Sayer - I agree with Cocks, this is definitely one of the best promos you've come out with. I really enjoyed the first half flashback parts with Momma Garcia. I felt like the dialog in that scene flowed so well, and I could really picture it in my head. The only problem is, and I struggle with this myself while doing flashbacks, is you have to split the promo in two halves. Then one half is solely on the character, and the other half your opponent finally gets mentioned. The second half of the promo ended up sounding more like a generic FWA promo. But the first half was incredibly strong and fun to read. I think a better format would've been to section it out. One half of the flash back opens the promo, then cut to 2017, then cut to 2001, then go to the second half of 2017. But that's just my opinion, I think others could say they don't like that format because it jumps around too much. But good work here I enjoyed it.