Bell Connelly: Your ability to capture the playful and childlike side of Bell is amazing. Her playing with the toys in a fun and child like way and then making the scene into the actual story of what's going on with Bell and her match was SO creative. This in fact was one of the most creative promos I have read here in a while. The only thing, and this is just my opinion and probably pretty easy to disagree with, but I think you should've made the entire promo stay in this childlike imagination perspective. I thought the air got sucked out whenever Bell backed away and started being serious. However I do understand that it was important for the character, but to me it would have been incredibly impressive if you were able to do the entire promo like that. It doesn't matter though because it still was incredibly impressive to me and might be my favorite of yours. Don't tell Chris Kennedy, Devin Golden, or Ryan Rondo...but I think Bell might be my favorite of them all.

Hanz Gruber:
You have adapted very well and much faster than I thought you would to the style of FWA. It definitely is a completely different world, but way better in my opinion than he last. Your fate is in your own hands with your promos, it is much more real to me. So with that being said, I thought you were right on track with this one. It was good, you know not to do boring promos of Hanz standing in the ring talking trash, but rather pick a setting and talk about your opponent in a better way.

I really liked the first part with Sasha. It was cute, and it showed the human side of Hanz. I also thought you did a relatively OK job of making Sasha sound realistic. But I'll be honest when I say I think you should have ended it there. The ending part with Sasha seemed less authentic and more forced. Like you were afraid that your audience wouldn't understand what your intention was the first time, so you threw it in our face and pointed it out. I also have a bit of a gripe with the Grandmother knowing Hanz Gruber, and then referring to him as "Hanz Fucking Gruber" in front of her Sasha. I just can't picture this in real life where a Grandmother would say those words, and say them in front of her granddaughter.

But I did like the Sasha bits, and I like how you're showing that Hanz isn't a complete villain.