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    NXT Takeover Special NXT TakeOver: Chicago Review

    NXT TakeOver: Chicago
    May 20, 2017

    Roderick Strong vs Eric Young w/Sanity
    The story of the match focused on Strong dealing with an interfering Sanity. Initially, Strong found great success in this unofficial three-on-one handicap match by attacking Sanity by surprise during his entrance. This continued until Killian Dain managed to hit a running crossbody on the outside. The commentators tried to claim that the referee didn’t see it due to attending to Strong in the ring, but it literally happened right in front of him. At best, maybe Drake Younger’s peripheral vision has been impaired due to years of deathmatch wrestling. This interference allowed for Young to go on the offense with Alexander Wolfe getting in his own shots at interfering behind the ref’s back as well. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed the match when Wolfe and Dain were involved, the actual action between Strong and Young didn’t do much for me. The match only went fourteen minutes, but it felt a lot longer to the point where I’m just wanting to see Strong have to deal with the rest of Sanity again. Luckily, once Strong makes his comeback and does counter interference, even using Young to knock Wolfe off of the apron, the enjoyment drastically increases before Strong finishes Young off with a flipping backbreaker. I would have enjoyed this more had it just been an exciting sprint with Sanity interfering the entire time before Strong won the match in half of the time. When it was good, it was quite good though. ***

    The following match review was originally posted in my ‘WWE UK Championship Title Defenses Review’ thread back in mid September 2017.

    Tyler Bate © vs Pete Dunne - WWE UK Title
    NOOOOOOOOO! Those WWE bastards altered Tyler Bate’s theme song! This is why we can’t have any nice things. As a reminder, this was a rematch of the UK Title Tournament Finals where Bate beat Dunn despite a bad shoulder injury. Since then, Dunne earned this title shot by defeating Trent Seven in a #1 Contender’s Match. The one “Negative” of the match is that the story wasn’t as good as their previous match that was built all around the injured shoulder. Instead, the strength of this match comes from having the big match feel to it.The crowd felt bigger and there seemed to be far bigger moves displayed in this match. The fist fight was great. There was a big sequence with Dunne countering Tyler Driver ‘97 into an attempted Bitter End, but Bate countered THAT into a Tornado DDT. In today’s edition of “What new move will Tyler Bate bust out?” was the reveal of the Spiral Tap. For a guy who doesn’t typically wrestle as a high flyer, Bate is fully capable of busting them out when he chooses. Perhaps what I loved most was the finish. It was so simple and more importantly, it made sense. Bate attempted the suicide dive to the outside, but Dunne avoided it. With Bate crashing and burning, Dunne tossed Bate back into the ring and delivered the Bitter End to score the pinfall to become the NEW WWE UK Champion. I feel as if the vast majority of times that spot would be performed, it’d just lead to a nearfall in order to keep the match going and for us to witness several finisher kicks outs. Not here though. Dunne wasn’t trying to hit some fancy moves or anything like that. He knew Bate was in serious trouble so Dunne immediately attempted to finish the match. A very physical match that had a big fight feel, but also a match that was smartly worked. Easily the best WWE UK match I’ve seen thus far. **** ½

    Asuka © vs Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot - NXT Women’s Title
    Originally announced to be a four-way with Ember Moon before Moon’s injured shoulder forced her out of the match. Based on the pre-match video, I’m given the impression that Asuka’s heel turn was basically just the result of Asuka realizing that she was so dominant in the NXT Women’s division that she stopped giving a fuck to treat any of these women, that weren’t in her league, any respect. If that’s the case, I kinda love that concept. Right away, my main criticism for this match, as it is for every triple threat, was the infrequency of involving spots with all three women. I don’t get why the WWE loves running triple threats and then treating such matches as multiple singles matches. The actual action was fun though. The highlights involved any time when intelligence was shown involving Asuka. Whether that meant Asuka playing possum in order to roll counter a Riot top rope senton into an Asuka Lock attempt or Cross pulling the ring apron away from the ring to trap Asuka. Granted, I am watching this in November, so I know that Asuka doesn’t lose, but I can’t say there was a single time when I felt as if Riot or Cross had the possibility of winning. The finish sees Riot countering a Cross fisherman’s suplex (I guess?) into a Pele kick that the commentators flat out state was poorly connected with Asuka then killing Riot with a shining wizard during the cover. Riot sells it beautiful, looking as if she was legitimately knocked out. Asuka then pins both women for the dominant victory. Asuka beating the fuck out of lesser women will always be entertaining. Match was just okay though. ***

    Bobby Roode (c) vs Hideo Itami - NXT Title
    Damn, Itami has been in NXT forever. At this point, he’s a seventeen year veteran and at various points of his career, was one of the best in the world. Is he gaining anything from remaining in NXT rather than seeing if he can be in any way, shape, or form a success on the main roster? I get he’s dealt with a lot of injuries since signing with the WWE, but look at all of the talent that was signed after him, but have already made their main roster debut. At some point, you either have to throw him on the main roster to float or sink or just give up entirely on the guy. With all of that ranting (?) aside, this was a really good, if not great, match. I’m a sucker for limb work so I was totally pleased with Itami having a bad knee while Roode had a bad shoulder. Roode’s injury particularly stood out since it’s rare to see a heel sell an injury. Ironically, it reminded me of Rick Rude and his tendency to sell the back or the arm in some of his matches, most notably against the Ultimate Warrior. Unlike in the Women’s Title match, I completely bought into the idea that Itami may be winning the NXT Title. The action only got better the longer it went on with Itami kicking out of a Glorious DDT and Roode rolling out of the ring after he was hit with a Go 2 Sleep. That’s another thing I’m a total sucker for. That heartbreaking moment when a face hits their finisher, but the heel, whether on purpose or accidentally, rolls out of the ring to prevent the pinfall. The action continued until Roode countered a G2S into a Glorious DDT, but held onto Itami to roll into position for a second Glorious DDT to get the victory. A hell of a match that had a lot going for it. It partially amazes me that after this great performance, Itami is still stuck in NXT purgatory as of November 2017. ****

    The Authors of Pain © w/Paul Ellering vs DIY - Ladder Match - NXT Tag Titles
    First time seeing AoP in action and the first time (I think?) seeing Gargano or Ciampa in NXT. DIY is an unique team in that at one point, Ciampa was one of my favorites on the indies while Gargano was one of my least favorites. I would think that because this match received so much praise when this match first happened, that it made my expectations too high to achieve, but you could claim that the same thing can be said about Bate/Dunne, but I loved that match. This match never seemed to escalate. It was all kinda slow going with the crowd only caring at a few big moments in the match, such as when Gargano was alone on the ladder late in the match. AoP did a good enough job in this match. I wouldn’t say they were great, but they seemed perfectly fine. The big emotional moment of the match of Gargano pushing Ciampa out of the way of a ladder strike by AoP was ruined by the fact that AoP took forever to actually hit Gargano with the ladder. Seriously, why didn’t he just move out of the way? I did like the fact that this match reminded me of the Ultimate X Match with Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels from 2006 where you have this dominant force (Joe/AoP) not in this comfort zone with the gimmick match (Ultimate X/Ladder), allowing for them to be at a disadvantage while the opponents are actually the favorites here. It’s a perfectly good match without ever approaching really good or even great status. AoP would win after catching DIY at the top of the ladders and destroying them with the Super Collider. AoP would then climb up the ladder and retrieve their tag titles to win the match. I do appreciate that this was deemed worthy of being the main event after the initial TakeOver events having such meaningless tag titles matches. *** ½

    After the match, DIY receive a good reaction from the crowd as they make their way up the entrance way. Just as the credits graphic comes on the screen, Ciampa turns on Gargano, attacking his former partner. This goes on forever until Ciampa finishes Gargano off with a Celtic Cross off of the entrance way through a table. Ciampa stands tall as the TakeOver goes off of the air. Well, this certainly lost a lot of its impact due to Ciampa’s injury prevented anything from happening with this heel turn. In hindsight, had you known that Ciampa would have went out with an injury, it would have made more sense to run with the heel turn after Ciampa returned and teamed with Gargano at some big event, whether a TakeOver or a PPV. Still, I would say this was better than even Kevin Owen’s turn on Sami Zayn back at TakeOver: R-Evolution due to the fact that it would have made perfect sense for this to have been DIY’s final NXT match before being called up to the main roster.

    It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve watched a TakeOver (In reality, only since December 2016), but it’s nice to see that the quality has remained high. The WWE UK Title match is simply great. Although it no longer is, it was once my MOTY, and like it did for yours truly, should entice you to watch more of Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne. Both men are fantastic and with my growing experience of PROGRESS, I can accurately state that this wasn’t just some rare one hot night for them. They’re both among the best in the world with Bate currently holding my MOTY with Travis Banks. The NXT Title match completely over delivered in my eyes. The match did a great job in not being entirely predictable. Everything else managed to be good without being very noteworthy. It seems as if I’m underrating the main event (It won’t be a TakeOver unless Jim is underrating one match), so chances are if you haven’t seen it, you will enjoy it more than I did. Both the women’s title match and Strong/Young was good too for what they were. Admittedly, I have not watched it yet, but I can’t imagine how the main roster’s big show of Smackdown’s Backlash, the following night, can in any way compare to TakeOver: Chicago. If you’ve been foolish enough not to watch Dunne/Bate yet, go out of your way to watch it whenever you can.

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    Re: NXT TakeOver: Chicago Review

    It was only when I got to your review of AOP/Ciampa and Gargano that I realised you skipped more than a year in your Takeover reviews so you missed the awesome year of tag team title matches in 2016 NXT. Obviously that ladder match isn't going to seem as impressive if that's the first time you've seen either team when it's meant to be their blow off/final opportunity match.

    Dunne/Bate is aces and it's great to see two local lads that over on an international stage.

    Hideo Itami would go on to have the best couple of months in NXT that he's ever had after this match as he turns heel and becomes the cocky, aggressive KENTA he used to be. You may remember at Wrestlemania 31 Hideo was put into the Andre battle royal and some stuff was filmed for a documentary, I'm certain he would of been called up in 2015 if he didn't pick up that nasty injury. I think he's about to be called up finally, although most likely on 205 Live.

    Watch Asuka/Nikki Cross Last Man Standing from NXT TV. That'll float your boat more than more multi-women matches.

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    Re: NXT TakeOver: Chicago Review

    Nikki Cross vs Asuka in the LWS matches were amazing and really good. The crowd are a bit queit but that doesn't take away from it being a gem from NXT.

    Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne. I was really shocked that they had the match they did. Every time I saw them before this they were good but the match was on another level. The emotion of the crowd, the work from Dunne, the determination from Bate. Very good.

    Itami vs Roode was really god as well, Itami this year has fully recovered and gotten back to his best and I have big hopes for him if he get's called up next year.

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    Re: NXT TakeOver: Chicago Review

    I honestly think this is my favorite Takeover special. Every match is good at the least and it was so eventful.

    Bate/Dunne is still my MOTY.
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