with a sense of disbelief rushes over to IVD and picks her up, dropping her down for the Reapers Touch on the chairs! Izzys body was mangled amongst the wreckage!

    Galloway was next to his feet, but he wasn't able to escape Zako’s Wrath, more specifically, the Wrath-Plex, right into the cage wall! Zako looked with pride on his destruction, before turning right into a steel chair shot by Jason Randall! Zako was stunned, but didn’t fall so Randall swung again but Zako HEADBUTTED THE CHAIR back into Randall’s skull! Randall collapsed to the mat as Zako Wrath looked on! Zako covered, but MDLM screamed to Zako to do more damage! Zako picked up Randall’s lifeless body and delivered a Captureplex! Zako signaled for the Reaper’s Touch as TJG rose behind him!

    An infuriated Tristan James Galloway immediately brough the fight to Zako Wrath, clotheslining him twice but it took three times for Zako to fall to the mat! Tristan turned and delivered a Running Boot to a staggered IVD, before turning back to Zako. He whipped Zako into the ropes and caught him with knee strike to the face on the rebound! Zako shook it off, no selling the strike, but Tristan took him by the arm and drove Zako head first into the solid steel portion of the cage! Zako bounced off the cage and walked right into a Spinebuster from Galloway! Jason Randall walks right into the Delirium Trigger from Galloway! Zako gets back to his feet and tosses Galloway into the cage, but Galloway stops himself, turns around and catches Zako with the Shattered Symphony!




    Galloways was beside himself as he got right back to his feet and tried to strike Zako. IVD and Randall joined in the fray, but Zako shoved them all off! Galloway made the first move and got caught with an OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex into the cage! Randall was the next one in sight as Wrath grabbed him by the throat for a 180 CHokeslam but IVD DRILLED ZAKO in the back with a steel chair! Zako was stunned but turned around to see IVD with an “OH SHIT" look on her face. Zako slowly backed her against the ropes, as a terrified IVD had nowhere to go. Zako grabbed her by the hair, just as Randall drilled him in the back with a chair! Randall swung his head around and looked back with disgust and it was Izzy who nailed him with the chair this time! This one had a damaging effect as Randall jabbed his chari in Zako’s ribs! Zako doubled over but didn’t fall as Izzy slammed her chair over back! Randall and Izzy both were incredulous that Zako wouldn’t fall and nodded at teach other for a Con-Chair-to! The pounded their chairs against the mat… 1… 2… but on three, Zako swung his arms out, knocking both chairs out his opponents hands and then delivering a DOUBLE chokeslam to Izzy and Jason! Miss De La Muerta was ecstatic at ringside as Zako had the match well in hand

    Until he turned around right into a devastating spear from Galloway, through the table! Zako was out COLD! The crowd popped HARD for that moment! Galloway stayed ontop, making sure Zako’s shoulders were on the mat!




    Here is your winner @ 12:53 and STILL FWA X Division Champion – “The Polynesian Powerhouse” Tristan James Galloway!
    The camera surveys the damage done to all of the competitors before taking a close up shot of Zako and the table. Underneath the table, in Jason’s pile of stashed weapons was a lead pipe
    with traces of blood on it. As Zako rolled over, a small stream of blood trickled down the back of his head.

    David Weinstock: I cannot believe the resilience we’ve seen tonight from all four competitors in this match tonight! These guys and girls have literally put their bodies through hell for the prize but only one man can walk out with the prize and that man is Tristan Galloway.

    Piers Gallagher: I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen carnage like this! Zako Wrath is an absolute bloody mess! It took Galloway inadvertently knocking him out cold for him to win. Next time, Galloway won’t be so lucky!

    The ring crew struggles to clean up the carnage and put in a new mat quickly as the cage is lifted back up.

    Langdon Trafford: I think all four competitors have shown that they’re up for the challenge in the X Division. Zako Wrath with an impressive showing, Izzy Van Doren showing her never say die attitude, Jason Randall showing his ridiculous resilience and Tristan James Galloway doing what it takes to win. This, folks, is what the X Division is all about!


    "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" by Weezer plays and the crowd turns to the stage, where Mark Merriweather appears. The crowd's reaction is mixed, although a little more on the positive side. Merriweather takes his spot in the ring. Then the lights go out as the crowd holds up cell phone lights in preparation for one half of the FWA Tag Team Champions.

    BUCK stomps his way to the ring as the fans cheer his presence. A few steps behind him, Christopher Manson takes his sweet time strolling behind BUCK, holding both Tag Team Championship belts. Merriweather holds his ground as BUCK enters and gets right into the face of his opponent, looking like a giant compared to the 6-foot-flat Mark Merriweather.

    BUCK vs. Mark Merriweather

    BUCK dominates early with his superior size and strength. He lands a few body bumps on runs off the ropes and scoop slams Merriweather to shake the ring. Merriweather attempts backhand chops to fight back but BUCK seems unfazed. He scoops Merriweather up over his head and drops him for a military press slam. A weak cover nets a two count for the Sin City Vultures member. BUCK grabs Merriweather by the legs for the Giant Swing move, roaring the crowd into a frenzy. He releases and grabs Merriweather by the neck and tries another big powerslam, but Merriweather slides off the back and hits a stunning enzuiguri. BUCK doesn't fall, but Merriweather gets him down with a running single-leg high knee that connects right under the jaw bone.

    Merriweather attempts to keep BUCK grounded with stomps and punches, but eventually the stronger BUCK gets to a hunched-over position and shoves Merriweather away. The former X-Championship challenger from earlier this year lands a running swinging neckbreaker and then a double axe handle. But his pinfall attempt only gets him a two-and-one-thirds count.

    Langdon Trafford: Guys, Mark Merriweather is looking good coming back from his absense!

    Merriweather tries to apply a side head lock to keep BUCK grounded, but BUCK powers through with a big back suplex that shakes the ring. A big boot follows, and then BUCK hits a standing elbow drop. He lays across Merriweather for the cover, but the kickout is made JUST in time.

    Merriweather is coughing for breath as BUCK stalks him. He tries a spear but Merriweather sidesteps. BUCK nearly goes shoulder first into the ropes and Merriweather tries a school boy rollup. But BUCK holds his footing and tries another standing elbow drop. Merriweather evades as BUCK finds the hard surface of the ring canvas. Merriweather then bounces off the ropes and lands a second running knee, this time running it right through a seated BUCK's face! Merriweather covers, thinking he could win it here!


    BUCK kicks out!! Merriweather looks at the referee with a forlorn look, but refocuses and spins up. He stomps and waits for BUCK to rise, but BUCK just lays there, taking in a few deep breaths. Merriweather loses patience and drags BUCK by the head back to a seated position, and runs the ropes again, but BUCK was playing possum, and springs upright with almost astonishing agility to absolutely behead Merriweather with a clothesline!!!

    Langdon Trafford: It was a feint!!! BUCK almost decapitated him!!!

    David Weinstock: Big men aren't supposed to move like that, Langdon!

    Merriweather is flipped almost inside out and lands on his neck and shoulders with a thud. BUCK wastes no time grabbing Merriweather, hoisting him up over his shoulders and locking him up before releasing and driving Merriweather down face first with a revolution Gory Bomb!!!!

    Winner: BUCK
    BUCK gets up immediately and looks like he wants to do more damage, but the referee quickly aids Merriweather in rolling to the outside. Christopher Manson slowly enters the ring and raises his partner's hand high and gives him the other tag title. He quickly demands a mic and is given one.

    Manson: ''They say that rats play last dance when they have nowhere to go. Look how the rat called FWA does their dance. They make a huge tag tournament. They need a whole tournament to put us down. But we really proved it ain't that easy, right?''

    Manson pats his tag title.

    ''Nobody can hold a candle to us, when it comes to tag team wrestling. It took one title shot for us to get these, where other teams fail and fail. It's real simple, we are the strongest. I don't care where FWA will hire their assassins. They can put random wrestlers together and pretend that it's a complete team or they can bring old tag teams back and pretend they were ever better than the Vultures, or the surprise effect, right? Who doesn't like surprises? Hire some new teams, bring them from another places, this will surely shock the Vultures and cause them to lose their guard.''

    Manson chuckles.

    ''It won't be that simple, ladies and gentlemen. You can't bring a broomstick to a nuclear fight. This tournament is big, it's important, but if you think the result is already in front of your eyes, then you are simply fooling yourselves. Vultures will thrive, again. Spread....the wo-''

    Strange janky music suddenly starts playing from the titantron, interrupting Manson. Manson and BUCK look towards the ramp, where two men emerge from the curtain onto the ramp stage. After a moment, the crowd is suddenly awash in gasps and boos.

    Langdon Trafford: Who is that... wait wait, thats Ethan Connor!!!


    Ethan Connor: FWAAAAAAAA.....The Party's here!

    CWA mainstays The Echo speak as they walk down the ramp, and while loud boos rain down on them, a noticable section of the audience is visibly shocked at the appearance. In the ring, BUCK shakes his head and bares his teeth as Manson simply stares derisively at the direction of the approaching Connor brothers.

    Langdon Trafford: The Echo is here, Dave!! The Echo are in FWA!!!!!

    David Weinstock: Manson called it, guys... other teams from other orgs have arrived to challenge SCV's dominance!!!

    Drew Connor: "Do not adjust your sets! After YEARS. YEARS of FWA ducking us. Years of FWA tag teams SPITTING IN OUR FACES by calling themselves the best tag team in the world. We've here to rewrite the story.and it's a tale of change and revolution, all about how a pair of young, charismatic, handsome, talented - but, of course, always humble hero's took the land of FWA, turned it upside down and dropped it right on its head. And that, boys and girls... That's exactly what we've going to do beca-"

    The Echo suddenly stop speaking as two men jump the barrier at ringside behind SCV. As members of the crowd scream, the two men suddenly blindside the Vultures. One of the men tosses Manson out of the ring as the other one grapples with BUCK. As BUCK starts to get the upper hand, the man cracks BUCK with a foreign object in his hand, sending BUCK collapsing to the mat in a heap.

    Langdon Trafford: WHAT THE HELL??? AN ASSAULT FROM THE CROWD!!!!!!!

    David Weinstock: You guys.... thats Cody Mundz, and that one is Bobby Smooth!!! ITS THE DFB!!!! The Dirty Fucking Bastards from CWA!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: THIS IS AN INVASION!!!!!!!! CWA IS INVADING FWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cody Mundz grabs the mic that Manson dropped and leans over to the fallen BUCK.

    Cody Mundz: "Nothing personal, big guy... just business, alright??"

    Cody Mundz twirls the set of brass knuckles he used to hit BUCK with in his hands as BUCK holds his head on the mat.

    David Weinstock: This is insane, not one, but TWO teams from CWA jumping at the chance to show up at Mile High and attack SCV?? Is this sanctioned??? Did Ashley O'Ryan make some kind of deal??


    The Echo, however, do not look pleased at all on the ramp. If anything, they look at DFB with looks of fury, as if DFB has just one-upped them and stolen their thunder.

    Bobby taps Cody on the shoulder and points at The Echo outside the ring. The camera catches Bobby telling Cody to '...look at their fuckin' faces!". The two share a hearty laugh as Bobby nonchalantly takes the mic from Cody.

    Bobby Smooth: "Oh, I'm sorry fellas.

    Did we interrupt something?"

    The Echo immediately charge the ring and slide in. Bobby takes a swing at Drew Connor with the brass knux but Drew ducks it and knocks it out of Bobby's hands. The Echo and DFB start brawling, but the crowd pops loudly as Christopher Manson climbs a corner from the outside and flings himself into all 4 invaders, knocking them all down with huge crossbody!!! Everyone struggles to get up, and it becomes abundantly clear that this was no coordinated attack as everyone is just blindly swinging at everyone else, with Mundz and Smooth reveling in the brawl and the Connor brothers trying to get to one another. Ethan grabs Manson from behind, but Manson swings around and smashes Ethan with a discus clothesline!!! Ethan is flung out of the ring as both members of DFB and Drew Connor set upon Manson with stomps and kicks.


    David Weinstock: Doesn't look like a coordinated setup to me, guys!!! It really just looks like both teams came here seperately with the same idea: to get a piece of the Sin City Vultures!!!

    Piers Gallagher: THIS WAS ALL NOT SET-UP??????

    BUCK suddenly rises from the opposite corner and the crowd gasps. The brass knuckle cheapshot by Bobby Smooth has opened up BUCK, and half his face is covered in blood. BUCK, however, lets out a primal roar and charges forward, clotheslining down both Drew Connor and Cody Mundz!!! The crowd instinctively get behind SCV as Bobby tries to rake BUCK in the eyes, but BUCK headbutts him!!! Bobby is spun around, only to eat a European Uppercut by Manson!!! Bobby falls back into BUCK, and as Manson gives the signal, BUCK hoists Bobby up for Feast of Vultures (Gory Bomb + Codebreaker)!!!!!! But Cody Mundz re-enters the ring and pushes Manson into BUCK and Bobby!! BUCK drops Bobby, and Cody slides out to the apron and pulls Bobby to the outside with him!! Cody goes to pick up the brass knux on the floor, only to find Drew Connor stepping on them!! Cody yells 'keep em!' at Drew and both members of DFB jump back into the crowd.

    The crowd is going wild as Manson and BUCK recover in the ring. In the crowd, DFB are all smiles as they enjoy the chaos that they have helped create. BUCK wipes the blood out of his eyes and snarls at The Echo, who have regrouped on the ramp. Drew Connor points at BUCK and yells "You're living on borrowed time!! Thats our ring, FWA will belong to US!!!". Manson makes an aggressive gesture at someone ringside, and a ring crew member quickly slides him the two Tag Team Championship belts that had been droppped in the fracas. Manson takes them both and hands one to BUCK. The two share a few brief inaudible words in the ring before they turn back to back, with Manson facing DFB in the crowd and BUCK facing The Echo on the ramp. The crowd pops as the two members of the Sin City Vultures then both hold their belts up high in the air, surrounded by hostile forces on multiple sides.

    Langdon Trafford: The Sin City Vultures are find out real quick what it means to be Champions in FWA!! The targets on their backs have never been larger!! They are on an island unto themselves, and the sea is filled with a most vicious mix of sharks who are lurking, circling, waiting for any opening or sign of weakness to show themselves!!!

    David Weinstock: What does this all mean, though???? Are The Echo and DFB in FWA to stay?? Are they even part of the Tag Tournament?? Did Ashley O'Ryan sign them or make some kind of deal????


    David Weinstock: Piers, you're going to have a heart attack if you don't calm down. Even Manson saw something like this coming, you're more worked up than SCV at this point.


    Hanz Gruber makes his way to the ring with his trademark attire, a black coat/jacket and sunglasses to go with the crop-top haircut. Gruber receives a mixed reaction as he takes his spot in the ring. "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica hits and Aaron Kendrick is out next. The crowd's reaction is a bit more subdued, although still mixed.

    Kendrick enters the ring as Hanz removes his trench coat and watches Kendrick with a confident expression.

    Hanz Gruber vs. Aaron Kendrick

    Gruber takes control early with a mixture of assorted chops to the chest and running knees up into the sternum. Gruber's first big move is a one-armed bulldog but the pinfall try nets a one count. His whip to the ropes results in Kendrick rebounding with a spinning heel kick. Kendrick locks in a side arm twist and turns it to a back arm lock. Gruber walks around the ring as Kendrick follows and transitions to a side head lock and a quick hip toss into a wrist lock. Gruber is on the mat as Kendrick holds the wrist lock and stomps down into the exposed chest region. Kendrick whips to the ropes and lands a stomach punch and Russian leg sweep combination. The pinfall try results in a short two count, though.

    Kendrick whips Gruber again to the ropes but Hanz fires back with a clothesline. Gruber whips Kendrick to the nearby turnbuckle and puts a boot into the chest. Eventually, he releases and Kendrick gets a series of chops as he remains backed in the corner. Gruber whips Kendrick across the ring to the opposite corner but Kendrick meets Gruber with a superkick coming out of it! Kendrick goes to the top rope as the crowd cheers and leaps off for his frog splash finisher, but Hanz gets the knees up!!

    Kendrick doubles over and Hanz gets up and pushes Kendrick into a corner. Hanz opens up on Kendrick with big strikes, and when Kendrick takes a swing back at Hanz, Hanz ducks, shakes his head at Kendrick, and drives another knee right into Kendricks gut!! Hanz is all over Kendrick, who in desperation suddenly pulls the referee in between himself and Hanz!! Hanz moves the ref out of the way, but Kendrick suddenly slides out of the ring, and the ramp camera catches him screaming "I'M DONE WITH THIS GUY!!! THIS ISNT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!!!"

    The crowd starts booing as Kendrick marches up the ramp. The referee tries to get him to come back, but Kendrick doesnt even look back towards the ring as he goes. Hanz gives the referee a shrug and then suddnely slides out of the ring and charges up the ramp!!!! Kendrick doesnt see Hanz coming as Hanz catches up to him under the titantron, spins Kendrick around, and gives him an uppercut which has Kendrick loopy!!! Hanz is heard saying "..du brauscht disziplin, kind" as he tries to drag Kendrick back to the ring, but Kendrick lands a hard stomp on Hanz thigh!!! Kendrick starts laying into a kneeling Hanz with rapid-fire elbows, but Hanz grabs Kendrick by the face and pushes him back!!! Both men disappear behind the curtain, leaving a bemused referee with no choice but to throw out the match. On the ramp, crew members and backstage staff are seen frantically running to and from the curtain, indicating the brawl between Kendrick and Hanz was ongoing backstage.

    Result: Double Countout

    The camera opens up backstage to reveal Todd Salum standing next to, perhaps the FWA's most hated current figure, Ryan Rondo. The fans greet his appearance with nothing but contempt - Rondo is completely oblivious to their reaction as Todd Salum looks to continue speaking. But before he can do anything, Rondo grabs the mic and shoves him out of the way.

    Ryan Rondo: Yeah, we get it Todd. You're here with the greatest FWA wrestler ever to gather his thoughts on his upcoming match with one of the biggest chumps the world has ever seen. But look, Todd, you're old and you speak slow and I don't have time for you to stand around for fifteen minutes choking to get words out. I've got a guy to clown. So stay down and let me handle this, okay?

    Salum doesn't exactly have a choice as Rondo turns his attention away from him and to the camera.

    Ryan Rondo: You think you're smart, Kennedy. You think you've had my number these last few weeks. Well, let me tell you something: you don't know anything. You have no idea what I'm about. You have no idea what's going to happen to you tonight. You think you're coming in to face me in a wrestling match? Oh no no no. I'm going to fight you. I'm going to retire you. I'm going to embarrass you. I'm going to show you all what I already know: you're so far beneath me that we shouldn't even be sharing a ring. I don't think I'll even have to break a sweat. It's sad, Chris. Just sad that you think you have a chance. I'm going to hit you with a move I don't even use anymore and put you to bed. That's it. All I've got. I'll see you out there.

    He chucks the mic onto the lap of Salum before turning around and disappearing - clearly making his way to the ring.


    We come back to the arena as "Ambition and Vision" hits the PA system to thunderous heat from the crowd. The commentary team tries to speak but they let the crowd take the spotlight for just a second until "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo appears on stage.

    Langdon Trafford:And there he is... arguably a frontrunner for the most disliked person in the FWA right now: Ryan Rondo. And he's on his way to face the ever popular, Chris Kennedy...

    David Weinstock:There's no love lost between the fans/Kennedy and Rondo. That's for sure. But you have to look at this match from a different angle... these two are paired up in the forthcoming Tag League. How in the blue hell are they going to co-exist!?!?

    Piers Gallagher:Kennedy will just beat Rondo up to the point that he gets a new partner, right? That can happen?

    "The Last Star in the Sky" brushes away the crowd as he jumps up into the ring and takes an eternity to cross through the ropes. His music begins to die down as he goes to a turnbuckle and squats down, seemingly preparing himself... The crowd, on the other hand, prepare themselves for the arrival of the man they expect to get the business done tonight... they break into a sing-a-long as his familiar song plays...

    And they don't waiver from singing along as the man himself, "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy comes out onto the stage - looking ready to do some damage. He takes his time walking down the ramp - soaking in the complete adulation from fans. He holds his arms out fully and allows them all to reach out and touch him. All of this whilst not averting his gaze from the figure of Ryan Rondo in the ring. It's almost a haunting image.

    Langdon Trafford:The look on Chris Kennedy's face tells me that... this isn't going to be a fun night for Ryan Rondo.

    David Weinstock: You have to wonder what must be going through his mind right now. He's got his rematch with Rondo.... but he's stuck in a complete catch-22. Chris Kennedy is competing in the Tag League, like we just discussed... he's no stranger to success and he will demand that he wins that tournament. But how can he do that if he ruins his partner tonight!? It's a crazy situation to be in. What does Chris Kennedy do!?

    Piers Gallagher: It's simple, Dave.... Kill Ryan Rondo.

    Langdon Trafford: Are you okay, Piers?

    David Weinstock: Well, okay, Piers. But think about it. Chris Kennedy HAS to beat Ryan Rondo. His pride is on the line tonight. Everything he's said... he needs to back up. He needs to teach Rondo a lesson. But what if Rondo keeps getting up? Does Kennedy keep knocking him down... knowing that every time he does so ruins his chances of winning the tag league a little bit more?

    Langdon Trafford: I think that might be a bridge Chris Kennedy will cross when he gets to it. And in saying that... I don't think Chris Kennedy's even thought about that bridge. Do you think the Tag League is even on his mind? Because it seems to me there's only one thing on his mind: revenge.

    Trafford's observation would seem to be backed up by the fact that Kennedy gets into the ring and is absolutely chomping at the bit to get to Rondo - only the referee stops him and asks him to stay in his corner... but everyone knows it's only just a matter of time.... the crowd are backing him to the hilt and are ready to see him victorious...

    Singles Match
    "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo vs "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy

    The referee tries to gather both men in the middle of the ring to pass on some last minute instructions. Kennedy gets into the middle of the ring whilst refusing to shift gaze from his opponent - who remains squatted in his corner. The referee asks Rondo again to come to the middle of the ring but it appears he has no intention of budging. Slowly, he rises up and begins to walk to the center... already the fans are growing tired of Rondo wasting time... and it appears Kennedy is too as he forces his way through the ref and blitzkriegs Rondo with punch after punch! The crowd are all fired up and behind Kennedy as he backs Rondo into a corner and begins to pummel away - though a few punches don't appear to get through. The referee is able to finally get between them and separate them, annoying the crowd in the process, before calling for the bell. Kennedy takes the middle of the ring again and implores Rondo to try and take it from him. The two of them share a small staredown with Rondo smirking - he walks closer to Kennedy as if he's going to meet him in the middle... but he stops just short and spits at him.

    David Weinstock: Just disgusting...

    Langdon Trafford: Chris Kennedy isn't going to take that well!

    Kennedy stands for a second and blinks - almost as if trying to restrain himself... but he explodes forward and charges after Rondo. "The Last Star in the Sky" turns around and legs it out of the ring as Kennedy comes after him, trying to hunt him down. Rondo runs around the ring posts before getting back into the ring and hitting the ropes and baseball sliding Kennedy before he gets back into the ring. The cheap move draws the ire of the crowd but Rondo's unfazed as he grabs Kennedy and whips him into the barricade. He grabs him once more and repeats with a stronger effort - and finally one last time, this time with enough force to send Kennedy over. Rondo makes his way to the commentary table and grabs a water bottle out of the hands of Piers Gallagher before jumping back into the ring and drinking it somewhat. He mocks Kennedy by pretending to rub dirt off his shoulder whilst watching him crawl back over the barricade. There's further problems caused when Rondo decides to launch the water bottle at Kennedy and starts to receive a stern telling off from the referee... which he brushes off quickly and gets back outside. A slightly stunned Kennedy throws the bottle back but it whiffs past Rondo who wears a mocking expression before booting Kennedy in the chest and down into the barricade - he stomps on him and taunts some fans whilst doing so.

    David Weinstock: It seems Rondo's using his tricks to just mess with Kennedy... but he's playing a dangerous game doing that.

    Langdon Trafford: As we all know from recent Fight Nights! Chris Kennedy is not someone you should take lightly... but who knows what goes on inside Rondo's head?

    Rondo stops booting Kennedy and leans down at him, slapping him a few times and telling him to get up. Kennedy looks up at him, pissed beyond belief, whilst Rondo smirks at him and allows him the time to get back to his feet. Kennedy uses the barricade to get up before shoving Rondo back towards the ring. Rondo seems stunned for a second at the force used before holding his arms out and telling Kennedy to go for it before jumping back into the ring. He beckons Kennedy in and makes a promise to take things serious. Kennedy doesn't have much choice but to get back into the ring - the fans are just waiting for him to get his chance.

    Piers Gallagher: Every damn time, Rondo does this.

    David Weinstock: It's his way of controlling the match, Piers. That's all he's trying to do. Everyone knows he can wrestle seriously if he wants... but he doesn't want to. And it seems to work in his favour.... but one day, it won't work. I wonder if Kennedy is perhaps showing him too much respect?

    Langdon Trafford: I don't know why he'd do that, he hates Rondo! Rondo called him out, let's remember that!

    David Weinstock: But that doesn't stop Kennedy from knowing Rondo's skill level. He might still be subconsciously respecting Rondo when he has to just put it all aside and go for it. Maybe he's been thrown off by the start. We'll see what happens.

    Kennedy is cautious but eventually climbs into the ring and the pair circle each other - Rondo seems to edge closer and looks to go for a lock up... Kennedy reciprocates the motion and dives in... but Rondo turns away and plays up to the crowd, tapping his finger against his head. He seems to think Kennedy's just going to stand there and take the disrespect - big mistake. He turns around to Kennedy whipping his leg up out of nowhere and landing a BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY SUPERKICK!!THE CROWD EXPLODE!!

    Piers Gallagher: YES!

    He drops down and makes the cover with the crowd chanting along...1...2......NO! Rondo kicks out!! The crowd are disappointed but Kennedy almost has a smile come across his face knowing that it wasn't going to be that easy. Rondo rolls away to a turnbuckle and tries to recover - looking incredibly shellshocked whilst probably still separated from his senses. There's no time for Kennedy to waste as he approaches Rondo and begins to stomp on him against the bottom rope... eventually having to break away as a result of referee intervention. There's a few boos from the crowd but they die down as Rondo gets to his feet and charges for Kennedy who ducks and sends Rondo onto the ropes before clattering him down with a big standing dropkick. Rondo's still completely done in from the superkick and doesn't seem to have any bearings as he slowly wobbles to his feet - Kennedy looks to be setting him up for another...

    David Weinstock: Rondo's in trouble right now. I don't know if he knows where he is...

    Langdon Trafford: That's what you get for playing with fire! Your hands get burnt! Chris Kennedy is looking to wrap this one up early, folks!

    Just as Kennedy looks ready to pounce forward and strike, Rondo stumbles backwards and ends up falling through the middle rope... landing on the same outside area as before. He's hunched over on all fours on the floor and appears to be taking a breather - he looks to his right and spots the water bottle from earlier and reaches for it. He unscrews it and takes a drink just as he gets up to his feet against the apron... apparently forgetting the situation he finds himself in. Kennedy stands over him in the ring and leans over the ropes to grab Rondo by the head - a look of horror comes over Rondo's face as he realises what is happening before quickly turning around and spitting the water into Kennedy's eyes! The referee isn't happy about the tactic but gives no further punishment as Rondo gets into the ring and tries to roll Kennedy up for the pin...1.....NO! Kennedy powers out of it with ease and wipes his eyes before dodging an oncoming strike from Rondo and returning a European Uppercut that stumbles his opponent backwards. Kennedy repeats the strike a few more times as Rondo leans against the ropes - the crowd cheering for every single one thrown with incredible wind up. Kennedy looks to throw another uppercut but Rondo, arms outstretched on the ropes, simply pulls head back and launches spit right into Kennedy's face. The camera zooms in on Rondo's face as he smirks at his opponent - some blood slowly trickling down from his nose... Kennedy looks at him in disgust and throws an uppercut all the way from Hong Kong and almost sends Rondo flying over the ropes. Instead, Rondo comes away from the ropes like a drunk stumbling all over the place and gets no rest as Kennedy follows him, drilling him with whatever he wants - European uppercut, left hands... even a headbutt for good measure. "The Last Star in the Sky" falls into a turnbuckle, which keeps him standing, and simply rests with his back turned to the ring.... but Kennedy still isn't giving him any time and grabs him from the back, dragging him towards the middle of the ring.

    Piers Gallagher: If he dies, he dies..

    Kennedy tries to german suplex Rondo but the latter is able to land on his feet. Kennedy turns around and tries to go after Rondo but Rondo scuttles backwards as Kennedy chases him and sends Kennedy over the top rope and to the outside. Kennedy lands on his feet but turns around to see Rondo jump up onto the rope and look to go for a springboard move... but Rondo casually drops down from the ropes into the ring and gives Kennedy the middle finger. Kennedy explodes into the ring and ducks under a hook from Rondo before bouncing off of the ropes -- but Rondo reads it and lifts him up with an inverted atomic drop and then hits the ropes himself before landing a dropkick to Kennedy's knees! The crowd groan at the sight of a familiar tactic from Rondo. Kennedy's floored, rolls out of the ring and holds his knee in slight pain as Rondo regains some composure inside.

    David Weinstock: Kennedy has his foot firmly planted on the ground... that one has to hurt. You have to hope that this isn't a recurrence.

    Rondo rolls out of the ring as Kennedy gets to his feet whilst still clutching at his knee. Rondo lands a sly kick at the knee before whipping Kennedy into the barricade... but Kennedy bounces back almost immediately like a man possessed and goes for Rondo! It's only a slight glimmer of a comeback as Rondo lifts him up with another inverted atomic drop before pushing him into the barricade and then taking him down with another dropkick to the knee on the rebound! This time, Kennedy's writhing in more pain than before as the crowd voice their displeasure. Rondo lies on the ground and admires his handiwork for a second before jumping back up to his feet and looking to do more damage with some stomps. He picks Kennedy up and leans him against the barricade before grabbing the target leg and resting it on top. A few cries of pain follow as Rondo delivers 12-to-6 elbows downwards onto the knee of his opponent. For the final strike, Rondo readjusts Kennedy's leg before climbing on top of the barricade and jumping off with a downward strike that sends Kennedy reeling away in pain. Rondo rolls back into the ring and lies flat on his back before demanding the referee count out Kennedy.

    Langdon Trafford: Ryan Rondo has found a way back into this match... and it's through the same usual tactics employed against Kennedy. You have to wonder if Kennedy may have embellished the truth a little with regards to his injury.

    David Weinstock: It's a dangerous game for both of them now. Rondo's sharpened back up but Chris Kennedy is Chris Kennedy. He's always dangerous!

    There's no danger in Kennedy losing by countout as he uses the ring apron to get to his feet by the five count before rolling back into the ring. There's no chance of respite as Rondo grabs his leg and wraps it around the middle rope before delivering stomps and downwards elbows once more until the referee pulls him away... Rondo takes the admonishment before turning around and dropkicking Kennedy's knee again, downing him. Rondo grabs the knee and opens Kennedy's guard before dropping an elbow into the knee joint and then proceeding to torque the knee with a hold. He looks back at Kennedy and appears to mouth a few words at him as Kennedy tries in vain to grab at him and prevent the submission... but Rondo is just out of reach. Kennedy has no choice but deal with the pain and slowly inch his way to the ropes - eventually getting there. Rondo makes sure to hold on for as long as he can before letting go. He whips up to his feet and holds his arms out to soak in the boos raining down upon him before returning to a seated Kennedy and playfully kicking at him, demanding he get up. The dejected crowd perk up as Kennedy seems to find a surge of energy... he gets to his feet and tries to fire off a few lefts but Rondo shuts it down with a stomp to the kneecap. He grabs Kennedy's knee and teases going for a dragon screw... but seems to take a moment to simply enjoy Kennedy hobbling on one leg and trying to swipe at him before dropping an elbow onto the knee once more. "The Last Star in the Sky" then hits the ropes as Kennedy struggles... but Kennedy surprises him by lifting him up and taking him down with a quick scoop powerslam! A chance for Kennedy to recover as Rondo rolls away in pain! The pair of them seem to take their time but Rondo knows he has an advantage as he comes forward and, again, tries to stomp at Kennedy's knee. Finally, Kennedy has it scouted and grabs a hold of Rondo's foot before spinning him around and hitting a step up enzuigiri! Rondo's clock is completely cleaned as he falls to the canvas, out, donezoed. Kennedy uses the moment for a recovery as Rondo, back to the ring, uses the ropes to get to his feet. Still groggy, Rondo backs up right into Kennedy and is sent flying with a german suplex! The crowd are starting to sense a shift in momentum! Kennedy has his energy back and seems to be in a groove as he grabs Rondo once more and, instead of a german suplex, crumples him with a inverted headlock backbreaker. He goes for the cover..1...2....NO! Rondo's able to get the shoulder up!

    Langdon Trafford: A close fall... but I think it's going to take more to put Rondo away now. This is only a small resurgence from Chris Kennedy... but this could be a golden ticket to victory!

    Piers Gallagher: Do you ever listen to yourself?

    The crowd begin a chant for Kennedy as he looks to be back in control with Rondo struggling to get back to his feet and grasping his neck in pain. Kennedy walks over to him and starts to pay back favours from earlier as he playfully kicks at him - the crowd love it and seem to become even more vocal with each pointless kick. He grows tired of it, though, and looks to do some real damage as he grabs Rondo by the neck and tries to lock in a standing guillotine choke - it appears locked in but Rondo uses one hand to fight Kennedy's grip whilst placing the other on Kennedy's shoulder to stop him gaining any further leverage. Infact, Rondo even lifts both his feet off of the ground to remove any chance of Kennedy getting the choke... but Kennedy, a smart technician, instantly takes advantage of this and transitions the choke right into an elevated double arm ddt! There's a sickening impact of head to canvas as Rondo suddenly goes limp. You can see the thoughts ticking in Kennedy's head as he considers going for a pin... but he decides against it in favour of doing more damage. He sticks the boot into Rondo a few times before sitting him up and locking him into a full nelson, dragging him back to his feet in the process. Rondo has nowhere to go in the middle of the ring as Kennedy wrenches on it with all his might... but there's no sign of Rondo giving up. Eventually, Rondo is able to use his strength to bring his arms down and drive elbows into Kennedy's sides and release the hold. Rondo runs forward and bounces off of the ropes before sliding under Kennedy's legs and popping up behind him - he grabs Kennedy and drops him down with the back of Kennedy's head connecting to Rondo's knee. Kennedy is stunned in a seated position as Rondo hits the ropes once more and connects with a sliding kick to the back of the head - the crowd, once again, go quiet as Rondo seems to be taking back some ground.

    David Weinstock: Kennedy needs to be careful he doesn't give Rondo too many options. His knee is already hurt and it's clear Rondo's focusing on the neck now.

    "The Last Star in the Sky" grabs his opponent into an underarm headlock and drags him to the ropes - he goes for his signature rope assisted tornado DDT but Kennedy throws him off in mid air before charging forward for a clothesline... but Rondo ducks under and pulls out an old move as he hits a pele kick! Kennedy wobbles but remains on his feet! Rondo notices this as he gets back to his feet and launches himself at Kennedy with a two footed dropkick to the chest - it's almost like an action movie as Kennedy goes flying backwards into the turnbuckle! Rondo comes storming forward and monkey flips Kennedy before turning his attention to the turnbuckle. He looks as if he's very seriously considering going up top... something that he hasn't quite done in a while... but suddenly, he begins to undo the top turnbuckle - drawing ire. The referee tries to get involved and catches Rondo's attention. Just as Rondo turns around to admonish the referee, Kennedy comes out of nowhere and is set to attack.... but Rondo shows ridiculous reaction time as he hits a drop toe hold and Kennedy hits face first into the exposed turnbuckle! The camera zooms in to show blood slowly dripping down Kennedy's face as he slumps against the corner... a shift to Rondo, wiping his nose, smirking. Rondo lifts Kennedy up onto the turnbuckle, back to the ring, and then sends him crashing down to earth with a poisoned (inverted) frankensteiner! Rondo crawls over to the lifeless Kennedy and makes the cover...1...2....NO! Kickout!

    Langdon Trafford: Even Ryan Rondo is pulling out things we haven't seen before. I sense he's started to take this one very seriously... and just look at the mess Kennedy is in!

    Piers Gallagher: Rondo is a dirty cheating bastard! He should be DQed!

    A tired Chris Kennedy just barely kicks out... and Rondo does not seem happy with that. He gets on top of Kennedy, full mount, and begins to throw down right hand after right hand with extreme force. It's clear the intention is to bust Kennedy open further... and he does exactly that. Eventually the referee has to step in - and for the first time in the match, Rondo acts pissed. He almost throws a punch at the referee but resists. He simply walks him down and shouts at him as a crimson masked Kennedy tries to recover. Infact, he doesn't even move. If Rondo would turn around, he'd see the match is over. But instead, Rondo focuses his attention on the referee as the crowd voice their disapproval. Something appears to snap for Rondo as he responds to their boos in a very different way than usual. He storms around the ring, arms outstretched to taunt the fans, roaring at them:


    Rondo then points at the barely moving Kennedy.


    He then moves over to Kennedy and stands directly over him.


    Rondo grabs Kennedy and tries to lift him to his feet by his head but Kennedy can only get to his knees before Rondo lets go, looking disgusted. He walks right up to Kennedy and hunches over so he can look him in the eye and say to his face:


    There's a disrespectful slap from Rondo as the crowd almost erupts with nuclear heat - Rondo continues to heckle them as Kennedy still remains on his knees.

    Langdon Trafford: Ryan Rondo... is crossing a line here. He's lost the plot!

    David Weinstock: This isn't new information, Langdon... but my goodness... how can you expect these two to co-exist in the tag league after THAT!?

    Piers Gallagher: Just... end it.

    "The Last Star in the Sky" makes sure to shout over at the commentators as they speak before turning around and realising Kennedy is still on his knees. Unmoved by Rondo's forceful slap. Unwilling to go down. Rondo approaches him once more and bends down again.


    Before he can finish, a huge spitball of blood lands on Rondo's face. Chris Kennedy, with anger and hate burning in his eyes, stares straight through Rondo. The look is reciprocated as Rondo slowly wipes the blood off of his face and lifts Kennedy back up to his feet. There's no regrets written on Kennedy's face.

    "You're done, Kennedy."

    Rondo grabs him by the head and turns around - he teases going for the Amazing KO cutter and finishing the match once and for all... but Kennedy throws him off into the middle of the ring before charging after Rondo and connecting with a sickening v-trigger knee to the face - THE THUD ECHOES AROUND THE ARENA! The fans begin a huge chant for Kennedy as he holds his knee in extravagant pain before getting back to one foot and hopping to get to Rondo... he's desperate to make a cover it appears. Just as the cover is expected, Kennedy instead delivers a punch to Rondo before laying him flat on his back and paying back Rondo for earlier - he begins to drop left and rights at a ridiculous pace! The referee scrambles to get him to stop and the crowd jeer him for doing so. But a big cheer breaks out as Kennedy pushes the ref away and begins to lay into Rondo with more and more punches! The referee is finally able to regain some control and pulls an angry Kennedy away!

    David Weinstock: I think Chris Kennedy has lost the plot as well! This match is rapidly turning into a brutal fistfight... if it hasn't already!

    Langdon Trafford: Well... I don't think any of us expected a normal match in the first place, Dave! I think, judging from the noise right now, that this is what the FWA fans wanted!

    Kennedy, looking like something out of a horror movie, gets back to his feet and gets the crowd beyond pumped up as he beats his chest to signal that he's not done yet. He picks a corner of the ring and signals that it's time for him to end this. He awaits Rondo to rise to his feet. It starts to feel like an age as Rondo, also looking like something out of a horror movie, slowly but surely gets to his feet using the ropes. The crowd wait with baited breath as Kennedy lunges forward with a BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY....






    Langdon Trafford: Chris. Kennedy. Will. Not. Lose.

    Piers Gallagher: Ha! Look at Rondo! He's got nothing left! That was it for him!

    David Weinstock: I wouldn't be so sure, Piers....

    Just as it seems Rondo's face is permanently glued to the canvas, he picks it back up and gets onto his feet. He stumbles backwards onto the ropes, clutching them for dear life, before beckoning Kennedy to get up. Again, it seems to take an age but Kennedy eventually gets back to his feet. This time the crowd are shouting at Kennedy to look out but it appears to be on deaf ears. He looks lost as he stumbles around. Rondo can't wait any longer and lunges forward and goes for a BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY.... BUT KENNEDY DUCKS.... RONDO TURNS AROUND.... BAM! BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY FROM KENNEDY TO RONDO!!!! THE CROWD EXPLODE ONCE MORE!!!!! BUT RONDO DOESN'T EVEN FALL! HE STUMBLES BACKWARDS AND HITS THE ROPES - KENNEDY CATCHES HIM ON THE REBOUND WITH THE AMAZING KO CUTTER!!!!!! HE USES THE LAST OF HIS ENERGY TO HIT RONDO WITH HIS OWN FINISHER!! HE MAKES A SLOW CRAWL OVER TO RONDO AND AGONISINGLY PLACES HIS HAND ON TOP....





    Langdon Trafford: It's over guys! He did it! It took everything he had... but my goodness, he did it! Chris Kennedy has bested Ryan Rondo in a match!

    David Weinstock: A match!? This was a fight! Chris Kennedy has just shown us the fight he still has left. Everything Ryan Rondo has said... shoved back into his face tonight. This is Chris Kennedy's moment. Forget about the Tag League, forget about everything else... just enjoy it, Kennedy. You deserve it!

    The referee helps a barely conscious Kennedy up to his feet as the crowd give a rousing reception to their hero. Despite the blood, it's clear to see what it means to Kennedy as he mouths a thank you to the crowd before slapping his chest a few times and raising his arms. The referee eventually drops out of the ring and lets him enjoy his moment - Rondo, meanwhile, simply lays motionless in the middle. Kennedy stops and looks down at him for a second as he seems to stir. But Kennedy simply ignores him and climbs up the turnbuckle to soak in the adoration of the fans. He points to them and tells them that he's here to stay and he's going nowhere.

    Piers Gallagher: I feel weird. Like... warm?

    David Weinstock: This is what it feels like to have joy, Piers.

    Piers Gallagher: Shut up, Dave. Rondo might be dead but I'm still not your friend!

    Kennedy takes his time in the ring as he makes sure to go to each turnbuckle and take in the cheers... but as he comes down from the final one, Rondo gets to his feet in the ring and the pair meet in the middle. Kennedy's music stops playing whilst the crowd goes completely silent as the pair refuse to take their gaze off of one another. Rondo looks down at the ground, appearing slightly remorseful, as he puts out his hand. Kennedy seems confused by this but Rondo looks genuine.

    "You won, fair and square, you're the better man tonight."

    Langdon Trafford: A change in attitude for Ryan Rondo!? He's been humbled tonight!

    Kennedy still isn't sure as the fans seem to give some encouragement - they sense a corner being turned here. Kennedy goes to shake Rondo's hand but Rondo steps away towards the rope and brushes a bloody hand against his hair.

    "See you at Tag League, Kennedy."

    The crowd boo Rondo's petulance as he turns around and walks up the ramp without a second glance at anything - although there's remnants of a smirk on his face. Inside the ring, Chris Kennedy mimics Rondo's "dirt off the shoulder" from earlier in the match and poses for the fans once more as his music hits again.

    The arena goes dark as the crowds attention is diverted to the titantron.

    A video, set all the way to music and narrated by a gravelly voiced unseen narrator, opens with a cascade of shots of Stu St. Clair, Ashley O'Ryan, Dmac, Aux Pat Aux Bellem, Gabrielle, Eyesnsane, and James Sync.

    Narrator: "Power through unity...."

    The montage switches to scenes of Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter, Jack Severino, Devin Golden and Ryan Rondo.

    Narrator: "Glory through synergy..."

    The montage switches to Randy Ramon, Danny Toner, and Ayla El, then Lord Dog accidentally tripping over Ghost.

    Narrator: "Two working as One to achieve STRENGTH AND HONOR!!!!"

    The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance Presents:


    The graphic suddenly switches to a blue and black map of the United States. A golden line starts tracing out the various cities which will host the Tag League:

    Round 1 - Phoenix, AZ
    Round 2 - Houston, TX
    Round 3 - New Orleans, LA
    Round 4 - Orlando, FL
    Round 5 - Atlanta, GA...

    The map suddenly expands. The golden line flies from Atlanta across the pond and lands on:

    Final - London, UK

    Narrator: "10 tag teams have signed their name to a test of teamwork and endurance meant for only the strongest duo to outlast!! From established teams, new teams, familiars, friends, foes!!! All have entered with one goal: to be recognized as the WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM!!!"

    The graphic suddenly throws to a reveal screen. As each entry is announced, the background switches to highlights of the entrants FWA careers and elsewhere in the wrestling world.


    Narrator: "Undefeated as a team!! An unstoppable tandem who has so far found no equal between the ropes!! The FWA Tag Team Champions open their claim to being the best tag team in the world to all comers!! Birds of fortune, birds of prey!!!!"



    Narrator: "Invaders have breached FWA from CWA!!! Will they be able to assert dominance in this landscape?? Or will the tuition cost of a FWA education be steep???"





    Narrator: "Darkness descends into madness!! How far will these two go in their vendetta to destroy anyone who stands between them and their ambition???"



    An unknown yet somewhat familiar voice cuts in.

    "Effu Dabu Eh!!! I.... back!!! I bring... friend!!!"




    Narrator: "Friends!! Rivals!! The long-rumors dream team finally comes to fruition in pursuit of tournament glory!!"




    Narrator: "The chemistry between them is undeniable!! But will these longtime friends make for a dynamic duo in the ring??"




    Narrator: "The project continues full speed ahead into the Worlds Strongest Tag League!! Will the final results be glory and a shot at the championships??"



    Narrator: "Controversy follows wherever these two go!! How will the reverberations of their debut in FWA change the landscape of the Tag Team division??"



    "THE ECHO"

    Narrator: "Unchecked aggression, guaranteed pain!! The God Killers of FWA set their sights on tearing the titans of the tag team division down from their perches!!"



    "Guess that means we're partners.... budday!!"

    Narrator: "Two legends brought together by combustible machinations!!! Will this dream pairing somehow thrive and survive???"




    The scene finishes on a graphic featuring the Worlds Strongest Tag League Trophy, with a video collage of all the participating teams as a background. Above the trophy, the Sin City Vultures are prominently featured.

    Narrator: "10 teams!!! Two blocks!!! One winner, one goal: to be recognized as the WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM!!!"


    The video ends and the lights come back out, with the crowd cheering loudly with anticipation over what they just witnessed.

    Langdon Trafford: Wow guys.... I'm speechless, almost. To say that the field is star-studded would be an understatement!! Ashley O'Ryan has really outdone himself for this inaugural tournament!!!!"

    Piers Gallagher: We are gonna see the dream team of Shannon and Bell!!! The unlikely duo of Rondo and Kennedy!!!! And I haven't even gotten to those, those invaders from CWA!!!!!!! How are they even allowed in the tournament?? This is a travesty!!! They shouldn't be here!!! What is Ashley O'Ryan thinking????? Ashley should be fired!!! Right now!!!!!!

    David Weinstock: He's thinking that the best teams in the world who want a shot at being crowned the WORLDS STRONGEST are all coming here to FWA, thats what hes thinking!! But guys, you cannot forget that our UNDEFEATED Tag Team Champions the Sin City Vultures are also in this tournament!! The titles won't be on the line, but their bragging rights to being the best of the best most definitely is!!!!! But as we saw earlier tonight, some of these new teams wasted no time in serving notice to the Vultures!! Its official now!!! DFB and The Echo are in, and this absolutely stacked field is set!!!

    Langdon Trafford: I cannot wait for this explosive tournament to start, guys. It all kicks off at Fight Night, November 24th, in Phoenix, Arizona!!

    "The Division 1 Superstar" appears on the rampway looking confident. He briskly walks to the ring as the announcers hype the feud between these two that started on the second Fight Night.

    "The AntiHero" Ty Johnson appears with Dave Sullivan walking two steps behind. The crowd mostly cheers for Johnson — while booing Thunder — and Johnson quickly exits the ring and engages Johnson at the bottom of the rampway for an exchanging of right-hand punches and forearm shots!

    "AntiHero" Ty Johnson vs. "The Division 1 Superstar" Tommy Thunder

    The outside-the-ring action continues as Johnson assumes control with his furious forearm blows to the cheek and jaw of Thunder. Johnson sends Thunder back first into the fan barricade before lowering the boom with some stiff punches to the forehead. He backs off before landing a few kicks into the ribs that puts Thunder down in a seated position on the floor, leaning against the steel barricade. Johnson grabs Thunder and rolls him into the ring. When he follows, Thunder quickly is up and lands a double-fist drop into the lower spine. Then a second one into the spine. Then some stomps into the back that changes the momentum a bit. Thunder quickly hits a Northern Lights suplex but doesn't bridge the pin. He instead quickly rolls to his knees and applies a rear choke hold as Johnson stays laying on the ground. Thunder uses the bottom rope to prop himself up for a little more pressure with his full weight higher but Sullivan shouts at the referee, who then orders Thunder to stop.

    The Division 1 Superstar glares at Sullivan, who glares back. Johnson quickly reverses the hold into a back arm twist and a side head lock. Thunder shoves Johnson into the ropes but Johnson rebounds with a serious clothesline. He runs off the ropes and lands a running stomp into the ribs. Then lifts Thunder up and whips into the ropes for a back body drop, but Thunder reads it and hits an arm-trap swinging neckbreaker. Thunder goes for the match's first pinfall try, but it's a two-count kickout.

    Langdon Trafford: Thunder staying one step ahead of Ty Johnson in the early going here!

    Dave Weinstock: Johnson might be full of potential, but you can also see right now how raw he is, not as much experience, not as much ring awareness as Tommy Thunder.

    Thunder hits a snap suplex and then a scoop slam, followed by a pinfall try with the far-leg hook, but it's another two-count kickout. Thunder tries a Tiger suplex but Johnson fights back with a throat jab and a ground-and-pound move. Sullivan coaches him to "work on the new move" and Johnson quickly does the Garvin stomps around the body of Thunder before bringing him upright. His next move is a kneebreaker and he quickly covers after showing a bit more technical savvy.


    Johnson attempts a spear after a whip to the ropes but Thunder sidesteps. Johnson turns but Thunder is ready and connects with a roundhouse kick. Johnson stumbles through the middle and top ropes and falls out of the ring. Thunder follows with a diving leg drop from the top turnbuckle that connects into the middle of Johnson's back!

    Thunder then presses his boot against Johnson's face, causing Sullivan to shout at the ref to break it up. When the ref does, Johnson turns and tackles Sullivan to the floor. The crowd boos as Johnson lands a few ground-and-pound strikes on Johnson's manager, which doesn't make "The AntiHero" too happy.

    He grabs Thunder by the armpits and flings him into the nearby ring post. Then he shoves him back into the fan barricade and presses his knee up against Thunder's throat. The referee is outside of the ring, trying to pull Johnson off of Thunder, but it's no use. Johnson has lost his mind and finally just grabs his hands around Thunder's throat and continues choking the air out of his lungs. The referee finally calls for the bell, ending the match before it could reach a proper conclusion.

    Langdon Trafford: The ref has stopped the match, guys!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Johnson has gone wild!!!!!! He's out of control!!!!

    Result: No Contest
    The ref tries to get Johnson to break the chokehold, and Johnson does let go, only to fling the ref away from him!!! Thunder takes this chance to roll out of the ring, but Ty Johnson lunges and grabs Thunder by the hair!!! Ty is about to slide out of the ring and get to Thunder some more, but Dave Sullivan gets in the ring and grabs a hold of Ty!! Ty lets go of Thunder, but shakes off Sullivan, and for a second or two, it looks like Ty and his manager are going to come to blows, but Sullivan says something inaudible to Ty, and after an intense stare at his manager, Ty Johnson seems to calm down at little. Tommy Thunder scampers up the ramp, screaming "I WON!!! THATS A DQ WIN FOR ME!!! I WON THAT MATCH!!!" but there seems to be no formal announcement as to the official result of the match thus far.

    Langdon Trafford: Ty Johnson just snapped right there, ladies and gentleman, but with the official seemingly throwing out the contest, we are kind of in the dark as to what the match result is!

    Piers Gallagher: You can take the tiger out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the tiger!!! We need to get that thug out of FWA right now!!! Tommy Thunder should be award the victory for sure!!!

    David Weinstock: That really was a fearsome explosion from Ty Johnson guys... but theres clearly still work to be done. He needs to channel that aggression into a winning package inside the ring without losing control like that....


    Kurt Harrington: The next match is submission match with the only way to win is by making your opponent submit!

    Crowd: " "So... no falls? "

    "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" plays to a mixed reaction but there's noticeably a bit more cheers than boos as Penny appears on stage with Fred in her hands. She looks more serious than usual as she walks down to the ring, clutching on to Fred the cat all the way.

    Kurt Harrington: Making her way to the ring being accompanied by Fred the Cat, from Long Beach, CA and weighing in at one hundred & fifteen pounds...PENNY!

    Piers Gallagher: Really? Harrington has to introduce the cat?!

    Langdon Trafford: Well, technically he is accompanying her to the ring

    Piers Gallagher: Should we ask him his insight on the match next?!

    Dave Weinstock: According to Penny, he does speak to her...

    Piers Gallagher: Do you realize how ridiculous you two sound?

    Penny sits Fred at the announce desk and tells him to behave and for Dave Weinstock specifically to watch after him. Penny grabs a free headset and puts it onto Fred, and tells Fred to "enlighten everyone!" before turning away from the announce desk.

    Piers Gallagher: Go ahead Davey, ask him what he thinks about this match?

    Penny slides in the ring as her music fades out and is soon replaced by Gus Black's "Don't Fear The Reaper, the somber rendition of the once upbeat song plays over the arena to another mixed reaction as Deception steps out. He stands on the stage looking down at the ring directly towards Penny, and then begins his walk to the ring without taking his sights off of Penny.

    Kurt Harrington: Her opponent making his way to the ring weighing in at one hundred & eighty-five pounds...DECEPTION!

    Langdon Trafford: For weeks now Deception has been trying to get through to Penny but she will not listen

    Dave Weinstock: Even going as far as getting himself obliterated by a spear from Zako Wrath last week...

    Piers Gallagher: It still wasn't enough to convince her! He should just quit while he's ahead

    Langdon Trafford: He believes that Jason Randall is no good for Penny and wants to save her

    Piers Gallagher: Maybe he should just mind his own business, what do you think cat? Look now you two got me talking to this cat!

    Deception enters the ring and stands across from Penny...



    Penny vs Deception

    Deception approaches Penny as the bell sounds and tells her that he doesn't want to do this and that he's sorry for what he's gonna do. Penny looks at him slightly confused with a head tilt before tilting her head back straight and delivers a hard right forearm knocking him back some. She spins this time looking for another forearm shot but Deception catches her and takes her down with an arm drag before transitioning to an arm bar submission, and wrenches back but quickly releases his hold. He gets to his feet and takes a few steps back, realizing what he had done while Penny holds brings herself back to a vertical base holding her arm. He stares at her and mouths "I'm sorry" but Penny isn't looking for any forgiveness as she charges at him with a clothesline yet she's taken down with another arm drag, though this time she is right back to her feet and she shoves him pushing her hands to his chest...

    Langdon Trafford: I think Penny wants this but Deception is having second thoughts it seems

    Piers Gallagher: Come on, fight already you dummy!

    She for yet another forearm smash as to knock some sense in to Deception but he blocks it and hits a headbutt on her that sends her reeling back to the corner. He finds his bearings after the headbutt and charges in at her and nails a step-up enziguiri right to her temple. She's knocked for a loop now as she stumbles out of the corner and he takes her down with a standing front dropkick! He kneels down near her face and is saying something to her but not loud for the cameras to pick up. He slithers back and props himself up as she stumbles to her feet and he sees the opening...DOUBLE CROSS! The spinning neckbreaker connects and Penny is down on the mat holding her neck in pain. He keeps her grounded and focuses on her neck with a side headlock, wrenching back as far as he can on the neck...

    Penny manages to wriggle herself free from his hold and rolls away and back to her feet, and Deception immediately springs back up looking for a take down but Penny catches him and this time she applies her own seated fujiwara arm bar with no intentions of letting go as she torques back on the hold while Deception is struggling for a rope break and manages to do so breaking the hold. He slips out of it before Penny can release it and gets to one knee and narrowly avoids a shining wizard from Penny and sweeps her legs from beneath her sending her crashing to the mat. She holds the back of her head in agony after hitting the mat hard and she rolls to her side before getting on all fours setting herself up as Deception is reluctant to do it but eventually goes for it...MALICE INTENT! Curb stomp face first to the mat goes Penny and Deception stares down at her. He falls to his knees at her side and he brings her up and it's as if he's holding a baby in his arms as he looks down at her, eyes glazed over...

    Piers Gallagher: What is this weirdo doing?!

    David Weinstock: He's starting to feel remorse Piers. Remember he doesn't want to do this...

    Suddenly he snaps and applies a chokehold on Penny without any intent of letting go for now as she writhes and squirms, trying to gasp for air as well as escape the hold. She's nearly about to pass out but stays strong enough to keep on fighting while Deception keeps the hold applied tightly while the referee is asking her if she wants to submit. After asking her once more she finally nods and is about to tap out but then Deception relinquishes the hold and releases her near lifeless body. He puts his hands on his head is disbelief at what he's doing, what he's becoming...

    Langdon Trafford: Obviously Deception is second guessing himself again, showing some remorse for Penny...

    While the referee is checking on Penny still, Deception exits the ring and goes to the announce desk and snatches up Fred.

    Piers Gallagher: Davey! You were supposed to be watching that cat! That nutjob trusted you!

    David Weinstock: I don't see you making an effort to stop him!

    He returns to the ring with Fred in hand and places him down next to Penny, who has started to come to and soon realizes what is happening and that Deception has touched Fred. She's not pleased by this and lets loose a blood curdling scream at him before tackling him down and laying lefts and rights into him and slamming his head up and down on to the mat. Obviously Penny thinks that Deception has brought harm upon her beloved kitty friend as she wails on him some more until the referee breaks it up. Deception is allowed some breathing room as he stumbles back to his feet in the middle of the ring but Penny isn't through with him and charges in at him...SPIDER-WEB! She has the octopus hold applied applying great pressure to Deception wanting him to give up. Eventually he drops to his knees while the hold is applied and Penny keeps her legs applied to his neck region, though eventually his mask begins to slip off and it falls off and through all the chaos Deception finally submits!

    Here is your winner @ 7:00 - Penny!


    A video starts playing, set to an abbreviated version of "Man" by Skepta.

    The video opens with scenes of WOLF standing in the ring on Fight Night holding his old FWA contract. It then shows a faraway shot of the ensuing brawl from a skybox-view.

    Giant green text superimposes itself on the screen as the melee continues to play out in the background.

    "15 MONTHS vs 7 YEARS"

    Narrator: "It is said that good things comes... to those who wait. It is also said that Excellence is not an act.... but a habit."


    Footage of Parrs multiple NA Championship defenses are shown.

    Narrator: "For over a year, Mike Parr has found no equal, nobody who could pry his championship from him. He has become the immovable object occupying the North American Championship, with all who toe the line against him inevitably falling short...

    So perhaps to unlock the puzzle of a dominant NA Champion, one must bring in.... a Triple Crown Champion."


    The scene switches to multiple clips of WOLFs illustrious FWA run.

    Narrator: "X Division Champion.... World Heavyweight Champion... 2-time North American Champion. The living legend of the FWA pack has truly been there and done it all. But now, in 2017, WOLF has made it an obsession to prove himself against the best and brightest of the current generation of FWA standouts. And in Mike Parr, he has found a challenge worth cashing in a 7-year ticket for."

    The video winds down with a split screen of Parr holding the NA title after his defense against HUMANITY and legacy footage of WOLF with the old NA title.

    Narrator: "Will the legend who has sprung a November surprise on the North American title picture enjoyone more day as a lion?? Or will the new breed continue its dominance, and continue rewriting the history books???"
    ".... also Zachary Kazadi is in this match too."

    The scene switches back from the video to the ring, where Zachary Kazadi is already in the ring, to the tune of the theme song of 'Thomas the Tank Engine".

    "Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden the plays as WOLF is out first. The crowd gives him a mixed yet loud reception.

    Langdon Trafford: We all knew he was crazy, but WOLF confirmed on Fight Night that he was well and truly crazy like a fox, inserting himself into NA Championship match and ruining the best laid plans of Zachary Kazadi!! But the time for games and tricks is over, here at Mile High, its time to deliver!!

    David Weinstock: He sat on this for 7 years, stewed for 7 years, whatever he has planned, he better make it worth it!

    WOLF arrives to the ring with an oddly subdued demenour, yet there is no mistaking the intensity.

    "Giving In" by Adema then plays, bringing out Mike Parr, who hoists the North American Championship high in the air. The reception for Parr is suprisingly strong.

    Langdon Trafford: Its a title reign that grows more legendary by the day! And you can hear from the reception hes getting tonight from the Pepsi Center, the FWA Universe knows greatness when they see it!! Mike Parr has entered the arena!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Theres been so much controversy surround this match, guys, what frame of mind has it thrown Parr into?? This guy is used to being the star of the division, but its almost like in this match, the antics of WOLF have made Parr seem like the third wheel!!!

    The referee gives each man a good look at the championship title then holds it high overhead, getting a loud pop from the capacity crowd! The referee hands the title to the ring announcer on the outside then checks with all three competitors again before he looks at the timekeeper and signals him to ring the bell.

    NA Championship Match
    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs WOLF vs Zachary Kazadi

    Right off the bat, Wolf charges forward, pushing the referee out of the way so hard that the ref falls out of the ring!!!

    David Weinstock: What the hell was that?!

    Langodn Trafford: He just blasted the referee!!!!

    Wolf charges across the ring, nailing Parr with a vicious right hand and he drives him back into the turnbuckle! Wolf opens up with some heavy duty right hands then goes downstairs with a big knee to the abdomen, followed by a double axehandle across the back! Wolf slings Parr around and over the top rope, sending him crashing to the concrete floor on the outside! Wolf quickly spins around and eyes Kazadi - who hasn't made a move out of the corner yet - and Wolf lifts both hands, waving the Kazadi in for a fight. Kazadi starts out of the corner but Wolf doesn't wait for him, going in on him with a couple hard right hands and we've got a slugfest inside the ring! Kazadi pummels Wolf with a flurry of rights and lefts while Wolf smashes him with several big haymakers! Wolf starts to get the upper hand but Kazadi catches him with a glancing low blow. He goes for an irish whip and Wolf reverses Kazadi into the ropes instead. Wolf misses with a clothesline attempt but he takes a hard step, nailing Kazadi with a stiff back elbow off the rebound! Kazadi is already pushing himself up when Wolf pulls him into position and he spikes Kazadi with a devastating powerbomb! Kazadi is shook up and Wolf rolls to the outside, going up underneath the ring in search of something.

    Piers Gallagher: What's he doing now, he should be trying to get the pin!

    Langon Trafford: HOW?! There's no referee! WOLF had a premeditated plan!!!

    David Weinstock: Wolf's on the outside and he...uh-oh, I think he's got a steel chair...

    Wolf pulls two steel chairs out then hauls a table out from underneath the ring. The crowd pops loudly as Wolf picks the table up and slides it into the ring. Wolf then heads around ringside. Parr is back on his feet and starting to climb back into the ring but Wolf nails him from behind with a clubbing blow, leaving him sprawled out across the floor again! Wolf rolls back into the ring and he stomps Kazadi a few times, then went to grab the table. Wolf sets the table up in the corner, leaning it back against the turnbuckle then he turns and glares at Kazadi, who's already pushing himself back onto his feet. Wolf delivers some clubbing shots across the back, just beating Kazadi down through pure force with blow after blow. Parr slides back into the ring, keeping behind Wolf while he continues to pummel Kazadi. Wolf drags him towards the table in the corner and sets him up for a powerbomb but Parr strikes, connecting with a running axehandle to the back of the skull! Parr peppers Wolf with some hard shots then takes him up and over with a german suplex, driving Wolf head-first through the table!

    Langdon Trafford:
    German suplex from the Prodigy and they just obliterated that table!

    Parr crawls out from under Wolf and what's left of the now-destroyed table and quickly gets back onto his feet. He turns his attention to Kazadi and grabs Kazadi by the hair, hauling him back onto his feet. Parr hooks his arms and he connects with the Double underhook backbreaker! Kazadi is down and Parr goes for the cover, hooking the leg high and tight but the referee's still down! Parr slaps three counts a couple times over before standing, frustrated. Wolf is shaking the cobwebs out and Parr decides to go to work on him. A running kick to the chops puts Wolf down to his back once more. Parr drops onto him and laying in right hands. Parr, after a few moments of this, is finally satisfied. He stands quickly, throwing his arms in the air, receiving a mixed reaction. Parr turns and Kazadi lunges! Parr goes to his back and the crowd gets on its feet!

    Piers Gallagher: Never turn your back on Zachary Kazadi!

    Kazadi delivers several solid shots, then rolls off. Sliding out of the ring, he holds his head and tries to regain his composure. Parr is left dazed on the mat. Wolf sits straight up and arena explodes! Blood trickles down Wolf's face, past gnashed teeth, as he climbs to his feet. His eyes are zeroed in on Mike Parr, the fans add a steady stomping to their cheering as Wolf nears his target. The electricity of the crowd is felt as the stomping gets faster and faster with each stalking step. So many fans are in on it, they overpower the sound of those cheering for Kazadi as he climbs to the top turnbuckle from the apron. Wolf doesn't see Kazadi as he begins to steady himself. Instead, he only sees the vulnerable Parr. As the fans explode for the prospective carnage, Wolf hefts Parr to his feet. Kazadi dives off the top, but Wolf grabs Parr and pulls him in front of him! Kazadi NAILS Parr with a flying knee! Wolf steps clear of the collision and grabs Kazadi. Wolf pulls him up and puts a right hand to his jaw. Kazadi takes it. Wolf throws a left, it's blocked! Kazadi hits a quick elbow shot, then jumps onto Wolf wrapping his legs around Wolf's massive torso. With his hands around Wolf's throat, Kazadi begins to squeeze and bite down on his forehead! Wolf stomps frantically back and forth around the ring!

    David Weinstock: Kazadi is going to take Wolf out!

    Wolf turns Kazadi' back toward the corner then barrels in as fast as he can. Kazadi shakes, but doesn't let go. Wolf backs out, then tries again. He still can't shake Kazadi. Backing out again, Wolf turns toward the other corner. Wolf sprints toward it, but Parr comes off the mat with a clothesline into the back of Kazadi! Wolf and Kazadi hit the mat! Parr rolls to the ropes, then uses them to get to his feet, determination painted all over his face.

    Langdon Trafford: Mike Parr kills two birds with one stone! This Prodigy has been impressive!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Mike Parr is impressive every time he steps into an FWA ring, Langdon. That isn't news. What I will say is, he is hungry. Look at his face! He wants to remain the champion!

    David Weinstock:
    Those two guys on the mat may have something to say about that.

    Piers Gallagher: I'm sure they do, but they're not doing much talking knocked silly in the middle of the ring.

    David Weinstock:

    Wolf slides out under the bottom rope, Parr goes in for Kazadi. Parr locks Inverted Sharpshooter on Kazadi. Kazadi struggles, the ref stays unconscious, Wolf goes under the ring. Kazadi struggles. Wolf rummages under the ring, the pulls out what seems to be a table at first... But then he flips it over. It's a long piece of wood with barbed wire stapled to it. The wire was still practically rolled, it was pulled and stapled across the board as haphazzardly as possible. Most likely by some tech at the behest of Wolf moments before the match. Wolf slides the board into the ring, Parr sees it clearly. Wolf tosses a chair over the top rope, then another, and another. The last one comes so close to Parr and Kazadi that Parr releases the hold just in time for a chair to plop onto the head of a fallen Kazadi.

    Langdon Trafford: This has turned into a hardcore match.... no, WOLF has turned this into a hardcore match!!!

    Piers Gallagher: This is Brutalistic Anarchy!!!

    Parr quickly grabs a chair as Wolf slides back into the ring. Parr charges, swinging for Wolf who rolls away in the nick of time! Wolf rolls to his feet and goes to the ropes. He slings back toward Parr, who is brandishing his chair - ready to strike. Wolf stops short and leans back, letting Parr swing and miss a second time. Parr can't recover fast enough and he eats a big boot! Parr falls NEXT TO the barbed wire. Wolf throws a fist in the air, he thought his aim was better. The ref starts to come to, Wolf delivers a stiff kick to the back of his head. The ref goes back down. Wolf turns in time to get his with a quick chairshot to the gut by Parr. Mike uses the chair to get to his feet before bringing it down on Wolf's back. Kazadi starts to get to his feet, Parr stomps over and pops him with the chair. Wolf stands straight, holding his back. Parr charges and BLASTS him with the chair. His aim is better, Wolf falls into the barbed wire!

    David Weinstock: Mike Parr makes sure it all backfires!

    Wolf is having a hard time rolling off the wire. The camera catches him using his fingers to pull barbs from his shoulder, his skin stretching just enough before the metal pops out and the blood oozes forth. Wolf manages to sit up, but with another POP! Parr puts him back down! Kazadi gets to a knee, with a gallop and an underhand swing... POP! Parr lifts the chair high in the air, the only one standing in the center of the ring! The crowd goes crazy!!!

    David Weinstock:
    I gotta be honest, I'd showboat a little too... Putting Wolf and Kazadi down, essentially beating them at their own game, when it looked like it will be match between the two? It's worth a celebration.

    Langdon Trafford:
    But I'm sure you'd agree, David. You can't celebrate too long!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Case in point...

    Wolf is struggling, but he's standing. The barbed wire is coming with him. Barbs stuck in to spots of his back that he can't reach hold strong as staples pop from board. Wolf stands, but he hasn't left the corner yet. Parr takes a couple of steps and winds up, Wolf ducks. The chair hits the top turnbuckle and Wolf fires off the punches! Right hand, right hand, right hand, big boot! Parr is on his back. Wolf grabs a hold of a the wire and yanks hard, pulling it out of his back and causing what's left to slinky back onto the board. Wolf pulls the board up and leans it in the corner, like the table before. A groggy Kazadi is on his feet, shaking his head. Wolf stomps over and hefts him up, getting him in position for a fallaway slam. Kazadi starts to hammer elbows into the back of his head, Wolf lets go! Kazadi lands on his feet and lays in the shots. After a couple of quick hands land flush, Kazadi goes to the ropes and comes back with a swinging neck breaker. Parr is on a knee, Kazadi hops up and charges him. Parr stands, an attempted kick by Kazadi whiffs. Parr swings, but Kazadi blocks. Kazadi swings, Parr blocks. Parr throws a knee into Kazadi's gut, Kazadi doubles over and Parr hits a Tornado DDT! Parr gets to his feet and turns, Wolf grabs him by the throat! Wolf lifts Parr off the ground, kicking and fighting. Holding him by the throat and back, Wolf walks Parr to the corner. The barbed wire waits as Wolf approaches. Parr starts to struggle harder, Wolf is forced to chokeslam him in front of his intended destination. Parr winces and holds his back before sliding from the ring.

    Piers Gallagher:
    Smart move by Parr, getting out to regroup after a devastating Chokeslam by Wolf.

    Parr is shaking his head, Wolf motions from the ring for Parr to get back in. Parr gives him the finger then waves him off. Wolf goes to the ropes on the other side of the ring. Parr looks at the camera, then shouts: No! This is ridiculous! No! He shakes his head and turns to walk away, he doesn't get far... WOLF DIVES OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TACKLES PARR TO THE FLOOR!

    Langdon Trafford:
    OH MY GOODNESS! Mike Parr wanted to walk away, Wolf says: "No!"

    David Weinstock:
    That was insane!

    Wolf and Parr lay on the floor next to the ring. The fans are going crazy, just when you thought they couldn't get louder... Kazadi hops to his feet, scanning the cheering masses. His head darts around inquisitively. A droplet of blood streaks down his head. He slings it to the mat with the sweat in his hair before zeroing in on the recovering Wolf. Kazadi goes to the ropes as Wolf gets to his feet. Wolf takes a step toward the ring and Kazadi hits him with a baseball slide! Wolf is propelled backward into the barricade! Wolf slides to a seated position, the wind taken clean out of him. At this moment, the cameras get a good shot of the bloody mess Wolf has become. His face is covered in crimson, red streaks around his midsection and shoulders - and up the bottoms of both his arms - showcase only the visible barbed wire wounds. When the cameras cut back to the ring, Kazadi has pushed the barbed wire to the side, it lays near the center of the ring now, wire-side-up. Kazadi is perched on the top rope, sizing up Parr. When Parr gets to his groggy feet, Kazadi flies! Kazadi lands on Parr and rides him down. Kazadi is already in a mounted position when the two hit the floor. Kazadi lays in a few lefts and rights, then rolls off Parr. Kazadi zeroes in on Wolf, deciding to hop up and charge the Beast. A split second before impact, Wolf rolls away, Kazadis chest hits the barricade! Kazadi falls to his back. Wolf stands and drops and elbow into his sternum. Kazadi actually cries out! Wolf stands and gets ready to drop another, but is tackled through the barricade! Parr rips and tears at Wolf in the front row. After landing several shots, Wolf blocks one away and follows up with a headbutt that allows him to separate.

    Langdon Trafford: And without any official, this has just turned into a brawl outside of the ring!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Wolf said he wanted a fight, he said Mike Parr and Zachary Kazadi would be in his element, he made sure that happened right off the bat!

    Wolf picks up a chair, closes it and throws it at Parr. Parr knocks it away. The second chair, however, Mike wasn't expecting. It hits him hard in the head, with the edge. Parr goes to a knee, holding his forehead. Wolf tries to capitalize, but Kazadi runs off what's left of the barricade and hits Wolf with an elbow that clears out another section of chairs! The fans scatter like cheering cockroaches! Kazadi wastes no time, he locks Cobra Clutch onto Wolf. Wolf struggles all he can, but eventually his arms go limp. Kazadi still doesn't release the hold. Parr grabs a chair and makes his way to the scene, security clears a path in front of him. Parr brings the hammer down right away. Kazadi releases and rolls away, Wolf takes the brunt of the shot. Parr tosses the chair away as Kazadi charges. Kazadi leaps, but Parr showcases his quickness and weaves away. Parr smiles lifting his hands and using his fingers to beg Kazadi on. Kazadi is more than happy to comply, turning and going for another charge. Parr weaves away again, he and Kazadi begin to circle around the downed Wolf. Parr fakes the first move and Kazadi hops onto the barricade! It starts to give way and Kazadi is forced to dive early. Parr catches him and quickly turns him to get him vertical. With Kazadi in a suplex position, Parr attempts a brainbuster... But Kazadi twists and lands on his feet, keeping hold of Parr's head! Kazadi quickly nails Veteran Driver! Kazadi hops up and the crowd pops! Kazadi picks up Par and throws him back toward the ring. Parr hits the apron and falls. When Kazadi turns Wolf comes off the floor with a clothesline. Kazadi anticipates it and manages to duck. Wolf grabs him as he fall foreword and rolls Kazadi up, knowing well that he can't pin him outside the ring - with no ref - he uses the opportunity to sling himself to his feet. He doesn't stay there long. Coming up awkwardly, Wolf leans too far foreword and hit caught in the face with Parr's boot. Intentional or not, the shot puts Wolf to his back. Parr climbs into the ring, Kazadi grabs a chair and stomps toward Wolf. Kazadi sets the chair up in front of Wolf's face. In the ring, Parr goes to the ropes.

    Langdon Trafford: This is insane!!!

    Kazadi charges and Baseball slides into the chair! Kazadi hops to his feet and rolls into the ring. Kazadi slings Parr into the ropes. Kazadi leans over, telegraphing. Parr stops short, kicks Kazadi in the face, then quickly hooks his arms... Parr lifts and turns slighty... Rolling Cutter onto the barbed wire!

    David Weinstock:
    Oh my God...

    Parr covers out of sheer instinct. It's unclear if he realizes he too is laying on top of the barbed wire. The ref gets to his knees then falls foreword to slap the count. The camera pulls in on the referee as he slaps one.. two... WOLF HITS THE REF WITH A CHAIR!

    Piers Gallagher: HA! I love it! He took him out just as he came back to the match!

    Langdon Trafford: He didn't have a choice, Mike Parr had it right there! Instead, he picks up a near-fall.

    Parr rolls away then scrambles to his feet. He makes a move foreword, but Parr is tired. His move is sloppy. Wolf grabs him by the throat. Kazadi hops up! Wolf grabs Kazdi by the throat. Wolf's wild eyes and grinding teeth are seen through the gore decorating his face. Wolf lifts them both into the air, but - as if on cue - Kazadi and Parr grab his head and shift their weight. They turn a would-be double chokeslam into a double DDT, onto the barbed wire! Wolf rolls off as fast as he can, long tufts of his hair are left behind. He has to pull a strand from his eyebrow to get off entirely. Wolf holds his head and rolls on the mat, kicking his feet. Kazadi grabs Parr and slings him into the nearest corner. Parr hits and slides to a seated position. Kazadi looks at the board, looks at the barbed wire, then picks it up. Stomping to the corner opposite Parr, Kazadi sets the board up. He runs back toward Parr, hitting a sit-out dropkick to keep him down. Kazadi slings himself up, then pulls up Parr. With one motion, Kazadi yanks Parr from the floor, then slings him across to the other corner! Parr hits the barbed wire! Luckily, he's able to turn himself so his back hits. But still, the damage is done. The board bends, but it doesn't break. Parr writhes in pain as he tries frantically to free himself. Kazadi charges, Parr sidesteps, KAZADI GOES HEAD-FIRST THROUGH THE BARBED WIRE! Kazadi hits the ringpost with his head and falls backward into the splinters of the board. The wire is practically wrapped around Kazadi now. Parr looks to follow up, but he's hit with a quick boot from Wolf. Parr collapses against the ropes, Wolf grabs the top rope and gives it a yank, sending Parr to his back! Wolf shoves Kazadi out of the way enough to climb the turnbuckle. Before he does, Wolf grabs a free strand of Barbed Wire. The fans go crazy as Wolf mounts the turnbuckles, stopping to steady himself on the top. The get even louder when they see him start to wrap the barbed wire around his arm.

    Piers Gallagher: No B-S, no color commentary. Honest opinion, I think we've come to the end of this one. Listen to these people, I think they know it too.

    David Weinstock:
    Look at the violence, look at the brutality, look at the carnage... This wasn't even a No DQ match! Blood and chairs and tables and barbed wire, frankly, this should have ended long ago. Could we see a new Champion here? Well, we're about to find out.

    Wolf has the wire wrapped around his whole forearm. With the wrapped hand, he points at Mike Parr. The crowd puts punctuation on a gesture by shouting a nearly-unanimous: "YOU!!" Parr doesn't even notice. He struggles, but staggers up to a standing position. Blood drips down Wolf's arm, to his fist. When he dives off the top rope, he throws his arm out and slings crimson all over the canvas. Wolf hits Parr with a barbed wire wrapped flying clothesline! Parr holds his head as he tries to roll away. Wolf chases him, dropping to his knees next to Parr - who was still on his back. Parr grabs the bottom rope, trying to pull himself up. But Wolf attacks him, using his barbed wire-wrapped forearm to grind into Parr's head! Blood begins to trickle from Parr's forehead, down his face, to the mat. Parr cries out in pain, this only brings a smile to Wolf's face. Behind them, Kazadi is showing signs of life. Wolf pulls his arm away, only for a moment, to survey the damage... Of which there was a little bit. Parr's face wasn't nearly as bloody as his or Kazadi's but Parr couldn't be accused of not shedding anything at all, not by a long shot. The lacerations, made by Wolf, were visible and all along his hair line. There were a could punctures and scratches around his neck and chin - where the clothesline landed. Wolf throws a punch. Kazadi takes it and sways, but doesn't fall. Wolf rears back for another, Wolf kicks him in the midsection. Wolf picks Kazadi up into military press position with nothing left in his tank.

    David Weinstock: He is going for the Final Howl!

    Wolf goes for his finisher, but instead of slamming Kazadi on his back he drops him on his head! He falls down on him. The ref is back to slap: one... two... three!


    Langdon Trafford: And we have a new champion, but at what cost? WOLF JUST MIGHT HAVE BROKE KAZADI'S NECK BEFORE ROLLING HIM OVER FOR THE THREE COUNT!!!

    David Weinstock: That was one Hell of a battle... All three of these men were taken to the limit and beyond, pushed to places they've never been, but when it's all said and done? The only one surviving a brutal display like this is Wolf. Thats what it took to wrest the NA Championship away from Mike Parr... multiple acts of just downright insanity!

    Piers Gallagher: Don't take this away from Mike-

    David Weinstock: Not in a million years, but look at this... Wolf took out the ref first thing, FIRST THING. It takes a lunatic to go the distance in a free-for-all like this. Mike Parr isn't a lunatic, that's for sure. He's cold and calculating at times, sure. But a loony toon? No. The moment Wolf dropped the ref, Wolf got an advantage. Period. But I would never expect him to take it this far with Kazadi. The EMTs are rushing to the ring. He's really hurt, guys, this is no act...

    The cameras cut to ringside to see Mike Parr on his hands and knees, glaring at the small puddle of blood collecting under his face. Parr has more visible bruises than lacerations, but that doesn't mean a damn thing. Dried and wet-drying streaks of blood run down his face from his forehead. He punches the mat covering the floor in total frustration before the camera cuts to Wolf. Wolf pulls himself up, only to drop back to a knee. Wolf is a disgustingly bloody mess as he hangs his head and coughs before spitting across the ring.

    Wolf holds a microphone as he stand in the center of the ring, he's covered in blood.

    Wolf: Call this a Sneak Peak! It's a sneak peek for all of you! it's a Sneak Peak for my title reign! This is me. This is how I live.The King of Carnage, The Baron of Brutality, The High Priest of Pain, The Grand Wizard of Gore AND THE F*CKING PRESIDENT OF NORTH AMERICA. And your blood will not just be a symbol of my reign... But a sacrifice to the old, dark, evil things I worship. Muster very bit of courage. Prepare every bit of fight you have. Then come on down and challenge me for this! You're going to find out that when it's all said and done? When all the glass is broken, all the blood has been spilled... You're going to be left with one thing... Scars like stripes. And I'm going to remain the dominant force of this division. THE PRESIDENT OF THE NORTH F*CKING AMERICA... and there are no elections to stop me...

    Wolf wipes some blood from his face and slides out of the ring. Not for the first time tonight, ring crew members quickly slide in to desperately clean up the mess and switch the canvas in time for the main event.

    Langdon Trafford: 15 months.... 15 months ladies and gentlemen, a historic, almost unbelievable feat by Mike Parr, but unfortunately, it all came to an end tonight, and in a most shocking and brutal way!!

    David Weinstock: WOLF waited 7 years to pick his spot guys, the guy who wasn't even supposed to be in the title match came in and took it all!! WOLF is FWA North American Champion once again!!

    Piers Gallagher: If Mike Parr wants someone to blame for this, it isnt himself, its Zachary Kazadi.

    Langdon Trafford: Ka-who? That name sounds familiar, but I'm afraid I'm drawing a blank, Piers.

    Piers Gallagher: Wait... who was I talking about again?

    David Weinstock: Anyway, we really have witnessed a great show tonight so far, guys, and the main event is coming up!! Its coming up next!!

    Langdon Trafford: You're right on the money as always Dave. Tristan James Galloway, retaining the X Division Championship and ending the X Gauntlet with a bang inside the Clockworth Orange Steel Cage. Then we had an invasion of sorts!! The Echo and the Dirty Fucking Bastards, two tag teams from CWA, invaded Mile High and declared war on the Sin City Vultures!!!


    David Weinstock: Put your tiki torch away Piers and focus on the big picture. This is an absolutely stacked to the gills Tag Tournament the FWA will be hosting! But that starts next Fight Night, what about tonight?? This business between Ty Johnson and Tommy Thunder is far from over, if anything, I think we saw it get kicked up a notch!! Penny seemed to finally put these mindgames with Deception behind her tonight as well! And we can't forget what we saw with Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo as well, guys!! How will those two coexist in the tag league??? I still can't figure out what Ryan Rondo is thinking!!!

    The arena goes dark and the crowd starts cheering, knowing the main event is coming up. The ring crew are done setting up the cables and give the signal that the cell is ready to be lowered. While this technical work goes on, a video plays on the titantron.

    The video opens with a from-the-ring-perspective panorama shot of the Mile High Massacre cage and cable structure, and is set cheekily to an abbreviated version of "Out of the Frying Pan" by Meatloaf.

    The shot suddenly changes to the FWA World Heavyweight Champion standing tall at the Anniversary show.

    Narrator: "Sometimes, timing is everything. The road to the top takes unexpected twist and turns. Where one effort reaches the apex, for others it may simply be a part of the passing through.

    Ladies and Gentleman, the Apex of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance!!"


    A montage of Shannon O'Neals greatest FWA moments are shown.

    Narrator: "By dethroning Cyrus Truth at the 12th Anniversary Show, Shannon O'Neal catipulted herself into the history books as the 36th FWA World Champion. But to prevent there from being a 37th, she will have to emulate another feat of Cyrus Truth: defending the title in Mile High Massacre!!!"

    The montage switches to footage of past MHM events before an extended look at the successful title defense from Mile High 2016.


    Narrator: "As fate would have it, Cyrus Truth will also be a part of Mile High 2017!! Wronged by Shannon O'Neal and having the title taken away from him, The Exiles desire for vengeance against Shannon is palpable and unhidden!! But will the desire to put hands on the Champion at Mile High Massacre open the door to another World Title reign for Cyrus Truth as well? Will the glimmer of gold be enough to subdue the The Exiles rage???

    But Cyrus Truth is far from the only one who is gunning for the gold at Mile High Massacre!!"


    Narrator: "She currently walks in the shadow of Shannon O'Neal, but the dream of being World Champion has never been a secret! One must ask themselves whether Bell Connelly has finally run out of chances in FWA, and whether now, when a golden oppurtunity at Mile High presents itself, she will once again defer to the World Champion or compete to take the long-coveted World Championship for herself!"


    Narrator: "But Bell and Shannon are not the only tangled alliance with dual passage into Mile High Massacre!! Enter the subject of the Phillip A. Jackson Project, Michael Garcia!! Is he truly reformed? Is he truly transformed? What isn't in doubt is that Mile High 2017 represents the best shot at World Championship glory that the long-tenured big man has ever received!!


    Narrator: "And what of the team lead, the scientist-in-chief, the man tasked with recalibrating a monster into a project?? Phillip A. Jackson, no stranger to the World Championship, finds himself with a chance at Mile High to become a 3-time World Champion!! Will such an allure be enough to put the project on hold??"


    Narrator: "And finally, a young supernova has crashed the Mile High Party! Who would've thought even mere months ago that the Restarrted One would be a hop and a climb away from the World Championship? Yet with the wind in his sails and a victory in the qualifiers, Starr stands poised to shock the world and seize the championship!!"

    As the music winds down, the screen breaks off into 6 sections, with Shannon being the prominent one in the center, with Starr and Cyrus on the left, PAJ and Garcia on the right, and Bell under Shannons frame.

    Narrator: "6 hearts, 6 souls!! 6 treasures of FWA who have agreed to put their bodies and careers on the line in pursuit of greatness, glory, and the right to be called FWA World Champion! 6 competitors who will brave Mile High Massacre in order to prove themselves as worthy of being the apex of the wrestling world!!"

    The video ends by going back to the panoramic shot of the Mile High Massacre structure from the in-ring view, but this time, the World Championship belt is hanging in the middle of the cables, gleaming in the center of the screen.

    Narrator: "The stage is set. The competitors are ready. The waiting is over.




    "Monster" by Imagine Dragons begins playing as the crowd welcomes "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia out to the stage. Garcia looks ever-so confident, although not in his past cocky manner. He looks thankful to be here, and he storms to the ring with his large stature and enters the cell door as the announcing team hypes his chances.

    Langdon Trafford: Michael Garcia is the biggest, strongest person in this match. And that counts for something. I don't know how anyone can take him down.

    Piers Gallagher: Phillip A. Jackson's pet project is on a mission, and he could make his first singles title in the FWA the Undisputed World Championship!

    David Weinstock: But Jacksons in the match too!! How is that going to play out?

    "Universe on Fire" by Gloryhammer is next, and the crowd welcomes the two-time FWA World Champion with a resounding applause. Jackson, a mainstay veteran here in the FWA, eyes Garcia and smiles. He enters the ring, and takes a spot right next to the 5-inches-taller Garcia.

    Piers Gallagher: That is one of many unknowns entering this one, but even though I've gone on record as thinking this is the height of lunacy from Phillip, I think he means it when he says it!! Garcia is his little pet project, and push comes to shove, Phillip will be a soldier for the cause!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Look, Jackson is sneaky. He's crafty. Maybe the craftiest of anyone in this match. And all you have to do is climb the cell and get the belt. He COULD do it.

    Smoke rises from the entrance way as guitars begin to build up the music, fans in the arena begin to clap in time to music, strobing lights fill the arena. "The Past Should Stay Dead"'s first lyrics blare out.


    When the instruments come back in Starr emerges from the smoke arms spread out. He looks out to the fans, pumps himself and the crowd up, and raises his fists in the air. He walks to the ring slapping hands and occasionally to stopping for a selfie with a fan. He slides into the ring and stands in the middle of the ring waiting for the next big moment in his song. He opens his arms wide and he is quickly showered in streamers. He throws up the peace sign. He smiles at the fans cheering for him and climbs the turnbuckle to look out at the audience.

    Langdon Trafford: The ultimate underdog! Starr beat "The Wildcard" Jason Randall on the last Fight Night to earn his spot in this match. The question is whether he can pull it off. More and more fans are behind the idea of him winning it tonight!

    David Weinstock: Last year, we saw Mike Parr become a bona-fide star in this match, and speaking of stars, now Starr is in that spot!!! But does he have the experience to pull it off in Mile High Massacre, does he have that killer instinct in him to survive and win this type of match???

    "Tell the World" by Eric Hutchinson begins and the crowd gives out a loud burst of cheers and screams. Bell Connelly comes skipping out to the top of the stage with a smile from ear to ear. The lovable, silly, childish character happily glides her way to the ring to join the other three.

    Langdon Trafford: Bell might be the most conflicted person in this match. Shannon pledged her friendship is real. She has told Bell the tag team is on. But Shannon is also a vile, manipulative woman and Bell doesn't know whether to trust her. Or whether the idea of "loyalty" should block Bell from trying to win. Should she try and help Shannon win?!

    Piers Gallagher: Bell is in a tough spot, but I think deep down, Chokerella knows that being Shannons loyal squire is the best its gona get!! She's finally accepted the role of the bridesmaid!! If she was smart she'd be selfish, but we all know Bell has got pop rocks for brain cells anyway!

    Langdon Trafford: Jesus Piers, keep that garbage to yourself. Bell Connelly has as much ability and as much of a chance to win as the other competitors in this match. Its all up to her!!

    "Subconscious Entry Version" by Julia Claris begins with a soft, slow violin chord. The black scene turns into a red bowl of fury as Cyrus Truth emerges to a resounding cheer from the anti-hero fans in the arena. The former FWA Undisputed World Champion looks to be all business. He walks to the ring and steps in, and everyone's eyes are on him. Bell, especially, is warily watching her former rival from a year ago stand just 5 feet from her and facing the trio of Starr, Garcia, and Jackson on the opposite end of the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth is 0 for 2 against Shannon O'Neal, but she doesn't have to beat Shannon tonight. She just has to be quicker up the cage than her — and everyone else.

    Piers Gallagher: As much as Cyrus dislikes these types of matches, these specialty, circus-freak matches, he is very good at them. He won last year's Mile High. He survived Trial By Fire against KAIZEN a year ago. So he can win this. I believe it. But Shannon must be in his head by now. He's cunning, but she has been MORE cunning so far. And that must irk The King.

    There's a long stretch of silence, for what feels like a minute but is actually just 10 seconds. The crowd's buzzing rises to a boiling point as everyone is waiting. The five in the ring are half-perplexed and half ready to begin. Right before punches are thrown ...

    The crowd gives a heavily negative reaction — although there are a few smarky cheers from some of the older fans, male and female — and Shannon O'Neal slowly, meticulously, strategically walks to the ring. The FWA World Championship is on her shoulder. She lets off a smirk as the crowd sends hate mail her way, to no bother for her. She has her eyes locked on the cage and four of the five inside. Bell and Cyrus are now looking her up and down, with Bell glancing Cyrus' way every so often. Garcia and Jackson are strategizing on the other side, and Starr is impatiently waiting against the turnbuckle.

    Langdon Trafford: That's Shannon's style. She MADE people wait, just a liiiiiittle longer.

    David Weinstock: Kind of like a brat showing off...

    Piers Gallagher: You call it a brat, I and many others call it smart!! She is calculated. She is a genius. She is one step ahead ... all the time. And she already has 10 moves planned out before you think of your first three.

    Langdon Trafford: That might be true, but she went about it the wrong way. And she showed her hand.

    Piers Gallagher: Or so she makes you believe. Maybe she has ANOTHER twist.

    David Weinstock: I don't think we can handle any more twists tonight, guys.

    Shannon hands the belt to the waiting referee, who hands it to a ring attendant. It's then moved up the top of the cage and tied up to the top, hanging from it about 20 feet from the ring canvas. Shannon watches this happen as she stands on one side, next to Bell Connelly. Cyrus is on the other side of Bell, glaring daggers at the ignorant Shannon (she knows he is but is ignoring him). Garcia, Jackson, and Starr all stare at Shannon from the other side. She lowers her head, looks at all five, and then smirks as she catches Bell's eyes.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon thinks she's walking out of here the FWA World Champion. She truly thinks Bell will help her.

    Piers Gallagher: I think Bell thinks she'll help Shannon, too!

    Mile High Massacre Match (Hell in the Cell-Ultimate X-Ladder-Match combo)
    FWA World Championship
    Shannon O'Neal (c) vs. Cyrus Truth vs. Bell Connelly vs. Phillip A. Jackson vs. "The Carnegie Carnivore Michael Garcia vs. Starr

    When the bell rings, everyone stays in their position for about 10 seconds. No one really moves. Shannon looks confident. Cyrus is looking across the ring, where the trio on the other side look back. Bell is glancing at just about everyone.

    Suddenly, Cyrus walks slowly to the other side, stops in the middle of the ring, and turns around to face Shannon and Bell. Garcia walks forward, as does Phillip A. Jackson. Then Starr. Four people looking at Shannon, and Bell is standing about 3 feet from her. Shannon sees the group turn on her and quickly dodges the ring before Cyrus can get her. Cyrus runs out of the ring, where Shannon tries to throw a right hand but misses. Cyrus shoves Shannon backwards into the nearby cell cage. Bell is torn as Garcia, Starr, and Jackson exit the ring and are about to gang up on Shannon, to the crowd's approval. But before anything can happen, Bell leaps over the ropes and takes Jackson and Cyrus out with a flying double clothesline! Garcia stumbles back when Jackson's falling body hits him, and Starr does the same when Cyrus falls. The crowd cheers Bell's leap but then boos her helping Shannon, who has a sly smirk on her face.

    Piers Gallagher: Bell is right by Shannon's side. I knew she would understand her role and place in all this!!!!!

    Shannon goes to work with some kicks to Jackson, and Bell lands an open-hand slap to Cyrus. Then Shannon lands a big right hand pop to Garcia's jaw and Bell a spin kick to Starr's stomach. Shannon walks Garcia around the ring with more mid-section punches and Bell continues the work on Starr with some knife-edge chops to the chest, making it a tomato-red color. Shannon is blindsided by Jackson, and Bell has the same done by Cyrus. Now the numbers have reversed as Garcia tosses Shannon into the cell cage and Jackson lands a snap suplex.

    Cyrus lands an atomic drop and Starr hits one of his elbow smash moves.

    Starr then slaps Cyrus on the chest and points in the direction of Garcia and Jackson! He urges them to team up and blindside The Project, and Cyrus nods his head. When Starr goes first, though, Cyrus blindsides him with a wicked forearm to the upper spine. Then a shoulder breaker and a face smash into the side of the cell cage! Garcia begins climbing the side of the cell and Jackson quickly grabs him by the leg and pauses him.

    Langdon Trafford: Uh-oh! Did Jackson just stop Garcia from trying to win?!

    David Weinstock: So much for your prediction, Piers.

    Garcia hops back to the floor and raises his arms in the air. Jackson quickly apologizes and says, "Natural instinct! Natural instinct!" But when Garcia tries climbing the cage a second time, Cyrus immediately stops him with a running forearm to the lower back. Another one to Jackson puts both members of The Project on their heels. Garcia quickly headbutts Cyrus to stymie him briefly, but Cyrus stomps on Garcia's foot and hits a big uppercut to the chin. Bell then is up and lands a running low dropkick that puts Jackson down to his knees.

    Shannon rakes Starr's eyes on the opposite side of the ring and whips him hard into the nearby cage cell. Then she charges forward but Starr flips her back-first into the cell cage! Starr then begins climbing up the side of the cell and reaches about halfway until Bell grabs his foot. Starr grabs hard on the cage cell to stay up but Bell keeps pulling. Shannon then grabs the other foot and pulls. Finally, Starr loses his grip and falls down, stumbling on his feet. Shannon and Bell begin kicking Starr's gut before landing a double snap suplex that flips Starr back first into the cell cage. Cyrus walks around the corner but Bell and Shannon charge at him. Cyrus ducks but Bell and Shannon double kick him in the ribs. Then a double DDT to the floor outside the ring.

    Both of them slide into the ring, where Jackson and Garcia do the same. The Project gets the upper hand with a big boot from Garcia to Bell and sidewalk slam from Jackson to Shannon.

    Langdon Trafford: The Project is working well together! Mike Garcia could win it tonight!

    Jackson works on Shannon with a dropkick to the knee and an enzuiguri. Garcia hits a spinning sidewalk slam to the much-smaller Bell as The Project looks in control. Cyrus and Starr hit the ring as Cyrus distracts them and Starr hits a flying knee strike that takes down Garcia! Jackson turns to see Starr, and Cyrus capitalizes after Jackson turns his back on him with a running neckbreaker!

    Starr hits a backstabber to Garcia and rolls out of the ring. Cyrus hits a fisherman's suplex on Jackson and turns to see Starr trying to climb the cage!

    Langdon Trafford: OH MY! Starr is trying to win it!

    David Weinstock: That instinct is kicking in right now!! He's going for it all!!!!!!!

    Starr gets about two-thirds of the way up when Cyrus begins climbing after him. Starr reaches the top and begins climbing across. Cyrus gets to about three-fourths and grabs Starr by the tights. Starr tries to get free, but it doesn't work out. Shannon and Bell climb up, too, and they're able to pull Starr down until he's hanging by his hands. Finally, Garcia yanks him down into position for a powerbomb and throws him into the turnbuckle!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Garcia's power on display here! He is in the best spot to win this!

    Jackson rattles the cage hard and Bell and Shannon kick Cyrus in the ribs, causing him to lose his grip and fall. Shannon then leaps off the side of the cage and takes Jackson out with a flying forearm! That leaves Bell on the cage, but Garcia quickly grabs her by the legs and pulls her down. Bell tries an open-hand slap but Garcia blocks it. Shannon tries to throw a hard right hand pop to the jaw but Garcia catches HER hand. The crowd cheers as Garcia lets their hands go and Cyrus tries a sneak attack. But Shannon and Bell duck. Garcia then hits a big spinebuster as Cyrus gets slammed back first into the outside padded floor.

    Shannon and Bell double-team spear Garcia with force into the nearby ring post! The crowd boos as Garcia goes down to a kneeling position. Starr, though, hits a running kick to the stomach of Shannon. Then he flips Bell to the ground but Shannon lands a WICKED right-hand punch to the jaw. Starr stumbles back and Shannon smashes Starr's face into the side of the cage but Starr suddenly elbows and does his "Sweat the Technique" combination with a senton to finish! When he sees Jackson, it's the Starrstruck superkick to the chest! The crowd goes WILD as Jackson falls backwards. Cyrus hits Wanderer's Wrath running knee strike on Starr, who crumbles. But Bell hits her Glitterbomb Codebreaker on Cyrus! The crowd is stunned into a frantic cheer as Bell finds a ladder underneath the ring. The crowd is wildly cheering as Garcia comes to his feet. Bell slides into the ring and sets up the ladder, and Garcia steps over the ropes. His boot try misses as the chair is kicked over. Bell tries her running handspring elbow to the face but Garcia catches her around the waist and throws her backwards with a big suplex. Then he sets her up for the triple powerbomb "Three Rivers Bomb"! But Shannon O'Neal enters the ring and lands a big right-hand punch to the jaw. Garcia stumbles backwards but her second try misses. Garcia flips Shannon over the ropes and down to the outside floor!

    Bell is able to SMASH Garcia in the face with the ladder, sending him through the middle and top ropes! The crowd cheers again as Bell sets up the ladder immediately. When she begins climbing, slowly, Starr begins climbing up the side of the cage. Frantically. The crowd cheers as Starr reaches the corner. Bell gets close to the top rung and reaches, but she can't get there. Starr begins climbing arm-by-arm atop the cage and gets about halfway before swinging himself and trying to kick the ladder off its legs! The crowd cheers as Starr continues trying this tactic. Bell blocks him once. Starr climbs closer to the belt and Bell goes up another rung. When she reaches, Starr wraps his legs around Bell's neck like he's going to do a hurricarana! Bell grabs the top cell of the cage to keep her balance on the ladder. Starr keeps trying but finally Bell is able to lift her legs up and kick Starr in the face, right in the nose and jaw! The crowd watches as Starr's leg grip loosens and he falls from the top of the cell and crashes down!

    Bell hangs on and finds a way to bring his feet back to the second-to-last rung. The crowd is cheering as Bell is atop the ladder and reaches up and grabs the cell. Right before she grabs the belt, we hear a voice scream "BELL!"

    Langdon Trafford: OH MY! OH...Shannon is up!

    Shannon O'Neal is standing on the apron of the ring. She's looking up at Bell on top of the cell. The crowd is chanting for Bell to grab the belt, and Shannon gives an eyes-wide-open look that is half fear and half a parent silently ordering their child not to do something. Shannon doesn't move an inch, though. Bell looks down at Shannon for those moments, then sees Phillip A. Jackson slide into the ring, and quickly unlocks the belt and grabs it!!!

    Piers Gallagher: BELL! HOW ...

    David Weinstock: SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: SHE DID IT!!!!!!!

    Shannon O'Neal is frozen on the apron. Bell Connelly looks down at the championship in her hands with a look of disbelief. Her mouth is agape and her eyes wide open. And finally, she realizes the reality of her long-term dreams coming true and lets out the biggest yelp and smile!!!

    Winner and NEW FWA Undisputed World Champion: Bell Connelly


    David Weinstock: She didn't choke this time, did she, Piers??? My word, what a match, what a result..... just wow.

    The crowd is cheering as Bell stays frozen, breathing heavily, with a smile as big as the sun. She loses herself to the moment, lifting the belt into the air. Shannon, too, is frozen as she looks up at the celebratory Bell with heavy breathing and a non-expressive face.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentleman, we have all just witnessed the culmination of a journey that began over two years ago, a journey that has been marked by so many public and personal disappointments, but tonight... tonight, here, at Mile High 2017, all the setbacks, all the bitterness, all of it has been washed away, as Bell Connelly, yes, THAT Bell Connelly, has achieved what many thought was an impossible dream!! Starr gave her a mighty scare at the end, and did himself immense credit in his own bid to capture the title, but Bell Connelly was not going to be denied this time!! Shannon O'Neal, dethroned by her own comrade and soon-to-be partner in the Worlds Strongest Tag Team Tournament. This is not fake news, folks, this is not a drill.... Bell Connelly is the FWA World Champion....


    Garcia is up on the outside. Jackson is standing in the ring looking at the scene, frustrated as he looks at a disappointed Garcia on the outside. Starr is still down from the fall. The live camera moves around to look for Cyrus, but oddly Cyrus Truth is nowhere to be seen, as if he has already slipped away. The lasting image is Shannon looking up and Bell holding the prize she's sought for so long near the top of the Mile High Massacre cell, hugging the belt, caressing the belt, as the sold-out Pepsi center below cheers the historic moment.
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    Great shit as always, and I definitely didn't really see Bell Connelly being the one to walk out victorious. Congratulations to Galloway, Wolf, and Connelly.

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    Good show. Congrats to the winners.

    Tommy and I tying was the best thing to happen for the feud. It really builds the hype even more for our next match, especially because we didn't have a lot of build up prior to the first one.

    Also so glad Bell is champion. She is by far my favorite in FWA right now. It's well deserved, and the promo was award winning material.

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    Shannon didn't die in the cage. Cyrus is displeased .

    Great show all around, and congrats to AON on another World Title to his e-fed career. Well done, son.

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    Wolf won! Hell Fuckin Yeah!.

    Also congrats to every other winner too. Really good well written matches

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    Great show everybody! I gotta up my game.

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang

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    And so begins the era of Bell. Congrats to AON on the huge win. Well deserved, kid.

    Congrats to Wolf for recapturing FWA gold. Super excited to see what this reign has in store for you.

    Big thanks to Shake for an incredibly well executed match. Just great writing from top to bottom and the build towards the finish was textbook. Rondo vs Kennedy has been a very fun feud for me and I'm definitely interested in seeing how all this plays out in the Worlds Strongest tag team tourney.

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    Did not really plan to win the NA title. Not sure myself what to do with it I am a Grandslam champion

    One of the greatest PPVs I can think of. So much stories went on. When you a PPV you just have big mathes with nothing going on and this Tag team tournament has sooo much potential. I have never expected it to be this big. Why aren't the tag titles on the line? I am of course cheering for Sin City Vultures in this one.

    I also like that pictures and little introductions were added and the matches and the commercial for parodies of WWE netwirk shows.

    The best written match has to go to Kennedy vs. Rondo

    Reading the promos I knew that there was no way in hell she will not win and I still hoped Starr will do it. i am cheering for Starr to win CC if it is happening that would be a blast. Congratulations are in order for Bell.
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    Congratulations to Gambit! for a successful defence The match was hard hitting, but not overly long because realistically, I don't think it would have a 25 minute classic. That being said, it was fun to read and I hope it came off well.

    -Holy shit this tag tourny, it's actually insane how packed it is, and it's honestly impossible to pick out a fav

    Rondo Vs Kennedy. This match. Holy fucking shit. The match of the night. It was so well written Breathtaking foreshadowing and storytelling. Honestly.

    -Well, shit I honestly thought Starr had it with his promo so this was a total shock to the system. Thanks to the judges for giving me a nod and congrats to everyone involved. Starr. You are a Starr. Main event next BIB. Lock. But yeah, this is pretty surreal considering -As I keep saying- Bell Connelly was never in a million years meant to be taken seriously. I just got back to E-fedding after a bout with depression and I say the female roster looking a little thin and I thought "Meh, I might as well, write silly things with a silly wrestler and be a jobber to the stars" What a weird journey from that. Like seeing Santino win the World Heavyweight title. So if nothing else this is a victory for "For god sake it's E-Fed don't take it seriously. have fun with it." mentality

    And certainly going forward it'll be interesting how this effects the tag series. Because if wrestling has taught us anything a heel losing a belt to his/her partner will always get over it fast and be happy for their buddy >>

    Overall, the PPV was really good and brilliantly paced. There wasn't a time where all the segments were clumped together, and it flowed really well. Great job everyone!
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Congrats AON.

    WOLF's return feels solidified now. Well done man.

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    Hell of a show, kudos to all those that made it possible.

    Congrats to AON, well deserved win there my friend. Congrats to WOLF on becoming a grand slam champion, and congrats to Galloway on a successful title defense. That was one crazy match, can't wait to roll with you all again. Tag team tournament should be fun, loving the name "Mad Kingdom". The presentation of this show was excellent as well, loved the little things meant to be like something on the WWE network.

    Also, RIP Kazadi.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    we forgot to note show credits in the main post, but a big thank you to TGO, WOLF and Jimmy King for aiding us with the match writing. Also, big thank you to ONAM and Wolf for providing graphics for the show, it really enhanced the presentation imo.

    as always, in addition to those who have already graciously outlined their thoughts above, all feedback/critiques/suggestions on how to improve the product for any part of the show are welcome and encouraged.
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    I have completed Grandslam in 2012

    Hmmm... I have no critique for you when it comes to the show. Next time I could do graphic for every match if you tell me everyone's base picture.
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    ^ goes for me too


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    Let us work on getting HOF plaquest together first. I could not work with photoshop back then and it looks like shit
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    Congrats to all match writers, all segment writers and every match winner in this fantastic show. Especially AON, it was a long time coming, totally deserved it.

    Can't say my block doesn't scare me, wow, the whole tournament is packed. Seems like AON can't get enough of me that he actually entered the tournament with two teams. Good luck to everyone in the tournament.
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